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         Li Jet:     more books (100)
  1. Key To Me by Jet Mykles, 2009-08-29
  2. About Something by Jet Mykles, 2009-07-29
  3. Two Man Team by Jet Mykles, 2010-03-02
  4. Salvation [Dark Elves 3] by Jet Mykles, 2006-01-24
  5. The Jets of Enceladus (A Journal from the first manned mission to the Saturnian System) by Dr. Jacob K. Ray, 2010-04-15
  6. Hell [Heaven Sent 3] by Jet Mykles, 2007-04-03
  7. Taken [Dark Elves 1] by Jet Mykles, 2005-03-22
  8. Dissent [Dark Elves 4] by Jet Mykles, 2007-11-13
  9. Fox and Dragon by Jet Mykles, 2007-05-01
  10. Purgatory [Heaven Sent 2] by Jet Mykles, 2006-07-25
  11. Tech Support by Jet Mykles, 2007-01-16
  12. Blood On My Jets and Others by Algis Budrys, 2009-05-30
  13. More Than a Bargain (Leashed) by Jet Mykles, 2006-10-10
  14. The Lion's Share (Leashed) by Jet Mykles, 2008-04-08

101. JET Programme
Official government information on the jet Program.

102. Australian Jet Ski Academy.Courses For Personal Watercraft Education & Safety
Specializes in educating new to advanced riders with riding skills, safety awareness, behavioral attitudes and craft maintenance knowledge.

Main Page
Enquiry Form Home The Australian Jet Ski Academy specialises in educating new to advanced riders with riding skills, safety awareness, behavioural attitudes and craft maintenance knowledge from Australia's most experienced personal watercraft riders.
AJSA instructors are arguably Australia's most experienced and qualified riders and are accredited coaches through the Australian Coaching Council. They are well known in the PWC industry and are competent and highly successful competitors in the organised sport, boasting many national titles, high world standing and ranking. Level One - Getting Started
Level Two - Intermediate

Suitable for the more experienced rider, this course provides you with the riding techniques to allow you to take control of your personal watercraft. You will learn riding positions, how to read water conditions, trim settings, and problems that can be encountered whilst out riding. Racing classes
Whether its for social weekend racing or Pro Level competition our experienced trainers can help on all areas including mental preparation and training, to focussing on the day - for both closed course and endurance. As used by New Zealand's Kelle Skelton Women's 2000 Runabout World Champion.

103. CharterAuction
Users can submit private jet charter flight trip requests to air charter operators and search for discounted oneway flight segments. Bids are viewed online in real-time.
300 Congress Street, Quincy, MA 02169
tel 800.370.7719 U.S. 617.471.5531 International fax 617.472.0850

104. Jet Edge® - ---- - Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet Systems --- Supplying Waterjet
USA. Manufacturer of ultrahigh pressure waterjet cutting equipment, used in the textile and nonwovens industries for precision cutting of fabrics. Offers standard and custom designed systems.
Jet Edge® is a leading manufacturer of waterjet and abrasive waterjet cutting systems for precision cutting, and waterjet cleaning equipment used for coating removal, surface preparation, and hydrodemolition. Our ultra-high pressure (UHP) water jet machines are being used by many of the world's leading airlines, automotive, industrial and aerospace manufacturing companies, as well as job shops and contractors - large and small. Jet Edge® offers waterjet turnkey systems for standard and custom applications. Our complete line of accessories including cutting heads, abrasive delivery and abrasive recycling systems, closed loop water systems, robotic swivels, and hand operated equipment that are quality built for efficient, long term operation. Jet Edge® is the place for meeting all your water jet needs. Whether you are looking for a portable system or an industrial installation, we operate at pressures ranging from 36,000 psi to 55,000 psi (2500 bar to 3800 bar). Let Jet Edge® show you how our safe, easy, economical solutions can handle your toughest cutting and cleaning problems. Site Map Jet Edge Introduces The Vacu-Blaster ©2004 JET EDGE® - a division of TC/American Monorail Toll Free: (JET.EDGE)

105. Global Jet Services
Aviation training in aircraft maintenance ground support equipment.

106. The Truth About The JET Programme
A dissenting opinion on life as an ALT in the jet Program.
The Truth about the JET Programme
A dissenting opinion on life in Japan as an Assistant English Teacher on The JET Programme
My intention was to rewrite this and include useful advice and perhaps moderate the tone. However everytime I started this I lost the original tone. At the time I wrote this I was annoyed (not angry) at the way I (and other JETs) were treated, to rewrite this would lose the feeling and so it is left as it was.
- brettr, 23rd April 2001
I am getting a lot of mail from prospective JETs asking for more advice. I am working on an update to help put my own experience into perspective, should be up by March 8 or so. Please check back again.
- brettr, 1 March 2003

