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         Zitkala-sa 1876-1938:     more detail
  1. Old Indian legends by 1876-1938 Zitkala-Sa, 2010-08-24
  2. The Flight of Red Bird: The Life of Zitkala-Sa by Doreen Rappaport, 1997-07-01

41. Bird Flight: The Flight Of The Red Bird: The Life Of Zitkala-Sa
Keywords The Flight of the Red Bird The Life of ZitkalaSa, Books, Doreen Rappaport,Zitkala-Sa,, 1876-1938, Juvenile literature, Yankton women, Biography
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The Flight of the Red Bird: The Life of Zitkala-Sa

by Doreen Rappaport
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Book Description
Taken from her family on the Yankton Sioux Reservation at the age of eight and sent to a school far from home, Gertrude is forced to become "civilized"to give up her moccasins, her long hair, and her language, and to renounce her Sioux heritage. As an adult, she renames herself Zitkala-Sa, which means "Red Bird," and devotes her life to fighting for justice for Native Americans. Her powerful and memorable story, told in her own words, will inspire anyone who has ever dreamed of making a difference.
"A remarkable story....Red Bird's own words bring her anguish and confusion to life." Booklist
"A nearly seamless blend of autobiography and biography." Joseph Bruchac This text refers to the Paperback edition.

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42. Native Wisdom
flowers. If this is Paganism, then at present, at least, I am a Pagan.Gertrude Simmons Bonnin (ZitkalaSa) (1876-1938) Dakota Sioux. I
I have seen that in any great undertaking it is not enough for a man to depend simply upon himself. Lone Man (Isna La-wica) (late 19th century): Teton Sioux
Among the indians there have been no written laws. Customs handed down from generation to generation have been the only laws to guide them. Every one might act different from what was considered right did he choose to do so, but such acts would bring upon him the censure of the Nation ... This fear of the Nation's censure acted as a mighty band, binding all in one social honorable compact. George Copway (Kab-ge-ga-gah-bowh) (1818-1863): Ojibwa chief
Children were encouraged to develop strict discipline and a high regard for sharing. When a girl picked her first berries and dug her first roots, they were given away to an elder so she would share her future success. When a child carried water for the home, an elder would give compliments, pretending to taste meat in water carried by a boy or berries in that of a girl. The child was encourage not to be lazy and to grow straight like a sapling. Mourning Dove (Christine Quintasket) (1888-1936): Salish
Conversation was never begun at once, nor in a hurried manner. No one was quick with a question, no matter how important, and no one was pressed for an answer. A pause giving time for thought was the truly courteous way of beginning and conduction a conversation. Silence was meaningful with the Lakota, and his granting a space of silence to the speech-maker and his own moment of silence before talking was done in the practice of true politeness and regard for the rule that, "thought comes before speech".

43. Gilded Age Documents
ZitkalaSa (1876-1938). The School Days of an Indian Girl(1900). This page was last updated on 10/15/98 .

44. Gilded Age Documents
ZitkalaSa (1876-1938). The School Days of an IndianGirl (1900). This page was last updated on.

45. Miscellaneous Items In High Demand: Subjects: 588
Zinnemann, Fred,1907 ZithersNew York (State)New York1950-1960.Zitkala-Sa,1876-1938. Zodiac1480-1490. Zodiac1730-1740.
X, Malcolm,1925-1965JourneysWashington (D.C.)
X, Malcolm,1925-1965Public appearances.

X, Malcolm,1925-1965Public appearancesNew York (State)New York.

YMCA of the U.S.A.Buildings1860-1890.

