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         Stallman Richard M:     more books (46)
  1. Debugging with GDB: The GNU Source-Level Debugger [GDB Version 4.16 August 1996] by Richard M.; Cygnus Support Stallman, 1996
  2. Debugging With Gdb Manual by Richard M. Stallman, 1992-03
  3. Free Software, Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman by Lawrence Lessig, Joshua Gay Richard M. Stallman, 2006-11-09
  4. Bison Manual for Version 1.875 by Charles Donnelly, Richard M. Stallman, 2003-09
  5. GNU Emacs Manual, Eighth Edition, Version 19, June 1993 by Richard M. Stallman, 1993
  6. Bison Manual: Using the Yacc - by Charles Donnelly, Richard M. Stallman, 1999-11
  7. GNU Emacs Manual Version 20.7 by Richard M. Stallman, 2000
  8. Using and Porting GNU CC, Version 2.6 by Richard M. Stallman, 1994
  9. Gnu Emacs Manual by Richard M. Stallman, 1996-12
  10. GNU Emacs LISP Reference Manual by Bill Lewis, Richard M. Stallman, et all 1998-05
  11. Unix People: Dennis Ritchie, Brian Kernighan, Bill Joy, Paul Vixie, Eric Allman, Henry Spencer, Richard Stallman, Bradley M. Kuhn, Ken Thompson
  12. An Introduction to GCC by Brian J. Gough, Richard M. Stallman, 2004-03-30
  13. Gnu Emacs Manual: For Version 22 by Richard M. Stallman, 2007-09-10

41. CNN - Richard Stallman On Freedom And The GNU GPL - November 8, 1999
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Richard Stallman on freedom and the GNU GPL
November 8, 1999
Web posted at: 8:57 a.m. EST (1357 GMT) by Richard Stallman From... (IDG) In his article on free software licensing, "Reverse-engineering the GNU Public Virus," ( LinuxWorld, September 1999) Stig Hackvan seems to have filtered the facts through his political views: that the Free Software movement is "extreme" and impractical. I hope that readers will take his description of the Free Software movement, its views, and, above all, its practical methods, with several spoons of salt. He begins by berating me for using the word free to refer to freedom: The word free denotes gratis (as in "free beer") far more readily than it denotes liberty (as in "free speech"). But Stallman confounds the matter by insisting that he's talking about free speech and then asserts that

42. Linux Today - Richard Stallman -- 15 Years Of Free Software
By Stallman brief article taking stock of 15 years of progress; with feedback responses.

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Introduction to Linux Teach Yourself Linux Mandrakelinux 10 Official for AMD 64 ... CRUX 2.0 Search for products linuxtoday Newsletters Subscribe News Subscribe PR Subscribe Security Subscribe Jobs Developer Downloads International ... E-mail Offers document.write(' '); Current Newswire: CyberIndia Online: "Linux Does Not Depend on Microsoft’s Failure" NewsForge: Open Source on Offense in ERP and Business Applications Market Reuters/ZDNet: In Brazil, Microsoft Decries Linux Use

43. Hungarian Unix Portal - Richard M. Stallman Szegeden Járt
memória összes 1024 MB, szabad 43 MB, Richard M. Stallman Szegedenjárt (Írta trey postázva 2004. Május 16, Vasárnap, 125601).

44. NewsForge | We Can Put An End To Word Attachments
Forum on Richard Stallman's document against file exchange in proprietary format.

45. RMS - HupWiki
Richard M. Stallman a GNU Projekt alapítója, azé a projektté amely azértjött létre 1984ben, hogy egy szabad operációs rendszert hozzon létre.

46. Copyright And Globalization In The Age Of Computer Networks - GNU Project - Free
Transcript of a talk by Richard Stallman, on how copyright law no longer protects the public interest, and how it might be curtailed in different ways for different kinds of works.
Italian Portuguese Spanish The following is an edited transcript from a speech given at MIT in the Communications Form on Thursday, April 19, 2001 from 5:00pm - 7:00pm DAVID THORBURN, moderator : Our speaker today, Richard Stallman, is a legendary figure in the computing world, and my experience in trying to find a respondent to share the podium with him was instructive. One distinguished MIT professor told me that Stallman needs to be understood as a charismatic figure in a biblical parable - a kind of Old Testament anecdote-lesson. "Imagine," he said, "a Moses or a Jeremiah - better a Jeremiah." And I said, "Well, that's very admirable. That sounds wonderful. It confirms my sense of the kind of contribution he has made to the world. Then why are you reluctant to share the podium with him?" His answer: "Like Jeremiah or Moses, he would simply overwhelm me. I won't appear on the same panel him, but if you asked me to name five people alive in the world who have truly helped us all, Richard Stallman would be one of them." RICHARD STALLMAN : I should [begin by explaining why I have refused to allow this Forum to be web cast], in case it wasn't clear fully what the issue is: The software they use for web broadcasting requires the user to download certain software in order to receive the broadcast. That software is not free software. It's available at zero price but only as an executable, which is a mysterious bunch of numbers.

