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         Edna Dame:     more books (63)
  1. Dame Edna Everage : My Gorgeous Life by Barry Humprhies, 1994-06-05
  2. Dame Ednas Bedside Companion (Corgi books) by Barry Humphries, 1983-10-21
  3. Dame Edna Everage and the Rise of Western Civilisation: Backstage With Barry Humphries by John Lahr, 1992-01-01
  4. Dame Edna''s bedside companion; with forewords by Beverly Nichols, Margaret Drabble and Beryl Bainbridge. by Barry Humphries, 1983
  5. Dame Edna's Coffee Table Book by Barry Humphries, 1976-12-02
  6. Dame Edna Everage and the Rise of Western Civilisation: Backstage with Barry Humphries by John Lahr, 2000-01-04
  7. I drain the glass: A look at life by Dame Edna Chisett, 1975
  8. My gorgeous life; the life, the loves, the legend. by Dame Edna Everage, 1989-01-01
  9. My Gorgeous Life: An Adventure by Dame Edna Everage, 1989
  10. Dame Edna Everage by ANAM, 2000
  12. Dame Edna Everage ; the Rise of Western Civilization Backstage Wih Barry Humphries by John Lahr, 1991
  13. Dame Edna Everage
  14. Performing Arts in Australia: Music of Australia, Dame Edna Everage, Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Canberra Theatre, Julia Zemiro

1. Dame Edna Tickets- Dame Edna
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2. Letters From Dame Edna: Dame Edna On Tour
Letters from Dame Edna Everage Dame Edna The Royal Tour on Broadway at the Booth Theatre. DAME EDNA ON TOUR. THE ROYAL TOUR - LETTERS.
Tour Box Office Press Hot Flash ... Members

From time to time, Dame Edna Everage (or her minions) will post a letter to the ladies and gentlemen of the press and other adoring fans.
Responses are welcomed, but are not mandatory.
Responses should be mailed to the addresses available on the "Contacts" page
When responding, please remember that Dame Edna's preferred font colours include "Wisteria Shadow" "Lilac Glory" , and "Gladiola Splendour" . Mail to Dame Edna written or typed in these colours receives priority treatment.

Box Office Press Hot Flash ... Members

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4. Foto Edna Dame
Translate this page edna dame - foto di edna dame. Vedi subito le immagini di edna dame su! edna dame. Tante foto di edna dame. Edna
headFun(7,'Edna Dame');
Edna Dame
Tante foto di Edna Dame
Edna Dame è tra le star più amate per la sua incantevole bellezza e per il suo fascino.
Una grande storia di successi su tutti i campi fanno di questa celebrità una tra le più gettonate!
foto Edna Dame Sei in: Celebrita' - E Edna Dame
Edna Dame
showLinkToNextPage(7,'Edna Dame') showOtherText(7,'Edna Dame')
Qui trovi pagine relative a:
Adriano Aprà, Alexandra Kabi, Annibale Betrone, Autumn Jade, Cerchiai Bedlu, Corso Salani, Gino Santercole, Janis Schmitt, Mario Feliciani, Mirei Kuroda, Prinzivalle Alessandro, Adelaide Alessi, Holden Amanda, Salvatore Arcidiacono, Haskell Colleen, Ciro Esposito, Michaelsen Helle, Anderson Lauren, Giorgio Listuzzi, Denise Nikita, Cable Tawnni, Tognazzi Ugo, Aoki Yuko, Amy Lee, Barbara Ryan, Ian McKellen, John M. Jackson, Karen Michalson, Lunden De' Leon, Mark Karan, Nathan West, Pedro Martinez, Saartje Vandendriessche, Sacha De Boer, Saga, Valentina, Vickie Velvet, Benton Barbi, Lord Jack, Flavin Jennifer, Schoelen Jill, Turturro John, Picasso Pablo, Moreno Rita, Kemp Ross, Matic Sanja, Benoit Sebastien, Miller Shannon, Fung Stephen, Lengies Vanessa,
Queste sono solo alcune pagine scelte casualmente:
Adriano Aprà
Alexandra Kabi Annibale Betrone Autumn Jade ... Mirei Kuroda

