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         Alighieri Dante:     more books (100)
  1. The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, Volume 1 by Dante Alighieri, 2010-03-16
  2. The Divine Comedy (The Inferno, The Purgatorio, and The Paradiso) by Dante Alighieri, 2003-05-27
  3. The Divine Comedy by Dante, Illustrated, Hell, Volume 08 by Dante Alighieri, 2010-07-20
  4. The Divine Comedy: Volume 3: Paradiso (Penguin Classics) (v. 3) by Dante Alighieri, 2008-02-26
  5. Dante's Lyric Poems (Italian Poetry in Translation) by Dante Alighieri, 1999-05-01
  6. The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri: Volume 2: Purgatorio by Dante Alighieri, 2004-04-08
  7. The Divine Comedy: Volume 1: Inferno (Penguin Classics) (Pt. 1) by Dante Alighieri, 2006-08-29
  8. The Inferno of Dante Alighieri by Dante Alighieri, 2010-10-14
  9. The Portable Dante (Penguin Classics) by Dante Alighieri, 2003-07-29
  10. The Divine Comedy, Complete, Illustrated by Dante Alighieri, Rev. H. F. Cary, 2008-11-21
  11. Paradiso (Bantam Classics) by Dante Alighieri, 1986-01-01
  12. Dante's Paradiso (The Divine Comedy, Volume 3, Paradise) by Dante Alighieri, 2005-01-01
  13. Divine Comedy, Cary's Translation, Hell by Dante Alighieri, 2010-03-06
  14. La divina comedia infierno (Illustrated by Dore) (Spanish Edition) by Dante Alighieri, 2010-01-04

41. Dante Aliguieri - Biografía
Biograf­a y bibliograf­a del poeta italiano, autor de La Divina Comedia .
Dante Alighieri
P D e su Vida nueva Beatriz Vida nueva Vita nuova Divina Comedia muerte de Beatriz contrajo matrimonio con Gemma di Manetto Donati, de la que tuvo cuatro hijos. A partir de 1295 E Obras S u obra en lengua latina
  • De vulgari elocuentia La Monarchia Las dos Eglogae La disputa sobre el agua y la tierra Questio de aqua et terra Las trece Epistolae
S us obras conservadas en lengua italiana son:
  • El banquete Las Rimas o Cancionero Rime Petrose Rimas Vida nueva ; uno de estos, el soneto dirigido a Cavalcanti, La Vida nueva La Divina Comedia Comedia

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42. Dante Alighieri - Biography And Works
dante alighieri. Extensive Biography of dante alighieri and a searchable collection of works. dante alighieri. Search all of dante alighieri
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Dante Alighieri
Search all of Dante Alighieri Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) is generally considered the greatest of Italian poets, and also one of the greatest poets that Western civilization has produced. His reputation is primarily based upon his magnum opus The Divine Comedy . He was active in politics during the early part of his life and took an active interest in church reform.
Dante was born in Florence, Italy, in 1265. Heir of a poor but noble family, he was one of the seven elected officials in charge of the government of Florence. Civil war was common in Florence at the time and the issues were further complicated by the question of Papal influence. In 1300, Dante along with his fellow magistrates confirmed anti-papal measures. When in 1302, the French prince acting under orders from the Pope captured power in Florence, Dante was sentenced on charges of corruption and opposition to the Church and exiled from Florence on pain of execution by burning if he ever returned.. He spent the rest of his life in exile, pining for his native city. He withdrew from active politics to a large extent and concentrated on his literary creations.
His first book was the Vita Nuova The New Life ), published in 1294, in which he relates how he fell in love with a young girl Beatrice. Though Beatrice and Dante both married other people, Dante's spiritual love for her persists and she functions as his chief Muse and inspiration.. In 1304 or shortly thereafter he published

43. La Scuola Media Dante Alighieri E Le Sue Sedi
Spoleto Sito ufficiale della scuola.
Potrai trovare maggiori informazioni sulle scuole Enis nel collegamento esterno La nostra scuola è una scuola di eccellenza Navigate the site. CLICK HERE FOR ENGLISH PRESENTATION Sito ottimizzato per Internet Explorer 5 o superiori Miglior risoluzione video 1024 x768 S.M.S. Dante Alighieri via Don Pietro Bonilli 8 06049 Spoleto (Perugia) Tel. 0743-49858 Fax. 0743-49858 Progetto Cinedays presentato dalla scuola Il progetto " Water Mission " vince il secondo premio al concorso e -schola utenti in linea

