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         Aguilera Christina:     more books (108)
  1. Hurt (Easy Piano Sheet Music, Sheet Music) by Christina Aguilera, 2008
  2. Backstage Pass: Christina Aguilera by Jan Gabriel, 2000-07
  3. Christina Aguilera by Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2002-10-28
  4. Christina Aguilera (Famous People) by Wendy Tokunaga, 2002-11-19
  5. Christina Aguilera : The Unauthorized Audio Biography by Chris Herring, Susan Van Dusen, 2000-06-01
  6. Mi Reflejo (Spanish Edition)
  7. Christina Aguilera (Young Profiles) by Paul Joseph, Tamara L. Britton, et all 2000-08-15
  8. Christina Aguilera (Celebrity Bios) by Morgan Talmadge, 2001-03
  9. Christina Aguilera (Latinos in the Limelight) by Susan Korman, 2002-03
  10. Christina Aguilera by Nola Thacker, 2000-11-01

21. Plugged In > Music > Christina Aguilera
the nation s top single. REVIEWED BY Bob Waliszewski. Christina aguilera christina Aguilera, From Mag to Web. On several songs, men
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Debuted at number 1. For five straight weeks, "Genie in a Bottle" was the nation's top single.
Bob Waliszewski Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera
On several songs, men are thanked for their faith, strength, support, commitment and tenderness ("Blessed" "What a Girl Wants," and a remake of the All-4-One ballad "I Turn to You"). "Reflection," which first appeared on Disney's Mulan soundtrack, is about a woman longing to reveal her true self. Other tracks desire lasting love("Somebody's Someone") and to preserve a relationship poisoned by naysayers ("Love Will Find a Way"). Being "rubbed the right way" is the teenage singer's lone criteria for giving her body away on the shrewdly sexual "Genie in a Bottle." Equally hormonal, "When You Put Your Hands on Me" admits that a man's touch makes her "feel sexy" ("I feel ready and I lose my self-control"). On "So Emotional," Aguilera tells a lover, "It's either black or white/We're making love or in a fight." She invites a boy to join her for an all-night party on "Come On Over." The otherwise positive "I Turn to You" and "What a Girl Wants" both allude to love and affection

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23. - Christina Aguilera
Bands AZ christina aguilera. Audio Video. Music Downloads For The Record Quick News On christina aguilera, Aretha Franklin, Britney Spears, N.E.R.D
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24. Christina Aguilera - Dirty Stripped Dirrty
christina aguilera Biography - Discography - Pictures - Multimedia - Music - Video - Lyrics - MP3 - Chat - Forums - Genie in a bottle We have the hot stripped pictures of christina from Maxim
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25. The Christina Connection -
All about the amazing and talented christina aguilera. Constantly updated news, tv alerts, tour info, discography, videography, photos, audio, lyrics, bio, and more. in no way affiliated with christina aguilera, RCA Records, or BMG Entertainment Concert Tour Tickets, christina aguilera Concert Tickets, Madonna Concert Tickets, Entertainment
All about the amazing and talented Christina Aguilera. Constantly updated news, important dates, tv alerts, tour info, discography, photos, audio, lyrics, bio, and more.

26. Christina Aguilera
Features fun facts, images, lyrics, and links.
Click here to see Christina Aguilera.

27. Christina Aguilera Images Gallery,Christina Aguilera,Christina Aguilera Actress
LINK DIRECTORY. MUSIC ARTISTS FEMALE christina aguilera, christina aguilera, christina aguilera, christina aguilera, christina aguilera, christina aguilera.
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Official site offers a biography, photos, news, tour dates and appearances, wallpaper, screensavers, buddy icons, audio clips, and links.

29. Christina Aguilera At - Pics News Pictures
Presents vital stats, a biography, news, gossip and 30+ photos in thumbnailed galleries.


... Message Boards Christina Maria Aguilera is perhaps the most talented of the recent Disney mouse ear wearing bunch to hit the music scene. Her debut album Christina Aguilera rocketed to the #1 position in its initial week, outshining hip-hop icon Puff Daddy, selling over 250,000 copies. In listening to her talented range, it sometimes is difficult to believe this diva was only born on December 18th, 1980. Aguilera has won acclaim for bypassing lyrics targeted towards the cheesy pop fans that has become widespread enough to have begun being mocked by fast food restaurant Jack In The Box. Its safe to say Christina will not be the female followup commercial to the Meaty Cheesy Boys! Christina began performing even as a child. Born in Staten Island, New Jersey and raised in Wexford, Pennsylvania, Christina was singing the national anthem at a variety of events in her hometown area. And at the age of 9, Christina appeared on Star Search , only to leave empty handed (what little did they know!). A few years later, Aguilera landed a role on the Mickey Mouse Club . From there, Christina went on to sing

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31. Anti Christina Aguilera Links
A small collection of links to Antichristina webpages.
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Anti Christina Aguilera Links
Anti Links Anti-Christina Aguilera
Christina Sucks

Gallery of Horrors

Christina Silicone Aguilera
Anti Britney and Christina

Here's a collection of the best Anti-Christina sites around(one of which I created, the first link). Hope you enjoy and continue the Christina bashing!

