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         Ward Grady:     more books (15)
  1. Moby Word Lists
  2. Torts: Cases and Questions,2004 publication by Ward-Grady,Mark F Farnsworth, 2004-01-01
  3. Michael Waldron and Mary Grady: A family history by Kathleen Rauschl Ward, 2001
  4. Torts: Cases and Questions: TEACHER'S MANUAL by Ward and Grady, Mark Farnsworth, 2009
  5. Torts: Cases and Questions by Ward Farnsworth, Mark F. Grady, 2004-03-01
  6. Poets and Artists: O&S June 2010 by William Rose, 2010-05-07
  7. Anthology of Poetry & Short Fiction of the Pickup Poets Society by Terry Hensel, Katherine Ward, et all 1997
  8. Dorothy Day: With Love for the Poor (Unsung Americans) by Jim O'Grady, 1993-09
  9. The new century speaker for school and college. A collection of extracts from the speeches of Henry Cabot Lodge, Chauncey M. Depew, Charles H. Parkhurst, Henry W. Grady, James G. Blaine, James A. Garfield, Henry Ward Beecher, William H. Seward, Wendell Phillips, George William Curtis, and others;
  11. The new century speaker for school and college. : a collection of extracts from the speeches of Henry Cabot Lodge, Chauncey M. Depew, Charles H. Parkhurst, Henry W. Grady, James G. Blaine, James A. Garfield, Henry Ward Beecher, William H. Seward, Wendell Philips, George William Curtis, and others
  12. Are you Irish or normal? by John O'Grady, 1970
  13. Children's Scripture Puzzles: Reproducible Activities and Family Discussion for Sundays Through the Church Year: (Cycle C) by Kathleen O'Connell Chesto, Elizabeth Chesto, 1991-12
  14. Red Hugh's captivity: A picture of Ireland, social and political, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth by Standish O'Grady, 1889

61. Untitled
(NOTE answers by Grady Ward are in parenthesis following the requesteditem). Thomas R. Hogan, Esq., California State Bar No. 042048
(NOTE: answers by Grady Ward are in parenthesis following the requested item)
Thomas R. Hogan, Esq., California State Bar No. 042048 LAW OFFICES OF THOMAS R. HOGAN 60 South Market Street, Suite 1125 San Jose, CA 95113-2332 Telephone: (408) 292-7600 Helena K. Kobrin 7629 Fulton Avenue North Hollywood, California 91605 Telephone: (213) 960-1933 Attorneys for Plaintiff RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY CENTER UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY CENTER, a ) California non-profit corporation, ) ) Plaintiff, ) ) v. ) ) GRADY WARD, ) ) Defendant. ) ) No. C 96-20207 RMW NOTICE OF DEPOSITION OF DEFENDANT GRADY WARD AND REQUEST FOR PRODUCTION OF DOCUMENTS AND THINGS
TO ALL PARTIES AND THEIR ATTORNEYS OF RECORD: PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT pursuant to written stipulation, Rule 30 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and the Court's order, plaintiff RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY CENTER does hereby notice the deposition of GRADY WARD to be taken at Crnich Deposition located at 626 "H" Street, Eureka, California 95501, commencing at 9:00 a.m. on April 8, 1996, and continuing from day to day thereafter, as approved by the Court, excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays, until completed before a notary public authorized to administer the oath. The deposition will be recorded stenographically and may be recorded by sound and visually.