47. Richard Stallman From FOLDOC
Free Online Dictionary of Computing. Stallman, Richard M. . Richard Stallman. person Richard M. Stallman. Founder of the GNU project., Richard M.

48. El Copyright Contra La Comunidad En La Era De Las Redes De Ordenadores
El copyright contra la comunidad en la era de las redes de ordenadores. Conferencia pronunciada el 7 de julio de 2000 en la Universidad de Burdeos por Richard Stallman.
(Conferencia pronunciada en inglés el 7 de julio de 2000 en la Universidad de Burdeos, transcrita por Douglas Carnall y traducida al castellano por excalibor, victor y candyman) El señor Stallman llega con un ligero retraso sobre la hora prevista de comienzo de su charla y se dirige a un público callado y respetuoso. Habla con gran precisión y sin apenas dudas con un marcado acento de Boston. RMS (Richard M. Stallman): Esto está hecho para alguien que lleva una horca portátil. [señala al micrófono corbatero del sistema de megafonía de la sala de conferencias] No llevo dispositivos de ahorcamiento, así que no tengo donde ponerlo. [se la engancha a la camiseta] Yo: ¿Todo bien si lo grabo? RMS: ¡Sí! [molesto] ¿Cuánta gente tiene que preguntármelo? Bueno. Se supone que hoy tengo que hablar [larga pausa] [señala al micrófono] ¿Qué puedo hacer? Veamos... no hay control de volumen... [encuentra el control de volumen en la caja del emisor de radio] mejor así Las leyes que podrían haber sido una buena idea en el pasado son ahora perjudiciales, porque están en un contexto distinto. Pero para explicar esto, debería retrotraerme hasta el principio, al mundo antiguo en el que los libros se hacían escribiéndolos a mano. Era la única forma de hacerlos, y cualquiera que sabía leero también podía escribir una copia de un libro. Claro que un esclavo que se pasaba todo el día escribiendo copias probablemente lo haría mejor que alguien que no lo hacía, pero esto no importa demasiado. Esencialmente, cualquier persona que supiera leer podía copiar libros, todo lo bien que se podían copiar.

49. 404 Document Not Found
Translate this page 11. Mai. Richard M. Stallman kommt nach Wien. Richard M. Stallman,Präsident der Free Software Foundation, wird am Mittwoch dem 12.

50. News: Interview: GNU Guru Richard Stallman
Mainly about the Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act UCITA.,4586,2457092,00.html

Sun plans an open-source Javasomeday

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Interview: GNU guru Richard Stallman

By Robert Lemos
ZDNet News
March 11, 2000, 4:00 PM PT
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When Richard Stallman founded the GNU (or Gnu's Not Unix) Project in 1984, his aim was to create Unix-compatible tools that were free. Sixteen years later, GNU software is a critical part of most Unix systems and forms the basis along with Linus Torvalds' Linux kernel of all Linux systems. With the proposed Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act (UCITA) threatening the free-software movement, ZDNet News Senior Editor Robert Lemos caught up with Stallman, president of the Free Software Foundation, in India. ZDNet: What will be the effect of UCITA on the free software movement? Click Here Stallman: UCITA would make it harder for us to avoid liability for bugs that turn up in the free software we develop while giving proprietary software developers a very easy way to avoid all liability for their products, even for faults that they know about in advance. This is grossly unfair. UCITA would also give proprietary software developers a way to prohibit reverse engineering. They could then promulgate secret formats for distributing and storing data and stop us from implementing free software to handle those formats. We would be unable to provide you with software to access your own data.

