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         Sirius R U:     more books (34)
  1. Mondo 2000 a Users Guide Signed Edition by R U Sirius, 1992-01-01
  2. Everybody Must Get Stoned by R.U. Sirius, 2009-04-01
  3. How to Mutate and Take Over the World by St. Jude, R. U. Sirius, 1996-02-20
  4. 21st Century Revolutionary: R.U. Sirius 1984-1998 by Eve Berni, 1999-06-01
  5. The Revolution: Quotations from Revolution Party Chairman R. U. Sirius by R. U. Sirius, 2000-05
  7. Counterculture Through the Ages by Ken [a.k.a. R.U. Sirius] and Dan Joy Goffman, 2004
  8. Mondo 2000 Magazine (Issue 11)
  9. Mondo 2000: A User's Guide to the New Edge : Cyberpunk, Virtual Reality, Wetware, Designer Aphrodisiacs, Artificial Life, Techno-Erotic Paganism, an by Rudy Rucker, R. U. Sirius, et all 1992-11
  10. Mondo 2000, No. 7, 1992 by R.U. Sirius, 1992
  11. Our right to death: how medical breakthroughs challenge easy answers about suicide.(Unplugged: Reclaiming Our Right to Die in America)(Book review): An article from: Reason by R.U. Sirius, 2007-02-01
  12. How to Mutate and take Over the World by R. U. Sirius, 1996
  13. How to Mutate & Take Over World by R.U. Sirius, 1997-11-11
  14. The Revolution Quotations from Revolution Party Chairman R. U. Sirius by Introduction by Andrei Codrescu, 2000-01-01

101. Sirius Technology, Inc. - Get Sirius About Your Electroless Nickel
Produces and supplies wide range of electroless nickel products to the metal finishing industry. Site incorporates extensive technical, product, and application information.
Welcome to the SIRIUS TECHNOLOGY information center. Here you will find valuable technical data on electroless nickel as well as specific information on our complete product line . Explore our site as well as the entire web using our built in search engines . Learn more about Sirius Technology by reviewing our mission statement and company news . Review our commitment to quality and service Finally, check back every so often. We frequently update our site with product introductions, technical information and new links to cool or valuable web sites you may have yet to find. Feel free to request information on any product you have an interest in or to e-mail with us with questions or comments. Please be assured your response to our site will not generate unsolicited contact from our company. You will not receive e-mail, be placed on a direct mail list or called without your request to do so. Home Contact Sirius Employment Opportunities Search ... Contents Sirius Technology, Inc.
132 Clear Rd, Oriskany, NY 13424
PH: (315) 768-6635 Fax: (315) 768-3561

102. RU Sirius Interview
RU Sirius. by John Trinkl. All Rights Reserved. It s a great tradition, said New Media guru RU Sirius about the BeIn. I was at the first one.
RU Sirius
by John Trinkl art


Digital Be-In is brought to you by Verbum . Verbum has no liability for content whatsoever.
No, you can't resell anything on this site without Verbum's permission.
and David Gross "It's a great tradition, " said New Media guru R. U. Sirius about the Be-In. "I was at the first one. The early ones represented something not recognized before: a counter culture stream running through computer culture. " The early Be-Ins were not organized around themes like Human Rights like the current Be-In, they were gatherings of some of the hipper people attending the MacWorld fair. " He sees the Be-In as "carrying on in the tradition of the old Homebrew Club" of the 1970s in what is now Silicon Valley. These early makers of the first PC s had a strong libertarian and anarchistic streak. "This is a subculture within the computer industry, " he said. Sirius is doing a lot to carry on that tradition himself. He has two books in the works, including one on the history of earlier counter cultures. And his Revolting website, still stirs up as much trouble as it can. Asked about the future of the Digital Be-In, he replied, "It could go on and on with luck and hard work. The sky's the limit, "