62. Alt.religion.scientology Week In Review
de/religio/publik/arsfaq.html Grady Ward Update. Grady Ward was deposedby cult attorneys this week. He was questioned for about
Volume 0, Issue 49 vom 14. 04. 1996
  • Grady Ward Update
  • Remailers
  • Keith Henson Update
  • Bombers vs. Scientology ...
  • Scientology News
    Grady Ward Update
    Grady Ward was deposed by cult attorneys this week. He was questioned for about 10 hours concerning items such as his computer equipment, his educational background and was confronted with numerous postings which he allegedly posted. Grady recorded the entire proceedings on his notebook computer. the RealAudio files can be found at his web site Shelley Thomson posted quotes from Grady before the deposition. He had conversations with cult attorneys concerning the examination of his scanners and shredders. They also discussed the answers Grady provided to the requests for documents, "None". "They decided at the last minute not to fly up when they realized most of the responses were 'none' and the only material I have is indices from free_agent newsreader and other rather random stuff. "Hogan wouldn't take the answers as I had written them. "He would say questions that assumed facts not in evidence such as 'Are you saying that you got rid of the OT documents so that you don't have them now?' or 'What exactly was your response after you posted the OTIII documents?'
  • 63. Alt.religion.scientology Week In Review
    . Grady Ward. Grady Ward had a preliminary hearing this week. Thomas R. Hoganundertook to speak for the plaintiffs. Grady Ward presented himself pro se.
    Volume 0, Issue 48 vom 07. 04. 1996
  • Arnie Lerma
  • Grady Ward
  • Keith Henson
  • Karin Spaink ...
  • Time Warner
    Arnie Lerma
    Arnie Lerma posted a March 19th order by Judge Leonie Brinkema, returning Arnie's computer equipment so that he can file his taxes. "The Court, after reviewing the filings by the parties and hearing the statements of counsel, hereby ORDERS:
    Grady Ward
    Grady Ward had a preliminary hearing this week. Grady is accused by the cult of being the author of the Scamizdat series of anonymous posts containing confidential processing levels. Shelley Thomson reported the proceedings in her Biased Journalism newsletter. "Thomas R. Hogan undertook to speak for the plaintiffs. Grady Ward presented himself pro se. He wore a tweed sport jacket and a red tie, the type of thing a country businessman might wear; this contrasted sharply with the smoothly tailored RTC lawyers, who seemed to have bought their gear at Spare No Expense, Inc. "Judge Whyte asks if he has any connection to SCAMIZDAT. Grady Ward firmly denies that he is behind SCAMIZDAT. 'Do you know who is doing it?' the Judge asks. 'No, I do not,' Grady replies. "A discussion of the TRO ensues. Grady does not mind being enjoined from doing things he had not planned to do anyway, but he is unsure of the scope of the proposed order.
  • 64. James Brennan & Margaret Anna Ward Family
    b. 1816 Ireland d. 1882 Stratford, Ontario. Margaret Anna Ward b. 1817 d MargaretBrennan married James O Grady. Anne Brennan married Patrick McCAFFERY. Julia
    James Brennan married Margaret Anna Ward in Ireland around 1833. Family information claims they were from County Cork. James and the entire family settled in North Easthope Township just north of the City of Stratford. James and his brother Patrick leased property in 1845 from the Canada Company. Nine years later they purchased the property in 1854. James and Margaret Ward had nine children many of whom moved to the Michigan starting around 1867.
    James Brennan b. 1816 Ireland d. 1882 Stratford, Ontario
    Margaret Anna WARD b. 1817 d. 1866 Stratford, Ontario
    Catherine Brennan married Patrick Bernard FINNIGAN
    Edward Brennan married Helen SINCLAIR
    Patrick Brennan married Mary CASHIN
    Mary Brennan married John BREEN
    Allice Brennan
    Margaret Brennan married James O'GRADY
    Anne Brennan married Patrick McCAFFERY
    Julia Brennan married Thomas FINANE (Finucane or Finnigan)
    James Brennan (Jr.) married Ann CRITZ ...

    65. Rogers Ancestry
    Grady Family; GRANT Family; GRIFFIN Family; GRINNELL Family; HALL Family; HALSEYFamily; TOWNSEND Family; TRUESDALE Family; VANCE Family; VANS Family; Ward Family;WATTS
    Rogers Ancestry
    Bryant Rogers
    9912 Chase Hill Ct
    Vienna, Va 22182
    Send email to preparer:
    Ultimate Family Tree, ver 3.10 Patch

