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         Griffith D W:     more books (100)
  1. D.W. Griffith: An American Life by Richard Schickel, 2004-07-01
  2. D.W. Griffith and the Origins of American Narrative Film: THE EARLY YEARS AT BIOGRAPH by Tom Gunning, 1993-09-01
  3. D.W. Griffith's the Birth of a Nation: A History of the Most Controversial Motion Picture of All Time by Melvyn Stokes, 2008-01-15
  4. The Films of D. W. Griffith (Cambridge Film Classics) by Scott Simmon, 1993-07-30
  5. Adventure With D.W. Griffith by Karl BROWN, 1973-01-01
  6. D.W. Griffith's Intolerance: Its Genesis and Its Vision by William M. Drew, 2001-09
  7. Adventures with D.W. Griffith by Karl Brown, 1988-05-03
  8. D W GRIFFITH LIFE & WORK (Cinema classics) by Henderson, 1985-08-01
  9. The Man Who Invented Hollywood (The Autobiography Of D. W. Griffith) by D. W Griffith, 1972
  11. D. W. Griffith: The Years at Biograph by Henderson, 1970-12
  12. D. W. Griffith's Film, The Birth of a Nation: The Film that Transformed America by Michael R. Hurwitz, 2006-09-18
  13. Dinner with D. W. Griffith and Other Memories by Joseph Woodson Oglesby, 2006-03-22
  14. Orphans Of The Storm by D. W. Griffith, Henry MacMahon, 2010-09-10

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at 14 Stores Directed by: D.W. Griffith Starring: See Product Details 0 Orphans of the Storm at 14 Stores Directed by: D.W. Griffith Starring: See Product Details Birth of a Nation at 14 Stores Directed by: D.W. Griffith Starring: See Product Details Way Down East at 13 Stores Directed by: D.W. Griffith Starring: See Product Details Birth of a Nation, The - Full Uncut Director's Version at 6 Stores Directed by: D.W. Griffith Starring: See Product Details Broken Blossoms at 13 Stores Directed by: D.W. Griffith Starring: See Product Details The Battle of the Sexes at 13 Stores Directed by: D.W. Griffith

2. D.W. Griffith:: A Bibliography Of Materials In The UC Berkeley Libraries
DW griffith A Bibliography of Materials in the UC Berkeley Library. griffith, DW The Man Who Invented Hollywood; The Autobiography of DW griffith.
D.W. Griffith:
A Bibliography of Materials in the UC Berkeley Library
  • Books
  • Journal Articles
  • Videos
  • Articles on individual Films ...
  • The Wind
    Agee, James.
    "David Wark Griffith." In: Great film directors : a critical anthology / edited by Leo Braudy and Morris Dickstein New York : Oxford University Press, 1978
    UCB Main Stack PN1998.A2.G74
    Allen, Michael.
    Family secrets : the feature films of D.W. Griffith / Michael Allen. London: British Film Institute, 1999.
    Main Stack PN1998.3.G76 A45 1999
    Altman, Rick.
    "Dickens, Griffith, and Film Theory Today." In: Silent Film / edited, and with an introduction by Richard Abel. New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press, c1996. Rutgers Depth of Field Series. pp: 145-62.
    Main PN1995.75.S55 1996
    Also in: Classical Hollywood narrative : the paradigm wars / edited by Jane Gaines. Durham : Duke University Press, 1992.
    Main Stack PN1995.C537 1992
    Moffitt PN1995.75.S55 1996 PAGES: 145-62.
    Arvidson, Linda
    When the Movies Were Young,
    UCB Main PN1994 .G75 1925
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    4. Links Relating To D.W. Griffith And His Stars
    Links Related to DW griffith and His Stars. DW griffith. Silents Majority Profile. The American Mutoscope Biograph Co., Inc. Essays
    Related to D.W. Griffith and His Stars
    D.W. Griffith
    Silents Majority Profile
    Essays From The Silent Film Bookshelf
    Mr Griffith on The Lillian Gish Home Page
    Richard Barthelmess
    Silents Majority Profile
    Silent Gents Photo Gallery
    Donald Crisp
    Silents Majority Profile Josephine Crowell
    Silents Majority Profile Carol Dempster
    Silents Majority Profile Emily Fitzroy
    Silents Majority Profile Dorothy Gish
    Silents Majority Profile
    Silent Ladies Photo Gallery

