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61. UCSD - The Graduate School Of International Relations And Pacific Studies
4203, Grants and Contracts Content, amy Robinson x25737, rm.4203, Judith ecklund x25161, rm. 4205,
To Whom for What:
F Facilities Hyacinthe Coulibaly x23131, rm. 1211,
Alternate: Rosa Felice x47272, rm. 4208, Facilities Recharge Hyacinthe Coulibaly x23131, rm. 1211, Faculty Advising Kathy Masey x41985, rm. 4210, Faculty Club Cards Kymm Johnson x40348, rm. 4202,
Alternate: Sara Miceli x42660, rm.4200, Faculty Club Reconciliation Cynthia Bowers x24932, rm. 1212,
Kymm Johnson x40348, rm. 4202, Faculty Course Support Sara Miceli x42660, rm. 4200 Kymm Johnson x40348, rm. 4202, Faculty Office Hours Kathy Masey x41985, rm. 4210, Fax Machine - Repairs
(Dean's Office) Sara Miceli
x42660, rm. 4200 FedEx Supplies Sara Miceli x42660, rm. 4200 FedEx Reconciliation Hyacinthe Coulibaly x23131, rm. 1211, Fellowship Processing and Monitoring: Kathy Masey x41985, rm. 4210,

62. Surname Index
ecklund, amy Lee ecklund, Robert ecklund, Robert Keith FILLINGAME, Mamie FITZGERALD,Boyd FITZGERALD, David FITZGERALD, Delmar Lynn FITZGERALD, Gerald
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63. Abigail Blume Bauer
Abigail Blume, portrayed by the fabulously talented amy ecklund, appearedon Guiding Light before she appeared in Springfield. She
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Springfield's Sweetheart
Okay, so "Abby Bauer" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue yet, but I'll get used to it! Congratulations to Rick and Abby on their spontaneous wedding. I'm sure they'll be very happy until she gets carted off to jail again. Abigail Blume, portrayed by the fabulously talented Amy Ecklund, appeared on Guiding Light before she appeared in Springfield. She and her family took in an amnesiac Reva when she appeared in their small Amish community of Goshen. Abby had a childhood accident which left her deaf, and she'd been sheltered by her parents her whole life. When Rick Bauer rushed to Goshen with the trauma team to care for an injured Alan, he met Abby for the first time. Reva convinced her to come to Springfield for treatment of her headaches. Once in Springfield, Abby realized how much she'd been missing in life. She also began to fall in love with Rick. Rick, having been recently rejected by Annie, appealed to Abby's mother to let her stay in Springfield to let her study sign language. Mrs. Blume agreed when Ed offered to let Abigail stay with them. Rick was still hung up on Abby, though, and when he ran into a distraught Blake at a bar, he took her home and one thing led to another, resulting in his fathering one of her twins, Kevin. Meanwhile, Abigail was working for Alan, who sent her to New York for a makeover and speech therapy. She returned to Springfield even more beautiful and able to speak and lip-read. A smitten Rick asked her how she felt about him but she told him she didn't love him.

