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         Affleck Ben:     more books (91)
  1. Daredevil #1 The Official Adaptation of the Hit Movie! Vol. 1 March 2003 by Jones, 2003
  2. TV Guide - May 23-29, 1998
  3. ArmageddonAnd After by W. L. Courtney, 2010-03-25
  5. Armageddon And After -W.L. Courtney, M.A., LL.D. by M.A., LL.D. W.L. Courtney, 2010-02-18
  6. An English Garner by Professor Arber Thomas Seccombe, 2009-07-23

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webmaster corner Join Affiliate Programs Join Advertising Networks Join Popup Networks Born As: Benjamin Geza Affleck Date of Birth: August 15, 1972 Birth Place: Berkeley, CA Education: University of Vermont in Burlington, VT (dropped out); attended Occidental College in Eagle Rock, CA. Cambridge Rindge and latin School Posters: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 ... Page 8 Pictures: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Wallpapers: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Contact Ben Affleck: Click here to find Ben Affleck fan mail address!

122. TEEN HOLLYWOOD.COM - Hang Out With The Stars!
ben jokes about movies, tabloids, love and life

123. Rumor Has It
A comprehensive guide to ben affleck's upcoming television appearances, movie projects, magazine covers and articles.
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Rumor Has It
Ben on TV Ben in Print ... Ben Affleck Movie Database Rumor has it...
Ben Affleck's upcoming television appearances, movie projects, magazine covers and articles and whatever else we can dig up.

Please don't email me all pissed off that I didn't have something and you missed it. I can only add what I know, and I only know what people email me.
Ben on tv
Due to popular demand I have compiled all of Ben's tv appearances and movies to be shown on television soon. Check it out, and set your VCRs
Ben in print
Check out this page for information about magazine covers, interviews and articles with Affleck coming out soon.
Ben on the silver screen
Information on Ben's upcoming movie projects, including acting, directing, and producing.
Ben Affleck Movie Database A great site by a good friend of mine, Erica Smith (also of with information on all of Ben's previous movies. Definately worth a good look. Do you know of an upcoming Ben appearance, or other gossip?

124. The Unofficial Ben And Casey Affleck Site
Dedicated to the brothers, affleck. Lots of upto-date news, pictures. There is also a message board and store.
The Unofficial
Ben and Casey Affleck Site Want this site updated? Help me get back by clicking here ! Thank you!
CASEY "All news and info, all Ben and Casey, all the time.
A flattering and constantly updated site that we highly recommend."-
"Hello Hello...just hanging out in NYC, surfing the net, looking for something to do. I will be on for a few more minutes if anyone out there has something to say, if not, I will cry later.
And yes this really is me, I just looked in the mirror. Keep Cool. " -Casey Affleck
"I'm flattered... I know that this might sound totally insane, but I was looking at the latest dedications to myself.I bet that made me sound really self centered, but this is a really cool site.Thanx for all of the support, I could never have been who I am without all of my fans.I'll visit again soon.Bye!"- Ben Affleck what's new? links past news
message board
... posters

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125. Affleck, Ben
Ben Affleck
GLOBE SATELLITE GUILD ... APEX Screenplay Written Directly For The Screen

Good Will Hunting

Ben Affleck

Good Will Hunting

Ben Affleck
GLOBE SATELLITE GUILD ... APEX Original Screenplay

Good Will Hunting

Ben Affleck
GLOBE SATELLITE GUILD ... APEX W.G.A. Award - Screenplay Written Directly For The Screen
Good Will Hunting Ben Affleck OSCAR GLOBE SATELLITE GUILD ... APEX Original Screenplay Good Will Hunting Ben Affleck OSCAR GLOBE SATELLITE GUILD ... APEX Original Screenplay - Drama Good Will Hunting

126. Ben Affleck
Includes news, pictures, articles, interviews, movies, downloads, and links. is proud to present: Ben Affleck Click Here to Enter

127. Ben Affleck
Translate this page AlloCiné Célébrités ben affleck. © Corbis Sygma. ben affleck. Réalisateur, Acteur, Producteur, Scénariste américain.
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DVD Actualités ... Célébrités Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck Réalisateur, Acteur, Producteur, Scénariste américain
Né(e) le 15 Août 1972 à Berkely, Californie (Etats-Unis)
Né d'un père travailleur social et d'une mère institutrice, Ben Affleck a également un jeune frère, Casey Affleck , qui deviendra également comédien. Il fait ses débuts d'acteur très jeune en tournant un spot publicitaire pour Burger King et en jouant dans The Dark end of the street (1981), un drame de Jan Egleson . Il enchaîne alors les séries télévisées et téléfilms comme The Voyage of the Mimi (1984), ou encore The Second Voyage of the Mimi
Durant sa scolarité à Harvard, il fait la rencontre de Matt Damon qui devient son ami. Ben Affleck abandonne bientôt ses études pour se consacrer à sa passion : le cinéma. En 1992, il apparaît dans La Différence de Robert Mandel , et décroche, la même année, le rôle d'un basketteur dans Buffy the vampire slayer de Fran Rubel Kuzui . En 1993, il fait la connaissance de Kevin Smith . De leur collaboration naîtront quatre comédies burlesques : Les Glandeurs Méprise multiple Dogma (2000) et
En 1997, Ben Affleck coécrit avec Matt Damon le scénario de