44. Renaissance Dante In Print (1472-1629)
THIS EXHIBITION presents Renaissance editions of dante'sDivine Comedy from the John A. Zahm, C.S.C., dante Collection at the University of Notre Dame, together with selected treasures from The Newberry Library. Chronology of dante alighieri. History of dante Title Pages. dante's Hell
THIS EXHIBITION presents Renaissance editions of Dante's Divine Comedy from the John A. Zahm, C.S.C. , Dante Collection at the University of Notre Dame , together with selected treasures from The Newberry Library . The Zahm collection ranks among the top Dante collections in North America. Purchased for the most part by Zahm in 1902 from the Italian Dantophile Giulio Acquaticci, the 15th- and 16th- century imprints presented here form the heart of Zahm's collection, which totals nearly 3,000 volumes, including rare editions and critical studies from the Renaissance to the present. The nine incunable editions and nearly complete series of 16th-century imprints featured in this exhibit constitute essential primary sources for both the history of Dante's reception during the Renaissance and the early history of the printed book. The concentrated Dante collection at Notre Dame is nicely complemented by the wide-ranging holdings of The Newberry Library in Renaissance literature and history, and especially for the history of printing and publishing. These two rich and varied collections have often been used by Dantists in the Midwest and from abroad. The complementarity of the collections is mirrored in the formal cooperation of Notre Dame and The Newberry Library through the consortium of The Newberry Library Center for Renaissance Studies, of which Notre Dame has been an active member since 1983. The exhibit was originally held at the Department of Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Notre Dame, October 15 - December 15, 1993 and the Newberry Library between 15 April - 15 June, 1994, and has been produced in expanded form for Internet publication by a collaboration between the William and Katherine

45. Inferno By Dante Alighieri: A Searchable Online Version At The Literature Networ
Inferno by dante alighieri a searchable online version. Includes author information. Literature Network dante alighieri Inferno.
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Search all of Inferno
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    User Comments and Reviews: Miriam Sooo Divine October 23rd, 2002 Rating: 5.4375 I made myself read the Divine Comedy for Academic Team when I was 14, I could not put it down, I thought it was going to be a tedious mess and glorification of the Church, I found quite the opposite. It really amazed me how modern and up to date the writing was, my copy had a summary of every canto for the lazy ones it also gave me more insight into the words I was reading. I reccomend this book to anyone who is remotely interested in the middle ages, it was a page turner from the City of Dis to the Heaven of the Fixed Stars. Come on kids pllleeeeaaaassssseee, Dante askes nicely.
    Peace out Rate This Comment:
    1 Low 10 High Mary Does anybody know? May 21st, 2003 Rating: 4.6000 Which translation of Dante's Inferno does this website use?
    Just wondering. Rate This Comment:
    1 Low 10 High Kelly Crutcher one of the best books I've ever read :) May 24th, 2002
  • 46. "Inspired By Dante" By Jennifer Strange
    Contemporary drawings inspired by dante alighieri's poem, The Divine Comedy.
    Jennifer Strange
    An Artist's Journey through the
    "Divine Comedy"
    In 1994 I began a journey into a strange wood that would forever change my life. It has been a journey that has led my mind and heart along a path of suffering and pain to eventual hope and joy. So many others have taken this very journey. Our guide has been the 14th century poet Dante Alighieri, who through his poem, "The Divine Comedy," describes his own pilgrimage through hell, purgatory and paradise.
    Our journey leads us to meet souls who are subject to eternal damnation and torture in hell, like those in the "Wood of the Suicide" where souls, having denied themselves their body while living, fall to hell and take the form of gnarled, twisted trees.
    Enter The Wood of the Suicide

    Meet the souls on the Mountain of Purgatory...
    Il Purgatorio "The Proud" Canto X, July, 1995
    "O you proud Christians, wretched souls and small,
    who by the dim light of your twisted minds
    believe you prosper even as you fall .."
    True, those who crawled along that painful track

    47. Centro Linguistico Italiano Dante Alighieri
    Language courses for a variety of purposes, as well as courses in culture, cooking, and wine. Information on courses, examinations, and certification.

