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         Mr T:     more books (100)
  1. Mutual Pair: "No Bed for Bacon" and "Don't Mr.Disrael" by Caryl Brahms, S.J. Simon, 1976-07-05
  2. Catalogue D'une Collection De Manuscrits Enluminés Et De Miniatures Sur Feuilles Séparées Provenant De La Succession De Feu Mr. T.O. Weigel À Leipzig (French Edition) by Theodor Oswald Weigel, 2010-03-20
  3. Tackle Block Stop (Mr. T and Me Series) by Charlotte Towner Graeber, 1985-09
  4. The Not So Great Place (Graeber, Charlotte Towner. Mr. T and Me.) by Charlotte Towner Graeber, 1985-09
  5. Die Gottin Mr. T. Entstehung Und Verehrung Einer Personifikation (Probleme Der Agyptologie, Bd 7)
  6. Colonel T.E.Lawrence Visits Mr.and Mrs.Thomas Hardy by Ronald D. Knight, 1985-04
  7. The Muscle Tussle (Mr. T and Me) by Charlotte Towner Graeber, 1985-09
  8. The Sidewalk Mockers (Mr. T and Me Series) by Charlotte Towner Graeber, 1985-05
  9. The Somebody Kid (Mr. T and Me Series) by Charlotte Towner Graeber, 1985-05
  10. Dr. Mr. T. Moehammad Hasan, salah seorang pendiri Republik Indonesia dan pemimpin bangsa by Dwi Purwoko, 1995
  11. The Hard Luck Mutt (Graeber, Charlotte Towner. Mr. T and Me.) by Charlotte Towner Graeber, 1985-09
  12. The wonderful ride: Being the true journal of Mr. George T. Loher who in 1895 cycled from coast to coast on his Yellow Fellow wheel by George T Loher, 1978
  13. Account of an Expedition from Pittsburgh to the Rocky Mountains, Performed in the Years 1819 and '20, by Order of the Hon. J. C. Calhoun, Sec'y of War: ... of Major Long, Mr. T. Say, and Other Gentlem by Edwin James, Thomas Say, 2010-04-05
  14. The complete sportsman; or country gentleman's recreation. Containing the very best instructions under the following heads. Viz. Of breeding and the management ... game-cocks. ... Compiled by Mr. T. Fairfax. by Thomas Fairfax, 2010-05-28

41. The Mr. T Name Generator | The Brunching Shuttlecocks
T Name Generator. by Steve Berlin. No Web trend is complete without involvement by mr. T, so input the information asked below and start talking like a hella strong badass. First Name. Last Name. Gender. Male. Female. Date of Birth. Pet's Name
The Mr. T Name Generator
by Steve Berlin No Web trend is complete without involvement by Mr. T, so input the information asked below and start talking like a hella strong badass. First Name Last Name Gender Male
Female Date of Birth Pet's Name Mother's Maiden Name All Generators

42. Mr. T Vs. Titanic Has Moved...

43. Mr.T Alive!
Features some up to date videos encoded in Divx, images, sound files, and a mr.T Alive! Vs. Series and news surrounding the star.
Use Navigation below:
For those with-out the correct media viewers, these are links to Quicktime Realaudio Media player Winamp MP3 player Poll returns soon! Click above to vote for Mr.T Alive! Introduction Most of the youth who come here, will have had some kind of idea passed onto them of who and what Mr. T was, whether they've been told he was the man who beat the lights out of Rocky Balboa (then lost in the end), gave Adrian an offer she could'nt refuse or was the guy who could make a tank out of a nut and bolt that fired water melons quicker than Hanninbal could say "I love it when a plan comes together". He will always been known either as Mr. T or B.A Barakcus by generation who stood behind him in his time uttering the phrases "I pity the fool!", "Shurrup fool!" and "Shurrup Murdoch!" till there hearts content knowing that they have had timeless inspiration of Mr T's compassion and confidence. So here at Mr.T Alive! are trying our best to bring back the 'T' we knew and is today. Full range of media and links from around the world will assist us to shows us why Mr. T is still a one of the best entertainers around.

