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         Dr Drew:     more books (91)
  1. The Dr. Drew and Adam Book: A Survival Guide To Life and Love by Adam Carolla, Drew Pinsky, et all 1998-10-13
  2. Dr. Charles Drew: Blood Bank Innovator (African-American Biographies) by Anne E. Schraff, 2003-06
  3. Dr. Charles Drew, Medical Pioneer (Journey to Freedom) by Susan Whitehurst, 2001-09
  4. Pioneer in blood plasma: Dr. Charles Richard Drew by Robert Lichello, 1968
  5. The historical Christ, or, An investigation of the views of Mr. J.M. Robertson, Dr. A. Drews, and Prof. W.B. Smith by F C. 1856-1924 Conybeare, 2010-09-08
  6. The Historical Christ: or, An Investigation of the Views of Mr. J. M. Robertson, Dr. A. Drews, by C. Conybeare, 2009-11-13
  7. Talk and Interaction in Social Research Methods by Dr Paul Drew, Geoffrey Raymond, et all 2006-05-24
  8. Michael Drew Interviewed by Randy Gilbert on <i>The Inside Success Show</i> by Michael Drew, Randy Gilbert, 2005-10-15
  9. Conversation Analysis (SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods series)
  10. USA Weekend (August 20-22, 2010 - COVER: Drew Barrymore) by Drew Barrymore, Justin Beiber, et all 2010
  11. Playboy November 1998 Girls of the ACC on Cover (nude inside), Mike Tyson Interview, 20 Questions - Dr. Drew Pinsky, Sex In Cinema, Playing the Odds at Online Casinos
  12. The Historical Christ: Or an Investigation of the Views of Mr. J. M. Robertson, Dr. A. Drews, and Prof. W. B. Smith by Fred C. Conybeare, 1914
  13. The Historical Christ, Or, an Investigation of the Views of Mr. J.m. Robertson, Dr. A. Drews, and Prof. W.b. Smith by Conybeare, 2010-01-03
  14. Sex Education Television Series: Love Patrol, Loveline, the History of Sex, Strictly Sex With Dr. Drew, a Girl's Guide to 21st Century Sex

1. UNE, Philosophy - Dr Drew Khlentzos
dr drew Khlentzos.
Dr Drew Khlentzos
Dr Drew Khlentzos B.Sc (Syd), BA Hons (Macq), PhD (ANU), has published in the areas of logic, philosophy of logic, philosophy of language, and cognitive science. He is the author of four books and his most recent book Naturalistic Realism and the Antirealist Challenge , MIT Press, Representation and Mind series argues that metaphysical realists who aspire to be naturalists about the mind must show how states of the brain are able to represent mind-independent states of affairs.
Short History: After a sojourn in Mathematics at Sydney University, I tasted the odd eternal verity and decided to become a philosopher. Early academic interests in the philosophy of logic and language are still to the forefront of my research. My Ph.D dissertation was on the dispute between Realism and Anti-Realism in Metaphysics. I also have interests in cognitive science and philosophy of mind and am a member of the Language and Cognition Research Cluster. I am the coordinator for the Philosophy research seminars. Teaching Responsibilities: Coordinator for PHIL 102, Critical and Creative Reasoning; PHIL 330, Elementary Logic; PHIL 301, Language and Mind;

2. Dr Drew - Encyclopedia Article About Dr Drew. Free Access, No Registration Neede
More results from SRI International Computer Science Laboratory - dr drew Dean dr drew Dean Computer Scientist, Computer Science Laboratory SRI International Room EK 239 333 Ravenswood Avenue Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA Phone (650) 859-2873 Drew
Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
Dr Drew
Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition Drew Pinsky (born September 4 September 4 is the 247th day of the year (248th in leap years). There are 118 days remaining.
  • 476 - Romulus Augustus, the last emperor of the Western Roman Empire, was deposed when Odoacer proclaims himself King of Italy.
  • 1781 - Los Angeles is founded as El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora La Reina de Los Angeles de Porciuncula (City of the Queen of the Angeles) by a group of 44 Spanish settlers.

Click the link for more information. Centuries: 19th century - 20th century - 21st century Decades: 1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s - Years: 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 -
  • January 1 - Treaty of Rome founding the EU is implemented.
  • January 4 - Sputnik 1 falls to Earth from its orbit (launched on October 4, 1957)

Click the link for more information. as David Drew Pinsky ) is a board-certified physician and addiction medicine specialist, best known as co-host of the nationally syndicated radio talk show Loveline Loveline is a syndicated radio program in the United States and Canada. Currently it is heard from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. PST (1 a.m. to 3 a.m. EST) Sunday-Thursday (Monday-Friday in the CST and EST). Syndication is usually on rock, alternative, and adult talk radio stations.

