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         Mr T:     more books (100)
  1. Exodus (International Theological Commentary) by Mr. Godfrey W. Ashby, 1998-01-08
  2. Mr. T.W. Anthony Woo (The Story of a Cat and a Dog and a Mouse) by Marie Hall Ets by Marie Hall Ets by Marie Hall Ets by Marie Hall Ets by Marie Hall Ets by Marie Hall Ets, 1956-01-01
  3. T-Force first issue and #10 set (Mr T and the T-Force)
  4. "Don't, Mr. Disraeli!" by Caryl Brahms, 1941
  5. The Time Detour: You Can Change the Hands of Time (Volume 1) by Mr. Michael T. Gracey P.E., 2010-06-01
  6. Mr. Tickle: I Just Can't Help it (Mr. Men Own Stories) by Roger Hargreaves, 1988-10
  7. A Promise of Hope-A Call to Obedience: A Commentary on the Books of Joel and Malachi (International Theological Commentary) by Mr. Graham S. Ogden, Mr. Richard R. Deutsch, 1987-10-01
  8. Mr. T and the T-Force #1 (With Gold Foil Stamped Card)
  9. Speech Of Hon. Robert M. T. Hunter, Of Virginia, On The Resolutions Of The Massachusetts Legislature Concerning The Assault On Mr. Sumner (1856) by Robert. M. T. Hunter, 2007-10-17
  10. Finding Freedom: The Untold Story of Joshua Glover, Runaway Slave by Mr. Walter T. McDonald, Ms. Ruby West Jackson, 2007-05-01
  11. My Baseball Diary (Writing Baseball) by Mr. James T Farrell, 1998-04-24
  12. Experimental Psychology: A Computer Lab Course Workbook by Dr I Bushnell, Bushnell, et all 1987-02-01
  13. Ace Williams P IManuscript For Murder (Volume 1) by Mr J T Ringo, 2009-07-17
  14. Bright Colors Falsely Seen: Synaesthesia and the Search for Transcendental Knowledge by Mr. Kevin T. Dann, 1998-11-10

101. Mr. T
mr. T. aka Lawrence Tureaud. I pilot. The President got shot because his men relaxed. mr. T, September 1983 Playboy interview.
rotten Library Biographies Entertainers ... Actors
Mr. T
aka Lawrence Tureaud
"I am the best bodyguard because I'll take a bullet, I'll take a stab wound, I'll take a hit upside the head; I'm like a Kamikaze pilot. The President got shot because his men relaxed." Mr. T, September 1983 Playboy interview
  • Born Laurence Tureaud, then Tero, then T.
  • Former bodyguard of Michael Jackson , Muhammad Ali, Leon Spinks, Steve McQueen , LeVar Burton, Diana Ross, and others.
  • Winner of the World's Toughest Bouncer contest. One of the events in the competition was dwarf tossing , since outlawed.
  • One of the three living members of the A Team
  • Nancy Reagan sat on his lap in an awkward photo-op.
  • On the Stonecutter High Council.
  • Modeled his hair in Mandinka style, after he saw it in a National Geographic photograph.
  • A wide array of Mr. T merchandise exists, including but not limited to air fresheners, chewing gum, and a Mr. T celebriduck
  • Tolerates no jibba jabba
21 May 1952 Lawrence Tureaud born, southside Chicago. Father deserts the family. Changes name to Laurence Tero.