First class air travel, 4 star hotel in Tokyo, great pay, good conditions, lots of holidays and free time. Sounds great doesn't it? The official JET Programme publications read more like a travel brochure for a tropical resort than a document describing, potentially, 3 years of your life. So why is the "whinging JET" so common? This site is to tell you the real experiences of JETs as far as I can, focusing on the negative. Every JET has the same stories, different times and places, but amazingly similar stories. Many people find the tedium of life a stark contrast to the exotic cultural experience they were expecting. There are quite a few web sites, JETs telling you of their wonderful experience here in Japan (see links) they sound like Monbusho propaganda, go and read them all, but read them in conjunction with mine. Reading this site my give you the wrong impression about me, a hot tempered and bitter person. This is not me at all, I have an easy smile, very few people dislike me and the students adore me. But I have been worn down.

107. Jet -
Features information about current trek scheduled for August to cross the Bass Strait via the Eastern Islands in Australis. Includes route, minimum equipment requirements, rider profile, sponosors, and a summary of past treks.

Bass Strait Crossing
Jet Trek
Web Design By

108. 403 Error - File Not Found
Information on learjet charters from South Florida for executive transport, air cargo and air ambulance.
This page is no longer available
Please note: You might not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials you supplied. Attention: HyperMart Free Hosting Customers On March 1st, 2004, HyperMart discontinued free Web hosting plans. If you had a free hosting account and did not upgrade, your account has been taken offline. To upgrade to a paid account and retrieve your account and associated Web files, please visit: HTTP 403 - File not found

109. Manic Miner/Jet Set Willy
Dr. Andrew Broad's links to all manner of Willyrelated sites.
Dr. Andrew Broad
Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Manic Miner/Jet Set Willy
This page is dedicated to the classic Spectrum games Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy, originally written by Matthew Smith . They exist in many different versions, including unofficial sequels - see my download page for the ones I have written and am now writing!
Games and bugs
  • List of MM/JSW Games (updated 20th May 2004)
  • The Bad Pause-Bug Fix, and other Bugs in JSW (updated 9th May 2004)
  • Bugs in Specific JSW Games (updated 16th May 2004)
  • Technical documents
  • Manic Miner Room-Format (updated 1st April 2004)
  • Jet Set Willy Room-Format (coming later in 2004)
  • Collision-Detection and the JSW Guardian-Instance List (updated 16th April 2004)
  • Music in MM/JSW: "A Miner Triad", by Richard Hallas (updated 15th December 2000)
  • Design-tips and special effects
  • How to Design a MM/JSW Game (coming later in 2004)
  • Quirky Features in MM/JSW (updated 1st January 2004)
  • The Pokes Explained (coming later in 2004)
  • Automatic and semi-automatic transformations
  • MM JSW conversion (added 12th April 2004)
  • Mirroring (added 12th April 2004)
  • Matthew Smith
  • The Second Coming of Matthew Smith (updated 22nd August 2003)
  • External links: MM/JSW/JSW2 for the Spectrum
  • Open Directory: Miner Willy Series
  • Jet Set Willy Remakes at EmuUnlim Discussion Board Broadsoft ...
  • John Elliott's Technical Information on MM, JSW and JSW II
  • 110. ACME Northeast Ink Jet Supplies; Rexam, Signs, Signmaking, Screenprinting, Banne
    Distributor of photobase paper, vinyl, film, and fabric materials for inkjet printers.
    Click here to go to the Acme Northeast site s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer)
    design by the editors

    111. Sponge-Jet Sponge Blasting Technology
    Manufactures, markets, and services patented Sponge Blasting equipment and media. Site discusses uses and advantages of open celled, water based polyurethane impregnated with abrasives.

    112. 7jetset7: Home - Up-to-date Airline/operator Information For Aviation Technical
    Provides upto-date airline/operator information for aviation technical personnel and jet airplane enthusiasts around the world.
    document.write(doClock("W0",",","M3","/","D1","/","Y1")); Please login to access all features of this site User Name Password Welcome Back , Member # User Name Password
    7jetset7 is dedicated to bringing up-to-date airline/operator information to aviation technical personnel and jet airplane enthusiasts around the world. You have the opportunity to become a 7jetset7 member here, on our website. A search feature enables you to locate where individual jet airplanes are located and whom is operating them. Your membership will give you access to a comprehensive database covering most of the world's current jet fleet, as well as a chronological list of those airlines'/operators' progress over the past decade.
    To help you locate an airline/operator in a particular country, our World Map search feature separates all of the 7jetset7 airlines/operators into nine regions spanning the globe.
    This feature allows you to acquire data and chart the progress of each individual airline/operator. The collection of information includes news of the past ten years, various airplane transactions and routes started, and operational performance information (traffic, capacity, load factor, financial records). You will also have access to a list of airline/operator executives, flight operations, and technical management personnel, as well as information regarding current owners and major shareholders.

