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         Li Jet:     more books (100)
  1. Formation and stabilization of an EHD jet from a nozzle with an inserted non-conductive fibre [An article from: Journal of Aerosol Science] by J.L. Li, 2005-03-01
  2. Giant Robot magazine #11, 1998. Jet Li
  3. Men's Health Magazine, September 2004, Jet Li Cover
  4. Jet Li Calendar 2006 (Wall Calendar)
  5. The Forbidden Kingdom [V-FORBIDDEN KINGDOM -OS] [DVD] by Rob(Director) ; Li, Jet(Actor); Chan, Jackie(Actor) Minkoff, 2009-01-31
  6. Black Belt Magazine June 2005: Jet Li by Black Belt, 2005
  7. Transverse liquid fuel jet breakup, burning, and ignition (SuDoc NAS 1.26:187423) by Hsi-shang Li, 1990
  8. Defense acquisitions use of cost reduction plans in estimating F-22 total production costs : statement of Allen Li, Associate Director, Defense Acquisitions ... (SuDoc GA 1.5/2:T-NSIAD-00-200) by Allen Li, 2000
  9. Tactical aircraft impact of F-22 production cost reduction plans on cost estimates : statement of Allen Li, Director, Acquisition and Sourcing Management, ... (SuDoc GA 1.5/2:GAO-01-636 T) by Allen Li, 2001
  10. The effects of spinning conditions on the morphology of electrospun jet and nonwoven membrane.(Technical report): An article from: Polymer Engineering and Science by Ni Li, Xiao-Hong Qin, et all 2008-12-01
  11. [Pantalla Grande].(TT: Big screen.)(Reseña): An article from: Semana
  12. Awakening [Dark Elves 6] by Jet Mykles, 2009-09-15
  13. Importing Diversity: Inside Japan's JET Program by David L. McConnell, 2000-03-16
  14. No Substitute for Sundays: Brett Favre and His Year in the Huddle with the New York Jets by Steve Serby, 2009-09-24

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  • 42. Jet Li
    li, jet. jet li Videos. Biography jet li was born on 4/26/63 in Beijing, China. His breakthrough performance in his film career came
    HOME CONTACT Li, Jet Jet Li Videos Biography: Jet Li was born on 4/26/63 in Beijing, China. His breakthrough performance in his film career came in 98 when he starred with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in "Lethal Weapon 4" where he displayed his unbelievable martial artist skills. After the success of Lethal Weapon his next big role was in the movie "Romeo Must Die" in 2000. LINKS Official Site Signifies a fansite award given by Entertainment Zone Kiss of the Dragon Premiere Pics

    43. JetLiSaien Welcome
    Biographie, filmographie, forum et liens.
    Vous voici sur le site "Jet Li Saien", dédié à un expert en Kung Fu/"Wushu", et qui est aussi un grand acteur ... JET LI !!! Cliquez sur le logo "Jet Li Saien" du site pour entrer, ou cliquez ici : ENTRER
    Click on the logo "Jet Li Saien" to enter, or click here : ENTER SiTe SoUs CoNsTrUcTiOn - au 11 Aout 2001 - UnDeR CoNsTrUcTiOn sw="none";sd="none";ref=""+escape(document.referrer);

    44. Moviemaze: Jet Li
    Translate this page jet li, Aber auch Hauptdarsteller li lian Jie erfreute sich nach dem Film großer Beliebtheit und machte unter dem Namen jet li Karriere.
    Bereich: Stars So., 30.Mai 2004
    Schauspieler, Produzent, Regisseur
    26. April 1963
    in Beijing, China Vater:
    Ehefrau: Nina Li Chi (Schauspielerin) verheiratet seit September 1999 Ex-Frau: Qiuyan Huang verheiratet von 1987 bis - Kinder: Jane Li (*2000) Kontakt: c/o International Creative Management 8942 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90211 USA Jet Li Biographie Filmographie Bildergalerie The Shaolin Temple Once Upon a Time in China Shaolin Temple , der gleichzeitig der erste Martial Arts Film auf chinesischem Boden war. Born to Defend Once Upon a Time in China Serie. Lethal Weapon 4 Romeo Must Die Auch in America wurde man auf den chinesischen Star aufmerksam und so war Jet Li erstmals 1998 in einer Hollywood Produktion zu sehen. In dem Actionfilm Lethal Weapon 4 Romeo Must Die Kiss of the Dragon The One mit parallelen Welten, zwischen denen Jet Li hin und her reist, um seine anderen Ichs auszuschalten. News zum Star: 03. Dezember 2002