64. Amy - A
http// ecklund, amy Biography Featuresa biography on amy ecklund, Guiding Light s Abigail Blume.
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65. First Unitarian Church Of Ithaca, New York Board Of Trustees
Present Dick Cogger, Dan Hall, Flo Smith, Brainard Fancher, amy Beltaine, Dennis MembersAbsent Jacki Thompson Staff Stan Sears, Lois ecklund Church Members
First Unitarian Church of Ithaca, New York Board of Trustees Meeting Draft Minutes April 16, 2002 Board Members Present: Dick Cogger, Dan Hall, Flo Smith, Brainard Fancher, Amy Beltaine, Dennis Hartley, Connie Currier, John Swanson, Bill Pardee, John Levine, and Geoff Dunn Board Members Absent: Jacki Thompson Staff: Stan Sears, Lois Ecklund Church Members: Jane Koestler, Dick Ecklund, Sue Maloy, Jim Dunston, Betsy Root, Jim Skaley, John Gaines I. March Board Minutes: On the one line for Music Committee, amend to read as "planned" joint meeting. Approved unanimously (Flo/Geoff) II. Staff and Committee Reports: Minister: Stan wants to move about $700 budgeted for benefits into his expense budget, since his medical insurance now costs less than before. No change to total package. Approved unanimously. (Brainard/Flo). Religious Education: (Lois Ecklund) The end-of-year picnic date is June 9 at Stewart Park. Music Committee:(Dan Hall) They had a joint meeting with Celebrations, and the schedule is firmed up through the end of the year. Aleeza recommended an organist, and the committee will start interviewing. They have a plan for covering hymns with pianists. The committee wants to create a database of musically inclined members who could be tapped to help with services. Library Committee (Flo Smith): Sharon Dean is cataloging the books. Care Committee: (Sue Maloy) They had the usual activity: a few illnesses, deaths and a few births. Personnel Committee: (Geoff Dunn) They will meet Thursday morning. Staff evaluations have been sent out. Celebrations Committee (Amy Beltaine): Fall dates for services are set. Buildings and Grounds Committee: (Dick Ecklund) We need a new roof on the annex, since it's currently leaking. We got 5 bids. 2 over 26,000. 18-22,000 range for rest. Each gave us some options, so we sent to the three lower request for confirmation what they'll include in bid. plan to add 4 inches, no tear-off or existing roof. The compromise is the warranty, 10 years instead of 20. We'll pay for this using rental income and possibly the bank line of credit, which would affect the life of the annex loan. A motion to empower the committee to accept a suitable bid of their choice was approved unanimously (Dan/Bill). There is a crack in a pillar under the steeple, so we need to repair the flashing. Dick E. will attempt to do the repair himself. Jim Skaley noted that we need to inspect the roof for loose shingles and other issues which may become problems soon. Denominational Affairs: (Brainard Fancher) Several people are going to the district annual meeting. We are still delinquent at being a fair share (or any share) congregation. Space Use: The new furniture is very heavy, and one table has already been damaged by someone who didn't know how to fold it up. Staff will post instructions on furniture use. UU Service Committee: no report CUUPS: (Amy Beltaine) March minutes provided to the board, will forward April minutes when available. Officers are Amy Beltaine (President), Eva Snyder (Sec'y), Paula O'Buckley (Treas.) III. Old Business Service Auction: (Jane Koestler) The auction netted approximately $13,000. Jane and Jackie are "done" now. They are officially asking for new committee chairs. A motion was offered that board express appreciation to Jackie and Jane for their effort in making the service auctions such a success, approved unanimously. (Connie/Bill) We need ways to plan ahead effectively: put events like the auction on calendar in June. Perhaps will assign a board liaison. Annual report: Jackie is working on Board's report. Each committee's report is due on the 26th. District meeting delegates: our delegates are Brainard Fancher, Natalie Fancher, John Levine, Sharon Dean, and Rich Chrappa. Motion to appoint approved unanimously (Dennis/Connie). Nominating Committee: Flo reports a concern expressed to her that a spouse of a board member is on the committee. John L. noted that the implication that a member of the Nominating Committee would have an agenda other than the best interest of the church is deeply offensive to the member, the Nominating Committee, and the Board. It was the sense of the Board that members who are concerned with the operation of the Nominating Committee should volunteer to be on it. Since board members cannot serve, conflict of interest does not arise. Jim Dunston, a member of the Nominating Committee, handed out a report. There are 9 interested folks, running for 5 seats. The committee is collecting candidate statements and photos. Jim advised the board that the Nom Com had been unable to decide on the qualifications of candidates, and asked the board to do so. In particular, board member Flo Smith, who has been on the board for about 3 1/2 years, plans to run for another full three year term because she believes that she's grandfathered. The board debated the question at length, including various theories about the meaning of the term limit language in the current bylaws. A motion stating that the board believes that Flo is eligible for a full term because appointed board service prior to the bylaw revisions in May 1999 doesn't count toward the limit was approved by a vote of 5 aye, 3 nay, 3 not voting (Bill/John S.) The full Nominating Committee subsequently advised the board that Jim's report was mistaken, the Nom Com accepts that its charter includes determining the qualification of candidates, and intends to deal with any questions of qualification in its report. Hence the board's motion on qualifcation is moot. Pledge/Budget Update: (Bill Pardee) As of April 15th we have $125,000 pledged from 135 pledging units, 65 pledges short of goal. The average pledge is $830 which will drop as more small pledges dribble in. He'll send a second mailing, but at this rate, we expect $160,000. which is $20,000 below the bare-bones goal. Bill proposes a matching challenge. We'd ask the 20 highest givers to give $500 each, to match new and increased pledges. If that works, it'll make up the $20,000. We need to get the word out that the board is contemplating cuts BELOW the bare bones budget, unless pledges pick up. Jim Skaley noted that we as a congregation need to decide what membership in the church means, including financial support. The Board agreed to schedule an additional meeting before Annual Meeting to set the proposed budget, at May 14th at 7:30 p.m., in the parlor. Annual Meeting: The church's Annual Meeting will be on May 19 at noon. Items for the agenda, not in order, include: - setting the ground rules - approving last year's minutes - report from Nominating Committee - close nominations and vote - present and, with luck, approve the budget Dick will develop the agenda, based on previous years. Geoff will find the parliamentarian, most likely one of the civic leaders who've done it before. Dan, with advice from Lois and perhaps help from Jacki, will arrange for child care. We need to staff the tables where people pick up ballots. Board members not running for re-election will do so. Next Step Committee: (Bill Pardee) The subgroups are progressing with their various projects. Sam Weeks ran the meeting and discussed volunteerism and the lack thereof leading to skeleton committees. A subcommittee plans to connect with those who have left or may be leaving. The follow-up pledge mailing will include "what are you interested in?" survey with check offs for volunteer opportunities. Dick suggested that after this goes out we send out a "what are you interested in" to all who have pledged already also. Small Group Ministry: (Flo Smith) They're planning for how to present concepts to congregation at a fall kick-off Sunday. They have 15 members currently who will become facilitators. Search Process Study Committee: (Dick Cogger) There've been 2 meetings so far, not very well attended. We could have done better job advertising. Next meeting is Tuesday April 30th at 7:30 in the Arch Room. They plan to have something for a Congregational Conversation in May. IV. New Business Personnel Committee/RE Committee: RE and Personnel want to offer to Jacki the one-year replacement ADRE position, August 1-July 31. Given the state of the pledge, it needs to be subject to approval of the budget line. She's already started training so there's some overlap with Kris, the plan was to pay the May/June salary from our rainy day fund, then skip July/Aug salary since there's no summer RE. The amount involved is about $2000. The board voted to approve this arrangement except that ... Jim Skaley suggested that it's against IRS regulations for us to pay a Board Member, and a leave of absence wouldn't be adequate. Much discussion ensued.. We are tabling the recommendation from the RE Council. Jane, Lois and Geoff will discuss with each other and Jackie how they want to proceed given the financial and legal situation. We will also ask our tax advisors. Program Council Reconstituted: Dan Hall and Stan Sears propose to re-constitute the Program Council consisting of VP of Board and chairpersons of all committees. Stan said that's worked well at other churches. The Board will discuss that at the next meeting, along with such innovations as committees with related activities meeting together now and then. Linda Loomis Letter: She said that last year's Board "vote count was under horrible conditions". At least four board members were observers, and aren't sure to what she is referring. Dan will organize proposed guidelines for this year and talk to Linda. Summer Celebrations committee is chaired by Sam Weeks and has the schedule well in hand. A motion to adjourn (Dennis/Dan), approved unanimously at 10:30pm. - John Levine, scribe pro tem, with notes contributed by Amy Beltaine

