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         Burton Tim:     more books (103)
  1. Tim Burton's Corpse Bride: The Illustrated Story by Tim Burton, 2005
  2. Gothic Fantasy, The Films of Tim Burton - 2007 publication by dwn Pag, 2007
  3. Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas": Activity Book by Tim Burton, 1994-10-27
  4. The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories by Tim Burton, 1997-10-01
  5. (THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS)The Nightmare Before Christmas by Burton, Tim(Author)Hardcover{The Nightmare Before Christmas}on 01 Aug 2006
  6. Tim Burtons Nightmare Before Christmas An Animated Flip Book - 1993 publication. by Tim Burton, 1993
  7. Alicia en el pais de las maravillas, de Tim Burton by Disney, 2010
  8. California Institute of the Arts: California Institute of the Arts Alumni, California Institute of the Arts Faculty, Chuck Jones, Tim Burton
  9. Naissance à Burbank (Californie): Tim Burton, Mark Harmon, Doug Savant, Wil Wheaton, Wally Albright, David Deluise, Morgan York (French Edition)
  10. Alfred Pennyworth: Fiction, Character (arts), Comic book, DC Comics, First appearance, Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson, Batman, Butler, Father figure, Batman ... Michael Gough, Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher
  11. Cinefantastique Vol. 20 #1 & #2 double-issue / Batman, Shocker, Field of Dreams, Tim Burton by Mag, 1989
  12. Tim Burton
  13. Tim Burton: el niño grande de Hollywood.(director de cine): An article from: Epoca by Belén Lorenzana, 2004-03-05
  14. Tim Burton: Cuentos en sombras / Stories in Shadows (Spanish Edition) by Jordi Sanchez Navarro, 2000-09-30

81. God Of Filmmaking Tim Burton Director Of Batman, Planet Of The Apes
A filmography of every movie directed by tim burton such as Batman,Planet of the Apes,Beetlejuice,The Nightmare Before Christmas. tim burton.
Ambidextrous Pictures All about movies.....
unfortunately no porn.
Home Gods of Filmmaking Zeus Olympians Tim Burton Burton Films Merchandise Burton Links James Cameron Ron Howard ... Site Map Tim Burton’s movies have a lot of interesting merchandise. Click on a poster to see what we have found. Many of the movie products we support are.. You are here: Home Gods of Filmmaking Olympians Tim Burton
Ambidextrous Pictures Presents:
The Gods of Filmmaking
“Filmmakers who art in heaven”
Site Map Scott’s Email Matt’s Email You can download great movies at Movielink. Get all your Ambidextrous gear right here! Ed Wood rents all his movies from NetFlix. If you understood him, you would too. Tim Burton You can always tell a Tim Burton film from any other by the amount of skill and creativity put together in front of his camera. His scenes are visual works of art put together like no one else can do. His underlying dark gothic tones are offset by his brilliant use of romance, comedy, or action and it all blends into wonderful filmmaking. The Joker doing his mandatory community service in Batman.

A review of tim burton's Batman.
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Date of publication: 06/23/1989 For cast, rating and other information, (click here) By Roger Ebert
The Gotham City created in "Batman" is one of the most distinctive and atmospheric places I've seen in the movies. It's a shame something more memorable doesn't happen there. "Batman" is a triumph of design over story, style over substance - a great-looking movie with a plot you can't care much about. All of the big moments in the movie are pounded home with ear-shattering sound effects and a jackhammer cutting style, but that just serves to underline the movie's problem, which is a curious lack of suspense and intrinsic interest.
"Batman" discards the recent cultural history of the Batman character - the camp 1960s TV series, the in-joke comic books - and returns to the mood of the 1940s, the decade of film noir and fascism. The movie is set at the present moment, more or less, but looks as if little has happened in architecture or city planning since the classic DC comic books created that architectural style you could call Comic Book Moderne. The streets of Gotham City are lined with bizarre skyscrapers that climb cancerously toward the sky, held up (or apart) by sky bridges and stresswork that look like webs against the night sky.
At street level, gray and anonymous people scurry fearfully through the shadows, and the city cancels its 200th anniversary celebration because the streets are not safe enough to hold it. Gotham is in the midst of a wave of crime and murder orchestrated by The Joker (Jack Nicholson), and civilization is defended only by Batman (Michael Keaton). The screenplay takes a bow in the direction of the origin of the Batman story (young Bruce Wayne saw his parents murdered by a thug and vowed to use their fortune to dedicate his life to crime-fighting), and it also explains how The Joker got his fearsome grimace. Then it turns into a gloomy showdown between the two bizarre characters.