46. Zsbibliography
Herzog, Kristin. “Gertrude Bonnin (ZitkalaSa) (Sioux) (1876-1938).” Nd 21 Jan.2002 http//
Bibliography for theTeaching Unit: “Zitkala-Sa: Keeper and Maker of Myths” “A Dakota Legend of Creation.” 2002. American Indian Culture Research
Apr. 2002 Bernardin, Susan. “The Lessons of a Sentimental Education: Zitkala-Sa’s
Autobiographical Narratives.” Western American Literature 32:3 (Fall 1997):
“Bonnin, Gertrude Simmons: February 22, 1876-January 26, 1938.” American
Reformers Wilson Web
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“Carlisle Indian Industrial School: 1879-1918.” N. d. 24 Apr. 2002
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Apr. 2002 Fisher, Dexter. Foreward. American Indian Stories . By Zitkala-Sa. 1921.
Lincoln: U of Nebraska Press, 1979. v-xx. Flieger, Verlyn Flieger, Ph. D. “Studies in Comparative Mythology.” 1997-2002.
Mythus. 6 Apr. 2002 Giese, Paula. “Gertrude Bonnin (Zitkala-Sha): Yankton Nakota.” 4 July 1996.
Native Authors—Gertrude Bonnin, Zitkala-Sha

47. Index
Old House, The, by Andersen, Hans Christian, 18051875 Old Indian Days, by Eastman,Charles A., 1858-1939 Old Indian Legends, by Zitkala-Sa, 1876-1938 Old John
VYH¼ADÁVAÈ E-KNÍH - ANGLICKÉ TITULY - Dielo - pís. O O Pioneers!, by Cather, Willa Sibert, 1873-1947
O'Conors Of Castle Conor, by Trollope, Anthony, 1815-1882

O'Flaherty V.C. : A recruiting pamphlet, by Shaw, George Bernard, 1856-1950

Oakdale Affair, The, by Burroughs, Edgar Rice, 1875-1950
Ozma Of Oz, by Baum, L. Frank (Lyman Frank), 1856-1919

48. Index
Translate this page Browne, Thomas Alexander, Gutenberg Bone, Jesse F. (Jesse Franklin), 1916- GutenbergBonnin, Gertrude (Zitkala-Sa) AKA Zitkala-Sa, 1876-1938 Gutenberg Booth
Anglický autor pís. B Babbage, Charles, 1791-1871 Gutenberg
Bacheller, Irving, 1859-1950. Gutenberg
Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626 Gutenberg
Bacon, John Mackenzie, 1846-1904 Gutenberg
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Baker, Ray Stannard, 1870-1946 AKA: Grayson, David, 1870-1946, Gutenberg
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Ball, Hugo, 1886-1927 Gutenberg
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Balzac, Honore de, 1799-1850 Gutenberg Bamford, Mary E. (Mary Ellen) Gutenberg Bancroft, Elizabeth Davis, 1803-1886 Gutenberg Bancroft, Hubert Howe, 1832-1918 Gutenberg Bangs, John Kendrick, 1862-1922 Gutenberg Bannerman, Helen, 1862-1946 Gutenberg Barber, H. (Horatio), 1875- Gutenberg Barber, Margaret Fairless, 1869-1901 AKA: Fairless, Michael, 1869-1901 Gutenberg Barbour, A. Maynard (Anna Maynard) Gutenberg Barclay, Florence L. (Florence Louisa), 1862-1921 Gutenberg Baring, Maurice, 1874-1945 Gutenberg Barker, Nettie Garmer Gutenberg Barr, Amelia E., Edith Huddleston, 1831-1919 Gutenberg Barrie, J. M. (James Matthew), 1860-1937