3. Dr Drew's Own Website
domain names and web hosting and url forwarding from V3. dr drew s Own Website. Information regarding my research into environmentalism
domain names and web hosting and url forwarding from V3
Dr Drew's Own Website
Information regarding my research into environmentalism and democracy; also personal stuff
Click here to continue

4. Dr Drew COTTLE
dr drew COTTLE. dr drew COTTLE BA (Hons) UNSW; PhD Macq Senior Lecturer Contact Details. Research Profile for dr drew Cottle.
@import url(/css/uws_print.css); @import url(/css/uws_screen.css); Skip Navigation You are here: Home College of Arts, Education and Social Sciences School of Humanities Staff ... Professor John O'HARA
BA (Hons) UNSW; PhD Macq
Senior Lecturer
Contact Details
Research Profile for Dr Drew Cottle
The history of the rich in Australia; Capital history; Sports History; International political economy; Australian political economy; Political biography; Ecological history; US foreign policy since 1945; Asian political history; Labour history.
The Brisbane Line: A Re-Appraisal, Leicester: UpFront Publishing, 2002. Life Can Be Oh So Sweet On The Sunny Side of the Street: A Study of the Rich of Woollahra during the Great Depression 1928-1934, London: Minerva Press, 1998.
Chapters in Books
(With Nadia Wheatley) 'Sydney's Anti-Eviction Movement: Community or Conspiracy? In Raymond Markey (ed) Labour and Community: Historical Essays, University of Wollongong Press, 2001, pp. 146-173. Refereed Articles
(With Karim Najjarine) 'The Department of External Affairs, the ABC and the Reporting the Indonesian Crisis 1965-1969.' Australian Journal of Politics and History, (2003); 48-60.

5. - - - - HEALTHOLOGY - - - -
Dr. Drew from the Loveline show features online chats, articles, and advice for relationships, sex, health, and addiction, as well as music reviews and

6. Untitled Document
Whipple. dr drew also worked with Dr. John Scutter. children. Dr. Drew was a pioneer in surgery, surgical training, and surgical research.
Charles Drew: Black American Medical Pioneer Charles Drew was born in 1904 in Washington D.C.'s foggy bottom area. Charlie was the son of Nora and Richard Drew. Both parents had a high school education. His father was a carpet layer. He was the eldest of 5 children. As a boy he organized 10 of his friends into a business. He and his friends sold over 2000 papers per day. As a teenager Charlie attended the famous Dunbar High school in Washington D.C. During high school he was an excellent athlete earning 4 varsity letters. He was voted the best overall athlete in both his junior and senior years. He was awarded a partial athletic scholarship to Amherst University in 1922. In order to make ends meet he had to wait tables. He excelled in sports. Unfortunately, his grades suffered during his first two years. It is unclear why he really started to study but he did. He made a 100% on his chemistry final exam. Now professors knew Charles Drew as an athlete and a student. Football Coach McLaughry called Charlie the best football player that he ever coached. Charlie, outstanding Amherst backfield.

7. Dr. Drew
Abuse/Violence Alternative Medicine Campus Life Depression/Anxiety Drugs/Alcohol. More Channels.
Alternative Medicine

Campus Life

More Channels Eating Disorders Fitness For Her For Him Health Conditions Nutrition Pregnancy/Birth Relationships Sex Skin Care Tobacco Weight Loss
Are the side effects different for cocaine and crystal meth? DrDrew discusses the differences and dangers.
Sex, Mythinterpreted, Part I
Think you can’t get pregnant if you have sex while standing up? Or in the swimming pool? Is drinking ice water on your...

Marijuana and...

Sexual Side effects...

... One Could Be Too Many How many cigarettes do you have to smoke before you start doing damage to your health? One thousand? One hundred? Uh-uh. Reviews: Movie: Wonder Boys Book: Veronika Decides to Die Music: Bob Marley and the Wailers © 1999-2003, Inc.

8. Dr. Drew And Adam Carolla
An UNOFFICIAL fan and information site for dr. drew and Adam Carolla. There are pictures, a message board, and lots of info. dr. drew and Adam Carolla.
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D r D r e w a n d A d a m C a r o l l a
Last Updated: Tuesday, July 3, 2001
Today's Date:
Happy 4th of July!!
Message Board

Give advice. Get advice. Post a message. Make a comment. Just say, "Hi!". You don't have to be a member to leave you 2 cents.
Links to MTV, KROQ, and pages that contain the lists of guests and the appearances that Dr. Drew and Adam make.
Adam and Drew's Bios

These biographies are updated as of July 25, 2000. Some of the most current information on Drew and Adam.

