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         Saki 1870-1916:     more detail
  1. Beasts and super-beasts by 1870-1916 Saki, 2010-08-28
  2. The rise of the Russian empire by 1870-1916 Saki, 2010-08-29
  3. The Unbearable Bassington, by H. H. Munro (""Saki"") ; with an introduction by Maurice Baring by Saki (1870-1916) - [H. H. Munro], 1928
  4. The chronicles of Clovis / by Saki (H.H. Munro) ; with an introduction by A. A. Milne by Saki (1870-1916), 1929-01-01
  5. The rise of the Russian empire by 1870-1916 Saki, 2010-08-25
  6. The chronicles of Clovis by 1870-1916 Saki, 2010-08-10
  7. When William came; a story of London under the Hohenzollerns by 1870-1916 Saki, 2010-08-19
  8. The toys of peace and other papers by 1870-1916 Saki, Rothay Reynolds, 2010-08-28
  9. The Unbearable Saki: The Work of H. H. Munro by Sandie Byrne, 2007-12-20

1. Creative Quotations From Saki (1870-1916)
Creative Quotations from . . . Saki (18701916) born on Dec 3 Scottishshort-story writer. HH Munro wrote fantastic, witty stories
CQHome Search CQ CQ Indexes CQ E-books ... creative
Creative Quotations from . . . Saki 1870-1916) born on Dec 3 Scottish short-story writer. H. H. Munro wrote fantastic, witty stories about the Edwardian social scene, e.g., "Not So Stories," 1902. Search millions of documents for Saki
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Published Sources for Quotations Above:
F: In "Oxford Dictionary of Modern Quotations," by Tony Augarde, 1991. R: Reginald at the Carlton. A: N: The Square Egg, "Clovis on the Alleged Romance of Business," 1924. K: In "Quotable Business," ed. Louis E. Boone, 1992.
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2. Browse Top Level > Texts > Project Gutenberg > Authors > S > Saki, 1870-1916
Author Saki, 18701916 Keywords Authors S Saki, 1870-1916; Titles B ; Literature. AuthorSaki, 1870-1916 Keywords Authors S Saki, 1870-1916; Titles M.

3. Beasts And Super-Beasts
Beasts And SuperBeasts Saki, 1870-1916 1870-1916 Saki

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There is no description available for this text. Author Saki, 18701916Keywords Authors S Saki, 1870-1916; Titles U ; Literature.

5. Reginald
Reginald Saki, 18701916 1870-1916 Saki

6. Famous Authors Quotes By Categories
HH Munro Saki (18701916) Categories H. Munro 'Saki' (

7. Famous Quotes By Famous People
HH Munro Saki (18701916) All Quotations HH Munro Saki (1870-1916) Mail ThisQuote He s simply got the instinct for being unhappy highly developed. H. Munro 'Saki' (187

8. Project Gutenberg Titles By Saki, 1870-1916
Project Gutenberg Titles by. Saki, 18701916., 1870-1916

9. PROJECT GUTENBERG - Catalog By Author - Index - Saki, 1870-1916 -
INDEX What is PG Etext Listings. Etexts by Author. Saki, 18701916AKA Munro, Hector Hugh, 1870-1916 S Index Main Index

10. Saki (Hector Hugh Munro)
Translate this page Home_Page Saki (Hector Hugh Munro) (1870-1916), Seudónimo literario de HectorHugh Munro, escritor de origen escocés, nacido en Birmania (actual Myanmar).
Saki (Hector Hugh Munro)
S eudónimo literario de Hector Hugh Munro, escritor de origen escocés, nacido en Birmania (actual Myanmar). Huérfano de niño se crió en Devon (Inglaterra), aunque la tradición familiar militar lo llevó en 1893 a alistarse en la Policía Militar de Birmania, pero un ataque de malaria le obligó a volver a Inglaterra, donde comenzó a escribir como articulista. Fue corresponsal en los Balcanes, Rusia, Polonia y Francia. Macabro, ácido y divertido, Saki cultivó la sátira social, revelándose como un maestro del estilo. A Tom Sharpe y Roald Dahl se les considera sus discípulos y Graham Greene lo denominó como el mayor humorista inglés del siglo XX. Jorge Luis Borges, gran lector de Saki, decía que: -Saki da un tono de trivialidad a relatos cuya íntima trama es amarga y cruel. Esa delicadeza, esa levedad, esa ausencia de énfasis puede recordar las deliciosas comedias de Wilde-. Entre sus obras destacan las colecciones de cuentos, ejemplo de brevedad y eficacia, Animales y más que animales y Crónicas de Clovis . Estas últimas fueron publicándose como artículos en el Wetminster Gazette. La primera edición en libro vio la luz en 1911. Al estallar la Primera Guerra Mundial, se alistó en el ejército, luchando como sargento en la Compañía de Fusileros Reales. Lo mató un francotirador en noviembre de 1916. ©

