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         Zitkala-sa 1876-1938:     more detail
  1. Old Indian legends by 1876-1938 Zitkala-Sa, 2010-08-24
  2. The Flight of Red Bird: The Life of Zitkala-Sa by Doreen Rappaport, 1997-07-01

61. "Why I Am A Pagan"
Native American Graphics. Why I Am a Pagan © by ZitkalaSa (aka GertrudeSimmons Bonnin 1876-1938) Written in 1902. When the spirit
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Bead Divider Bar Used on This Page - Courtesy and © Greasy Grass Native American Graphics Why I Am a Pagan
by Zitkala-Sa (aka Gertrude Simmons Bonnin 1876-1938)
Written in 1902. When the spirit swells my breast I love to roam leisurely among the green hills; or sometimes, sitting on the brink of the murmuring Missouri, I marvel at the great blue overhead. With half closed eyes I watch the huge cloud shadows in their noiseless play upon the high bluffs opposite me, while into my ear ripple the sweet, soft cadences of the river's song. Folded hands lie in my lap, for the time forgot. My heart and I lie small upon the earth like a grain of throbbing sand. Drifting clouds and tinkling waters, together with the warmth of a genial summer day, bespeak with eloquence the loving Mystery round about us. During the idle while I sat upon the sunny river brink, I grew somewhat, though my response be not so clearly manifest as in the green grass fringing the edge of the high bluff back of me. At length retracing the uncertain footpath scaling the precipitous embankment, I seek the level lands where grow the wild prairie flowers. And they, the lovely little folk, soothe my soul with their perfumed breath.

Vicente, 18671928 Boldrewood, Rolf, 1826-1915 AKA Browne, Thomas Alexander, 1826-1915Bonnin, Gertrude (Zitkala-Sa) AKA Zitkala-Sa, 1876-1938 Booth, William

63. Music | AMRC | Journal Vol. 5
Dominguez, Susan, “ZitkalaSa (Gertrude Simmons Bonnin), 1876-1938(Re) discovering The Sun Dance,” 583-96 CHINOOK ONLINE
MUSIC LIBRARY American Music Research Center Journal Volume 5 (1995) Special Issue on the Music of Native Americans Romero, Brenda, “Preface” [to Special Issue on the Music of Native Americans], 5:1-4 Cook, Bruce, “Cultural Metaphor and Music: A Syncretic Bicultural Teaching Experience in a Navajo High School,” 5:5-36 Teskey, Nancy, and Gordon Brock, “Elements of Continuity in Kwakiutl Traditions,” 5:37-55 Mullins, Steve, “‘Metric Modulation’ or Drum Tempo Contrasts in Hopi Tradition Dance,” 5:57-69 Browner, Tara, “A Reexamination of the Peji Waci,” 5:71-81 Dominguez, Susan, “Zitkala-Sa (Gertrude Simmons Bonnin), 1876-1938: (Re) discovering The Sun Dance,” 5:83-96 This page last modified 10 August 2002. Send comments to Top of page.

64. Virginia Tech Libraries: New Book List
Hafen. Author ZitkalaSa, 1876-1938. Publisher Lincoln Universityof Nebraska Press, 2001. Location NEWMAN. Call E159 M97 2001.
New Book List September 2001 (select month)
Select Call Number: (view key)
B C ... Theses
E: American History
Call: Title:
Bioarchaeology of Spanish Florida : the impact of colonialism / edited by Clark Spencer Larsen ; foreword by Publisher: Gainesville : University Press of Florida, c2001. Location: NEWMAN
Call: Title: Aboriginal autonomy and development in northern Quebec and Labrador / [edited by] Colin H. Scott. Publisher: Vancouver : UBC Press, 2001. Location: NEWMAN
Call: Title: Deadly landscapes : case studies in prehistoric southwestern warfare / edited by Glen E. Rice and Steven A. Publisher: Salt Lake City : University of Utah Press, c2001. Location: NEWMAN
Call: Title: Anti-Indianism in modern America : a voice from Tatekeya's Earth / Elizabeth Cook-Lynn. Author: Cook-Lynn, Elizabeth. Publisher: Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c2001. Location: NEWMAN
Call: Title: Native America collected : the culture of an art world / Margaret Dubin. Author: Dubin, Margaret D., 1967-

