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         Unknown:     more books (101)
  1. The UFO Phenomenon (Mysteries of the Unknown) by Time-Life Books, 1988-03
  2. Across the Unknown by Stuart Edward White, Harwood White, 1988-10-01
  3. A Feast Unknown by Philip Jose Farmer, 1995-01
  4. CAPITALISM: THE UNKNOWN IDEAL, WITH ADDITIONAL ARTICLES BY ... by Ayn Rand, Nathaniel Branden, et all 1967
  5. Mysterious Lands and Peoples (Mysteries of the Unknown) by Time-Life Books, 1991-09
  6. Tales of Mystery and the Unknown by Robert Potter, 1976-11
  7. Challengers of the Unknown Must Die! by Jeph Loeb, 2004-10-01
  8. Contesting Tears: The Hollywood Melodrama of the Unknown Woman by Stanley Cavell, 1997-02-15
  9. Unknown Armies (2nd Edition) by Greg Stolze, John Tynes, 2002-07
  10. Hauntings (Mysteries of the Unknown)
  11. Alien Encounters: Mysteries of the Unknown
  12. Tom: The Unknown Tennesse Williams by Lyle Leverich, 1997-04-01
  13. Art Out of Time: Unknown Comics Visionaries, 1900-1969 by Dan Nadel, 2006-06-01
  14. The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath by H. P. Lovecraft, 2010-03-19

101. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Sant' Angelo De' Lombardi
Diocese in the Province of Avellino, Southern Italy. The city was established by the Lombards at an Unknown period.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... S > Sant' Angelo de' Lombardi A B C D ... Z
Sant' Angelo de' Lombardi
(SANCTI ANGELI LOMBARDORUM ET BISACCIENSIS). Diocese in the Province of Avellino, Southern Italy. The city was established by the Lombards at an unknown period. There are sulphurous springs in its vicinity. In 1664 it was almost completely destroyed. It became an episcopal see under Gregory VII , but its first known bishop is Thomas, in 1179, when the see was a suffragan of Conza. In 1540 under the episcopate of Rinaldo de' Cancellieri, it was united to the Diocese of Bisaccia (the ancient Romulea), a Samnite town captured by the Romans in 295 B.C.; it appears first as a bishopric in 1179. Another of its prelates, Ignazio Cianti, O.P. (1646), was distinguished for his learning. In 1818 it was incorporated with the See of Monteverde, the earliest known bishop of which is Mario (1049), and which in 1531 was united to the Archdiocese of Canne and Nazareth, from which it has been again separated. The see contains 9 parishes with 40,000 souls, 45 secular priests, and some religious, 3 monastic establishments, and a girls' school. CAPPELLETTI, Le chiese d'Italia, XX (Venice, 1857).

102. Mt. Elbrus - Unknown Grandeur - Climbing, Heliskiing And Heliboarding In The Cen
? ? = Mountains. Unknown Grandeur =are registrated Trade Marks by Vladimir Kopylov. Elbrus climbing.

SFT Company

SFT Company

A Greek, the date of whose birth is Unknown; d. 11 January, 705.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... J > Pope John VI A B C D ... Z
Pope John VI
A Greek, the date of whose birth is unknown; d. 11 January, 705. He ascended the papal throne 30 October, 701. Some time during his reign there came to Rome from Sicily Theophylactus, "chamberlain, patricius "fundus Horrea" at the fifth milestone on the Via Latina. As "there was no one who had power to resist him by force of arms", the pope, distressed at the sufferings of the people, sent a number of priests furnished with money into the camp of the Lombard duke. Not only did they ransom all the captives whom Gisulf had taken, but they persuaded him to retire to his own territories. John VI was one of the popes before whom St. Wilfrid of York carried his appeals. Pointing out that the action of the Apostolic See was wont to be consistent, the saint adjured him to confirm in his behalf the decisions of his predecessors (704). This John did, and sent him back to England with letters for King Ethelred and others. It was not, however, till the following year that the papal mandates were obeyed. John sent the pallium to Brithwald, whom "he confirmed as Archbishop of Canterbury". He was buried in St. Peter's.

