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         Allen Woody:     more books (100)
  1. Reconstructing Woody (Allen).: An article from: Queen's Quarterly by Maurice Yacowar, 1998-03-22
  2. Fun With Woody: The Complete Woody Allen Quiz Book by Graham Flashner, 1987-10
  3. The Magic of Woody Allen by Diane Jacobs, 1982-01
  4. Woody Allen: Komik und Krise (Aufblende) (German Edition) by Jurgen Felix, 1992
  5. Woody Allen - His Films and Career by Douglas Brode, 1990-10-18
  6. Io, Woody e Allen (Ombra sonora) (Italian Edition) by Paolo Zagari, 1993
  7. FILM POSTER: Manhattan - A Film By Woody Allen by Woody; Johns, Ian Allen, 1979
  8. Woody Allen : a Biography by John Baxter, 1999
  9. Le Nonsense: [de Lewis Carroll a Woody Allen : recueil de textes] (French Edition)
  10. Woody Allen Incomodo En El Mundo (Spanish Edition) by Ricardo Silva Romero, 2004-10-01
  11. Brooklyn Is Not Expanding: Woody Allen's Comic Universe by Annette Wernblad, 1992-05
  12. Todo Sobre Woody Allen (Spanish Edition) by Pep Aixala, 2002-08
  13. Woody Allen: Tutti i film (Italian Edition) by Giannalberto Bendazzi, 1995

121. El Criticon - Woody Allen. Biografia, Peliculas Y Fotos
Biograf­a, filmograf­a y fotos.
Buscar Temas Todos 1. Críticas de películas 2. Estrellas del cine moderno 3. Protagonistas del cine clásico 4. Noticias y proyectos de cine 5. Cinefilia. Artículos de cine. Menu Inicio El Criticón Críticas de películas de todos los tiempos Estrellas del cine moderno Protagonistas del cine clásico ... Correo El Criticon
Algunos nombres Peter Ustinov
Uma Thurman

Lana Turner

Halle Berry
Nicole Kidman
Y muchos más nombres en... Cine Clásico
Cine Actual

Woody Allen. Biografia, peliculas y fotos
Tan amante de las peripecias humorísticas de los Hermanos Marx o Bob Hope como de las películas de Federico Fellini o Ingmar Bergman, Woody Allen ha dibujado con sarcasmo las pautas de comportamiento en su país, retratado con ironía los avatares sentimentales e intelectuales de la clase burguesa neoyorquina, homenajeado al mundo del espectáculo y diatribado sobre sus cuestiones predilectas: el sexo, Dios, el judaísmo y la muerte, ya sea, siempre de una privativa visión de autor, desde la farsa, la comedia agridulce, o el drama de inspiración bergmaniana.
Allen Stewart Konigsberg, nombre real de Woody Allen, nació el 1 de diciembre de 1935 en Brooklyn, Nueva York (Estados Unidos). Hijo de Martin Konigsberg, quien trabajó en diversos empleos, como taxista y camarero y la contable Nettea Konigsberg, ambos de creencias judías ortodoxas. Tiene una hermana menor, la productora Letty Konigsberg.

122. Nous Clàssics / Pel.lícules Emeses/ Hannah I Les Seves Germanes
Sinopsi d'aquesta pel·l­cula dirigida i interpretada per woody allen.
Hannah i les seves germanes
Hannah and her sisters
dimarts, 2 de febrer de 1999
Durada: 106 minuts Convidats:
Marta Esteban
Jack Rollins i Charles H. Joffe per a Orion, 1986
Woody Allen
Woody Allen
J. S. Bach, Puccini, Count Basie, Dave Brubeck
Fotografia: Carlo Di Palma (Technicolor)
Woody Allen (Mickey)
Mia Farrow (Hannah) Michael Caine (Elliot) Carrie Fisher (April) Barbara Hershey (Lee) Dianne Wiest (Holly)