Lots and lots of pictures. Drew and Adam together. Drew alone. Drew's kids. Drew's wife. Drew's high school pictures. My favorite picture of Drew. Adam alone. **More to be added.**

Large archive of sounds for AOL members. Adding to sounds that everyone can listen to. You need Windows Media Player or a WAV player to listen to the sounds. Links OFFICIAL sites! Fan sites! Lots of information. If you don't find what you're looking for on this site, check out some of these other sites. **Add your site. Visit the page to see how.** Contact Loveline or the Webmaster E-mail, fax, and 800 number for the radio show. E-mail and 800 number for the TV show. E-mail and 800 number for the Show. E-mail for the webmaster.

9. Show
In our latest celebrity House Call, we sent Darci Wood and Scott Herriott to help out dr. drew, of Loveline fame. Patient dr. drew Computer 1 Gateway PIII 600 MHz (drew) and 1,24330,3359472,00.html
Questionable Modding
(episode 1974)
On today's show, hosts Patrick Norton and Kevin Rose answer your questions, and we'll look at mad modder Yoshi's latest project. Plus, we'll take a tour of the FCC lab. HIGHLIGHTS RECENTLY ON AIR Leo's Tip - Wednesday, June 2, 2004
Learn how to disable and enable Dr. Watson, the Windows debugger.
Leo's Tip - Monday, June 7, 2004

Learn how to use your iPod as an emergency rescue disk.
Leo's Tip - Monday, May 31, 2004

Leo shows us how to block Linksys acess entirely.
The Screen Savers
(episode 1974) - Questionable Modding On today's show, hosts Patrick Norton and Kevin Rose answer your questions, and we'll look at mad modder Yoshi's latest project. Plus, we'll take a tour of the FCC lab. The Screen Savers (episode 1964) - National Hardware Show Hosts Patrick Norton and Kevin Rose visit the National Hardware Show and go shopping with FCC Chairman Michael Powell. LATEST SHOW NOTES Leo's Tip - Monday, May 31, 2004
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10. AFRO-AMERICAN ALMANAC - African-American History Resource
The AFROAMERICAN Almanac provides an engaging and comtemplative exploration of the origins of the African in America. and was less likely to become contaminated. dr. drew published his findings


Trivia Games
FolkTales BIOGRAPHIES ... Feedback
Charles Drew was born June 3, 1904, to Richard and Nora Drew, the oldest of five children. He attended Dunbar High School in Washington, D.C. becoming best known as an athlete. He received the James E. Walker Memorial Medal for all-around athletic performance. At Amherst College, he was a star quarterback, the most valuable baseball player, captain of the track team, and national high hurdles champion. He received the Howard Hill Mossman Trophy as the man who had contributed the most to athletics durng his four years at Amherst. For two years after college, Charles took a job as athletic director, football coach, and science instructor at Morgan State College in Baltimore. In 1928, he entered medical school at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Charles Drew continued to excell in sports at McGill, just as he had at Amherst. Drew joined Dr. John Beattie, a British professor, in doing blood research. He found it fascinating and decided to give further attention to it. During his two years at Montreal General Hospital, as an intern and resident doctor, he continued his research on blood. Drew received a fellowship for specialized advanced training from Howard University's Medical School, making it possible for him to study at Columbia University Medical School. Drew's assignment was to learn all he could about collecting and storing blood until it was needed for transfusions. He experimented with blood plasma and discovered that it could be used instead of whole blood. It lasted longer and was less likely to become contaminated. Dr. Drew published his findings in an article called "Banked Blood," since the process of collecting and storing blood was called "banking" it.

11. Chapter 4: 1920-1940: Dr. Charles Drew
In 1940, dr. drew was asked to help administer the Blood Transformation Betterment Association in The pioneering medical work of dr. drew, a distinguished African American, saved
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 ... Chapter 7
Charles Drew, M.D. (1904 - 1950) Founder of American Red Cross Blood Program
Charles Richard Drew, who was born in Washington, D.C. in 1904, received his medical degree from McGill University School of Medicine and continued his studies at Columbia University, where he wrote a thesis entitled Banked Blood BACK TO CHAPTER TO LIBRARY NEXT CHAPTER

12. CNN - Dr. Drew Prescribes An Internet Startup - June 23, 1999
From Industry Standard dr. drew prescribes an Internet startup. June 23, 1999 Web posted at 858 am EDT (1258 GMT). dr. drew is opening an office on the Web.
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Dr. Drew prescribes an Internet startup
June 23, 1999

Web posted at: 8:58 a.m. EDT (1258 GMT)
by Todd Woody (IDG) Move over, Dr. Koop. Dr. Drew is opening an office on the Web. For the benefit of those who have graduated to VH-1, Dr. Drew Pinsky is the costar of MTV's Loveline, an advice show avidly watched by Generations X and Y. The Pasadena, Calif., internist and his cohost, Adam Carolla, also have a long-running syndicated radio program and take their show on the road to colleges. Now Pinsky and his backers are launching, a health-care site for youth. MORE COMPUTING INTELLIGENCE home page Industry Standard home page Industry Standard email newsletters Industry Standard daily Media Grok ... Questions about computers? Let's editors help you Subscribe to's free daily newsletter for computer industry cognoscenti