49. Sandy Pouncey's Spirituality
sweet breathing of flowers. If this is Paganism, then at present,at least, I am a Pagan. ZitkalaSa - Lakota Sioux, 1876-1938.
The Spirit of
I am RedArrow, part Tsalagi (Cherokee) of the Anitsiskwa (Bird Clan) and part Scot-Irish. My Grandmother was full blood Cherokee. Even though I don't have a lot of Native American blood running through my veins, the feelings still run deep in my soul. We are all related. In my heart I am indian, wild and free. My guide has asked me to honor the wisdom of my ancestors and to always "Stay on the Sacred Path". I have taken the Shawl, which means that I am willing to exchange information and allow all traditional teachings to live so that the goodness of each can be shared by many. I have found balance through the willingness to bend like the Bow of Beauty and send the Arrow of Truth into the world. The Arrow's path is straight and narrow and it's target is the heart. RedArrow asks the Great Spirit daily. "Why can't everyone just BE?" Be proud of who you are. Be respectful of who other peoples are. The Eagles and Crows have no problem with it. Each and every one of us have come to the Earth Mother with a path to travel. Taking care of ourselves rather than trying to control others may be difficult. We need to realize that taking charge of another's life is not beneficial to anyone. Focusing on another's life keeps us from looking at our own.
Sitting Bull - Hunkpapa Lokota The weaving in the medicine shield represents the web of fate in the wheel of life, which does not include any alternatives or solutions. It is typically human to get caught in the polarity of good or bad fortune without realizing that we can change it at any time. If we are not decisive enough about changing our lots in life, we may end up being consumed by our fears and limitations. Look for new alternatives to your present impasse. You have the power to change anything you don't like about your life. But, always remember, if you dishonor someone you have dishonored yourself.

50. Author Index
1915 AKA Browne, Thomas Alexander, 18261915 Bone, Jesse F. (Jesse Franklin),1916- Bonnin, Gertrude (Zitkala-Sa) AKA Zitkala-Sa, 1876-1938 Booth, William
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51. Authors V-Z
Z. Zaeunemann, Sidonia Hedwig Zerbe, James Slough, 1850 Zitkala-Sa, 1876-1938 AKABonnin, Gertrude (Zitkala-Sa) Zola, Emile, 1840-1902 Zschokke, Heinrich, 1771
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52. Bonnin, Gertrude
(18761938), writer and reformer short stories and autobiographical essays in TheAtlantic Monthly and Harper s Monthly under her pen name, Zitkala-Sa (Red Bird
Bonnin, Gertrude
(1876-1938), writer and reformer Born on February 22, 1876, at the Yankton Sioux Agency in South Dakota, Gertrude Simmons was the daughter of a Dakota mother and a white father. When she was eight, she was sent to Indiana to attend a Quaker missionary school for Native Americans. At the age of 19, against her family's wishes, Simmons enrolled at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, and graduated in 1897. For two years she taught at the Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania, but she was uncomfortable with the school's harsh discipline and its curriculum, which was devised to teach European ways and history, thus eradicating students' Native American cultural identity. While at Carlisle Simmons published several short stories and autobiographical essays in The Atlantic Monthly and Harper's Monthly under her pen name, Zitkala-Sa (Red Bird). The pieces' themes derive from her personal struggle to retain her cultural heritage amidst pressure to adapt to the dominant white culture. In 1901 she published Old Indian Legends

53. A Celebration Of Women Writers: Z Listings
Zisapel, Klil (1976); Zitkala-Sa aka Gertrude Simmons Bonnin (1876-1938); More Information ; More Information ; More Information

