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         Chan Jackie:     more books (100)
  1. I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action by Jackie Chan, 1999-06-28
  2. Jackie Chan (Best of Inside Kung-Fu) by Curtis F. Wong, John R. Little, 1998-12-11
  3. 100% Jackie Chan: The Essential Companion
  4. Jackie Chan #5: Shendu Escapes! (Jackie Chan Adventures) by Unauthored, 2002-01-07
  5. The Essential Jackie Chan Source Book by Jeff Rovin, 1997-10-01
  6. Jackie Chan Adventures Boxed Set (Books 1-4) by Unauthored, 2002-09-30
  7. Jackie Chan: Inside the Dragon by Clyde Gentry, 1997-08-25
  8. The Dark Hand: A Novelization (Jackie Chan Adventures, No. 1) by Eliza Willard, 2001-10-15
  9. Jackie Chan Adventures Volume 1: Enter The Dark Hand (Jackie Chan Adventures S.) (v. 1) by DUANE CAPIZZI, JOHN ROGERS, 2003-12-08
  10. Jackie Chan Adventures Super Special: The Day of the Dragon by Eliza Willard, 2003-01-13
  11. Great Martial Arts Movies: From Bruce Lee to Jackie Chan and More (Citadel Film) by Richard Meyers, 2001-01-01
  12. Jackie Chan (Today's Superstars: Entertainment) by Amy Stone, 2007-01-12
  13. New Enemy (Jackie Chan Adventures, No. 6) by Unauthored, 2002-03-04
  14. The Unauthorized Jackie Chan Encyclopedia : From "Project A" to "Shanghai Noon" and Beyond by John Corcoran, 2002-07-18

1. Jackie Chan... Our Man Chan
Jackie Chan, no fear no stuntmen no equal! Jackie is relaunching his site on Stareastnet. Jackie Chan Official Web Site Go check it Aloho's Jackie Chan Video Page .

Shaw Brothers Studio Information

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Ti Lung
Golden Harvest

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Polly Shang Kuan Ling-feng

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Sing Lung/Jacky Chan No Fear...No Stuntmen...No Equal!
As it would be fruitless on my part to attempt to be the Definitive Sing Lung Page, I will instead try to include as many links for him as possible. Isn't he ust too cute? I did get to meet him at Planet Hollywood. I have the Photos to prove it! For Holiday ordering!
Current Gossip
Feb 1, 2003: Go see Jackie's Hanes Commercial Straight from Buena Vista Pictures Distribution/ Spyglass Entertainment Group. Proposed release Feb 7, 2003. Trailers for Shanghai Knights ... I sooooo want to see this pillowfight. Quicktime Trailer 300 Trailer 750 Trailer 1500 Real Media Trailer 56 Trailer 100 Trailer 750 Trailer 300 Windows Media Trailer 56 Trailer 100 Trailer 300 Trailer 750 Go to this Australian Shanghai Knights site for lots more goodies. April 2002, For the trailer of Tuxedo Click here Very cute. Gives new meaning to "the clothes make the man!" But then, Jackie can't help but be adorable.

2. Jackie Chan's Home Page,Jackie Chan,Jackie Chan,Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan Home Page star", he is the incomparable martial art superstar, Jackie Chan. His superb martial skills and acrobatic artistry I was first introduced to Jackie Chan in the 1976 movie Shaolin
Hi, and welcome to "The Drunken Masters" home page. He has been called a "physical genius and "the worlds greatest action star", he is the incomparable martial art superstar, Jackie Chan . His superb martial skills and acrobatic artistry have been thrilling fans for close to 20 years. I was first introduced to Jackie Chan in the 1976 movie Shaolin Wooden Men , and I've been one of his biggest fans ever since. This page is my small tribute to Jackie, a way of thanking him for all the great movies that he's made. Now with that said and done, sit back , relax and prepare to enter the world of Jackie Chan!!!!
This page last updated : 8/16/01
What's New Click here for Jackie's official Autobiography!!!
Check out the website for Jackie's new Cartoon!!
Jackie's Homepage
Jackie's Quotable Quotes
The Photo Gallery
Jackie Links ...
An "Alan Smithee" Film
Haven't joined Jackie's fan club? Well what are you waiting for!!
For more info, write Joy Al-Sofi, President of the US club

3. Actress: Chan Jackie
chan jackie photo gallery , profile with contact information birthdate , filmography and biography. Photo Gallery. Full Name Kong
Photo Gallery
Full Name:
Kong-sang Chan

Hong Kong, China
Chinese Opera Research Institute
172 lbs. Career Start: Big and Little Wong Tin Bar Email Address: N/A Mailing Address: C/O William Morris Agency 151 El Camino Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90212 Filmography
Click Here to visit Gallery
  • The Official Jackie Chan Web Site - The official web site of the actor and the International fan club. With the latest news and information, a daily diary from the man himself, movie details, pictures, wallpapers, a game, merchandise and details on some of his martial arts moves.
  • The Jackie Chan Mailing List - Find answers to just about any question you might have, and enjoy entertaining discussions about anything and everything related to the actor and his movies just by talking to other fans from around the world.
  • The Jackie Chan News List - The best way to stay current with news on the actor is to link up with other fans from around the world via the news mailing list, or just browse around their web site for plenty of information and even answers to your frequently asked questions.
  • The Official Jackie Chan Fan Club Australia - News, information, lots of photos, fan club information and links.

