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         Unknown:     more books (101)
  1. Phantom Encounters (Mysteries of the Unknown) by Time-Life Books, 1995-05
  2. The Unknown Prophet by Delbert W. Baker, 1987-08
  3. Clouds Thick, Whereabouts Unknown: Poems by Zen Monks of China (Translations from the Asian Classics)
  4. The Book of the Unknown: Tales of the Thirty-six by Jonathon Keats, 2009-02-10
  5. Sender Unknown by Sallie Lowenstein, 2006
  6. The Unknown Masterpiece: (Le Chef-d'oeuvre inconnu) by Honoré de Balzac, 2010-01-12
  7. Unknown Mexico, Volume 1 (of 2) - A Record of Five Years' Exploration Among the Tribes of the Western Sierra Madre; In the Tierra Caliente of Tepic and Jalisco; and Among the Tarascos of Michoacan by Carl Lumholtz, 2010-07-12
  8. Mysteries of the Unknown by Time-Life Books, 2006
  9. Of Unknown Origin: A Memoir by Debra Levi Holtz, 2001-05-01
  10. Unknown Quantity by Paul Virilio, 2003-05
  11. Charting the Unknown: Family, Fear, and One Long Boat Ride by Kim Petersen, 2010-07-15
  12. Mystic Quests (Mysteries of the Unknown) by Time-Life Books, 1995-05
  13. The Unknown Soldiers by Arthur E. Barbeau, Florette Henri, et all 1996-03-22
  14. Exploring the Physics of the Unknown Universe: An Adventurer's Guide by Milo Wolff, 1991

A biographer of St. Thomas Becket, dates of birth and death Unknown.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... H > Herbert of Bosham A B C D ... Z
Herbert of Bosham
Introduction to vol. III of the Materials; NORGATE in Dict. Nat. Biog ., s. v.; L'HUILLIER, St. Thomas de Canterbury , I (Paris, 1891), note A. F.F. URQUHART.
Transcribed by Douglas J. Potter
Dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VII
Nihil Obstat, June 1, 1910.
Remy Lafort, S.T.D., Censor
Imprimatur. +John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York If an ad appears here that contradicts Catholic teachings, please click here to notify the webmaster. Praise Jesus Christ in His Angels and in His Saints
New Advent is dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

122. The Dead Unknown
contact + booking + guestbook + © the DeadUnknown 2004 + arcadefighter designs.

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booking guestbook arcadefighter designs

Missionary bishop, b. in Catalonia, date of birth Unknown; d. after 1799, place and exact date equally uncertain.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... S > Cyril Sieni A B C D ... Z
Cyril Sieni
(Better known as CYRIL OF BARCELONA). In 1786 Sieni issued a pastoral letter concerning the proper observance of Sunday as a day of rest and prayer. In 1788 New Orleans was swept by a great conflagration, on which occasion the brick church of the city perished (it was rebuilt in 1794). In spite of his zeal, religion made little progress: on the one hand he failed to restore ecclesiastical discipline, and on the other displeased both Charles III and Bishop Trespalacios of Havana, to whose care the mission was committed since 1787. Finally a royal order (1793) banished him to his native province. In 1799 he was still in Havana on his way to Spain. Irreligious writers of his own day, followed by some modern historians, depict him in harsh colours. He probably committed more than one administrative error, but he was esteemed a holy and simple-minded ecclesiastic. BACHILLER Y MORALES, A puntes (Havana, 1859); GAYARRE, A History of Louisiana (New Orleans, 1890); SHEA, Life and Times of the Most Rev. John Carroll (New York, 1888); FORTIER, A History of Louisiana (New Orleans, s.d.).
Transcribed by Joseph E. O'Connor

124. Stalking The Unknown
Stalking the Unknown. Carlos Castaneda. Links. Recapitulation. Images.During the summer we are meeting in an outdoor cathedral. Silent
Stalking the Unknown
Carlos Castaneda
During the summer we are meeting in an outdoor cathedral. Silent witnesses, and sometimes, other curious energetic beings, small and large, surround us. Join your intent with ours and share the joy.
Vancouver group info:
Look at the Practice Groups of the Official Web Site:

Date of birth Unknown; d. 6 Nov., 1003.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... J > Pope John XVII (XVIII) A B C D ... Z
Pope John XVII (XVIII)
Date of birth unknown; d. 6 Nov., 1003. When Sylvester II died on 12 May, 1003, there was no actual authority in Rome which could curb the nobles. Thus the faction of Crescentius again won the upper hand, and John Crescentius, son of the patricius whom Otto III had defeated and put to death, seized the authority for himself. The three following popes were indebted to him for their elevation, and were made to feel his supremacy. A Roman, Sicco, was first elected, and consecrated on 13 June as John XVII, but died on 6 November. Before taking orders he had been married, and had three sons who also became ecclesiastics. Concerning his activities during the few months of his pontificate nothing has come down to us. Liber Pontif., ed. D UCHESNE, II, 265; J Regesta, I (2nd ed.), 501; L ANGEN, III, 401. J.P. K IRSCH
Transcribed by WGKofron The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VIII
Nihil Obstat, October 1, 1910.
Remy Lafort, S.T.D., Censor

126. Unknown DNS
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Friar Minor, date of birth Unknown; d. at Velletri in 1480.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... C > Pietro Caperolo A B C D ... Z
Pietro Caperolo
Friar Minor, date of birth unknown; d. at Velletri in 1480; he was a man of much energy and great learning, and was held in high esteem as a preacher by the people of Brescia, Velletri, and other cities of Northern Italy. Caperolo played an important part in the religious disturbances, which arose about the year 1475, between the Franciscan provinces of Milan and Venice, and which were occasioned in great measure by the war then going on between Milan and the Venetian Republic. After considerable difficulty Caperolo succeeded in obtaining permission from Pope Sixtus IV to separate several convents of the Venetian provice from the obedience of the Observants, and to form a vicariate, which was placed under the obedience of the Conventuals, but retained the right to elect its own provincial superior. The members of the new congregation were known as Caperolani, from Caperolo their founder. The death of Caperolo, however, put an end to the Caperolani as a distinct branch within the order, and all the members of the new vicariate without exception returned to the obedience of the Observants. Wadding

Terror Unknown A HalfLife ModificationTERROR Unknown - Click to enter

129. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Sampson Erdeswicke
Antiquarian, date of birth Unknown; died 1603.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... E > Sampson Erdeswicke A B C D ... Z
Sampson Erdeswicke
Antiquarian, date of birth unknown; died 1603. He was born at Sandon in Staffordshire, his father, Hugh Erdeswicke, being descended from Richard de Vernon, Baron of Shipbrook, in the reign of William the Conqueror. The family resided originally at Erdeswicke Hall, in Cheshire, afterwards at Leighton and finally in the reign of Edward III settled at Sandon. Hugh Erdeswicke was a staunch Catholic who suffered much for the Faith. In 1582 he was reported to the Privy Council by the Anglican Bishop of Coventry as "the sorest and dangerousest papist, one of them in all England". His son Sampson, born in the reign of Henry VIII EDWIN BURTON
Transcribed by Michael C. Tinkler The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume V
Nihil Obstat, May 1, 1909.
Remy Lafort, Censor
Imprimatur. +John M. Farley, Archbishop of New York If an ad appears here that contradicts Catholic teachings, please click here to notify the webmaster. Praise Jesus Christ in His Angels and in His Saints
New Advent is dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

