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         Dorn Michael:     more books (75)
  1. Weakfish - Bullying Through the Eyes of a Child by Michael Dorn, 2006
  2. Native Woody Landscape and Restoration Plants of the Eastern United States (Volume 1) by Michael L. Dorn, 2010-10-09
  3. Innocent Targets: When Terrorism Comes to School by Michael Dorn and Chris Dorn, 2005-04
  4. TYCOONS IN THE KITCHEN [ 1st ] by Michael Dorn, 1968
  5. School/Law Enforcement Partnerships: A Guide to Police Work in Schools by Michael Stephen Dorn, 2002-06
  6. Contamination (Star Trek: The Next Generation) by John Vornholt, 1996-11-04
  7. Way More West (Poets, Penguin) by Edward Dorn, 2007-04-03
  8. Michael Krebber: Puberty in Teaching by Michael Krebber, 2008-09-01
  9. Star Trek Communicator #114 Klingons Michael Dorn
  10. Jurist (Versicherungswirtschaft): Franz Kafka, Otto Bradfisch, Robert Oskar Julius von Görschen, Rolf Majcen, Hanns Dorn, Michael Hendricks (German Edition)
  11. Safe buildings by design: the basics of crime prevention through environmental design.(school SAFETY): An article from: Doors and Hardware by Michael S. Dorn, 2007-09-01
  12. Michael Dorn und die Mächte der Magie (German Edition) by Comi Simon, 2008-03-01
  13. People From Luling, Texas: Emory Bellard, Michael Dorn, Tamron Hall, Riley Odoms
  14. Personality Presents Michael Dorn: Worf from the new Star Trek (The New Crew) by Pat Henkel, 1992

1. Biography For Michael Dorn
Michael Dorn s Brief Biography. A longtime Star Trek fan, Michael Dorn plays Lieutenant Worf, a Klingon graduate of the Starfleet Academy.
Michael Dorn's Brief Biography
Additional information coming soon. Last Update: November 15, 1999 Jump to Text Only Version Of This Page Born: December 9, 1952 in Luling, Texas. A longtime "Star Trek" fan, Michael Dorn plays Lieutenant Worf, a Klingon graduate of the Starfleet Academy. "Playing Worf has been an incredible opportunity for me as an actor. The challenge has been having to overcome the make-up and physical barriers of this role, to develop a strong and forthright character," Michael says. During the sixth season, Michael guest-starred opposite Telma Hopkins and Cindy Williams in ABC's "Getting By." After completing production on the series' fourth season, Michael donned yet another Klingon head, that of Lt. Worf's grandfather in the feature film release "Star Trek VI." In doing so, Michael became the first "Next Generation" cast member to work with the cast of the original series in a "Star Trek" feature. Michael has also guest-starred on several major series, most notably "Hotel," "Knots Landing" and "Falcon Crest." He has had recurring roles on "Days of Our Lives" and "Capitol." His feature film credits include 'Demon Seed," the original "Rocky," and "Jagged Edge." Born in Luling, Texas, and raised in Pasadena, California, Michael performed in a rock band during high school and college. His first appearance on television was as a guest star on the series "W.E.B.," a show based on the hit film "Network." Impressed with Michael's work, the producer of the show introduced him to an agent and Michael began studying with Charles Conrad. Six months later, Michael landed a job in the popular series "CHiPs," where he spent three years as a regular cast member.

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G PG PG-13 R ... NC-17 Sorted by: Price Sorted by: Relevance Sorted by: Name Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Complete Fourth Season
at 16 Stores Starring: See Product Details Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Complete Sixth Season at 14 Stores Starring: See Product Details Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Complete Fifth Season at 15 Stores Starring: See Product Details Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Complete Seventh Season at 17 Stores Starring: See Product Details Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Complete Third Season at 16 Stores Starring: See Product Details Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Complete Second Season at 15 Stores Starring: See Product Details Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Complete First Season at 15 Stores Starring: See Product Details Star Trek: First Contact at 16 Stores Directed by: Jonathan Frakes Starring: See Product Details Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country at 16 Stores Directed by: Nicholas Meyer Starring: See Product Details Star Trek: The Next Generation - Episode 74 at 6 Stores Directed by: Cliff Bole Starring: See Product Details Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 4 at 15 Stores Starring:

3. - Zahranièní - Dorn Michael
Odkazy. dorn michael. Herec Michael Dorn. Výpis z filmové databáze. Pouze anglicky. Michael Dorn. Stránky emerického herce. Filmografie, foto.

