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  1. Entertainment Weekly Magazine #692/693 : Guide to 2003 featuring X-Men 2 (January 24, 2003) by Entertainment Weekly, 2003
  2. Entertainment Weekly Magazine #699 : Sarah Michelle Geller - "Buffy Quits!" (March 7, 2003) by Entertainment Weekly, 2003

141. Russell Crowe 'blackmailers' On Trial

142. Celebrity Spider - Russell Crowe
About russell crowe. russell crowe was born April 7, 1964 in Wellington, North Island, New Zealand. News Articles about russell crowe.
Russell Crowe Gladiator Buy From This site has links to news, websites and other information about Russell Crowe
About Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe was born April 7, 1964 in Wellington, North Island, New Zealand. When he was a small child his family moved to Australia. A child star in Australia he graduated to films first in Australia and then in the US in 1994 in The Sum of Us. He became a larger than life success in later films, The Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind. A multifaceted star he is a member of a rock group named 30 Odd Foot of Grunts. News Articles about Russell Crowe 5/20/04 Secret light of Russ The Sun 5/17/04 Russell such a drag 5/17/04 Crowe's Nicotine Aide 5/13/04 Crowe goes on Toronto shopping spree ... Click here for previous news articles Websites about Russell Crowe
Ebay - Russell Crowe
Find auction items related to Russell Crowe. Absolute Now - Russell Crowe - Find Russell Crowe images, biography, movies, and more. Daily updated. AllMegaStar - Russell Crowe Russell Crowe movie stills from films and links.

143. Russell Crowe @ Virtual CROWE - Main Page
Fan information regarding this actor and musician. News, interviews, films, tour schedule for his band, and various photographs.
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An Australian website dedicated to the talented actor/musician
Russell Crowe
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144. Russell Crowe
Pictures from real life and films. Individual filmography, quotes, awards, and biography.
Russell Crowe
Are you not entertained? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED How could Russell Crowe even think to ask us such a question?
As long as we get to watch Russell of course we are entertained! BEST ACTOR OSCAR WINNER
for 2000
Born on the 7th of April, Which makes him an Aries, in New Zeland Russell Crowe has been acting and thrilling audiences long before the premire of Gladiator. He exibited cold hatred and menacing rage in the 1992 Australian film Romper Stomper. We can thank Sharon Stone for bringing " the sexiest man in movies today" to America to star as a very sexy preacher in "The Quick and the Dead". In 1997 Russell took on a major role in the Academy Award winning film "L.A. Confidential" (He should have been nominated for and Oscar for his potrayal as Officer Bud White but...). The Next Year he was noticed by the academy for his role as a slightly large Jeffery Wigand in "The Insider" (unfortunately they sent him home sans statue). And in the year 2000 he thrilled us with "Gladiator" and provided us with some wonderful eye candy in "Proof of Life". !QUOTES!
  • 1.Beautiful Mind, A (2001) .... John Forbes Nash Jr.
  • 145. Russell Crowe @ FANSITES.COM - Links
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    146. Index
    A fan presents a biography, pictures from various sources including sports, art work, message board, news articles, and information on films and music.
    The Eyes are
    the window to the Soul
    and I believe that...
    yes I believe!
    His eyes
    show so much intensity,
    self-assurance and
    His body language
    and his voice are an authentic treat...
    A Beautiful sight of delight... Site Design by Monica Igreja Made in Portugal Open the door to my deepest secret... My Dreams about Russell Crowe Enjoy.... A Beautiful soul who is longing to see trough and stay deep inside our hearts... So sweet, so gentle, so sensual, so mysterious... so... This Tribute site for Russell Crowe is completely unofficial except my graphics and art work

    147. DVD > Crowe, Russell: Preise Und Angebote Bei Idealo
    crowe, russell, DVD-STARTSEITE. WEBSUCHE. DVD. crowe, russell-DVDs bei,

    zum Preisvergleich

    zum Preisvergleich
    zum Preisvergleich
    ... Ron Howard

    148. Russell Crowe's Outback
    News, information on his movies and music, photograph gallery, audio clips, and links to related sites.

