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  1. The Catalog of Copyright Renewal Records (1951) by United States Copyright Office, 2010-05-23
  2. In the matter of rate setting for digital performance right in sound recordings and ephemeral recordings before the United States Copyright Office, Library ... Royalty Panel (SuDoc LC 3.2:2002015306) by U.S. Library of Congress, 2002
  3. The unauthorized duplication of sound recordings, (United States. Copyright Office. Studies) by Barbara Alice Ringer, 1957
  4. Photoduplication of copyrighted material by libraries: A study prepared for the United States Copyright Office (General revision of the copyright law) by Borge Varmer, 1959
  5. United States Copyright Office and sound recordings as work made for hire: Hearing before the Subcommittee on Courts and Intellectual Property of the Committee ... Sixth Congress, second session, May 25, 2000 by United States, 2000
  6. United States Copyright Office: Hearing before the Subcommittee on the Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property of the Committee ... Seventh Congress, first session, May 2, 2001 by United States, 2001
  7. United States Copyright Office: Hearing before the Subcommittee on Courts and Intellectual Property of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, ... Congress, second session, July 23, 1998 by United States, 1999
  8. Libraries, publishers and photocopying: Final report of surveys conducted for the United States Copyright Office by Dennis D McDonald, 1982
  9. Liability of innocent infringers of copyrights;: A study prepared for the United States Copyright Office (Library of Congress. Copyright Office. General revision of the copyright law; study) by Alan Latman, 1958
  10. Notice of copyright;: A study prepared for the United States Copyright Office (Library of Congress. Copyright Office. General revision of the copyright law; study) by Vincent A Doyle, 1958
  11. Copyright in England: Instructions for registration for copyright protection within the British Dominions (United States. Copyright Office. Bulletin) by Thorvald Solberg, 1902
  12. Decisions of the Commissioner of Patents and of the United States Courts in Patent and Trade-Mark and Copyright Cases, Volumes 162-173
  13. Decisions of the Commissioner of Patents and of the United States Courts in Patent and Trade-Mark and Copyright Cases, Volumes 132-137
  14. Copyright Law of the United States of America and Related Laws Contained in Title 17 of the *United States Code* by The US Copyright Office, 2002-02-06

61. United And States And Government And Protection And Property US Copyright Office Copyright Basics (Circular 1) that date could have entered the public domain in the United States, the Uruguay
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Accountability states tescos find or term regence. Colorado united where or select temporary my is how Individual info wholelife to met one government
that date could have entered the public domain in the United States , the Uruguay Works by the US Government protection
- Australia Free Trade Agreement - Intellectual
Australia - United States Free TradeAustralia- United States Free Trade property protection
Property Law government and protection and ... property 8. united and states and government and protection and property united and states and ... property united and states and government and protection and property d_government_and_protection_and_property.html

62. Federal Government Resources On The Web/Laws And Regulations
forms and citation guides; Debate over Copyright. Copyright Office Catalog of Copyright Entries available in the of the United States Code; This Cornell version
Laws and Regulations
Frames Index No-Frames Version Administrative Law Abortion ...
Related Web Pages
Last updated on April 20, 2004
American Government Textbooks
  • Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids (GPO)
    • Describes federal government for grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, and teachers/parents
    • Describes the nation, historic documents, branches of government, national v. state authority, how laws are made, elections, and citizenship
    • Pleasing graphics, a glossary, games and activities
    • Includes list of federal government web sites for children
  • Info USA (State Dept.)
    • Description of U.S. Government structure, economics, and culture for foreign visitors and potential immigrants
    • Textbook on U.S. history
    • Visa and passport information; English phrases; time and measurement
  • Organization Chart - U.S. Government (ASU)
    • Organization chart of the executive, legislative, judicial, and independent branches of government
    • Scanned from the Government Manual and viewable using Adobe Acrobat
  • This Nation
    • Online textbook on American government
    • Chapters on foundations (American Revolution, constitution, self-rule, federalism), the branches of government, legislative and budget processes, public opinion, voting