83. Batman - Il Ritorno -
Recensione del film di tim burton con Michael Keaton, Michelle Pfeiffer e Danny DeVito. A cura di Alberto Cassani.
Alberto Cassani, 24 Settembre 2003
Batman - Il ritorno
di Tim Burton Visivamente ancor più accattivante del primo episodio, "Batman - Il Ritorno" è fotografato splendidamente da Stefan Czapsky, capace di creare un fascinoso contrasto tra il nero gotico della città ed il candido biancore della neve che la ricopre. Due nomination all'Oscar, per effetti speciali visivi e make-up, per questo sequel che costò più del doppio dell'originale ma che incassò qualcosa più della metà. Il pubblico gradì poco, la Warner ancora meno . Percorsi tematici Batman - di Tim Burton; con Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Kim Basinger. Daredevil - di Mark Stephen Johnson; con Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell, Michael Clarke Duncan.
The Fantastic Four
- di Oley Sassone; con Alex Hyde-White, Jay Underwood, Rebecca Staab, Michael Bailey Smith, Joseph Culp.
- di Ang Lee; con Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly, Nick Nolte, Sam Elliott.

84. Big Fish (Burton, Tim) : Comparativas, Precios Y Compras Online
Translate this page Big Fish (burton, tim). Evaluación Total Evaluado por 49 usuarios Ciao Opiniones de Big Fish (burton, tim). Evaluación del producto, Opiniones, Fecha.
Registrarse Entrar Ayuda Coches ... Viajes Ocio y Medios de Comunicación Todos los productos Inicio Ocio y Medios de Comunicación Películas Cine ... Cartelera
Big Fish (Burton, Tim)
Evaluado por 52 usuarios Ciao
Los Mejores Links document.write('') document.write('') document.write('') document.write('') document.write('') document.write('')
Vistazo general Subastas Opiniones Los Mejores Links
Opiniones de Big Fish (Burton, Tim)
Opiniones Fecha Big fish: cada uno tiene su propia realidad
de mcovadonga Ventajas: es una historia llena de magia
Desventajas: cada uno tiene su propia realidad y eso puiede dar lugar a malinterpretaciones
Fui a ver esta película el fin de semana pasado al Parque Corredor pues aún estaban echando la película ahí. (si queréis ir a verla ahora, ya no sé s... Big Tim
de BLUESY Ventajas: todas las que se puedan asociar a una película excepcional
Hola: Men uda racha. En nuestros cines hay, ahora mismo, dos excelentes películas de grandes directores. Tenemos la genial ‘Kill Bill’, de... Tengo sed...

85. Ubiktim's Sleepy Hollow
Fiche technique du film, images, dessins pr©paratoires, entretien avec tim burton, liens.
La fiche technique du film avec tous les artistes du film, les acteurs... Les deux affiches du film, US et Europe... Encore une fois, vous trouverez sur ce site des Dizaines d'Images , une Interview de Burton , la Fiche Technique du Film, les , des Liens vers d'autres Sites, des Skins Hotbar ICQ ainsi que l' affiche du film et la musique du Film...

86. Poesía - Burton, Tim
burton, tim. Resultados de la búsqueda 1 hasta 1 de 1, Consejos sobre burton, tim en la web. Consejos sobre novelas en la web.
Registrarse Entrar Ayuda Coches ... Poesía
Poesía Burton, Tim
Venta online de novelas

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La melancolía muerte de Chico Ostra
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Consejos sobre Burton, Tim en la web
Consejos sobre novelas en la web Venta online de novelas

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87. Tim Burton (Norilda)
Filmograf­a del director e im¡genes de sus pel­culas.