4. Fan Pages: Actors : Dorn Michael
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5. Paul Dorn: Michael Pollard Review
Dorn Davis Enterprise Art Reviews Paul Dorn s Homepage Paul Dorn s Writing Samples Paul Dorn s Art Reviews Café Society Paintings by Michael Pollard at
Paul Dorn: Davis Enterprise Art Reviews
Paul Dorn's Homepage
Paul Dorn's Writing Samples Paul Dorn's Art Reviews Café Society
Paintings by Michael Pollard at Mishka's Cafe
URL: By By Paul Dorn
Enterprise art critic Art review:
Michael Pollard
Where: Mishka's Cafe
514 Second Street, Davis; 759-0811
When: through Apr. 28
Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 11:30 pm
Saturday - Sunday, 8:30 am - 11:30 pm The café has been a critical, if undervalued, factor in the development of modern culture. Any social trend depends on groups of people getting together and sharing ideas: around a campfire, at the hearthside, in a classroom, over a cup of coffee. Is it any coincidence that the Renaissance in Europe emerged almost simultaneously with the introduction-through the Turkish Ottoman Empire-of coffee on the continent? In contemporary society, the local coffee shop often serves as a surrogate living room for youthful residents of group homes, as a convenient discussion site for grouplets of intellectuals, artists and cultural radicals, as a post-event destination for talkative performing arts patrons, as a neutral meeting ground for blind dates. The café does more than dispense tasty caffeinated beverages: it serves as a refuge for communication. And certainly a big part of the communication process in café culture involves visual artists. With a less sterile atmosphere than stark white-walled galleries and cheaper admission than museums, the café offers relaxed comfort for the casual enjoyment of visual expression. Often the art found in cafés is more daring, more experimental and, yes, sometimes even more juvenile than art found in other venues. It's a mixed bag. Davis café patrons have been subjected to a lot of mediocre art; but also the occasional standout, such as Aaron Crabtree's recent well-crafted homage to Tamara de Lempicka at the Third Street Café Roma.

6. Foto Dorn Michael
Translate this page dorn michael - foto di dorn michael. Vedi subito le immagini di dorn michael su! dorn michael. Tante foto di dorn michael.
headFun(7,'Dorn Michael');
Dorn Michael
Tante foto di Dorn Michael
Dorn Michael è tra le star più amate per la sua incantevole bellezza e per il suo fascino.
Una grande storia di successi su tutti i campi fanno di questa celebrità una tra le più gettonate!
foto Dorn Michael Sei in: Celebrita' - D Dorn Michael
Dorn Michael
showLinkToNextPage(7,'Dorn Michael') showOtherText(7,'Dorn Michael')
Qui trovi pagine relative a:
Camila Raznovich, Carmella De Cesare, D'amario Alberto, Montes Fernando, Sancrotti Enzo, Vitale Milly, Blanc Barbara, Anita Durante, Sergio Garfagnoli, Witt Katarina, Hartley Nina, Antonio Orlando, Giuliano Petrelli, Giuseppina Sangaletti, Rosella Spinelli, Barolo Velineelena, Ellis Brextor Sophie, Samantha Mathis, Alex Gonzalez, Arn Anderson, Bono, Dominic Purcell, Estelle Reyna, Gerald Okamura, Joel Bissonnette, Kristina Semenovskaia, Linn Thomas Lisa Dergan, Mitch Ryder, Natalie Tomasic, Samantha Mumba, Sarah Lassez, Sting (II), Tania Da Silva, Tracy Bonham, Chiminello Bianca, Kennedy Brian, Curtis Cliff, Trippaers Diana, Ferguson Don, Chriqui Emmanuelle, Hooters Heather, Gordon Jeff, Fijnvandraat Jenny, Voight Jon, O'Haire Sean, Court Susan, Lipinski Tara, Dolan Tom, Angel Vanessa, Brady Wayne,
Queste sono solo alcune pagine scelte casualmente:
Camila Raznovich
Carmella De Cesare D'amario Alberto Montes Fernando ... Witt Katarina

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7. Hollywood Meets Sierra - Michael Dorn
Michael Dorn Hollywood Spotlight. Dorn lived most of his early life in Pasadena, California after moving there from his birth town of Luling, Texas.
Michael Dorn
Hollywood Spotlight

Dorn lived most of his early life in Pasadena, California after moving there from his birth town of Luling, Texas. Before breaking into the business of acting, he spent time performing music in high school and college. It took years for Dorn to guarantee himself a successful acting career once he began playing small roles on television. From that point on, he became closely associated with a major character of the Star Trek franchise. Aside from his work in Hollywood, he owns an Air Force jet that he likes to fly in his free time. Information about his past family and current family, if any, are not known at this time.
When Dorn took on his first acting role, it was a minor role on The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970). From there, he played the regular character of Officer Jebediah Turner for the later seasons of the TV show CHiPs (1979-1982). He also was Jimmy on Days of Our Lives Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987). He has played Worf in later Star Trek television series and movies, including Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Star Trek: First Contact Star Trek: Insurrection (1998), and