128. Ben Affleck
A collection of links to other fan pages and clubs. Also has picture gallery and biography.
  • Name: Benjamin Geza Affleck
  • birthdate: August 15, 1972
  • birthplace: Berkeley, CA
  • siblings: younger brother Casey, also an actor
  • He grew up in Boston in Central Square in Cambridge
  • His mother is a 6th grade teacher back in Cambridge (his parents are divorced)
  • His father lives in Los Angeles and works at a drug and alcohol rehabiliatation center, former bartender
    His Movies
  • School Ties (1992) Chesty Smith
  • Dazed and Confused (1993) O'Bannion
  • Mallrats (1995) Shannon Hamilton
  • Glory Daze (1996) Jack
  • Chasing Amy (1997) Holden McNeil
  • Going All the Way (1997) Gunner Casselman
  • Good Will Hunting (1997) Chuckie
  • Phantoms (1998) Bryce Hammond
  • Armageddon (1998) A.J. Frost
  • Shakespeare In Love (1998) Ned Alleyn
  • Forces of Nature (1999) Ben Holmes
  • 200 Cigarettes (1999) Bartender ...
  • Dogma (1999) Bartleby In The Works
  • Reindeer Games (1999) Rudy
  • The Boiler Room(1999) Jim
  • Daddy and Them (1999)
  • The Third Wheel (2000) This Ben Affleck Web Ring site is owned by Jodie Would you like to add your site to the Ben Affleck Ring? Get the
  • 129. Ben Affleck: Photo Gallery, Multimedia, Biography, Awards, Credits And Merchandi
    ben affleck photo gallery, multimedia, biography, awards, credits and merchandise. ben affleck Menu. Home back to the main page. ben affleck. Contact ben affleck.
    homepage send greeting card contact Ben Affleck Menu Home
    back to the main page Photo Gallery
    one of the best on the web Credits
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    buy posters and signed photos Biography
    find out more about the star Search Our Site:
    Find pictures, screensavers, wallpaper, skins for ICQ/Hotbar, and many more.
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    Ben Affleck
    Contact Ben Affleck
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    130. Ben Matt Affleck Damon
    Pictures, biography and filmography of the two actors.
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    Ben Matt Affleck Damon Hello, and welcome to the newly designed Ben Matt Affleck Damon. As you can tell it has changed quite a lot. This is the first of many pages that will be changed. So please before you go tell me what you think of the new design. Also, I have created a banner for my site so please use it if you plan on taking pictures. I have spent time on this site so show me some credit. Since this site is constantly under construction new pictures and info will be added shortly. Enjoy, and please come back often to see the updates. Finally, thanks for coming. =) P.S. I guess you can tell by now that I like this picture well it happens to be excellent so I am using it. You are Ben/Matt fan # since 5/6/00 Last Updated 6/27/00

    131. Ben Affleck -




    Ben Affleck
    en lire plus... Sa biographie Ses romances Son adresse ... Ben Affleck regrette ses erreurs de jeunesse
    L'acteur américain envisage sérieusement de se faire effacer les six gros tatouages qu'il s'est fait faire par le passé. Jennifer Lopez à nouveau fiancée ?
    La chanteuse latine s'affiche avec une nouvelle bague de fiançailles quatre mois à peine après avoir rompu avec son ex-fiancé. Ben Affleck en faveur d'une hausse des bas salaires
    L'acteur a accompagné, jeudi, le sénateur démocrate du Massachusetts au Sénat pour plaider en faveur d'une hausse des bas salaires. Ben Affleck avec l'ex de George Clooney
    L'acteur américain a enfin retrouvé sa joie de vivre perdue depuis sa rupture avec Jennifer Lopez grâce à sa nouvelle compagne. Jennifer Lopez n'est pas la cause du divorce de Marc Anthony
    Le chanteur a posté un message sur son site officiel afin de faire savoir que sa prétendue romance avec la chanteuse n'est pas à l'origine de son divorce. Contactez-nous Devenez annonceur

    132. Chasing Ben Affleck
    The premiere site for ben affleck fans and admirers.
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    Jersey Girl
    pictures are available. March 22 , The site has been updated with pictures from Jersey Girl Paycheck Gigli , and Daredevil March 23 , The Interviews and Links sections have been updated. Daredevil is now available on Video/DVD. pictures from Daredevil are in the images section. Get this poster from Ben has been devoting his time to worthy causes. He was recently in DC with Senator Kennedy from Massachusetts lobbying to raise the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.00 an hour He's also been helping out that other excellent Senator from Massachusetts in his campaign for the presidency. Ben supports John Kerry for president and suggests that you vote for him. Please register to vote if you need to. If someone like Schwarzenegger can become governor of California (at least he's married to a Kennedy), an articulate, intelligent guy like Ben can certainly join the elite ranks of the US Senate. If I were him I'd wait 20 years, though. Just in case he's considering it. Paycheck will be available on DVD May 18, 2004. New

