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         Talbot Frederick Arthur Ambrose:     more detail
  1. The railway conquest of the world. by Frederick A. Talbot. by Talbot. Frederick Arthur Ambrose. 1880-, 1911-01-01
  2. The railway conquest of the world. by Frederick A. Talbot. by Talbot. Frederick Arthur Ambrose. 1880-, 1911-01-01
  3. Moving pictures. how they are made and worked. by Frederick A. T by Talbot. Frederick Arthur Ambrose. 1880-, 1912-01-01
  4. Making good in Canada by Frederick Arthur Ambrose, 1880- Talbot, 2009-10-26

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82. Index Stories, Listed By Author, Part 32
WALTER I. FLEMING, AA; pseudonym of Robert Arthur, (19091969 A(rthur) (1887-?); FOAT,FEK; FODEN, Frederick (Tom) (1907 and in 1908 he arrested Talbot Mundy (then
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Index: Stories, Listed by Author, Part 32
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83. Names Index Page
Altdoerffer, Elizabeth (AFT 1794) Altdoerffer, Frederick (AFT 1750 24 APR 1884-)Alvey, Arthur Glen Alvey Susanna (ABT 1816-) Anderson, Talbot Brashears (AFT
Family Tree Names
Allvin, Bernice Gail (22 APR 1898-31 DEC 1982)
Alm, Mitchell

Alm, Russell Nelson

Almoney, Albert J.
(23 DEC 1858-15 OCT 1939)
Almoney, Jarrett
(15 SEP 1817-)
Almoney, Lydia F.
(OCT 1897-)
Almoney, Mary Barrett
(SEP 1885-)
Alred, Elizabeth
(17 AUG 1747-)
Alston, Vere Speke
(ABT 1862-)
Altaffer, Frederick Milton
(6 SEP 1899-17 DEC 1965)
Altaffer, James Harry
(8 MAR 1900-16 JAN 1964) Altdoerffer, Catherine Altdoerffer, Charlotta Altdoerffer, Eliza Altdoerffer, Elizabeth (AFT 1794-) Altdoerffer, Frederick (AFT 1750-) Altdoerffer, George Altdoerffer, George (22 MAR 1772-4 MAR 1847) Altdoerffer, Jacob Elmer (23 AUG 1863-ABT MAR 1938) Altdoerffer, John Altdoerffer, Martha Altdoerffer, Mary Altdoerffer, Mary ... Altdoerffer, William (1808-31 AUG 1863) Alvari, William Alvey, Albert Stenson Alvey, Anne (ABT 1791-) Alvey, Annie Belle Alvey, Annie Belle Alvey, Annie Malinda (24 APR 1884-) Alvey, Arthur Glen Alvey, Basil (ABT 1784-) Alvey, Basil Electius (10 APR 1887-1 SEP 1929) Alvey, Basil Electius (25 APR 1832-BEF 1910) Alvey, Benjamin Francis

84. Names Index Page
Grace Talbot, Lapreal Talbot, Margaret Talbot, Sarah (AFT TELLAS, Catherine LynnTELLAS, Charles Arthur Art (29 AUG 1898) TELLAS, Edward Frederick (11 APR
Page built by Gedpage Version 2.20 UNREGISTERED
Family Tree Names
STICKROD, Mary Hannah
(JAN 1852-)
STIMONS, Elizabeth

STINE, Ila May


STINE, Shawna Jo
(ABT 1793-AFT 1842)

STITES, John Andrew
(18 JAN 1862-20 JUL 1935)

