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         Chi Hsu:     more books (57)
  1. China Charts the World: Hsu Chi-yü and His Geography of 1848 (Harvard East Asian Monographs) by Fred W Drake, 1975-01-01
  2. Ch'i Pai-shih's paintings by Kai-yu Hsu, 1979
  3. Qing dai yu diao zhi mei = Jade, Ching Dynasty Treasures (Mandarin Chinese and English Edition) by Hsu Tien-fu, 1997-01-01
  4. What is Buddhism?: Theory and practice by Heng Chi Hsu, 1973
  5. Tai chi chuan: An investigation into the methods of practice by Fun Yuen Hsu, 1992
  6. Tai Chi Chuan: An Investigation Into the Methods of Practice by Hsu Fun Yuen, 1992
  7. Signal routing in integrated circuit layout (Computer science) by Chi-Ping Hsu, 1986
  8. Online Journal Writing: Effects on Writing Performance and Writing Self-Efficacy of Undergraduate Students - A Case of Chaoyang University of Technology by Chi-Yuan Peng Pi-Ying Hsu, 2008-04-25
  9. Femme Fatales Magazine April 16, 1999 - Volume 7 No. 14 - Stacy Rosman Cover by Emily Bergl, Gretchen Mol, et all 1999
  10. What's Buddhism? Theory and Practice by English Version P H Wei, Chinese Version Hsu Heng Chi, 1989
  11. What Is Buddhism? Theory and Practice (English Translation of Chinese Version) by Hsu Heng Chi, 1985
  12. Evaluation of candidate genes for cholinesterase activity in farmworkers exposed to organophosphorus pesticides: association of single nucleotide polymorphisms ... from: Environmental Health Perspectives by Timothy D. Howard, Fang-Chi Hsu, et all 2010-10-01
  13. The Diary of Lin Hsien-t'ang - Vol. 7, 1934 by Hsu Hsuch-chi (Ed.), 2004
  14. The Diary of Lin Hsien-t'ang - Vol. 8, 1935 by Hsu Hsuch-chi (Ed.), 2004

101. Vivian Hsu Homepage
Vivian hsu Photo Gallery, includes a brief profile.
Featuring original magazine scans and much more!

102. Index Of /~ahsu
Class schedule, photos, and resume.
Index of /~ahsu Name Last modified Size Description ... Parent Directory 13-Aug-2003 02:13 - ahsu.hw1/ 08-Sep-2002 03:26 - Apache/1.3.26 Server at Port 80

103. Yuki Hsu Paradise
Fan site for singer with information on her music, including lyrics.'','new','location=yes,menubar=yes,toolbar=yes,personalbar=0,status=0,scrollbars=1')

104. Dharma Drum Mountain - Master Sheng-yen
A third generation descendant of the great Chinese Chan Master, hsuYun (empty cloud), Master Sheng-yen plays an importnat role in the revival, dissemination, and expansion of Chan practice in China and the West. He currently teaches in Queens, New York and Taiwan.

Chan Master Sheng Yen
He has written more than seventy books in Chinese and more than a dozen books in English. Many of his books have been translated into Italian, Japanese, Portugese, Finnish, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, Russian, Vietnamese, and Indonesian, among other languages. in spite of his accomplishments, Ven. Sheng-yen retains a humble manner, insisting that he is just an ordinary person living a monastic life. To learn more about him and his books in English, please visit the following pages:
Dharma Drum Mountain

105. HSU Research Audio - Factory Direct Home Theater Subwoofers And Surround Sound
USbuilt subwoofer technologies, innovative cylindrical designs.
High Performance Audio
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Better Sound for Less Our mission is delivering high value, high performance audio. Read the critics' coverage of the VTF-2 MK 2 powered subwoofer VTF-3 MK 2 powered subwoofer , and Ventriloquist VT-12 surround sound system . Not sure what to get? Fill out our product recommendation questionaiire
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Coming Soon High Performance Audio. All products are proudly designed and engineered in the U.S.A.. World headquarters: Southern California. Established: 1991. Contact Us About Us Press Center

106. Hsu Min Ent. Co., Ltd. - Juicer Blade, Stirring Knife, Bar Knife, Extracting Kni
Produces blades for food processors, blenders, juicers and ice crushers.