123. Hideout Anything Else
Recensione del film di woody allen, a cura di Francesca Bertazzoni.

124. Woody Allen FAQ
woody allen FAQ. woody allen on woody allen. Faber and Faber, 1994, ISBN 0 571 173349 Blake, Richard. woody allen, Profane and Sacred. Brode, Douglas.
Woody Allen FAQ
From (BrYan Westbrook) Organization Classic Rock SIG Date Thu, 01 Aug 1996 17:16:48 GMT Newsgroups woody-allen woody-allen ... alt.comedy Message-ID Woody Allen Frequently Asked Questions version 1.19 Compiled by BrYan Westbrook ( (please e-mail me with corrections and/or additions) This document will be posted to the newsgroup once a month. I will also be e-mailing it to anyone who requests a copy and to any misguided soul who "spams" woody-allen so that he (or she) can better understand the error of his (or her) ways. A copy can also be found online at and I highly recommend the Web version over the Usenet. Upcoming releases: Everybody Says I Love You will not be released until December, but Mighty Aphrodite arrived at video stores on June 18th and The Sunshine Boys is rumoured to be slated for a November airing on CBS. Index of Questions Q: Who is Woody Allen ? Q: What Woody Allen Resources are there on the Internet? Q: What is

The fantastic scribbles of a London dwelling, roller coaster riding, woody allen watching, motorbike riding lover lover man.
Thursday, May 27
The bairn is a bit crook
is in the hospital. He's not been well for the past few days (not eating and drinking, refusing to go into the garden, sleeping fitfully) so Darren took him to the vet this morning. An x-ray has revealed an obstruction in his gut and he will be operated on this afternoon. If all goes well he can come home tomorrow.
I hope he doesn't have to wear one of those bucket things on his head as the cats next door will think that is hilarious.
Large piece of yellow rubber removed from lower bowel (Edwards, not mine). Bill for £700. Thank fuck we took out that expensive pet insurance last year. Bucket-head will be home tomorrow.
Link yerself

Tuesday, May 25
Oooo! I zink I'm getting a tumour!
That lovely French lady who covered Peggy Lee's 'Fever' (but sang 'tumour' instead of 'fever'), Lizzy Mercier Descloux , has died from cancer. Her debut album on Ze records was a favourite in teenage-spellcnut towers in 1979. My mum preferred Lizzy to Devo (but she preferred Devo to Crass ). RIP Miss Descloux.

126. Woddy Allen
Offre biografia e filmografia del regista comico, immagini tratte dai film, una raccolta di fotoritratti, una serie di caricature, una bibliografia.
Woody Allen
ALL'ANAGRAFE: Allan Stewart Konigsberg
NOME D'ARTE: Woody Allen
LUOGO DI NASCITA: Brooklyn, New York, Stati Uniti
PROFESSIONE: Attore, Sceneggiatore, Regista, Produttore, Compositore
Edited by: Last Rewiew:

127. Review: Woody Allen's Celebrity
Review woody allen s Celebrity by Jody Beth Rosen. published 12/14/98 REVIEWS HOME. woody allen s the best film is Annie Hall and Stardist memories.
About LS.n
Review: Woody Allen's Celebrity by Jody Beth Rosen
published 12/14/98

Jody Beth Rosen
is a contributor to based in Brooklyn.
I very like Woody Allen's
films,because I think, those are very funny and
sometimes criers.
Woody Allen's the best film is Annie Hall and
Stardist memories. Bálint Békés
Dec 2, 2003 at 2:42AM Read more or post your own
You should check out: Review: Woody Allen's Sweet and Lowdown Review: Woody Allen's Small Time Crooks Confessions of a Celebrity Stalker Be cool like us! Are you getting our weekly update? It's GOOD to share! E-mail this article to a buddy I came to the following conclusion recently: the best way to review entertainment is to hold my vitriolic juices back with a stopper until the turkey that is the entertainment in question has allowed itself to bathe in the marinade of its own fat. My expectations led me to Woody Allen's latest film, Celebrity , with stopper in hand. Woody's taken a lot of flak for this movie. The pieces are all in place for an across-the-board pan . After all, why must so many of his leading male roles be writers? Skirt-chasers? Why are their love objects so