    ROGERS Project Version 2036
    July 9, 2001
    Table of Contents
    • Surname List
    • Introduction
    • Family
    • Family ...
      This labor of love began on my 60th birthday on 20 November 1996 when I was given some genealogical software, which prompted me into starting the Rogers' Family Tree. I turned first to the Rogers Family Bible that had been passed down through generations from that pious educator and abolitionist, John Almanza Rowley Rogers. This leather-bound tattered old bible held clues to a family long forgotten by current generations. Until then, I had rarely taken notice of this relic from the past. I had little appreciation for the blood sweat and tears of lost generations of planters, preachers, merchants, soldiers, journalists and homemakers, who all played a key role in forging this country into the world power that it is today The family bible allowed me to pull together a partial family history taking us from the Revolutionary war through the Civil War into the 20th century. There were obvious gaps, and, as if guided by ancestors from the past, I came upon old family records in our basement I never knew existed. For example, years ago Edith Hart had sent my mother detailed information on our grandmother Gertrude Nelson and fascinating stories of the Nelsons and the Vances. A couple of old letters provided some insight into the character of my paternal grandparents. More information on the Winstanleys and Barnes turned up to complete a family history on my mother's side, starting in England an ending in Australia.

    66. From (Grady Ward) Subject Gag Order From
    From (Grady Ward) Subject gag order from Brinkema MessageID Date Wed, 9 Oct 1996 025531 GMT Sender Grady
    From: (Grady Ward) Subject: gag order from Brinkema Message-ID:

    67. Volume 2 Of Bankruptcy Trial
    5 BY MR. ZLOTOFF 6 Q. Ms. Lucas, are you aware of someone named Grady Ward? 7 A.Yes. 8 Q. And who is Grady Ward? 9 MR. ROSEN Objection, irrelevant. 10 MR.
    Back to the index
    UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA BEFORE THE HONORABLE ARTHUR S. WEISSBRODT, JUDGE In Re: ) Case No. 98-51326-ASW ) Chapter 13 HOWARD KEITH HENSON, ) ) TRIAL ) Volume II Debtor. ) Pages 180 to 362 ) Monday, September 30, 2002 ) San Jose, California Appearances: For the Debtor: Law Offices of Stanley A. Zlotoff By: Stanley A. Zlotoff, Attorney at Law 300 South First Street, Suite 215 San Jose, California 95113 Technology Center: By: Helena K. Kobrin, Attorney at Law 3055 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 900 Los Angeles, California 90010

    68. Mel Kiper - Grady To Drive Post-Carr Bulldogs -
    Speedy sophomore Therrian Fontenot is also available as a nice change of paceto Ward. A key for Grady will be the return of all five starters along the
    sLgTgRedirStr = ""; document.write( ''); document.write( '');
    Fresno State Clubhouse

    Mel Kiper Archive

    E S P N . C O M
    M E L 'S B I O ... H O M E Tuesday, June 11
    Grady to drive post-Carr Bulldogs
    By Mel Kiper Jr.
    Things worked out perfectly at Fresno State when head coach Pat Hill opted to redshirt David Carr midway through his stay with the Bulldogs. They hope to have the same good fortune with Carr's heir apparent, fourth-year junior Jeff Grady Bernard Berrian caught 76 passes, a team-high 13 for touchdowns, in 2001. After redshirting last season in order to gain a complete understanding of the Bulldogs' sophisticated offense, the 6-foot-2, 195-pounder enjoyed a solid spring overall. He caught peoples' attention with his cerebral approach and ability to move around in the pocket or scramble for yardage. What Grady lacks is Carr's ability to power the ball to any point on the field. And unlike Carr, he won't be the type who can just carry the Bulldog offense on his shoulders. What Grady will do is manage the offense in a workman-like manner, allowing the skill-position talent to make his job easier. Despite the graduation loss of running back Paris Gaines as well as wide receivers Rodney Wright and Charles Smith, Grady figures to have plenty of quality talent surrounding him. This was evident during the spring game when Grady completed 19 of 26 passes for 219 yards and a pair of touchdowns, one of which was a 66-yard strike to junior wideout

    69. Moby Thesaurus II By Grady Ward, 1.0
    PGP Passphrase FAQ E. Dexheimer) Comments to Grady Ward, Contributors John Kelsey, (Appendix A.) RSA Data Security (Appendix C.