102. Christopher William Oliver, FRCS Home Page
Consultant trauma and orthopedic surgeon, based in Edinburgh. Specialist in hand surgery, posttraumatic reconstruction, sports injury.
Christopher William Oliver, FRCS
International Affiliate Member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
My Approach to Treating Patients
Mr Christopher Oliver BSc (Hons), MB. BS, FRCS (Eng), FRCS (Tr and Orth), FRCS (Ed), FRCP (Edin), DMI RCSEd, DM is a specialist Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon at The New Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh at Little France in Scotland. He is a member of Council of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh His specialist interest is upper limb problems especially involving the hand and elbow. The Edinburgh Orthopaedic Trauma Unit Chris Oliver spends at least one day a week in theatre, conducting trauma operations, normally emergencies, and a further half day every week performing more routine emergency reconstructive surgery. Most of his routine operating timetable involves surgery of the upper limb joints, with a large number of hand surgery procedures, particularly in the more complicated cases of hand trauma. He has a special interest in hand sports injuries, scaphoid fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, carpal instability, wrist pain, chronic upper limb regional pain syndrome, Dupuytren's Disease and ganglions. The remainder of his week is spent in outpatient clinics, in carrying out training and teaching commitments and participating in an on-call rota for emergency work. Chris Oliver has been in medico-legal practice since 1995 with experience in Oxford, Edinburgh and Scotland. He is a member of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses and is a refereed expert by the Law Society of Scotland. Mr Chris Oliver has undergone training in the Woolf reforms and specifically in being appointed as a Single Joint Expert. He has also been trained in giving evidence in Court and has experience in giving evidence in Court. He prepares reports for the pursuer (70%), defence (20%) and medical negligence (10%).

103. Harvester Of Suckahs
Web Surf Nicaragua mr. T s Domain Present Weenie little MTVloving fake Metallica fans have hated me since Siteflow went out
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
Weenie little MTV-loving fake Metallica fans have hated me since Siteflow went out of business and killed my counter... "F- MTV! We'll never do a video!" - Lars Ulrich, 1986 "If you've come to see makeup and stretch pants and hear the words 'ooh baby' in every song, you came to the wrong place." - James Hetfield, 1985 ...Oh how things have changed. It is the year 2001. Having recently been elected the President of the United States by over 78% of the population, President Jesse "The Body" Ventura begins to work on the problems that have arisen in our country over the past 50 or so years of neglect. And of course the public had their opinions of what sucked. One of the major sources of complaint came from the former heavy metal band Metallica...
With hostilities already rising, things were made no better by the band's latest album of cover songs:
Soon, this would cause the nation to teeter on the brink of total chaos and anarchy. Being the quick thinker that he is, President Body formulated the perfect solution...
And we all know who that man is...

Football prediction and statistics software for NFL and NCAA games.
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MrNFL - (2003 version)
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  • Game Stats all the way back to 1983.
  • All 117 Division 1A teams included
  • Schedule for 2002/2003 already entered
  • Free weekly stats downloading
  • more game statistics.

105. Dear Mr. President
Learn American history through letter correspondence between children and the most famous Presidents of America.

106. Emanation ... In Your Pocket Website
mr. T In Your Pocket ™. What a great gift!!! or as he would say I pity the fool who don t buy a mr. T In Your Pocket . View Detail. Includes the sayings ... the 'In Your Pocket'™ website
What a great gift!!! and Mr. T is very happy to be a part of this endeavor, although he does feel a little sympathetic sorrow for any person lacking in judgment who doesn't buy one of these great devices... or as he would say... "I pity the fool who don't buy a Mr. T In Your Pocket".
View Detail
Includes the sayings...
  • I Pity The Fool
  • Don't Gimme No Back Talk, Sucka
  • Quit Your Jibba Jabba
  • Don't Make Me Mad (groan)
  • First Name Mister, Middle Name Period, Last Name T
  • Shut Up, Fool $10.00 each
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  • 107. Mr.Cappuccino - Espresso Machines, Grinders & Restaurant Equipment - Rancilio, E
    Sales/Service Rancilio espresso/cappuccino machines , pasta, grinders, wood fired ovens, pasta cookers and other commercial equipment.

    108. Emanation ... In Your Pocket Website
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    109. Mr. Video Productions | Wedding And Professional Event Videographer | Jon Salisb
    Jon Salisbury, videographer based in the Puget Sound area and specializing in weddings and special events provides descriptions and prices for video packages with a description of equipment used.
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    110. Mr. T - TV Tome
    TV Tome is your guide to mr. T. Biography, roles and appearances, gossip and more. Click Here. mr. T.
    Mr. T
    Get addresses for over celebrities with Contact Any Celebrity
    to related web sites about this person ::
    IMDb Info

    Biographical Information Photo from: Internet Movie Database Birthday: May 21, 1952
    Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois
    Birth Name: Lawrence Tureaud
    View Biography