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5. NPR : A Bit Of A Chat With Dame Edna
Dame Edna Everage is a character like no other an Australian housewife who grew into a phenomenon, a selfdescribed megastar and adviser to royalty. Dame

6. Dame Edna Tickets For Sale
Dame Edna Tickets. Dame Edna Online Ticket Sales at The Ticket Spot. Dame Edna Tickets on Sale Today Call-1-888-TIXX-ONE Email . Edna

7. Dame Edna Everage Possums, My Free Gifs!
dame edna Everage Gifs Com! Hello Possums and welcome to My very own dame edna Everage Gifs. By all means possoms enjoy
Dame Edna Everage Gifs Com!
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
"Hello Possums and welcome to My very own Dame Edna Everage Gifs. By all means possoms enjoy my gifs, but please DO NOT LINK to these images. Please UPLOAD these images to your web page host possums. Now Please enjoy yourselves and Thank you for coming. "You will come again won't you possums?"
"My Gorgeous Gifs!"
"Just a little tip from me possums! Take the picture of me on the left showing my legs and put it on a white background. Oh possums what a stunner it would be. I can just see it now possums!"
"On With The Show Possums!"
More Gifs!
"Time To Bring On The Large Gifs, Fasten Your Seat Belts and hang on tight possums!"
Large Gifs!
This free script provided by
Website Abstraction

"I dedicate my gorgeous site to Barry Humphreys. Without him possums I would not be here and Nor would you be I'm afraid! It's true possums. I'm sorry but it is!" Barry Humphries. Sign Guestbook View Guestbook var site="sm8AuntyENADAme"

8. Dame Edna Everage: The Official Website
in Britain as a special honour, usually for valuable work done over a long period, or a woman having this honour, comparable to a knight 2. dame edna Everage.
1. a title used in front of a woman's name which is given in Britain as a special honour, usually for valuable work done over a long period, or a woman having this honour, comparable to a knight
2. Dame Edna Everage

9. The DAME EDNA EVERAGE On-Line Experience! For Dame Edna Fans Worldwide. With FAQ
The Online dame edna Experience. HELLO POSSUMS ! Download the dame edna FAQ here. Learn all about dame edna, Madge Allsop, and Barry Humphries. dame edna Everage is a cardcarrying member of the
On-Line Experience
For more facts about Mrs. Everage than you can shake a boomerang at, read or download: The DAME EDNA FAQ Version 2.0 Already mandatory reading at many prestigious Australian universities ! Hello POSSUMS !! Welcome to the DAME EDNA EVERAGE On-Line Experience.
Feel free to saunter around, and read about our Lady of the Gladdies. Scroll down for more links....
Exciting Dame Edna Links -Worldwide
The Wanna-Be-Edna Gallery
Best experienced with : "The Megastar that won't go away!"
Already experienced times. Spooky, isn't it ?!
Send us your comments.
D isclaimer: This non-commercial website is the work of independent and
devoted Dame Edna Everage fans from all over the world, and
incidentally, is in no way associated with this miserable failure
All trademarks, characters, photographs etc. remain the property of their respective owners.

10. Dame Edna
Wanda Salutes dame edna!!!! Another Example of a truly Patriotic American!! It's about time someone said it! And that someone was dame edna Everage. ( Pictured below with Wanda's all time favorite renaissance woman Reba McEntire) an advice column a la Wanda) ; "Ask dame edna" (contrary to unpopular belief, the advice column is
Wanda Salutes Dame Edna!!!!
Another Example of a truly Patriotic American!!
I t's about time someone said it! And that someone was Dame Edna Everage.
(Pictured below with Wanda's all time favorite renaissance woman Reba McEntire)
So what is it that this fine American from Melbourne Australia did? Well in this months Vanity Fair, (one of the finer right wing conservative magazines out there famous for it's articles and pictorials of scantily clad celebrities) she was asked in her long running advice column (yet another smart woman out there with an advice column a la Wanda) ; "Ask Dame Edna" (contrary to unpopular belief, the advice column is long running and wasn't just set up as a promotional piece for her North American tour) Dame Edna was written a letter by someone desperately seeking quality advice. The letter reads:
Dear Dame Edna,
I would very much like to learn a foreign language, preferably French or Italian, but every time I mention this, people tell me to learn Spanish instead. They say, "Everyone is going to be speaking Spanish in 10 years. George W. Bush speaks Spanish." Could this be true? Are we all going to have to speak Spanish?
Torn Romantic, Palm Beach