107. Wei-Wei's Homepage
William's personal information and links.
Welcome To Wei-Wei's World Always Under Construction This page was last updated on Febuary 8, 1997 You are lucky visitor number: Wei-Wei's WebPage Diary

108. Hrvatska Stranka Umirovljenika - HSU
Povijest, program, statut, vodstvo, novosti, kontakti.

PROGRAM STATUT VODSTVO ... KONTAKTI Hrvatska Stranka Umirovljenika
Frankopanska 7/I
10000 Zagreb
Tel.: (01) 4840058
Tel./Fax: (01) 4815324 e-mail:
Croatian Party of Pensioners

109. Hsu-Chun Yen's Home Page
National Taiwan University Theory of computation, concurrent systems, design and analysis of algorithms, Petri nets, formal methods.
Hsu-Chun Yen
Professor Department of Electrical Engineering
National Taiwan University

Taipei, Taiwan 106, R.O.C. E-mail: Phone: + 886 (2) 2363-5251 ext. 540 Fax: Family photos

110. Hsu Pages Has Moved
Photographs and other family interests.
Our web page has moved to:

111. Visual Arts
A collection from the Zen Buddhist Order of hsu Yun.
Hsu Yun Poetry Literature Visual Arts ... Home Visual Arts More Features (click here) Essays by Ming Zhen Shakya Inspirational Writings Chants Prayers Dharma Talks Martial Arts The Diamond Sutra Poetry by Master Hsu Yun The Seventh World of Chan Ruminations on Zen's Cows Empty Cloud: Zen Teachings Maxims of Master Han Shan Site Index Search
Two Birds
A Painting by Fa Ming Shakya, OHY, with accompanying poem from the Svetasvatara Upanishad.
Two Minds in Harmony
Commentary by Chuan Yuan Shakya
Hibbo Kannon (Kuan Yin)
By Kano Hogai, Japan, 19th century
by J. E. C.
Painted Windows
Photographs by Yao Xiang, painting by Tom O'Hara, and accompanying poetry by Gloria Fuertes of Madrid
The Art and Poetry of Rev. Chuan Kong Shakya
Old and motionless-
Songthrush with fluffed feathers;
Written in black ink.
- Rev. Chuan Kong Shakya
Images and Reflections
Photographs by Yao Xiang and others, with accompanying poetry by Basho, Buson, Issa, and many others.
Only the moon
and I, on our meeting-bridge,
alone, growing cold
- Kidusha-Ni
Ten Ox-Herding Pictures
Two Series with accompanying poems. (Author unknown, period uncertain.)

112. Rosabel's Homepage :-)
Born September 14th, 2001. Offers pictures and brief biography.
Click here to see my brother's page Home.... Last Updated on Click On the big "R" for a little info.

113. Valen Hsu Fain In Korea!
대만 여가수 허여운에 대한 프로필, 앨범듣기, 뮤직비디오, 사진등을 수록

114. Welcome To Henderson State University
Guide to the academic programs, students, and faculty of this public liberal arts institution located in Arkadelphia.
Send comments and suggestions to:
Web Accessibility Policy
Request Information Campus Map ... Search

115. Ellis College Of Arts And Sciences - Henderson State University
Overview of the programs and degree opportunities. Career guides, staff contacts and scholarship information provided.
Our Mission


