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         Calculus:     more books (100)
  1. Calculus, Student Solutions Manual (Chapters 1 - 12): One and Several Variables by Satunino L. Salas, Garret J. Etgen, et all 2007-01-29
  2. The Fractional Calculus: Theory and Applications of Differentiation and Integration to Arbitrary Order (Dover Books on Mathematics) by Keith B. Oldham, Jerome Spanier, 2006-04-28

141. Présentation De Laurent Regnier
University of Marseilles Linear logic, lambda calculus and abstract machine interpretations.
Laurent Regnier
Professeur à l' université de la Méditerranée
Chercheur à l' Institut de Mathématiques de Luminy au sein de l'équipe Logique De la Programmation
Enseignant au département de mathématiques de la faculté des sciences de Luminy Téléphone :
  • bureau +33 4 91 26 96 42 fax +33 4 91 26 96 55
Adresse électronique : regnier à iml point univ-mrs point fr Publications Enseignements (notes de cours, exos, etc.).

142. Lambda Calculus
Lambda calculus. This is a brief introduction to the lambda calculus and the interpreter; it should be used in conjunction with a book or other material.
Lambda Calculus
LA home



Also see:

  • Introduction
  • Lambda Calculus
  • A Functional Programming Language
  • Programming Techniques: The Parser ...
  • Appendix - Misc' Routines
  • Example Lambda Calculus Programs The toy Lambda Calculus interpreter can be run through the wwweb. You should read at least the sections down to and including Programming Techniques first. There are very tight limits set on the size and running time of programs that can be run in this way.
    8% GST subsidy on textbooks ended by the Fed' Gov'. 1 July+ students will pay 10% GST on textbooks. window on the wide world:

    free op' sys' OpenOffice free office suite, ver1.1.1 now available The GIMP free photoshop Non Campus Mentis including Florence of Arabia Dilbert weasels list cons nil the [ ] list null predicate hd head (1st) tl tail (rest) L. Allison (or as otherwise indicated), School of Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • 143. Graphing Software For Data, Algebra, Calculus And Trigonometry And Solutions Of
    Enter first and second order nonlinear ordinary differential in analytical form. The program will generate a numerical solution to the equations and graph multiple curves on a single graph. Can also be used for algebra and calculus formulas. Includes illustrations and free demo.
    Airfoil Analysis


    VisualFoil NACA

    VisualFoil Lite

    Graphing Tools
    Graph Paper

    Science Graphs
    Perpetual Paper Calculators The Center of Gravity Calculator. eBooks Aerodynamics in Plain English. Services Workshops Consulting Purchase OnLine Mail Order Contact Dr. P. Hanley Tel:(352) 687-4466 PO Box 831514 Ocala, FL 34483 Dr. Hanley's Science Graphs Written by Patrick Hanley, Ph.D. Version: 2.0 Standard Standard Price Download Size: 2.73 MB Requirements Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000 Download Now!: Purchase OnLine. Order Toll Free Mail Order: Order Form. Technical: E-mail or (352) 687-4466 Qwerks, Inc . Secure On-line Purchase. Dr. Hanley's Science Graphs tm is an easy to use software package for graphing equations and data using your PC. The new version of Science Graphs can be used to generate numerical solutions of first and second order non-linear ordinary differential equations. This feature is Ideal for checking your analytical solutions against Science Graph's Numerical Answers. However, it can be used to solve problems that are too difficult to obtain by hand calculations. The software is useful for algebra trigonometry calculus , physics, differential equations and engineering . Science Graphs can also be used to graph up to 1,000 x-y data points from an ASCII file.

    144. World Web Math: Vector Calculus Index
    Vector calculus Index, Vector Fields; Double and Triple Integrals; Surfaces; Fundamental Theorems of Vector calculus. World Web Math Main Directory.
    Vector Calculus Index Paths: Topics: World Web Math Main Directory Last modified November 21, 1998

    145. Advanced Physical Chemistry At The University Of Connecticut
    Contains guided readings in Advanced Physical Chemistry and Theoretical Chemistry, specifically, Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics, with an emphasis on chemical applications. Notice that Guided Reading means what it says, you can not simply read the material contained in this site, you must answer questions about the material as you proceed. These notes allow persons to review/carry out the algebra and calculus for standard quantum mechanical problems.
    This Advanced Physical Chemistry site at the University of Connecticut has moved to If your browser does not take you to that site in a reasonable amount of time, please use the above link to get there.
    We would also appreciate it if you would update your Bookmark to indicate this change.
    Thank you.