103. Diana Wynne Jones Book Reviews
Bibliography with a description of most of her books.
Sirius Recommends
Diana Wynne Jones
If you love fantasy, Jones is a can't-miss author. Her magical books begin with vivid description and mix in a little romance, humor, mythology, with a clever twist or three. Though billed as a primarily young adult author, all ages can appreciate the books listed here. Her two latest books were directed toward adults. Readers will notice that she lives in England and writes in English (meaning, some British terms and attitudes are apparent but never detract from your enjoyment of the writing.) If you decide you want to buy several of her books at once, it's simple and efficient to use this link. Deep Secret As usual, Jones has outdone herself. With humor, finesse and intensity, this adult fantasy follows Rupert Venables, Junior Magid of Earth (yes, that's a type of magician.) His troubles begin when his Senior dies and, of course, he must take over. This means that he must search for a new Junior Magid to fill his former position, and with some help from the Powers That Be, his Senior gives him a list of possible successors- and also manages to get permission to tag along in ghost form. The five candidates are caused to attend a Scifi and Fantasy convention in England so he can meet up with them there and assess their possibilities as magicians. They will have a very important job of helping the Universe along in a positive (Ayewards) direction. Earth seems to go Naywards (negatively) a lot though, as we all know... and so do Rupert's plans.

104. R.U. Sirius
RU Sirius. RU Sirius is cofounder and former Editor-in-chief of the orignal cyberculture magazine, Mondo 2000. His new website, THE

R.U. Sirius
R. U. Sirius is co-founder and former Editor-in-chief of the orignal
cyberculture magazine, Mondo 2000. His new website, "THE MUTATE PROJECT"
Entry Main Stage Digital Frontier ... Visionaries

105. Sirius Images, Inc. Internet Service Provider
Provides internet access, computer training, networking, computer repair, web design and hosting, ecommerce solutions and database solutions.
Graphic Backgrounds Courtesy of Bouyancy HOME About Prices ...

106. Psychedelic Culture : An Interview With RU Sirius, By Malvolio Rutteledge
Intellectual outlaw wanted dead or alive. An Interview with RU Sirius Just say RU Sirius, the only response to the other candidates.

107. An Interview With RU Sirius, By Malvolio Rutteledge
An Interview with RU Sirius, by Malvolio Rutteledge A look inside the mind of Mondo s errant editor and the man who might have been president.

108. Sirius Electronics Home Page
Online sales of battery chargers and maintenance equipment.
Is now a division of
SIRIUS CHARGE Pro Series THE High Performance Fast Charger for all Radio

Control systems.
NiCd(2000 mAh) and
NiMh (1200mAh) batteries
SuperTest Precision Battery Tester/Analyzer

NiCd and NiMh batteries
SIRIUS CHARGE Limited Edition Dual High Current Charger Designed

Especially for Larger Receiver Batteries NiCd and NiMh
Sirius Charge Designed Especially for Small Receiver Batteries
50 to 200 mA or 100 to 400 mA NiCd and NiMh
SIRIUS CHARGE Lithium (Not linked, call for info 800-532-0092)
High Performance Charger for Lithium Ion and Polymer cells
GFS! Micro Speed Control
The First Micro Speed Control With Glitch Filtering Software
AC Adapter, adapter plugs, and more. Helpful items for use with Sirius products. All Peak Electronics products are proudly Made In the U.S.A. Custom Electronics
This section is under construction, no products are currently viewable.

109. Propaganda - Dissent - R.U. Sirius For President
In the proud tradition of Pigasus, Pat Paulson and Larry Flynt, DisInformation endorses RU Sirius for President in Dissent. RU Sirius for President.
R.U. Sirius for President Speak your mind in the
Propaganda Forum
Election '96
"Listen to the 'R.U. Sirius About America' theme song, available in many convenient sizes - 'the bigger the headache, the bigger the pill.'"
Derision '96
"Spit in the face of the establishment with a write-in vote for anarchist media prankster R.U. Sirius. Of course there's NO PLATFORM, you idiot! In the next world, you're on your own!"
Nearly Deep Thoughts
"Quotations from Chairman Sirius."
It's Better to be Inspired than Wired
"R.U. Sirius interview from 'CTHEORY' an 'international journal of theory, technology and culture,' edited by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker."
The Tedium is the Message, Assholes
"Excellent interview with R.U. Sirius and St. Jude. They discuss the pranking possibilities open to the media savvy Dada revolutionary. Smash YOUR reality tunnel..."
Brain Tennis
"It's 'debate as a spectator sport,' so grab a ringside seat as R.U. Sirius slugs it out against cultural critic Mark Dery, a guy who can pack so many obscure references into a single sentence that he makes James Joyce appear a rank amateur by comparison. Pass me a beer."
Infinity Factory RealVideo Talkshow with host Richard Metzger
"RU Sirius, legendary co-founder/editor of Mondo 2000 magazine talks about his new project

