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  1. A Kansas hell,: Or, Life in the Kansas penitentiary by John N Reynolds, 1889
  2. The Twin Hells: a Thrilling Narrative of Life in the Kansas and Missouri Peniten by John N. Reynolds,
  3. Voyage of the United States frigate Potomac: During the circumnavigation of the globe, in years 1831, 1832, 1833, and 1834 by John N Reynolds, 1834
  4. The freedom of the press, or, Life among the Turks, socially morally and politically, 1876,: As contained in a despatch to the Right Hon. the Earl of Carnarvon ... despatch to His Excellency Sir William Grey by John N Reynolds, 1876
  5. Arguments of John H. Reynolds and N. Hill, Jr., of Albany, counsel for the defendant, on motion by the complainants for a preliminary injunction, November ... Reported by Roberts & Warburton, New-York by John H Reynolds, 1856
  6. William Reynolds,: Rear-admiral U.S.N. John Fulton Reynolds, major-general U.S.V., colonel Fifth U.S. infantry by J. G Rosengarten, 1880
  7. A Life of George Washington, in Latin Prose *3 Volumes* by Francis A.M. *Author Signed!* (J.N. Reynolds, Edited) (John Francis Latim Glass, 1976
  8. The history of Battery A (formerly known as the Keystone Battery): --and--Troop A, N.G.P. by Logan Howard-Smith, John Fulton Reynolds Scott, 2010-07-30
  9. Symbolic Interactionism : Genesis, Varieties and Criticism by Bernard N. Meltzer, John W. Petras, et all 1977-09-15
  10. Tres puntos de vista sobre la creacion y la evolucion (Puntos de Vista Serie) (Spanish Edition)
  11. Your College Experience 8e Concise & Portfolio Keeping 2e by John N. Gardner, A. Jerome Jewler, et all 2009-04-15
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21. The Twin Hells By John N. Reynolds E-Book
The Twin Hells eBook - 1 500 e-text novels and online literature
The Twin Hells by John N. Reynolds E-book
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The Twin Hells by John N. Reynolds
Guilty! This word, so replete with sadness and sorrow, fell on my ear
on that blackest of all black Fridays, October 14, 1887.
Penitentiary lightning struck me in the city of Leavenworth, Kansas. I
was tried in the United States District Court; hence, a United States
The offense for which I was tried and convicted was that of using the mails for fraudulent purposes. My sentence was eighteen months in the penitentiary, and a fine of two hundred dollars. I served sixteen months, at the end of which time I was given my liberty. During the period I was in prison I dug coal six months in the penitentiary coal mines, and was one of the clerks of the institution the remainder of

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GRANARD PARISH BAPTISMS Year Surname Father Mother 1806/4 Rafferty, Mary Bernard not given 1787/6 Rahlilly, Marg James n/g Smyth 1809/3 Rath, John John A. Casidy 1845/12 Ratigan, Ann Patrick S. McHugh 1802/5 Reagan, Brid Peter A. Reynolds, Laur Henry E. Sheridan 1782/12 Reynolds, John Henry M. Sheridan 1784/10 Reynolds, Mich Henry M. Sheridan 1786/12 Reynolds, n
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General Ireland Links Longford Links GRANARD PARISH BAPTISMS Year Surname Father Mother 1806/4 Rafferty, Mary Bernard not given 1787/6 Rahlilly, Marg James n/g Smyth 1809/3 Rath, John John A. Casidy 1845/12 Ratigan, Ann Patrick S. McHugh 1802/5 Reagan, Brid Peter A. Brock 1804/4 Reagan, Mary Peter A. Brock 1807/8 Reagan, Ann Peter A. Brock 1855/10 Reaty, Daniel George A. Barny 1855/10 Reaty, Jane George A. Barny 1797/10 Reed, William Henry J. Kiernan 1780/11 Reed, Bridget John J. Gafney 1783/10 Reed, Marg. John J. Gafney 1786/3 Reed, Ann John J. Gafney 1788/4 Reed, Mary John J. Gafney 1884/11 Regan, MaryAnn James M. Brady 1887/1 Regan, Sara James M. Brady 1889/1 Regan, Susanne James M. Brady 1891/4 Regan, Maria James M. Brady 1893/4 Regan, Helen James M. Brady 1828/10 Regan, Marian Nichol. B. Smyth 1893/7 Regan, Sara Patrick C. Clives 1861/7 Regan, James Patrick S. Lynch 1871/8 Regan, Philip Patrick S. Lynch 1837/2 Regan, Philip Patrick M. McCabe 1839/8 Regan, Pat. Patrick M. McCabe 1844/5 Regan, Marian Patrick M. McCabe 1861/6 Reid, Edward Edward A. Gallagher 1823/6 Reid, Cath. James C. Clark 1827/2 Reid, James James C. Clark 1829/5 Reid, Cath. James C. Clark 1833/1 Reid, Marian James C. Clarke 1835/3 Reid, John James C. Clark 1837/3 Reid, Elizabeth James C. Clark 1840/5 Reid, Cather. James C. Clark 1867/7 Reid, Cather. James M. Masterson 1868/10 Reid, Mary James M. Masterson 1872/7 Reid, Pat. James M. Masterson 1871/11 Reid, Hugh James M. Masterson 1884/10 Reid, MaryAnn John B. Duffy 1893/6 Reid, John John B. Duffy 1824/1 Reid, John John M. Jacob 1827/7 Reid, Martha John M. Toby 1843/7 Reid, Marg. Patrick S. Toby 1835/8 Reid, Marg. Thomas M. Grahan 1837/11 Reid, Cather. Thomas M. Grahan 1840/11 Reid, Cather. Thomas M. Grahan 1843/5 Reid, Alice Thomas M. Grahan 1847/7 Reid, Edward Thomas M. Grahan 1824/6 Reid, Elise William E. Clark 1826/8 Reid, Marian William C. Clark 1827/11 Reid, Robert William E.* Clark 1829/11 Reid, James William E. Clark 1831/10 Reid, Brid. William E. Clark 1836/9 Reid, William William E. Clark 1792/9 Reilly, Thos Andrew A. Armstrong 1796/8 Reilly, Miles Andrew A. Armstrong 1798/1 Reilly, John Andrew A. Armstrong 1803/1 Reilly, Cath Andrew A. Armstrong 1805/3 Reilly, Andrew Andrew A. Armstrong 1840/9 Reilly, Philip Andrew M. Reilly 1842/12 Reilly, Pat Andrew M. Reilly 1779/1 Reilly, John Barny M. Dowdall 1783/7 Reilly, Edw Bernard M. Dowdall 1787/7 Reilly, Pat Bernard M. Dowdall 1790/8 Reilly, Ellen Bernard M. Dowdall 1780/5 Reilly, John Barth. C. McGuire 1783/8 Reilly, Mich. Barth. C. McGuire 1803/10 Reilly, Jas Barth M. Reilly 1806/9 Reilly, Pat Barth. M. Reilly 1860/3 Reilly, Pat Bernard J. Bannon 1787/8 Reilly, Chas. Bernard B. Carney 1799/2 Reilly, Cath Bernard B. Carney 1800/12 Reilly, Marg Bernard B. Carney 1855/6 Reilly, Laur. Bernard M. Casserly 1785/2 Reilly, John Bernard R. Casserly 1787/2 Reilly, Pat Bernard R. Casserly 1829/1 Reilly, John Bernard S. Clark 1881/11 Reilly, Chas Bernard C. Connelly 1885/3 Reilly, Cath Bernard C. Connelly 1887/8 Reilly, CathH Bernard C. Connelly 1802/6 Reilly, John Bernard A. Cumaskey 1804/6 Reilly, Chas Bernard A. Cumaskey 1807/12 Reilly, Cornel. Bernard A. Cumaskey 1811/3 Reilly, Brid. Bernrad A. Cumaskey 1842/9 Reilly, Pat Bernard E. Cunningham 1836/1 Reilly, Pat Bernard E. Dolan 1837/7 Reilly, Cath Bernard E. Dolan 1839/5 Reilly, Mary Bernard E. Dolan 1843/3 Reilly, Jas Bernard E. Dolan 1845/5 Reilly, Anne Bernard E. Dolan 1849/1 Reilly, Bern. Bernard E. Dolan 1875/7 Reilly, Bern Bernard M. Dolan 1878/8 Reilly, MaryA Bernard M. Dolan 1880/6 Reilly, Thos Bernard M. Dolan 1882/2 Reilly, Eliz Bernard M. Dolan 1884/2 Reilly, Pat Bernard M. Dolan 1885/7 Reilly, MaryA Bernard M. Dolan 1887/11 Reilly, James Bernard M. Dolan 1893/1 Reilly, John Bernard M. Dolan 1829/4 Reilly, Marian Bernard E. Donnelly 1834/7 Reilly, Thos. Bernard M. Donnelly 1842/12 Reilly, Bern. Bernard M. Donnelly 1826/5 Reilly, Ann Bernard C. Donohue 1863/12 Reilly, Mary Bernard C. Fay 1840/6 Reilly, Peter Bernard M. Kiernan 1842/7 Reilly, Ann Bernard M. Kiernan 1838/9 Reilly, Chas. Bernard M. Leddy 1840/3 Reilly, Marg Bernard A. McGreal 1842/12 Reilly, Mary Brnard A. McGreal 1845/8 Reilly, Jas. Bernard A. McGreal 1820/10 Reilly, Jas. Bernard H. Majors 1872/3 Reilly, Marian Bernard M. Mulligan 1873/4 Reilly, Mich. Bernard M. Mulligan 1876/2 Reilly, Pat Bernard M. Mulligan 1861/6 Reilly, Mary Bernard M. Nery 1784/4 