STITES, Marion
STITES, William Edmond STOGDALE, Chris ... STONE, James (ABT 1785-) STONE, Jordon (ABT 1785-) STONE, Sally STONE, William STONEROCK, Carla D. STOOPS, Charlotte ... STOVALL, Amanda (7 MAY 1815-7 JAN 1862) STOVALL, Amelia (9 MAR 1824-) STOVALL, Benjamin STOVALL, Emily Margaret STOVALL, Josiah STOVALL, Lewis ... STOVALL, Louise (16 NOV 1813-20 FEB 1816) STOVALL, Mary (28 JAN 1817-) STOVALL, Matilda (17 DEC 1818-31 JAN 1885) STOVALL, Prudence Olivia STOVALL, Stephen STOVALL, Thomas (-10 MAY 1816) STOVALL, Thomas (27 JUN 1820-) STOVALL, William (9 APR 1822-) STRADFORD, Louise Elaine STRADLEY, Maude STRAIGHT, Sanford Seymour STRATTON, ... STREEBIN, (APR 1896-APR 1896) STREEBIN, STREEBIN, STREEBIN, Christopher STREEBIN, George E. ... STREEBIN, George Ivan (25 APR 1900-27 MAR 1981) STREEBIN, John Jacob

85. Montgomery Co KsGenWeb Page (q2000-1.html)
am looking for information on William Frederick Clark, Born Both Arthur and Fredericwere avid photographers, and I that property in 1885 to a William Talbot.
Queries 2000: July - Dec. Look at the posted Surnames and Queries for Montgomery Co., Ks.- click on the first letter of the last name below A B C D ... Misc Queries To look at queries posted between 1999-2003: Feb. Feb.-Mar. Apr.-June July-Sept. ... Zemmer Topic: Lucinda Anne Ray Harbison
From: Jim Harbeson
Date: Friday, December 29, 2000 12:07 PM
Lucinda Anne Ray was born in Kentucky in 1817 and died at or near Coffeyville,Ks. in 1917 at her daughters residence, a Mollie Fossenden(sp). She had been married to Limon Harbison and he was killed near Stillwell Kansas in 1864. I have been unsuccessful in finding any Fossendens in Kansas, much less Johnson County. I had contacted Kansas Vital Records but they had no record of her death. Probably due to either the spelling of the last name or she may have remarried. Any information on Lucinda and her children would be appreciated.
Topic: Campbell W D (Dale) Coffeyville KS
From: Shirley Seager
Date: Friday, December 29, 2000 02:38 AM
Looking for info on a W D Campbell (used name Dale) lived in Coffeyville, KS and worked in a funeral home there. Believe he lived on 8th St. Knew him when I was a child-he should be about 73-74 yrs old now. Just wondering what happened to him was once a very close friend of my family. Any info would be greatly appreciated and kept confidential. Anyone who may know him or what happened to him please e-mail me at Thank you

86. PROJECT GUTENBERG - Catalog By Author - Index - Talbot, Frederick
Copyright© 19711998 Project Gutenberg PROMO.NET - All rights reserved.Web Site Designed and Administered by Pietro Di Miceli

87. Somerset UK - Genealogy, Surnames, Family And Local History.
Jane was the daughter of Thomas Talbot and Nancy died in 1934 (aged only 45) Arthurlater married Charles (1882), Elizabeth Jane (1884), Frederick John (1886
About How the site works The village by village contact site for anybody researching family history, genealogy and local history in the UK and Ireland. Every UK county, town and village has a page for family history, local history, surname and genealogy enquiries. Use the search box to find your village or town.
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88. Genealogy Data
Rogerson, Eunice Dora Rogerson, Hugh Talbot Birth 7 NB Gender Female Brown, GeorgeArthur Birth BET 1847 Gender Male Greenlaw, George Frederick Birth 12
Genealogy Data
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Christie, George W.
Birth : 21 OCT 1818 Grafton, Windham Co., VT
Death : 16 DEC 1878 St. James Parish, Charlotte Co., NB
Gender: Male
Parents: Father: Christie, James Cochran
Mother: Morrison, Mary
Family: Spouse:
Gender: Female
Children: Christie, Charles
Birth : BET. 1840 - 1841
Gender: Male Family: Marriage: 29 APR 1849 in St. James Parish, Charlotte Co., NB Spouse: Buchanan, Katherine P. Birth : BET. 1821 - 1822 St. James Parish, Charlotte Co., NB Gender: Female Children: Christie, Alvin Buchanan Christie, Mary A. B.
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Rogerson, Thomas Birth : 4 MAR 1819 England Death : 9 MAR 1904 Bartlett Mills, Charlotte Co., NB Gender: Male Parents: Father: Rogerson, William Mother: ?, Mary Family: Marriage: 13 MAY 1854 in St. George, Charlotte Co., NB Spouse: Nutter, Eunice Linton Birth : 4 APR 1834 St. George Parish, Charlotte Co., NB Death : 23 APR 1884 Lewiston, ME Gender: Female Parents: Father: Nutter, Theodore Furber Mother: Linton, Mary Ann Winder