65. [úéììë äéøåèñéä] ïåøù ,éåìä äöøîä
äéøåèñéäá øôñä ñøå÷. Klein, Kerwin Lee, 1961 Bisonecology and bison diplomacy . Zitkala-Sa, 1876-1938 Documents .
  • Mohr, James C.
    "Abortion in America"
  • Luker, Kristin
    "Abortion, motherhood, and morality"
  • Gartner, Lloyd P., 1927-
    "Anglo-Jewry and the Jewish international traffic in prostitution, 1885-1914"
  • "Comstock law, 1873"
  • Sanger, Margaret, 1879-1966
    "I resolved that women should have knowledge of contraception"
  • Walkowitz, Judith R.
    "Jack the Ripper and the myth of male violence"
  • Banner, Lois W.
    "Menopause and its meaning"
  • Wade, Roe V.
    "Planned parenthood of southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey, 1992"
  • White, Luise
    "Postitution, differentiation, and the world economy"
  • Bailey, Beth L., 1957-
    "Prostitutes on strike"
  • Smith-Rosenberg, Carroll
    "The female world of love and ritual"
  • Horowitz, Maryanne Cline, 1945- "The science of embryology before the discovery of the ovum"
  • Lang, Sabine "There is more than just women and men"
  • Leavitt, Judith Walzer (offpirnts) "Under the shadow of maternity"
  • Kunzel, Regina G., 1959- "Unwed mothers, social workers, and the postwar family"
  • Klein, Kerwin Lee, 1961- "Bison ecology and bison diplomacy"
  • Zitkala-Sa, 1876-1938 "Documents"
  • Deutsch, Sarah
  • 66. Old Indian Legends
    Old Indian Legends by ZitkalaSa, 1876-1938....... Old Indian Legends Author University of Virginia Library Electronic Text CenterType etext
    the Internet Public Library
    Native American Authors: Browsing by Book Title
    Old Indian legends by Zitkala Sa
    Zitkala Sa. Old Indian legends
    University of Nebraska Press : 1985.
    Genre: Folklore
    Description: 165 p., (14) leaves of plates : ill. ; 21 cm.
    Old Indian legends / retold by Zitkala-Sa ; with illustrations by Angel De Cora.
    Foreword by Agnes M. Picotte.
    Dakota IndiansLegends.
    Indians of North AmericaFolklore.
    ISBN: Lincoln
    Websites about Old Indian legends:
    Old Indian Legends
    Author: University of Virginia Library Electronic Text Center
    Type: etext Description: Old Indian Legends by Zitkala-Sa, 1876-1938. University of Nebraska Press Lincoln, Nebraska 1985 Published: 1901 URL: Return to Browse by title Native American Authors The IPL Reference Center IPL Main Lobby

    67. American Indian Stories
    195 p. ; 21 cm. ZitkalaSa,1876-1938. Yankton IndiansBiography. Indians of North...... Nebraska Press, 1921. Genre Biography
    the Internet Public Library
    Native American Authors: Browsing by Book Title
    American Indian stories by Zitkala Sa
    Zitkala Sa. American Indian stories
    Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, 1921.
    Genre: Biography
    Description: 195 p. ; 21 cm.
    Zitkala-Sa, 1876-1938.
    Yankton IndiansBiography.
    Indians of North AmericaSocial conditions
    ISBN: 0803299028 (pbk.)
    Websites about American Indian stories:
    American Indian Stories by Zitkala-Sa
    Author: Amazon.Com
    Type: bookreview
    Description: An editorial review for the book American Indian Stories by Jesse Larsen. URL: Return to Browse by title Native American Authors The IPL Reference Center IPL Main Lobby

