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  1. Second Life: The Official Guide by Michael Rymaszewski, Wagner James Au, et all 2008-01-22

1. Krotoski Aleks
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2. I've Embraced New Technology, I'm Floating In Cyberspace, And Am Indeed Walking
Aleks krotoski aleksandra Krystyna Theresa Krotoski Born in Quala Lumpur(Malaysia), October 22nd 1974. Aleks, also known as that
Aleks Krotoski
Aleksandra Krystyna Theresa Krotoski
Born in Quala Lumpur (Malaysia), October 22nd 1974. Aleks, also known as "that loud American one" or "the one with the green in her hair", is a videogame purist, a fan of almost any type of game other than beat 'em ups or driving games, partly because they're about the only ones she can't whip with her eyes closed. Unafraid of the complexities of hardcore gaming, she even likes real-time strategy games. The words "minions" and "little people" dance around her mouth like dwarves in an Elizabethan court. But it's not all beard-envy. The cry of "Die suckers" and gunshots can often be heard from Aleks' window too, and thus she's a truly rounded human being.
Aleks is a true old-style gamer, one of those rare breed who played the very first few arcade games out there. Pumping the quarters in her home town of Louisiana, hanging around launderettes to fire up coin-ops like Frogger, Aleks learned the skills and knowledge that have got her here. Daddy was never short of a quarter or two, and little Aleks was never afraid to spend any of them. The inevitable leap to a home console was made with the Atari 2600, the first genuine home videogame smash, and the reason for many a late piece of homework for young Aleks. Pitfall, Breakout and Q-Bert entered Aleks's world. From there came the NES, the SNES and finally the N64. Yes, Aleks is a Nintendo freak, and unashamedly so. The heavy workload of a psychology degree in Oberlin, Ohio suggested leaving the console back at home. Thinking herself free from the harsh commitments of hardware, Aleks the undergraduate walked straight into study rooms brimming with PCs.

3. Aleks Krotoski
Aleks Krotoski Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites Discuss this person with other users on IMDb message board for Aleks Krotoski. Find where Aleks Krotoski is credited alongside another name. Aleks Krotoski krotoski

4. Krotoski Aleks
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Adriana Sklenarikova
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The Aleks Krotoski Online Shrine

Sound files, images and video clips featuring from the late-night British TV video games review program, Bits.

5. Aleks Krotoski
Aleks Krotoski. The Aleks Krotoski Online Shrine Sound files, images and video clipsfeaturing from the latenight British TV video games review program, Bits.
Aleks Krotoski
Art People K Aleks Krotoski
The Aleks Krotoski Online Shrine

Sound files, images and video clips featuring from the late-night British TV video games review program, Bits.

6. Women In Games
Aleks krotoski aleks Krotoski has worked on the periphery of the games industry since1999, first as a reviewer on Channel 4 s Bits and Thumb Bandits and later
Women in Games Conference 2004
University of Portsmouth
Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Thursday 10th and Friday 11th June 2004
More coming soon....
Sheri Graner Ray
Sheri is the author of 'Gender Inclusive Game Design: Expanding the Market'. She is currently Senior Game Designer for Sony Online Entertainment in Austin, Texas, USA. She is also co-chair for the 'Women in Game Development' Special Interest Group of the IGDA (International Game Developers Association). Before joining Sony Sheri ran her own development studio, Sirenia Software, and prior to that was Director of Product Development for Her Interactive. She has also worked as a writer and designer on the Ultima series of games for Origin Systems.
Camilla Lyngbo Hjort
CEO and Head of creative development in Pinkfloor A/S Born 4/9 1972 Masters degree at University of Copenhagen – Modern culture and communication 1998-1999 In charge of “Emotion and Immersion in Interactive Media” - a series of international design workshops at Designskolen Kolding 1999-2000 Project manager at “Betalab”. A laboratory for new digital media concepts at DR

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