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    48. Liber Liber: Biblioteca > Autori A > Alighieri, Dante
    Translate this page alighieri, dante. Note biografiche. Nasce nel 1265 da una famiglia guelfa di Firenze, di piccola nobiltà. Amico di Guido Cavalcanti
    Liber Liber promuove il progetto Manuzio , biblioteca telematica ad accesso gratuito biblioteca Autori A B C D ... Tesi Opere A B C D ... Collaborare ti trovi in: Copertina Home Biblioteca Autori A Alighieri, Dante Note biografiche Gran parte delle sue rime giovanili sono dedicate ad una "Beatrice", che viene tradizionalmente identificata con l'omonima figlia di Folco Portinari, sposata a Simone de' Bardi, e morta di parto l'8 giugno 1290. Il poeta tra il 1293 e il 1294 rielabora la storia spirituale del suo amore nella "Vita Nuova", un libriccino mescolato di versi e di prosa. Dopo questa data Dante comincia a partecipare alla vita politica di Firenze, del cui esercito ha fatto parte in diverse occasioni (nel giugno 1289 lo troviamo tra i "feditori" a cavallo nella battaglia di Campaldino contro i ghibellini di Arezzo, nell'agosto dello stesso anno è nell'esercito fiorentino che tolse ai pisani la fortezza di Caprona). Dante, che aveva trascorso un periodo di studi a Bologna, si iscrisse alla corporazione dei medici e degli speziali per iniziare la carriera politica (gli Ordinamenti di Giustizia di Giano della Bella riservavano il governo del comune solo ai cittadini iscritti a una delle corporazioni d'arti e mestieri). Col passare degli anni Dante iniziò a vedere il suo esilio come simbolo del distacco dalla corruzione, dagli odi e dagli egoismi di parte, e si considerò guida per gli uomini alla riconquista di essa, della verità e della pace. Tale vocazione ispira la Divina Commedia, cominciata probabilmente dopo il 1307. Nel 1310 il nuovo imperatore Arrigo VII scese in Italia e Dante, scrisse delle lettere per esortare tutti ad accogliere colui che poteva riportare alla pace; scrisse inoltre il suo trattato politico più importante, la "Monarchia". Ma nel 1313 Arrigo morì improvvisamente a Buonconvento presso Siena, e Dante abbandonò ogni speranza di tornare a Firenze. Negli ultimi anni, fu ospite di Can Grande della Scala a Verona e di Guido Novello da Polenta a Ravenna. Qui portò a termine l'ultima parte della Commedia, di cui era già stata pubblicata prima del 1315 la prima cantica, l'Inferno.

    49. Dante Alighieri - Comitato Di Bergen - Norvegia
    Forening for italiensk spr¥k og kultur. Nytt om arrangementer og m¸ter.
    :: Dante Alighieri - Comitato di Bergen - Norvegia ::
    Dante Alighieri
    Comitato di Bergen
    Le nostre conferenze nel 2004
    benvenuti a Dante Alighieri - Comitato di Bergen - Norvegia bloghome scrivici [::..archivio..::] [::..consigliamo..::] google [>] centroit [>] bt [>] la repubblica [>] ... kinkaleri [>] :: søndag, mai 16, 2004 :: Kjære medlemmer og venner!
    Vi er svært glade for å invitere dere alle til vårt siste møte før sommeren, som denne våren kombineres med hyggelig samvær rundt langbord med italienske retter på menyen. Du/dere er herved invitert
    Onsdag 9. juni kl. 19.00 (MERK TID OG STED!)
    i Nordnes Bydelshus, Klosteret 2 (opp trappen)
    til konferanse med
    il Direttore Luca Bonomi,
    som vil holde et foredrag med tittelen
    Ritratti e immagini di donna nelle opere di Giacomo Puccini (“Kvinneportretter og –bilder i Giacomo Puccinis verker”) Gjennom foredraget vil Bonomi vise og la oss høre enkelte av Puccinis verker, og ved å se nærmere på disse gi oss et helhetlig bilde av Mesterens kunsteriske uttrykk også i andre musikalske produksjoner. Deretter er dere alle invitert til å nyte vår Italienske Sommerbuffet: “Mangia quanto vuoi!”