    45. AsiaFinest Jet Li Bio And Photo Gallery
    Click here to visit our sponsor AsiaFinest jet li. English jet li is very talented. He has the charisma, and he can act very well. He
    411Seek Search Get AF E-Updates!
    AsiaFinest Jet Li
    English Name Jet Li
    Chinese Name: Lin Kit Li
    Nationality Chinese
    Religion Buddhism
    Astrology Asian: Hare
    Bloodtype A
    Height 169cm (5ft 6inches)
    Weight 66kg (145.5lbs)
    Language Chinese
    Birth Place Beijing
    Country China Currently Living In Hong kong He started learning martial arts as early as eight years old. He was trained patiently by his trainer Wu Ben. And at that early age he got the privilege to be part of the first Wu Shu team to tour the West, performing also at Nixon's White House. Jet Li is very talented. He has the charisma, and he can act very well. He has the grace and the style and this can be seen in the varieties of movies he has made. He can perform drama, comedy, romance, and unquestionably he can do well in action. Jet Li can also direct, he has directed his movie Born to Defence. He also produced some of his movies such as "Kung Fu Colt Master", "Fist of Legend", "Bodyguard from Beijing", "New Legend of Shaolin", "Fong Sai Yuk", and "Fong Sai Yuk 2". Jet Li is a shy and timid person. He is very conservative, eats healthy meals, and workouts everyday to stay in shape. He is also very private about his life, and for this not many questions are asked of his private life.

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    48. WebRing: Hub
    This ring is dedicated to the great martial arts superstar jet li, the star of dozens of the best Hong Kong movies Zuk s jet li Page jet li Action Page!

    49. Die Offizielle Deutsche Jet Li Fan Seite!
    Kurzbiographie, biographische Texte, Filmographie sowie zwei deutschsprachige Foren.
    discover jet li Main Jet Page - site updates - newsletter JET LI - life - film - wushu - religion - philosophy MEDIA - photos - video - audio - links - downloads PROJECTS - KOD - The One - Hero - other - filmography WORDS - forum - chat - fanmail - f.a.q. - credits ARCHIVE - events - news - media - press releases - writings
    explore the world home new visitors Global Fan Network - join the GFN - the jet li forum - australia - bulgaria - china - croatia - france - germany - greece - hong kong - hungary - japan - poland - russia - south africa - taiwan Press Section - press releases - press biography - press filmography - press articles - home - f.a.q. - help - legal - site map home jet li filme projekte ... links forum kontakt Yo... hier könnt ihr mit "Gleichgesinnten" über Jet Li Filme, andere Filme oder auch über alles mögliche andere diskutieren ^^ Klick hier um zu den JET LI Diskussionsforen zu gelangen!

    50. - Jet Li
    Warner Bros. Favorite. jet li jet li is the real deal, the type of action star who could mop the floor with any of his socalled peers. why is he famous?

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    51. DVD > Li, Jet: Preise Und Angebote Bei Idealo

    zum Preisvergleich
    Jet Li
    Brigitte Lin
    ... Andrzej Bartkowiak

    52. Jet Li At Hollywood Cult Movies
    The Internet Actors Data Base Home Of The World’s Greatest Movie Stars. Kung Fu Masters. jet li (Last updated July 9th 2003). jet li’s Top 10 Movies on DVD.
    Search For Posters!
    The Internet Actors Data Base
    Home Of The World’s Greatest Movie Stars
    Kung Fu Masters Jet Li (Last updated July 9th 2003) Fact File Birth Name : Li Lian Jie Date Of Birth : 26th April 1963 Place Of Birth : Beijing, China Height Hair Color : Black Spouses
    Nina Li Chi (1999 - Present)
    Qiuyan Huang (1987 - 1990) Debut Film
    “The Shaolin Temple” (1979) U.S. Film Debut
    “Lethal Weapon 4” (1998) Trivia
    Jet Li
    8 in x 10 in
    Buy Jet Li Photos At
    Framed Mounted Jet Li’s Top 10 Movies on DVD Jet Li's The Master [DVD] (1989) DVD Jet Li's astonishing fighting abilities are showcased in this story directed by Tsui Hark. A martial arts expert who is also a specialist in herbal medicine is kidnapped by a ruthless student with his sights set on monopolizing the teachings of kung fu in America. Fellow student Li comes to the rescue. With Jerry Trimble, Billy Blanks. 93 min. Once Upon A Time In China [DVD] (1991) DVD Spectacular costume actioner from director Tsui Hark stars Jet Li as real-life 19th-century Chinese hero Wong Fei-Hong, who, with his band of fellow martial arts experts, defend their homeland from the encroachment of European imperialists and corrupt local officials. Don't miss the incredible fight scene where Li defeats a dozen foeswith an umbrella! With Yuen Biao, Rosamund Kwan, Jackie Cheung. 134 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: Cantonese Dolby Digital mono, Mandarin Dolby Digital mono, English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish; theatrical trailers; biographies.