128. BILBOCINE Directores: Woody Allen
Biograf­a, filmograf­a y fotos.
Películas Directores Actores Compositores ... Mapa Web
powered by FreeFind
Biografía Filmografía 2004 - Why Men Shouldn't Marry [actor]
2004 - Melinda and Melinda [director, guión]
2003 - Todo lo demás [actor, director, guión]
2002 - Un Final made in Hollywood [actor, director, guión]
2001 - La maldición del escorpión de jade [actor, director, guión]
2000 - Cachitos picantes [actor]
2000 - Granujas de medio pelo [actor, director, guión]
2000 - Lío en La Habana [actor (sin crédito)]
1999 - Acordes y desacuerdos [actor, director, guión] 1998 - Celebrity [director, guión] 1998 - Antz (Hormigaz) [voz] 1998 - The Impostors [actor (sin crédito)] 1997 - Desmontando a Harry [actor, director, guión] Nominación Oscar: guión 1996 - Todos dicen I Love You [actor, director, guión] 1995 - Poderosa Afrodita [actor, director, guión] Nominación Oscar: guión 1994 - Balas sobre Broadway [director, guión]

129. Cinema Truffaut
Cr­tica d'aquesta pel·l­cula de woody allen.
Granujas de medio pelo (Small Time Crooks)
Small Time Crooks . EUA. 2000.
Fotografia: Fei Zhao.
Durada: 94'. Small Time Crooks Granujas de medio pelo Pren els calers i corre (1969) o Bananes Annie Hall Interiors Hannah i les seves germanes Una altra dona Delictes i faltes Bales sobre Broadway Poderosa Afrodita (1995) o Desmuntant en Harry Celebrity En aquella Celebrity Sweet and Lowdown Acordes y desacuerdos- Small Time Crooks Small Time Crooks el cervell- Small Time Crooks Small Time Crooks Salvador Montalt tics de Cinema de Girona

130. Woody Allen Sues Former Producer

131. Ihr DVD-Preisvergleich Für Schauspieler > Allen, Woody
Translate this page In allen, woody aus Schauspieler finden Sie in unserem DVD, Preisvergleich viele DVDs günstiger. Preisvergleich. Buch. DVD. allen, woody. Anderson, Richard Dean.

DVD Musik Finanzen ... Hilfe Suche nach DVD...
29.05.2004-05:45 Uhr



... Schauspieler Allen, Woody

Titel Abbildung Preis suchen Manhattan [UK IMPORT]
Regisseur: Woody Allen
[Mehr Details zum Produkt]
Preisvergleich starten Harry außer sich
Regisseur: Woody Allen [Mehr Details zum Produkt] Preisvergleich starten Geliebte Aphrodite Regisseur: Woody Allen [Mehr Details zum Produkt] Preisvergleich starten Annie Hall [UK IMPORT] Regisseur: Woody Allen [Mehr Details zum Produkt] Preisvergleich starten Alle sagen: I Love You Regisseur: Woody Allen [Mehr Details zum Produkt] Preisvergleich starten A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy [UK IMPORT] [Mehr Details zum Produkt] ... Preisvergleich starten < Seite von 38 Produkte gefunden DVD-Empfehlungen: Der Herr der Ringe - Die Rückkehr des Königs (2 DVDs) von Peter Jackson Last Samurai (2 DVDs) (2 DVDs) von Chris Columbus April 2003 Weitere Empfehlungen Büna Vista Social Club (2 DVDs) Matrix Reloaded (2 DVDs) ... (2 DVDs) Alle Preise sind Angaben des jeweiligen Anbieters inklusive Umsatzsteuer, zzgl. Versand - Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr metashopper Kontakt Nutzungsbedingungen Presse ... Mitmachen

132. Nous Clàssics / Pel.lícules Emeses/ Interiors
Sinopsi i fitxa t¨cnica d'aquesta pel·l­cula dirigida per woody allen i protagonitzada per Kristin Griffin i Mary Beth Hurt.
dimarts, 4 d'abril de 2000
Durada: 90 minuts
Gullermina Motta, espectadora

Jack Rollins per a United Artists, 1978
Woody Allen
Durada: 90 minuts
Woody Allen
Fotografia: Gordon Willis (Technicolor)
Tommy Dorsey, The World's Greatest Jazz Band
Kristin Griffin (Flyn)
Mary Beth Hurt (Joey)
Richard Jordon (Frederick)
Diane Keaton (Renata)
E.G. Marshall (Arthur)
Geraldine Page (Eva)