    Taylorology 36: Dorothy Gish Interview
    Taylorology 59: Gish Sister Interview Lillian Gish Silents Majority Profile Lillian Gish Home Page Silent Ladies Photo Gallery Taylorology 59: Gish Sister Interview Robert Harron Silent Gents Photo Gallery Mae Marsh Silent Ladies Photo Gallery Mabel Normand Silents Majority Profile Mabel Normand Home Page Silent Ladies Photo Gallery Taylorology has a ton of stuff on Mabel Slapstick's Mabel Normand Quicktime Clips Hollywood Silents Mabel Normand Page Arbucklemania Mary Pickford Silents Majority Profile Silent Ladies Photo Gallery Taylorology 55: 11 Pickford Interviews Taylorology 58: 2 Pickford Interviews Blanche Sweet Silents Majority Profile Silent Ladies Photo Gallery Constance Talmadge Silents Majority Profile Silent Ladies Photo Gallery Henry B. Walthall

    5. American Masters . D.W. Griffith | PBS
    called him the father of film and Charlie Chaplin called him the teacher of us all. At the pinnacle of his worldwide prominence, DW griffith screened his
    "To watch his work is like being witness to the beginning of melody, or the first conscious use of the lever or the wheel; the emergence, coordination, and first eloquence of language; the birth of an art: and to realize that this is all the work of one man." - James Agee L illian Gish called him "the father of film" and Charlie Chaplin called him "the teacher of us all." At the pinnacle of his worldwide prominence, D.W. Griffith screened his films for the urban working-class as well as for presidents at the White House. Griffith’s films became part of history in the making—unleashing the power of movies as a catalyst for social change. More than anyone of the silent era, he saw film’s potential as an expressive medium, and exploited that potential.
    Charlie Chaplin
    Jack Paar Lillian Gish
    Internet Movie

    6. Slapstick
    presents. Excerpts from DW griffith s Greatest Films. (Also known as How to Download Quicktime Movies from This Website. Links to DW griffith and His Stars.

    7. Reader's Companion To American History - -GRIFFITH, D. W.
    Publication Data. Advisory Board. Contributors. Introduction. Appendix. U.S. History. Western Civilization. World Civilizations. The Reader's Companion to American History. griffith, D. W. ( 18751948), screenwriter and film director. of that assessment more evident than in the career and work of D. W. griffith, America's first great director
    Entries Publication Data Advisory Board Contributors ... World Civilizations The Reader's Companion to American History
    , screenwriter and film director. Contemporary journalists often write as if the impact of the mass media on American life came about in the last two decades. Nowhere are the shortcomings of that assessment more evident than in the career and work of D. W. Griffith, America's first great director. Born in La Grange, Kentucky, Griffith came from an impoverished southern farm family and barely attained a grade school education. He entered the struggling film industry in 1907 and found a market for his short one-reel melodramas among the immigrant working classes of the cities. Over the next thirteen years the director made over four hundred films that drew on earlier innovations—the close-up, parallel editing, backlighting, location shooting—to create a coherent cinematic form. By 1914, Griffith's work had become associated with the birth of a new art form and the rise in popularity of movies among middle-class audiences, creating within the large cities a mass medium that appealed to diverse groups across the older Victorian barriers of class, sex, and ethnicity. Throughout these years, Griffith and his contemporaries saw his films as an unprecedented agency for transforming modern society and politics. Griffith's films were praised by contemporary reformers because they taught moral lessons in an effort to Americanize the immigrants and revitalize Anglo-Saxon culture. He saw his stories as metaphors for the rescue of the people from the social dangers of the day: corrupt politicians, lusty foreigners, and greedy monopolists. Drawing on the themes of nineteenth-century melodrama and dime novels, the great director emphasized the struggle of pure heroes and heroines, bathed in soft light in contrast to dark villains.

    8. D.W. Griffith: Directorial Debut
    From left to right is Linda A. griffith, D.W. griffith, Ann Lorley and Harry Salter. included is a biography of D.W. griffith, and a complete filmography of
    When Knighthood Was In Flower - From left to right is Linda A. Griffith, D.W. Griffith, Ann Lorley and Harry Salter.
    David Wark Griffith, born in a small Kentucky town, revolutionized the Motion Picture industry as a director during the Silent Film Era. He perfected his technique while working at the old Biograph studios from 1908 - 1913.
    Contained here, is an article from 1916 which recounts the tale of how Griffith was chosen to direct his first movie. The article was written by Linda A. Griffith, his wife at the time, and appeared in Film Fun Magazine.
    Also included is a biography of D.W. Griffith, and a complete filmography of the movies he directed and supervised.
    It was truly D.W. Griffith who turned filmaking into an art.
    D.W. Griffith's First Movie

