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         Unknown:     more books (101)
  1. The Unknown Sayings of Jesus by Marvin Meyer, 2005-09-13
  2. Into the Unknown: Leadership Lessons from Lewis & Clark's Daring Westward Expedition by Jack Uldrich, 2004-04-23
  3. Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother: Stories of Loss and Love by Xinran, 2011-03-08
  4. Points Unknown: The Greatest Adventure Writing of the Twentieth Century (Outside Books)
  5. The Known, the Unknown, and the Unknowable in Financial Risk Management: Measurement and Theory Advancing Practice
  6. The Unknown Ajax by Georgette Heyer, 2005-01-01
  7. Gifts of Unknown Things: A True Story of Nature, Healing, and Initiation from Indonesia's Dancing Island by Lyall Watson, 1991-12-01
  8. The Unknown Errors of Our Lives: Stories by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, 2002-01-15
  9. Managing the Unknown: A New Approach to Managing High Uncertainty and Risk in Projects by Christoph H. Loch, Arnoud DeMeyer, et all 2006-03-10
  10. Hymns to an Unknown God: Awakening The Spirit In Everyday Life by Sam Keen, 1995-09-01
  11. The Unknown She: Eight Faces of an Emerging Consciousness by Hilary Hart, 2003-03-01
  12. Man The Unknown by Alexis Carrel, 1935
  13. The Unknown God: W.T. Smith and the Thelemites by Martin P. Starr, 2003-11
  14. The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian (New York Review Books Classics) by Nirad C. Chaudhuri, 2001-10-10

61. Paranormal And The Unknown
Covers various aspects of the paranormal.
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62. Home -
200403-11 173149. Unknown Journal goes live Dear All, Today we havelaunched the latest site to form part of the Unknown Community.
Help us continue to grow this community. We love doing it, you love to be part of it! Please Donate if you can.
for Poem for Author
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IF you have submitted poetry to or its other names, please read the links below as it has been brought to our attention of the possibility of an enormous scam going on: http://www.wockyj...
Unknown Journal goes live
Dear All, Today we have launched the latest site to form part of the Unknown Community. The new site called Unknown Journal will allow all UC members to keep their own online journal. The new site h...
" by SaMAnThA EN Emotion
i love to hate you, i hate to love you
" by SaMAnThA EN Hate
" by bob EN Humor
Never again
" by bob EN Life The lost moment " by bob EN Love I wish... " by Michelle W EN Love An Un-Real Love Story " by Jessie EN Love Another Dawn " by Shin Dokujin EN Other Running out " by Joe EN Life Reflect me as I am... " by Andrey Kneller EN Emotion Teenage Wasteland by Dana Morrison EN Conflict I seem to be the poison to all of your happiness A pathetic greedy soul, desperate for love's caress

63. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Blessed Berchtold
Abbot of the Benedictine Monastery of Engelberg in Switzerland; date of birth Unknown; d. 3 November, 1197.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... B > Blessed Berchtold A B C D ... Z
Blessed Berchtold
(BERTHOLD). Abbot of the Benedictine Monastery of Engelberg in Switzerland; date of birth unknown; d. 3 November, 1197. Before becoming abbot he was a monk at Engelberg and a favorite disciple of the learned abbot, Blessed Frowin. When Frowin was on the point of dying he advised his monks to elect the pious Berchtold as his successor. Accordingly, after Frowin's death, which occurred 27 March, 1178, Berchtold was chosen abbot. Following in Frowin's footsteps, he was intent on maintaining strict monastic discipline, the importance of which he inculcated by his own example. Nor did he neglect, at the same time, to encourage his monks in the pursuit of Divine and human knowledge. By his order they reproduced many old writings, some of which are still extant in the library of Engelberg. The more learned monks were encouraged to write original works. When Abbot Burchard openly taught that the souls of the just had gone to heaven before the Resurrection of Christ miracle of turning water into wine is corroborated by an epigram beneath a representation of him which was kept in the choir of Engelberg up to the seventeenth century. At Engelberg his feast is celebrated on the anniversary of his death.