54. The Widespread Enigma Concerning Blue-Star Woman.
The Widespread Enigma Concerning BlueStar Woman. by Zitkala-Sa aka Gertrude SimmonsBonnin (1876-1938) Publication American Indian Stories by Zitkala-Sa.
"The Widespread Enigma Concerning Blue-Star Woman." by Zitkala-Sa [aka Gertrude Simmons Bonnin] (1876-1938)
Publication: American Indian Stories by Zitkala-Sa. Washington: Hayworth Publishing House, 1921. pp. 159-182.
The Widespread Enigma Concerning Blue-Star Woman.
In deep abstraction Blue-Star Woman prepared her morning meal. "Who am I?" had become the obsessing riddle of her life. She was no longer a young woman, being in her fifty-third year. In the eyes of the white man's law, it was required of her to give proof of her membership in the Sioux tribe. The unwritten law of heart prompted her naturally to say, "I am a being. I am Blue-Star Woman. A piece of earth is my birthright." It was taught for reasons now forgot that an Indian should never pronounce his or her name in answer to any inquiry. It was a probably a means of protection in the days of black magic. Be this as it may, Blue-Star Woman lived in times when this teaching was disregarded. It gained her nothing, however, to pronounce her name to the government official to whom she applied for her share of tribal land. His persistent question was always, "Who were your parents?" She sharpened one end of a long stick and with it speared the fried bread when it was browned. Heedless of the hot bread's "Tsing!" in a high treble as it was lifted from the fire, she added it to the six others which had preceded it. It had been many a moon since she had had a meal of fried bread, for she was too poor to buy at any one time all the necessary ingredients, particularly the fat in which to fry it. During the breadmaking, the smoke-blackened coffeepot boiled over. The aroma of freshly made coffee smote her nostrils and roused her from the tantalizing memories.

55. Native American Indian Myth And Folklore - Lakota - The Warlike Seven
As told by ZitkalaSa (Gertrude Simmons Bonnin, 1876-1938), Featured ResourceSacred Fireplace Teachings of a Lakota Medicine Man by Pete S., Sr. Catches.
Location: Home Native American Indian Myth The Warlike Seven The Warlike Seven EarthBow A Lakota Legend In this section: Introduction Contents Links to more information As told by Zitkala-Sa
(Gertrude Simmons Bonnin, 1876-1938) Featured Resource
Sacred Fireplace :

Teachings of a Lakota Medicine Man

by Pete S., Sr. Catches The Warlike Seven
Once seven people went out to make war: the Ashes, the Fire, the Bladder, the Grasshopper, the Dragon Fly, the Fish, and the Turtle.
As they were talking excitedly, waving their fists in violent gestures, a wind came and blew the Ashes away.
"Ho!" cried the others, "he could not fight, this one!"
The six went on running to make war more quickly. They descended a deep valley, the Fire going foremost until they came to a river. The Fire said "Hsss-tchu!" and was gone.
"Ho!" hooted the others, "he could not fight, this one!" Therefore the five went on the more quickly to make war. They came to a great wood.

56. Native American Indian Myth And Folklore - Lakota - The Tree-bound
As told by ZitkalaSa (Gertrude Simmons Bonnin, 1876-1938), Featured Resource ThePrice of a Gift A Lakota Healer s Story by Joseph Eagle Elk. The Tree-bound.
Location: Home Native American Indian Myth The Tree-bound The Tree-bound EarthBow A Lakota Legend In this section: Introduction Contents Links to more information As told by Zitkala-Sa
(Gertrude Simmons Bonnin, 1876-1938) Featured Resource
The Price of a Gift :

A Lakota Healer's Story

by Joseph Eagle Elk The Tree-bound
It was a clear summer day. The blue, blue sky dropped low over the edge of the green level land. A large yellow sun hung directly overhead. The singing of birds filled the summer space between earth and sky with sweet music.
Again and again sang a yellow-breasted birdie"Koda Ni Lakota!" He insisted upon it. "Koda Ni Lakota!" which was, "Friend, you're a Lakota! Friend, you're a Lakota!"
Perchance the birdie meant the avenger with the magic arrow, for there across the plain he strode. He was handsome in his paint and feathers, proud with his great buckskin quiver on his back and a long bow in his hand. Afar to an eastern camp of cone-shaped teepees he was going.
There over the Indian village hovered a large red eagle threatening the safety of the people. Every morning rose this terrible red bird out of a high chalk bluff and spreading out his gigantic wings soared slowly over the round camp ground.