8. Dorn Michael - Das Shoppingportal Im Internet. Verlgeichen Sie Die Preise! Einfa
Translate this page Internet. Nie war Shopping so günstig, einfach und billig dorn michael. Stephan Dorn Mein Steckbrief Stephan Michael Dorn * 25. November





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9. WireImage: Listings
Patrick Stewart Michael dorn michael dorn michael Dorn Details Download 2704663 Ortega Details Download 2704664 Ortega Details Download 2704665 Ortega

10. Michael Dorn
Michael Dorn. Michael Dorn (born 9 December 1952) is an American actor. He was born in Luling, Texas. External link. IMDb profile Michael Dorn.
Main Page See live article Alphabetical index
Michael Dorn
Michael Dorn (born 9 December ) is an American actor . He was born in Luling, Texas The first movie he had a role in was Rocky His most famous role to date, is that of the Klingon Starfleet officer Worf in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine . Durring several interviews, he claims to have been interested in the role of Worf due to his playing a nice guy before on Television, and wanted to break away from any stereotyping of him as a "nice guy". Dorn also appeared in the Christmas movie The Santa Clause 2 playing The Sandman Dorn enjoys flying his single engine plane , something he was not permitted to do while in The Next Generation but was apparently able to do after joining the cast of Deep Space Nine
External link

11. Michael Dorn - Encyclopedia Article About Michael Dorn. Free Access, No Registra
encyclopedia article about Michael Dorn. Michael Dorn in Free online English dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia. Michael Dorn. Dorn
Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
Michael Dorn
Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition Michael Dorn (born 9 December December 9 is the 343rd day (344th in leap years) of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 22 days remaining.
  • 1793 - New York City's first daily newspaper, the American Minerva , is established by Noah Webster
  • 1824 - Battle of Ayacucho - Peru defeats Spain
  • 1835 - The Army of the Republic of Texas captures San Antonio
  • 1851 - First YMCA in North America established in Montreal, Quebec

Click the link for more information. Centuries: 19th century - 20th century - 21st century Decades: 1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s -
  • January 8 - West Germany has 8 million refugees inside its borders.
  • January 24 - Sudden heavy snowfall in Algeria
  • January 24 - Vincent Massey sworn in as first Canada-born Governor-General of Canada

Click the link for more information. ) is an American For other uses see United States (disambiguation) The United States of America U.S.A. ), also referred to as the United States U.S.

12. Voice Chasers - Actors - Michael Dorn
Michael Dorn Stats Date of Birth December 9, 1952 Birthplace Luling, Texas. Voiceography Title, Character(s), Episode(s), Genre. Captain
Michael Dorn Stats:
Date of Birth: December 9, 1952
Birthplace: Luling, Texas
Voiceography Title Character(s) Episode(s) Genre Nebula "Yes, We Have No Bananas,"
"Yes, We Still Have No Bananas,"
"The Monkey Has Landed,"
"Gorilla My Dreams,"
"Lawnmower Ape,"
"Monkey in the Middle,"
"The Apes of Wrath,"
"Mind Over Monkey," "Little House on the Primate," "Rhesus Pieces," "The Mandrill Who Knew Too Much," "Ape-pocalypse Now," "Ape-pocalypse... A Little Later!" Animated Series "Cow and Chicken" I.M. Weasel N/A Animated Series "Dinosaurs" Solomon Puppets Series Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers Dr. John N/A Video Game "Gargoyles" Taurus Coldstone "The New Olympians" "Shadows of the Past" Animated Series "Johnny Bravo" Animated Series Star Trek: Generations Lt. Worf N/A Video Game Star Trek: Klingon Lt. Worf N/A Video Game Star Trek: The Next Generation - A Final Unity Lt. Worf N/A Video Game "Superman" John Henry Irons Steel Kalibak Animated Series "Virtual Combat" Virtual Voice of Dante N/A Voice Chasers, 1999

13. Rap Sheet - Person : Michael Dorn
Michael Dorn has been credited on games developed by the following companies MicroProse Software, Inc., Reflexive Entertainment Inc., Westwood Studios,6012/