64. Unknown E-Pals - Find International Penpals From All Over The World.      
Unknown EPals - Find international penpals from all over the, writing, corresponding, penpal, epal, e-pal, email

65. Phillip Johnston's Transparent Quartet Goes Into "The Unknown," Mass MoCA, Aug.
Review by Seth Rogovoy of a showing of the 1927 silent movie The Unknown with Johnson's music played live.
Phillip Johnston's Transparent Quartet goes into "The Unknown," Mass MoCA, Aug. 28 by Seth Rogovoy (NORTH ADAMS, Mass., Aug. 29, 1999) - The outdoor Cinema Courtyard series concluded on a macabre note on Saturday night with a showing of Tod Browning's 1927 silent film, "The Unknown," starring Lon Chaney and Joan Crawford, with an original score performed by Phillip Johnston's Transparent Quartet. It is hard to imagine what audiences in 1927 thought of Browning's theater of the grotesque, in which mad, uncontrollable passions played themselves out in the form of physical deformity and mutilation. In this case, the duplicitous past of Chaney's Alonzo, the Armless Knife-Thrower, rubs up against his obsessive present and drives him to the extremes of "heroic" behavior, first in sacrificing his very arms for the woman he loves, and then in leading him to the ultimate sacrifice of his own life. Maybe it is just a case of fin de siecle superiority that makes us think that we are so much more sophisticated about human psychology than audiences were 70 years ago. We assume the film's original viewers were so much more easily manipulated by Browning's blatant, over the top symbolism in his portraits of Freudian hysteria encapsulated richly in Joan Crawford's vivid portrayal of a woman alternately repelled and fascinated by men's hands whereas to us Browning's excesses seem like so just so much camp. Who knows? Perhaps audiences in the pre-Depression Roaring Twenties found this stuff even more hilarious than we do. Perhaps 70 years from now audiences will view the films of contemporary filmmaker David Cronenberg with the same emotional distance and haughtiness we bring to Browning.

66. Unknown Public
Unknown Public is an international audio journal of creativemusic available by mail order and subscription.

Priest and martyr; b. in the Diocese of Lichfield, England, date Unknown; d. at York, 22 March, 1602.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... H > James Harrison A B C D ... Z
James Harrison
Priest and martyr; b. in the Diocese of Lichfield, England, date unknown; d. at York, 22 March, 1602. He studied at the English College at Reims, and was ordained there in September, 1583. In the following year he went on the English mission, where he laboured unobtrusively. In the early part of 1602 he was ministering to Catholics in Yorkshire and was resident in the house of a gentleman of the name of Anthony Battie (or Bates). While there, he was arrested by the pursuivants, together with Battie was tried at York and sentenced to death for high treason. The only charge against Harrison was that he performed the functions of a priest, and that against Battie was merely that he had entertained Harrison. The judge left York without fixing the date of execution, but Harrison was unexpectedly informed on the evening of 21 March that he was to die the next morning. With Battie, he was hanged, drawn, and quartered. The English Franciscans at Douai had his head as a relic for many years.

68. Unknown Worlds Entertainment
to the Unknown Worlds Entertainment website. Investors If you are interestedin investing in Unknown Worlds Entertainment, we would like to talk to you.
Welcome the Unknown Worlds Entertainment website. This company created and maintains the popular and still growing game Natural Selection . We are a new game company, founded by experienced and active members of the game development community. We have worked on titles such as the multimillion unit selling Empire Earth Grand Prix Legends and Mindrover PC Gamer 89% ). Our team has contributed articles to Game Developer Magazine and actively participates in both our local and national game development communities. Our first game, Natural Selection, stunned players with its unusual blend of First-Person Shooter and Real-Time Strategy elements. Since its release on October 31st, 2002 , NS has been downloaded over two million times , appeared in many gaming magazines, received an average rating of by game reviewers, and become the world's most popular independent Half-life modification. It's time to take the next step.
The Future
Building on our experiences with the design and creation of FPS, RTS, and social games, we plan to create a next-generation, mass appeal, retail smash-hit. We'd like your help to create our new, more ambitious project. Natural Selection was first contact. Natural Selection 2 will be the war...