  • Mr. T is now acting in the 1-800 Collect commercials
  • He had a daughter in 1971 with Phyllis Clark.
  • He was twice named America's Toughest Bouncer.
  • At one time he was a bodyguard for former three-time heavyweight champion 'Muhammed Ali'.
  • Mr. T is the father of three children - Lesa,29; Erika, 21; and T Junior, 14.
  • Previous occupations include gym teacher, military policeman, bouncer and bodyguard.
  • Diagnosed with cancer in 1995 at age 43. Beating the disease in 2001 at age 49.
  • (2001) occasionally appears as Conan O'Brien's special guest and partner in various comedy sketches on the hit NBC late-night show
  • Doesn't drink
  • (June 2000) Trying to get a biography, "Cancer saved My Life" published. T was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma in 1995. T currently lives in Sherman Oaks, California and is single. He still seeks acting jobs.
    Crew Credits
    Acting Appearances Starring Roles T. and T.
  • 111. Brandy, Mr
    Pictures, photo album and playlist of personal favourite music.
    What`s up to all the peeps showin' me love!! I am a cool young bruh from SoCal doin my best to keep it real and progress in life, and make those Benjamins. I am always down to holla at cool peeps whenever possible, so don`t be afraid to hit a brotha up. -Peace-
    Don`t forget to hit up a brotha`s G spot!!!
    I am a true fan of hip hop and this is one of my favorite artists.
    My Current Playlist: 1)Ja Rule / Pain Is Love 2)Aaliyah / Aaliyah 3)Jay-Z / The Blue Print 4)Maxwell / Now 5)Usher / 8701 6)Foxy Brown / Broken Silence 7)Faith / Faithfully 8)Mary J. Blige / No More Drama 9)Nas / STILLmatic 10)Jermaine/ Dupri Instructions
    Here go some pictures of me and my homies.....
    Hit up the links to see more of me.....!!! alert("Thank`s for visiting!!")
    alert("Don't forget to sign my guestbook!") My Black Planet Page
    My Photo Album

    View My Guestbook

    Sign My Guestbook
    Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!

    112. AntiCoulter: Coulter Vs. Mr. T
    Ann Coulter vs. mr. T. Tyler P. sent this piece of his political guerilla art to AntiC. We didn t know. Go to mr. T vs. Everything to check them out.).
    About AntiCoulter
    Why AntiCoulter?

    Who Is AntiCoulter?

    Writing On Coulter
    Evil Or Just Stupid?

    Couric, Coulter, Context

    The Misunderstood Liberal

    With Friends Like These...
    Old Larry King transcript

    Lies, Damned Lies, And Coulter Columns
    Democrats Lott
    Wilding Part 3 Beauty Pageants Gray lady ... Pro-Coulter Links
    Ann Coulter vs. Mr. T
    Tyler P. sent this piece of his political guerilla art to AntiC. Once it passed the "T-Test" ("Does Tanya E. think it's funny?") we decided to publish it. (It also turns out there is a whole genre of these "Mr. T vs. xxx" layouts. We didn't know. Go to "Mr. T vs. Everything" to check them out.) Coulter has used the "girly-boy" reference numerous times. Go here for girly-girl As for the Jim Jeffords references, Coulter loathes Jeffords. In a June 1 National Review Online article ("Abraham Jeffords"), she uses an 900 word column to attack his character and intelligence after he left the Republican Party. A few examples of her invective on Jeffords "The only reason Northeastern liberals like Jeffords call themselves "Republicans" is class snobbery. They disdain Democrats, whom they view as the dirty working class, and think being a Republican should entail nothing more than thrashing the servants."