Reilly, Pat. Bernard M. O'Neill 1826/7 Reilly, Bern. Bernard M. O'Toole 1793/10 Reilly, Edm. Bernard A. Reilly 1795/4 Reilly, Mary Bernard A. Reilly 1797/4 Reilly, Honor Bernard A. Reilly 1841/3 Reilly, John Bernard E. Reilly 1847/5 Reilly, Eliz Bernard E. Reilly 1874/3 Reilly,Mathew Bernard A. Reilly 1875/7 Reilly,Mathew Bernard A. Reilly 1876/7 Reilly, MaryA Bernard A. Reilly 1878/9 Reilly, Jos. Bernard A. Reilly 1879/12 Reilly, Stephen Bernard A. Reilly 1784/10 Reilly, Bern. Bernard M. Reilly 1787/3 Reilly, Mary Bernard M. Reilly 1790/2 Reilly, Cath. Bernard M. Reilly 1844/1 Reilly, Mary Bernard M. Roddy 1846/6 Reilly, Marg. Bernard M. Roddy 1855/6 Reilly, Cath. Bernard M. Roddy 1789/12 Reilly, Marg. Bernard C. Smyth 1819/3 Reilly, Mick Bernard R. Toole 1821/9 Reilly, Ellenor Bernard R. Toole 1829/11 Reilly, Mich Bernard Wife 1810/4 Reilly, Jas Bernard not given 1782/1 Reilly, John Bryan M. O'Neill 1780/8 Reilly, Brid. Bryan M. Reilly 1795/10 Reilly, John Charles A. Brady 1797/4 Reilly, Marg Charles A. Brady 1798/9 Reilly, Mary Charles A. Brady 1806/3 Reilly, Ellen Charles A. Brady 1786/2 Reilly, Mich Charles M. Early 1788/12 Reilly, Cath Charles M. Early 1780/4 Reilly, Mich Charles P. Ferrall 1799/11 Reilly, Cath Charles M. Gafney 1804/5 Reilly, Laur. Charles M. Gafney 1829/5 Reilly, Charles Charles A. Gillcreest 1822/10 Reilly, Farrell Charles M. Hosey 1825/1 Reilly, Jas Charles M. Hosey 1827/5 Reilly, Brid. Charles M. Hosey 1832/7 Reilly, Chas. Charles M. Hosey 1804/4 Reilly, Bern Charles M. Moore 1806/1 Reilly, Anne Charles M. Moore 1822/4 Reilly, MaryA Charles M. Moore 1824/6 Reilly, Cath Charles M. Moore 1827/12 Reilly, Eliz Charles m. Moore 1831/2 Reilly, Pat Charles M. Moore 1860/3 Reilly, Cath Charles A. Reilly 1817/11 Reilly, Edw. Charles M. not given 1807/1 Reilly, Mary Christ. J. Ferrall 1806/2 Reilly, Jas Christ. F. Roche 1807/12 Reilly, Robert Christ. F. Roche 1783/11 Reilly, Pat Dennis A. Payton 1786/3 Reilly, Geo. Dennis A. Payton 1788/11 Reilly, n/g Dennis A. Payton 1791/6 Reilly, John Dennis A. Payton 1793/2 Reilly, Thos Dennis A. Payton 1834/4 Reilly, Mary Donick M. Reynolds 1830/3 Reilly, Teresa Eamonn H. Masterson 1799/7 Reilly, Brid Edmond B. Egan 1802/10 Reilly, Marg. Edmond H. Higgins 1796/4 Reilly, Chas. Edmond H. Higgins 1792/8 Reilly, Sara Edmond H. Higgins 1793/8 Reilly, Marg. Edmond H. Higgins 1797/12 Reilly, Marg Edmond H. Higgins 1804/3 Reilly, Bern Edmond H. Higgins 1804/7 Reilly, Eliz. Edmond B. Egan 1805/10 Reilly, Eliz. Edmond B. Egan 1809/1 Reilly, Mary Edmond B. Egan 1787/1 Reilly, John Edmond B. Keany 1791/9 Reilly, Pat Edmond M. Magivny 1793/6 Reilly, Mich. Edmond M. Magivny 1795/11 Reilly, Mary Edmond M. Magivny 1824/3 Reilly, Will. Edmond H. Masterson 1827/5 Reilly, Brid. Edmond H. Masterson 1833/11 Reilly, John Edmond H. Masterson 1801/7 Reilly, Bern Edmond E. Quin 1804/1 Reilly, Brid. Edmond E. Quin 1806/6 Reilly, n/g Edmond E. Quin 1784/11 Reilly, Eliz Edmond E. Reilly 1848/12 Reilly, John Edwards J. Brady 1851/6 Reilly, Eliza Edward J. Brady 1854/10 Reilly, Edward Edward J. Brady 1873/7 Reilly, MaryA Edward M. Corcoran 1875/6 Reilly, Pat.Jos Edward M. Corcoran 1853/2 Reilly, Marg Edward C. Dooley 1859/1 Reilly, Chas Edward C. Dooley 1861/2 Reilly, Cath Edward C. Dooley 1863/4 Reilly, Jas Edward C. Dooley 1823/4 Reilly, Edmond Edward C. Ferrel 1825/9 Reilly, Marian Edward A.* Ferral 1827/4 Reilly, Pat Edward A. Ferral 1836/9 Reilly, Henry Edward A. Ferral 1838/12 Reilly, Cath Edward A. Ferral 1842/2 Reilly, Bern Edward A. Ferral 1839/11 Reilly, Marg Edward M. Farrelly 1841/1 Reilly, Philip Edward M. Farrelly 1843/8 Reilly, Mich. Edward M. Farrelly 1822/1 Reilly, Edward Edward C. Fitsimons 1824/4 Reilly, RoseA Edward C. Fitsimons 1836/1 Reilly, Bern Edward A. Galagher 1838/11 Reilly, Mary Edward W. Gillooly 1826/2 Reilly, Edward Edward M. Kerney 1859/8 Reilly, Eliz Edward M. Lee 1844/1 Reilly, Marg Edward M. Lynch 1830/12 Reilly, Pat Edward M. Macken 1832/1 Reilly, Fergal Edward M. Macken 1839/7 Reilly, Mary Edward M. Macken 1841/11 Reilly, Laur. Edward M. Macken 1844/5 Reilly, Marg. Edward M. Macken 1847/1 Reilly, Cath Edward M. Macken 1822/7 Reilly, Ellenor Edward H. Masterson 1822/6 Reilly, Ann Edward C. Monaghan 1827/7 Reilly, Philip Edward C. Monaghan 1833/4 Reilly, Pat Edward C. Monaghan 1836/7 Reilly, Edw Edward C. Monaghan 1839/4 Reilly, Eugene Edward C. Monaghan 1841/10 Reilly, John Edward C. Monaghan 1881/1 Reilly, Cath Edward E. Nannery 1885/10 Reilly, Jos Edward E. Nannery 1888/10 Reilly, JohnJos Edward E. Nannery 1891/1 Reilly, Brid. Edwad E. Nannery 1892/10 Reilly, Pat Edward B. Nolan 1894/7 Reilly, Mich Edward B. Nolan 1864/7 Reilly, Edw. Edward M. Pagnham 1831/8 Reilly, Ann Edward A. Reilly 1821/12 Reilly, Philip Edward A. Reynolds 1824/1 Reilly, Edw. Edward E. Smith 1824/1 Reilly, John Edward E. Smith 1824/9 Reilly, Eugene Edward Wife 1829/9 Reilly, Marian Eugene Wife 1786/8 Reilly, Philip Eugene H. Carty 1788/7 Reilly, Cath Eugene H. Carty 1790/6 Reilly, Terence Eugene H. Carty 1793/1 Reilly, Mary Eugene H. Carty 1794/12 Reilly, Ellen Eugene H. Carty 1797/3 Reilly, Mary Eugene H. Carty 1885/6 Reilly, Pat Eugene M. Corcoran 1886/9 Reilly, Phil Eugene M. Corcoran 1890/3 Reilly, Marg Eugene M. Corcoran 1892/2 Reilly, Maria Eugene M. Corcoran 1894/1 Reilly, Helen Eugene M. Corcoran 1831/3 Reilly, John Eugene A. Fox 1833/4 Reilly, Jos. Eugene A. Fox 1838/7 Reilly, Ann Eugene A. Fox 1842/5 Reilly, Marg Eugene A. Fox 1800/12 Reilly, Peter Eugene B. Kiernan 1802/10 Reilly, Mary Eugene B. Kiernan 1804/2 Reilly, Pat Eugene B. Kiernan 1858/1 Reilly, Pat Eugene M. McNerny 1858/1 Reilly, Thos Eugene M. McNerny 1790/2 Reilly, Pat Eugene M. M. Maxwell 1807/12 Reilly ,Cath Eugene B. Reilly 1823/7 Reilly, John Eugene B. Reilly 1797/5 Reilly, Pat Eugene H. Sullivan 1799/10 Reilly, Phil Eugene H. Sullivan 1827/3 Reilly, Pat Eugene Wife 1829/3 Reilly, Pat Eugene Wife 1824/3 Reilly, Eliz Farrell Wife 1840/4 Reilly, Pat Felix M. Reilly 1841/9 Reilly, Cath Felix M. Reilly 1843/8 Reilly, Pat Felix M. Reilly 1845/8 Reilly, Felix Felix M. Reilly 1848/10 Reilly, James Felix M. Reilly 1848/10 Reilly, Phil Felix M, Reilly 1802/10 Reilly, Thos Fergil M. Campbell 1788/7 Reilly, John Fergil A. Connelly 1790/2 Reilly, Mary Fergil A. Connelly 1783/2 Reilly, Cath Fergil B. Duffy 1784/9 Reilly, Mich Fergil B. Duffy 1786/11 Reilly, Brid Fergil B. Duffy 1789/2 Reilly Edmond Fergi B. Duffy 1792/5 Reilly, Ann Fergil B. Duffy 1854/3 Reilly, Pat Fergil M. Fagan 1860/6 Reilly, Cath Fergil M. Fagan 1788/12 Reilly, Cath Fergus A. Fitzsimons 1877/2 Reilly, Jas Francis M. Boylan 1858/9 Reilly, Marian Francis C. Fudy 1792/8 Reilly, Will Francis S. Grims 1809/7 Reilly, Thos Christ. F. Roche 1811/3 Reilly, Will. Christ. F. Roche 1817/10 Reilly, Thos Christ. F. Roche 1861/9 Reilly, Jos. Connor A. Reilly 1863/7 Reilly, Connor Connor A. Reilly 1865/7 Reilly, Peter Connor A. Reilly 1844/10 Reilly, Phil James A. Fitzpatrick 1847/3 Reilly, Mich James A. Fitzpatrick 1873/12 Reilly, Jas James B. Folin 1822/10 Reilly, Marg James B. Gafney 1827/3 Reilly, Jas James B. Gafney 1886/5 Reilly, Mich James B. Gilchrist 1887/5 Reilly, Pat James B. Gilchrist 1888/7 Reilly, Anne James B. Gilchrist 1890/7 Reilly, Maria James B. Gilchrist 1892/6 Reilly, Hugh James B. Gilchrist 1894/3 Reilly, Maria Janes B. Gilchrist 1796/9 Reilly, Jas James B. Giraghty 1875/12 Reilly, Jos James E. Higgins 1877/11 Reilly, Fran. James E. Higgins 1823/1 Reilly, Jas James C. Kean 1832/4 Reilly, Thos. James C. Kean 1836/3 Reilly, Mary James C. Kean 1871/1 Reilly, Marian James M. Kearney 1872/7 Reilly, Peter James M. Kearney 1874/3 Reilly, Cath. James M. Kearney 1875/10 Reilly, Helen James M. Kearney 1877/6 Reilly, Brid. James M. Kearney 1879/7 Reilly, Jas James M. Kearney 1881/4 Reilly, Thos James M. Kearney 1884/12 Reilly, Rose James M. Kearney 1877/11 Reilly, Anne James E. Kearnan 1841/2 Reilly, Mary James J. McDermott 1842/10 Reilly, Pat James J. McDermott 1847/8 Reilly, Bern. James J. McDermott 1851/4 Reilly, Henry James J. McDermott 1855/8 Reilly, Jas James J. McDermott 1842/11 Reilly, John James M. McDermott 1830/4 Reilly, Cath. James N.