104. The Unknown Movies Page
MOVED! Time to change your links and bookmarks! The Unknown Movies has moved toa better home at Bad Movie Planet! It s now at http//
MOVED! Time to change your links and bookmarks! The Unknown Movies has moved to a better home at Bad Movie Planet It's now at:

105. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Michael Caerularius
Patriarch of Constantinople (104358), author of the second and final schism of the Byzantine Church, date of birth Unknown; d. 1058.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... celibacy . Because of these "horrible infirmities", Nicetas describes Latins as "dogs, bad workmen, schismatics, hypocrites Holy See excommunication against him, Leo of Achrida, and their adherents, which they laid on the altar of Sancta Sophia on 16 July, 1054. Two days later they set out for Rome. The emperor was still on good terms with them and gave them presents for Monte Cassino ILL, (Leipzig, 1861); P SELLUS, History, ed. S ATHAS, in Byzantine Texts (London, 1898); P SELLUS, Enkomion in S ATHAS, IV (1875), 326 sqq.; also in P. G., CXXII, 477-1186; B Le schisme oriental du XI e siecle (Paris, 1899); H Photius, III (Ratisbon, 1869); P ICHLER, Gesch. der kirchl. Trennung zwischen den Orient u. Occident (Munich, 1864-5); N ORDEN, Das Papsttum und Byzanz (Berlin, 1903); F ORTESCUE, The Orthodox Eastern Church (London, 1907), chap. v, The Schism of Cerularius. A DRIAN F ORTESCUE
Transcribed by WGKofron
With thanks to Fr. John Hilkert and St. Mary's Church, Akron, Ohio The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume X
Nihil Obstat, October 1, 1911.

106. Unknown, The (1927)
Unknown, The (1927) Cast, Crew, Reviews, Plot Summary, Comments, Discussion, Taglines,Trailers, Posters, Photos, Showtimes, Link to Official Site, Fan Sites.

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Unknown, The
Directed by
Tod Browning

Writing credits Tod Browning (story) Waldemar Young (scenario) (more) Add to MyMovies IMDbPro Professional Details Genre: Drama Horror Romance (more) Plot Summary: Alonzo is an apparently armless knife thrower who uses his feet to encircle Estrellita with blades.... (more) User Comments: Another Chaney Love Triangle!

107. Northeast Times
So many things about the boy who was found battered and dead are still Unknown. Northeast Times
Who was The Boy in the Box? By William Kenny
Times Staff Writer
Yet, even in his retirement, Kelly has never seen anything as ghastly and heart-wrenching as the homicide case he was assigned to investigate in early March 1957. Just days earlier, on Feb. 25, a male college student had discovered the body of a small boy along an unpaved Susquehanna Road, just west of Verree Road, in Fox Chase.
The naked boy had been wrapped in an old blanket and stuffed into a box that was sitting among piles of household trash that had been dumped throughout the rural area. Unlike today, there were no rowhomes at the time, just the gravel road and farms, separated by clumps of roadside trees.
McGillen inherited the case from longtime colleague Remington Bristow, the man most known for keeping the investigation alive through the years until his death in 1993.
The Times
Citing promises of confidentiality, Kelly and McGillen each decline to confirm any of the new information. Yet, they say, whatever new information they have remains unconfirmed and incomplete.
Kelly remembers many details of the early investigation vividly. Several years earlier, during a 17-month tour of duty by his Navy reserve unit in the Korean War, he saw many bloody sights. His job was to help evacuate wounded soldiers.

Armenian historian of the fifth century, place and date of birth Unknown, d. 480.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... Z
FINCK, Geschichte der armenischen Litteratur in Geschichte der christlichen Litteraturen de Orients (Leipzig, 1907), 97 sqq.; BARDENHEWER, Patrology, tr. SHAHAN (Freiburg im Br., St. Louis, 1908), 594. H. HYVERNAT The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume V
Nihil Obstat, May 1, 1909.
Remy Lafort, Censor
Imprimatur. +John M. Farley, Archbishop of New York If an ad appears here that contradicts Catholic teachings, please click here to notify the webmaster. Praise Jesus Christ in His Angels and in His Saints
New Advent is dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