4. Jackie Chan ,Jackie Chan Pictures,Jackie Chan Pics,picture,gallery,image,photos,
Bookmark Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan Picture Gallery (1 of 27). More Jackie Chan Links. Jackie chan jackie Chan directory listing.

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Bookmark Jackie Chan

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Jackie Chan Picture Gallery (1 of 27)
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I Love You Greetings

More Jackie Chan Links

5. Jackie Chan
Translate this page Eine Faust geht um die Welt, Jackie Chan. (Chan Kwong Sang Ext Bücher zu Jackie Chan Läßt Fäuste sprechen Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan, der

6. Celebrity Storm :- Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan photo gallery, filmography, biography, trivia and quotes and much more at, including high quality wall posters for sale.
Movie Reviews A-Z of TV Series A-Z Celebrity List Celebrity Gossip ... Media Schools Search this site for:
Buy from
Jackie Chan Biography Filmgraphy ... 23 Jackie links
Jackie Chan Information Page
While Jackie Chan continues to be a top draw in Asian markets, where his films have grossed $70 million theatrically in Honk Kong alone, his popularity in America and much of the rest of the world is only growing. He has become the hero of an American comic book mini-series, having his own cartoon, a presenter at the 1996 Academy Awards and in 1998 had the ultimate honour of leaving the prints of his feet, hands and nose in the sidewalk in front of the famous Mann’s Chinese Theatre. With the success of the Rush Hour movies, Jackie has achieved Hollywood stardom...... read more Jackie Chan weighed 12 pounds at birth. . His mother had to have a c-section...... read more Jackie Chan trivia "It only hurts when I'm not laughing." (About his constant wounds while filming) "If the the movie history books they have all the big names, John Wayne, Charlie Chaplain, and then one little note, Jackie Chan, then that's enough. I'm happy..... read more Jackie Chan quotes Read about movies or TV series Jackie Chan has featured in.

7. Jackie Chan: El Tornado De Oriente
Translate this page Página dedicada a Jackie Chan, uno de los más grandes artistas marciales del momento. domain V3. Jackie Chan El Tornado de Oriente.
domain names and web hosting and url forwarding from V3
Jackie Chan: El Tornado de Oriente
Página dedicada a Jackie Chan, uno de los más grandes artistas marciales del momento.
Click here to continue

8. Jackie Chan News -
News about Jackie Chan continually updated from around the net.
Saturday, May 29, 2004 Jackie Chan News Search Entertainment Movies Music Television Videogames ... People People Day After Tomorrow Dennis Quaid J.K. Rowling Kate Hudson ... more Improve your site Add these news headlines to your website -
click here
Chan Digs Up Cambodian Land Mines
Zap2it - Wednesday May 12 - Jackie Chan has turned his international stardom to helping the disadvantaged globally. Action Hero Jackie Chan Named U.N. Goodwill Ambassador
UN Wire - Thursday April 29 - Jackie Chan, the Chinese film star famous for his martial arts stunts in Hollywood blockbusters like "Rush Hour" and "Rumble in The Bronx," was appointed goodwill ambassador for UNICEF ... See also: Southeast Asia Cambodia World News Taiwan Wants Jackie Chan Movie Banned
WANE-TV Fort Wayne - April 24, 2004 - Jackie Chan s next movie should be banned in Taiwan because of the actor s remarks about last month s presidential election, a senior ruling party lawmaker said. Old school kung fu tonight
Student Life - April 7, 2004 - Before Jackie Chan hit it big in America (and subsequently signed on to tepid crap like "The Tuxedo" and "The Medallion"), he made some of the best old-school kung fu flicks ever. Chan Takes Action Against Avian Influenza
Zap2it - February 2, 2004 -

9. WireImage: Listings
Jackie chan jackie chan jackie chan jackie Chan Details Download 885516 Davidson Details Download 885523 Davidson Details Download 885514 Davidson

10. The Official Jackie Chan Website
Provides biography, film credits and discography, with news items, photographs, desktop materials

11. The Official Jackie Chan Fan Club For Kids (Frontpage)
"The authoritative jackie chan website." Roger Ebert. The Kids Corner (formerly The jackie chan Fan Club for Kids) is now officially a part of The Official jackie chan Website! Click here for more
"The authoritative [Jackie Chan] website." Roger Ebert The Kids Corner (formerly The Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids) is now officially a part of The Official Jackie Chan Website! Click here for more details! UPDATED ON May 29, 2004 This site is best viewed at 1024 x 768 Katharine Mysak /Jackie Chan Kids Corner The Jackie Chan Kids Corner is part of The Official Jackie Chan Website run by the JC Group in Hong Kong No part of this website may be reproduced or distributed without permission Visitors:
(Site Stats)