    68. Newsletter #64
    This book gives full play to ZitkalaSa s (1876-1938) voice as she ranges from representationsof her Yankton Sioux heritage to essays intended to educate and
    SIROW - Newsletter of the Southwest Institute for Research on Women
    No. 63
    November 2001
    Collaborative Projects Support Girls and Women and Girls in Science, Math, Engineering and Technology
    SIROW is initiating two new projects this year that will engage girls and women in the scientific and technical fields where they remain under-represented. The programs serve students from middle school through community college and university levels. They complement existing efforts that work with elementary and high school girls, as well as undergraduate women. Futurebound, a collaboration with Pima Community College, has been funded for almost $900,000 by the National Science Foundation. A comprehensive, three-year program, it aims to increase the enrollment, retention, and graduation of women, especially women of Hispanic and American Indian origin, in curricula leading to BS and graduate degrees in astronomy, non-health biosciences, chemistry, physics, engineering, technology, and related fields. Mentoring, support services, and a two-semester internship program in University of Arizona labs will be provided for women transferring from Pima Community College to the University of Arizona. The project is being directed by Katrina Mangin (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) and Marie Reyes (SIROW) and led by Ann Christiansen for Pima Community College. A grant from the American Association of University Women is supporting a collaboration with MESA (Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement) to offer Frontera Grrls Computer Clubs in middle schools in low income areas of Tucson. The girls will design their own activities and will prepare projects to present at the annual Expanding Your Horizons conference at the University of Arizona in Spring, 2003. Marie Reyes will also direct this project for SIROW.

    69. Native American Women's Writing - Book Contents
    16. ZitkalaSa (Red Bird, Gertrude Simmons Bonnin) (Sioux, 1876-1938).17. Ora V. Eddleman Reed (Mignon Schreiber) (Cherokee, 1880-1968).

    70. Matilda Joslyn Gage Website: Links
    to Canada During the Old French and Indian Wars (1897, page images at, Gertrude Simmons aka ZitkalaSa (1876-1938) American Indian
    There is a word sweeter than mother, home, or heaven. That word is Liberty

    Biographical Dictionary


    Us Matilda Joslyn Gage Website
    Links to Websites on
    Women in the 19th Century We would like to make this site the most comprehensive collection of links on women in the 19th century on the net. We welcome links to all sites on all facets of 19th century women's lives regardless of race, color, creed, educational attainment, condition of servitude, religion, country of origin, nationality, marital status, economic class, yada, yada, yada on all aspects of women's lives (art, literature, domestic life, medicine and health, law, history, employment, . . .) If you have an appropriate site and would like it to be listed here, send your URL to and mention The Gage Page Thanks Sunny Menu

    71. Native Authors--Gertrude Bonnin, Zitkala Sha
    Gertrude Bonnin, Zitkala Sha; Native American Author Bios. Gertrude Simmons Bonnin, Zitkala Sha (Red Bird), Yankton Nakota (Eastern Sioux), 18761938. Short story writer, cultural Purchase books by Zitkala Sa that are still in print.
    Gertrude Bonnin
    Zitkala Sha
    Yankton Nakota
    Page Navigation Buttons
    G ertrude Simmons Bonnin, Zitkala Sha (Red Bird) , Yankton Nakota (Eastern Sioux), 1876-1938. Short story writer, cultural preserver, essayist, orator, editor, musician and composer, political activist.
    G ertrude Simmons Bonnin faced, and to the extent it was humanly possible, overcame or sidestepped almost all the same problems in a much more severe form of that time that still face educated, intelligent Indian women today. Her life, efforts, and achievements are a fitting role model of intellectual and charismatic political leadership at a time when women (much less Indian women) were supposed to have no brains, and be happy, quiet mothers. S he has been described by one critic (Dexter Fischer) as "...always on the threshhold of two worlds, but never fully entering either." It seems to me more that from a position in the white world that she created in the teeth of a world as hostile to intelligent women leaders as to Indians, she created changes and improvements in the Indian world to which she was born. Though she was a mixed-blood or half-breed, she did not have identity problems as to which world was hers. G ertrude Simmons Bonnin (Zitkala Sha). was born to Ellen