* McDonnell 1832/4 Reilly, Susanne James F.* McDonnell 1834/2 Reilly, John James A.* McDonnell 1835/11 Reilly, Jos. James A. McDonnell 1842/8 Reilly, Marg James A. McDonnell 1846/4 Reilly, Alice James M.* McDonnell 1806/9 Reilly, Brid. James M. McGivney 1846/9 Reilly, Mary James M. McGreal 1845/5 Reilly, Edw. James M. McGrene 1782/9 Reilly, Brid. James M. McJuncan? 1832/11 Reilly, Mary James M. McNally 1834/12 Reilly, Bern. James M. McNally 1838/10 Reilly, Laur. James M. McNally 1821/9 Reilly, Mich James M. Masterson 1823/9 Reilly, Hugh James M. Masterson 1828/3 Reilly,Marcela James M. Masterson 1831/9 Reilly, Chas. James M. Masterson 1867/5 Reilly, Jas James C. Molloy 1798/10 Reilly, Francis James B. Monaghan 1845/8 Reilly, Pat James C. Moore 1823/1 Reilly, Francis James M. Moxham 1824/2 Reilly, Marian James M. Moxham 1825/12 Reilly, Marg. James E.* Moxham 1827/5 Reilly, Cath. James E. Moxham 1832/7 Reilly, Marian James E. Moxham 1835/5 Reilly, Elenor James E. Moxham 1837/10 Reilly, Jas. James E. Moxham 1784/3 Reilly, Ann James C. Mulligan 1787/1 Reilly, Thomas James M.* Mulligan 1789/5 Reilly, Will. James E.* Mulligan 1792/8 Reilly, Cath. James C. Mulligan 1796/6 Reilly, Susan James M.* Mulligan 1796/9 Reilly, Bern James M.* Mulligan 1874/3 Reilly, Pat. James C. Murray 1875/8 Reilly, Bern. James C. Murray 1876/10 Reilly, Cath. James C. Murray 1878/3 Reilly, Eliz. James C. Murray 1879/9 Reilly, Anne James C. Murray 1881/4 Reilly, Maria James C. Murray 1885/3 Reilly, Mich. James C. Murray 1843/5 Reilly, Phil. James M.* O'Brien 1844/11 Reilly, Ann James A.* O'Brien 1846/3 Reilly, Ellen James M.* O'Brien 1848/5 Reilly, Mary James M. O'Brien 1854/10 Reilly, Cath. James M. O'Brien 1857/2 Reilly, Bern. James M. O'Brien 1859/12 Reilly, Brid. James M. O'Brien 1794/3 Reilly, Ann James R. Plunkett 1797/2 Reilly, Mary James R. Plunkett 1799/5 Reilly, John James R. Plunkett 1818/7 Reilly, Hugh James E. Ramogue 1819/1 Reilly, Thos James A. Reilly 1823/3 Reilly, Pat James A. Reilly 1826/10 Reilly, Fran. James A. Reilly 1829/6 Reilly, Laur. James A. Reilly 1810/8 Reilly, Ann James M. Reilly 1826/12 Reilly, Jas James A. Reynolds 1823/5 Reilly, John James B. Rowen 1840/3 Reilly, Henry James M. Summers 1842/7 Reilly, Eliz James M. Summers 1844/8 Reilly, Cath. James M. Summers 1867/2 Reilly, Fran. James B. Waldron 1868/6 Reilly, Jas James B. Waldron 1870/3 Reilly, Marian James B. Waldron 1837/11 Reilly, Ann James M. Watson 1798/4 Reilly, Mich. James C. not given 1824/11 Reilly, Dan. James C. not given 1826/1 Reilly, Eliz. James Wife 1829/7 Reilly, Jas. James Wife 1829/2 Reilly, Cath. James Wife 1830/4 Reilly,Marian James M. not given 1862/12 Reilly, Marg. John A. Armstrong 1864/9 Reilly, John John A. Armstrong 1878/3 Reilly, Pat John A. Armstrong 1830/3 Reilly, John John W. Carroll 1861/4 Reilly, Mich. John C. Clarke 1868/6 Reilly, John John C. Clarke 1826/11 Reilly, Ann John M. Cluskey 1830/11 Reilly, John John M. Cluskey 1833/2 Reilly, Miles John M. Cluskey 1837/6 Reilly, Chas. John M. Cluskey 1824/5 Reilly, Carol John E. Coffy 1825/10 Reilly, Marian John E. Coffy 1877/11 Reilly, Cath. John M. Conner 1829/4 Reilly, John John M. Corrigan 1817/11 Reilly, John John A. Dale 1781/9 Reilly, Bryan John B. Dalton 1782/12 Reilly, Brid. John B. Dalton 1861/5 Reilly, Charles John A. Deniston 1836/11 Reilly, Mary John R. Dermody 1839/4 Reilly, Marg. John R. Dermody 1841/5 Reilly, Jas John R. Dermody 1843/12 Reilly,RoseA John R. Dermody 1832/3 Reilly, Marg. John M. Donnelly 1868/8 Reilly, Mary John M. Donohoe 1871/6 Reilly, Cath. John M. Donohoe 1873/6 Reilly, John John M. Donohoe 1875/1 Reilly,RoseAnn John M. Donohoe 1876/7 Reilly, Marg. John M. Donohoe 1858/11 Reilly, Edw John W. Donohoe 1861/2 Reilly, Rose John W. Donohoe 1872/1 Reilly, Mary John W. Donohoe 1874/4 Reilly, Marg. John W. Donohoe 1882/2 Reilly, Fran. John E. Farrell 1888/6 Reilly, Anne John E. Farrell 1890/11 Reilly, JohnJos John E. Farrell 1825/12 Reilly, Cornel. John E. Ferly 1842/12 Reilly, Anne John M. Farrell 1845/12 Reilly, Eliz John M. Farrell 1850/11 Reilly, Mary John M. Farrell 1861/4 Reilly, John John M. Farrell 1836/6 Reilly, Judith John B. Finnigan 1848/3 Reilly, Eugene John E. Finigan 1789/7 Reilly, Marg. John M. Fisher 1803/5 Reilly, Thos John S. Fitsimons 1886/9 Reilly, Anne John B. Gorman 1888/10 Reilly, Brid John B. Gorman 1891/5 Reilly, Eliz John B. Gorman 1842/2 Reilly, Pat John C. Harkins 1849/3 Reilly, Cath. John C. Harkins 1864/10 Reilly, Mich John E. Irwin 1875/3 Reilly, Eliz John E. Irwin 1877/6 Reilly, MaryA John E. Irwin 1880/5 Reilly, Jos John E. Irwin 1843/6 Reilly, Bird. John M. Keating 1856/2 Reilly, Edw. John A. Kiernan 1797/8 Reilly, Thos John B. Kiernan 1809/1 Reilly, Peter John C. Kiernan 1810/7 Reilly, Bern. John C. Kiernan 1811/6 Reilly, Mary John C. Kiernan 1804/7 Reilly, Marg. John M. Leddy 1861/10 Reilly, Andrew John E. McGivney 1835/12 Reilly, Jas. John M. McKeon 1846/5 Reilly, Brid. John M. Masterson 1878/10 Reilly, Maria John M. Mathews 1885/4 Reilly, John John M. Mathews 1841/5 Reilly, John John B. Monaghan 1792/2 Reilly, Mary John J. Mulligan 1843/4 Reilly, Philip John C. Murray 1848/8 Reilly, Mich. John C. Murray 1793/4 Reilly, Pat John A. Nannery 1795/4 Reilly, Mary John A. Nannery 1797/2 Reilly, Thos John A. Nannery 1798/11 Reilly,Edmond John A. Nannery 1803/1 Reilly, Cath. John A. Nannery 1828/8 Reilly, John John M. O'Neill 1797/1 Reilly, Eliz John A. Reilly 1856/2 Reilly, Edw. John A. Reilly 1857/7 Reilly, Marg. John C.* Reilly 1857/10 Reilly, Mathew John M.* Reilly 1841/4 Reilly, Mathew John E. Reilly 1883/7 Reilly, MaryAn John E. Reilly 1884/2 Reilly, Eliz John E. Reilly 1868/12 Reilly, Thos. John J. Reilly 1787/7 Reilly, Jas. John M. Reilly 1892/10 Reilly, Susane John M. A. Ruilly* 1788/12 Reilly, Pat John E. Salmon 1790/4 Reilly, Judith John E. Salmon 1792/3 Reilly, Cath. John E. Salmon 1825/1 Reilly, Thomas John M. Smyth 1883/4 Reilly, Marg John M. Stafford 1884/4 Reilly, Mary John M. Stafford 1886/5 Reilly, Marg. John M. Stafford 1888/4 Reilly, Eliz John M. Stafford 1890/4 Reilly, John John M. Stafford 1892/3 Reilly, Math. John M. Stafford 1894/4 Reilly, PatJos John M. Stafford 1826/4 Reilly, Edw John A. St.John 1833/12 Reilly, John John n/g St. John 1845/8 Reilly, James John C. Summers 1856/7 Reilly, Eliz Francis C. Judge 1865/1 Reilly, James Francis C. Judge 1792/12 Reilly, Judith Francis J. Lynch 1863/11 Reilly, Thos Francis C. Murphy 1836/9 Reilly, Fran Francis C. Quinn 1861/3 Reilly, Cath Francis C. Rodgers 1831/4 Reilly, John Francis A. St.John 1825/3 Reilly, Cath Francis Wife 1876/6 Reilly, Geo. George A. Armstrong 1817/8 Reilly, Ellen Gregory A. n/g 1859/10 Reilly, Edw Henry A. Brady 1861/2 Reilly, Eliz Henry A. Brady 1863/4 Reilly, Eugene Henry A. Brady 1865/5 Reilly, Mary Henry A. Brady 1867/3 Reilly, Pat Henry A. Brady 1869/4 Reilly, Rosann Henry A. Brady 