    133. The Complete Ben Affleck Page
    Contains articles as well as pictures and a message board.
    Cool News Want to meet Ben, Matt and the whole cast of Dogma ? Well the extra casting call is up.  click here for more information on it. I'll see you there :)
    The first AffleckChat is planned to be right after the Oscars on 3/23/98  click here for more details Articles From a recent USA Today article
    "It's weird, but it's also hollow," he says. "When you see how the media can just so quickly create a name. . . . It's hard for me to believe people really know who I am. I was walking through a hotel lobby the other day and this lady goes, 'Oh, my God! It's Ben Affleck, there's Ben Affleck!' The lady with her looks right at me and goes, 'Where? Where? Where?' I tend to think they think I'm someone else. I feel like saying, 'Have you really seen anything I've done? You don't really know me. It's just like a name you've heard.' "  
    Click for full article
    From the Oprah Interview 
    "It's sort of like stepping into someone else's life. It was not long ago, that we'd be sitting at home and the phone wouldn't be ringing, and we'd be watching Oprah like these guys aren't that good. We're better than these guys. You know what I mean? And then all of the sudden you're out there and it's like there's an audience, and its a very surreal very weird sort of transition to make. "
    Click for full article

    From a Boston Phoenix article
    "I think that a lot of people start out trying to write their own way," says Affleck. "People told us we were making a mistake, that it would never work out, that it went against conventional wisdom. We just went ahead anyway." 

    134. Search Results
    Buy Movie Posters! ben affleck has appeared in the following movies, ordered with the most recent movie first. Please click on a title to learn more about it.

    135. Dana's Good Ben Affleck Hunting
    Fan site, as seen in 'us' magazine with pictures, links, and news.
    Main My First Home Page htmlAdWH('7002588', '234', '60'); as seen in october '99's us magazine's choice website
    click on button below to enter dgbah mail-
    page created with Easy Designer

    136. Michelle's Ben Affleck Pages
    Contains pictures, interviews, biography, and filmography.
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    137. ARROWED >> Ben Affleck Hatelisting
    Welcome This is ARROWED, the ben affleck hatelisting approved by If you entertain ill thoughts against Mr. affleck, join the club!
    Welcome This is ARROWED , the Ben Affleck hatelisting approved by . If you entertain ill thoughts against Mr. Affleck, join the club! For more information on why this site is in existence, and it's purpose, swing by the about section. Last updated on May 20, 2004
    Total members:
    Pending members: Part of:

    138. Ben Affleck
    With photos, movie clips, movie reviews, news, biography, chat, bulletin board, and links.
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    139. Ben Affleck
    affleck, ben. ben affleck Videos. ben affleck Biography Born on 8/15/72 in Berkeley, California. LINKS. Official Site. About Romantic Movies ben affleck.
    HOME CONTACT Affleck, Ben Ben Affleck Videos Ben Affleck Biography: Born on 8/15/72 in Berkeley, California. At age 8 Ben starred in the popular PBS television series "The Voyage of Mimi". Ben's first film was the popular feature "Dazed and Confused", but soon after he decided to star in a number of Independent films such as "Chasing Amy, and Going All the Way". Enormous success finally came when he collaborated with Matt Damon to write and star in the film "Good Will Hunting". Ben's most current role can be found in "Pearl Harbor". Filmography "Surviving Christmas" (2004)
    "Jersey Girl" (2004)
    "Project Greenlight 2" (2003)
    "Paycheck" (2003)
    "The Battle of Shaker Heights" (2003)
    "Gigli" (2003)
    "The 75th Annual Academy Awards" (2003)
    Daredevil (2003)
    Speakeasy (2002)
    Push, Nevada (2002)
    "The Making of 'Changing Lanes'" (2002) "2002 MTV Movie Awards" (2002) "The Third Wheel" (2002) "The Sum of All Fears" (2002) "Changing Lanes" (2002) "Stolen Summer" (2002) "2001 Teen Choice Awards" (2001) "Crossing Cords" (2001) "Judge Not: In Defense of Dogma" (2001) "Journey to the Screen: The Making of 'Pearl Harbor'" (2001) "Project Greenlight" (2001) Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) AFI's 100 Years, 100 Thrills: America's Most Heart-Pounding Movies (2001)

    140. Movie Posters At Movie Poster Warehouse
    MORE GIFT IDEAS. FRAMING. AFFILIATE REWARD. UPDATE ACCOUNT. WHY US? GO BACK , affleck, ben Product ID PER184 rolled print 0 24 x 36 $8.00 (US).

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