110. Nicolae Sirius - Poetry
The White Century by Walter Tonetto. English transcreations from the Romanian of Nicolae Sirius.
Poetry English
George Cosbuc

Mihai Eminescu

Nicolae Sirius

Nichita Stãnescu
Mihai Eminescu

Nichita Stãnescu

George Topârceanu
Mihai Eminescu
Mihai Eminescu

Marin Sorescu
Nicolae Sirius The White Century by Walter Tonetto English transcreations from the Romanian of Nicolae Sirius
  • Above the wind
  • The road nonpareil
  • The hunt
  • The white century ...
  • Leave now remaindered (Dr Tonetto, School of Literature, Waseda University, 1-24-1 Toyama, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162, Japan; fax: +81 3 3203-7718; email: . If writing, please advise of fax-number for purposes of correspondence). Back to Romanian Poetry
  • 111. Sumarios Varios, R.U.&donde=castellano&zfr=0

    112. Sirius-GmbH
    Angebot an Farblaserdrucker, Farbdigitalkopierer und multifunktionalen Ger¤ten.

    113. -- The Internet Guide To Satellite Radio
    RU Sirius? Send your comments on Sirius Or read those of others. RU X? Send your comments on XM or read those of others. RU skeptical? (The Internet Guide to Satellite Radio!) has been following satellite radio technology and programming since 2000. is an independent source for information and commentary on Siriusradio, XM, and other satellite radio providers. It is affiliated with neither Siriusradio nor XM. is the original Internet guide to satellite radio. Established in May 2000, has documented developments in this technology since its inception.
    Search the site!

    powered by FreeFind Related Links Sirius Programming XM-Rated Programming

    114. Sirius Aviation - Help For Experimental And Ultra-light Airplane Homebuilders
    A provider of spruce, wood kits, and finished subassemblies for homebuilt and plansbuilt sports planes.
    Subscribe to the Sirius Aviation newsletter
    Sirius homebuilt airplane support
    Welcome to the world headquarters of Sirius Aviation, the guys that help bring you the thrill of building and flying your own airplane. One of the few things that's even more fun than flying a small plane is flying one you have built yourself! We support planes to suit almost every situation, from single seat ultralights right up through four seat cross country haulers. And no matter where you are in the fascinating journey of building your own plane we are ready, willing, and able to assist. Spend a few minutes touring our site to learn all of the ways we can help you fulfill the dream of a lifetime!
    Are you intrigued by the idea of building your own plane, but don't know what to build? We have developed a questionaire and some software to help you pick the "perfect" project, write us if you'd like to see what suggestions we come up with. Or maybe you already have a project in mind, but are having a hard time finding support? Go to our planes page to learn more about all of the planes we're working on, and the support we can provide for them. The list includes a diverse selection including ultralights, mono and biplanes, fast cross-country, amphibians, and replica aircraft. There are even some gliders and copters! We can provide plans for most of them, and material and advice for all of them!

    115. Keynote: R. U. Sirius
    Keynote RU Sirius. Let the Games Begin! Sticks and stones may break my bones but Media space in earnest. RU Sirius. VRO 94 16.08.94.
    Keynote: R. U. Sirius
    Let the Games Begin!
    Sticks and stones may break my bones but... Media spaceand now virtual spacemust be thought of and uses as a safe zone, a place where all of the demons and ghouls of the imagination can act out. The urge towards virtual censorship of any sort must be repulsed. Particularly, over the past twenty or so years, media has developed a nasty edge, from the mainstreaming of gore to the transgressive nature of the punk/post punk and rap subcultures. This trend continues on the net, where all forms of vulgarity and insult (flaming) are given vent. Out in the real (meat) world, it can be generalized that people behave in a superficially civil manner towards one and other, but brutalize one and other over the "bottom line," when possession or survival is at stake. In a fully realized media or cybercultureat the point where primary value is located in virtual spacethis may be reversed. People might play the most primitive of games inside the fully realized media landscape while providing for common decency on the social and economic level. Nice media is banal and boring. We form killbarney usegroups and are quick to become nauseated by new age sweetness and light. We are attracted to the stuff with an edge, stuff that stings. We have to come to grips with mediated space as a domain, objectively separate in consequence from real action in the physical world, and we must come to grips with it quickly.