1877/2 Reilly, Robert Henry A. Brady 1879/7 Reilly, Rose Henry A. Brady 1826/4 Reilly,RoseAnn Henry E. North 1828/2 Reilly, Eliz Henry E. North 1830/2 Reilly, James Henry E. North 1836/9 Reilly, Mary Henry E. North 1838/11 Reilly, Henry Henry E. North 1832/3 Reilly, Pat. Henry E. Smith 1836/1 Reilly, Brid. Henry M. Watson 1894/2 Reilly, John Hugh M. Caffrey 1784/7 Reilly, Jas. Hugh B. Donoho 1843/5 Reilly, Pat Hugh B. Donohoe 1845/12 Reilly, Judith Hugh B. Donohoe 1795/11 Reilly, Edm. Hugh F. Reilly 1890/5 Reilly, Hugh Hugh C. Tunny 1825/5 Reilly, Rosanne Hugh Wife 1790/7 Reilly, Ann James E. Brady 1874/2 Reilly, Peter James A. Brown 1875/8 Reilly, James James A. Brown 1877/1 Reilly, MaryT James A. Brown 1818/4 Reilly, Fergal James A. Cafrey 1822/1 Reilly, Ann James A. Cafrey 1868/4 Reilly, Marg. James M. Carney 1869/5 Reilly, Bern. James M. Carney 1804/5 Reilly, Pat James A. Clark 1875/4 Reilly, MaryA James M. Comeskey 1876/7 Reilly, James James M. Comeskey 1879/11 Reilly, Will. James M. Comeskey 1873/8 Reilly, Alice James M. Corcoran 1798/8 Reilly, Jas James S. Deale 1799/7 Reilly, Rich James S. Deale 1783/8 Reilly, Brid James S. Dease 1785/1 Reilly, Edm James S. Dease 1787/12 Reilly, Rich James S. Dease 1789/8 Reilly, Susan James S. Dease 1861/6 Reilly, John James M. Dermody 1837/11 Reilly, Anne James C. Donhoe 1839/7 Reilly, Mary James E. Donohoe 1842/6 Reilly, John James E. Donohoe 1846/12 Reilly, Thos James E. Donohoe 1849/7 Reilly,Eliz James E. Donohoe 1851/3 Reilly, Pat James E. Donohoe 1796/11 Reilly, John James M. Dinin 1798/10 Reilly, Jas James M. Dinin 1872/6 Reilly, Pat James E. Fagan 1875/9 Reilly, Bern James E. Fagan 1878/10 Reilly, Honor James E. Fagan 1877/3 Reilly, Jos James E. Fagan 1881/4 Reilly, Marian James E. Fagan 1883/9 Reilly, Honor James E. Fagan 1886/1 Reilly, Jas James E. Fagan 1888/5 Reilly, MaryH James E. Fagan 1891/9 Reilly, Brid. James E. Fagan 1833/1 Reilly, Pat James M. Fitzpatrick 1835/1 Reilly, Mary James M. Fitzpatrick 1839/9 Reilly,Roseann James M. Fitzpatrick 1842/7 Reilly, Cath James M. Fitzpatrick 1862/7 Reilly, Mich John A. Wallace 1789/6 Reilly, Mary John M. Walsh 1794/10 Reilly, Edm. John M. Walsh 1796/10 Reilly, Jas John M. Walsh 1801/5 Reilly, Mary John M. Walsh 1801/5 Reilly, Marg John M. Walsh 1829/9 Reilly, Brid. John n/g. Wisely 1826/12 Reilly, Ann John Wife 1826/10 Reilly, John John Wife 1829/1 Reilly,Bern John Wife 1824/6 Reilly, Eliza Joseph W. Mulligan 1826/1 Reilly, Cath Joseph W. Mulligan 1827/12 Reilly,Marian Joseph W. Mulligan 1829/3 Reilly, Laur. Joseph W. Mulligan 1836/2 Reilly, Brid L'rence M. Madden 1837/4 Reilly, Cath L'rence E. Murphy 1780/5 Reilly, Cathy L'rence E. Reilly 1784/7 Reilly, Peter L'rence E. Reilly 1786/2 Reilly, Mary L'rence E. Reilly 1789/7 Reilly, Laur. L'rence E. Reilly 1791/6 Reilly,Hester L'rence E. Reilly 1795/11 Reilly, Bern L'rence E. Reilly 1784/10 Reilly, Mary L'rence M. Rodday 1786/12 Reilly, Laur. L'rence M. Roddan* 1810/11 Reilly, Chas Luke C. Hand 1830/3 Reilly, Brid Luke B. Lynch 1831/2 Reilly,Marg Luke B. Lynch 1833/3 Reilly, Will Luke B. Lynch 1838/11 Reilly, Cath Luke B. Lynch 1783/3 Reilly, Bern Luke M. Reilly 1788/1 Reilly, Brid Luke M. Reilly 1797/6 Reilly,Agnes Luke M. Reilly 1799/6 Reilly, John Luke M. Reilly 1880/9 Reilly,MaryC Luke M.A. n/g 1882/8 Reilly, Chas Luke M.A. Short 1884/8 Reilly, Thos Luke M.A. Short 1890/6 Reilly,RoseAn Luke M.A. Short 1893/12 Reilly, Bern Luke M.A. Short 1843/6 Reilly, Anne Luke B. Smyth 1870/12 Reilly, Matt Mathew M. Fagan 1884/6 Reilly, John Mathew H. McCauley 1841/7 Reilly, Cath Mathew S. Owens 1827/12 Reilly, Jas Mather M. Robinson 1796/8 Reilly, Matt Michael C. Birreen 1857/1 Reilly, Jas Michael A. Brown 1858/11 Reilly, Anne Michael A. Brown 1858/11 Reilly, Fran Michael A. Brown 1863/11 Reilly, Fran Michael A. Brown 1823/6 Reilly, Brid Michael A. Cafrey 1824/7 Reilly, Bern Michael M. Clarke 1802/12 Reilly, Brid Michael M. Cluskey 1804/12 Reilly, Pat Michael M. Cluskey 1806/11 Reilly, Ann Michael M. Cluskey 1831/5 Reilly, Jas Michael M. Doherty 1828/4 Reilly, Mich Michael n/g. Dolan 1834/6 Reilly, Eliz Michael C. Dolan 1888/1 Reilly, Thos Michael B. Donnelly 1868/6 Reilly, MaryA Michael R. M. Fagan 1834/11 Reilly, Mary Michael C. Gafney 1837/6 Reilly,Roseann Michael C. Gafney 1840/7 Reilly, Marg Michael C. Gafney 1847/6 Reilly, Mich Michael C. Gafney 1839/7 Reilly, Mary Michael C. Gill 1844/6 Reilly, Pat Michael C. Gill 1824/7 Reilly, Bern Michael M. Kelly 1878/9 Reilly, Maria Michael M.A. Kiernan 1800/7 Reilly, Eliz Michael M. Levy 1801/12 Reilly, Rose Michael M. Levy 1837/12 Reilly, Mary Michael C. Lynch 1794/9 Reilly, Mary Michael B. Maglin 1796/2 Reilly, Brid Michael B. Maglin 1809/1 Reilly, Cath Michael B. Maglin 1864/6 Reilly, Pat Michael C. Mitchell 1866/3 Reilly, Ellen Michael C. Mitchell 1868/5 Reilly, Jas Michael C. Mitchell 1862/12 Reilly,MaryA Michael C. Mulvihill 1847/1 Reilly,Rosann Michael E. Nedly 1792/9 Reilly, Matt Michael A. O'Hara 1845/10 Reilly, n/g Michael M. O'Neill 1834/3 Reilly, Pat Michael J. Price 1846/7 Reilly, Chas Michael J. Price 1849/2 Reilly, John Michael J. Price 1852/9 Reilly, Eliz Michael J. Price 1855/9 Reilly, Brid Michael J. Price 1796/12 Reilly, n/g Michael A. Reilly 1798/? Reilly, Ann Michael A. Reilly 1799/5 Reilly, Laur. Michael A. Reilly 1804/7 Reilly, Mich Michael A. Reilly 1861/5 Reilly, Brid Michael A, Reilly 1804/5 Reilly, Thos Michael B. Reilly 1826/1 Reilly, Brid Michael B. Reilly 1834/11 Reilly, Cath Michael M. Reilly 1837/8 Reilly, Rose Michael M. Reilly 1839/5 Reilly, Marg Michael M. Reilly 1841/9 Reilly, Ann Michael M. Reilly 1789/11 Reilly, Evelyn Michael E. Richmond 1792/9 Reilly, Jas Michael E. Richmond 1863/11 Reilly, MaryB Michael H. Sheridan 1788/7 Reilly, Rose Michael E. Smyth 1790/9 Reilly, Mich Michael E. Smyth 1795/5 Reilly, Cath Michael E. Smyth 1797/3 Reilly, Pat Michael E. Smyth 1809/8 Reilly, Eugene Michael E. Smyth 1823/6 Reilly, Marg Michael E. n/g 1824/1 Reilly, Cath Michael Wife 1826/4 Reilly, Ann Michael Wife 1832/3 Reilly, Eliz Michael n/g 1834/4 Reilly, John Myles C. Gill 1859/3 Reilly,Marian Myles M. Lenlan 1877/11 Reilly, Cath Myles M. Mulligan 1827/6 Reilly, John Myles E. Nedly 1834/4 Reilly, Mary Myles H. Nedly 1835/8 Reilly, Thos Myles M. Tormy 1863/12 Reilly,Rosann Myles M. Tulin 1866/3 Reilly, Pat Myles M. Tulin 1867/3 Reilly, Fran Myles M. Tulin 1792/3 Reilly, Brid Patrick C. Brady 1806/3 Reilly, Rose Patrick M. Brady 1805/4 Reilly, Fran Patrick R. Connolly 1863/1 Reilly, Cath Patrick M. Connell 1864/12 Reilly, Mich Patrick M. Connell 1866/1 Reilly, Pat Patrick M. Connell 1868/6 Reilly, John Patrick M. Connell 1871/1 Reilly,Marian Patrick M. Connell 1873/7 Reilly, Marg Patrick M. Connell 1875/11 Reilly, Jane Patrick M. Connell 1879/4 Reilly, Brid Patrick M. Connell 1878/3 Reilly, Mich Patrick M. Connor 1809/7 Reilly, Thos Patrick M. Convoy 1858/5 Reilly, Ann Patrick R. Dalton 1860/7 Reilly, John Patrick R. Dalton 1864/3 Reilly, Pat Patrick R. Dalton 1866/8 Reilly, Mich Patrick R. Dalton 1870/9 Reilly,Henry Patrick R. Dalton 1872/8 Reilly, And. Patrick R. Dalton 1874/4 Reilly, John Patrick R. Dalton 1874/4 Reilly, Thos Patrick R. Dalton 1876/10 Reilly, Will Patrick R. Dalton 1833/9 Reilly, Mary Patrick S. Dolan 1834/6 Reilly, Pat Patrick S. Dolan 1835/6 Reilly, Brid Patrick S. Dolan 1831/7 Reilly, John Patrick ?. Dowd 1827/12 Reilly, Ann Patrick E. Dowd 1837/3 Reilly, Mary Patrick E. Dowd 1839/7 Reilly, Brid Patrick E. Dowd 1842/7 Reilly, Ellen Patrick E. Dowd 1825/4 Reilly, Thos Patrick M. Dowd 1851/2 Reilly, Marg Patrick B. Fannon 1854/11 Reilly, Edw Patrick A. Farrell 1856/3 Reilly, Will Patrick A. Farrell 1856/3 Reilly, Ellen Patrick A. Farrell 1858/5 Reilly, Pat Patrick A. Farrell 1860/1 Reilly, Hugh Patrich A. Farrell 1863/5 Reilly, Eliz Patrick A. Farrell 1855/10 Reilly, John Patrick H. Fox 1835/2 Reilly, Mary Patrick A. Gilchriest 1839/1 Reilly, Bern Patrick M. Hagan 1841/12 Reilly, Jas Patrick M. Hagan 1845/3 Reilly, Mary Patrick M. Hagan 1857/8 Reilly, John Patrick M. Hagan 1828/5 Reilley, Jas Patrick E. Kiernan 1875/3 Reilly, Matt Patrick n/g. Kiernan 1796/4 Reilly, n/g Patrick M. Kiernan 1821/12 Reilly, Bern Pat B.