    146. World Web Math: Calculus Index
    calculus Index. Paths Independent Study. Topics Summary;
    Calculus Index
    Paths: Topics:

    147. Math History
    Thomas calculus. This calculus. Learn about the history of calculus. The history of calculus is rich and full of considerable human effort.
    Thomas' Calculus
    This guide to the history of calculus is keyed to the chapters and content of the 10th edition of Thomas' Calculus . This electronic document highlights important events and people in the development and use of calculus.
    Learn about the history of calculus
    The history of calculus is rich and full of considerable human effort. By investigating this guide, through the sections containing a timeline, essays on the development of the major elements and topics of the subject, biographies of over 100 contributors and users of the subjects, and a set of over 100 problems (questions keyed to chapters in the book) to investigate in the history of calculus, you can learn more about the subject and how it has been used to help society.
    Use with the textbook
    These history modules (topic essays and biographies) can be used to supplement a reading assignment or lecture or with the problem exercises can supplement the outside class work. They are excellent sources for written or oral projects. The textbook contains icons that indicate good places where history modules can be used.

    148. An Introduction To Lambda Calculus And Scheme
    $Id lambda.html,v 1.2 2001/02/01 014343 jim Exp jim $ An Introduction to Lambda calculus and Scheme. Jim Larson 199607-26. Formal Lambda calculus.
    $Id: lambda.html,v 1.2 2001/02/01 01:43:43 jim Exp jim $
    An Introduction to Lambda Calculus and Scheme
    Jim Larson
    This talk was given at the JPL Section 312 Programming Lunchtime Seminar.
    Functions and Lambda Notation
    A function accepts input and produces an output. Suppose we have a "chocolate-covering" function that produces the following outputs for the corresponding inputs: peanuts -> chocolate-covered peanuts rasins -> chocolate-covered rasins ants -> chocolate-covered ants We can use Lambda-calculus to describe such a function: Lx.chocolate-covered x This is called a lambda-expression. (Here the "L" is supposed to be a lowercase Greek "lambda" character). If we want to apply the function to an argument, we use the following syntax: (Lx.chocolate-covered x)peanuts -> chocolate-covered peanuts Functions can also be the result of applying a lambda-expression, as with this "covering function maker": Ly.Lx.y-covered x We can use this to create a caramel-covering function: (Ly.Lx.y-covered x)caramel -> Lx.caramel-covered x Functions can also be the inputs to other functions, as with this "apply-to-ants" function:

    149. Project Links | Home
    Contains modules for probability and statistics, discreet math, linear systems and advanced calculus. Developed by the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


    Background on the people
    involved in the project. Assumptions
    How we intend these modules
    to be used in the classroom.
    Hardware and software requirements. For Instructors
    Information for instructors using our materials.
    The Project Links Modules
    by general applied topic by general mathematics topic Hardware and Software Guidelines
    Recommendations for setting up your computer to maximize your time with Project Links. Developers' Connection
    Documentation and services for current developers and programmers, and for those with new module ideas. Jobs with Project Links
    Information for those RPI students with programming skills in Java, HTML, and Director. 2001 ASME Curriculum Innovation Award 2000 NEEDS Premier Award for Excellence in Engineering Education [2/24/03]: The website has been updated. The electromagtic field applets have been fixed, and a preliminary version of the module "compatibility mode" has been deployed.