66. 2001 Interments For Louisa County, Iowa
E Doc Ellen M (Stephen)Griffith, Barbara Jean (Swafford)Griffith, Deborah (Smith),Denise (McCulley), Beverly (ecklund), amy (Gabeline), Brad, Eric, Bethel,
2001 Interments for Louisa County, Iowa
Scroll to the right for Spouse, Children, Comments and Cemetery
Includes error corrections to the 1990 cemetery book at end of this file
by Dana Teel
Last Name First Name Born Died Parents Spouse Children Cemetery Comments ALLEN Betty Lou 23-May-1926 27-Feb-2001 Wayne Allen Sherry (Fults), Karen (Koppe), Rodney Letts
ANDERSON Geneva (Brown) 8-Jun-1910 25-Nov-2001 Andrew Anderson
ARCHIBALD Teresa 18-Nov-1959 11-Sep-2001 David A Archibald Stacey, Damian Harrison
ASPELMEIER Beatrice Mae 11-Nov-1944 20-Sep-2001 (1)Gabel (2) Walter Aspelmeier in 1994 Mary Gabel, Brenda (Foster), Michele Gabel, Rusty Gabel Jason Gabel Bethel
ASPELMEIER S Juanita 31-Oct-1924 30-Sep-2001 Forrest Eugene Aspelmeier Shirley (Mercer) Bethel
BAILEY Mae P 28-Mar-1909 2-Apr-2001 Harry L Bailey Merlin Edwards BAUSCH Lawrence Jarrold 6-Aug-1950 3-May-2001 Columbus City BEEDING Ronald Wayne 28-May-1941 11-Jun-2001 Roberta "Tudie"(Kemp) Beeding Rondalyn (Weyrick), Jeanette, Joyce (Hayes), Jordie, Jason Indian Creek BENNETT Rosetta Maxine 6-Jan-1925 6-Mar-2001 Clifford Bennett Debra (McDowell), Lori (Tonsfeldt), Thomas