* McAnally 1827/2 Reilley,*Marian Pat A.* McAnally 1818/7 Reilly, Edw Patrick C. McCaoth 1838/7 Reilly, Mich Patrick A. McCormick 1841/8 Reilly, Cath Patrick A. McCormick 1846/4 Reilly, Mary Patrick M.* McCormick 1881/4 Reilly,MariaC Patrick M. McCormick 1787/10 Reilly, Brid Patrick S. McDonnell 1834/3 Reilly, Pat Patrick A. McKenna 1836/10 Reilly, Brig Patrick A. McKenna 1827/6 Reilly, Ann Patrick M. Reilly 1862/4 Reilly, Ellen Patrick M. Reilly 1891/9 Reilly, Jas Patrick M. Reilly 1893/4 Reilly, PatJos Patrick M. Reilly 1894/7 Reilly,MarieR Patrick M. Reilly 1787/3 Reilly, Jas Patrick A. Reynolds 1824/12 Reilly,Marian Patrick M. Sheridan 1831/2 Reilley,*Marian Patrick H. Smith* 1833/10 Reilly, Mich Patrick H. Smyth* 1836/6 Reilly,Marian Patrick A.* Smyth 1839/9 Reilly, Jas Patrick H.* Smyth 1827/5 Reilly, John Patrick M. Smith 1825/2 Reilly, Peter Patrick M. Stones 1833/12 Reilly, Eug. Patrick M. Sullivan 1836/2 Reilly, Cath Patrick M. Sullivan 1845/8 Reilly, Phil Patrick M. Sullivan 1823/6 Reilly, Brid Patrick E. n/g 1821/8 Reilly, Pat Patrick M. n/g 1821/11 Reilly, Terence Patrick M. n/g 1825/9 Reilly, Mich Patrick n/g 1829/1 Reilly, Pat Patrick n/g 1829/4 Reilly, Mary Patrick n/g 1829/4 Reilley*, John Patrick n/g 1838/5 Reilly, Thos Patrick A. McKenna 1843/6 Reilly, Ann Patrick A. McKenna 1845/8 Reilly, Thos Patrick A. McKenna 1803/2 Reilly, Felim Patrick C. McNaboe 1831/2 Reilly, Barth Patrick M. McNalay 1833/2 Reilly, Ann Patrick A.* McNally 1791/8 Reynolds,Will Patrick H. Monaghan 1824/5 Reilly, Mich Patrick C. McNally 1838/12 Reilly,Honolan Patrick B. Morris 1856/4 Reilly, John Patrick B. Mullany 1894/10 Reilly,MargM Patrick C. Mulhill 1817/2 Reilly, Ann Pat E. Murray 1842/5 Reilly, Elen Patrick M. Quigly 1843/11 Reilly, Brig. Patrick M. Quigly 1845/7 Reilly, Mich Patrick M. Quigly 1792/12 Reilly, Pat Patrick A. Reilly 1795/3 Reilly, Jas Patrick A. Reilly 1878/12 Reilly, John Patrick A. Reilly 1800/7 Reilly,Aileen Patrick A. Reilly 1803/4 Reilly, Ann Patrick A. Reilly 1804/9 Reilly, Rose Patrick A. Reilly 1838/10 Reilly, Jas Patrick A. Reilly 1840/2 Reilly, Pat Patrick A. Reilly 1841/11 Reilly, Edw Patrick A. Reilly 1845/11 Reilly, Pat Patrick A. Reilly 1834/6 Reilly, Mary Patrick B. Reilly 1823/6 Reilly, Marg Patrick M. Reilly 1829/11 Reilly, Jas Patrick n/g 1798/6 Reilly, Mary Peter M. Brady 1839/6 Reilly, Peter Peter A. Fanning 1875/10 Reilly, Anna Peter R. Harrick 1877/5 Reilly, Pat Peter R. Arack* 1879/5 Reilly, Maria Peter R. Harrack* 1881/7 Reilly, Marg Peter R. Harrack 1884/9 Reilly, Brig Peter R. Harrack 1886/7 Reilly, Rose Peter R.* Harride* 1889/12 Reilly, Jas Peter R.* Harrick* 1838/3 Reilly, Carol Peter M. Macken 1840/3 Reilly, Cath Peter S.* Macken 1842/4 Reilly, Marg Peter L.* Macken 1846/1 Reilly, John Peter S.* Macken 1848/3 Reilly, Bern Peter S.* Macken 1825/12 Reilly, Hugh Peter A. McCabe 1781/5 Reilly, Cath Peter J. McGauran 1844/3 Reilly, Pat Peter C. O'Conor 1845/8 Reilly, Marg Peter C. O'Conor 1849/1 Reilly, Ann Peter C. Conner* 1789/9 Reilly,Evlinan Peter J. Reilly 1790/12 Reilly, Pat Peter J. Reilly 1791/12 Reilly, Marg Peter J. Reilly 1794/3 Reilly, Cath Peter J. Reilly 1787/8 Reilly, Mary Peter S. Reilly 1800/11 Reilly, John Peter B. Smyth 1832/7 Reilly, Peter Peter M. Sullivan 1893/10 Reilly, Jas Philip M. Brady 1801/4 Reilly, Mary Philip M. Costello 1854/2 Reilly, Eug. Philip M. Crowe 1855/4 Reilly, Rich Philip M. Crowe 1856/2 Reilly, Ellen Philip M. Crow* 1859/4 Reilly, Phil Philip M. Crowe 1857/10 Reilly, Pat. Philip M. Crowe 1861/1 Reilly, Brid Philip M. Crowe 1863/8 Reilly, Phil Philip M. Crowe 1781/11 Reilly, Bern Philip R. Donaghoe 1784/2 Reilly, Cath Philip R. Donocho* 1790/6 Reilly, Mary Philip R. Donoghoe 1792/4 Reilly, Rose Philip R. Donoghoe 1795/2 Reilly, Pat Philip R. Donoghoe 1796/9 Reilly, Phil Philip R. Donoghoe 1788/1 Reilly, Ann Philip M. Ferrall 1804/1 Reilly, Bern Philip A. Geraghty 1784/9 Reilly, Jas Philip M. Linchy 1804/11 Reilly, Edm Philip E. Lynch 1822/12 Reilly, Jos Philip E. McDonagh 1817/7 Reilly, Marg Philip B. Mallon 1842/4 Reilly, Phil Philip M. Masterson 1844/7 Reilly, Anna Philip M. Masterson 1848/2 Reilly, Mary Philip M. Masterson 1841/9 Reilly, Edw Philip C. Meegan 1857/1 Reilly, Ellen Philip C. O'Brien 1859/1 Reilly, Pat Philip C. O'Brien 1860/11 Reilly, Edw Philip C. O'Brien 1862/4 Reilly, Brid Philip C. O'Brien 1864/9 Reilly, Phil Philip C. O'Brien 1782/3 Reilly, Cath Philip A. Reynolds 1792/5 Reilly, Fergil Philip A. Reynolds 1795/2 Reilly, Phil Philip A. Reynolds 1790/8 Reilly,MaryAnn Philip M. Reynolds 1876/8 Reilly, Anna Philip A. Wren 1880/6 Reilly, Mich Philip A. Wren 1883/12 Reilly, Phil Philip A. Wren 1885/8 Reilly,Teresa Philip A. Wren 1898/7 Reilly, Rose Philip A. Wren 1821/9 Reilly, Ann Philip B. n/g 1874/2 Reilly, Cath Terence A. Brady 1799/6 Reilly,Judith Terence M. Connell 1802/12 Reilly, Bern Terence M. Connell 1789/4 Reilly, Pat Terence R. Ferrell 1852/12 Reilly, James Terence M. McCawan* 1796/12 Reilly, Agnes Terence A. McEvoy 1792/5 Reilly, Bern Terence M. Reilly 1795/3 Reilly, Pat Terence M. Reilly 1798/12 Reilly, Eliz Terence M. Reilly 1848/11 Reilly, Anne Terry J. Smyth 1806/3 Reilly, Mary Terence M. Walsh 1890/11 Reilly, Edw Thomas M. Anderson 1893/12 Reilly, Bern Thomas M. Anderson 1783/11 Reilly, Cath Thomas M. Armstrong 1859/5 Reilly, Math. Thomas C. Clarke 1837/6 Reilly, Eliz Thomas S. Comesky 1822/7 Reilly,Marian Thomas M. Donohue 1810/11 Reilly, Marg Thomas M. Ferrall 1817/12 Reilly,Marian Thomas A.* Ferrall 1821/9 Reilly, Eliz Thomas M.* Ferrall 1836/2 Reilly, Cath Thomas C. Finegan 1854/3 Reilly, Mary Thomas E. Finegan 1853/2 Reilly, Cath Thomas E. Finegan 1853/4 Reilly, Cath Thomas E. Finegan 1856/9 Reilly, Ellen Thomas E. Finegan 1859/2 Reilly, Marg Thomas E. Finegan 1861/3 Reilly, Eliz Thomas E. Finegan 1864/10 Reilly,RoseA Thomas E. Finegan 1875/10 Reilly, Thos Thomas M. Leonard 1877/7 Reilly, Cath Thomas M. Leonard 1879/3 Reilly, Maria Thomas M. Leonard 1881/7 Reilly, James Thomas M. Leonard 1883/10 Reilly, Pat Thomas M. Leonard 1886/3 Reilly,HelenM Thomas M. Leonard 1886/8 Reilly, MichJ Thomas M. Leonard 1888/8 Reilly, JohnJ Thomas M. Leonard 1892/9 Reilly, Fran Thomas M. Leonard 1865/9 Reilly, James Thomas C. McCanaghy 1831/8 Reilly, Marian Thomas M. McKeon 1833/2 Reilly, John Thomas M. McKeon 1837/11 Reilly, Patrick Thomas M. McKeon 1845/6 Reilly, Anne Thomas M. McKeon 1832/3 Reilly, Thos Thomas A. McKeon 1836/7 Reilly, Pat Thomas A. McKeon 1840/11 Reilly, Marg Thomas A. McKeon 1843/5 Reilly, Peter Thomas A. McKeon 1847/1 Reilly, Pat Thomas A. McKeon 1856/10 Reilly, Hugh Thomas C. McNally 1869/1 Reilly, Thos Thomas A. McTeague 1788/5 Reilly, Edm Thomas C. Maguire 1787/6 Reilly, Rose Thomas M. Maguire 1790/7 Reilly, Thos Thomas R. Maguire 1839/10 Reilly, Mary Thomas B. Monaghan 1845/5 Reilly, Mich Thomas B. Monaghan 