    150. Difference Equations To Differential Equations
    An introduction to calculus. A companion multivariable calculus text, The calculus of Functions of Several Variables is available here.
    Difference Equations to Differential Equations
    An introduction to calculus
    Difference Equations to Differential Equations is distributed under the GNU General Public License ("copyleft"). See below for details. Each section of the text is available in both PostScript and Portable Document Format (PDF) formats. If you require a PostScript viewer, click here for information on obtaining and installing a PostScript viewer. If you require a PDF viewer, click here or here for information on obtaining and installing a PDF viewer. Difference Equations to Differential Equations was written with the help of Tex DVIPS xdvi PDFTeX ... Mathematica A companion multi-variable calculus text, The Calculus of Functions of Several Variables is available here Send e-mail to Dan Sloughter to report any errors. Chapter Section Applet Date PostScript PDF Sequences, limits,
    and difference equations
    Calculus: areas and tangents Area of a circle
    Tangent line for a parabola
    154 kb 103 kb Sequences
    235 kb
    128 kb The sum of a sequence
    128 kb
    109 kb Difference equations
    210 kb
    113 kb Nonlinear difference equations Inhibited population growth 291 kb 106 kb Functions and
    and their properties
    Functions and their graphs
    406 kb
    132 kb Trigonometric functions Square wave approximation
    Sound wave approximation
    413 kb 138 kb Limits and the notion of continuity
    355 kb
    141 kb Continuous functions
    188 kb
    102 kb Some consequences of continuity 202 kb 105 kb Best affine approximations Best affine approximations Affine approximations 206 kb 111 kb Best affine approximations, derivatives and rates of change

    151. A Curry-Howard Foundation For Functional Computation With Control - Ong, Stewart
    Article by C.H. L. Ong and C. A. Stewart which presents a call-by-name variant of Parigot's lambda-mu calculus. The calculus is proposed as a foundation for first-class continuations and statically scoped exceptions in functional programming languages.
    A Curry-Howard foundation for functional computation with control (1997) (Make Corrections) (36 citations)
    C.-H. L. Ong, C. A. Stewart
    Context Related View or download:
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    From: publications (more)
    Homepages: C.Ong HPSearch (Update Links)
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    Abstract: We introduce the type theory ¯ v , a call-by-value variant of Parigot's ¯-calculus, as a Curry-Howard representation theory of classical propositional proofs. The associated rewrite system is Church-Rosser and strongly normalizing, and definitional equality of the type theory is consistent, compatible with cut, congruent and decidable. The attendant call-by-value programming language ¯pcf v is obtained from ¯ v by augmenting it by basic arithmetic, conditionals and fixpoints. We study the... (Update)
    Context of citations to this paper: More ...formal ways of reasoning about them would be useful. One possibility is equational reasoning using control calculi such as C [2] or The counterexample in Section 3 shows the limitations of these calculi, however, in that their equational theories are not consistent...

    152. Multivariable Calculus In The Lab
    Multivariable calculus in the Lab. A collection of Maple V R3 Worksheets. Used in Math 222 at Cornell, Fall 1994. Copyright Notice.
    Multivariable Calculus in the Lab
    A collection of Maple V R3 Worksheets
    Used in Math 222 at Cornell, Fall 1994
    Some Maple Release 7 Versions (and Related) Worksheets are now available here This collection of worksheets was written for Maple V R3 on the Macs. It was a first time using these materials, so there are rough edges to be improved upon. The Mac interface to Maple is a very nice one, although significantly different from the Unix xmaple and Windows interfaces. In particular it supports the pasting of color pictures into worksheets. Also, these worksheets use multi-line input at times, and hence rely on the Mac option that only the enter key sends input to Maple. The worksheets can be accessed by any of: Download Entire Collection (as Math_222.sea.hqx) in Mac Format
    Table of Contents

    153. New Calculus With Maple V Homepage Address
    The online texts listed serve as supplements for studying calculus and Differential Equations.