Dunton, Murray. 1853 1907. s/o Albert amy (Denton) Dunton. w/ Mary Heath. ecklundecklund, Edna. 1903 - 1983. w/o Gustaf ecklund. ecklund, Gustaf.
Located behind the old Fluvanna Church, on the curve,
now called The Fluvanna Church Youth Center,
on Route 430, Town of Ellicott, Fluvanna,
Chautauqua County, NY.
D - G
H-I J-L M-O ... T-Z Burials updated to June 2001.
A daunting task;
This cemetery at one time was in tiers and at some point in time, the stones were all removed and the land plowed flat, so this does make for a lot chance for error; the old records we had online were found to have many errors and we hope this new record will help you find your kinfolk. There also were removals from other cemeteries buried here. As with any old data, this material to be used only as a guide and is certain to still have mistakes. This is a very large file so be sure to use your EDIT / SEARCH feature and all surnames will also show in the search engine on the main GenWeb page, As with any family, a lot of names are all mixed together.
Dahlbeck, Jannette "Jan" (Rich). b. Nov. 1, 1952 Jamestown. d. Friday, April

68. Untitled Document
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71. Alexa Web Search - Subjects > Arts > People > E
3); Actors and Actresses E ecklund, amy (2); Classical E Eddy,Nelson (5); Actors and Actresses E Eden, Barbara (2); Actors

72. Press Release
Newborn Hearing Health Gets Expert Attention In New York Emceed by DaytimeTelevision Star and Cochlear Implant Recipient amy ecklund.
November 5, 1999 CONTACT: Molly McMahon, 202/414-0782
Roland Tuley, 812/429-7802 Newborn Hearing Health Gets Expert Attention In New York Emceed by Daytime Television Star and Cochlear Implant Recipient Amy Ecklund New York, NY The National Campaign for Hearing Health, sponsored by the Deafness Research Foundation, and Mead Johnson hosted a forum today to unveil an infant hearing checklist for new parents and raise public awareness about the importance of newborn hearing health and deafness detection. Emceed by Guiding Light star, Amy Ecklund, a cochlear implant recipient, the program featured national and New York-based medical, science, parenting and education experts.
"Since I received my cochlear implant, everything has changed," said Daytime Emmy nominated actress, Amy Ecklund, who received a cochlear implant in January. "Now, every day is a miracle. We owe great thanks to the Deafness Research Foundation and all the scientists and researchers who have made newborn testing and new technologies possible."
"For nearly 100 years, Mead Johnson has been dedicated to children’s healthy growth and development. With more than 12,000 newborns leaving the hospital with some form of hearing loss each year, we felt it our obligation to let parents know about effective at-home tests and warning signs," said Mike Milligan, brand manager, Mead Johnson Nutritionals. "The National Campaign for Hearing Health’s Infant Checklist will reach parents of more than 2.5 million new babies in the coming year through the Enfamil diaper bag program."