109. John Dewey Vs. The Alexander Technique
The Unknown Dewey. John Dewey vs. the Alexander Technique. The AlexanderTechnique is a method of carriage awareness and improvement
The Unknown Dewey
John Dewey vs. the Alexander Technique The Alexander Technique is a method of carriage awareness and improvement carriage in the sense of how you carry yourself, grace, lightness, ease of movement. It's usually taught privately, the teacher certified by a professional society such as AmSAT, ATI, and STAT after undergoing three years of training. It was discovered and developed by F. Matthias Alexander (1869-1955), and today is widely known among musicians, dancers, and actors. Everyone, though, can benefit from the Alexander Technique. (For more about it, see STAT The American philosopher John Dewey (1859-1952) recommended the Alexander Technique, and today teachers frequently use his endorsement in their advertisements. Further, Dewey claimed the Alexander Technique illustrated his own philosophy, and some teachers repeat that claim in their descriptions of the Technique. A search for "Alexander Technique" shows how often Dewey's endorsement gets used in Alexander Technique literature. Of the first ten websites it lists, eight of them feature Dewey's endorsement or furnish a link to a site that does. The question is: is Dewey's endorsement valuable?

Layman and martyr, b. probably at Grimthorpe, Yorks, England, date Unknown; d. at York, 1 Dec., 1586.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... L > Richard Langley A B C D ... Z
Richard Langley
During the investigation Langley was steadfast in his adherence to the Faith. He would not take the oath of the queen's ecclesiastical supremacy, nor compromise his religious heritage by seeking to ingratiate himself with the lord president or Privy Council. It was feared that the jury which had first been empaneled to decide upon the case might return a verdict in accordance with the dictates of justice, it was therefore discharged and replaced by another of tried fidelity to the prosecutors. Langley was condemned to death, without any evidence being adduced to establish the fact that he had knowingly sheltered seminary priests, and was hanged, drawn, and quartered at York. His remains were refused honorable burial, despite the importunity of his friends. GILLOW, Bibl. Dict. Eng. Cath., s.v.; MORRIS, Troubles of our Catholic Forefathers, third series; FOLEY, Records of the Eng Prov. of the Society of Jesus, VI (supplemental vol., London, 1880), 316; Ibid., III (London, 1878), 735; DODD, Church History, II, 172; CHALLONER, Memoirs of Missionary Priests, I (Philadelphia, 1839), 120; POLLEN, Acts of Eng. Mar. P.J. MACAULEY

111. Unknown Angels
Unknown, I am the mother of 4 precious children residing in heaven. Four babiesI lost, without ever getting to hold them. Pages Within Unknown Angels
In a baby castle, just beyond my eye
My babies play with angel toys that money cannot buy
Who am I to wish them back into this world of strife?
No, play on my babies, you have eternal life.
At night when all is silent and sleep forsakes my eyes,
I'll hear their tiny footsteps come running to my side.
Their little hands caress me, so tenderly and sweet,
I'll breathe a prayer and close my eyes
and embrace them in my sleep.
I have a treasure I rate above all other,
I have know true glory ~ I am still their mother. Unknown
(c) Anne Geddes (c) Anne Geddes "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted;  and those who are crushed in spirit He saves.  Psalm 34:19." Tell A Friend! Type In Your Name: Type In Your E-mail: Your Friend's E-mail: Your Comments: Receive copy: (c) Anne Geddes Click on this ribbon and place it on your site In recognition of our miscarried angels Pages Within Unknown Angels Select where you want to go Home My losses and thoughts Where Angels Dwell Grief Support Links Poetry Free Angel Memorials Message Board Chat Room Loss Information-FAQ Trying Again after loss I wish..

112. Gaming Age Review- Chocobo's Dungeon 2
C+ Reviewer Jason Allen. A quality game but far below Square's usual. (date Unknown)
Front News Previews Reviews ... Email
Chocobo's Dungeon 2

With the fantastic sales of the highly-regarded Final Fantasy VII and VIII, Square has seen the opportunity for success on the PlayStation and has continued to bring more of its previously Japanese-only titles to the US market. Chocobo's Dungeon 2 is one of Square's recent releases for the PlayStation. Although it benefited from Japan's huge RPG fan base, it may find difficulty receiving the same praise from US gamers. Chocobo's Dungeon is not a bad game by any means. It's a great little action-RPG starring Chocobo, Square's popular character from the Final Fantasy series. However, there are some elements present that may make veteran gamers indifferent towards the game. Chocobo's Dungeon 2 opens with beautiful Square-quality (would you expect any less?) CG, and shows Chocobo and his encounter with Mog, everyone's favorite Moogle. Chocobo's clumsiness and Mog's mischievous nature cause a behemoth to be awakened, and they both flee in comic terror. After they are saved thanks to an accidental summoning of Bahamut, Chocobo examines a discovered treasure, looks up into the sky and begins his adventure. Square's RPGs are usually known for their grand story and deep character development. CD2, unfortunately, doesn't meet these two standards. As you play through the game, you will be introduced to new characters like Chubby Chocobo, Shiroma the White Mage and of course, the gruff but lovable Cid. The characters are stereotypical; their introductions are rushed and their development is brief. The progression of the game is slow and the story, for the most part, is predictable.