12. Jackie Chan Fan Club, USA Homepage
Includes news items, film posters and synopses, photographs, a FAQ, membership information and related links.
Who We Are What We Do Latest News Events ... Sample Newsletter
Jackie poses with a piece of the Tenth Annual USA Jackie Chan Birthday Party cake. Party-goers visited Jackie during the rehearsal for the charity concert in Las Vegas
CELEBRATING 9 YEARS WITH JACKIE CHAN! TO The goal of our fan club is ..."to promote international friendship and understanding through a common interest!" JACKIE CHAN March 3, 1995 Use PayPal to join or renew! Buying from the shops and links below, by clicking through on our page, helps the fan club, at no added cost to you I encourage you to Vote 2004 Buy books from HK movies at Movies and more This site is best viewed at 1024 x 768 resolution

13. Headrush's "Another Jackie Chan Page, Kiddies!"
"Don't try to be like jackie. There is only one jackie Study computers instead." jackie chan. This page has been accessed times. Its back online.
I have changed things around here. The major design of the Another Jackie Chan Page, kiddies! is now in frames mode. You can still navigate with the menu below but there are no menus on the individual pages. So you will have to return to the main page for further navigation. Sorry for the inconvenience but I will not support both "frames" and "non-frames" version with the same endeavor. Without further is the menu to more stuff:
Main Page
News Who is JC? Local FAQ ... Updates
You can get a HTML3 compatible web browser to view the frames version in all of its glory at: Go to Netscrape or Microsuck to get a decent browser.
You can e-mail me at " ". Please read the FAQ first though. Thanks!

14. Le Monde De Jackie Chan
Biographie, filmographie, galerie de photos, extraits et bandes annonces.
Bienvenue dans le Monde de Jackie Chan , le premier site français entièrement dédié au plus populaire des acteurs asiatiques, j'ai bien sûr nommé Jackie Chan (Sing Lung) Merci aux visiteurs depuis le 15 juillet 1998. Mise à jour : 03 septembre 2000
Entrez votre e-mail ci-dessous pour être tenu au courant des mises à jour du site :
Site recommandé par Le Dragon d'Or

15. Jackie Chan Image Gallery 1

email :
email :

16. Jackie Chan Image Galleries, Jackie Chan Cards
jackie chan Profile, Biography, Credits, ImageGallery, Photo Gallery, Cards Gallery, pics, photos, pictures. Home, jackie chan.

IMDb name search Search the Web. jackie chan • Characters • Plots • Biographies • Quotes more » Note some searches may not yield results. IMDb name search.

18. Jackie Chan's First Strike (1997) - MovieWeb
Synopsis, production information, cast information, pictures, and trailer.
Ads_kid=0;Ads_bid=0;Ads_xl=0;Ads_yl=0;Ads_xp='';Ads_yp='';Ads_opt=0;Ads_wrd='[KeyWord]';Ads_prf='';Ads_par='';Ads_cnturl='';Ads_sec=0; Movies DVDs Film News DVD News Interviews Director Actor Film Reviews Trailers DVD Reviews DVD Eggs DVD Press Ads_kid=0;Ads_bid=0;Ads_xl=0;Ads_yl=0;Ads_xp='';Ads_yp='';Ads_opt=0;Ads_wrd='[KeyWord]';Ads_prf='';Ads_par='';Ads_cnturl='';Ads_sec=0;
JACKIE CHAN'S FIRST STRIKE (1997) January 10th, 1997 Stanley Tong Greg Mellot, Elliot Tong Jackie Chan, Jackson Liu, Annie Wu, Bill Tung, Yuri Petrov, Nonna Grishayeva New Line Cinema Action Thriller Ads_kid=0;Ads_bid=0;Ads_xl=0;Ads_yl=0;Ads_xp='';Ads_yp='';Ads_opt=0;Ads_wrd='[KeyWord]';Ads_prf='';Ads_par='';Ads_cnturl='';Ads_sec=0;
The fourth installment in the popular Police Story series, the film is directed by Stanley Tong (Rumble in the Bronx) and produced by Golden Harvest and Barbie Tung. New Line Cinema will release Jackie Chan's First Strike on January 10, 1997.
Set against the backdrop of the international arms race, Chan portrays a Hong Kong police officer who is contracted by the CIA and a Russian intelligence organization to retrieve a stolen Ukrainian nuclear warhead. As Jackie tries to sort out the good guys from the bad, the action begins and the bullets fly.

19. IMDb Name Search
Home page,jackie chan,jackie chan,jackie chan For more info, write Joy AlSofi, President of the US club, at or visit the offical jackie chan Fan Club,USA website., Jackie

20. The Story Of Jackie Chan
Deutsch/englische Seite mit ausf¼hrlichen Daten und Fakten, bis hin zu jackie Chans Stuntteam.
var szmvars="lycos//CP//2B04APBA0000";

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