51. Slashdot | Richard M. Stallman Visits Teradyne
Richard M. Stallman Visits Teradyne. GNU is Not Unix. Posted by timothy on WedAug 02, 00 0515 PM from the alock-of-his-hair!-a-lock-of-his-hair! dept.
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Stories Old Stories Old Polls Topics Hall of Fame ... Awards Services Broadband Online Books PriceGrabber Product News ... IT Research Richard M. Stallman Visits Teradyne Posted by timothy on Wed Aug 02, '00 05:15 PM from the a-lock-of-his-hair!-a-lock-of-his-hair! dept. Big Business loves Free software. Actually, Big Business loves free software, at least theoretically. The practical, legal and philisophical aspects aren't necessarily as easy to get a handle on as a price that varies from Nothing to Not Much. Rene Hollan contributed the piece below about one early move that a division of Teradyne made in an effort to orient themselves correctly with Free software tools they wanted to use. They went straight to the horse's mouth they decided to ask how best to apply the GPL of the man who wrote it, Richard M. Stallman, and got at least as much as they bargained for. And if you want RMS to come visit your place of business to tell them How It's Done, remember that his shedule is busy, and as Rene points out below in his Mini RMS-Visit FAQ, he needs his e-mail.
Part I: Introduction and Background
History was made on Tuesday, June 20, 2000. Accepting an invitation to speak on the subject, this was the first time that RMS gave a lecture on "The Use of Free Software In Commercial Applications" to a group of Teradyne Telecommunication Division employees in Deerfield, Illinois. Despite Teradyne's record of producing proprietary, patented software, the skies didn't darken, lightning didn't strike, a plague of locusts didn't descend and consume printouts of non-free code, and thunderous condemnations of immoral behavior didn't issue from RMS's lips. In general, a good time was had by all present. This is my record of the events that transpired.

52. Richard Stallman
façon ou d une autre, une dette envers Richard Stallman (RMS).
Tribune Libre: Ténors de l'Informatique Libre Page précédente Annexe D. Contributeurs Page suivante
Richard Stallman
Chaque auteur de texte publié dans ce livre a, d'une façon ou d'une autre, une dette envers Richard Stallman (RMS). Il a lancé voici 15 ans le projet GNU afin de protéger et renforcer le développement du logiciel libre. Un objectif établi du projet était de développer un système d'exploitation entier et des jeux complets d'utilitaires sous couvert d'une licence libre et ouverte de telle sorte à ce que personne n'ait plus à payer pour du logiciel. En 1991, Stallman reçoit le prestigieux Grace Hopper Award de l'Association for Computing Machinery pour son développement de l'éditeur Emacs. En 1990 il a été récompensé par un MacArthur Foundation fellowship. Un doctorat à titre honorifique de la Royal Institute of Technology de Suède lui a aussi été décerné en 1996. En 1998 il a partagé avec Linus Torvalds le Pioneer award de l'Electronic Frontier Foundation. Il est désormais davantage connu pour son évangélisme en faveur du logiciel libre que pour le code auquel il a contribué. Comme toute personne totalement dévouée à sa cause, Stallman a suscité la controverse dans la communauté dont il fait partie. Son insistance à répéter que les termes "Open Source software" ont été choisis spécifiquement pour occulter les aspects liés à la liberté que donne un logiciel libre est une parmi les nombreuses positions qu'il a adoptées et qui ont conduit certains à l'étiqueter comme un extrémiste. Il assume tout cela sans faire le moindre effort, ainsi que peut en témoigner quiconque l'a rencontré, revêtu de l'habit de son alter ego, saint iGNUcius de l'Église d'Emacs.

53. LG #37
Or Minutes to the NYSIA/WWWAC Software Summit. Long and very entertaining account of one person's encounter with Stallman and his ideas, in the context of a trade show.
"Linux Gazette... making Linux just a little more fun!
An Ode to Richard Stallman (Or Minutes to the NYSIA/WWWAC Software Summit) By Stephen Adler I recently attended the New York Software Summit held at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NYC. This was a joint conference sponsored by the New York Software Industry Association ( ) and the world Wide Web Artists Consortium ( ). I, being a subscriber to the LXNY mailing list ( ), was informed of this event by Jay Sulzberger, who was moderating a panel titled "The Free Software Movement, Open Source, and the Coming Free Market in OSes". I found the subject of this panel to be rather close to my heart, but being a 70 mile commute into NYC for me, I thought I would pass it up. I read the rest of Jay's announcing e-mail and saw two words which would eventually changed my mind. Richard Stallman. He was going to be on the panel and as it turned out, this was too much of an incentive for me to pass up. What follows is probably too much text to describe the event, but then, I'm drawn to the subject and I can't help myself. So please forgive my indulgence. Day -1) It was a busy day for me. Rather a busy week for that matter. I have just started working on this new experiment called