13. Charles Richard Drew: Physician, Surgeon
In 1940 dr. drew received a Doctor of Science in Medicine from Columbia University in 1940. dr. drew served as an Instructor in
Charles Richard Drew: Physician, Surgeon
June 3, 1904
Died: April 1, 1950
Birthplace: Washington, D.C. Charles Richard Drew: Physician, Surgeon Charles Richard Drew was born in Washington, D.C. on June 3, 1904. He received a Bachelor of Arts from Amherst University in 1926. He received a Medical Doctorate (M.D.) and Master of Surgery (C.M.) from McGill University, Montreal, Quebec in 1933. In 1940 Dr. Drew received a Doctor of Science in Medicine from Columbia University in 1940. Dr. Drew served as an Instructor in Pathology at Howard University in 1936 and as an Assistant in Surgery ( ). Charles Drew was made Professor of Surgery and Chief Surgeon for Freedmen's Hospital. Dr. Drew is responsible for organizing the concept of the Blood Bank. Dr. Drew researched in blood plasma for transfusion due to longer life of the blood with cells removed (plasma) while at Presbyterian Hospital in New York, NY. He organized a blood bank in London during World War II. Memberships:
  • Rockefeller Fellow, in Surgery, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia
  • Washington Medical Director (
  • Surgical Consultant, ETO (Army)

Crank Yanker Fan dr. drew Pinsky Crank Yankers Cast. dr. drew Pinsky. dr. drew Pinsky s Prank Calls. As dr. drew. Crank Yankers Episode 18 4/22/03. Other Performances By dr. drew Pinsky.

15. Are You Going To Chat With Dr. Drew Tonight?
with Scott 12/13/2001 at 800 pm PDT. Are you going to chat with dr. drew tonight? Of course. I might stop by. On Friday? Hell no.

16. Dr. Drew S Bio
dr. drew Pinsky. And, Susan is living happily ever after. The person Susan admires most in the world is her husband, dr. drew Pinsky.
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Dr. Drew Pinsky
"Dr. Drew is a board certified physician, addiction medicine specialist."
-Adam Carolla
Dr. David Drew Pinsky, better known as Dr. Drew, was born September 4, 1958 in Pasadena, California. He is the oldest child with a sister, Dana, now a paralegal, who is six years younger. His mother, Helene, was a homemaker and his father, Morton, was a doctor. Drew used to go on house calls with his father and decided young that he wanted to be a doctor, too. Drew attended Polytechnic High School, a private school in Pasadena, before going to Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts. In high school, Drew played football and was class president. At Amherst, Drew majored in Biology. He graduated from high school in 1976 and from Amherst in 1980. Upon graduation from Amherst, Drew came back to California and attended the University of Southern California School of Medicine . He graduated from USC in 1984. Drew served his residency at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena. He was appointed to chief resident at HMH. Now he is in private practice in Pasadena where his patients are 60+ years old and also does rounds at

17. - - - - HEALTHOLOGY - - - -
dr. drew from the Loveline show features online chats, articles, and advice for relationships, sex, health, and addiction, as well as music reviews and celebrity interviews. Sign In. Register. dr.drew's Office. Question of the Day. Ask a Question. FAQ. HealthBriefs. dr. drew's Library. Get Involved

18. Keppler Associates Inc. - Dr. Drew Pinsky
dr. drew Pinsky, best known as cohost of the syndicated radio show and highly popular MTV program, Loveline, has become a trusted counselor of millions of

19. Homepage Of A Recluse
drdrew's profile) Send this page to a friend. http// IGN Boards

20. Dr. Drew Pinsky
dr. drew Pinsky is cohost of Loveline and one of the new panel of co-hosts for Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Talk Shows, dr. drew Pinsky Guide picks.
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Dr. Drew Pinsky
Alphabetical Recent Up a category Welcome The New Co-Host Panel Cybill's out, and a new panel of co-hosts has taken over "Men are from Mar, Women are from Venus." Dr. Drew Pinsky is part of this new team. "Dr. Drew rocks the world of recovery" "Pinsky reports that there is a grass roots effort in the music community, from Eric Clapton to Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots, spreading the word that creativity and addiction are 'a marriage made in hell'..." USA Today , April 14, 2001. Ask Dr. Drew Ask Dr. Drew for advice at USA Weekend's web site. Your question and Dr. Drew's answer may appear in the print magazine. The Show

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