11. Dame Edna News!
Lavin Links. Calendar of Events. Ordering Link. Booking Link. Buzz Link. Guestbook Link. Discussion Link. dame edna News! You may have read on this site how much I love Barry Humphries' work as
New Stuff Link Lavin Links Calendar of Events Ordering Link ... Discussion Link
Dame Edna News!
You may have read on this site how much I love Barry Humphries' work as
Dame Edna
, the Australian megastar housewife who is currently on Broadway at the Booth Theater on W. 45th Street. After seeing the show 17 times (that's not a typo yes, times) I noticed that in the second act, after she sang "Friends Of Kenny," Dame Edna would be so overcome with emotion for her son Kenny that she would wander over to the piano, pick up a tissue that had been placed there, and daintily dab her teary eyes. This simple move caught my attention. Broadway theaters are notoriously unionized. That tissue was no doubt placed there by a prop master who might have if you excuse the expression germs. I knew that Dame Edna needed a clean, sterile tissue every time her emotions got the best of her, but because she is such a fabulously dressed diva (crystals, rhinestones, and sequins everywhere) I knew she needed a special sparkly tissue box. So I shopped around for one. In vain. There's nothing out there in the commercial world suitable for someone as extravagant as Dame Edna (she admits that she is a squillionairess). So I bought a plain white plastic tissue box, hundreds of rhinestones and sequins and went to work. If I was Martha Stewart I would have used a glue gun, but I'm not, so I didn't. But I got some very expensive industrial strength glue.

12. Dame Edna: Everything You Ever Heard, And Worse
dame edna. She is Everything You Ever Heard, and Worse She's Australian superstar and international entertainment phenomenon dame edna. This fabulous star of stage, television
Dame Edna
She is Everything You Ever Heard, and Worse
Reviewed by Madelyn Miller
She's wild. She's wicked. She's wonderful. She's Australian superstar and international entertainment phenomenon Dame Edna. This fabulous star of stage, television and screen has dazzled audiences the world over with her unique brand of interactive humor. Much to the delight of her numerous fans, Dame Edna: The Royal Tour will make its North Texas premiere at the Music Hall at Fair Park for a limited, one-week engagement, Tuesday July 24 through Sunday, July 29, as a subscribers' special for Dallas Summer Musicals 2001 season. "Wherever I go in the world, sharing my experience, hope and strength with ecstatic audiences, I nurse a spooky little hope that one day I'll be able to squeeze Dallas into my tight schedule. This time, it's going to happen! My dignified old producers saw my record-breaking, Tony Award-winning Broadway run, and my sell-out San Francisco show, and have been making a nuisance of themselves ever since. 'Please Dame Edna,' they grovel, 'Isn't it time those theatrically deprived folk in Dallas, Texas got a glimpse of you in the flesh? They're wearing out all their old videos of all your British TV shows and they are suffering from a terminal case of EDS (Edna Deprivation Syndrome),'" said Dame Edna in a recent interview. Dame Edna will share her infinite wisdom and beauty tips with her adoring possums in Dallas so they can experience "my hands-on magic for yourself and for your wives, children, significant others, and same sex partners. I sing, dance, tour the stage and trawl the auditorium." The Dame will also be doing a little bit of gentle probing, and she questions, "who could possibly complain about that?"