Bishop of Bath and Glastonbury, and cousin of the Emperor Henry VI, date of birth Unknown, d. at Rome, 1205. He was archdeacon of Canterbury, 1175, and archdeacon of Northampton, 1180.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... S > Savaric A B C D ... Z
Bishop of Bath and Glastonbury, and cousin of the Emperor Henry VI, date of birth unknown, d. at Rome, 1205. He was archdeacon of Canterbury, 1175, and archdeacon of Northampton, 1180. In 1191, while on the continent with the crusaders , he was elected Bishop of Bath, and the following year was ordained priest at Rome. Pope Celestine III consented to the annexation of Glastonbury Abbey to the See of Bath, and Savaric's plan was to be joint Bishop of Bath and Glastonbury. The monks of Glastonbury objected to the incorporation and appealed to Rome, but their appeal was disallowed in 1196. In spite of the fact that Savaric had been one of the hostages at Mainz for the ransom of Richard I, the king, on his release, supported the monks, and it was not till 1199 that the bishop, after a forcible entry, was enthroned in the abbey. A second appeal of the monks to the new pope, Innocent III , was dismissed and in 1202 Savaric was again declared abbot. From that time all opposition vanished and Savaric became a considerable benefactor to Glastonbury. At Wells he instituted a daily Mass in honour of Our Lady , and left instructions for the feeding of 100 poor persons both at Wells and at Bath. Savaric also gave a charter to Wells, and persuaded King John to grant a charter from the crown to that city. Not the least of his services to Bath was his intervention to save the treasury of the abbey from being emptied for the ransom of Richard I. Savaric died whilst busying himself on behalf of Peter des Roches

70. Unknown Productions Inc. - Ultra Low Budget Films And Videos Made To Entertain
Drink heavily and have a good time watching Unknown Productions and Cinematrixreleasings Genre films and videos. Welcome to Unknown Productions Web Site.
Unknown Productions Inc. Unknown Productions Inc. and Studio Cinematrix B-Movies, Actors, and Reviews Unknown Productions Inc. is an independent video and film production company located in Ventura, Ca. We operate a 2150 square foot studio with a variety of sets and overhead lighting. CINEMATRIX RELEASING offers quailty low budget videos with 15 titles in their library. Check them out here.
Welcome to Unknown Productions' Web Site We have teamed up with D9 Media and are now offering first run DVD's and Video Games CLICK HERE or "A" Movies to the left. Unknown Productions Inc. is a full service video production company located in Southern California. We produce feature length films, television programs, local cable commercials, corporate training films, web-site content, and offer free-lance video and editing services. We work in broadcast formats, including Beta SP, DVCPro, and Digital. Cinematrix Releasing is a video releasing company, offering quality low-budget films and videos. Cinematrix has over 15 feature length b-movies in their library.

Author, b. at Falkenberg, Pomerania, Prussia, date Unknown; d. about 1418 in Italy.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... J > John of Falkenberg A B C D ... Z
John of Falkenberg
medieval history is due partly to the share he took in the great papal schism which wrought such confusion in the Church during the first part of the fifteenth century, but chiefly to his involving himself in the long-standing troubles between the Teutonic Order of Knights of Livonia and the King of Poland. In opposition to the general of his order, Bernard de Datis, and to many of the brethren of his province who were firm adherents of the antipopes Alexander V and John XXIII , he was a strong and ardent adherent of Gregory XII , the legitimate pope; and, being of a quick and passionate temperament, he carried his opposition so far as to refuse publicly in the Council of Constance infallible . By order of Nicolaus, Archbishop of Gnesen, Falkenberg was thrown into prison. The committee appointed to examine the work recommended that it be burned. A similar verdict was given by a chapter of his order assembled at Strasburg from 30 May to June, 1417 which besides condemned the author to life imprisonment. The Poles earnestly demanded the condemnation of Falkenberg by the council, but in vain. When finally in the forty-fifth (last) session they attempted to force Martin V to give a definitive sentence, he imposed silence on their representatives and declared that in matters of faith and in this particular matter he would approve only what had been decided by the general council conciliariter . On his return to Rome, Martin V took Falkenberg with him and kept him for several years in close confinement. Whether he eventually regained his liberty or died there is uncertain.