    50. Scuola Dante Alighieri A Firenze - Istituto Tecnico Aeronautico, Liceo Scientifi
    Firenze Accademia di Belle Arti legalmente riconosciuta. Corsi diurni e serali di pittura, design e graphic design, fotografia e restauro.
    HOME La storia Tour Virtuale Orari di segreteria ... MODULI ONLINE
    Istituto Dante Alighieri
    L'Istituto Dante Alighieri, tra le migliori scuole private a Firenze, fornisce FORMAZIONE di livello medio superiore o post-diploma e corsi riconosciuti dalla Regione. Eventi Istituto Dante Alighieri - Via di Ripoli, 88 - Firenze
    Tel. 055.6818272/3 - e-mail:

    51. Italian Language School And Courses In Italy. Learn Italian In Italy
    Siena Scuola di lingua italiana per stranieri, presenta i corsi generici, speciali, di cucina italiana, e di approfondimento per insegnanti. Programmi, prezzi, modalit  di iscrizione e album fotografico.
    Please select your language please select Italian English Deutsch Francais Japanese Korean Home
    Language Courses

    Exam preparation

    Cooking courses

    Special Offer
    01st October 2003 Any direct application received from Germany, Austria, Finland and Norway will receive the following bonus : free didactic material, free internet access and only Euro 20,00 (instead of 60,00 Euro) for the administration fee. This offer expires in June 2004. Around Siena Super Tuscan Programs Experience Siena with flair. Discover our medieval city and its cultural richness with one of our short programs . Treat yourself to a cultural approach that will flavor and enrich your stay.

    52. Guardian Unlimited Books | Authors | Alighieri, Dante
    dante alighieri (12651321). Love that moves the sun and the other stars . Birthplace Florence, Italy Education As a lawyer s,5917,-2,00.html
    @import url(,,,00.css);
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    "Love that moves the sun and the other stars..." Birthplace

    Florence, Italy
    As a lawyer's son, with links to the Guelf nobility, he received a superior education in the classics and Christian literature.
    Other jobs
    Soldier, diplomat, magistrate Did you know? Dante claims in the Vita Nuova to have first seen and fallen in love with Beatrice, his worldly and spiritual passion, when she was just nine. Critical verdict Dante is now seen as the creator of modern Italian; before The Divine Comedy, the vernacular was so unformed that he is said to have begun writing it in Latin, doubting that it was a fit medium. Boccaccio was an early commentator, while Dante's first English mention comes in Chaucer, who drew strongly on Italian Renaissance authors, and he swiftly became popular. Horace Walpole was a dissenting voice ("absurd, disgusting... a Methodist person in Bedlam"), but the Romantic poets rediscovered him, Blake conjuring limpid, visionary illustrations to the Comedy. The drier modernists also feel his power: Eliot was strongly influenced, and Beckett kept the Comedy by him until his death.

    Dissemination of the Italian language and culture in Canberra, Australia.
    Check our Links page and find out the undiscovered side of Italy

    Soon you'll know how to serve fine Italian cuisine for dinner
    Of course you'll be able to have a conversation in Italian
    And be able to sing medieval melodies
    T he Dante Alighieri Society is a non profit world wide organization Though the teaching of the Italian language is the most important task, we also offer a variety of activities such as organise exhibitions of famous painters at the National Gallery of Australia as well as special performance at the theater, Italian cuisine courses, we also enjoy social events such as picnics, dinner nights, travel and many other social and cultural events!
    L earning texts and multimedia material are available to members and the Society holds its activities in the Resource Center which is located at the Italo-Australian Club in Forrest. The Society lists among its many tasks the organising of Italian language classes and conversation groups as well as holding cultural activities and discussions. Other activities such as Italian cooking and tourism are on the agenda for 2000/2001.

    54. La Divina Commedia
    Translate this page La Divina Commedia. di dante alighieri. Inferno. Purgatorio. Paradiso. Credits. Edizione HTML a cura di Letteratura Italiana Home Page.
    La Divina Commedia
    di Dante Alighieri
    Edizione HTML a cura di: Letteratura Italiana Home Page

    55. Dante Alighieri (Dante)
    S'enregistrer Devenir membre Recherche : Musées, lieux, oeuvres Personnalité Insecula Dante Alighieri (Dante)
    Dante Alighieri (Dante)

    Naissance : Florence , 1265 - Décès : Ravenne
    Le Trecento ou la "Pré-Renaissance"