    113. Midcoast - No Detail Is Too Small.
    A onestop business jet maintenance, modification and repair resource.

    114. USRCJC Home Page
    Supports all RC jet modelers worldwide with up to date news and technology to further the sport.
    Welcome to the United States Radio Controlled Jet Command web site. As you can tell by the name, our sole interest is in flying Radio Controlled models of jet aircraft including those that are turbine-powered, piston engine, and electric ducted fans. The goal of the USRCJC is to support all R/C jet modelers worldwide with the most current and up to date news and technology to further the sport of RC jets. Our current membership has over 923 jet enthusiasts world-wide. You can visit the various areas of this site by clicking on one of the pictures below. USRCJC News Events Trip Reports Jet Safety Operations Articles and How To's Ducted Fan Operations Turbine Operations Jet Links Contents of this site and its links are the opinions of the contributors and are to be utilized at your own risk.
    Send mail to Webmaster with questions or comments about this web site.
    US RC Jet Command
    Last modified: 11 May 2004

    115. AllJet Motorsports Home
    Offers high performance personal watercraft parts and accessories for VOR, ATK, and TM motorcycles.
    PWC Battery Blowout Visit the AllJet Store and get in on this great deal while it lasts. We offer a fantastic selection of PWC accessories and high performance parts. or (269)731-0100 This Site Is Under Construction
    We have moved to a new server and things aren't quite back to 'normal' yet. We will be implementing some great new features including online ordering and reservations very soon, so check back often. All-Jet Under New Ownership!!
    Stop in and meet Rex. He's a commercial jet pilot and aircraft mechanic with a passion for PWC. Just think about it. If Rex can keep a plane in the air, he should be able to keep your PWC afloat!! Expect to see a smooth transition this spring as Jim and Rex work together to keep our important customers satisfied. You Always Get What You Need at All-Jet
    Certified Used PWC listings are now online. Check out our PWC lifts and trailers!

    116. Pets On The Go: Pet Friendly Travel Unleashed!
    Tips on international travel, transportation and emergency services and a listing of petfriendly hotels in North America.
    The hunt is over for a complete pet travel resource. and thousands of in-depth pet travel resources we open up the world to people who vacation with pets.
    read original content by professional pet travel writers;
    reserve rooms with online booking;
    pinpoint your hotel's location with online maps;
    create a review with one simple click of the button;
    stay current with weekly news updates;
    find information on air, sea and land pet transportation;
    explore pet recreational resources;
    learn about pet friendly restaurants, shops and tours;
    get the rules for international travel
    domestic and international properties the largest of its kind; Online booking for many properties; Maps for each property Pack Your Pet Family Vacation Sweepstakes . Win a one-week vacation for your family and pet anywhere in the United States, or custom designed Enter the sweepstakes! The pet travel boutique has items to help pets look stylish, feel comfy, and stay safe while traveling. Before you pack your pet, check out these exceptional pet-friendly properties!

    117. [[[ Jet Service Center ]]]
    Repair facility in central Florida.
    your browser does not support frames

    118. Jet Fighter Flights, Top Gun For A Day
    Provides adventure flights in exmilitary BAC 167 Strikemaster fighter jets. Details of flights, prices, pilots and testimonials.
    Latest News:

    119. Aviation And Food Safety And Security From Jet Academy
    Provides security consulting, audits, and training, including health and food safety, and personnel screening. Company profile, information on services and programs, press releases and contacts.
    September 11 brought about a watershed in aviation attitudes : the nature of the envisaged threat changed - and the worst scenario imaginable became a shadow of the reality. Security for commercial aircraft is being tightened in the light of the horrific events of that day. Jet Academy strongly believes that the corporate sector is left highly exposed and vulnerable. We cannot afford to think "It can't happen here" : such complacency kills Jet Academy offers a total solution to ALL aviation security, safety, training and audit requirements. We expose and reduce threats caused by breaches in security and generate a culture of heightened awareness. Under the Jet Academy banner, we have brought together industry experts and World leaders in the field of aviation.

    120. Jet Silver
    Official site for the Pennsylvania band includes schedule, audio/video files, and pictures.
    Schedule Selected Dates
    Friday, May 7 -
    Fat Daddy's
    - York, PA
    w/ Martini Bros Slow Andy

    Audio Stream the whole CD in RealAudio
    Download MP3's of Got Me On Nothin' Doublin' Down Tell It To Be Slow Fun, Fun ... 16 Gurls
    RealVideo Jet Silver Videos from
    Message Board Jet Silver Message Board
    E-Mail List Pictures

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