72. "resources For Treasure Hunting, Gold Prospecting, Metal Detecting And Explorati
Adventures Into The Unknown! Hi there, my name is Stan Grist. Welcometo, my web site of Adventures Into The Unknown!
Adventures Into The Unknown! Treasure Hunting Gold Prospecting Metal Detecting and Exploration Stan at the summit of a volcanic crater near the equator. Español Portugues Italiano Hi there, my name is Stan Grist. Welcome to, my web site of Adventures Into The Unknown! I look forward to sharing my life's adventures with you which include the pursuit of gold, raw diamonds, lost cities, buried treasure, ancient tunnels, sunken galleons, meteors, unexplained mysteries, unknown animals (cryptozoology). For the latest adventure info, please join my new newsletter with details at the bottom of this page. For gold prospecting metal detecting treasure hunting and exploration you will also find special resources, training courses treasure guides out of print adventure ebooks and report packages I have created to help you in your quest. In the courses and report packages, you'll find valuable information that isn't available anywhere else and comes from my own lifetime of experience. My newest report "

73. DotTK
Official website for the UK based rock band. Offers news, downloads and forum.
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74. NOVA Online | Sex: Unknown
Welcome to the companion Web site to Sex Unknown, originally broadcaston Tuesday, October 30, 2001. The film investigates the
Welcome to the companion Web site to "Sex: Unknown," originally broadcast on Tuesday, October 30, 2001. The film investigates the complicated world of gender identity. Here's what you'll find online:
  • My Life as an Intersexual
    Listen in as Max Beck, a man who was raised as a woman, talks about his experience as an individual of ambiguous gender.
    Share Your Story

    Do you have a personal story to share about a struggle with gender identity? In this confidential forum, relate your experience, or read the stories of others.
    Two Sexes Are Not Enough

    In this excerpt from her recent book Sexing the Body: Gender Politics and the Construction of Sexuality, Brown University biologist and historian Anne Fausto-Sterling argues for a redefinition of our two-sex-only world. She also offers new guidelines on how doctors should handle intersex babies.
    The Intersex Spectrum

    Intersex conditions have daunting names like androgen insensitivity syndrome and congential adrenal hyperplasia. In this feature, we translate and describe the full range of conditions.
    How Is Sex Determined? (Hot Science)

Date of birth Unknown; died 13 December, 1124.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... C > Pope Callistus II A B C D ... Z
Pope Callistus II
Date of birth unknown; died 13 December, 1124. His reign, beginning 1 February, 1119, is signalized by the termination of the Investiture controversy which, begun in the time of Gregory VII , had raged with almost unabated bitterness during the last quarter of the eleventh century and the opening years of the twelfth. Guido, as he was called before his elevation to the papacy, was the son of Count William of Burgundy, and both by his father's and mother's side was closely connected with nearly all the royal houses of Europe. His brother Hugh had been appointed Archbishop of Besancon, and he himself was named Archbishop of Vienne (1088), and afterwards appointed papal legate in France by Paschal II. During Guido's tenure in this office, Paschal II, yielding to the threats of Henry V, was induced to issue the "Privilegium" (1111) by which he yielded up much of what had been claimed by Gregory VII , but these concessions were received with violent opposition and nowhere more so than in France, where the opposition was led by Guido, the papal legate. The latter was present at the Lateran Synod (1112), and on his return to France convoked an assembly of the French and Burgundian bishops at Vienne (1112), where the investiture of the clergy was denounced as heretical, and sentence of excommunication pronounced against Henry V because he had dared to extort from the pope by violence an agreement opposed to the interests of the Church. These decrees were sent to Paschal II with a request for confirmation, which they received in general terms, 20 October, 1112 (Hardouin, VI, 2, 1916).