113. WWII's Kilroy Was Here Unknown Stories And Forgotten Places
Unknown stories revealed and places rediscovered. Volume TimeLine WWII KilroyWas Here, WWII s Kilroy Was Here Unknown stories and forgotten places.
WWII's Kilroy Was Here - Unknown stories and forgotten places.
Last Updated 05/30/2004 WWII's Kilroy Was Here. Here's the word, all the scuttlebutt.
Click the star for Site Map Click the star for Links
Volume 1. The Legends, page 1 of 2
How the Kilroy Was Here legends started from the most likely to the most whimsical. Sightings of Kilroy Was Here which continue today. Volume 2. The Foreword and Dedication. Who we are and what are we doing here? Volume 3. "The Way We Were" Stories from individuals during the war years. These stories are sometimes heroic, sometimes funny, poignant, or simply memories that must not be forgotten. This Volume has two sub sections: In Harm's Way, page 1 of 2

Teleporting An Unknown State (1994/96) Eduardo Kac. Teleporting anUnknown State is a biotelematic interactive installation.
Teleporting An Unknown State (1994/96) Eduardo Kac
"Teleporting an Unknown State" is a biotelematic interactive installation. In other words: it is a computer-based telecommunications piece in which a biological process is an integral part of the work. The installation creates the experience of the Internet as a life-supporting system. In a very dark room a pedestal with earth serves as a nursery for a single seed. Through a video projector suspended above and facing the pedestal, remote individuals send light via the Internet to enable this seed to photosynthesize and grow in total darkness. ( Diagram
Photo: Gumparnat Pasaganon The installation takes the idea of teleportation of particles (and not of matter) out of its scientific context and transposes it to the domain of social interaction enabled by the Internet. Following my previous work with telematic interactive installation and my exploration of non-semiological forms of communication with electronic media, this installation uses the remote transmission of video images not for their representational content but for their optical phenomenon as wavefronts of light. Internet videoconferencing is used to teleport light particles from several countries with the sole purpose of enabling biological (and not artificial) life and growth in the installation site.
Photo: Gumparnat Pasaganon A new sense of community and collective responsibility emerges out of this context without the exchange of a single verbal message. Through the collaborative action of anonymous individuals around the world, photons from distant countries and cities are teleported into the gallery and are used to give birth to a fragile and small plant. It is the participants' shared responsibility that ensures that the plant grows as long as the show is open.

115. Unknown Armies Character Archive
Contains several characters with character sheet and description.
Freaks, Mutants, and other Fauna of the Occult Underground "The square is seldom if ever cool," says Bloomquist. "He is not 'with it,' that is, he doesn't know 'what's happening.' But if he manages to figure it out, he moves up a notch to 'hip.' And if he can bring himself to approve of what's happening, he becomes 'groovy.' And after that, with much luck and perseverance, he can rise to the rank of 'cool.'" - Dr. E. R. Bloomquist explains the four states of being in the drug culture, from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas , Hunter S. Thompson Presented here are a variety of GMCs for use in Unknown Armies. I originally wrote these in early 1999 when I first bought the game and was so inspired by it that I decided to pursue an old dream of mine: professional game design. Clint Henderson: Attention seeking fraud.
Duane Fields:
Could'a been a contender.
Harry Reed:
Victim of circumstance or murderous psychopath?
Louis Drew:
Defender of the innocent.
The Mother Goddess Cult:
What about the children?
Murray Segal:
Mad inventor. Or simply mad. He can't remember which.