57. Wild Women Project
Natalie Barney, English (18761972). Gertrude Simmons Bonnin aka Zitkala-Sa,Native American (1876-1938). *Sigrid Undset, Swedish (1882-1949).
2380 Home Syllabus Unit 1 Unit 2 ... Links Wild Women
Georgia O'Keefe, Poppy, Choose one of the Wild Women listed below. The links are just a starting point to give you a quick overview of lives you may not have previously encountered. Read as much of your woman's writing as you can to write an in-depth essay (1000-1500 words) discussing her contribution to 20 th -century cultural and/or social life. Papers that do not include specific references to primary material (work by your woman) will receive little credit. Biography here is less important than the woman's work. Find out what the popular as well as the critical reaction is to her work. The oral presentation in class will be in panels according to categories. You are encouraged to bring any sort of visual aid that you think will enhance your presentation posters, slides, photographs, etc. You may not read your essay for the presentation. Be creative. Novelists Poets Playwrights Filmmakers ... Critics *Nobel Prize Winners Novelists Olive Schreiner , South African (1855-1920) Selma Lagerlof , Swedish (1858-1940) Grazia Deledda , Italian (1871-1936) Willa Cather , American (1873-1947) Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette , French (1873-1953) Dorothy Richardson , English (1873-1957) Gertrude Stein , American (1874-1946) Natalie Barney , English (1876-1972) Gertrude Simmons Bonnin aka Zitkala-Sa,

58. Native American Authors - Teacher Resources
You. Back to Top. ZitkalaSa (Gertrude Simmons Bonnin) 1876-1938.Gertrude Simmons Bonnin Biography, bibliography, links. From Voices
Native American Authors - Teacher Resources
Welcome to the Internet School Library Media Center Native American Author Page. You'll find biography, bibliography, lesson plans, online etexts and critical reviews of selected authors whose works are taught in the public schools or at the university level. Literature includes both adult and juvenile. For general information, see Native Americans - Internet Resources
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Paula Gunn Allen
Ray Young Bear
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Using Literature by American Indians and Alaska Natives in Secondary Schools. ERIC Digest ERIC document ED348201
Erasing Native American Stereotypes Criteria for evaluation of materials; from Smithsonian Institution, Anthropology Outreach Office Selective Bibliography and Guide for "I"Is Not for Indian : The Portrayal of Native Americans in Books for Young People From; Discusses selection of materials

59. Inventory Of The May Walden Papers, 1870-1972, Bulk 1892-1959
1966 Stedman, Seymour, 18711948-Portraits Taussig, F. W. (Frank William), 1859-1940Untermann, Ernest-Portraits Walden Family-Portraits Zitkala-Sa, 1876-1938.
Inventory of the May Walden Papers, 1870-1972, bulk 1892-1959
The Newberry Library Roger and Julie Baskes Department of Special Collections
Midwest Manuscript Collection
Chicago, Illinois
Contact Information:

The Newberry Library
Roger and Julie Baskes Department of Special Collections
60 West Walton Street
Chicago, Illinois 60610
URL: Descriptive Summary of the Collection Title: May Walden Papers, 1870-1972, bulk 1892-1959 Collection Call Number: Midwest MS Walden M Creator: Walden, May, 1865-1960 Extent: 3 cubic ft. (8 boxes) Repository: Newberry Library, Roger and Julie Baskes Department of Special Collections Collection Stack Location: Abstract: Collection of May Walden, wife of Socialist publisher Charles H. Kerr from 1892 to 1904, consisting of letters, diaries, literary manuscripts, account books, clippings, photographs, memorabilia, as well as publications relating to the Socialist movement. Included in the papers are items relating to May Walden's daughter, Katharine Kerr Moore. Administrative Information Provenance: Gift of May Walden, ca. 1959; Katharine Kerr Moore, 1974-1975.

60. Indian Infidelity
America s Indian Problem. by ZitkalaSa aka Gertrude Simmons Bonnin(1876-1938) Publication American Indian Stories by Zitkala-Sa.
Indian infidelity
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America's Indian Problem.

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