13. A Night With Dame Edna 2003 At The National Theatre Of Washington DC
DONT MISS ME! Love, dame edna. Bring your gladiolas, possums, and prepare to laugh yourself silly when For more than four decades, dame edna has dazzled audiences the world
The National Theatre Cordially invites You to Enjoy
A Night With
The Show That Cares
PLAYED JANUARY 21 through FEBRUARY 2, 2003 Ticket Prices How to Buy Tickets
Dear Possums,
Love, Dame Edna Bring your gladiolas, possums, and prepare to laugh yourself silly when the incomparable Dame Edna Everage takes the stage at The National Theatre. She's wild. She's wicked. She's Australia's sequin-studded superstar-advisor to royalty and style icon extraordinaire For more than four decades, Dame Edna has dazzled audiences the world over with her one-of-a-kind banter, infinite wisdom and fabulous beauty tips. Now, after her incredible Royal Tour for which she received a Special Tony Award for a live Theatrical Event she's making her long-awaited Washington debut. Discover the woman critics call "Screechingly funny!" ( Miami Herald ) and "The funniest woman on the planet!" (

14. Dame Edna: The Royal Tour. Dame Edna Everage On Tour
Home page of the official production web site for dame edna The Royal Tour . dame edna tours North America after 10 mega-smash hit months on Broadway.
Tour Box Office Press Hot Flash ... Members

A Comedy with Music
Not a Revival
The Show that Listens
Legendary housewife, humanitarian, and megastar Dame Edna Everage tours North America with her hilarious and heart-warming show, The Royal Tour , direct from ten megasmash hit months on Broadway.
Welcome to For recent news bulletins, scroll down to the eerily blinking "NEWSFLASH" section. For all the information you need to purchase tickets and find your way to the theatre nearest you , click on your favorite city: Minneapolis Toronto Ft. Lauderdale Palm Beach ... Dallas
(Notice how grey and dowdy the cities become after Dame Edna leaves?) Otherwise, click on any of the menu selections at the top or bottom of the page for your choice of Dame Edna resources.
Adieu, mon possums...
Dame Edna has left the continent. DAME EDNA AND THE RISE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION ALERT: If you missed The Royal Tour at a theatre near you , be sure to read the definitive literary work on Dame Edna Everage - available for your immediate on-line purchase directly from University of California Press. Should Dame Edna ever return to your city, you may be tested on this material.

15. Dame Edna
A review of edna by Show Biz Maven from San Francisco.
More Articles Home The Show Biz Maven DAME EDNA: THE ROYAL TOUR
After more than 40 years, Dame Edna still loves making a Spec-tacle of herself Click to Enlarge Reviewed by Show Biz Maven Click on the thumbnail images to display an enlargement. Look up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well, yes and no. It's DAME EDNA circling the globe in her Air Edna helicopter, and waving back madly to Queen Elizabeth II, President Clinton, and the Pope. Now it's the Bay Area's turn to salute the wacky but wonderful dame as she kicks off "The Royal Tour" at that quaint habitue in San Francisco called the Theatre On The Square. Of course, Dame Edna Everage is really Australian writer and creator Barry Humphries, but as Joe E. Brown said to Jack Lemmon in SOME LIKE IT HOT, "Nobody's perfect."
"HELLO POSSUMS!" she calls out in that endearing, warbling falsetto. Admirers stomp, whistle, and applaud during the two and one-half hour show that gives us that old-fashioned kick Cole Porter once wrote about.
"I'M REAL!" Dame Edna trills as she sashays around the Kenneth Foy set that has a twinge of faux Las Vegas. She waves her trademark gladiolas and smiles like the housewife she is. Maybe that's why we hardly notice the pianist, the popular Billy Philadelphia, who seems superfluous once the energetic star begins to assault our funny bones. Add her larger than life glasses skittering with rhinestones, and there's Dame Edna making a spec-tacle of herself.

16. Dame Edna Is Toasted By The Toastman
A billboard sized artwork by NZ artist Maurice Bennett made totally from toast honoring Melbourne's most famous housewife.
Dame Edna is Toasted A billboard sized artwork made totally from toast was unveiled in
“I'm tickled pink! Although, I'm far from crusty, it's wonderful to be 'popping up' on a Melbourne billboard!"
says Dame Edna about the artwork.
New Zealand toast artist Maurice Bennett created the tasty tribute. He is famous for his amazing creations previously toasting Elvis Mona Lisa
CURRENT TOAST PROJECTS View the Toast Dress I entered at the Montana WOW Awards show held in September 2003 Toast Portraits Toast Art Toast Art-chive
View Toast Portraits
View Toast Art
View Toast Artchive