1856/1 Reilly, Hanna Thomas M. Murtagh 1858/8 Reilly,Marian Thomas M. Murtagh 1864/12 Reilly, Pat Thomas M. Murtagh 1858/11 Reilly, Eliz Thomas C. Nannery 1863/2 Reilly, Cath Thomas C. Nannery 1825/12 Reilly, Thos Thomas A. Reilly 1836/2 Reilly, John Thomas A. Reilly 1834/2 Reilly, RoseA Thomas M. Reilly 1838/1 Reilly, Cath Thomas M. Reilly 1842/7 Reilly, Mary Thomas M. Reilly 1846/7 Reilly, Marg Thomas M. Reilly 1782/5 Reilly, Edw Thomas M. Reilly 1784/5 Reilly, Pat Thomas M. Reilly 1787/2 Reilly, Thos Thomas M. Reilly 1832/12 Reilly,Cath Thomas M. Sheridan 1835/8 Reilly, Pat Thomas M. Sheridan 1837/6 Reilly, Marg Thomas M. Sheridan 1794/1 Reilly, Eliz William B. Ferrally 1796/4 Reilly, Ann William B. n/g 1798/4 Reilly, n/g William B. Farrelly* 1864/11 Reilly, Eliz William J. Lynch 1832/1 Reilly,Farrell William M. Macken 1857/4 Reilly,Mananach Wilson M. Tonney 1888/2 Reilly, Jas n/g M. Reilly 1890/11 Reilly, Mich n/g T. Reilly 1892/2 Reilly, Peter n/g M.A. Reilly 1864/6 Reilly, Anna n/g n/g 1843/1 Renn, James Michael M. McCabe 1845/5 Renn, Anne Michael M. McCabe 1847/5 Renn, Mary Michael M. McCabe 1842/1 Renn, Felix Patrick B. Fitzsimons 1843/12 Renn, n/g Patrick B. Fitzsimons 1872/12 Reynolds, John Andrew C. Reilly 1783/10 Reynolds, Brid Bartly C. 1818/4 Reynolds, Marg Bernard M. Bartly 1825/5 Reynolds, Pat Bernard M. Bartly 1828/2 Reynolds, Ann Bernard M. Bartly 1827/9 Reynolds, Ellen Bernard C. Cunningham 1829/12 Reynolds,Marian Bernard C. Cunningham 1831/9 Reynolds, RoseA Bernard C. Cunningham 1832/10 Reynolds, RoseA Bernard C. Cunningham 1835/5 Reynolds, Henry Bernard C. Cunningham 1837/12 Reynolds,Cath. Bernard C. Cunningham 1840/6 Reynolds, Ann Bernard C. Cunningham 1842/7 Reynolds, Jas Bernard C. Cunningham 1823/6 Reynolds, Bern Bernard M. Dolan 1824/11 Reynolds, Jas Bernard M. Dolan 1826/12 Reynolds, Eliz Bernard M. Dolan 1830/10 Reynolds, Ellen Bernard M. Dolan 1832/5 Reynolds, John Bernard M. Dolan 1834/4 Reynolds, RoseA Bernard M. Dolan 1835/12 Reynolds,Mary Bernard A. Lynch 1838/1 Reynolds, Ann Bernard B. Mullins 1826/2 Reynolds, Laur. Bernard C. Mulvy 1846/3 Reynolds, Jas Bernard C, Tyrell 1847/7 Reynolds, Brid Bernard C. Tyrell 1848/12 Reynolds, Cath Bernard C. Tyrell 1799/10 Reynolds, Jas Bernard A. Wallis 1802/11 Reynolds, Brid. Bernard A. Wallis 1810/9 Reynolds, Cath Bernard A. Wallis 1810/2 Reynolds, Will. Charles M. Thadgins 1849/7 Reynolds, Ann Edward A. Keane 1858/11 Reynolds, Cath Eugene C. McDonald 1846/11 Reynolds, Thos Francis M. Clarke 1829/1 Reynolds, Hugh Francis A. Kelly 1779/2 Reynolds, Thos George A. Hargason 1871/3 Reynolds, Bern Henry C. Briody 1875/1 Reynolds, RoseA Henry C. Briody 1877/1 Reynolds, John Henry C. Briody 1879/2 Reynolds, Laur. Henry C. Briody 1881/2 Reynolds, Pat Henry C. Briody 1882/11 Reynolds, Henry Henry C. Briody 1885/1 Reynolds, Jas Henry C. Briody 1889/1 Reynolds, Maria Henry C. Briody 1804/11 Reynolds, Ann Henry J. Clancy 1843/2 Reynolds, John Henry C. Halton 1845/6 Reynolds, Laur Henry C. Halton 1849/7 Reynolds,Henry Henry C. Halton 1851/6 Reynolds, Edw. Henry C. Halton 1840/3 Reynolds, Mary Henry M. Halton 1820/9 Reynolds, Marg Henry M. Hudders 1823/6 Reynolds, Ann Henry H. Hoters* 1810/8 Reynolds, Mary Henry M. Reynolds 1789/8 Reynolds, Laur Henry E. Sheridan 1782/12 Reynolds, John Henry M. Sheridan 1784/10 Reynolds, Mich Henry M. Sheridan 1786/12 Reynolds, n/g Henry M. Sheridan 1788/3 Reynolds, Ann Henry M. Sheridan 1793/4 Reynolds, Ann Henry M. Sheridan 1780/4 Reynolds,Bryan Henry P. Sheridan 1818/2 Reynolds,Brid. Henry M. Slaters 1804/1 Reynolds, Cath Henry M. Studders 1806/2 Reynolds, John Henry M. Sutdders 1809/4 Reynolds, Pat Henry not given 1835/7 Reynolds, Pat Hugh C. Keegan 1787/11 Reynolds, Ann Hugh M. Mackin 1792/9 Reynolds, n/g Hugh M. Mackin 1837/3 Reynolds, Rich James M. Fitzpatrick 1797/5 Reynolds, Jas James A. Grimes 1846/1 Reynolds,Henry James A. Harkins 1834/7 Reynolds, Jas James M. Kean 1836/3 Reynolds, Pat James M. Kean 1838/3 Reynolds, Thos James M. Kean 1840/6 Reynolds, Bern James M. Kean 1842/6 Reynolds, Jas James A. Kane* 1845/6 Reynolds, John James M.* Kean 1850/6 Reynolds, Pat James M. Kean 1791/1 Reynolds, Brid James A. Keegan 1873/3 Reynolds, PatJ James A. Madden 1881/8 Reynolds, Eliz James A. Madden 1804/12 Reynolds, Pat James B. Mulligan 1856/4 Reynolds, Eliz James M. Reel 1847/6 Reynolds, Mary James M. Reilly 1788/4 Reynolds, Mary James M. Wallace 1789/3 Reynolds, Mich James M. Wallace 1791/4 Reynolds, Cath James M. Wallace 1792/7 Reynolds, Jas James M. Wallace 1795/4 Reynolds, Bern James M. Wallace 1807/? Reynolds, Ann James M. Wallace 1833/2 Reynolds, Ann James not given 1798/5 Reynolds, Brid John A. Brady 1795/8 Reynolds, John John A. Coyle 1810/9 Reynolds, Marg John A. Grehan 1807/5 Reynolds, Sarah John A. Grimes 1828/12 Reynolds, Brid John A. Harkins 1831/11 Reynolds, Jas John A. Harkins 1835/12 Reynolds, Pat John A. Harkins 1843/7 Reynolds,Bern John A. Harkins 1849/1 Reynolds, Rosan John E. Harkins 1846/12 Reynolds, Bern John C. Hanlin 1810/3 Reynolds, Bern John A. Kelly 1811/3 Reynolds, Mary John A. Kelly 1824/4 Reynolds, Laur John A. Kelly 1870/5 Reynolds,ThosJ John M. Kiernan 1838/3 Reynolds, Ann John A. Macken 1835/6 Reynolds, Thos John A. Reilly 1843/4 Reynolds, Marg John A. Reilly 1822/1 Reynolds, Ellen John E. Wallace 1827/4 Reynolds, Ann John E. Wallace 1823/12 Reynolds, Ann John M. Wallace 1820/10 Reynolds, Mary John M. not given 1820/11 Reynolds, Mary John Wife 1825/9 Reynolds, Rose John Wife 1830/4 Reynolds, Mary John not given 1833/7 Reynolds, Ann John not given 1822/5 Reynolds, Ellen John C. Smuth 1798/4 Reynolds, Ann John M. Wallis 1790/8 Reynolds, Laur. L'rence M. Conellan 1791/11 Reynolds,John L'rence M. Ferrall 1793/12 Reynolds, Bern L'rence M. Ferrall 1795/11 Reynolds, Jas L'rence M. Ferrall 1797/? Reynolds, John L'rence M. Ferrall 1800/1 Reynolds, Thos L'rence M. Ferrall 1802/6 Reynolds, Eliz L'rence M. Ferrall 1804/6 Reynolds, Rose L'rence M. Ferrall 1806/3 Reynolds, Henry L'rence M. Ferrall 1809/4 Reynolds, Ann L'rence M. Ferrall 1797/7 Reynolds, Cath L'rence A. Reilly 1799/10 Reynolds, Brid L'rence A. Reilly 1802/8 Reynolds, Ann L'rence A. Reilly 1805/1 Reynolds, Brid L'rence A. Reilly 1817/12 Reynolds, Brid Liam A. Smyth 1802/11 Reynolds, John Michael M. Coyle 1792/? Reynolds, Cath Michael E. Fannon 1795/3 Reynolds, n/g Michael E. Fannon 1798/4 Reynolds, Hugh Michael E. Fannon 1821/10 Reynolds, Bern Michael B. Farley 1823/12 Reynolds, Mich Michael B. Farley 1828/9 Reynolds, Jas Michael B. Farley 1831/6 Reynolds, Marg Michael B. Farley 1834/1 Reynolds,Helen Michael B. Farely 1834/11 Reynolds, John Michael M. McCann 1837/3 Reynolds, Thos Michael M. McCann 1839/12 Reynolds, Chas Michael M. McCann 1842/3 Reynolds, Cath Michael M. McCann 1844/? Reynolds, Mich Michael M. McCann 1846/10 Reynolds, Mary Michael M. McCann 1849/2 Reynolds,Henry Michael M. McCann 1854/7 Reynolds, Jas Michael M. McCann 1809/2 Reynolds, John Michael M. Monachan 1810/3 Reynolds, Cath Michael M. Monachan 1823/12 Reynolds, Pat Michael M. Monachan 1790/9 Reynolds, Mary Michael E. Thomson 1800/4 Reynolds, Thos Michael M. Wallace 1789/12 Reynolds, Brid Michael E. Wheeler 1792/10 Reynolds, Mary Michael E. Wheeler 1795/7 Reynolds, Eliz Michael E. Wheeler 1797/7 Reynolds, Pat Michael E. Wheeler 1799/8 Reynolds, John Michael E. Wheeler 1801/12 Reynolds, Jas Michael E. Wheeler 1839/8 Reynolds, Cath Patrick C. Burke 1807/9 Reynolds, Mich Patrick A. McCue 1834/11 Reynolds, Pat Patrick M. McManus 1802/? Reynolds, Pat Patrick R. McNally 1784/2 Reynolds, Brid Patrick H. Monachan 1788/10 Reynolds, Pat Patrick H. Monachan 1793/7 Reynolds, Mary Patrick H. Monachan 1795/1 Reynolds, Thos Patrick H. Monachan 178?