    70. NOTs On The Net
    March 1996 Scientology sues Grady Ward. Information about Grady Ward canbe found at this page The Church of Scientology vs. Grady Ward.
    NOTS On The Net:
    The Escape of Scientology's Greatest Secret
    All of a sudden, the seemingly endless battle between Scientology and the Internet has become more turbulent and confusing than ever before. A new pack of Scientology "sacred scripture" has been posted to the Internet: the NOTs pack. Scientology wants this information off of the Internet...but it may already be too late to prevent the escape of NOTs.
  • The History of NOTs
    What is NOTs, and why does Scientology want to keep it a secret? This page is a brief synopsis of the Operating Thetan materials their appearance on the Internet, and the early appearances of the NOTs documents. Excerpts from NOTs were posted to alt.religion.scientology several times in 1995, well before the appearance of the NOTs pack in 1996. It is important for the reader to understand that the OT levels and the NOTs levels are not the same. They are two different sets of documents. News Flash! Startling revelations concerning the actual ownership of the NOTs documents have been brought to light. This "History of NOTs" page tries to explain the confusing legal maze surrounding the legality of the documents.
  • March 1996: Scientology sues Grady Ward
    The trouble with NOTs began in March of 1996, when Grady Ward posted a message to
  • 71. From Mon Oct 07 123413 1996 Newsgroups Alt.
    net!uknet!!uknet!!demon!!!GradyFrom (Grady Ward) Subject Racketeering
    From Mon Oct 07 12:34:13 1996 Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Path:!!!!!!!!uknet!!uknet!!demon!!!grady From: (Grady Ward) Subject: Racketeering Filed Monday Message-ID:

    72. Judicial Branch Of Georgia :: Courts :: Grady County Probate Court
    All guardians of the person of an incapacitated adult are must file annual reportson the physical/mental status of the Ward, and all guardians of the property

    Useful Information
    Guardianship Estates Licenses ... Involunary Treatment ADULT GUARDIANSHIPS
    Probate courts have jurisdiction over the appointment and supervision of guardians of adult persons found to be incapacitated by reason of physical or mental illness to such an extent that the adult is no longer capable of making reasonable and rational decisions concerning his or her person or of managing his or her money and property. All guardians of the person of an incapacitated adult are must file annual reports on the physical/mental status of the ward, and all guardians of the property must file an inventory of assets and annual financial accountings, all of which are subject to review or audit by the staff of the probate court. The discharge or removal of guardians and their sureties is within the jurisdiction of the probate courts.
    Probate courts have jurisdiction over the appointment and supervision of guardians of the property of minor children. Guardians of the property of minors also must file an inventory of assets and annual financial accountings with the probate court. Probate courts may also appoint guardians or temporary guardians of the persons of minor children in certain circumstances.

    73. PGP - Passphrase FAQ
    a widespread problem. (E. Dexheimer). Comments to Grady Ward, John Kelsey, c445585@mizzou1.missouri
    Taken from
    Passphrase FAQ
    V. 1.0
    2 October 1993 '"PGP," warns Dorothy Denning, a Georgetown University professor who has worked closely with the National Security Agency, "could potentially become a widespread problem.' (E. Dexheimer) Comments to: Grady Ward, Contributors:
    John Kelsey, Appendix A
    RSA Data Security ( Appendix C. The MD5 Algorithm
    Jim Gillogly ( Appendix D. The Secure Hash Algorithm
    FAQ: How do I choose a good password or phrase?
    ANS: Shocking nonsense makes the most sense With the intrinsic strength of some of the modern encryption, authentication, and message digest algorithms such as RSA, MD5, SHS and IDEA the user password or phrase is becoming more and more the focus of vulnerability. For example, Deputy Ponder with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department admitted in early 1993 that both they and the FBI despaired of breaking the PGP 1.0 system except through a successful dictionary attack (trying many possible passwords or phrases from lists of probable choices and their variations) rather than "breaking" the underlying cryptographic algorithm mathematically. The fundamental reason why attacking or trying to guess the user's password or phrase will increasingly be the focus of cryptanalysis is that the user's choice of password may represent a much simpler cryptographic key than optimal for the encryption algorithm being used. This weakness of the user's password choice provides the potential cryptanalytic wedge.