17. Talkin' Broadway Broadway Reviews: Dame Edna: The Royal Tour
dame edna's The Royal Tour theatre review by Fergus McGillicuddy in New York, October 17, 1999.
Dame Edna: The Royal Tour Theatre Review by Fergus McGillicuddy New York - October 17, 1999
We are reassured right up front, in a boxed statement on the title page of the Playbill for Dame Edna: The Royal Tour - opening tonight at the Booth Theatre - that "This lovely program contains no marsupial products." Okay. We are also informed that, while "understudies or standbys never substitute for listed players unless a specific announcement for the appearance is made at the time of the performance," should something dreadful happen to the one and only Dame Edna Everage (aka Barry Humphries), we would be in the hands of one Mrs. Madge Allsop. For longtime fans of the incorrigible Dame Edna, who are all too well aware of the place Mrs. Allsop holds in the pantheon of characters created by Humphries, this is not a bit of news to be greeted with a great deal of enthusiasm. So it is with some sense of relief, not to mention euphoria, that after we are treated to a short set of film clips chronicling Dame Edna's ascension from Australian housewife to fame, fortune, and icon-hood, the curtain rises to reveal the legend herself. This is the defining image of the evening, this first sight of the Dame with her arms thrown wide, embracing the audience with aggressive self-confidence and in complete control of the moment. It's also an inspired bit of theatre. In these first few seconds, in which she makes her way down the rather overly extravagant white staircase to the foot of the stage, she has the audience in the palm of her hand.

18. Welcome To The UNOFFICIAL AOL "Dame Edna Possum" Page!
Unofficial page dedicated to the megastar of the millennium and winner of the Special 2000 Tony Award.
Main My First Home Page htmlAdWH('7002588', '234', '60'); Welcome to the "Possum Page!" Dedicated (with Love and Admiration) to Dame Edna Everage "Megastar of the Millenium!" Winner of the "Special 2000 Tony Award" (The FIRST) for a "Live Theatrical Event" for "Dame Edna - The Royal Tour!" - AND - A 2001 National Broadway Theatre Award for "BEST PLAY" and for "BEST ACTOR" for "Dame Edna - The Royal Tour" (Dame Edna's BRILLANT "Manager" Barry Humphries accepted the "BEST ACTOR" award on her behalf) Broadway's Own "Gladi-ator" Arriving at the 2000 Tonys ... Triumphant!! Dame Edna "Cares and Shares" at The 2000 Tony Awards!
"Hello, Possums! Yes, it really is me. I'm not a clone, I'm not a look alike, I'm not a Julie Taymor puppet. I'm real. I'm not a musical either, no. I'm the only Broadway show closing voluntarily Dame Edna taking the stage Scrumptious!! Although Dame Edna has (with much sadness) departed "The Big Apple" and "The Great White Way," Sardi's (along with Dame Edna and her genius "manager" Barry Humphries) continues to greet (and "amusingly" yet "caringly" look at and watch over) you in NYC as you enter and dine in this elegant eatery located at 234 West 44th Street!

19. Dame Edna Everage: The Official Website - News
NEWS FLASH. dame edna brings her hilarious talk show to DVD for the first time ever! The dame edna Experience is an historic series you won t want to miss!
NEWS FLASH Dame Edna brings her hilarious talk show to DVD for the first time ever!
This is the real thing, Possums, not some tacky piracy! Celebrity guests include Sean Connery, Charlton Heston, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Jane Seymour, plus several of Edna's friends who you may never have met before and will certainly never meet again! The Dame Edna Experience is an historic series you won't want to miss! Edna Speaks! Read Dame Edna's latest letter to YOU... from Fort Myers Dame Edna Live At The Palace on BBC1
Tue 30 Dec, 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

This Christmas Dame Edna Everage is back in the UK for a star-studded television spectacular. Guests include the Osbournes, Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons, Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, opera diva Lesley Garrett, Spice Girl Melanie C, and pop icon Lulu. And it's all coming from Dame Edna's exclusive new London pad - Buckingham Palace. When Edna met Sharon. It takes a lot to make Sharon Osbourne blush but Dame Edna Everage did it on U.S. television. Read this article from The Age, Australia. Photograph courtesy of

20. Dame Edna I Can Be Queen's Envoy

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