88. EdWoodalaconquistadelmito
Translate this page WOOD, ED - burton, tim - NIÑO INTERIOR - Ed Wood A la conquista del mito* Fernando Martín Peña, Lo que ellos (los productores) no comprenden sin importar la
Ed Wood: A la conquista del mito*
" La gente puede mirar Ed Wood " Tim Burton Tim Burton: " " Vincent y Frankenweenie Vincent Frankenweenie
El deseo de poder ser otra cosa ante la dificultad de poder asumirse, la voluntad de entregarse a emprendimientos apasionados y la cinefilia son elementos que aparecen en toda la obra de Burton. " Lo que ellos (los productores) arte ". Batman Returns The Nigthmare Before Christmas , de Henry Selick) Batman Edward Scissorhands , un proyecto tan personal como Ed Wood Finalmente, Ed Wood " El lado positivo de quedar encasillado, puesto en una caja, ser percibido mal, es que en cierto sentido se obtiene una libertad total. Uno puede vestirse como quiera, comportarse como quiera. Porque de todos modos dirán: "Bueno, así es Tim". Si se quiere esa libertad es un poco triste, un poco freak, pero tiene sus beneficios. Y creo que Beetlejuice muestra por completo el lado positivo de ser incomprendido, de ser categorizado como algo diferente. ¡El puede hacer lo que se le antoje! Es horrible y todo el mundo lo sabe, de manera que convierte todo ello en su fantasía "

89. Voila - Mon Site
Biographie, filmographie et liens.
Ce site ou cette page n'existe pas

90. Tim Burton's: The Melancholy Death Of Oyster Boy
Welcome to. Stick Boy and Match Girl in Love. Voodoo Girl. Robot Boy. Staring Girl. The Boy with Nails in his Eyes. The
Welcome to
"Stick Boy and Match Girl in Love."

"Voodoo Girl."

"Robot Boy."

"Staring Girl."
"Oyster Boy steps out."

91. Dan's Movie Madness Pages
Reviews, film theory, and other movie madness including an extensive tim burton Page.

92. What TIM BURTON Movie Are You? - Quizilla
What tim burton Movie Are You? Contact the author How do you describe yourself? Humourous in both a twisted and corny way. TIM BURTON Movie Are You?/

93. Sorry - We Can't Find That Page
Interview with director tim burton.
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    94. Tim Burton
    Translate this page AlloCiné Célébrités tim burton. tim burton. Réalisateur, acteur, Chef décorateur abord adapter. tim burton créateur. Réalisé par
    Téléchargez Yahoo! Messenger pour dialoguer en direct ! Recherche sur AlloCiné : Aide
    DVD Actualités ... Célébrités Tim Burton
    Tim Burton Réalisateur, acteur, Chef décorateur, Directeur artistique, Producteur, Scénariste américain
    Né(e) le 25 Août 1958 à Burbank (Etats-Unis)
    Après des études à la California Institute of the Arts, Tim Burton débute chez Disney dans les années 70, collaborant à l'animation de plusieurs dessins animés, tel Rox et Rouky . Après cette expérience, il réalise des projets plus personnels comme le film d'animation Vincent , en 1982, ou le court-métrage Frankenweenie , deux ans plus tard, parodie revendiquée de Frankenstein et des films de la firme Hammer
    En 1985, Tim Burton réalise son premier long-métrage, Pee Wee Big Adventure , qui plante déjà les bases d'un univers très personnel, où le fantastique le dispute à l'onirisme. Trois ans plus tard, il se révèle au grand public avec la comédie fantastique Beetlejuice . En 1990, il entame avec Edward aux mains d'argent une collaboration fructueuse avec l'acteur Johnny Depp , qu'il retrouvera sur Ed Wood (1994), hommage au réalisateur de séries Z du même nom, et la fable fantastique

    95. BBC Online - Films - Planet Of The Apes
    Planet of the Apes minisite. Video interviews with the likes of tim burton, two picture galleries, and other ape-related material.
    @import url('/includes/tbenh.css') ; Home


    A-Z Index

    29th May 2004
    Text only

    BBC Homepage


    ... Help Like this page? Send it to a friend! Welcome to our cool "Planet of the Apes" mini-site. You can go ape here, watching video interviews with the likes of Tim Burton, checking out two picture galleries, or exploring a whole load of other ape-related material. " Planet of the Apes " Check out our review of the film. Video Gallery I The cast on starring in the film. Burton banter We interview Tim. Tim Trivia Quiz 20 Tim teasers. Picture Gallery Cool scenes. Film 2001 Watch a cool video report. Other Apes See it here