130. Master Hypnotist Gianni - The Unknown Hypnotist, Stage Hypnotist, Comedy Magicia
International Master Stage Hypnotist Gianni The Unknown Hypnotist, Master StageHypnotist, Comedy Magician, and Illusionist provides Las Vegas style
Who is called upon time and time again when prestigious clientele are in need of entertainment? When only the best will do Gianni - "The Unknown Hypnotist" is continually in the spotlight. State Fairs, Theme Parks, Casinos and more have continually called upon Gianni to satisfy their entertainment needs. Performing an average 200 performances per year, Gianni is one of the busiest hypnotists to date in the world. Once you see Gianni perform you too will know why. GIANNI, Gianni is a registered and certified hypnotherapist with credentials from accredited organizations such as The American Board of Hypnotherapy and The National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. The Unknown Hypnotist, Gianni, has studied hypnosis and stage hypnosis at accredited schools such as the Institute of Medical Hypnosis and the Center for Individual Hypnotic Training. Gianni is an active member of the International Magicians Society, The International Brotherhood of Magicians and The Society of American Magicians. Gianni also holds a Doctorate of Magic and is a certified as a Master Magician with the Alliance of International Magicians.

Byzantine historian; b. at Kaloe, at the foot of Mount Tmolos, in Ionia, about the year 950; the year of his death is Unknown.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... L > Leo Diaconus A B C D ... Z
Leo Diaconus
Byzantine historian; b. at Kaloe, at the foot of Mount Tmolos, in Ionia, about the year 950; the year of his death is unknown. In his early youth he came to study at Constantinople and, as his name tells, was ordained deacon. In 986 he took part in the war against the Bulgars under the Emperor Basil II (976-1025), was present at the siege of Triaditza (Sofia), where the imperial army was defeated. and barely escaped with his life. After the year 992 he began to write a history of the empire, presumably at Constantinople. The work is incomplete. Apparently he died before he could finish it. The history, divided into ten books, covers the years from 959 to 975, that is, the reigns of Romanus II (959-963), Nicephorus Phocas (963-969) and John Zimisces (969-976). It describes the wars against the Arabs in which the fortresses of Cilicia and the Island of Cyprus were won back (964-965), the conquest of Antioch and Northern Syria from the Moslems ADRIAN FORTESCUE
Transcribed by Mario Anello The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume IX

132. Welcome To The Unknown
No, this does not mean you need the latest graphics card to play the Unknown,but we are now tapping some of the more advance graphic features to ensure
March 21, 2004
As promised updates have begun in the Wallpaper section our monthly release of the Undead Dragon, found in the dark catacombs of the castle of the Undead. Included in this update are some new concept shots of demons that are now under production by the modeling team and lost the final rendering of the Hydra.
It been a bust month we have finalized the pixel and vertex shaders for Direct X9.x support. No, this does not mean you need the latest graphics card to play the Unknown, but we are now tapping some of the more advance graphic features to ensure players who have the higher end video cards that the Unknown can utilize enhanced graphic features. With this environmental mapping, volumetric fog, and additional dynamic light support and 32 bit shading is now complete.
Screen shots are now be categorized and the Realm Info page is about ready to be released which we do believe will answer some users emails!!
Ross Systems
March 14, 2004 The last month has been very busy for the entire team, as we place the final touches and close out the last features for the graphics engine. With this the existing testers have experienced all the hardships of us doing this. From 100’s of crashes a week, to freeze to the heated ‘blue screen of death’ but the end results have been what we have wished for.
With this last phase of testing complete the team can sigh some relief, as we can now go to the next phase. The webmaster is working on updating the website throughout next week to include new models, new wallpaper, and yes new up to date screen shots of the world in action. We are going to work out a schedule that we can release screen shots on a weekly to bi-weekly.

133. Gaming Intelligence Agency - Sony Playstation - Chocobo's Dungeon 2
2/5 Reviewer Fritz Fraundorf. Most will find themselves reaching for a more substantial title. (date Unknown)