89. MSN Encarta - Multimedia - Notable Inventions And Discoveries
Nicéphore Niepce William Henry Fox Talbot, French British. Sir Francis William AstonArthur Jeffrey Dempster, 1922, Insulin, Sir Frederick Grant Banting, Canadian.
MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Shopping ... Money Web Search: logoImg(''); Encarta Subscriber Sign In Help Home ... Upgrade to Encarta Premium Search Encarta Multimedia from Encarta Appears in Notable Inventions and Discoveries Date Invention Or Discovery Inventor Or Discoverer Nationality Magnifying glass Roger Bacon English Printing press Johann Gutenberg German Pocket watch Peter Henlein German Compound microscope Zacharias Janssen Dutch Water thermometer Galileo Italian Telescope Hans Lippershey Dutch Blood transfusion Jean-Baptiste Denys French Steam turbine Giovanni Branca Italian Adding machine Blaise Pascal French Barometer Evangelista Torricelli Italian Air pump Otto von Guericke German Pendulum clock Christiaan Huygens Dutch Methanol Robert Boyle Irish Reflecting telescope Isaac Newton English Calculating machine Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz German Steam pump Thomas Savery English Seed drill Jethro Tull English Piano Bartolomeo Cristofori Italian Steam engine Thomas Newcomen British Mercury thermometer Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit German Diving bell Edmund Halley English Stereotyping William Ged Scottish Leyden jar (condenser) E.G. von Kleist

90. TALBOT TIMES June 2000 - Elgin OGS Newsletter
with custom among nobleman’s sons in Great Britain young Talbot was early ArthurWalker. Fanny, b ca 1861, Edith Augusta, bc 1864 and Frederick Van Buskirk
Newsletter of the ELGIN COUNTY BRANCH ONTARIO GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY BOX 20060, ST. THOMAS, ON N5P 4H4 ISSN 0827-2816 VOLUME XVIV ISSUE TWO JUNE 2000 Extracts of Genealogical information Township Land Papers The Township Papers can best be described as a miscellaneous collection of documents relating to early transactions and correspondence to the lots of land in each township. These papers are an important source of information to the family historian since these files pre-date information found in Land Registry Office records. These documents have been arranged by lot and concession and are the papers that have survived and are not necessarily a complete record of all business that may have transpired. The type and amount of information contained will vary for each lot, and not every lot has a file. The Publications Committee of our branch has created an index to these township papers, which will benefit researchers trying to obtain information about the earliest records of their ancestors’ land dealings. Without an index, the researcher must know the lot and concession to find reference to the person they are looking for. The indexes will also record names of people that may never have obtained title to the lot and therefore one would not normally search that particular record. Names of people who witnessed documents have also been indexed since that record is valuable in placing a person in a particular place at a certain time period, and provides the family historian with a signature. These extractions and indexes are now completed and available for sale.

91. The Victoria Cross
1857; Narnoul, India BURGOYNE, Hugh Talbot 1855; Sea 1917; France McFADZEAN, WilliamFrederick 1916; Thiepval 1918; Ledeghem, Belgium MOORE, Arthur Thomas 1857
Irish Identity Mainpage The Victoria Cross - Irish Domination
What is 1.375 inches wide, comes with suspender bar and link, weighs about 0.87 ounces, is the progeny of Russian and Chinese guns and has been coveted by Irish people more than any other nationality since its conception back in the middle of the 19th century? Please be upstanding for the Victoria Cross - the archetypal British gallantry award.
Ever since the Victoria Cross entered the lexicon of military affairs over 150 years ago, Irish people have figured prominently in the various Victoria Cross awards ceremonies which have been held in the aftermath of campaigns waged by the British Armed Forces overseas.
Of the 1,350 Victoria Cross medals awarded to date, Irish people have received 190 awards - the highest tally of any country, bar England (614) thus honoured. Scotland emerge in third place in the roll of honour with 158 awards and Australia comes next with 97 awards. Taking into account Irelands population our 190 crosses would be the equivalent of England gaining 2850. An extraordinary amount, but then again I suppose they do not call us the fighting Irish for nothing.

