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         Love Courtney:     more books (105)
  2. Kerrang! - Courtney Love [Issue 584. February 17, 1996]
  3. Celebrity Skin Magazine #149 Tara Reed, Paris Hilton, Courtney Love, Kate Moss by High Society, 2006
  4. Hustler Gold Volume 3, Number 11 1997 Courtney Love by Hustler, 1997
  5. Hole: Look Through This (Courtney Love). by Susan. Wilson, 1995
  6. Courtney Love the Real Story by Poppy Brite, 1997-01-01
  7. JANE Magazine May 2001 Courtney Love cover feature, Courtney Cox
  8. FASHION ROCKS Supplement to Vogue September, 2006 (Beyonce and Jamie Foxx on cover. Music's Style Revolution. Jack Black, Twyla Tharp, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Faith Hill, Elton John, Courtney Love.)
  9. Guitar World Magazine, January 1999 Issue (Courtney Love / Hole cover) (Vol 19 No 1)
  10. Celebrity Skin #84 Jennifer Lopez, Courtney Love, Rosie Perez, Greta Scacchi by High Society, 2000
  11. Celebrity Skin Magazine #103 Traci Lords, Jennifer Lopez, Courtney Love, Madonna by High Society, 2002
  12. Courtney Love : The Real Story by Poppy Z. Brite, 1999
  13. Rolling Stone April 3 1997 #757 Brad Pitt Cover, Billy Bob Thornton, Courtney Love, Cuba Gooding Jr, Miramax
  14. VAINTY FAIR JUNE 1995 COURTNEY LOVE cover feature

121. Courtney Love: The Life Of Love (NY Rock Book Review)
Poppy Z. Brite plays it safe with her connectthe-dots bio, courtney love The Real Story. Brite recently stated how some of the
Book Review Courtney Love: The Real Story
By Poppy Z. Brite, November 1997 Live Through This Courtney Love: The Real Story Larry Flynt
A fair chunk of Courtney Love: The Real Story Her star turn in The People vs. Larry Flynt covers and even espousing the values of cosmetic surgery, as she did in a recent US As rock tomes go, Courtney Love: The Real Story

122. CBS News | Courtney's Latest Courthouse Show | May 14, 2004 09:40:46
courtney love leaving State Supreme Court (Photo AP) You do not sleep with married men. courtney love, in her postarraignment rambling rant,
Home U.S. Iraq World ... FREE CBS News Video May 14, 2004 09:40:46 The Early Show CBS Evening News 48 Hours 60 Minutes ...
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Courtney's Latest Courthouse Show
NEW YORK, May 14, 2004
Courtney Love leaving State Supreme Court (Photo: AP)
"You do not sleep with married men."
Courtney Love,
in her post-arraignment rambling rant
(CBS/AP) Rocker Courtney Love was arraigned Thursday on charges of assault and reckless endangerment for allegedly hitting a fan with a microphone stand, then, after the arraignment, she delivered a rambling speech in a women's bathroom about the ex-boyfriend whose Los Angeles home she was accused of breaking into last year.
Inside the courtroom, she put on another show, reports Irene Cornell of WCBS-AM Radio . She swept into the courthouse, dressed in shocking pink, and signed autographs, apologized to court officers for the chaos that surrounded her, and waved to the judge. She even grabbed a chalk from a courtroom artist to improve on the sketch. "C'mon, I'm prettier than that," she cried, as she proceeded to change the nose, add some thick, dark eyelashes and dark circles under eyes. She was nearly two hours late for Thursday's arraignment.

123. Courtney Love's Vagina Considers Retirement
Los Angeles, CA courtney love just can t win. In addition to a recent arrest for outof-control behavior at a club performance

Past Issues Bob Jobs Who's in Charge ... Want to write comedy? - Click Here Los Angeles, CA Courtney Love just can't win. In addition to a recent arrest for out-of-control behavior at a club performance, as well as publicity surrounding her drug trial, the troubled singer is now dealing with an angry and resentful vagina, who says it is ready to walk away from the media spotlight forever. "Courtney's vagina is very tired," said lawyer Bruce Kramer. "It obviously needs some time away from Courtney and all the craziness that surrounds her. It's been a busy couple of years and it's just exhausted. The effects are really starting to show." According to close friends, the "retirement" wasn't a sudden decision but one that Courtney's vagina has been thinking about for several months, if not years. "Courtney's vagina has been through hell and back," said talk show host David Letterman after Love made a guest appearance on "The Late Show." "I don't know Courtney's vagina well, but I could tell that it wasn't happy. That was obvious during our interview segment. I wish it the best of luck."

