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         Lee Bruce:     more books (104)
  1. Bruce Lee: The Incomparable Fighter by M. Uyehara, 1993-06-01
  2. Bruce Lee: The Celebrated Life of the Golden Dragon (Bruce Lee Library)
  3. Theorizing Bruce Lee: Film-Fantasy-Fighting-Philosophy (Contemporary Cinema) by Paul Bowman, 2009-12-18
  4. The Bruce Lee Story by Linda Lee, 1989-02-01
  5. Bruce Lee: Words From a Master
  6. The Tao of Gung Fu: A Study in the Way of Chinese Martial Art (Bruce Lee Library) by Bruce Lee, John Little, 1997-11-15
  7. Jeet Kune Do: The Art & Philosophy of Bruce Lee by Dan Inosanto, 1994-04
  8. Bruce Lee: By Linda Tagliaferro (Biography (a & E)) by Linda Tagliaferro, 2000-03
  9. Tao of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee, 1979
  10. Bruce Lee: The Biography by Robert Clouse, 1988-08
  11. Bruce Lee: Conversations by Fiaz Rafiq, 2010-01-15
  12. Bruce Lee Strenth Training by bruce lee, Justin Frost, 2009-10-12
  13. Words of the Dragon: Interviews, 1958-1973 (Bruce Lee Library)
  14. Bruce Lee: Fighting Words by Bruce Thomas, 2005-07-10

21. Jeet Kune Do: Bruce Lee
Offers a detailed biography of bruce lee and an extended description of JKD philosophy. Also features an active messageboard, book and movie reviews and equipment.
Jeet Kune Do: Bruce Lee
Jeet Kune Do: Bruce Lee Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, his books and movies. Martial arts theory, practice, equipment and uniforms. Jeet Kune Do: Bruce Lee jeet kune do, bruce lee, martial arts, bruce lee books, bruce lee Pictures, Bruce Lee Movies, Jeet Kune Do concepts, jun fan jeet kune do, JKD concepts, Jun Fan JKD, jeet kune do equipment, jeet kune do books, jeet kune do movies

22. Accueil
Biographie, filmographie, vid©os, photos et images 3D.

23. Bruce Lee: A Who2 Profile
bruce lee. . Actor / Martial Artist. bruce lee is the granddaddy of highkicking, fist-fighting movie martial
BRUCE LEE Actor / Martial Artist Bruce Lee is the granddaddy of high-kicking, fist-fighting movie martial artists. He got his start in America as Kato, the sidekick in the jokey 1960's TV series The Green Hornet . Later he went to Hong Kong and more or less founded the institution of kung fu movies. Wiry and charismatic, Lee reached a pinnacle in 1973 with Enter The Dragon . His untimely death before the film's release helped make him an enduring cult figure. Other films include Way of the Dragon The Big Boss (1971) and Marlowe (1969, with James Garner
Extra credit : The coroner ruled that Lee died of a brain edema (accumulation of fluid and swelling) caused by an abnormal reaction to painkillers he had been prescribed for back pain... His son, Brandon Lee, was killed by a bullet accidentally fired from a prop gun while making the movie The Crow in 1993.
Other action film stars of Lee's era included Steve McQueen Pam Grier and John Wayne
Bruce Lee Fan Club

From Britain, with almost too much info Bruce Lee Filmography
The full list, from Fu Zhi Guo to Enter the Dragon Bruce Lee Biography
Basic life story from

24. The Shrine To Bruce Lee
Welcome to the Shrine to bruce lee. THE GALLERIES. The Fists of Fury Gallery. The movie that started it all. bruce lee s first action packed, martial arts film.
If you don't see the side pictures, or the navigation bar up top, please go here
"Don't think; feel. It's like a finger pointing away to the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger, or you will miss all the heavenly glory." Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon (1974)
W elcome to the Shrine to Bruce Lee . Please choose from seven picture galleries, an extensive timeline, a FAQ/Facts sheet, and the Curse of the Dragon
Click on the pictures to enter the galleries.
The Fists of Fury Gallery. The movie that started it all. Bruce Lee's first action packed, martial arts film.
(Also known as The Big Boss
The Chinese Connection Gallery. Bruce battles the Japanese with a vengence in his second Gung-Fu film. Directed by Bruce Lee.
(Also known as Fists of Fury
The Return of the Dragon Gallery, featuring Bruce Lee in his third Gung-Fu film. Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris fight like gladiators in the Roman Colliseum. Directed by Bruce Lee.
(Also known as Way of the Dragon
The Enter the Dragon Gallery. Bruce Lee achieves world fame in his best and last full-length Gung-Fu movie.