    August, eighteen hundred and eightynine, between Simon James, Robert James, JamesF. Freeney, John M. Grady, GM Bond, Fritz Sittel, and RJ Ward, citizens of
    Vol. I, Laws (Compiled to December 1, 1902) Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1904. Home Table of Contents Index

    CHAP. 35
    Chapter 1252
    Margin Notes Chap. 1252 Choctaw Nation. Ratification of coal mining leases to Choctaw Coal and Railway Company.
    See note to 1898, c. 517, post, p 656. Chap. 1252 Leases Chap. 1252 Conditions. Chap. 1252 Limit of area. Chap. 1252 Period. Chap. 1252 Report of coal mined, royalties, etc. Chap. 1252 Restriction of prices for sales. Chap. 1252 All obligations of lessees to be performed. Chap. 1252 Rights restricted to mining, etc. Sec. 2 Rights of Chickasaw, etc., not impaired. Sec. 3 Violation of conditions to forfeit consent.
    Chapter 1252
    Page Images
    An act giving, upon conditions and limitations therein contained, the assent of the United States to certain leases of rights to mine coal in the Choctaw Nation. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled , That the consent of the United States is hereby given, upon the conditions and with the limitations hereinafter set forth, and no farther, to the following-described leases of coal rights, which citizens of the Choctaw Nation have made to the Choctaw Coal and Railway Company, a corporation created by the laws of the State of Minnesota, copies of which leases, eleven in number, have been filed and deposited with the Secretary of the Interior namely:

    75. Automated Genealogy 1901 Census Transcription Project
    O Grady, Cathrine, 49, NB, SAINT JOHN, Brooks (Ward/Quartier), a, 8,37. 7, g1, 7, 6. O Grady, Mary, 53, NB, SAINT JOHN, Brooks (Ward/Quartier),a, 8, 36.'Grady

    76. Grady County, Oklahoma 1930 (T626-1904) Team Census Transcription
    Joseph s Catholic School, 2610, Grady Co. Jail, 26-10, Chickasha City, Ward 3,bounded by (N) Frisco; (E) Genevieve, Choctaw, City Limits; (S) Iowa; (W) 5th.
    Federal Census Team Transcription If you are interested in helping to transcribe an Enumeration District for this census,
    please fill-in and submit a " Transcriber Volunteer Form "

    The 1930 census has Soundex Cards for only 12 of the states and there is no national index. It will take researchers a long time to find the name they are looking for without an index or Soundex Card to let them know what page number they need. Because of this, the Census Project is initiating a brief transcription of selected 1930 columns. These initial incomplete transcriptions are only temporary files to get the pertinent information made available sooner. Later we intend to go back and fill in the remaining columns to make full-transcriptions since that is the Census Project's ultimate goal. The 1930 Selected Columns will include the following fields:
    STAMPED-PG # LN # ENUM-DIST # SHEET # LAST-NAME FIRST-NAME RELATION SEX RACE AGE BIRTHPLACE TRANSCRIBER'S REMARKS Please refer to the 1930 Transcriber's Help web pages for more information.