92. 1880 Twn Of Onondaga Census
A. ABBEY Son M S W 19 NY Frederick ABBEY Son John H. BAILEY Son M S W 8 NY ArthurE. BAILEY 147A Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace Magdelany Talbot Self F
About TOHS Newsletter Historian's Corner Records ... Home 1880 Town of Onondaga Census. This material was taken from the 1880 US Census. Use your browser "FIND" to locate names. This listing is not in alphabetical order. Census Place: "Onondaga Hill, Onondaga, New York" Source: FHL Film 1254906 National Archives Film T9-0906 Page 115B Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace Andrew J. BETTS Self M M W 50 NY Phebe M. BETTS Wife F M W 47 NY James M. BETTS Son M S W 23 NY Charles U. BETTS Son M S W 15 NY Ida G. BETTS Dau F S W 7 NY Benjamin F. BETTS Son M S W 6 NY Census Place: "Onondaga Hill, Onondaga, New York" Source: FHL Film 1254906 National Archives Film T9-0906 Page 115B Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace John WRIGHT Self M M W 64 ENG Lois E. WRIGHT Wife F M W 61 NY Sarah C. BRYAN Dau F S W 33 MI Census Place: "Onondaga Hill, Onondaga, New York" Source: FHL Film 1254906 National Archives Film T9-0906 Page 116C Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace Charles S. BRYAN Self M M W 37 MI

93. Association @lyon : Grandes Inventions Depuis 1600
Translate this page photographie), William Henry Fox Talbot, britannique. rayonne (acétate), CharlesFrederick Gross, britannique. synthétique néoprène, Julius Arthur Nieuwland et
Grandes inventions depuis 1600
Grandes inventions depuis 1600 DATE lunette astronomique Hans Lippershey transfusion sanguine Jean-Baptiste Denys Giovanni Branca italien Blaise Pascal Evangelista Torricelli italien Otto von Guericke allemand balancier d'horloge Christiaan Huygens Gilles Personne de Roberval Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz allemand Denis Papin Thomas Savery anglais semoir Jethro Tull anglais piano forte Bartolomeo Cristofori italien Thomas Newcomen britannique Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit allemand Edmund Halley britannique clichage William Ged britannique bouteille de Leyde (condensateur) allemand paratonnerre Benjamin Franklin Richard Arkwright britannique automobile Joseph Cugnot sous-marin David Bushnell lentille bifocale Benjamin Franklin Claude Fr. Jouffroy d'Abbans batteuse Andrew Meikle britannique Edmund Cartwright britannique John Fitch John Barber britannique William Murdock britannique Eli Whitney Claude Chappe presse hydraulique Joseph Bramah britannique lithographie Aloys Senefelder allemand vaccination contre la variole Edward Jenner britannique Joseph Marie Jacquard Alessandro Volta italien John Stevens Luigi Gasparo Brugnatelli italien conserves alimentaires Nicolas Appert allemand Philippe de Girard locomotive George Stephenson britannique Humphry Davy britannique photographie John Frederic Daniell britannique Johann Salomo Christoph Schweigger allemand Augustin Fresnel Michael Faraday britannique William Sturgeon britannique W. A. Burt

94. Human Family Project July 12, 2001
Father Talbot, III Sheriff Of Shropshire118394 (1485-1549) Mother Children 1 MArthur Nelson, III-184581 Father Frederick Samp-131073 (Abt 1899- ) Mother