Master of Liberal Arts

Honors College
Campus Map
Matt Locke Ellis College of Arts and Sciences
Ellis College of Arts and Sciences, is the heart of Arkansas' Public Liberal Arts University! Named after Henderson's tenth president and one of its most distinguished graduates, Ellis College was created in 1989 through a reorganization of three existing schools: Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, and Natural Sciences. Ellis College makes possible the development of a superior academic program based on a comprehensive core of courses in the arts and sciences. The full integration of this liberal education into the four-year curriculum is designed to enable the student to: think logically and critically; communicate effectively; appreciate the diversity of world cultures; understand the physical universe; and participate as a concerned, intelligent citizen. The Ellis College web page contains a great deal of useful information, and we invite you to browse our site. The college office staff consists of: Maralyn Sommer, Dean

116. Groot Prajna-Paramita Hart Sutra
De nederlandse tekst van de Hart Sutra.
Hsu Yun Poetry Literature Visual Arts ... Dutch Literature
More Features (click here) Essays by Ming Zhen Shakya Inspirational Writings Chants Prayers Dharma Talks Martial Arts The Diamond Sutra Poetry by Master Hsu Yun The Seventh World of Chan Ruminations on Zen's Cows Empty Cloud: Zen Teachings Maxims of Master Han Shan Site Index Search back
Groot Prajna-Paramita Hart Sutra
N adat Avalokiteshvara de stroom van prajna-paramita was binnen gegaan werd de boddhisattva bewogen de vijf skandha's te zien en te zien dat zij zonder eigen bestaan waren. Hier, Shariputra, is vorm leegte, leegte vorm; vorm is niet te scheiden van leegte, leegte is niet te scheiden van vorm; al wat vorm heeft, is leegte; al wat leegte is, heeft vorm; en zo ook sensaties, gedachten, drijfveren en gewaarzijn. Hier, Shariputra, zijn alle dharma's gekenmerkt door leegte, niet voortgebracht, niet ongedaan te maken, noch onzuiver, noch zuiver, noch onvolmaakt, noch volmaakt. Daarom Shariputra, in leegte is geen vorm, geen sensatie, geen gedachte, geen drijfveer en geen gewaarzijn; geen oog, oor, neus, tong, lichaam en denkorgaan; geen vorm, klank, geur, smaak, aanrakingspunten en gedachte-objecten; geen veld van waarneming enzovoort, tot geen veld van geestelijke activiteit. Geen onwetendheid, geen einde aan onwetendheid enzovoort, tot geen ouderdom en dood en geen einde aan ouderdom en dood.

117. Caritas Francis Hsu College
Includes information on facilities and full time, evening and accredited degree programs offered. (Some parts in Chinese only)

118. ³\¤ó°Ñ·~¶°¹Î
Online sale of health food products and information related to various American ginseng products.

119. Master Hsu Yun's Teachings
Dharma discourses by a historical Chinese Ch'an master.
Master Hsu Yun's Teachings
Edited, Translated and Explained by Lu Kuan Yu [Charles Luk]
Discourses and Dharma Words
Talks of Master Hsu Yun in Ch'an sessions
About 'Discourses and Dharma Words'.

Prerequisites of the Ch'an Training.

The Ch'an Training.

4. Daily Lectures at Two Ch'an Weeks:
a) First Week.

b) Second Week.

From the version published by The Corporate Body of The Buddha Educational Foundation Specials thanks to Buddhism Study and Practice Group (BSPG) Two Discourses of Dharma about Ch'an and Pure Land About 'Two Discourses Sermon at the Prayer Meeting in Shanghai. 12th Anniversary of the Death of Dharma-Master Yin-guang. From the Autobiography of the Chinese Zen master Xu Yun. Master Hsu Yun Biography Teachings Poetry and Words Books and e-text ... MAIN HsuYun-Es is a non-profit project to translate the teachings of the Venerable Master Hsu Yun into Spanish language. Questions and suggestions are welcome. Please, write to

120. Diana Hsu Watercolors
Transparent watercolor paintings.Contact information, and festival schedule.
Festival Schedule


Framed Original Watercolors
Email Diana

Diana Hsu Watercolors

Not to be published or printed without written permission.

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