133. Cinema Stardust: Mighty Aphrodite Directed By Woody Allen
Mighty Aphrodite. Directed by woody allen. Hot on the highheels of Showgirls comes woody allen’s latest film, Mighty Aphrodite
Mighty Aphrodite Directed by Woody Allen Allen (Now 60 years old, but trying to play his role like he’s not a day over 40) and Helena Bonham- Carter (29 years old) are happily married when one day Bonham-Carter’s biological clock goes off and she wants to have a baby immediately. Allen hesitates so much at the thought of pregnancy that Bonham- Carter, who really can’t wait, says, "fine, let’s adopt, then," which of course hits the raw nerve of Allen’s masculinity as he defends his genes against the idea of having someone else’s child join their family. Allen’s character in this film is a sportswriter, adding another "tough" layer to his never-ending quiche of a meditation/angst-ridden search for definitive masculinity. Every scene where Allen suffers some sort of gender-related torment is set in a male arena: When he’s fighting on the phone with Bonham-Carter about the decision to adopt, the backdrop is a boxing club with every ring filled with sparring partners. Another scene where he contemplates his situation shows him pacing back and forth on the sidelines watching the New York Giants scrimmage in the Meadowlands. The couple finally decide to adopt a boy, and in one scene in particular I realized just how much Allen is stuck in a zeitgeist rut. In their uptown apartment Allen and Bonham-Carter bandy names back and forth for the new little tike as Allen, forever the cultural namedropper, comes up with the monikers of all of his heroes: Django, Groucho, Thelonius. Bonham-Carter is oblivious to his suggestions as she coddles the baby and suddenly you realize that Allen should have made this film years ago, because the conversation sounds like something that was written for what would have been the sequel to "Annie Hall." Now that he’s twenty years removed from the carefree days of dynamic dialogue with Diane Keaton and the spark she brought as Allen’s main female foil, Bonham-Carter seems unsure of herself, treating Allen as obligatorily as a father or uncle rather than her husband. Enter the plot.

134. - Woody Allen To Use Clarinet To Trumpet 'Scorpion' - July 2, 2001



CNN TV what's on
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CNN Headline News

CNN International

EDITIONS Asia Europe set your edition Languages Time, Inc. People Fortune EW
Woody Allen to use clarinet to trumpet 'Scorpion'
HOLLYWOOD, California (Reuters) Woody Allen is casting against type. Legendarily averse to promoting his films, Allen has agreed to bring his New York-based clarinet westward in August for the first time ever all to promote his new picture, "Curse of the Jade Scorpion," Variety reports. DreamWorks is releasing "The Curse of the Jade Scorpion" nationwide on Aug. 10. Allen will be on hand to introduce the screenings in each city. Every Monday night for years, New Yorkers have come to hear Davis' band with Allen on clarinet at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan. While Allen embarked on a 1996 European tour (showcased in the documentary "Wild Man Blues"), next month marks the first time that he will perform live on the West Coast. The tour closes in Los Angeles, where "Scorpion" will unspool Aug. 6. The next night, Allen and his Eddy Davis compatriots will perform a benefit at the Jazz Bakery. Tickets for the concerts in each city go on sale locally July 23 at 10 a.m.

135. Moviecity - Nederlands Grootste Aktuele Filmdatabase.
Crewinformatie allen, woody. Echte naam Allan Stewart Konigsberg Bijna alle films van allen zijn in New York opgenomen. Cast meestal

136. Register At
New York Times interview. allen discusses the great American movies, particularly Shane. Site requires (free) registration.
Welcome to The New York Times on the Web! For full access to our site, please complete this simple registration form.
As a member, you'll enjoy: In-depth coverage and analysis of news events from The New York Times FREE Up-to-the-minute breaking news and developing stories FREE Exclusive Web-only features, classifieds, tools, multimedia and much, much more FREE Please enter your Member ID: Please enter your password: Remember my Member ID and password on this computer.
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137. Nous Clàssics / Pel.lícules Emeses
Sinopsi i fitxa t¨cnica d'aquesta pel·l­cula dirigida per woody allen.
Poderosa Afrodita
Mighty Aphrodite
dimarts, 1 d'agost de 2000
Durada: 91 minuts

cor grec molt especial.
Jean Doumanian per a Miramax i Sweetland Films, 1995
Woody Allen
Woody Allen
Fotografia: Carlo DiPalma (color)
Dick Hyman
Helena Bonham-Carter (Amanda)
F. Murray Abraham (director del cor grec)
Mira Sorvino (Linda Ash)
Peter Weller (Jerry Bender)
Dan Moran (Ricky)