Human Family Project July 12, 2001
William Nassau, Senior -58313
Husband William Nassau, Senior-[147721]
Born: 1790 at: Christened: at: Died: 1864 at: Buried: at: Married: Place: Events 1. Notes
2. Notes
3. Notes
4. Notes
5. Notes
Born: at: Christened: at: Died: at: Buried: at: Children 1 M John Nassau, Senior-[147720] Born: 1822 at: Christened: at: Died: 1891 at: Buried: at: Spouse: Jane Elizabeth Hughes-[147708] (1828-1877) Marr: 1848 Husband William Naulestook-[166148] Born: Abt 1826 at: Christened: at: Died: at: Buried: at: Married: 31 May 1854 Place: Wife Julia Ann Schenck-[166127] Born: 24 Nov 1831 at: Christened: at: Died: at: Buried: at: Father: Anthony A. Schenck-[166074] (1805-1845)

95. Author Pseudonyms
Alington, Argentine Hugh Talbot Allan, Dennis Arthur) Shappiro Arthur, FrederickFrederick Arthur Lambert Arthur Wilfred McNeilly, William Arthur Neubauer Arts
Matthew Arnold

A., A.
(George) Anthony A(rmstrong) Willis

A., D.E.
M. Dominick

A, Dr.
Isaac Asimov

A., H.H.D.
W.H. Davenport Adams

A., M. Merrick Abner Richardson A., St. E. of M. and S. Edward Alexander Crowley A., T.B. Thomas Bailey Aldrich Aallyn, Alysse Melissa Clark Aaron, Sidney Paddy Chayefsky Aarons, Edward S(idney) [Paul Ayres, Edward Ronns] Abbey, Anne Merton Jean Brooks-Janowiak Abbey, Christina Abbey, Kieran Helen (Kieran) Reilly Abbey, Lynn Marilyn Lorraine Abbey Abbey, Margaret Margaret York Abbey, Marilyn Lorraine [Lynn Abbey] Abbey, Ruth Ruth Pattison Abbot, Laura Laura A. Schoffner Abbot, Sara Charlotte Zolotow Abbott, Alice Kathryn Borland Helen Ross Speicher Abbott, Anthony (Charles) Fulton Oursler Abbott, Eddie John (Henry) Reese Abbott, Edwin A(bbott) [A Square] Abbott, Eleanor Hollowell Mrs. Fordyce Coburn Abbott, Jane Worth Stella Cameron Virginia Myers Abbott, John Salvatore A. Lombino Abbott, Margot Marie D. Tracy Abdullah, Achmed Alexander Nicholayevitch Romanoff Aber, Wilfred Winifred Bear Abhavananda Edward Alexander Crowley Aborn, Morris

96. 1955 Bklyn Blue Book..Clubs & Organizations
George E. Kirby George L. Stamm Arthur G. Dunn H. Peper Second Vice Regent Mrs. FrederickH. Schluter 43240 OFFICERS Mrs. Rebecca C. Talbot Perkins (Honorary
enter name and hit return Find in Page BLUE BOOK OF BROOKLYN.. Clubs and Organizations 1955 T H E B R O O K L Y N C L U B THE JUNIOR LEAGUE OF BROOKLYN, INC. P R O S P E C T C L U B B R O O K L Y N W O M A N' S C L U B H E I G H T S C A S I N O K O S M O S C L U B 1953-55 OFFICERS PRESIDENT Mrs. W. Lee Helms FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT RECORDING SECRETARY Mrs. Oliver G. Carter Mrs. Herbert S. Peare SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT TREASURER Mrs. W. John Hoffman Miss Edna E. Tracy DIRECTORS 1953-1955 Mrs. William C. Bridgman Mrs. james M. Hills ADVISORY BOARD Mrs. Charles A. Soper Mrs. Harold I. Small Mrs. G. Waring Stebbins Mrs. Horace Mann Snyder Mrs. Oliver G. Carter Miss Eleanor R. Baker Dr. Cornelia C. Brant NATIONAL SOCIETY OF NEW ENGLAND WOMEN BROOKLYN COLONY OFFICERS KNICKERBOCKER FIELD CLUB APOLLO CLUB OF BROOKLYN MONTAUK CLUB ORPHAN ASYLUM SOCIETY OF THE CITY OF BROOKLYN CIVITAS CLUB 1953-55 OFFICERS PRESIDENT Mrs. Carroll J. Dickson FIRST VICE PRESIDENT SECOND VICE PRESIDENT Mrs. Robert F. Warren Mrs. H. Haughton Bell RECORDING SECRETARY Mrs. Lauson H. Stone CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Miss Jessie T. Righter TREASURER Phillip L. Merritt DIRECTORS Miss Edith U. Conard Mrs. Fred I. Daniels Mrs. Charles W. Franklin Mrs. Robert G. Hooper Mrs. David S. Hunter Mrs. F. Folwell Scull Jr. Mrs. Robert B. Magnus Mrs. J. Paul Thorn Mrs. Charles W. Wolseley Mrs. Edward L. Swan