63. A History Of The United States Patent Office
8 (the Intellectual Property Clause also called the Patent and/or Copyright Clause) of the United States Constitution States, Congress shall
Intellectual Property You Can Bank On A History of the United States Patent Office By: Jason O. Watson
April 17, 2001 "The patent system added the fuel of interest to the fire of genius." Abraham Lincoln (the only U.S. President to be issued a patent) The United States Patent Office represented an early form of Federal support for science. This support enabled scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs to secure property rights for their innovations. While many of the original thirteen American Colonies had some form of patent law, Thomas Jefferson (among others) influenced the development of the first national patent system in 1790. The United States Constitution, along with legislative acts in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, helped to promote the necessary environment for scientists and inventors to protect and market their creations. A major result of the marketability of intellectual property was the development and growth of the American corporation, beginning in the mid-nineteenth century. The modern concept of the patent was established in England where, in 1449, King Henry VI awarded a patent to John of Utynam for stained glass manufacturing.

64. Ladas & Parry - Transfers Of Intellectual Property - TRANSFER OF COPYRIGHTS IN T
is issued by a diplomatic or consular Officer of the United States, or by a document pertaining to a Copyright may be recorded in the Copyright Office if the
IP As Property IP Rights Transfers / Transfers of Intellectual Property
Section 201(d) of the Act provides that:
the transfer must be in the form of an instrument of conveyance (i.e., a writing.) The Act expressly requires that the instrument bear the signature of the transferor-not only the transferee to be valid.
For instance, transferees often do not wish to disclose the consideration recited in the transfer document, so may choose to replace the specific dollar amount with a phrase such as "for good and valuable consideration.
Timely recordal of a transfer document is critical in protecting the new owner's rights over and above any representations and warranties incorporated in the transfer document itself. Recordation of a document is constructive notice to third parties about the transferee's recently acquired ownership interest.
As between two conflicting transfers, the one executed first prevails if it is recorded, in the manner required to give constructive notice under subsection (c), within one month after its execution in the United States or within two months after its execution outside the United States, or at any time before recordation in such manner of the later transfer. Otherwise the later transfer prevails if recorded first in such manner, and if taken in good faith, for valuable consideration or on the basis of a binding promise to pay royalties, and without notice of the earlier transfer.

65. Bowdoin College Library - Government Documents
The United States Senate http// The Library of Congress http// Copyright Office http// Center for
government documents united states Introduction Maine ... GovDocs Home
United States
Jump to: Executive Branch Legislative Branch Judicial Branch By Subject By Branch
The U.S. government disseminates information extensively through the web. Contained in this section are links to some of the major pages from the three branches of federal governmentexecutive, legislative and judicialand sets of links for a few subject areas. For comprehensive access to all U.S. federal government web pages, try the Federal Web Locator or the Government Information Exchange Executive Branch The Executive Branch of U.S. government centers around the office of the President. Cabinet level departments and multiple independent agencies report to the Chief Executive.
The White House
Department of Agriculture
Department of Commerce

Bureau of the Census
Department of Defense

66. U.S. Catholic Bishops - Office Of Communications
Office of Communications United States Conference of 5413000 June 03, 2003 Copyright © by United States Conference of
National Tragedy
Donations to Help
Papal Statements
U.S. Bishops' Statements

The Church's Teaching on War and Peace
... Additional Information
The photograph above shows Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington, main celebrant at a noon Mass, September 11, at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, as he led 2,500 people in prayer just hours after the terrorist assaults in the United States.
Office of Communications
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
3211 4th Street, N.E., Washington, DC 20017-1194 (202) 541-3000

67. U.S. Catholic Bishops - Social Development & World Peace
Office of Social Development World Peace United States May 20, 2004 Copyright © by United States Conference of
Last Updated: June 3, 2004 Interfaith Initiative for Peace in the Middle East
Letter to President Bush on the Report

of the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba

May 18, 2004
Statement on Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners

May 14, 2004
Statement on the Crisis in Western Sudan

May 5, 2004
Statement Concerning U.S. Support for Sharon Initiative

Bishop Wilton D. Gregory, April 26, 2004
Streaming Video on
Environmental Justice Program (2 minutes) Faithful Citizenship: A Catholic Call to Political Responsibility Resources for Dioceses and Parishes About SDWP International Justice and Peace Domestic Social Development Annual Catholic Social ... Receive Our Mailing 2004 Legislative Priorities
Message to Congress Trade Policy Housing Farm Workers ... Where Are We Now Ongoing Campaigns
Ending the Death Penalty Alleviating Third World Debt Key Documents on Catholic Social Teaching Online Publications Resources and Publications Special Projects Training Opportunities Links Catholic Campaign for Human Development Catholic Relief Services Catholic Charities USA ... National Catholic Rural Life Conference Recent Documents "For I Was Hungry and You Gave Me Food" November 12, 2003

68. APEC/IPEG Country Snapshot
Patent, · US Copyright Act (Title 17, United States Code §§101810) as II click here, (ii) Chapter 1600 Compendium II, Copyright Office Practices Recordation

69. United State Government -- Library Internet Guide -- Villa Park Public Library -
Budget Information from the President s budget Office. United States Code Compilation of statutes in force. Copyright 2000 Villa Park Public Library http

General Sites
President Budget Executive Branch ...
Also see the Library's
Guide to Government

United States Government
Meta-Sites and General Information (Top of page.) The Presidency (Top of page.)

70. Using Copyrighted Materials
1989, most works (except those authored by the United States Government) should The Copyright Office Circular 22 explains how to determine the Copyright status
Use Of
More extensive help regarding fair use is available . See the "). Accordingly, all faculty, staff and students of The University of Texas System and its component institutions should follow these policy guidelines:
  • Section 117
    Rules of Thumb
    , and (c) the four factor fair use test
    • where the use is in accordance with the provisions of a valid software license agreement,
      where the use is within the Rules of Thumb,
      where the Office of General Counsel has assisted in determining that the use was permissible.
    Appendix I provides a suggested form of notice.
  • Appendix I
    Suggested Notice Top Search
    Intellectual Property Section
    Office of General Counsel
    Comments to Georgia Harper

    Last updated: August 10, 2001

    71. Copyright And IP Table Of Contents
    A History of Copyright in the United States; Georgia Harper Letter on Copyright Awareness; Additional Copyright Resources from the ARL s Office of Scholarly

    Table of Contents
    Recent Statutes CONFU Court Cases/Legal Decisions International Activities ... Federal Relations E-Newsletter
    E-news, Section One Conference on Fair Use (CONFU) (Final Report, 11/98) Court Cases/Legal Decisions International Activities

    72. NIH VideoCasting: Past Events
    Office of Research on Women s Health. Time 005349 Bandwidth 33 Kbps This is a work of the United States Government. No Copyright exists on this material.

    73. United States Government - Hierarchical View
    Corporation Smithsonian Institution State Justice Institute (SJI) United States Institute of Corporation (PBGC) US Coast Guard US Copyright Office US House of

    Search Browse Guides ... Executive Branch
    United States Government Guide
    Finding Aids for Government Agencies: [ Top of Page Superintendent of Documents Home Page
    Search Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications (MOCAT)

    Connect to Databases Online via GPO Access
    Dept. of Labor Government Information Locator Service
    Federal Web Locator
    [via Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy] Executive Branch Executive Office of the President Executive Agencies Departments (Cabinet Level) ... Quasi-Official Agencies
    Legislative Branch Top of Page
    Architect of the Capitol