11. Saki (H.H. Munro)
Saki (HH Munro) (18701916) Commentary by Karen Bernardo. Hector HughMunro more commonly known as Saki was born in Akyab, Burma.
Saki (H.H. Munro) (1870-1916)
Commentary by Karen Bernardo Hector Hugh Munro more commonly known as Saki was born in Akyab, Burma. This was during the period when Burma, like India proper, was occupied by the British, and thus Munro was considered a British citizen despite the location of his birth. Munro’s father was an officer in the Burma police. However, apparently feeling that England was a better place to raise children than Burma, Munro’s father left his three children in the care of his mother and two sisters (the children’s grandmother and aunts) back in Devon, England. Hector Munro and his two siblings were all somewhat sickly children, and out of concern for their health they were tutored at home for much of their childhoods. This focus on home may have contributed to a similar concentration in the drawing-room situations Munro would later describe in his stories. When Hector had completed his schooling, he went to Burma where his father had arranged for him to join the military police. The climate did not agree with him, and after only a year at his new post, he fell ill with a severe case of malaria and had to return home. Back in England he began writing political satires, which were so entertaining that he had no trouble getting them published in the Westminster Gazette . He chose to publish his fiction (as opposed to his journalistic and non-fiction efforts) under the name of Saki, a pseudonym which was taken from the cup-bearer in

12. A Saki Bibliography
AUTHOR Saki, 18701916. TITLE The Westminster Alice ; illustrated by F. CarruthersGould. 22 cm. OTHER AUTHORS Saki, 1870-1916. SUBJECTS Saki, 1870-1916.
A Bibliography for Saki (H.H. Munro)
Table of Contents
Saki's Works
Collections of Saki's work
Biography and Criticism
Movies of Saki's work
ToC Saki

13. Search
Books by Saki (18701916), Go back. Displaying 1 - 1 of 1 item(s). Jump to Reginald,Reginald by Saki (1870-1916). I did itI who should have known better. (1870-1916))&re

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(soon everyone). A little inaccuracy sometimes saves a tonof explanation. HH Munro Saki (18701916). HH Munro Saki (1870-1916).

15. IoFTPD Support Forum - New Hardware
A little inaccuracy sometimes saves a ton of explanation.HH Munro Saki (18701916). HH Munro Saki (1870-1916).

16. HighBeam Research: Search Results: Article
Saki (18701916)(Pen name of H(ector) H(ugh) Munro). The HutchinsonDictionary of the Arts; 1/1/1998. Read the Full Article, Get a

17. HighBeam Research: ELibrary Search: Results
Saki, or H(ector) H(ugh) Munro, 18701916, (Br.) writer. The Chroniclesof Clovis. Saki, or H(ector) H(ugh) Munro, 1870-1916, (Br.) writer.

18. MSN Encarta - Resultados De La Búsqueda - Saki
Translate this page Saki. Saki, seudónimo de Hector Hugh Munro (1870-1916), escritor inglés. Nacióen Birmania y estudió en Inglaterra. En 1894 entró a formar parte de la
Principal Mi MSN Hotmail Buscar ... Suscribirse a MSN Encarta Premium Buscar en Encarta Encarta Resultados de la bºsqueda de "Saki" P¡gina de 1 Exclusivo para los suscriptores de MSN Encarta Premium Saki Art­culo—Enciclopedia Encarta Saki , seud³nimo de Hector Hugh Munro (1870-1916), escritor ingl©s. Naci³ en Birmania y estudi³ en Inglaterra. En 1894 entr³ a formar parte de la... Saki Imagen—Enciclopedia Encarta Saki, escritor ingl©s, es conocido por sus relatos cortos de car¡cter sat­rico y macabro. Enciclopedia



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19. Short Stories
Saki (18701916).,title&search

20. Short Stories
stories, romance short stories, scifi short stories, hyperfiction.Saki (1870-1916). - all stories list by rating list by title list,length,rati

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