25. Bruce Lee, The Legend Kung Fu Master, International Movie Star
bruce lee. Wing Chun to JKD by Martin Eng. bruce lee Chronology of bruce lee s Life. Selected Pictures of bruce lee. Documentation on
Wing Chun to JKD by Martin Eng
Bruce Lee is survived by his wife Linda Lee, and his
daughter Shannon, sister Phoebe, Robert and Peter.
Yip Chun-1998
... The late Wong Shun Leung
ALL NEW SECTION BELOW (Best viewed at 1024x768 reolution)
Chronology of Bruce Lee's Life
Selected Pictures of Bruce Lee
Documentation on Jeet Kune Do Written by Bruce Lee 18 Pages
Multimedia Page
Sifu Garrett Gee's Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun Kung Fu (coming soon)
Global Forum , Martin Eng
Email: Martin Eng (all other emails might not work)

26. Sommaire
Biographie et filmographie.

27. Tribute To Bruce Lee
Tribute to bruce lee. Where would you like to go. Copyright © Tribute to bruce lee-Jan 1 1997. Site created and updated by Thomas Reavis. LE FastCounter. stats by nedstat. Updated Dec. 10, 2002
Tribute to Bruce Lee Where would you like to go
Site created and updated by Thomas Reavis LE FastCounter stats by nedstat Updated Dec. 10, 2002

28. TIME 100: Bruce Lee
HO/AP. bruce lee in a scene from the 1973 film Enter the Dragon, completed shortly before the martial arts star s death of brain edema.
NATION WORLD BUSINESS ARTS ... CURRENT ISSUE HO/AP Bruce Lee in a scene from the 1973 film Enter the Dragon , completed shortly before the martial arts star's death of brain edema
Bruce Lee
With nothing but his hands, feet and a lot of attitude, he turned the little guy into a tough guy
Dubious Influences: Century's Villains and Antiheroes
Five Captivating Romances: When Love Was the Adventure
Monday, June 14, 1999
Not a good century for the Chinese. After dominating much of the past two millenniums in science and philosophy, they've spent the past 100 years being invaded, split apart and patronizingly lectured by the West. And, let's face it, this communism thing isn't working out either. Muhammad Ali
The American G.I.

Diana, Princess of Wales

Anne Frank
... Bill Wilson Categories Leaders/Revol. Artists/Entertainers Builders/Titans Scientists/Thinkers document.write(""); The Secret Life of Bees By: Sue Monk Kidd The Teeth of the Tiger By: Tom Clancy Life of Pi By: Yann Martel Albert Einstein as it seemed.

29. Bruce Lee - The Master
bruce lee The Master. Check them out now! bruce lee DVDs and Videos Below is a selection of bruce lee DVDs and Videos. Click to see more details.
Bruce Lee - The Master Welcome to my tribute to the man who revolutionized martial arts today. Bruce Lee, in my eyes, is a leader you can look up to. He practically changed the martial arts world. He's a leader because he did what he thought was the right thing to do. He broke tradition. Many martial arts masters in his time were very strict and taught by tradition. One thing they were very reluctant to do was to teach non-Chinese. Chinese martial arts teachers were very strict on tradition. They sometimes would not admit you into there class unless you were something special. It would have been even more difficult for non-Chinese. Because of this, Kungfu was shrouded in mystery to Westeners. Bruce Lee totally broke with tradition. He'd teach to anyone that showed keen interest in learning martial arts whether he/she be Chinese or non-Chinese. Also, one thing many martial artists would not do is learn more than one style. Bruce Lee, on the other hand, learned much more than one style. Besides Wing Chun, he'd learn Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and others. An example is when he met with Jhoon Rhee, a master of TKD. Rhee showed Lee the sidekick in TKD and Lee, in fact, mastered it. When Lee created Jeet Kune Do, he combined all the strong points of each style and took out the weak points. Bruce didn't include high kicking in his fighting stlye before, only low kicks to the legs. Wing Chun doesn't kick high. But Chuck Norris, who met Bruce at the Long Beach Internationals, convinced Bruce to include High Kicks. Bruce Lee said