    72. PROJECT GUTENBERG - Catalog By Author - Index - Zitkala-Sa, 1876
    Copyright© 19711998 Project Gutenberg PROMO.NET - All rights reserved.Web Site Designed and Administered by Pietro Di Miceli

    73. Hoefel, Roseanne. " Zitkala-Sa: A Biography."
    Hoefel, Roseanne. ZitkalaSa A Biography. The Online Archive of Nineteenth-CenturyUS Women s Writings. Ed. Zitkala-Sa. A Biography By Roseanne Hoefel.
    Hoefel, Roseanne. "Zitkala-Sa: A Biography." The Online Archive of Nineteenth-Century U.S. Women's Writings . Ed. Glynis Carr. Online. Internet. Posted: Winter 1999.
    A Biography:
    By Roseanne Hoefel
    A vital link between the oral cultures of tribal America and the literate culture of contemporary American Indians, Gertrude Bonnin was the third child of Ellen Tate 'I yohiwin Simmons, a full-blood Yankton Sioux. Born in 1876 on a Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and known as Zitkala-Sa, which means Red Bird, she was raised in a tipi on the Missouri River until she was 12 when she went to a Quaker missionary school for IndiansWhite's Manual Institutein Wabash, Indiana. Though her mother was reluctant to let her go to the boarding school she herself had attended when young, she wanted to ensure her daughter's ability to fend for herself later in life among an increasing number of palefaces. As with many uprooted children, Zitkala-Sa returned after three years to a heightened tension with her mother and ambivalence regarding her heritage. The assimilationist schooling left her "neither a wild Indian, nor a tame one," as she later described herself in "The School Days of an Indian Girl" (1900). Four years later, Zitkala-Sa re-entered school, graduated on to Earlham College to become a teacher, remaining socially reclusive even after congratulatory gestures by schoolmates when she won oratory contests. As a student at the Boston Conservatory she went to Paris in 1900 with Carlisle Indian Industrial School (CIIS) as violin soloist for the Paris Exposition. Increasingly, she devoted herself to her people's cause and to overcoming her own cultural alienation through her fiction, as expressed in her 1901 collection

    74. Women And Minorities In Dictionary Of Modern American Philosophers
    133. Woolley, Helen Bradford Thompson, 18741947, Women/Cauc. 134. Zedler, BeatriceHope, 1916-, Women/Cauc. 135. Zitkala Sa, 1876-1938, Women/NatAm. DMAP homepage.
    Dictionary of Modern American Philosophers Women and Minorities Note: These figures are also organized by Subject Area Addams, Jane Women/Cauc Anthony, Susan Brownell Women/Cauc Arendt, Hannah Women/Cauc Baier, Annette C. Women/Cauc Baker, Thomas Minority/AfrAm Balch, Emily Greene Women/Cauc Baraka, Amiri (LeRoi Jones) Minority/AfrAm Barnes, Hazel Estella Women/Cauc Beard, Mary R. Women/Cauc Beecher, Catherine Women/Cauc Benedict, Ruth Women/Cauc Blackbird, Andrew J. Minority/NatAm Black Elk Minority/NatAm Blackwell, Antoinette Women/Cauc Blatavasky, Helena Petrovna Women/Cauc Blow, Susan E. Women/Cauc Brackett, Anna Callendar Women/Cauc Bradwell, Myra Women/Cauc Breckinridge, Sophonisba Preston Women/Cauc Brodbeck, May Women/Cauc Bussey, Gertrude C. Women/Cauc Cabot, Ella Lyman Women/Cauc Calkins, Mary Whiton Women/Cauc Carson, Rachel Women/Cauc Cheney, Ednah Dow Women/Cauc Chief Joseph Minority/NatAm Child, Lydia Maria Women/Cauc Cohen, Selma Jeanne Women/Cauc Coolidge, Mary Lowell Women/Cauc Cooper, Anna Julia Women/AfrAm Couzens, Phoebe Women/Cauc Crummell, Alexander