116. America's Unknown Child (the Boy In The Box Mystery)
Will this little boy s true identity ever be known, or will he foreverremain America s Unknown Child? The Boy in the Box Mystery.
The Boy in the Box Mystery Can you help homicide investigators solve this crime? NOTICE: The CBS television program "Cold Case" recently aired a fictional story based loosely upon the Boy in the Box case. Unfortunately, this has led some people to erroneously conclude that the case has been solved. In reality, the Boy in the Box homicide case remains UNSOLVED. URGENT ASSISTANCE NEEDED: If you are age 55 or beyond and you knew, or remember knowing of, a young boy two years old or younger named Jonathan in the very early 1950s, living in or within a 40-mile radius of Philadelphia, or if you are or were a physician ( perhaps now retired ) who may have treated such a boy for a condition that would have left resultant scars in the groin area and the ankles ( IV cutdowns ), you are asked to Email such information to our website address ( You will be contacted via Email, and your information will be held in the strictest confidence. Who was the mysterious "Boy in the Box"? How did he die? Was his death a tragic accident, or a cruel and deliberate act of child homicide? Who killed him, and why? How did the nude, badly bruised body of this little boy come to be placed inside a cardboard box and dumped in a remote, rubbish-strewn lot on the northern outskirts of Philadelphia? Why didn't anyone report the boy missing? Who were the boy's parents or guardians, and why hadn't they come forward to identify him and claim his body? Will this little boy's true identity ever be known, or will he forever remain "America's Unknown Child"?

117. Maine's Investigators Of The Unknown
Paranormal research team intended to make clients aware of, and receptive to, the spiritual activity in and around their homes.
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
Our goal is to gather and collect data that will lead to a better understanding of the spirit world. While doing so, we can and will help our clients understand their own personal experiences of paranormal activity. As a result, we hope to help create a livable resolution for both the client and the spirit. If such a resolution can not be absolved, we have the knowledge and means to rid the clients home of the spirit or demon. We are open minded to all theories and methods, as this is not yet an exact science. Ultimately, our goal is to bring Paranormal Research to a recognized science. WE DO NOT ALLOW THE DESECRATION OF BURIAL GROUND IN OUR TEAM, OR RECOMMEND THAT ANYONE ELSE DOES EITHER.
Solar X-rays:
Geomagnetic Field: From Member Bios EVP Clips Investigation Photos- *UPDATED* ... Apply for MIU's Award of Excellence Email MIU Vote for this site on Top 50 PSI Sites On the Net Last update- 7/31/2003

118. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: St. Burchard Of Wurzburg
First bishop of W¼rzurg, born in England of AngloSaxon parents, date Unknown; died in Germany most probably in 754.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ...
St. Boniface
, to whom he offered himself as an assistant. As Boniface St. Boniface when the latter erected the ecclesiastical hierarchy in the mission territory of Thuringia. The date is probably 741, for on 22 October, 741, Burchard and Witta of Buraburg took part as bishops in the consecration of St. Willibald as Bishop of Eichstatt. In a letter to St. Boniface , 1 April, 743, Pope Zachary confirmed the founding of the new diocese. But a year before this (April, 742) Burchard had been a member of the first German synod. He now devoted himself to spreading and confirming Christianity in the new bishopric. In the spring of 748 he went to Rome to make a report on the condition of the Church in Franconia and to submit various questions for decision. Burchard was held in high esteem by Pepin the Short. When the latter, in 749, appointed an embassy to lay before Pope Zachary the question who should be King of the Franks, he placed Burchard and Abbot Fulrad of St. Denis at its head. After his return from Rome Burchard was not able to continue his apostolic activity for any great space of time and died before St. Boniface

119. JazzTimes Magazine Phillip Johnston's Transparent Quartet
Review by Aaron Steinberg of The Unknown, with Johnston's music performed live.

120. ThinkQuest : Library : Black Holes: Portals Into The Unknown
Portals into the Unknown.
Index Astronomy
Black Holes: Portals into the Unknown
Imagine a giant vacuum cleaner in outer space with so much energy it sucks everything around into it. That's a black hole. And there are many different kinds out there. You can find out how they're detected, how they act, what they might look like, and what happens to the matter that enters them. For some computer fun, download a black hole game or quiz. Visit Site 1997 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge Languages English Students Benjamin Quibbletown Middle School, Piscataway, NJ, United States Robert S. Quibbletown Middle School, Piscataway, NJ, United States Lee Rutgers Preparatory School, Somerset, NJ, United States Coaches John Quibbletown Middle School, Piscataway, NJ, United States John Quibbletown Middle School, Piscataway, NJ, United States Angelo Rutgers Preparatory School, Somerset, NJ, United States Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site.

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