    77. Http://searcher/perryco/perobits.htm
    Surviviors are another daughter Mrs. Ethal Pollock, Wayne,Mich., three sons, ThomasWard,Lowery Ward, of Perry County, and Grady Ward of Detroit Mich.,She had
    Perry County Obituaries These are obituaries which have been submitted by different Perry County researchers.
    Cecil Parnell
    Submitted by Jessie Linden, Tenn.-
    Funeral services for Cecil Allen Parnell, 50, of Detroit, formerly of Linden, will be at 2 p.m. today at
    the Chestnut Grove Church of Christ. Bill Ruhl will officiate. Burial will be in the church cemetery with Masonic rites.
    Parnell, an employee of a Detroit automobile plant, died in Detroit Monday, after a long illness. He was a native of
    Perry County, son of the late Robert and Nina Black Parnell. He was a Mason. He is survived by his widow, Mrs.
    Lena Shelton Parnell; three sons, Paul and Teddy Parnell,Detroil, Don Parnell, Nashville; a sister, Mrs. Rene Jackson, Linden;
    three brothers, Wallace Parnell, Nashville, Joe Parnell, Aetna, Tenn, J.D. Parnell, Centerville, Tenn., and four grandchildren.
    From the Nashville newspaper: November 7, 1960: Cecil Allen Parnell, 49,
    of Detroil, formerly of Linden, died Monday morning in a Detroil hospital after an illness of two months. Funeral sevices will be

    78. PC AI - Natural Language Processing
    ( Grady Ward, J. Markowitz Consulting, and Auditory Systems,
    Where Intelligent Technology Meets the Real World Home Contents Search News ... Contact PC AI
    Natural Language Processing
    Overview Glossary Link Natural Language Processing SUBMIT YOUR SITE To Multimedia To Neural Networks
    Natural Language Processing Information on the Internet
    The MIT InfoLab Group The MIT InforLab Group develops intelligent interactive software systems that help people access information and solve problems on human terms. They conduct research in natural language processing and multimedia information access. The Natural Language Group at ISI Home page for the Natural Language Group at the Information Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California. Find information about the research performed by the group as well as several demonstrations. Natural Language Processing FAQ Find answers to frequently asked questions about natural language processing. Natural Language Processing Links Find links to natural language processing web sites. NLPLAB Web Home Page Learn about current research and find software and other resources on natural language processing.

    79. Alt.Fan.Grady-ward -- Moby Lexicons And The Pursuit Of Scient
    Subscribe the Messages from the Usenetgroup Alt.Fan.GradyWard and getthem in your local mailbox. Alt.Fan.Grady-Ward. Home Alt Alt.Fan
    Home Alt Alt.Fan
    Moby Lexicons and the pursuit of Scientology.
    Subjects, that are frequently discussed here:
    • Lola Eurobabe getting her tits out - VIRUS ALERT - VIRUS ALERT - VIRUS ALER (3) My Hidden Shower Cam Pics (Spam buggered be removing cereal number) (3) Bin Ladin Captured - VIRUS ALERT - VIRUS ALERT - VIRUS ALERT - VIRUS ALERT (2) Masterbating with a snake - VIRUS ALERT - VIRUS ALERT - VIRUS ALERT - VIR (2) Me biteing my budgies head off - VIRUS ALERT - VIRUS ALERT - VIRUS ALERT - (2) Asian Bondage Teen Gets Tortured - VIRUS ALERT - VIRUS ALERT - VIRUS ALERT (1) Asian Gang Rape - VIRUS ALERT - VIRUS ALERT - VIRUS ALERT - VIRUS ALERT - V (1) Beastialit Gone Wrong Home Pics - VIRUS ALERT - VIRUS ALERT - VIRUS ALERT (1) Bin Ladin CapturedBEWARE! PROBABLY A VIRUS (1) Brittany Spears Naked on Beach - VIRUS ALERT - VIRUS ALERT - VIRUS ALERT - (1)
    Related Groups: Messages, that appear in this Group also appear in To get all news from this group to your mailbox, choose a format, type in your e-mail adress and press subscribe. To stop receiving the messages use the unsubscribe-button single messages. Expect about Messages per day.

    80. The Church Of Scientology Vs. The Net
    The first hearing was held on Friday, April 12. Scientology sues anddeposes Grady Ward. On March 21, 1996, the Church of Scientology
    Visitors to this site Subscribe to the Activist Mailing List Powered by This page was created by Ron Newman. The opinions expressed here are solely those of the author, and are not necessarily shared by any one else
    The Church of Scientology is a religious cult which has unwisely decided to declare war against the Usenet and Internet communities. Since December of 1994, this Church and its followers have committed numerous acts that are hostile to the spirit of free speech on the Net. This web page is intended to document these activities.
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