/1 Reynolds, Rich. Patrick M. Quinn 1825/? Reynolds, Eliz Patrick E. Reynolds 1783/4 Reynolds, Thos Patrick C. Ultach 1834/1 Reynolds, Eliz Patrick C. not given 1807/10 Reynolds,Eliza Peter A. McGuire 1823/9 Reynolds, Mich Peter B. not given 1825/12 Reynolds, Cath Peter not given 1790/5 Reynolds, Marg Tadgh J. Mulligan 1807/3 Reynolds, Mary Terence A. Reilly 1794/9 Reynolds, Mich Thomas A. Brock 1829/12 Reynolds, Ann Thomas M. Keogan 1828/10 Reynolds, Jas Thomas M. Major 1830/10 Reynolds, Mary Thomas M. Major 1843/12 Reynolds, Will. Thomas M. Major 1800/6 Reynolds, Cath Thomas A. McCabe 1827/3 Reynolds, Ellen Thomas R. Monaghan 1823/6 Reynolds, Bern Thomas B. Reilly 1779/4 Reynolds, Caty Timothy A. Doile 1788/4 Reynolds, Mary Timothy J. Mulligan 1830/8 Reynolds, Cath William M. Feral 1833/9 Reynolds, Mary William M. Feral 1837/8 Reynolds, Mich William M. Feral 1840/1 Reynolds, John William M. Feral 1841/11 Reynolds, Eug William M. Feral 1843/8 Reynolds, Ann William M. Feral 1845/8 Reynolds, Thos William M. Feral 1804/8 Reynolds, Jas William M. Ryce 1819/9 Reynolds, Will William M. Ryce 1783/4 Reynolds, John n/g F. Reilly 1893/12 Reynolds, Jos n/g M. Reynolds 1832/5 Rial, Mary Patrick M. Glancy 1824/5 Rice, James Patrick not given 1845/3 Rice, James Patrick S. Toby 1847/3 Rice, Elizabeth Patrick S. Toby 1848/10 Rice, Mary Patrick S. Toby 1854/4 Rice, Bridget Patrick S. Toby 1834/4 Richards, Sam Samuel M. Flanagan 1836/9 Rihal, Michael Bernard E. McCabe 1789/12 Rineart, John Peter M. Cavanagh 1836/11 Roarke, John John M. Telford 1834/9 Roarke, Cath. Michael J. Smyth 1836/12 Roarke, Mich. Michael J. Smyth 1839/9 Roarke, Marcus Michael J. Smyth 1883/7 Robinson,Ambros Ambrose M. Gills 1832/5 Robinson, Geo George A. Garvey 1834/4 Robinson, Geo George H. Hughes 1838/8 Robinson,Thos George H. Hughes 1839/11 Robinson,Elenor George H. Hughes 1874/? Robinson,John Henry B. Lenton 1886/2 Robinson,RoseA John M. Murray 1876/8 Robinson, Thos Thomas B. Sexton 1878/2 Robinson,Ellen Thomas B. Sexton 1839/5 Robinson,John John M. Newman 1802/12 Roche, Cath Miles B. Newman 1823/2 Rochfort, Edw Patrick M. Mullen 1850/9 Rochfort, Mary Edward A. Tynan 1877/9 Rock, John Henry C. Beatty 1879/6 Rock, Henry Henry C. Beatty 1886/2 Rock, James Henry C. Beatty 1804/10 Rockfort, Mary John C. Maglin 1842/5 Rodden, John John E. Gafney 1860/3 Rodden, Phil Philip M. Kiernan 1790/? Roddy, Thomas Eugene M. McCormack 1792/9 Roddy, Marcela Eugene M. McCormack 1795/6 Roddy, Mary Eugene M. McCormack 1797/12 Roddy, Ann Eugene M. McCormack 1800/3 Roddy, Patrick Eugene M. McCormack 1802/8 Roddy, Bridget Eugene M. McCormack 1805/1 Roddy, Peter Eugene M. McCormack 1806/3 Roddy, n/given Eugene M. McCormack 1790/3 Roddy, William William E. Reilly 1792/12 Roddy, James William E. Reilly 1797/1 Roddy, Charles William E. Reilly 1783/7 Roday, Ann John B. Kennedy 1848/8 Roe, Patrick William M. Beglin 1799/3 Rogers, Edmond Arthur A. Durick 1880/6 Rodgers, Mary Bernard M. Farrell 1844/12 Rodgers, Mary Patrick A. Dooris 1857/11 Rodgers, Thos Thomas M. Gurray 1819/4 Rodgers, Ann Thomas A. Kennedy 1823/10 Rodgers, Mich Thomas A. Kennedy 1784/12 Rodgers, Cath William E. Fitzpatrick 1830/6 Rodgers, Ann n/g M. Quinn 1791/1 Rogers, John Bernard M. Dermody 1792/11 Rogers, Brid, Bernard M. Dermody 1802/7 Rogers, James Bernard M. Dermody 1833/7 Rogers, Pat Edward M. Connor 1835/1 Rogers, Pat Edward M. Connor 1837/4 Rogers, Eliz. Edward M. Connor 1840/2 Rogers, Brid. Edward M. Connor 1842/6 Rogers, MaryA Edward M. Connor 1844/11 Rogers, Cath. Edward M. Connor 1833/7 Rogers, Helen Eugene C. Monaghan 1793/4 Rogers, Mary John J. Cuningham 1797/7 Rogers, Brid. John J. Cuningham 1800/1 Rogers, Peter John J. Cuningham 1802/7 Rogers, Edmond John J. Cuningham 1839/4 Rogers, Cath John M. Jones 1842/9 Rogers, Mich John M. Jones 1854/2 Rogers, John John A. Kiernan 1857/2 Rogers, Mary John A. Kiernan 1829/11 Rogers, Bern John C. Murphy 1874/2 Rogers, Peter Michael M. Brennan 1834/3 Rogers, Pat Michael M. Comesky 1836/3 Rogers, Mary Michael M. Comesky 1838/8 Rogers, Bern Michael M. Comesky 1841/2 Rogers, Brid. Michael M. Comesky 1843/7 Rogers, Charles Michael M. Comesky 1786/9 Rogers, Mich Michael M. Mathews 1832/11 Rogers, James Patrick A. Biglan 1781/3 Rogers, Elenor Patrick M. Kiernan 1788/7 Rogers, Brid Patrick E. Monaghan 1791/1 Rogers, Peter Patrick E. Monaghan 1793/8 Rogers, Evelin Patrick E. Monaghan 1796/2 Rogers, Edmond Patrick E. Monaghan 1801/10 Rogers, Thomas Patrick E. Monaghan 1806/1 Rogers, Pat Patrick E. Monaghan 1798/7 Rogers, Eugene Patrick E. Monaghan 1821/10 Rogers, Bern. Michael B. Morris 1793/12 Rogers, Brid. Patrick M. O'?or? 1840/2 Rogers, Brid Patrick E. Rogers 1835/12 Rogers, Marg. Peter M. Deson 1839/9 Rogers, Thomas Peter M. Deson 1845/10 Rogers, Peter Peter M. Deson 1866/11 Rogers, John Peter M. Kiernan 1781/11 Rogers, Ann Stephen A. Donnelly 1783/10 Rogers, Susan Stephen A. Donnelly 1842/9 Rogers, Eliz Thomas R. Curreen 1845/1 Rogers, Pat Thomas R. Curreen 1847/8 Rogers, Thos Thomas R. Curreen 1863/6 Rogers, Mary Thomas R.A. Reilly 1787/4 Rogers, Peter Thomas J. Relish 1823/3 Rogers, Mary Thomas J. not given 1791/3 Rooney, Mary Edmond C. Reilly 1800/1 Rooney, Cath Edmond C. Reilly 1838/8 Rooney, Pat L'rence M. Wilson 1840/4 Rooney, Marg L'rence M. Wilson 1793/6 Rorke, John Barth M. Martin 1846/8 Rorke, Chas. Charles M. Rorke 1788/4 Rorke, n/g Cornel. R. McMahon 1789/9 Rorke, Mich Cornel. R. McMahon 1792/4 Rorke, Hugh Cornel. R. McMahon 1795/8 Rorke, Mary Cornel. R. McMahon 1798/3 Rorke, Ellen Cornel. R. McMahon 1838/11 Rorke, Peter Cornel. M. Rorke 1802/4 Rorke, Brid. Dennis B. Creegan 1783/8 Rorke, James Edmond M. Reilly 1787/8 Rorke, Ann Edmond M. Reilly 1789/1 Rorke, Pat Edmond M. Reilly 1833/3 Rorke, Ann Edward A. Halford 1840/1 Rorke, Edward Edward A. Halford 1784/1 Rorke, Fran Francis C. Reilly 1841/10 Rorke, John James C. Murray 1824/5 Rorke, John James C. Rorke 1795/? Rorke, Eugene James ?. Sullivan 1785/1 Rorke, Andrew John A. Fitzimmons 1789/2 Rorke, Bern John B. McCoye 1790/5 Rorke, Mich John B. McCoye 1819/? Rorke, John Michael B. Dolan 1837/l8 Rorke, Elenor Michael B. Walsh 1840/5 Rorke, Mich Michael B. Walsh 1834/11 Rorke, John Michael n/given 1796/2 Rorke, John Patrick B. Dalton 1804/10 Rorke, John Patrick B. Dalton 1788/3 Rorke, n/g William J. Camp 1832/1 Rorke, Ann William M. McClean 1834/3 Rorke, Eliz William M. McClean 1839/4 Rorke, John William M. McClean 1842/3 Rorke, Mich William M. McClean 1844/3 Rorke, Pat William M. McClean 1823/7 Rose, Mary John C. Wyne 1789/? Rose, Mich. James J. Fagan 1880/11 Rose, James n/g M. Doherty 1828/3 Rouen, Mary Hugh C. Clark 1826/11 Rouen, Mary Michael B. Walsh 1789/8 Roundtree,Marg Patrick A. Toby 1793/11 Roundtree,Mary Patrick A. Toby 1838/4 Rourke, John Bernard B. Dolan 1839/9 Rourke, Thos Bernard B. Dolan 1781/1 Rourke, Brid Denis C. McCabe 1783/? Rourke, Marg Denis C. McCabe 1788/? Rourke, Cath Denis C. McCabe 1793/1 Rourke, Mary Denis C. McCabe 1828/11 Rourke, Pat Michael M. Walsh 1810/2 Rowan, Mich Michael A. Kiernan 1787/7 Rowane, Cath John R. Donellan 1789/6 Rowane, Peter John R. Donellan 1791/9 Rowane, Hugh John R. Donellan 1794/2 Rowane, Brid John R. Donellan 1797/3 Rowane, Pat John R. Donellan 1787/? Rowane, John Patrick E. Slevin 1789/2 Rowane, John Patrick E. Slevin 1792/10 Rowane, Rose Peter ?. Ferrall 1796/2 Rowane, Brid Peter M. Magavran 1798/1 Rowane, Hugh Peter M. Magavran 1802/12 Rowane, John Peter M. Magavran 1873/8 Rudden, Martin Patrick A. Reilly 1871/6 Rudden, Anna Patrick A. Reilly 1876/7 Rudden, Mary Patrick A. Reilly 1822/8 Ryan, Thos Arthur A. Fitzimons 1818/3 Ryan, Mary James J. McGloughlin 1857/3 Ryan, Thomas John A. Ryan 1835/2 Ryan, Mary Michael B. Sullivan 1837/1 Ryan, Bridget Michael B. Sullivan 1863/8 Ryan, Michael Patrick S. Lynch 1865/11 Ryan,RoseAnn Patrick S. Lynch 1867/9 Ryan, Patrick Patrick S. Lynch 1842/7 Ryan, John Patrick R. McCabe 1847/3 Ryan, Bridget Patrick R. McCabe 1791/? Ryan, Mary Richard M. Fagan 1792/9 Ryan, Francis Richard M. Fagan 1794/5 Ryan, John Richard M. Fagan 1796/3 Ryan, Patrick Richard M. Fagan 1799/4 Ryan, John Richard M. Fagan 1807/2 Ryan, Richard Richard C. McGuire 1833/5 Ryan, Marg. Richard H. Smyth 1835/? Ryan, Marg. Richard H. Smyth 1838/3 Ryan, Mary Richard H. Smyth 1802/3 Ryan, John Thomas A. Ellis 1797/12 Ryan, Rose Thomas A. Neary 1782/2 Ryan, Cath Timothy M. Reilly Back to Church Records Index