30. Bruce Lee
Biograf­a, fotograf­as, pel­culas, v­deos y sistema de lucha. lee/

31. Bruce Lee Information And Multimedia

32. Bruce Lee
Biografie und Filmografie.

33. Kampfkünste
Diese Seite enth¤lt Biographien und Filmographien von bruce lee, Jackie Chan und Jet Li. AuŸerdem die Entstehungsgeschichten der Samurai, Ninja, Sumo und Muay Thai.

34. Bruce Lee Pictures, Photos, Posters, Biography, Wallpaper, Filmography, Movies,
bruce lee pictures, screensavers, downloads, posters, photos, biography, wallpaper, filmography, movies, videos., Home Actors L lee, bruce.,_Bruce/
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Bruce Lee Categories Home Actors L > Lee, Bruce Auctions



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Bruce Willis

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Three Days Grace
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35. Bruce And Brandon Lee Fan Club
Una risorsa sui due famosi attori con biografie, foto, filmografie, interviste, libri, riviste e link.

36. Bruce Lee Biography
bruce lee Biography, Home Actors L lee, bruce Biography. bruce lee. bruce lee Biography Sites Who2 Profile Life and career history in one paragraph.,_Bruce/Biography/
News Personals Posters Play Games ... Web Hosting
Bruce Lee Biography Home Actors L Lee, Bruce > Biography Auctions


Bruce Lee Biography Sites:

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37. Tribute To Brandon Bruce Lee
Includes biography, photo gallery, filmography, and thoughts.

38. Lee, Bruce
bruce lee’s attraction to law enforcement was sparked in 1968, when as an 11year-old, he watched an Inglewood police officer arrest a man for stealing a car
Deputy Bruce K. Lee
Riverside County Sheriff's Department
Date of Birth: MAY 19, 1957
Date Appointed: SEPTEMBER 2, 1980
End of Watch: May 13, 2003 For the second time in less than two months the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department suffered the loss of one of its finest in the line of duty. On the morning of May 13, Deputy Sheriff Bruce K. Lee responded to a disturbing the peace call in the City of La Quinta, a city policed under contract with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. Upon arrival at the scene Deputy Lee was confronted by a mentally disturbed twenty-four year old Kevin Diablo, who was known to have had prior difficulties with the law. In attempting to question and reason with Diablo, a physical encounter ensued, in which Diablo was able to secure Deputy Lee’s police baton. Now, armed with the baton, Diablo inflicted several severe blows to the head and neck of Deputy Lee, resulting in massive trauma. Lee was transported to the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, then on to the trauma unit at the Desert Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead a short time later. A back-up deputy, responding to Lee’s call for assistance arrived at the scene and observed Lee’s motionless body lying on the ground. The back-up deputy was immediately confronted by Kevin Diablo still brandishing the police baton in a menacing manner. When Diablo ignored a command to drop the baton and continued to advance toward the deputy in a threatening manner, the deputy fired his service weapon, mortally wounding Diablo. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

39. Untitled Document
Il sito ufficiale italiano dell'arte e della filosofia di bruce lee. Moltissime informazioni sulla disciplina sportiva e sul suo creatore, foto, indirizzi, suggerimenti, link ad altri siti.

40. IMDb Name Search
Dragon The bruce lee Story (1993)Dragon The bruce lee Story (1993) Cast, Crew, Reviews, Plot Summary, Comments, Discussion, Taglines, Trailers, Posters, Photos, Showtimes, Link to Official, Bruce

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