    David W. Griffith and Billy Bitzer filming Enoch Arden
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    9. D.W. Griffith, The Birth Of A Nation (1915)
    griffith, The Birth of a Nation. ( 1915) In D.W. griffith's masterpiece, two families the Stonemans from the North and the Camerons from the South experience the Civil War and Reconstruction.
    D.W. Griffith, The Birth of a Nation
    In D.W. Griffith's masterpiece, two families the Stonemans from the North and the Camerons from the South experience the Civil War and Reconstruction. Through these families' stories, Griffith addresses the devastation wrought by the Civil War (especially in the South) and the social disruptions caused by Reconstruction. Griffith adapted the film from a propaganda piece about the Ku Klux Klan, The Clansman , written by Thomas Dixon. Griffith, a Southerner and the son of a Confederate War cavalry officer who returned from the war a broken man only to "suffer the disgrace of Reconstruction," blamed Reconstructionists and Southern blacks for his own misfortunes. This film reflects that resentment by depicting radical Republicans and "uppity" African-Americans as the cause of all social, political, and economic problems since the Civil War.
    When Griffith released the film in 1915, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (or NAACP) and other groups protested; the NAACP published a 47-page pamphlet titled "Fighting a Vicious Film: Protest Against The Birth of a Nation ," in which they referred to the film as "three miles of filth." W. E. B. Du Bois published scathing reviews in

    10. Directores - D.W.Griffith
    Biograf­a, fotos y comentarios.
    D.W. Griffith
    "Si la obra de Griffith es, junto con la de Murnau y la de Stroheim, una de las pocas del cine mudo que poseen relevancia para el cine moderno, que el advenimiento de sonido no dejó prisioneras de un ámbito silencioso y clausurado, lo debe a su empleo del lenguaje, a la amplitud e intensidad de la vida que Griffith supo suscitar y guardar en las imágenes." (Edgardo Cozarinsky, 1979)
    La información que se transcribe a continuación proviene de la siguiente fuente: BLANQUER, Francesc, D.W. Griffith, Filmoteca Nacional de España, Barcelona, octubre de 1979.
    Lilian Gish (1973) Raoul Walsh (Un demi-siecle a Hollywood, 1976) Frank Capra (1972) Orson Welles (1965). ME ENCONTRÉ CON D.W. GRIFITH UNA SOLA VEZ... Erich Von Stroheim (1948) Madame Sul-Te-Wan (revista The Villager, 1953)
    UN POCO DE SU HISTORIA: Fue Arthur Marvin quien sugirió a su hermano Henry, entonces director de la Biograph, que ofreciera el trabajo de director cinematográfico a uno de sus jóvenes actores, Lawrence Griffith, que sólo cuando se hizo famoso comenzó a llamarse "David" o "D.W." A Griffith no le gustó el ofrecimiento de un primer momento, puesto que no sabía absolutamente nada de cine y temía no sólo perder su trabajo como director, si aceptaba, sino también su trabajo como actor en la Biograph. Henry Marvin hubo de asegurarle (y fue una de las cláusulas del contrato) que en caso de no resultar un buen director, Griffith podría continuar con su trabajo como actor en la compañía.

    11. E! Online - Credits - D.W. Griffith
    D.W. griffith filmography.,12,40355,00.html
    May 29, 2004 FIRST LOOK: The News in Brief
    Streisand Pays Up

    Michael Gets Court Date

    Moore Keeps Lid on Berg Footage
    Fashion Police:
    Onetime wild thing Carmen tries to sow a sweet new image
    Watch with Kristin:
    Are star TV pilots doomed before they even take off?
    The Awful Truth:

    Cannes pics, disaster flicks and raunchy reviews from David Cross
    D.W. Griffith
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    for D.W. Griffith products: movies collectibles Movies:
    Origins of the Gangster Film
    The Struggle Abraham Lincoln The Sorrows of Satan ... 101 Celebrity Oops Whose flubs flipped us most? 7 p.m.-midnight help about E! Online site map membership ... newsletter Use of this site signifies your acceptance of the and

    12. D.W. Griffith
    D.W. griffith Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites video clip(s) D.W. griffith. Page 1 of 18 Abraham Lincoln (1930) aka D.W. griffith's 'Abraham Lincoln' (1930) (USA, D.W.

    Pop and R B singer. Site contains photos, audio samples, and interviews.