54. Linux Today - UPDATED: Richard Stallman -- Boycott Amazon!
Article by Richard Stallman calling for boycott and reader responses. Linux Today

Libranet GNU/Linux version 2.8.1
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Introduction to Linux Teach Yourself Linux Mandrakelinux 10 Official for AMD 64 ... CRUX 2.0 Search for products linuxtoday Newsletters Subscribe News Subscribe PR Subscribe Security Subscribe Jobs Developer Downloads International ... E-mail Offers Current Newswire: CyberIndia Online: "Linux Does Not Depend on Microsoft’s Failure" NewsForge: Open Source on Offense in ERP and Business Applications Market Reuters/ZDNet: In Brazil, Microsoft Decries Linux Use NewsForge: Behind Four Linux Community Sites ... SearchEnterpriseLinux: Inspecting Web Pages with Mozilla UPDATED: Richard Stallman Boycott Amazon! Dec 22, 1999, 04 :22 UTC (

55. Salon 21st | The Richard Stallman Saga, Redux
By Andrew Leonard. 'The saint of free software' sparks new debates about the philosophy of the open source movement lively exchange between Stallman and Eric Raymond, and Tim O'Reilly response.
Let's Get This Straight

By Scott Rosenberg
Rushing the Starr report to the Net is all about one thing: Delivering the juicy bits T A B L E T A L K What buzzwords do you love to hate? Vent about "technobabble" and "marketspeak" in the Digital Culture area of Table Talk R E C E N T L Y Let's Get This Straight
By Scott Rosenberg
The iMac debate rages on, as Apple's legions weigh in
Death and the hard drive

By Moira Muldoon
Data can be a precious link to a lost loved one if you save it
Inside the new high-tech lock-downs

By Jim Rendon Prison gadgetry promises to save money and reduce overcrowding but at what cost? Internet U. By Andrew Leonard A new documentary looks at the benefits and hazards of the Net as global lecture hall The 21st Challenge No. 13: Status gadgets By Charlie Varon and Jim Rosenau Devise a new high-tech device and win a prize! BROWSE THE 21ST FEATURES ARCHIVES document.write(''); "THE SAINT OF FREE SOFTWARE" SPARKS NEW DEBATES ABOUT THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE OPEN-SOURCE MOVEMENT. BY ANDREW LEONARD L ast week, I profiled Richard Stallman, a central figure in the ongoing saga of the free software movement. Within minutes of the publication of the story

56. Richard M. Stallman V Praze
Richard M. Stallman navštívil Prahu. Návšteva se konala u prílezitostijeho evropského turné. 1500, Richard M. Stallman Softwarové patenty.
Pro vzpomínku
Akce skonèila, následující texty jsou upraveny tak, aby pøipomínaly, co akci provázelo.
Richard M. Stallman nav¹tívil Prahu
Náv¹tìva se konala u pøílezitosti jeho evropského turné. Smyslem tohoto turné byl upozornit na problematiku softwarových patentù. RMS pøednesl pro zájemce pøedná¹ku o softwarových patentech. Pøedná¹ka se konala 11. kvìtna 2004, 14:00 v Carolinu, v Modré posluchárnì. CZLUG vydal tiskovou zprávu o náv¹tìvì Richarda M. Stallmana.
Aktuální informace
Jak si mù¾ete pøeèíst na stránce FFII situace se dramaticky mìní. Nechápu pøesnì jak je to mo¾né, ale rada ministrù se dohodla na znìní, které anuluje zmìny odhlasované v Evropském parlamentu. Je velkým handicapem, ¾e neznáme pøesnì pravomoci jednotlivých orgánù Evropské unie a nále¾itosti legislativního procesu. Jeden èeský poslanec sklízí úspìchy s pøedná¹kou: "Jak vzniká zákon". Asi bysme v¹ichni potøebovali pøedná¹ku "Jak vzniká zákon II., pro zmìnu v Evropské unii". Abychom to alespoò trochu napravili, zajistili jsme, ¾e pøed pøedná¹kou budou k dispozici pro zájemce kní¾eèky "The ABC of Community law" v èeském pøekladu. Je zjevnì v rozporu se zdravým rozumem, aby komise nìkolika ministrù rozhodovala v rozporu s demokraticky zvoleným parlamentem. Jeho poslanci se také okam¾itì ohradili proti takovému zneva¾ování jejich práce. Jejich vyjádøení naleznete ve vý¹e zmínìném dokumentu. Rada se definitivnì rozhodne na zasedáních ve dnech 17. nebo 18. kvìtna.