76. Unknown
The web site for the King of Country n Western Troubadours, Unknown Hinson.Find out Tour Dates,Buy Merchandise,and learn all things Unknown.
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77. The Fox Chase Boy: A Who2 Profile
Profile of this Unknown child, whose murder has still not been solved.
THE FOX CHASE BOY Unknown Child The so-called Fox Chase Boy was an unknown child found dead in 1957 in a vacant lot in the Philadelphia community of Fox Chase. The blue-eyed and blonde-haired boy was estimated to be between 3 and 5 years of age, and his bruised body was found inside a cardboard box. (Hence he is also known as "The Boy in the Box.") An autopsy showed that the boy had been dead at least two days and possibly as long as three weeks, and that he had died of head injuries. Though the death was presumed to be a homicide, the exact cause of the boy's injuries could not be determined. Among the case's many odd twists: the boy's hair had been crudely cut shortly before death or possibly afterwards. The search for the boy's identity became a huge news story of the era and a personal mission for the police detectives assigned to the case. However, the mystery was never solved and the boy has remained unidentified into the 21st century.
Other victims of unsolved murders include the Black Dahlia and Bob Crane ... For other mysterious cases, see the loop

The fourteenth Archbishop of Canterbury, England, date of birth Unknown; died 12 May, 805.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... E > Ethelhard A B C D ... Z
The fourteenth Archbishop of Canterbury, England, date of birth unknown; died 12 May, 805. Much obscurity surrounds the details of his life previous to his election. He is described by Symeon of Durham as "Abbas Hludensis Monasterii", but it is uncertain what monastery is thus designated. It has been variously located at Louth in Lincolnshire (the most probable identification), Lydd, and Luddersdown in Kent, and at Malmesbury. William of Malmesbury is certainly mistaken in identifying him with Ethelhard, ninth Bishop of Winchester. The rise of Offa, King of the Mercians (757-796), had divided England into three great states: Northumbria, Mercia, and Wessex. The king sought to consolidate his kingdom by giving it an independent ecclesiastical organization; for although Northumbria had its own archbishopric at York, Mercia, after conquering Kent, was still ecclesiastically subject to the powerful see of Canterbury, then ruled over by Jaenbert (766-791). Offa's scheme was to weaken Canterbury's influence by dividing the southern province, and creating a Mercian archbishopric at Lichfield: this he successfully accomplished when on the occasion of the Legatine visit of George and Theophylact, sent by Pope Hadrian I (772-795) in 786-788, Higbert received the pallium pallium , in spite of Alcuin's plea that so good a man should be spared that humiliation.

79. Atlas Games - Unknown Armies
Unknown ARMIES ROLEPLAYING ABOUT POWER AND CONSEQUENCE. Unknown Armies force.Go and don t look back. (The
Unknown Armies In Unknown Armies , players take the roles of movers and shakers in the occult underground, fighting a battle for the ultimate prize: ascension to a higher plane and a hand in creating the next incarnation of reality. The problem is, lots of people have the same idea. Magickal adepts duke is out with gun-toting enforcers and weirdos of every stripe. Clockwork humans and plodding golems slip through the cracks of society. Entropics eat your memories and spit them back at you with poison added. Fringe groups like the Sect of the Naked Goddess, Mak Attax, The True Order of Saint-Germain, and the New Inquisition have all set their sights on the coming apocalypse and put their ante on the table. The only people you can trust are your friends are yourself, and you're not always sure about yourself. It's a pulp apocalypse, and the players have front-row seats for the steel-cage death match of all eternity.

80. Cabeza De Vaca
authoritative works on the subject. Windows to the Unknown Cabeza deVaca s Journey to the Southwest. I. Introduction The Center for the
New on-line resource: Cabeza de Vaca's
The website contains an English translation of the 1555 edition and authoritative works on the subject.
Windows to the Unknown:
Cabeza de Vaca's Journey
to the Southwest
I. Introduction The text of the A rare complete copy of the 1555 is a central text in the Southwest Writers Collection of the SWT library. Probably the earliest text about exploration of the Americas, the
Table of Contents Designed by Scott A. Johnson

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