97. Saint Margaret Of Antioch Churchyard, Norfolk County , England
1976, age 68yrs, w/o Arthur Cumberland, Arthur, d. 30 Dec 1847, age 79yrs, w/o JamesTalbot Miles, Samuel 1881, age 90yrs, h/o Hannah Millsted, Frederick R, b
Home Search Journal What's New ... Norfolk
Saint Margaret of Antioch Churchyard
Sea Palling, Norfolk County, England
Submitted by Susan Scaife, Oct 12, 2003 [ ]. Total records = 369. This small graveyard seems to still be active and is well maintained. There are some markers impossible to read, some almost or totally gone. Those from the mid 1700's fit this description, as well as some more recent. A memorial stone is displayed in the cemetery with this inscription:
"In Memory of those Villagers drowned in the flood of 31 Jan 1953.
" Transcribed from all legible surviving gravestones, read by myself and David Ollerton in July of 2003, when we visited this burial site. - Susan Scaife , Edith Lavinia, d. 30 Aug 1953, age: 89yrs, w/o George
, George, d. 8 Oct 1913, age: 45yrs?, h/o Edith Lavinia
Adams, Robert, d. 19 Aug 1974, age: 88yrs, h/o Rosa Ann
Adams, Rosa Ann, d. 30 Nov 1964, age: 78yrs, w/o Robert
Amis, Aaron

98. Information Headquarters: Timeline Of Invention
Photogenic Drawing William Henry Fox Talbot * 1835 Revolver 1893 Half tone engravingFrederick Ives * 1893 1902 Rayon cellulose ester Arthur D. Little

SearchHeadquarters - Need a Payday Loan
Talk politics at WashingtonTalk
Timeline of invention
How to Physics History Companies ... History of Computing This content from Wikipedia is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License
HOME Help build the worlds largest free encyclopedia

99. Archives: Office Of Development Services
1836 Feb 12 1837 Feb 14 24 Talbot, George F 11 Edward Williams Eames, 1944 12 EdwardFrederick Lindley Wood Dunn, 1947 27 John Ford, 1947 28 Arthur Andrew Hauck
Office of Development Services : records, 1806- . Alumni Biographical Files, 1806-
Catalog Number:
Return to: Series Descriptions Collection Guide
Diplomas, 1806-1952
Catalog Number:
Return to: Series Descriptions Collection Guide
Student Journals, Letters and Scrapbooks, 1823-1943
Catalog Number:
Return to: Series Descriptions Collection Guide
Donor Relations publications, 1997- .
Catalog Number:
Box 1 Folder 1 Publications 1997- . Return to: Series Descriptions Collection Guide Planned Giving publications, 2000-.
Catalog Number:
Box 1 Folder 1 Planned Giving brochures 2000- Return to: Series Descriptions Collection Guide Former Faculty/Staff Records Catalog Number: Return to: Series Descriptions Collection Guide Honorary degree recipients Catalog Number: Return to: Series Descriptions Collection Guide Deceased Prospect Files - Alumni, Class of 1920- Catalog Number: Box 1 1920 - 1930 2 1931 - 1934 3 1935 - 1939 4 1940 - 1949 5 1950 - Return to: Series Descriptions Collection Guide Deceased Prospect Files - Other Constituents, 1947-

100. Liddell Hart Centre For Military Archives, King S College London
STEPHENSON, Maj Frederick Simeon Dauncey (18971975). SULLIVAN, Lt Col ArthurJoseph (1899-1981). Talbot, Maj Gen Dennis Edmund Blaquière (1908-1994).

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