    53. PremierPark
    jet li 200110-29 0903 Nehéz az élete egy ötgyermekes anyának, ha meghal a férje. Az egyik liu Jian, akit jet li fog játszani

    54. El Criticon - Jet Li. Biografia, Filmografia Y Fotos.
    Biograf­a, filmograf­a y fotos.
    Buscar Temas Todos 1. Críticas de películas 2. Estrellas del cine moderno 3. Protagonistas del cine clásico 4. Noticias y proyectos de cine 5. Cinefilia. Artículos de cine. Menu Inicio El Criticón Críticas de películas de todos los tiempos Estrellas del cine moderno Protagonistas del cine clásico ... Correo El Criticon
    Algunos nombres Peter Ustinov
    Uma Thurman

    Lana Turner

    Halle Berry
    Nicole Kidman
    Y muchos más nombres en... Cine Clásico
    Cine Actual

    Jet Li. Biografia, filmografia y fotos.
    Nació el 23 de abril de 1966 en Beijing (China) Biografía Mide 1'68
    Su nombre real es el de Li Lian Jie.
    Cuando tenía solamente dos años perdió a su padre. Tiene cuatro hermanos mayores. Desde niño se instruyó en artes marciales, especialmente en Wu Shu, siendo campeón chino de este estilo en varias ocasiones. Es uno de los actores asiáticos (junto a Jackie Chan) más importantes dentro de su género de las últimas décadas. Su inicio como actor se produjo en la película "Shao Lin Tzu" (1979), que le convirtió en una estrella para los aficionados al cine realizado en Hong-Kong. Su primera película como director fue "Born to defence" (1986). En 1998 y después de arrasar en la taquilla de su país y convertirse en una de las figuras de culto de este subgénero de acción, debutó en el cine de Hollywood, con la película "Arma Letal 4".

    55. AsianConnections: Interview With Jet Li ("Cradle 2 The Grave")
    Gret Pak (Robot Stories 02.03.26. jet li (Cradle 2 the Grave 02.03.26. jet li Still Kicking An Interview with the star of Cradle 2 the Grave by Mike Kai.
    Advertisement: Please Support Our Sponsors More Interviews Justin Lin ( Better Luck Tomorrow
    Gret Pak (
    Robot Stories ... Romeo Must Die
    Jet Li Still Kicking
    An Interview with the star of Cradle 2 the Grave
    by Mike Kai AsianConnections' Mike Kai chatted with Jet Li at a press roundtable the day before the world premiere of his latest movie Cradle 2 the Grave produced by Joel Silver ( Lethal Weapon 4 Romeo Must Die Cradle 2 the Grave features a blend of East meets West where kung fu meets street fighting, choreographed by legendary martial arts director Corey Yuen ( Lethal Weapon 4 Romeo Must Die ). Jet talks about how Buddhism and his fans at his website are influencing his work, and his next film as a break away from action. Check out the official site at Also, the Cradle 2 the Grave contest has been extended with new prizes. Enter to win at!

    56. AsianConnections: Jet Li Interview (Romeo Must Die)
    Russel Wong and Isaiah Washington (Romeo Must Die) 08.01.00. Jim Ferguson Interviews jet li of Romeo Must Die. jet li Yes. (Laughter).
    Advertisement: Please Support Our Sponsors More Interviews Justin Lin ( Better Luck Tomorrow
    Gret Pak (
    Robot Stories ... Romeo Must Die
    Jim Ferguson Interviews Jet Li of Romeo Must Die Jim Ferguson: Jet, thank you so much for talking to AsianConnections! This is the second time we've met. We did this interview for "Lethal Weapon 4," and in that movie you played a bad guy.
    Jet Li: Yes. (Laughter) Jim Ferguson: And in this movie, "Romeo Must Die," you're a good guy again. Do you prefer that? Jet Li: Yes, because I made 25 movies in Hong Kong, I always play the good guy, so first time my producer Joel Silver he say, "play the bad guy." I say, "bye, guy." (Laughter) I've never done that before! So in the beginning I had a little bit worry about it, but on the second time, he promised, he said, "Jet, I promise you, after you play the bad guy, I'll give you the good guy again." Yes, ah, what's the movie? (Laughter) He said, it's called "Romeo Must Die." That sound like a romantic movie, not an action movie. I say, okay! So, I played the villain, now I play the good guy again. Jim Ferguson: I'm glad you did too. Is this kind of a breakthrough in the sense that, you as an Asian actor?Russell [Wong] thought it was very important, that you are the romantic lead?