    United States Botanic Garden
    General Accounting Office
    Government Printing Office
    Library of Congress
    (LC) Congressional Budget Office
    Judicial Branch Top of Page
    Supreme Court of the United States Decisions Rules Lower Courts Special Courts Administrative Office of the United States Courts [U.S. Federal Courts Home Page]

    74. The Department Of Commerce's United States Patent And Trademark Office (USPTO) R
    The Department of Commerce’s United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) today under the “Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization Act

    75. United States Government Information
    Budget of the United States and Economic Report of the President from of Commerce; Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, Colorado; Copyright Office, Library of
    catalog worldcat using the library electronic resources ...
    D'Angelo Law Library
    United States Government Information
    General Information

    76. LLRX -- CongressLine:  The United States Embraces A Digital Millennium
    size of each of the files.) In so doing, the United States became the provided under the Act, they must register with the US Copyright Office and designate an
    Navigation Advanced Search Law Pro Links LLRX Buzz LLRX Top 10 Meta Links Newstand Research Guide Resource Centers - Document Delivery - Comparative and Foreign Law - International Law - Intranets/Knowledge Management - Marketing - Search Engines
    The United States Embraces a Digital Millennium
    By Carol M. Morrissey
    (Posted November 18, 1998; Archived December 15, 1998)
    Carol M. Morrissey
    has been a Legislative Specialist in Washington, D.C. for 13 years. She is a lawyer and legislative expert who has also authored a Congressional update column for the last 6 years in print and Web publications. The 1996 WIPO Geneva Conference: Friend or Foe President's remarks upon signing the DMCA Digital Future Coalition The 1996 WIPO Geneva Conference: Friend or Foe .") here .) If you would like to read the final version of the Act, go to:
    Battle Lines on the Homefront Time eventually ran out before a compromise could be reached and the collections of information antitpiracy sections were dropped from the bill. Key members, such as Sen. Hatch and Rep. Coble (R-NC) (the original sponsor of the bill) have vowed to revive the bill early in the 106th Congress. (for a brief American Library Association summary of the bill, see:[2]

    77. Hope College Libraries: Internet Resources - United States Government
    United States Code (US Code CPSC); Copyright Office Includes Copyright Information Circulars; Defense Department DefenseLINK (DOD);

    hope home page

    library home page

    research options

    joint archives

    U.S. Government Internet Resources
    President Congress Judicial Publications on the Internet

    78. Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch, LLP
    US Copyright Office Part of the Library of Congress, the Copyright Office is charged with the registration of Copyrights in the United States.
    United States Government Sites
    U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
    The USPTO web homepage provides the text of notices, proposed and final rules, hearing transcripts, downloadable copies of USPTO publications, and pointers to the sites of other national intellectual propety offices. The PTO maintains a free searchable database of U.S. patents . The database allows you to view full-text and images of U.S. patents issued since 1976 and patent applications published since 2001. The database also contains images of U.S. patents dating back to 1790. A database of U.S. trademarks , both pending and registered, is also available for free on the PTO site. The U.S.Patent and Trademark Office is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce.
    U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC)
    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit provides the text of its current opinions, court rules, calendars, deposition sheets, and press releases on its web site . Opinions are downloadable in self-extracting, compressed Word® files from the CAFC's FTP directory.

    79. Klarquist Sparkman, LLP - Intellectual Property Legal Services
    Serving United States and foreign clients in all facets of patent, trademark, Copyright and trade secrets law, from offices in Portland.
    About the Firm
    Main Page

    Firm History

    Firm News
    Main Page

    Intellectual Property Legal Services

    Since 1941
    Located in Portland, Oregon , Klarquist Sparkman is a leading patent and intellectual property law firm in the Pacific Northwest. The firm's particular focus is on biotechnology patents software patents electrical patents semiconductor patents ... trademark law , and patent litigation , including patent trials and Federal Circuit appeals

    80. United States Patent And Trademark Office Home Page
    United States Patent and Trademark Office Home Page This is the only official Web site of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a PerformanceBased Organization of the Government of the

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