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Michael Dorn
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    Michael Dorn was credited on a game as early as 1993 and as recently as 2001. His/Her career probably spans more years than those displayed since these dates are based on the credits documented in MobyGames (which are incomplete). Michael Dorn has been credited with the roles Sound and Quality Assurance. Michael Dorn has been credited on games developed by the following companies: MicroProse Software, Inc. Reflexive Entertainment Inc. Westwood Studios Firaxis Games ... Black Isle Studios and Sierra . This does not imply employment by these companies.
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14. Michael Dorn: Celebrity Merchandise
Violent Femmes. Michael Dorn A longtime Michael Dorn plays Lieutenant Worf, a Klingon graduate of the Starfleet Academy. Playing

15. Michael "Worf" Dorn's Home Page
Picture of michael dorn, the actor, and myself in Minnesota. michael dorn Actor Information. How to contact michael dorn (The Actor).
Last Update: August 26, 2000 COMING ATTRACTIONS: Official Worf Home Page (Looking for Help) Picture of Michael Dorn, the actor, and myself in Minnesota. Michael Dorn Actor Information Images of the Man Behind the Mask How to contact Michael Dorn (The Actor) Star Trek/Science Fiction Links ... My Favorite Links Thank you for visiting my homepage. Please Email me with suggestions and additional information var site="sm3janette"

16. Michael Dorn
From Star Paramount Pictures Official Website. Star Trek The Next Generation Cast Photographs michael dorn. michael dorn Biography at Starfleet Library. How would you rate the
Trekking the web since 1996
From Star
Paramount Pictures Official Website

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Cast Photographs - Michael Dorn Michael Dorn Biography at Starfleet Library
How would you rate the Enterprise episode 'Doctor's Orders'? 5 Stars
4 Stars
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2 Stars
Why Bother?
Home Next Last Edited: February 23, 2004

Played By michael dorn. Rank Lieutenant Commander
Worf, Chief of Security *The following character biography is taken from Paramount's official (yet cumbersome) official website, The Star Trek Continuum
**Includes updates, addenda through SD 50900 (2373) Played By:
Michael Dorn
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Current assignment: Strategic operations officer, Deep Space Nine; first officer, U.S.S. Defiant
Full Name: Worf
Date of birth: Terran equivalent: Dec. 9, 2340
Place of birth: Qo'noS, Klingon Empire
Parents: Son of Mogh; foster parents Sergey and Helena Rozhenko
Education: Starfleet Academy, 2357-61
Marital status: Married to Jadzia Dax, 51247.5 Children: One son, Alexander, born 43rd day of Maktag, equivalent 2366 Quarters: Aboard U.S.S. Defiant at DS9; formerly, Enterprise Deck 7, Sect. 25B Starfleet Career Summary 2364 As lieutenant j.g. in command division, assigned to U.S.S. Enterprise as relief con and tactical officer under Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, later made acting security chief 2365 Promoted to lieutenant, named permanent Enterprise security chief 2367 Resigned Starfleet commission to fight in Klingon civil war 2368 Starfleet commission reactivated, no change in rank

18. Michael Dorn Filmography
Movie Reviews for Movies Starring the actor michael dorn Contact Us. michael dorn Filmography ( only reviewed movies are listed) michael dorn Movie Rating 2.2 stars out of 4 (average over 5
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Michael Dorn Filmography (only reviewed movies are listed)
Release Title Rating MPAA Star Trek: Nemesis PG-13 The Santa Clause 2 G Star Trek: Insurrection PG Star Trek: First Contact PG-13 Star Trek: Generations PG Michael Dorn Movie Rating: 2.2 stars out of 4 (average over 5 movies) Home Movies Music Video Games ... Contact Us

19. IMDb Name Search
A search for "michael dorn" found the following results 1. michael dorn ( I) (Actor, "Star Trek Deep Space Nine" (1993)), Michael

20. Michael Dorn (I)
michael dorn (I) Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites Not the michael dorn you're looking for? michael dorn (I)

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Michael Dorn (I)
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Date of birth (location)
9 December Luling, Texas, USA
Is one of only 32 actors or actresses to have starred in both the original... (show more)
Michael Dorn Video DVD Soundtrack Also available: Books Filmography as: Actor Director Producer Writer ... Notable TV Guest Appearances Actor - filmography In Production
  • Through the Moebius Strip (2004) post-production Walking on Water (2004) .... Carl Bennett Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time (2003) (TV) (voice) .... Rufus 3000 Interplanetary Surplus Male and Amazon Women of Outer Space, The (2003) (V) .... Sam the Bartender Shade (2003) .... Jack Thornhill Emperor: Battle for Dune (2002) (VG) .... Duke Achillus
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