    14. Films Of D.W. Griffith Videotapes In The Media Resources Center
    The making of a birth of a nation produced by David Shepard (1992, 24 min.) ; filmed prologue to The birth of a nation featuring DW griffith and Walter

  • Griffith as director
  • Griffith as actor
  • Books and articles in the UCB library about Griffith and about individual films
    Call numbers "Video 999:#" are VHS tapes; "Video Disc #" are laserdiscs; and "DVD #" are DVDs. Indicates a link to film information in the Internet Movie Database.
    Griffith as Director
  • Abraham Lincoln (1930) (Video 999:1882)
  • Adventures of Billy (1911) (Video 999:573)
  • Adventures of Dollie (1908) (DVD 1545; Video 999:593; Video 999:2655)
  • Affair of Hearts (Directed with Frank Powell) (1910) (DVD 1374)
  • America (Love and Sacrifice) (1924) (DVD 60; Video 999:594)
  • An Arcadian Maid (1910) (Video 999:594)
  • As a Boy Dreams (Video 999:605)
  • As It Is in Life (1910) (DVD 1374)
  • At the Alter (1909) (Video/C 7169; Video 999:2775)
  • At the Crossroads of Life (1908) (Video 999:593)
  • The Avenging Conscience: Or Thou Shalt Not Kill (1914) (Video 999:1889)
  • Balked at the Altar (1908) (Video 7169; Video 999:2655)
  • The Battle (Civil War Short, 1911) (DVD 1541; Video 999:569; Video 999:573)
  • The Battle at Elderbrush Gulch (1914) (DVD 1545; DVD 1399; Video Disc 166; Video 999:569)
  • 15.
    Official page. Features news, biography, tour information, gallery, music, and links.
    Littleton, CO Info Seattle, WA Info Bayfield, WI Info Manchester, ENG Info London, ENG Info Click here for more dates...
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    to interact with other Nanci fans from around the world on our all new message board.
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    Movie - 6.2 mb) What's That I Hear

    16. Andy Griffith
    Books about Andy griffith and The Andy griffith Show. A special subject area of The North Carolina Bookstore.
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    17. Griffith, D. W.
    encyclopediaEncyclopedia griffith, DW. griffith, DW (David Wark griffith), 1880–1948, American movie director and producer, b. La Grange, Ky.
    in All Infoplease Almanacs Biographies Dictionary Encyclopedia
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      Griffith, D. W. Griffith, D. W. (David Wark Griffith), , American movie director and producer, b. La Grange, Ky. Griffith was the first major American film director. He began his film career as an actor and a scenario writer in 1908 with the Biograph Company. He soon began to direct and at once began to explore the full potential of camerawork, editing (or montage Judith of Bethulia (1913), and followed with the then-immense ten-reel Birth of a Nation (1915), an anthology of film technique and a landmark in the history of cinema. Stung by criticism of his negative portrayal of mulattos, he responded with a more audacious work. Intolerance (1916) sought to demonstrate the persistence of racial and social prejudice through the ages. In 1919, with Charlie Chaplin , Douglas Fairbanks , and Mary Pickford , he founded United Artists. Among his films, frequently alternating between historical spectacles and modest domestic dramas, are

    18. David Wark Griffith
    Kurzbiografie des Regisseurs.
    David Wark Griffith
    Mary Pickford
    und 'Intolerance' . Er schrieb mehrere Szenarien, darunter das des ersten Douglas Fairbanks Charles Chaplin die United Artists. 1929 verfilmte Griffith 'Lady of the Pavements' Max Reinhardt unter anderem ' Das Mirakel geschrieben hatte

    19. Deep Discount DVD
    Search by Director Results for "griffith, D W" Displaying 1 5 of 10 Results WALTHALL, HENRY. Director griffith, D W. Why Pay $ 19.95?

    20. Griffith D W
    griffith DW griffith DW pictures, griffith DW photos, griffith DW wallpapers, griffith DW wallpaper photo, gossip about griffith DW, wallpaper pics.
    Adriana Sklenarikova
    Desktop Wallpaper Christina Aguilera
    Desktop Wallpaper Britney Spears
    Desktop Wallpaper
    Celebrity Wallpapers By Last Name A B C D ... G :: Griffith D W Griffith D W screensavers
    Griffith D W Desktop Wallpapers

    Date someone who likes Griffith D W as much as you do!

    D.W. Griffith's Twenty-Year Record

    D.W. Griffith, motion picture costs and grosses D.W. Griffith: father of film Turner Classic Movies showcases the greatest films on television, more films than any other network, over 350 films every month. TCM is a basic cable service in most areas or the USA. Call your local cable operator for details. D.W. Griffith:: A Bibliography of Materials in the UC Berkeley Libraries Books,Journal Articles, Videos E! Online - Fact Sheet - D.W. Griffith D.W. Griffith filmography.,12,40355,00.html E! Online - Fact Sheet - Short Films of D.W. Griffith - V. 1 (1911) A collection of three, silent one-reel films directed by the famous D.W. Griffith: 'The Battle' (1911) with Charles West and Blanche Sweet; 'The Female of the Species' (1912) with Mary Pickford, Claire McDowell; and 'The New York Hat' with Mary Pickford, Robert Harron, with musical scores.,60,15524,00.html

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