    Dante Alighieri est né en 1265. Il perdra successivement sa mère, en 1278, puis son père, agent de change et préteur d'argent, en 1282. Il sera élevé par ses frères et soeurs.
    En relation avec Giovanni Boccacio (Boccace) et Ugolin della Gherardesca
    Sites en relation : Bibliothèque Jardins La Porte de l'Enfer La Porte de l'Enfer
    Il rencontrera pour la première fois Béatrice, sa future égérie, à l'âge de neuf ans, puis la retrouvera à dix-huit ans, sans jamais faire sa connaissance et lui adresser la parole. Cette dernière, qui lui inspirera "ce qui jamais ne fut dit d'aucune", disparaîtra à l'âge de vingt-cinq ans.
    Dante exposera sa conception de la sagesse dans la Vita nuova, en 1291, après avoir séjourné à Bologne où il entreprendra des études de philosophie et de théologie. Influencé par philosophe florentin Brunetto Latini, exilé en France, Dante fréquentera de nombreux poètes, en particulier Guido Cavalcanti et Cino da Pistoia. Dante intègrera la corporation des Apothicaires, des Médecins et des Libraires en 1295, lors du rétablissement des droits des nobles à participer aux affaires publiques sous réserve qu'ils renoncent à leurs droits et rejoignent une guilde. Florence connaîtra alors une vie sociale et politique agitée. Les Guelfes, qui soutiennent le pouvoir temporel du pape et émettent des revendications nationalistes, s'opposeront aux Gibelins, qui soutiennent l'autorité du Saint-Empire romain germanique qui exerce une certaine influence en Italie. Le conflit se transformera en guerre civile. Dante, partisan des Guelfes, sera du coté des vainqueurs à la bataille de Campaldino de 1289 qui opposera les Florentins aux Gibelins de Pise et d'Arezzo. Les Guelfes seront alors victimes d'une scission.

    56. Liceo Scientifico Dante Alighieri
    Informazioni sulla struttura, i docenti, i corsi e sulle attivit  integrative organizzate.

    57. Dante Alighieri
    Translate this page Home_Page dante alighieri (1265-1321), Poeta, prosista, teórico de la literatura, filósofo y pensador político italiano. Está
    Dante Alighieri
    P oeta, prosista, teórico de la literatura, filósofo y pensador político italiano. Está considerado como una de las figuras más sobresalientes de la literatura universal, admirado por su espiritualidad y por su profundidad intelectual. Dante nació en Florencia, en los últimos días de mayo o los primeros de junio del año 1265, en el seno de una familia que pertenecía a la pequeña nobleza. Su madre murió cuando todavía era pequeño, y su padre al cumplir los 18 años. El acontecimiento más importante de esta trágica juventud, según su propio testimonio, fue conocer, en el año 1274, a Beatriz, la mujer a quien amó y que exaltó como símbolo supremo de la gracia divina, primero en La vida nueva y, más tarde, en su obra maestra, La Divina Comedia . Los especialistas han identificado a Bice di Folco como la noble florentina Bice di Folco Portinari, que murió en 1290, con apenas 20 años. Dante sólo la vio en tres ocasiones y nunca habló con ella, pero eso fue suficiente para que se convirtiera en la musa inspiradora de casi toda su obra. Se sabe muy poco acerca de la educación de Dante, aunque sus libros reflejan una vasta erudición que comprendía casi todo el conocimiento de su época. En sus comienzos ejercieron una gran influencia sobre él las obras del filósofo y retórico Brunetto Latini, que aparece, por otro lado, como personaje destacado en La Divina Comedia . Se sabe que, hacia 1285, se encontraba en Bolonia, y se supone que estudió en la universidad de esa ciudad. Durante las luchas políticas que tuvieron lugar en la Italia de esos años, se unió en un principio al bando de los güelfos, opuestos a los gibelinos. En 1289 formaba parte del ejército güelfo de la ciudad de Florencia que combatió en la batalla de Campaldino, en la que los güelfos de Florencia vencieron a los gibelinos de Pisa y Arezzo. Por esa misma época se casó con Gemma di Manetto Donati, perteneciente a una destacada familia güelfa florentina.

    58. A Comédia De Dante Alighieri
    Adapta§£o completa em portuguªs, notas detalhadas, imagens e v¡rios recursos interativos.
    document.write(sep); Sobre esta adaptação
    document.write(sep); Vida de Dante
    document.write(sep); Introdução à Comédia
    document.write(sep); Pesquisa interativa
    document.write(sep); Poema original (italiano)
    document.write(sep); Ilustrações
    document.write(sep); Referências bibliográficas
    document.write(sep); Guia de estudos
    Helder L. S. da Rocha

    59. La Vita Nuova | The Dante Alighieri FL

    60. Dante, Alighieri
    Božsk¡ komedie. Život a d­lo.

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