    149. Russell Crowe Pictures, Photos, Wallpaper, Posters, Screen Savers, Desktop Theme
    russell crowe Gallery Get russell crowe Posters HERE Get russell crowe DVD s HERE Get russell crowe Photos HERE. thumbnail loading
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    150. SKULKER.COM.AU || Photos || Live<
    A picture and a copy of an autographed program from this stage production from 1988.
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    Russell Crowe in Rocky Horror Picture Show Russell 1988 with cast singing in RHPS " Congrats Russell on the Oscar " from your fans in Australia March 26th 2001 Russell in Rocky Horror Picture Show 1988 He autographed the programme March 29th 2001
    Image (C) The Trentonian A Beautiful Mind : Russell Crowe and Ron Howard have been on-campus at Princeton University working on this tale of a mathematician when some photographers started taking snaps. Crowe got annoyed and made the famed 'flip the bird' gesture at a young woman snapping shots from a window overlooking the filming. Thanks to Dark Horizons Email me This site is a member of WebRing.
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    151. Russell Crowe
    crowe, russell. russell crowe Videos. Biography russell crowe was born on 4/7/1964 in New Zealand. He soon won acclaim in Australia
    HOME CONTACT Crowe, Russell Russell Crowe Videos Biography: Russell Crowe was born on 4/7/1964 in New Zealand. He soon won acclaim in Australia for movies such as "Blood Oath and Prisoners of the Sun", and after appearing in American movies such as "The Quick and the Dead, Virtuosity, and L.A. Confidential", Crowe won fans in the states as well. His true breakout role, though, was in the highly acclaimed movie "The Insider", and his star continued to rise with "Gladiator".
    Filmography: Texas (2002)
    Brit Awards 2002 (2002)
    Beautiful Mind, A (2001)
    Billy Elliot Boy, The (2001)
    73rd Annual Academy Awards, The (2001)
    Happy Birthday 2 You (2000)
    Proof of Life (2000)
    Gladiator (2000)
    Insider, The (1999)
    Mystery, Alaska (1999) Breaking Up (1997) Heaven's Burning (1997) L.A. Confidential (1997) Rough Magic (1995) Virtuosity (1995) No Way Back (1995) Quick and the Dead, The (1995) For the Moment (1994) Sum of Us, The (1994)

    152. Russell Crowe
    russell crowe. russell crowe OVERVIEW, Get $5 off $24.99 purchases Use coupon code CEVPDU-U9U -526-924. russell crowe. 62 Poster(s). BROWSE. POSTER SEARCH.
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    153. Russell Crowe - Intro 1
    A few thougths about the actor and some of his characters and films.
    This man makes me angry. I have looked at him in a film called "L.A. Confidential". He is in it a policeman of the "Los Angeles Police Department" in the 50s. A film that runs in my list of the "the" movies in the first Top Ten. My own, private Top Ten, that is. skip intro fast forward

    154.           Russell Crowe     < The . Actor >     Fanlisting
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    155. Diane's Web Site Russell Crowe
    Pictures, profile, and current list of films. Contact information, as well as lyrics from one of his CDs.
    In 5 seconds you will be re-directed to my new website at
    If you're impatient, click the address above.

    156. Index
    Photographs, a short profile, and information on his work in films and as a singer.
    He is mostly known as an actor but he also is the lead singer of an Australian Band called 30 Odd foot of Grunts
    In both his professions, he gives excellent performances and is admired by a lot of people. In this site, you will find information about the man, about the actor and about the singer. I also included a news page, a picture gallery and links to other sites about him as well as the links for his band's site.
    Visit often to get the latest news about Russell and about Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts. This site is updated frequently. ~Main menu~
    click on the title to enter the page
    Russell Crowe : The man

    A short biography.
    Russell Crowe : The acto
    His career, from his TV débuts to his upcoming projects.
    Russell Crowe : The singe
    Information about his band as well as about his music.
    The Wedding All there is to know about his wedding day Charles Spencer Crowe His son Coming Soon Photo Galler y Message Board Link s *** The information you will find here as been collected by myself over the internet and in magazines. Any false information would be involuntary and would be corrected as soon as reported*** you are the visitors This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit

    157. PremierPark
    russell crowe 200203-04 1338, russell crowe kétségtelenül sztár lett, aki már megengedheti magának, hogy visszautasítson szerepet.

    158. Christine's Russell Crowe Animations
    Animated pictures of russell crowe from his many films. Detailed biography, filmography, Tofog lyrics, and other information.

    159. Maximum Russell Crowe
    Maximum russell crowe, the ultimate russell crowe page. All you want to know about the actor and his films. The Ultimate russell crowe Page! ENTER HERE.
    The Ultimate Russell Crowe Page!

    160. Russell Crowe
    Téléchargez Yahoo! Messenger pour dialoguer en direct ! Recherche sur AlloCiné : Aide
    DVD Actualités ... Célébrités Russell Crowe
    Russell Crowe Réalisateur, Acteur néo-zélandais
    Né(e) le 07 Avril 1964 à Wellington (Nouvelle-Zélande)
    La famille de Russell Crowe vient s'installer en Australie alors qu'il n'a encore que 4 ans. Tout jeune, il devient une vedette de la télé australienne (il a fait ses débuts dans un épisode de la série Spyforce à l'âge de 6 ans). Après quelques films australiens, dont principalement The Crossing Proof et Romper Stomper Sharon Stone le remarque et le choisit pour être l'un de ses partenaires dans de Sam Raimi , aux côtés de Gene Hackman et Leonardo DiCaprio
    Mais c'est son rôle dans L.A. Confidential , de Curtis Hanson , qui le fait remarquer en 1997. Dans ce polar nostalgique des films noirs des années quarante, il se distingue aux cotés de Kevin Spacey Guy Pearce et Kim Basinger
    Après quelques films, restés inédits en France, on le retrouve en 2000 en grande forme dans deux rôles à la mesure de son talent : le personnage clé dans Révélations (The Insider) et le général Maximus dans Gladiator . Il récolte un Oscar (pour Gladiator ) et séduit le public dans ces deux compositions antinomiques.

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