44. The Mr. T Name Generator | The Brunching Shuttlecocks
The mr. T Name Generator by Steve Berlin. No Web trend is complete without involvement by mr. T, so input the information asked below
The Mr. T Name Generator
by Steve Berlin No Web trend is complete without involvement by Mr. T, so input the information asked below and start talking like a hella strong badass. First Name Last Name Gender Male
Female Date of Birth Pet's Name Mother's Maiden Name All Generators

45. Mr. Potter's History Page
A class site detailing homework, links, media, and fun stuff for students of Social Studies and all its disciplines.
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var enabled = 'no'; History Links: Click to View Links. var enabled = 'no'; Government Links: Click to View or Add Links.
If you want to see more cartoons TRUE cartoons by Daryl Cagle just click on the link or on the cartoon below. Check back here for cartoons updated every week.
See more TRUE cartoons by Daryl Cagle
Mr. Potter's

History Page
Documents Links Media ... Interactive

46. Mr. T
to be continued ? Don't Miss mr. T, weekends on The Weather Channel. .
to be continued...?
Don't Miss Mr. T, weekends on The Weather Channel.

47. The Mr. T Experience
This site is best viewed in Internet Explorer at 1024 x 768 screen resolution. Site Meter.
the mr. t experience [ NEWS ]
[ TOUR ]


This site is best viewed in Internet Explorer at 1024 x 768 screen resolution.
var site="s16mtxstarship"

48. Mr. Boccio's Site
A collection of review pages on topics in New York State Regents Physics for students at Manhasset High School.

Eighth grade science teacher at L'Anse Creuse Middle School South in Harrison Twp., Michigan provides this web page for educators, parents, and students all over the world to use to learn more about science.
Welcome to Mr. Fahning's Science Web Page!
WE ARE ALL SCIENTISTS! E-Mail Me Your Questions or Comments. Click Here! Welcome to Mr. Fahning's Science Web Page! My name is Brian Fahning and I am an 8th grade science teacher at L'Anse Creuse Middle School South in Harrison Twp., Michigan. This web page is for educators, parents, and students all over the world to use to learn more about science.
Note: Please be patient. These pages are highly graphical, it may take some time for them to completely load.
Have Fun and Enjoy My Site!
What is Weather?
The 8th grade students took care of a bag of flour or sugar in June 2001 for a week just as if it was their own child to complete their human genetics and reproduction unit. The students at the comletion of the project donated over 1/2 ton of flour and sugar to the Macomb County Food Bank! Awesome! Space Links Last updated on , April 15, 2002 Ecology, Weather, and Motion Notes! SAVE THE TREES!
From May 14 , 2001 through June 8, 2001 the eighth grade science classe raised money to plant trees in The Lorax Forest including a tree to plant in front of the school. They brought in over 3000 returnable plastic bottles and cans to help make this years fundraiser a success! Click Here toTake your picture will using the Magic Web Cam!!!

50. Mr. R. Clark
High school biology website from HollisBrookline High School, including student expectations, course curricula, assignments, and project rubrics.
Mr. R. Clark Education Employment
  • U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer Swaziland, Africa 1989-91 Science teacher, Hillside Jr. High Manchester,NH 91-92 Science teacher, Merrimack High School, Merrimack, NH 1992-1998 Science Dept. Head, Merrimack High School, Merrimack, NH 1996-1998 Science teacher, Hollis-Brookline High School, Hollis, NH 1998-present Science Curriculum Coordinator, HBHS, Hollis, NH 2000 - 2001
  • Interest include: fly fishing, fly tying, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and going to the beach, wife Cricket son Jack
HBHS Student Information
Curricula Student Expectations Safety Contract NH Science Frameworks Accelerated Biology ... Plants and Microbes Environmental Science Modern Chemisty Life Science ... AP Biology Assignments Accelerated Biology Assignments Environmental Assignments Biology II Assignments Life Science Assignments 03-04 ... Modern Chemistry Assignments Mt. Lafayette Mt. Lafayette