    Includes comprehensive details of the news, activities and history of the Algerian association based in Constantine.
    You need a frame supporting browser !
    Yet, we shall grant you an extra chance: MAIN PAGE OF ACTIVITIES

    117. Bruce Eisner's Vision Thing: R.U. Sirius Offers To Help You "Make Up Your Own Mi
    RU Sirius Offers to Help You Make Up Your Own Mind in New Neofiles. RU.Sirius has published his latest Nevile s which leads with Make Up Your Own Mind.
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    Bruce Eisner's Vision Thing
    Creating a Sensible Culture
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    May 19, 2004
    R.U. Sirius Offers to Help You "Make Up Your Own Mind" in New Neofiles
    R.U.Sirius has published his latest Nevile's which leads with Make Up Your Own Mind . One of the best of the on line 'Zones, this one features an interview with Zack Lynch who we have talked about on these pages before. Zack does a great blog Brainwaves for Coronate Tech News. May 19, 2004 in Consciousness and Psychology Counterculture Current Affairs Health ... Permalink
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    118. Index
    Design and manufacture scientific tools, specializing in pKa, log P, pH, UV spectrophotometry, prediction of solute properties. Includes company profile, product specifications, training and studentships, from Forest Row, England.
    last updated 02/06/04
    Aerial view of the Exhibition at LogP 2004 showing Sirius' booth, far right
    Latest news

    Press releases

    Staff News

    Product news
    Sirius User Meeting 2005
    NEW LogP 2004Poster Winners Training courses
    Sirius products


    NEW MOVIES SGARefine 3 NEW MOVIE Absolv Sirius analytical services Rapid pKa measurement Gold Standard pKa and log P ... pSOL NEW PRODUCTS FROM p ION Evolution Library Manager Sirius is an instrumentation, software and analytical services company which addresses specialised needs in the pharmaceutical, biotech and academic communities. We design and manufacture novel instrumentation for physicochemical analysis. Sirius continues to innovate with a product range focused on analytical tools for use in discovery and development of new chemical entities. We also focus on automatic titration and the measurement of pH. Our instrumentation is standard within the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. We work closely with scientists to provide the instruments, software, and services they

    119. Bruce Eisner's Vision Thing: NWD Interviews: R.U. Sirius
    February 18, 2004. NWD Interviews RU Sirius. NWD Interviews RU Sirius I started digging into the New World Disorder site and found an interview with RU Sirius.
    hostName = '';
    Bruce Eisner's Vision Thing
    Creating a Sensible Culture
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    February 18, 2004
    NWD Interviews: R.U. Sirius
    NWD Interviews: R.U. Sirius
    I started digging into the New World Disorder site and found an interview with RU Sirius. It menations a new book he is writing. I think it's the same as an older book he was writing with a new name Yes, Countercultures Through the Ages: from Abraham to Acid House . The title is amusing until you think about it a bit. What is this guy talking about anyway? February 18, 2004 in

    120. The Dogon And Sirius
    A detailed examination of M. Griaule's 1950 paper Un Systeme Soudanais de Sirius in terms of both ethnography and astronomy.
    The Dogon and Sirius: Un Systeme Soudanais de Sirius (1950). Claims that the Dogon, in Mali, West Africa, know stars invisible without a telescope. The Dogon and Sirius In 1950 was published a most enigmatic document, Un Systeme Soudanais de Sirius by Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen, which has given rise to a minor industry of speculation about how true the document is, and if it is true, how it is rationally possible. This document claims that the Dogon, a tribe in Mali, West Africa, have knowledge of stars invisible without a telescope; specifically two companions to Sirius called by astronomers Sirius B and Sirius C.
    There are two main questions arising from this document:
    1. How true is it in terms of ETHNOGRAPHY?
    2. How true is it in terms of ASTRONOMY?
    The answers to both of these simple questions both turn out to be far from simple , in fact, they are incredibly more complex than might be imagined. This complexity has in itself spawned a large number of incorrect conclusions and an enormous amount of misinformation on the part of both sceptics and enthusiasts. The central problem is arguments inappropriately mixing the very hard physical science of astrophysics and the more subtle human discipline of anthropology. Compounded with this is the "open" status of the problem in both disciplines which cannot be closed down and written off easily. Only now, with the amount of evidence now gathered, do I feel the parameters starting to close again. But this site makes

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