A common lament of RPG fans is that today's games are just too complicated. Every game bombards players with its own special "systems" to be painstakingly learnt and pointlessly mastered. Whatever happened to the good old days, when you just picked up a game and played? Square's Chocobo's Dungeon 2 is a return to those "good old days," with a simple interface and randomly generated dungeons that owe more to multi-user dungeons like Rogue and NetHack than to Final Fantasy. But as gamers may discover after a few hours with Chocobo's Dungeon 2, "simpler" is often a euphemism for "more boring." Chocobo and a friend explore a sequence of randomly generated dungeons, defeating enemies, grabbing treasure, and advancing to the next floor. Unfortunately, the random dungeon generation algorithm seems endlessly stuck on the same note; gamers are made to traverse room after room connected by hall after hall, never once finding a single puzzle, switch, or other obstacle in their way. Invisible, randomly placed floor traps and an endless stream of enemies are the only impediments to Chocobo's journey. Movement are handled in psuedo-realtime; Chocobo's movements start and stop the flow of time for the rest of the world. Battles rarely advance beyond Chocobo and an enemy whacking each other until one of them falls. While the gameplay is enjoyable enough (for what it is), its simplicity keeps the player from ever engaging with the game on more than a visceral level. Bahamut and a Behemoth

134. Adventures In The Unknown Interior Of America, De Vaca
English translation of Cabeza de Vaca's full 1542 expedition report.
Cabeza de Vaca's
Adventures in the Unknown Interior of America
Translated and Annotated by Cyclone Covey
Reprinted 1983 by University of New Mexico Press, ISBN 0-8263-0656-X pbk
Cordially dedicated to Vernon A. Chamberlin
The Sailing of the Armada The Governor's Arrival at Xagua with a Pilot Our Landing in Florida ... Afterword Index [not reprinted here]
THIS SIXTEENTH-CENTURY odyssey of Cabeza de Vaca's is one of the great true epics of history. It is the semi-official report to the king of Spain by the ranking surviving officer of a royal expedition to conquer Florida which fantastically miscarried. Four out of a land-force of 300 menby wits, stamina and luckfound their way back to civilization after eight harrowing years and roughly 6,000 miles over mostly unknown reaches of North America. They were the first Europeans to see and live to report the interior of florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and northernmost Mexico; the 'possum and the buffalo; the Mississippi and the Pecos; pine-nut mash and mesquite-bean flour; and a long string of Indian Stone Age tribes. What these wanderers merely heard and surmised had just as great an effect on subsequent events as what they learned at first hand. Their sojourn "to the sunset," as they told certain of the Indians in the latters' idiom, took on a great added interest and value in the 1930's with the convergent discovery of Carl Sauer and Cleve Hallenbeck that Cabeza de Vaca and his companions had traveled, for the most part, over Indian trails that were still traceable. The thorough work of these two distinguished professors, plus that of innumerable others in such disciplines as archaeology, anthropology, cartography, geology, climatology, botany, zoology and history, has given surprisingly sharp definition to much of the old narrative that had hitherto seemed vague and baffling. The present translation is the

135. Diagnosis Unknown: Randy Smith
B Smith from Honolulu, HI. Diagnosis Unknown. Your Roadmap from Exhaustion to Wellville.Put a Dead Halt To NeverEnding Exhaustion. Diagnosis Unknown . At last!
A real page-turner:
This book gives an incredible insight into both conventional and alternative medicine. Although the subject is very serious the author turns it into a humorous mystery novel. I have recommended this book to over 20 people and, without exception, they report back that they couldn't put it down. Most people say they read it in one sitting or in 2 to 3 days. B Smith from Honolulu, HI
Unknown Your Roadmap
from Exhaustion
to Wellville Put a Dead Halt To Never-Ending
Exhaustion Discover how you can get inside information on the health care system, guaranteed to help you understand why the medical health care system will not help you get rid of your exhaustion. Stop the cycle of searching for doctors who may not help you ! This may not solve your problem. Learn to find doctors who can assist you in getting the help you need to end your exhaustion.