124. Courtney Love's Letter To Recording Artists
courtney love. Back to Gerry Hemingway s Links and Articles of Interest Page. courtney love s Speech to the Digital Hollywood Online Entertainment Conference.
ARTIST RIGHTS AND RECORD COMPANIES Dear Fellow Recording Artists, I'm writing to ask you to join the chorus of recording artists who want us all to get a fair deal from the record companies. R.E.M., the Dixie Chicks, U2, Alanis Morrissette, Bush, Prince and Q-Tip have called me with their support and we need your participation as well. There are 3 basic facts to all recording artists should know: 1. No one has ever represented the rights and interests of recording artists AS A GROUP in negotiations with record companies. 2. Recording artists don't have access to quality health care and pension plans like the ones made available to actors and athletes through their unions. 3. Recording artists are paid royalties that represent a tiny fraction of the money their work earns. As I was working with my manager and my new attorneys on my lawsuit with the Universal Music Group, we realized that the most unfair clauses in my contract applied to ALL recording artists. Most importantly, no one was representing artists in an attempt to change the system. Recording artists need to form a new organization that will represent their interests in Washington and negotiate fair contract terms with record companies. Here's what you should know:

125. The Stranger Pullout (11/20/03)
courtney love A Remembrance. First the facts courtney love is not dead. Not physically, at leastthough no one could
Vol 13 No. 10, Nov 20 - Nov 26 2003
A Remembrance First the facts : Courtney Love is not dead. Not physically, at leastthough no one could blame you for checking the newswires to make sure. Over the past six weeks, the 39-year-old rocker/actress' characteristically high level of drama has rocketed off the charts, requiring the successive intervention of the LAPD (who arrested her on suspicion of burglary on October 2 before charging her with two counts of felony drug possession), some Century City paramedics (who rescued her from an OxyContin overdose hours after she posted bail for the aforementioned arrest), the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (who removed Love's 11-year-old daughter, Frances Bean, from her custody on October 10), and California welfare authorities (who ordered her involuntary hospitalization at Pasadena's Las Encinas hospital following Frances' removal and Love's repeated "jokes" about her suicidal urges). Witnessing Love's brazen downward spiral, no one could be blamed for bracing for the worst. "Can I write the Courtney obit?" asked Stranger writer Hannah Levin sometime between Love's involuntary hospitalization and her drug-charge arraignment. (On November 12, Love pleaded not guilty to both charges of felony drug possession.) The question wasn't crass"preparedness reports" (ready-to-go obituaries for notables nearing death) are a common component of contemporary mediaand Hannah wasn't the only one to ask about one. But what's the fun of devoting a bunch of time, thought, and print space to commemorating someone's life and art if you're left waiting for them to either self-destruct or resiliently stagger on?

