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         Syrett Netta:     more books (56)
  1. The old miracle plays of England by Netta Syrett, 2010-08-19
  2. Portrait of a rebel, by Netta Syrett, 1930
  3. Magic London (1922) by Netta Syrett, 2010-09-10
  4. Robin Goodfellow, and Other Fairy Plays for Children by Netta Syrett, 2010-01-06
  5. The Fairy Doll, and other Plays for cChildren by Netta Syrett, 2009-10-09
  6. Rose Cottingham: A Novel (1915) by Netta Syrett, 2008-06-02
  7. The Day's Journey (1906) by Netta Syrett, 2010-09-10
  8. Anne Page by Netta Syrett, 2010-08-25
  9. Six Fairy Plays for Children by Netta Syrett, 2010-03-20
  11. Biography - Syrett, Netta (1865-1943): An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team, 2002-01-01
  12. Robin Goodfellow And Other Fairy Plays For Children (1918) by Netta Syrett, 2010-09-10
  13. Angel Unawares by Netta Syrett, 1941
  14. Rachel & the Seven Wonders by Netta Syrett,

1. Short Stories By Netta Syrett [Category: Short Story]
Short stories by Netta Syrett. Fictions/Novels Short stories Poems EssaysPlays. Syrett, Netta o Thy Heart s Desire. GO TO TOP OF SCREEN. Home All Authors Book Titles Home ... Short Story Index > Short stories by Netta Syrett
Short stories by Netta Syrett
Short stories



Syrett, Netta
Thy Heart's Desire
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2. Netta Syrett's Short Story: Thy Heart's Desire
Netta Syrett's short story Thy Heart's Desire Read complete text online free BROWSE ALL available works of Netta Syrett Text of Thy Heart's Desire A short story by Netta Syrett. Fictions/Novels. Short stories Home All Authors Book Titles Home ... Netta Syrett > Text of Thy Heart's Desire
Thy Heart's Desire
A short story by Netta Syrett
Short stories



The tents were pitched in the little plain surrounded by hills. Right
and left there were stretches of tender, vivid green where the young
corn was springing; farther still, on either hand, the plain was
yellow with mustard-flower; but in the immediate foreground it was
bare and stony. A few thorny bushes pushed their straggling way
through the dry soil, ineffectively as far as the grace of the landscape was concerned, for they merely served to emphasise the barren aridness of the land that stretched before the tents, sloping gradually to the distant hills. The hills were uninteresting enough in themselves; they had no grandeur of outline, no picturesqueness even, though at morning and evening the sun, like a great magician, clothed them with beauty at a touch. They had begun to change, to soften, to blush rose red in the evening light, when a woman came to the entrance of the largest of the tents

3. Author Netta Syrett - Books: Short Story
Author Netta Syrett books Short Story - Read this book by authorNetta Syrett online. ReadBookOnLine Syrett. Work(s) of Netta Syrett. Home All Authors Book Titles Home ... Authors Index > Work(s) of Netta Syrett
Work(s) of Netta Syrett
Short stories



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Short Story Category
Thy Heart's Desire

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4. Project Gutenberg Titles By Syrett, Netta
Project Gutenberg Titles by. Netta Syrett. Stories by English AuthorsThe Orient. You can also look up this author on The Online Books, Netta

5. Books On-line: Search Results
SEARCH RESULTS. You requested author names starting with Syrett, Netta . Syrett,Netta, contrib. Stories By English Authors The Orient , also contrib.

6. Syrett, Netta - University Of Maryland
Syrett, Netta. Thy Heart s Desire University Libraries, Universityof Maryland, College Park, MD 207427011 (301)405-0800 Please
Syrett, Netta
Thy Heart's Desire

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7. Fiction - University Of Maryland
Hawthorne Stout, Rex Stowe, Harriet Beecher StrattonPorter, Gene Stretton, HesbaSutphen, Van Tassel Swift, Jonathan Synge, John Millington Syrett, Netta.
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8. Chronological List, Part 85
18811965) Syrett, Netta; i.e., Janet Syrett (1870?-1943
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Chronological List, Part 85
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9. Gender Inn: Thematischer Suchindex
Translate this page werden. Wurzel des Thesaurus Disziplin 115 Literaturwissenschaft AutorInnenund Werke 1676 Syrett, Netta 1694 Syrett, Nobody´s Fault

10. Short Story Index - Links To Authors' Short Stories
10 short stories Syrett, Netta - 1 short story Home All Authors Book Titles Home > Short story index
SHORT STORY INDEX [Links to Authors' Short Stories available online]
Short stories



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11. Gender Inn: Thematical Index
root of the thesaurus Discipline 115 Literary Criticism Authors andTheir Works 1676 Syrett, Netta 1694 Syrett, Nobody´s Fault

12. - Books By Author
Please log in. Books by Netta Syrett. Here is a list of our books by Netta Syrett .There is 1 book by this author in our collection. This is book 1 of 1.