    154. SpringerLink - Publication
    calculus help Search. Mathematics, calculus Tutorials Lessons Guide picks. calculus tutorials, lessons, worksheets and instructions. calculus Online
    Articles Publications Publishers

    Publication Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations Publisher: Springer-Verlag Heidelberg ISSN: 0944-2669 (Paper) 1432-0835 (Online) Subject: Mathematics Physics and Astronomy Issues in bold contain article full text that you are entitled to view. Online First Volume 20 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 19 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 ... Request a sample Volume 18 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 17 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 16 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 15 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 14 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 13 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 12 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 11 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 10 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 9 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 8 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 7 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 6 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 5 Number 6 Number 5 Number 4 Number 3 ... Number 1 Volume 4 Number 6 Number 5 Number 4 Number 3 ... Number 1 Volume 3 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Publication 1 of 1 Previous Publication Next Publication Linking Options About This Journal Editorial Board Manuscript Submission Quick Search Search within this publication...

    155. Math Homework Help - Textbook Solutions And Answers For Tutoring In Prealgebra,
    Solutions problems in popular US textbooks, algebra through calculus. Solutions include hints and explained steps up to and including the final answer.
    Math Homework Help
    Found Here!
    Doing math homework can now be quicker, easier, and more effective than ever before. We show step-by-step explanations for the actual homework problems in math textbooks (odd-numbered problems only). Our tutorial solutions with answers cover middle school math through algebra, geometry, precalculus, and calculus.
    , Inc.

    156. Basic Calculus
    Discusses the development of analytic geometry, derivative and integral functions dating from Archimedes

    157. Mathematical Sciences, Richard Statman
    Carnegie Mellon University Theory of computation, lambda calculus, combinatory logic.
    Visiting Faculty


    Graduate Students
    Richard Statman
    Ph.D., Stanford University Office: Wean Hall 7214
    Phone: (412) 268-8475
    My principal research interests lie in the theory of computation with special emphasis on symbolic computation. In particular, my current research involves lambda calculus and combinatory algebra. This area underwent extensive development in the first half of this century, and then lay dormant until Dana Scott's fundamental work in the 1970's. Part of what has emerged from Scott's work is that lambda calculus forms the foundation of functional programming at both the semantic and syntactic levels. As a result, the area has been revived by an influx of theoretical problems directly related to design and implementation issues.
    Selected Publications
    Church's lambda delta calculus, LPR '00 The word problem for combinators, RTA '00
    Marginalia to a theorem of Jacopini, TLCA '99
    Statman, R., "On Sets of Solutions to Combinator Equations," to appear in Theoretical Computer Science. Statman, R., "The Word Problem for Smullyan's Lark Combinator is Decidable," to appear in the Journal of Symbolic Computation.

    158. Calculus Resources
    Langara College Department of Mathematics and Statistics Internet Resources for the calculus Student Topics in calculus.
    Langara College - Department of Mathematics and Statistics Internet Resources for the Calculus Student
    Topics in Calculus
    Other Internet Resources for Calculus and Analysis
    Tools Resource Collections, Courses and Programmes,
    If you have come across any good web-based calculus support materials that are not in the above listed collections, please do let us know and we may add them here. Give Feedback Return to Langara College Homepage

    159. Proof Theoretic Approach To Specification Languages - Chirimar (ResearchIndex)
    Thesis studies FORUM as specification language. FORUM is a higher order logic based on the logical connectives of Linear Logic. Initial example demonstrates that FORUM is well suited to specify concurrent computations by specifying the higher order Ÿ calculus.
    Proof Theoretic Approach To Specification Languages (1995) (Make Corrections) (26 citations)
    Jawahar Lal Chirimar
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    Abstract: PROOF THEORETIC APPROACH TO SPECIFICATION LANGUAGES Jawahar Lal Chirimar Advisor: Dale Miller In this thesis I study FORUM as a specification language. FORUM is a higher-order logic based on the logical connectives of Linear Logic. As an initial example, I demonstrate that FORUM is well suited for specifying concurrent computations by specifying the higherorder ß calculus. Next, I focus on the problem of specifying programming languages with higher-order functions, and imperative features such ... (Update) Context of citations to this paper: More F of [C2] then t is an instance of r in C and It] factors through [r ] n particular, there is an arrow Co , C1 such that t = 9r and factors through F.

    160. SpringerLink - Publication
    StudyWorks! Online Interactive calculusInteractive calculus. The activities in this section will help you get a handson feel for some of the fundamental principles of calculus.

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