73. SoapZone: Emmy Winners
GH); amy ecklund (Abigail Blume, GL); Victoria Rowell (Drucilla Winters,Y R). Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series Steve
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LIBRARY online store emmy winners SITE INFO email webmaster OFFSITE LINKS cast filmographies soap links visitor survey 1999 Daytime Emmy Awards
These are the awards for soaps (er, "Drama Series") only. All the nominations in each major category are listed; names in boldface are the winners in each category. Outstanding Drama Series
  • General Hospital (Wendy Riche, Executive Producer)
  • All My Children
  • Days of Our Lives
  • The Young and the Restless
Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team
  • The Young and the Restless (Mike Denney, Director)
  • All My Children
  • Days of Our Lives
  • General Hospital
Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team
  • General Hospital (Robert Guza, Jr., Head Writer)
  • All My Children
  • Days of Our Lives
  • Guiding Light
  • The Young and the Restless
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
  • Susan Lucci (Erica Kane, AMC)
  • Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda Walsh, ATWT)

74. Tiscali - Search
ecklund, amy. Siti selezionatidalla categoria ecklund, amy 1.Abby Pictures Collection of pictures.,_Amy
Tutto il Web Siti Italiani Web Immagini Video News ... E Ecklund, Amy Siti selezionati dalla categoria Ecklund, Amy
Abby Pictures Collection of pictures. Amy Ecklund - An article with related links. GL Cast - Amy Ecklund Includes biography and pictures. Vedi anche: Arts: Television: Programs: Soap Operas: Guiding Light Link sponsorizzati Ricerca avanzata
INTERNET WITH A PASSION. Contattaci makeAD("","/SITE=IT.TISCALI/AREA=SEARCH.WEB.2L/POS=B/LANG=IT/AAMSZ=1x1",1,1) moveBanner(728,90,'T','WEB.2L',''); moveBanner(120,180,'T','WEB.2L','');

75. E! Online News - Jerry Springer Snubbed; Susan Lucci Not (Yet)!
Vanessa Marcil, General Hospital; amy ecklund, Guiding Light; VictoriaRowell, The Young the Restless. Outstanding Younger Actor, Drama,1,2668,00.html
May 29, 2004 Headlines First Look The Dotted Line Pop Quiz ... E! News Live
Jerry Springer Snubbed; Susan Lucci Not (Yet)!
by Joal Ryan

Mar 11, 1998, 6:30 AM PT
Jerry Springer
got snubbed; Susan Lucci didn't (yet). That's the 25th annual Daytime Emmys at a glance, as nominations for the awards honoring the a.m. likes of talk-show hosts, soap stars, and Muppets were announced today in New York. Springer, whose talk show vaulted to the top of the ratings last month thanks to its people-pleasin' WWF-esque antics, was snubbed by Emmy voters. Instead, best talk-show host nods went to the more-staid likes of Oprah Winfrey Rosie O'Donnell , Leeza Gibbons, the Regis Philbin Kathie Lee Gifford tandem, and Barbara Walters and her fellow View -ites. That collection of hostsnot a "You Stole My Man!" referee, among themalso saw their shows win nominations, leaving both Springer and The Jerry Springer Show shut out. a d v e r t i s e m e n t
In the soap-opera division, Lucci scored her 18th nomination for best lead actress in a daytime drama. As All My Children 's unvanquished Erica Kane, who in the last year did hard time for baby-stealing and gripped over her daughter's eating disorder, Lucci is famously a 17-time loser in the category.