136. Unknown Armies Into Fudge Conversion
Conversion of Unknown Armies into Fudge
Conversion of Unknown Armies into Fudge
by Tim Rudloff
About Fudge
This is a conversion for the Unknown Armies game into FUDGE. This is largely dependent on the reader being already familiar with FUDGE. This rule system is available for free online at the Grey Ghost Press, Inc. website, and elsewhere. I had two goals writing these rules. The first was to make something that kept the spirit of the Unknown Armies without being percentile based, and largely made the same sorts of effects possible. The second was to make the character generation and experience system feel non-point based. It should not be possible in this rule-set to declare that you have an X-pt character. I tried to make a numeric value of a character hard to figure up. Each character should choose an obsession, and their Fear, Rage, and Noble Stimuli. When invoking stimuli on a die roll, since FUDGE roles cannot be flip-flopped, simply roll twice and take the better result. On average, this will work out into an effective +1 to the roll. FUDGE: UA characters have four statistics, Body, Speed, Mind, Soul. These begin at Fair, and the character has two steps to distribute among them. An statistic can be lowered ot provide more steps for other statistics. Some GMs may wish to make the extremes of Terrible and Superb unavailable for the starting character. Otherwise, they can range from Terrible to Superb, with the 30%-70% range from Unknown Armies translating roughly to the Poor-Great range of FUDGE levels. If the player wants more than one superb statistic, this is fine, but he'll need to drop four steps between the other two. Focused like a needle.

137. [SPIP-Contrib] How To Modify Your Templates To Avoid Unknown Pages ?
How to modify your templates to avoid Unknown pages ? by jonathan Oursearch Next, create the couple Unknown.php3 Unknown.html. For the
Accueil du site Plan du site Spip Doc. Sommaire ar en es fr ... Squelettes Recherche Vous aimez
How to modify your templates to avoid unknown pages ?
by jonathan Our search engine friend recorded an article that you deleted, so following the link leads to an empty page.
, and put this in pratice:
"The alternative code (ended by This should be used on the article page as:
blah, blah, blah
Next, create the couple unknown.php3 unknown.html.
For the page unknown .html you can offer text and a redirection to the home page or the site map, for example.
Or an automatic redirection. Reply to this article F.A.Q Plan du site

138. XHZN
XHZN(Unknown Horizon) is an organization based on revealing the truth worldwide. Including topics such as UFOs, conspiracy, cryptozoology, and the paranormal.
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

139. Mail Unknown Anti-spam Stops Spam For Good
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Date of birth Unknown; d. 17 April, 858.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... B > Pope Benedict III A B C D ... Z
Pope Benedict III
Date of birth unknown; d. 17 April, 858. The election of the learned and ascetic Roman, Benedict, the son of Peter, was a troubled one. On the death of Leo IV (17 July, 855) Benedict was chosen to succeed him, and envoys were despatched to secure the ratification of the decree of election by the Emperors Lothaire and Louis II. But the legates betrayed their trust and allowed themselves to be influenced in favour of the ambitious and excommunicated Cardinal Anastasius. The imperial missi, gained over in turn by them, endeavoured to force Anastasius on the Roman Church. Benedict was insulted and imprisoned. Most of the clergy and people, however, remained true to him, and the missi had to yield. Benedict was accordingly consecrated on the 29th of September, or 6th of October, 855, and though his rival was condemned by a synod, he admitted him to lay communion. Owing to dissensions and attacks from without, the kingdom of the Franks was in disorder, and the Church within its borders was oppressed. Benedict wrote to the Frankish bishops, attributing much of the misery in the empire to their silence (cf. "Capitularia regum Francorum", ed. Boretius, II, 424); and to lessen its internal evils endeavoured to curb the powerful subdeacon Hubert (Ep. Bened., in Mon. Germ. Epp., V, 612), who was the brother-in-law of Lothaire II, King of Lorraine, and defied the laws of God and man till he was slain, in 864. In an appeal made to Benedict from the East, he held the balance fair between St. Ignatius, Patriarch of Constantinople, and Gregory, Bishop of Syracuse. He was visited by the Ango-Saxon King Ethelwulf with his famous son Alfred, and completed the restoration of the Schola Anglorum, destroyed by fire in 847. He continued the work of repairing the damage done to the churches in Rome by the

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