51. Mr. T Vs George W. Bush ("Dubya")
mr. T vs George W. Bush Jr. find out what happens when Dubya tries to tax T s gold! One day mr. T is hanging out at Hannibal s Mr. T vs George W. Bush ("Dubya") Mr. T vs George W. Bush Jr. - find out what happens when Dubya tries to tax T's gold! Mr. T, George W. Bush, Mr. T vs. George W. Bush, helluva, fool, fast van, tough, pity the fool

52. - Support For EDHS Chemistry
A support site for chemistry and advanced placement chemistry at Mt. Whitney High School in Visalia, California. Resources may be useful to other high school chemistry students and teachers as well.
Your browser does not support script
The contents of these pages are neither the responsibility of El Diamante High School nor Visalia Unified School District . None-the-less, I believe that the contents are appropriate for general consumption, as are the links contained within. Feel free to look around. Students and teachers may print, or download and use any materials that you find helpful. I DO NOT answer homework questions from students other than those I have in class - Sorry! After seventeen wonderful years as a Mt. Whitney Pioneer, I began the 2003 - 2004 school year as an El Diamante Miner. I thank the students, parents and staff of Mt. Whitney for their years of support - I will miss you all. Likewise, I look forward to many years of working closely with the students, parents and staff of El Diamante. The Chemistry Page will give first year chemistry students access to all of the notes, worksheets, labs, and other important documents for my General Chemistry classes. You may also access your current grades, a current Course Calendar, as well as links to chemistry sites and software. Interactive quizzes for each chapter are provided to help the student prepare for important tests and quizzes. Additionally, students may earn 15 points of extra-credit by being the first to successfully identify the Molecule of the Month
AP Chemistry will not be offered at El Diamante until the 2005 - 2006 academic year, but I have left all of the resources from my years at Mt. Whitney on the

53. t Miss mr. T, weekends on The Weather Channel.

54. The Talented Mr. Ripley
Review of the film by Dr. Sam Vaknin.
The Talented Mr. Ripley By: Dr. Sam Vaknin
Malignant Self Love - Buy the Book - Click HERE!!! Relationships with Abusive Narcissists - Buy the e-Books - Click HERE!!!
The Web Sam Vaknin Sites READ THIS: Scroll down to review a complete list of the articles - Click on the blue-coloured text!
Bookmark this Page - and SHARE IT with Others! More Film REVIEWS - HERE!
"The Talented Mr. Ripley" is an Hitchcockian and blood-curdling study of the psychopath and his victims. At the centre of this masterpiece, set in the exquisitely decadent scapes of Italy, is a titanic encounter between Ripley, the aforementioned psychopath protagonist and young Greenleaf, a consummate narcissist. Ripley is a cartoonishly poor young adult whose overriding desire is to belong to a higher - or at least, richer - social class. While he waits upon the subjects of his not so hidden desires, he receives an offer he cannot refuse: to travel to Italy to retrieve the spoiled and hedonistic son of a shipbuilding magnate, Greenleaf Senior. He embarks upon a study of Junior's biography, personality, likes and hobbies. In a chillingly detailed process, he actually assumes Greenleaf's identity. Disembarking from a luxurious Cunard liner in his destination, Italy, he "confesses" to a gullible textile-heiress that he is the young Greenleaf, traveling incognito. Thus, we are subtly introduced to the two over-riding themes of the antisocial personality disorder (still labeled by many professional authorities "psychopathy" and "sociopathy"): an overwhelming dysphoria and an even more overweening drive to assuage this angst by belonging. The psychopath is an unhappy person. He is besieged by recurrent depression bouts, hypochondria and an overpowering sense of alienation and drift. He is bored with his own life and is permeated by a seething and explosive envy of the lucky, the mighty, the clever, the have it alls, the know it alls, the handsome, the happy - in short: his opposites. He feels discriminated against and dealt a poor hand in the great poker game called life. He is driven obsessively to right these perceived wrongs and feels entirely justified in adopting whatever means he deems necessary in pursuing this goal.