    113. Mr ShrinkWrap: Home Page
    Specializing in the preparation of your valuable assets for outdoor storage and shipment.
    Protects objects of any size or shape
    • Withstands severe weather conditions and wind
      Film is recyclable and lightweight
      Contract wrapping service for all industrial equipment
      On site installation or training and materials for your staff
    About Shrinkwrapping
    On-Line Catalog
    Services of Mr. Shrinkwrap
    Request Information
    Developed by: Comprompt, Inc.
    Comments about this website:

    114. E! Online - Credits - Mr. T
    luck, de Rossi s dog days. mr. T. get the goods. search for mr. T products • movies. • collectibles. Movies Spy Hard (1996) Goldy,12,11260,00.html
    May 30, 2004 FIRST LOOK: The News in Brief
    Streisand Pays Up

    Michael Gets Court Date

    Moore Keeps Lid on Berg Footage
    Fashion Police:
    Onetime wild thing Carmen tries to sow a sweet new image
    Watch with Kristin:
    Are star TV pilots doomed before they even take off?
    The Awful Truth:

    Cannes pics, disaster flicks and raunchy reviews from David Cross
    Mr. T
    get the goods search
    for Mr. T products: movies collectibles Movies:
    Spy Hard
    Goldy III: The Magic of the Golden Bear Freaked Freaklandia ... newsletter Use of this site signifies your acceptance of the and

    115. Mr Sneeze's Mr Men And Little Miss Page
    Includes guides to all the characters, downloads, and links to merchandise and related sites.

    Meet the Mr Men

    Meet the Little Misses

    About the Mr Men

    About Roger Hargreaves
    email mrsneeze
    Mr Men and Little Miss page
    Welcome to my Mr Men and Little Miss page. Here you should be able to find lots of information about the Mr Men and Little Miss characters created by Roger Hargreaves. This site has the following pages: Meet the Mr Men - here you'll find an introduction to the Mr Men characters. Meet the Little Misses - And not to be left out, here's the equivalent page for the Little Misses. About the Mr Men - all about the Mr Men and their history. About Roger Hargreaves - a short biography of the author of the Mr Men books. Favorites table - email me to vote for your favorite Mr Man and Little Miss! Downloads - a small selection of Mr Men related downloads. Merchandise - been looking for a Mr Perfect mug? Want to find out where to buy the Mr Men books from? Love the Mr Men and want to get a wall hanging for your child's room (or your room...)? This is hopefully where you will find some answers to questions such as this! Links - Links to other sites on the net which have information about the Mr Men.

    116. Mr. Ferwerda's Chemistry And Biology Help Page
    Annotated sites useful to students in high school chemistry or biology courses. page home.htm
    Sorry, this page has moved. Please go to and update your book marks.

    117. Mr-T @
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    118. Mr. E's Magic - 24 Hour Secure Online Ordering For All Your Magic Shopping!
    Internet supplier of professional and amateur magic needs. Online ordering of coin magic, card tricks, close up as well as stage and parlor magic and a large assortment of books and videos.
    Looking for something?
    Welcome to the magical world of Mr. E's Magic. Our online magic store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.
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    Easy to Master Card Magic 7-9 by Michael Ammar

    The Restaurant Magic of Dan Fleshman Volumes 1-3


    Super Silk to Egg

    Opened June 1, 1974 by Ben Stone, Mr. E's Magic Shop has stayed in business by offering quality magic products at a reasonable price. We continue to do business that way today. We will only offer quality merchandise and great effects. That is our promise to you.
    Payment for all our products can be made online using our SECURE SERVER. Online payments are accepted using Visa or Mastercard.
    Be sure to check out the Monthly Specials for Rick's Picks. Sometimes new, sometimes not, but always great effects that have three very important qualities: great impact on the audience, ease of performance with only a little practice, and good value for your dollar.
    Be assured we are a professional magic supply store operated by a professional magician. If you have any questions, you can e-mail us at

    119. Mr. PC - Thoughtful Computer Systems And Computer Repair
    Web design, maintenance. Computer consulting, diognostic, network administration.
    All of our computer systems are carefully constructed with 3 principles in mind.
    • Upgrade Capabilities Quality Components Our Reputation

    Our business seeks to build solid client relationships based on quality, trust and service. Business or residential, we are committed to the highest quality of customer satisfaction. Repair Data Recovery Networking Consulting
    In the PC House Plaza
    1627 E. Silver Springs Blvd. - Suite A
    Ocala, Florida 34470 352.671.MrPC
    A PC House Production

    120. Late Night with Conan O Brien Celebrity Secrets no. Another dude asked if the T stands for my last name, Tureaud. No it does not. The T in mr. T stands for tuna. T loves tuna. .

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