126. Courtney Love: On The Loose
(separate multiple email addresses with commas). MAY. 21. 2004. courtney love On The Loose. courtney love was there and, apparently, up to her old antics.
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(separate multiple email addresses with commas) MAY
Courtney Love: On The Loose
I don't think I'll get a Gawker Stalker report out tonight (huge roundup due soon) but I offer a fantastic Courtney Love story that just came across the wire instead. Reader beware, she's roaming around Soho now and snorting coke off the heads of babies...I'm just kidding!! Hey I can use that line too, Courtney. Wanted to spread this tip along from my friend Susan in NYC who was eating lunch at the still-trendy Balthazar. Courtney Love was there and, apparently, up to her old antics. She stumbled in and made her way downstairs to the bathroom. Susan, wanting to make contact with her, said “Courtney, you look great!” Courtney turned around and made the off-hand remark “Yeah, that’s what crack will do for ya!” Then, pointing at Susan’s husband Bill, she yelled “I’m just kidding.” Ten minutes later, Courtney has still not emerged from the ladies and Susan goes down to see what’s up. Courtney is lounging in the powder room area and yakking on her cell to a friend. The rant concerned the fact that everyone is stealing from her, that the price of her concert tickets is gonna be $300.00, that she’s registered as a Republican in California now but isn’t going to vote cuz they’re all assholes. By now, a serious line is forming outside the bathroom as people are waiting to get a glimpse of Ms. Love. Susan, back at her table eating dessert, tells Bill to keep an eye out for when she emerges. Maybe ten minutes later, Courtney stumbles out of the bathroom, walking very quickly as if she’s losing her balance, then stumbles headlong into a woman in line.

127. Entertainment News - Courtney Love Arraigned In California Drug Case
courtney love arraigned in California drug case 01.05.2004 6.00pm BEVERLY HILLS A subdued courtney love was arraigned on Friday

128. Courtney Love: - Ikke Skyldig
du her. courtney love Ikke skyldig, starte. courtney love er siktet for to tilfeller av ulovlig besittelse av reseptbelagte midler. - Vi
søndag 30.05.2004





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129. Courtney Love Meets The Press In The Bathroom
courtney love Meets The Press In The Bathroom Friday May 14, 2004 @ 0230 PM By Staff. courtney love. We’ve long
of the
week Search
Courtney Love Meets The Press In The Bathroom
Friday May 14, 2004 @ 02:30 PM
By: Staff
Courtney Love We’ve long said that Courtney Love is either a complete mess or a master media subversive. La Love’s latest public appearance, in which she went on a lengthy rant in a courthouse ladies room, seems to draw a little bit from column A and a little bit from column B. Love appeared in a New York courtroom yesterday (May 13) to answer to assault charges stemming from that surprise club show where she allegedly clocked a fan in the head with her microphone stand. Love, who showed up to court a full two hours late, pleaded innocent to the charges of reckless endangerment and assault. Following her appearance, Love was released and told to return to court on June 28. The charges were brought about by Gregory Burgett or London, Kentucky, the alleged recipient of the mic stand blow. Burgett claims that he needed three staples in his head after being struck by the stand. While this whole mic stand debacle (not to mention the Widow Cobain’s pending drug trials on the West Coast) is weird enough, the real event of the day took place in the court loo, where a gaggle of reporters followed Love after court was adjourned. According to the Associated Press, Love launched into a barely coherent rant, complaining about her ex-boyfriend Jim Barber (the dude whose house she allegedly tried to break into while on the drug binge that she’s now being prosecuted for in California), Russell Crowe and former Nirvana members

130. The Village Voice: Features: Grinning And Baring It By Richard Goldstein
features. The Crimes of courtney love Grinning and Baring It by Richard Goldstein March 30th, 2004 1000 AM courtney flashing the masses (photo
VOICE In Focus Torture Scandal
Election 2004

Gay Marriage

George W. Bush
Civil Liberties

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    features The Crimes of Courtney Love Grinning and Baring It by Richard Goldstein March 30th, 2004 10:00 AM Courtney flashing the masses (photo: ure it was a publicity stunt. When Courtney Love gave David Letterman a peek, and later did the same and more for some guy outside Wendy's, she certainly had the sales of her latest album in mind. But I'm willing to cut Courtney a lot of slack. No woman in music today gets closer to Janis Joplin when it comes to channeling the primal. Though she was much too shy to show her breasts, Janis definitely let it all hang out. She was one of the great hunger artists of the '60s. In performance, she tore her insides out and offered them up to her audience in the (usually vain) hope of pleasing and attracting men. I don't surmise this from a rockumentary. I got about as close to Janis as a rock writer could, and in those days you could get pretty close. I saw her neediness and confusion, and I watched as she was allowed to slip away. Her death from an overdose was a major reason why I stopped writing about music in the early '70s—but that's another piece.


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