    57. Joey Baloney Interviews Jet Li From "Kiss Of The Dragon"
    Joey Baloney interviews jet li. Anyway, I didn t get the picture I wanted (of jet li kicking me in the head) but meeting him was a real cool experience.
    Home Reviews Trailers Wallpapers ... Contact Us Joey Baloney interviews...Jet Li
    Well, as you may have read on Friday, I had the opportunity to to interview Bridget Fonda and Jet Li, stars of the new film KISS OF THE DRAGON. Now Mr. Li certainly isn't as attractive as Ms. Fonda (at least not to me anyway) but he certainly has a presence. For a guy that's probably all of 5'4", he has an intimidating presence. His neck, for instance, practically doesn't exist. His collar is probably the same as my waist size. A few times throughout the interview he would mime some kung-fu moves while talking and just through that, you could see how lightning quick he is. As cliched as it sounds, he really seems like a grounded kind of guy. He signed autographs for some reporters (to the dismay of Fox reps who tend to frown on that sort of thing) and seemed to have a really cool outlook on life. It was a bit difficult to understand what he was saying or trying to say at times because of his thick Chinese accent (and trust me it was even MORE difficult to figure out what he was saying from my recording of the interview) but he really made tremendous sense. Often times I would wonder where he was going with an answer but by the time he was finished, I was like, Oh....that makes sense. Anyway, I didn't get the picture I wanted (of Jet Li "kicking" me in the head) but meeting him was a real cool experience. I'd like to add that I missed the screening of KISS OF THE DRAGON but the interview does contain some minor spoilers regarding the film. KISS OF THE DRAGON opens this Friday, July 6th. Enough chitter-chatter and celebrity ass-kiss, here's the interview:

    58. Kung Fu Kid's Jet Li Page
    jet li Lei lin Git, li3 lian2 Jie2. jet li was born in Beijing, Heibei on April 26, 1963 and began his Martial Arts training at a very early age.
    Kung Fu Kid bows to ...
    Jet Li

    Lei Lin Git, Li3 Lian2 Jie2
    J et Li was born in Beijing, Heibei on April 26, 1963 and began his Martial Arts training at a very early age. So early in fact, that by the age of 11 he had already won his first of five consecutive Chinese National Wu Shu championships (Martial Arts performance styles). Seeing this budding talent, his prowess was both recognized and honored by the Chinese government when he was named a part of the first Wu Shu team to tour of the West. By his 16th birthday he was a national Wushu coach. It was only natural that his skill would catch the attention of the blossoming Kung Fu movie industry in 80's China. It was the start of something big, not only for the Chinese movie industry, but for Li.
    Jet Li's big break came at the age of 19 when he was given the starring role in the movie that started it all, Shao Lin Si (Shaolin Temple). The movie caused quite a stir among young Chinese as hundreds traveled to the site of the remains of the original Shaolin Temple in the hopes of training in the manner that Li's character portrayed. Taking a lesson from Hollywood, either inspired by or to capitalize on this, the next role given to him was Kids From Shaolin which proved to be an equal success. Yet Kung Fu and acting were not his only talents. He wanted to try his hand at other facets of the industry.

    59. Hero Movie Trailer (Jet Li, Zhang Ziyi) Empire Movies
    their way. Cast Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Maggie Cheung, Daoming Chen, jet li, Ziyi Zhang, Donnie Yen. Hero Movie Trailer. Trailer Full
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    Empire Movies

    In Theaters

    Movie News


    Upcoming Movies
    Man on Fire

    13 Going On 30


    Van Helsing
    ... Catwoman Search this Site Search Now: Hero Official Site: Director: Yimou Zhang Distributed by: Miramax Theatrical Release Date: August 20, 2004 Hero is the story of the soon-to-be First Emperor of China who is on the brink of conquering a war-torn land during the violent dawn of the Qin dynasty over two thousand years ago. Three opponents are determined to assassinate the King, and one loyal subject stands in their way. Cast: Tony Leung Chiu Wai Maggie Cheung Daoming Chen Jet Li ... Donnie Yen Hero Movie Trailer Trailer Various Sizes - QuickTime Format International Trailer 1 Hi Res QuickTime Med Res QuickTime Lo Res QuickTime International Trailer 2 Hi Res QuickTime Med Res QuickTime Lo Res QuickTime International Trailer 3 Hi Res QuickTime Format Med Res QuickTime Media Player Real Player Lo Res QuickTime Media Player Real Player International Trailer 4 Media Player Format Broken Link?

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