    75. Gertrude Simmons Bonnin
    logo. Blackhawk Museum • 3700 Blackhawk Plaza Circle • Danville, CA 94506• 925.736.2280. Gertrude Simmons Bonnin (ZitkalaSa) (1876 – 1938).
    Gertrude Simmons Bonnin ( Zitkala-Sa
    The daughter of a Sioux mother and a white father, Gertrude Simmons Bonin spent her early childhood on the Yankton Reservation in what is now South Dakota. At age eight, she left the reservation to embark on an education that included attending a Quaker-run school in Indiana and a normal training school for Indians in Nebraska. In 1895 she embarked on two years of study at Earlham College, where she studied music and distinguished herself as an orator. Throughout her student years, Bonin demonstrated great potential and many talents. But it always nagged at her that these educational opportunities were uprooting her from her Native American culture and calling on her to assimilate into a white society where neither she nor other Native Americans were especially welcome. That thought festered even more when Bonin became a teacher at the Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania, where assimilation of the students was a primary goal. In an article about her Carlisle experience for the Atlantic
    Among her first efforts to deal with this sense of rootlessness was the compilation of some of the Native American lore that she had heard as child, entitled

    76. Volume C: American Literature, 1865-1914
    John M. Oskison (18741947). Jack London (1876-1916). Wovoka (c. 1856-1932).Gertrude Simmons Bonnin (Zitkala Sa ) (1876-1938). Henry Adams (1838-1918).
    Featured Explorations Mark Twain (Samuel L. Clemens) (1835-1910) Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt (1836-1919) Bret Harte (1836-1902) Constance Fenimore Woolson ( 1840-1894) Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914?) Charlot (c. 1831-1900) William Dean Howells (1837-1920) ... Henry James (1843-1916) Joel Chandler Harris (1848-1908) Sarah Orne Jewett (1849-1909) Kate Chopin (1850-1904) Mary E. Wilkins Freeman (1852-1930) Booker T. Washington (1856?-1915) Charles W. Chesnutt (1858-1932) Charles Alexander Eastman (Ohiyesa) (1858-1939) Hamlin Garland (1860-1940) Abraham Cahan (1860-1951) Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860-1935) Edith Wharton (1862-1937) Sui Sin Far (Edith Maud Eaton) (1867-1914) ... Theodore Dreiser (1871-1945) John M. Oskison (1874-1947) Jack London (1876-1916) Wovoka (c. 1856-1932) Gertrude Simmons Bonnin (Zitkala Sa ) (1876-1938) Henry Adams (1838-1918)

    77. Women's Studies
    In these stories and nonfiction writings, author and activist ZitkalaSa? (1876–1938)illuminates the tragedy and complexity of the American Indian

    78. Some Notable Writers Of Color
    Native Son • Black Boy • The Long Dream • White Man, Listen! ZitkalaSa(1876 - 1938). • American Indian Stories • Old Indian Legends.
    Diversity in the Curriculum
    Some Notable Writers of Color
    notes and programs for majors internships career information preparation for graduate school ... english advising On display in the English Advising Office is a poster showing "Some Notable Writers of Color." The authors on this poster were taken from a larger list For more information about studying writers of color at the UW Department of English, see our "Short Guide to Studying Writers of Color." If you have questions about this display or these web pages please contact Davis Oldham , English Undergraduate Advising, 206-543-2634. Click on an author's name for more information about that author. Chinua Achebe Things Fall Apart No Longer at Ease Arrow of God A Man of the People Meena Alexander Manhattan Music The Shock of Arrival: Reflections on Postcolonial Experience Sherman Alexie The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven Reservation Blues Indian Killer The Business of Fancydancing Agha Shahid Ali The Beloved Witness: Selected Poems A Nostalgist's Map of America Peter Bacho Dark Blue Suit and Other Stories Cebu James Baldwin Go Tell it on the Mountain Notes of a Native Son Giovanni's Room Another Country The Fire Next Time Blues for Mister Charlie If Beale Street Could Talk Just Above My Head The Evidence of Things Not Seen Betty Louise Bell Faces of the Moon Gwendolyn Brooks The Bean Eaters A Street in Bronzeville Maud Martha Carlos Bulosan America is in the Heart Lan Cao Monkey Bridge Ana Castillo This Bridge Called My Back: Voices of Third World Women in the United States, edited with Cherríe Moraga