57. Salon 21st | The Saint Of Free Software
By Andrew Leonard. Maverick Richard Stallman keeps the faith; and gives Bill Gates the finger. Entertaining true life reporter's experience of time spent with Stallman.
document.write(''); T A B L E T A L K Do you love your Palm Pilot? Discuss how to get the most out of these cool little gadgets in the Digital Culture area of Table Talk R E C E N T L Y Just the facts, RAM
By Christopher Ott
Do computers in the classroom promote a conservative vision of education?
iMac: iLove it or iHate it

By Janelle Brown and Scott Rosenberg
Is Apple's new blue bombshell a hit or a dud? A debate
Why kids don't need computers

By Andrew Leonard
Don't feel guilty about not buying your toddler a Pentium, a new book argues
The Xy files

By Amy Virshup For the rest of the world, XyWrite is history but to its devotees, the antiquated word processor still rules Revolt of the couch potatoes By Howard Wen When TV fans want to save a favorite show from cancellation, they organize online. But do the networks care? BROWSE THE 21ST FEATURES ARCHIVES MAVERICK RICHARD STALLMAN KEEPS THE FAITH AND GIVES BILL GATES THE FINGER. BY ANDREW LEONARD W hen Richard Stallman gave Bill Gates the finger in front of Stanford's computer science building, I got nervous. No, it wasn't the real Bill Gates it was just his name, engraved in giant letters over the main entrance to the 2-year-old, Gates-funded building. But it didn't seem like a Stanford thing to do. The campus is immaculately manicured, dotted with picture-postcard palm trees and squeaky-clean students. It's just not a flipping-the-bird kind of place.

58. Browse Top Level > Texts > Project Gutenberg > Authors > S > Stallman, Richard M
There is no description available for this text. Author Stallman, Richard M. KeywordsAuthors S Stallman, Richard M.; Titles R ; Subject subject unknown.

Author's home to the book Free as in Freedom Richard Stallman's Crusade for Free Software . Includes errata, links to translations, and updates.
Welcome to This site is the home page for the no-frills online version of Free as in Freedom: Richard Stallman's Crusade for Free Software . This site is maintained by me, Sam Williams , author of Free as in Freedom
Latest News [Feb. 9, 2003]:
Introduction to FAIFzilla
FAIFzilla 1.0 Change Log Reported Errors ... Sam Williams . Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.1 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled "GNU Free Documentation License."

60. Richard M. Stallmann (rms)
Translate this page Richard M. Stallman. GNU, Emacs, Free Software Foundation. URL http//
Kefk Network GNU/Linux About Wiki ... Worldwide
Richard M. Stallman
GNU, Emacs, Free Software Foundation
Homepage: Linux Akteure Personen ... Übersicht
07-Dec-2001/ 02-Jan-03
Richard M. Stallman (RMS) ist der Gründer der Free Software Foundation (FSF)und des GNU-Propjekts (GNU's Not Unix). Ziel der FSF ist es, ein vollständig freies Betriebssystem mit den dazugehörigen Tools zu entwickeln. Die Lizenz, die die Freiheit des GNU-Projekts schützt, ist die ebenfalls von Stallman entworfene GNU GPL (GNU General Public License). Stallman arbeitete am AI lab des MIT und widmet sich seit 1984 vollständig dem GNU-Projekt und den Aktivitäten der FSF. Zu seinen wichtigsten Entwicklungen gehören:
  • GNU C compiler, GNU Emacs, GNU debugger und GNU Make
" RMS, as most developers know him, is the archetypical hacker whose skills are legendary. Tales are still told of programs he's written that were better than those cranked out by whole teams of competitors. " (, Stand: 13-Dec-2001).

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