32. Christina Aguilera  - Welcome
/Watch Xtina! Watch christina s latest video! The Voice Within Real-Hi Med Low. Welcome. We hope you enjoy your stay. Purchase christina s latest album!
//The Calander November 4: ELLEgirl magazine
November 6: Radio 1 @ 1pm ET MTV EMA's 2003 Hosting, nominated, performing.
November 25: Blender magazine November: Blender - December Cover December: Allure - January Cover January: Elle Girl //Watch X-tina! Watch Christina's latest video! The Voice Within
Real- Hi Med Low
All videos courtesy of RCA Records //BUY X-tina! Christina Aguilera Posters
Christina Aguilera @ EBay Auctions

Christina Aguilera videos, DVD and books
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33. Christina Aguilera

34. Christina Aguilera Pictures, MP3, Lyrics, Tabs, Posters, Sheet Music, Biography,
christina aguilera pictures, MP3, lyrics, photos, posters, sheet music, biography, tabs, wallpaper, discography, movies, videos. christina aguilera Categories,,_Christina/
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35. Christina Aguilera
Canciones, letras, biograf­a e im¡genes de esta cantante.

36. The Lyric ... All You Need For Song Lyrics
Pop, rock, r b, country. Such artists as N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Destiny's Child, Baha Men, o town, Britney Spears, christina aguilera, Pink, Aaliyah.
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37. Christina Slutty Aguilera Gallery
Collection of photographs.
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The Christina Slutty Aguilera Gallery
Christina continued to cut her shirts until all that was left were bras that barely covered her. Which suited her just fine because pedophiles hate clothing anyway.

38. Christina Aguilera UK - Christina Aguilera Photos Christina Aguilera Sexy Pictur
Welcome to christina aguilera UK. BIOGRAPHY. VIDEOS. PICTURES. POSTERS. LINKS. AUCTION. GAMES. RINGTONES. Ringtones. CATEGORY. Advertisements. Buy Posters at Copyright christina aguilera UK All Rights Reserved.
Welcome to Christina Aguilera UK
Detailed biography of Christina's career so far.

Latest Christina videos.

Some of the best Christina pics on the net.

Here you can purchase posters of Christina.

Links to the highest quality Christina sites. AUCTION
Christina DVD'S, CD'S and other stuff. GAMES RINGTONES Add Christina ringtones, background, screen savers to your mobile or cell phone. Ringtones CATEGORY POLYPHONIC RINGTONES
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39. LAUT - Christina Aguilera (Porträt)
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Christina Aguilera
Aus dem Mickey Mouse Club in die Charts: Mit Christina Aguilera ist nach Justin (N'Sync) und Britney Spears 1998 ein weiteres Produkt aus der Disney-Retorte auf dem Weg zum Teenie-Star. Geboren am 18. Dezember 1980 in Staten Island, New York, aufgewachsen in Wexford, PA, einem tristen Vorort der ehemaligen Stahl-Metropole Pittsburgh, ist es nach eigener Aussage schon immer das Ziel von Christina Maria Aguilera (sprich: A-Gi-Lehra), auf der ...

Christina gibt nicht nur tiefe Einblicke ins Dekolleté ... Christina Aguilera FANSHOP Christina Aguilera Poster - Stripped bei HappyFans Christina Aguilera Poster - Pose bei HappyFans Christina Aguilera Poster - Car bei HappyFans FOTOGALERIE NEWS Britney Spears Angst vor der Aguilera Sie küssten und sie schlugen sich - Hauptsache in den Schlagzeilen. Britney Spears Aguilera ist eifersüchtig Brit ist seit gestern der jüngste Popstar mit einem Stern auf dem berühmten Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame. Christina Aguilera zeigt sich derweil als schlechte Verliererin. Christina Aguilera Von der Bühne ins Bett Popsternchen Christina Aguilera hat sich eine akute Bronchitis eingefangen und cancelt die letzten Dates ihrer England-Tour.

40. Christina Aguilera Zone - Your Guide To Christina Aguilera
Thousands of christina aguilera pics, wallpaper, lyrics, downloads from stripped, daily christina news, chat and more. Welcome to christina Zone, your number one source for christina aguilera. I
Random Hot Pic
Welcome to Christina Zone, your number one source for Christina Aguilera. I hope that you like the the site and if you have any comments, suggestions, news or anything at all, email me
Latest Christina Aguilera Pics
Christina Raunchy Magazine Fever
Christina lights up newsstands with several new cover features! Check out these covers and click on the thumbnail to view the whole shoot!
Elle Girl
Maxim Magazine
Feb 2004
Loaded Magazine March 2004 Christina's Tour Cancelled Christina Aguilera has been forced to cancel her North American tour due to severely strained vocal chords. Christina was due to start her revamped concerts, with rapper Chingy, on May 13 in Seattle, but doctors have advised Christina to give her voice a rest - or risk permanent damage. "I'm really disappointed," she says. "I was looking forward to being on the road and spending time with my fans." All fans who bought tickets can get a refund from the ticket supplier. Christina at Grammy's 2004 Christina was at this years Grammy's looking as hot as ever. She also did a awesome performance of her track Beautiful

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