76. Actors Theatre Of Louisville - Apprentice & Intern Company
Interns Claudia Uwasaha Ageyu Props; Meghan Davis Literary; amy ecklund PR Marketing; Omar Kamal Stage Management; Megan L. Kelly Stage Management
If you would like your email address on this page, please send an email to and include your name as well as your season (i.e. 1998/1999 company). 2002/2003 Company Wendy McClellan, Director
Erica Bradshaw, Associate Director Apprentices Christopher Ashworth , Jamie Askew, Kate Bailey, John Catron, Valerie Chandler, Jenna Close, Beth Collins, Daniel Evans, Richard Furlong, Jennifer Grigg, Jason Kaminsky, Lori McNally, Dimitri Meskouris, Brian Nemiroff, Megan Ofsowitz, Eleni Papaleonardos, Michael Rosenbaum, Natalie Sander, Bobbi Lynne Scott, Robert Lee Simmons, Bradley Wayne Smith and Justin Tolley Interns : David Clark: Marketing and Public Relations, Claire Cox: Literary Management, Susannah Engstrom: Literary Management, Amy Jensen: Education, Shellee Layman: Marketing and Public Relations, Lindsey Oesterritter: Marketing and Public Relations, Denise Olivieri: Stage Management, Mary Ellen Riehl: Stage Management, Melissa Rogers : Festival, Abigail Wright: Stage Management

77. USATF-NE Eastern Masters 2001 Track & Field Championship
Women 30 1 amy Carney W34 08.00 - Women 40 - 1 OneitheaLewis W41 New York Masters 13.89m 45 07.00 2 Deborah ecklund W41 New
2001 USATF Eastern Region Masters
Home Road Running Race Walking Cross Country ... Membership Comments? E-mail USATF-NE with suggestions for this page. Thanks!

78. [ELFWOOD] Stories / / High Fantasy, Page 51 / 85
Four by amy L. Mackey (38 kb) (10074) Facets - Chapter Five by amy L. Mackey MarkG Burgess (3 kb) (10136) - Hero s Legends by Daniel Cloudy ecklund (1 kb
High Fantasy, page 51 / 85
The Dragon Stone - Chapter 4
by Erin E. Card (60 kb)
Mirashi's Story
by Betsy 'Silver' Johnson (4 kb)
Heart of Steel
by Betsy 'Silver' Johnson (3 kb)
For Bry; a Tribute for a Friend
by Betsy 'Silver' Johnson (0 kb)
The Origin of the Alebry
by Betsy 'Silver' Johnson (1 kb)
NyteShadow's Story, Chapter 1
by Betsy 'Silver' Johnson (3 kb)
NyteShadow's Story, Chapter 2
by Betsy 'Silver' Johnson (3 kb)
'Loyalty, Honor, and Love'
by Betsy 'Silver' Johnson (8 kb)
Silver's Poem
by Betsy 'Silver' Johnson (0 kb)
by Yuki Erika Radcliffe (5 kb) Even angels die by Yuki Erika Radcliffe (3 kb) Eyes of an Angel by Yuki Erika Radcliffe (3 kb) Porcelain by Yuki Erika Radcliffe (3 kb) weeping angels by Yuki Erika Radcliffe (2 kb) The Cry by Holly M. Mims (7 kb) The origin of Eagleman by S. Matthew Doner-Pond (29 kb) Fairy Tale Combo I: The Beginning by Tiffany Avery (9 kb) Fairy Tale Combo I: Yes. It's Supposed To Be This Stupid... by Tiffany Avery (5 kb) Birches of the Glen by Margaret L. Jago (1 kb) Warrior, Be Not Proud by Margaret L. Jago

79. Augustana Early Spring Opener - Women
Trinity Christian 442.10 H1 3 Augustana (Jacquelyn Olsen, Ashley ecklund, JaclynSwan m) 3 Bridgette Carpenter, Fr, Truman State 1190 (36.28m) 4 amy Bechen, Fr
Augustana Early Spring Opener - Women
Sunny, Windy, 57 degrees
March 20, 2004

80. Licensed To Hub City Track Council Hy-Tek S Meet Manager Regina
RAT 8.99m 8.14m 8.44m 8.70m 8.71m 8.99m 8.99m 2 638 ecklund, Kirsten 90 Ore 88 SaskatoonTr 8.34q 3 588 Coffey, Karmen 88 CAR 8.52q 4 539 Lawrance, amy 87 YCT

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