55. -- Somebody Who Cares
A page about the world s best band the mr. T Experience. The mr. T Experience. Left to right Jym, Dr. Frank, Ted, and Bobby. Welcome to!
about MTX about me send mail stuff to do
The Mr. T Experience
Left to right: Jym, Dr. Frank, Ted, and Bobby
Welcome to! This is my page dedicated to the absolute best band in the world, the Mr. T Experience! They're a punk band from Berkeley, CA who've been around since 1986. In the time since, they've put out dozens of releases, and every single one is absolutely fabulous. You can see a full list including pictures and lyrics in the discography section. They've also had lots of different members . The current members are Dr. Frank (vocals and guitar), Ted (2nd guitar/keyboards), Bobby (bass), and Jym (drums).
My name's Rebekah. I started this page back in early 1998, and it's slowly evolved into the massive project that it is today. It's not updated quite as frequently any more due to educational obligations that limit my free time. People still seem to enjoy it though, and it'll be here as long as that's the case. I currently live in Portland, OR, but am a native Michigander. I have a bachelor's in computer engineering and am currently pursuing my PhD in computer science at Oregon Graduate Institute. If you're curious you can check out the website for my research group here . I like music, tv, video games, and beer. My favorites of those things respectively are MTX (duh), the Simpsons, NCAA Football 2004, and Labatt Blue.

Review by Roger Ebert (negative), rating.
Home News Sports Business ...
Date of publication: 10/15/1993 For cast, rating and other information, (click here) By Roger Ebert
"Mr. Wonderful" is one of those films where it's clear to the audience within five minutes what must obviously happen, and clear to the characters only at the end of the story. The film is a New York love story, starring Matt Dillon as an electrician for Con Ed, and Annabella Sciorra as the wife who has recently divorced him. Because he wants to use his alimony payments to buy into a bowling alley, he tries to find her a Mr. Wonderful - someone to marry her and save him money.
Funny? No, because in the first place we can't believe that the alimony payments would be anywhere near enough to buy into what looks like a fairly nice bowling alley. And no, in the second place, because it is clear in every frame that these two people are still in love.
Dillon and Sciorra are two of the more engaging actors in the movies right now, and it's a shame this lamebrained screenplay spends all of its efforts keeping them artificially separated. What you see at work here are filmmakers choosing a formula over the spontaneous discovery of their characters. Instead of starting with these same two characters and seeing what real and intelligent people would do in such roles, "Mr. Wonderful" plugs them into a series of awkward and unconvincing scenes that fall flat because they're phony from the inside out.
The Dillon character is supplied with an ostensible girlfriend (Mary-Louise Parker), but since there's a lack of chemistry between them (exaggerated, so we won't miss it), even the dimmest movie audience must realize she's a decoy. Meanwhile, the Sciorra character has an affair with her professor, played by William Hurt in one of those career moves that actors have fired their agents for.

Official site. Synopsis, cast and crew biographies, production notes, and multimedia.

58. Infinite Fish : Free Background Textures | Photoshop Books | Mr.T Haiku Poetry |
I have about 200 free seamless background textures, information on my book, 40 Photoshop Power Effects, haiku poetry dedicated to mr. T, party pictures, a java

Sticky Board
This is my version of "magnetic poetry". Share your most profound thoughts with others, but I get to choose which words you're allowed to use! Warning: Can be very addicting, so use it to waste as much work time as possible! Ping-a-Pal This gizmo is part greeting card, part drag-and-drop fridge magnets, and part comic strip generator. In short, you use this to assemble animations and scenes, then share them with others! I hope you like it! Seamless Textures Nearly 200 textures, free to download and use ! Great for web page backgrounds, desktop wallpaper, and artistic inspiration! Blizzorbit This gravitational physics toy/game sat dormant in an unfinished state for 3 years. I just remembered it existed, so here it is! Create a universe, program your orbiter's thrusters, and see what happens! I Pity the Haiku! Read thoughtful haikus dedicated to your friend and mine, Mr.T. Then, submit your own! I was interviewed on a radio station in Waco, TX because of this thing! Defcon Logos I designed some t-shirts in 2001 for the hacker convention in Las Vegas. Check out the designs:

59. Mr Heitmann's Mega Math Resources 2003-2004
Links to hundreds of Math Terms, Mathematicians, and math games. Help in Algebra, Geometry and more
"Knowledge is power." - Francis Bacon Mr Heitmann's Mega Math Resources 2 x 37 = 5 x 10 + 24 MATH.COM HELP PRE ALGEBRA!!!! Numbers
Place value
Decimal numbers Estimating and rounding Adding/subtracting decimals ... Properties of integers Ratios and Proportions
Proportions Distance, rates, and time Similar figures Factoring
Factors and multiples
Greatest common factor (GCF) Least common multiple (LCM)
Fraction definitions
Reducing fractions Adding and subtracting fractions Multiplying fractions ... Dividing mixed numbers
ALGEBRA The Language of Algebra
Order of operations Writing equations Writing inequalities
The Basics of Algebra
Useful properties
Exponents Evaluating expressions Like terms ... Simplifying
Equations and Inequalities Solving addition and subtraction equations Solving multiplication equations Solving division equations Solving inequalities ... Two-step equations and inequalities Graphing Equations and Inequalities The coordinate plane Slope and y-intercept Graphing linear equations GEOMETRY Geometry Building Blocks Geometry words Coordinate geometry Pairs of lines Classifying angles ... Circles Polygons Polygon basics Triangles Quadrilaterals Area of polygons and circles Relations and Sizes Congruent figures Similar figures Squares and square roots The Pythagorean Theorem and right triangle facts Three-dimensional Figures Space figures Prisms Pyramids Cylinders, cones, and spheres

60. Classic Images: Peter Lorre
Charles P. Mitchell looks at 1930's Peter Lorre film series featuring the James Bond meets Charlie Chan detective.
A Guide to the Mr. Moto Films
by Charles P. Mitchell The films of Mr. Moto provided a sharp contrast to the drawing room mysteries that were so prevalent on the screen during the Thirties. Their plots were highly melodramatic with an emphasis on action rather than mystery. The main character himself was enigmatic, charming but highly dangerous. Of all the many film series, Mr. Moto remains the most unusual, the most surreal, the most violent, and the most fantastic.
regarded his character as tongue-in-cheek as well.
In 1936, Lorre signed a contract with Twentieth Century-Fox. His first film for them, Crack Up (1937) offered Lorre a fun part as a wild eccentric who in actuality was a spy. After this picture, Fox also seemed to lose interest in developing good parts for Lorre, and this was the moment when he was assigned the role of Mr. Moto.
Peter Lorre was having considerable health problems at the time he received the Moto assignment. He had suffered for years from chronic gall-bladder troubles. Doctors had prescribed morphine for the condition and increased the dosage after surgery. Lorre became trapped between the constant pain and addiction to morphine to ease the problem. It was during the period of the Moto films that Lorre struggled and overcame this problem.
In fact, when Foster first met with Lorre to discuss the Moto project, he met him at the sanitarium where the actor seemed in a weakened condition. Foster knew that Lorre could never manage the action elements of the role. Unlike Charlie Chan, the character of Mr. Moto would become involved with a lot of physical action, including judo battles, leaps from high places, and other dangerous stunts. Foster was able to obtain the services of Harvey Parry, a first rate stuntman who was about the same size as Lorre. The choice of Parry became a crucial element in the success of the Moto pictures, because his energetic stunts helped to define Mr. Moto. In the serials, it was quite common to make frequent use of expert stuntmen, but often this illusion was ruined because the stuntmen looked so unlike the players for whom they were doubling. But the Parry/Lorre pairing was ideal, and the two men also became good friends.

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