138. - Woody Allen's 'Hollywood Ending' Premiere - April 26, 2002



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Woody Allen's 'Hollywood Ending' premiere
George Hamilton greets Woody Allen at the "Hollywood Ending" premiere. To see more from this event visit By Karen Johnston In Style (In Style) The event: The party for the New York premiere of Woody Allen's new film "Hollywood Ending," about a film director turned TV commercial director who gets a chance at a huge film comeback, only to lose his sight, due to (gasp!) paranoia.
Woody Allen, Soon-Yi Previn, cast members George Hamilton, Tea Leoni, Treat Williams, Tiffani Thiessen, Debra Messing, plus Barbara Walters, Donald Trump, Neve Campbell, Keith Richards and Patti Hansen, Peter Boyle, Amy Tan, Billy Campbell, Jeffrey Katzenberg and others.
In typical New York-chic style, the party was held at Eye Beam, a hip downtown space filled with nothing. Minimalist in nature (raw wood, exposed brick, lofty ceilings), decorator Bill Tansey filled the room with flowing leafy flower arrangements, giving the space the feeling of an atrium. Poster-size black and white photos of famous movie scenes adorned the walls, and as guests feasted on sushi and dumplings, they competed with each other, trying to guess which movies the photos were from.

139. - Plus De 3 Millions De Produits Culturels Et De Loisirs
Coffret woody allen collection / vol.1 woody allen - woody allen - COMEDIE DRAMATIQUE / VIDEO - Coffret de 7 DVD Prix 88,52 € / 580,65 FRF. ALLEN_L_4_DAGOOGL.html
document.write (''); document.write (''); document.write (''); TOUS NOS

DVD Titre Acteur Tous produits
Woody Allen : la filmo chronologique en DVD




Cd Pop Rock Movie music Wild man blues HOLLYWOOD ENDING - SCENARIO DU PROCHAIN FILM DE... LE PETIT WOODY ALLEN ILLUSTRE Musique classique Les classiques du cinéma / vol.2 Livres anglais Woody Allen Woody Allen Livres espagnols WOODY ALLEN WOODY ALLEN Livres rares et anciens Le petit Woody Allen illustré WOODY ALLEN.
Il y a pour " WOODY ALLEN " dans le catalogue " DVD / Vidéos Du plus cher au moins cher Du moins cher au plus cher Par genre Par réalisateur Par acteur Par titre Coffret Woody Allen collection / vol.1 WOODY ALLEN WOODY ALLEN COMEDIE DRAMATIQUE / VIDEO - Coffret de 7 DVD / 580,65 FRF Disponible en occasion à partir de / 524,11 FRF ... COMEDIE / VIDEO - DVD / 145,03 FRF Disponible en occasion à partir de / 77,99 FRF ... COMEDIE / VIDEO - DVD / 145,03 FRF Disponible en occasion à partir de / 91,18 FRF ... COMEDIE / VIDEO - DVD / 159,59 FRF

140. SAVAS5
Quotations arranged by film.
`Woody Allen Quotes` Annie Hall      "The food at this place is really terrible". And the other one says: "Yeah, I know. And such small portions."   I don't wanna live in a city where the only cultural advantage is that you can make a right turn on a red light.      [...] I interestingly dated a woman in the Eisenhover administration, briefly, and it was ironic to me because I was      trying to do to her what Eisenhover has been doing to the country for the last [?] years.      I feel that life is divided into the horrible and the miserable. That's the two categories. The horrible be like, I don't      know, terminal cases, you know, and blind people, crippled. I don't know how they get through life. It's amazing to      me. And the miserable is everyone else. So you should be thankful that you're miserable, because that's very lucky,      to be miserable.      I was thrown out of there during my freshman year, for cheating on my metaphysics final. You know, I looked within      the soul of the boy sitting next to me.      Hey, don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone I love.

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