    79. American Indian Stories - By Zitkala-Sa, Foreword By Dexter Fisher
    About the Author ZitkalaSa (1876–1938) is also the author of Old Indian Legendsand Dreams and Thunder Stories, Poems, and The Sun Dance Opera, both
    American Indian Stories
    Dexter Susan Book Review
    AUTHOR: Zitkala-Sa, Foreword by Dexter Fisher
    ISBN: 0803299028
    Compare price for this book

    Authors A-Z
    Dexter Susan Editorial Review from Amazon
    American Indian Stories
    - Book Review, by Zitkala-Sa, Foreword by Dexter Fisher
    From 500 Great Books by Women; review by Jesse Larsen

    Zitkala-sa, renamed Gertrude Simmons by Catholic missionaries, was one of the first Sioux women to write the stories and traditions of her people. The first set of stories in this collection is autobiographical. Zitkala-sa describes living in her mother's wigwam on the Yankton Reservation at the edge of the Missouri River where she is "as free as the wind that blew my hair, and no less spirited than a bounding deer." Until she is eight years old, Zitkala-sa's only fear is "that of intruding myself upon others." Then, despite her mother's objections, she is enticed by visions of endless apple trees and the excitement of riding on "the iron horse" and leaves her mother for school in the east. Although Zitkala-sa goes on to become a teacher, she never stops questioning "whether real life or long-lasting death lies beneath this semblance of [white] civilization." The second half of the book contains stories based on her family's tradition of oral history. The Trial Path describes the course of tribal justice after a murder. Tusee

    80. Dreams And Thunder : Stories, Poems, And The Sun Dance Opera
    ZitkalaSa (Red Bird) (1876–1938), also known as Gertrude Simmons Bonnin, wasone of the best-known and most influential Native Americans of the twentieth
    Click for larger cover scan Dreams and Thunder
    Stories, Poems, and The Sun Dance Opera

    By Zitkala-Sa Edited by P. Jane Hafen
    Cloth: 2001, xxiv, 171, CIP.LC 2001027070
    ISBN : 0-8032-4918-7
    Price: $22.95
    University of Nebraska Press
    "Hafen (Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas) has done a great service to the study of American Indian literature by collecting in one book several published and unpublished pieces. Especially important is the inclusion of The Sun Dance Opera , a controversial, little-known opera that was performed only once, when it was first written. Scholars of Zitkala-Sa in particular and of American Indian women's writing in general will find this a wonderful and enlightening collection. . . . No other collections of Zitkala-Sa's work offer such extensive biographic notes, bibliography, and commentary." Choice "[A] collection of writings by one of the most prominent Native American activists and writers of the 20th century. Editor P.Jane Hafen supplies much helpful autobiographical background." Library Journal Zitkala-Sa (Red Bird) (1876–1938), also known as Gertrude Simmons Bonnin, was one of the best-known and most influential Native Americans of the twentieth century. Born on the Yankton Sioux Reservation, she remained true to her indigenous heritage as a student at the Boston Conservatory and a teacher at the Carlisle Indian School, as an activist in turn attacking the Carlisle School, as an artist celebrating Native stories and myths, as a violin soloist performing at the Paris Exposition of 1900, and as an active member of the Society of American Indians in Washington, DC. All these currents of Zitkala-Sa's rich life come together in this book, which presents her previously unpublished stories, rare poems, and the libretto of

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