    96. Paranoidland´s Tim Burton Page
    Translate this page tim burton Planet of Apes Mars Attacks! EdWood Pesadilla antes.. E. Manostijeras Beetlejuice Batman Returns Batman tim burton Biografía, Burton.htm
    Tim Burton Planet of Apes Mars Attacks! EdWood ... Batman
    TIM BURTON: Biografía
    Timothy William Burton
    25 Agosto de 1958
    Burbank, California, USA
    Tim Burton nació en Burbank, un típico barrio residencial de los alrededores de Hollywood. Desde muy pronto en su vida Burton ya rodaba películas de terror con su cámara Super 8, aunque él se sentía más como artista que como director. Recibió una beca del California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), un colegio fundado para enseñar animación a jóvenes artistas con talento en los estudios Disney.
    Así es como comenzó la carrera en Hollywood de Tim Burton, como asistente de animación en las películas de Disney. La primera película en la que trabajó fue The Fox and the Hound , pero ni Burton ni los productores quedaron contentos con los diseños, así que su posición en Disney fue modificada. Como artista conceptual su trabajo consistía en dibujar todo lo que pasara por su cabeza, pero ninguno de estos diseños era utilizado. El estudio consideraba que no seguían la línea del "concepto-Disney". Durante los años que Burton pasó en Disney escribió y dirigió dos cortos en blanco y negro: Vincent
    (foto derecha) , un cuento de hadas animado sobre un chico que sueña ser Vincent Price, y Frankenweenie , una variación del Frankenstein de James Whale de 25 minutos, en la que un niño de 10 años resucita a su perro Sparky después de haber sido atropellado por un coche. Ambas películas estaban empapadas de la atmósfera y el estilo de las antiguas películas de terror de Hollywood.

    97. Big Fish
    Recensione del film di tim burton, a cura di Giacomo Fabbrocino.
    Big Fish
    (Usa 2003) di Tim Burton con Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, Billy Crudup, Jessica Lange, Alison Lohman, Helena Bonham Carter, Steve Buscemi, Danny DeVito
    Billy Cudrup ) la sua vita trasfigurandola in una serie di avventure tra il mito e la fiaba.
    Big Fish Edward mani di forbice e ad Ed Wood Fellini al quale rimanda anche il finale in cui tornano tutti i personaggi, reali ed immaginari, apparsi nelle due ore precedenti.
    Ma Big Fish Edward Bloom , passando per tutte quelle praticate da Tim Burton (Giacomo Fabbrocino) discuti di Big Fish nel forum

    98. - Movies : Directors : Burton, Tim Logo, The Easter Egg Archive TM EEGGS.COM, Search. Home Movies Directors burton, tim, Add an Egg Help Discussion. Click Here. SlipUp Search.
    Computers Movies Music TV ... Slip-Ups The Easter Egg Archive TM
    EEGGS.COM Search Home Movies Directors Burton, Tim Add an Egg Help Discussion
    Slip-Up Search Title New Comments Rating (out of 10) Black and White 6.1 with 96 votes Register Change Email Change Password Forgot Password? ... Contact Us

    99. El Circo Fantástico De Tim Burton
    Biograf­a y filmograf­a comentada de los trabajos en cine y en televisi³n del director y la relaci³n de burton con la mºsica de Danny Elfman.
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    100. Zones - Tim Burton
    Hello! Welcome to the world of tim burton and his Tragic Toys for Girls Boys line. All are produced under the direct supervision of tim burton.
    Comics Books Products All
    Dark Horse Comics is proud to present to you a line of toys and products based on his book: The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories.
    The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories, is published by HarperEntertainment ($19.95). In this bittersweet modern fairy tale, illustrated and written by Burton, the wonderfully witty, macabre and visually bizarre world of his cast of gruesomely sympathetic characters search for love and belonging. Dark Horse Comics will continue the Tim Burton merchandise program with a wide variety of products including: t-shirts, lunch box, stationery, journals and surprise items. All are produced under the direct supervision of Tim Burton.
    We hope you enjoy these enchanting characters!
    Questions or Comments? Contact us at
    Read the interview with VP of product development David Scroggy on the Tim Burton program at Dark Horse Comics
    Read about Tim Burton's The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories at
    Official Tim Burton website

    Click here to contact us.

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