13. - Book Information
Search. Title. Please log in. Book Information. The Heart s Desire by Netta Syrett.Choose Format to Download DAISY Digital Talking Book Format (33 KB).

14. Author: Netta Syrett
Soon Netta Syrett. Notify me when new books by Netta Syrett arereleased. Netta Syrett at Palm Digital Media. Thy Heart s Desire.
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Netta Syrett Notify me when new books by Netta Syrett are released. Netta Syrett at Thy Heart's Desire

15. Stories, Listed By Author
Syrett, Netta; ie, Janet Syrett (1870?1943) (chron.) * Her Wedding Day, (ss)The Quarto v1 1896; * One Solution, (ss) Everybody’s Magazine May 1907.
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Stories, Listed by Author
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STEVENS, JAMES (chron.) (continued)

16. Index Stories, Listed By Author, Part 17
1994); SYNGE, J(ohn) M(illington) (18711909); SYNON, MARY (Ellen)(1881-1965); Syrett, Netta; ie, Janet Syrett (1870?-1943); SYROP
Miscellaneous Anthologies
Index: Stories, Listed by Author, Part 17
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17. Catalog: Children's Books S - Z
$25.00. Syrett, Netta. RACHEL THE SEVEN WONDERS. NY Stokes, nd 1923.Edition not indicated. Near Fine. Gorgeous full color illustrated
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  • 18. Violet Books: Golden Age Fairy Tale Illustrations
    The statue in the harbor. This is Joyce Mercer s frontispiece, also used for thepictorial binding, for Netta Syrett s Rachel the Seven Wonders (New York
    Violet Books
    (Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1906, 1908, 1924). "Valma lay sleeping under a great water-plant." Katharine Sturges' illustration for "The Castle Under the Sea" in "The statue in the harbor." This is Joyce Mercer's frontispiece, also used for the pictorial binding, for Netta Syrett's "A little boy walked in front of the procession" Joyce Mercer's illustration for "The Temple of Diana" in Netta Syrett's a connected series of time-traveling wonder-tales. Return to Classic Illustration Museum Index Art Gallery Essays Bibliographies ... How to contact Violet Books

    19. Selected Bibliography Of Background On Victorian Social History, Sexuality, And
    Sharp, Evelyn. The Making of a Schoolgirl. L Lane, 1897. Syrett, Netta. Nobody sFault. 1896. Ward, Mary Augusta. Robert Elsmere, L, 1888. Marcella. L 1894.
    Selected Bibliography of Background on Victorian Social History, Sexuality, and the Lives of Women: Adams, Carol. Ordinary Lives A Hundred Years Ago. L: Virago, 1982. Alexander, Sally. Women's Work in Nineteenth-Century London: A Study of the Years 1820-50. L: Journeyman Press, 1983. Banks, J. A. Prosperity and Parenthood: A Study of Family Planning among the Victorian Middle Classes. L: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1954. Banks, J. A. and Olive. Feminism and Family Planning in Victorian England. N Y: Schocken, 1964. Banks, Olive. The Faces of Feminism: A Study of Feminism as a Social Movement. N Y: St. Martin's Press, 1981. Bauer, Carol and Lawrence Ritt. Free and Ennobled: Source Readings in the Development of Victorian Feminism. N Y: Pergamon, 1979. Benjamin, Marina, ed. Science and Sensibility: Gender and Scientific Enquiry, 1780-1945 . Oxford and Cambridge, MA: Basil Blackwell, 1991. Branca, Patricia. Silent Sisterhood. Middle Class Women in the Victorian Home. L: 1975. Burnett, John. The Annals of Labor. Bloomington: Indiana U P, 1974. Also Destiny Obscure: Autobiographies of Childhood, Education and Family from the 1820s to the 1900s.

    20. Chatto & Windus Newspaper Reviews : S
    Syrett, Netta, Olivia L. Carew / by Netta Syrett, 1910, 3. The endless journey andother stories / by Netta Syrett, 1912, 4. Three women / by Netta Syrett, 1912, 4.
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