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24. USGenWeb, ILGenWeb - Illinois History Project - Governor John Reynolds
Discussion of Gov. John Reynolds, 17881865 and his place among pro-Southern Northern politicians.
John Reynolds - 1831-1834 John Reynolds, Governor 1831-4, was born in Montgomery county, Pennsylvania, Feb. 26, 1788. His father, Robert Reynolds and his mother, nee Margaret Moore, were both natives of Ireland, from which country they emigrated to the United States in 1785, landing at Philadelphia. The senior Reynolds entertained an undying hostility to the British Government. When the subject of this sketch was about six months old, his parents emigrated with him to Tennessee, where many of their relatives had already located, at the base of the Copper Ridge Mountain, about 14 miles northeast of the present city of Knoxville. There they were exposed to Indian depredations, and were much molested by them. In 1794 they moved into the interior of the State. They were poor, and brought up their children to habits of manual industry. In 1800 the family removed to Kaskaskia, Ill., with eight horses and two wagons, encountering many hardships on the way. Here young Reynolds passed the most of his childhood, while his character began to develop, the most prominent traits of which were ambition and energy. He also adopted the principle and practice of total abstinence from intoxicating liquors. In 1807 the family made another removal, this time to the "Goshen Settlement," at the foot of the Mississippi bluffs three or four miles southwest of Edwardsville. From his services in the West, in the war of 1812, he obtained the sobriquet of the "Old Ranger." He was ORderly Sergeant, then Judge Advocate.

25. Twin Hells; A Thrilling Narrative Of Life In The Kansas And Missouri
Twin Hells; a thrilling narrative of life in the Kansas and Missouri penitentiaries, The Reynolds, John N. John N. Reynolds

26. PROJECT GUTENBERG - Catalog By Author - Index - Reynolds, John N.
Etexts by Author. Reynolds, John N. R Index Main Index The Twin Hells; a thrilling narrative of life in the Kansas and Missouri penitentiaries.

27. Reynolds_Ancestral_Lines
Descendants of John Reynolds 17781860 from Delaware.
Welcome to Reynolds Ancestral Lines Many surnames in addition to REYNOLDS are included in this site, which consists of direct descendant reports of selected ancestors of Judy Reynolds. Each surname in the "Surnames featured" index leads to one of these reports. Within each surname's report is an index of people and surnames. In surname lists and indexes, a surname appended with the symbol¥ indicates use of a known married name because the ancestor's maiden name is not known to this researcher. Group sheets for these and other ancestors are displayed at Ancestors Plus . For commentaries or other details on these ancestors and/or their families, go to my home page or email me.
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28. PROJECT GUTENBERG - Catalog By Author - Reynolds, John N.
Etexts by Author. Reynolds, John N. R Index Main Index The Twin Hells; a thrilling narrative of life in the Kansas and Missouri

29. Self Liberation Through Seeing With Naked Awareness
A text from The Profound Teaching of SelfLiberation in the Primordial State of the Peaceful and Wrathful Deities - the terma cycle discovered by Rigdzin Karma Lingpa. Translated by John Reynolds.
Theravada Writings Zen / Ch'an Writings Other Mahayana Writings Buddhist Webrings ... Home Self-Liberation through Seeing with Naked Awareness 1.Here is contained "Self-Liberation through Seeing with Naked Awareness," this being a Direct Introduction to the State of Intrinsic Awareness, From "The Profound Teaching of Self-Liberation in the Primordial State of the Peaceful and Wrathful Deities." 2.Homage to the Trikaya and to the Deities who represent the inherent luminous clarity of intrinsic awareness. 3.Herein I shall teach "Self-Liberation through Seeing with Naked Awareness," which is a direct introduction to intrinsic awareness From "The Profound Teaching of Self-Liberation in the Primordial State of the Peaceful and Wrathful Deities." Truly, this introduction to your own intrinsic awareness Should be contemplated well, O fortunate sons of a noble family! SAMAYA gya gya gya 4.Emaho! It is the single (nature of) mind which encompasses all of Samsara and Nirvana. Even though its inherent nature has existed from the very beginning, you have not recognized it;

30. Books By John N. Reynolds
Author John N. Reynolds Entry 1318 The Twin Hells
Author: John N. Reynolds

31. The Bonpo Traditions Of Dzogchen
An article by John Reynolds giving the history and development of Bon.
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
by Vajranatha The Bonpo and Nyingmapa Traditions of Dzogchen Although some medieval and modern Tibetan histories written by cloistered Buddhist monks portray the ancient pre-Buddhist religion of Tibet called Bon as a nefarious mixture of sorcery, black magic, shamanism, and bloody sacrifices, this appears to be just so much anti-Bonpo propaganda providing a melodramatic effect. The principal aim of these Buddhist historians was to glorify the role of Indian Mahayana Buddhism in Tibetan history, suggesting that there was no culture nor civilization in Tibet before the coming of Indian Buddhism to Central Tibet in the seventh century of our era. India, the birthplace of the Lord Shakyamuni Buddha, was looked upon, not only as the source of all genuine religion and spirituality, but as the source of civilized culture generally, and even the lineage of Tibetan kings was traced back to an Indian origin by such native Tibetan historians as Go Lotsawa, Buton, and others. [2] The Historical Development of Bon Some Tibetan historians and scholars, on the other hand, were aware of this distinction between the two kinds of Bon referred to above [13], and certainly the Bonpo Lamas themselves were aware of it. According to one leading native-born Bonpo scholar, Lopon Tenzin Namdak [14], the history of the development of Bon may be divided into three phases:

32. John N. Reynolds - EBook Titles - Software Technology
John N. Reynolds. John N. Reynolds eBooks Selected Titles by John N. Reynolds. The Twin Hells. John N. Reynolds. The Twin Hells. About eBooks.

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Titles Authors John N. Reynolds
John N. Reynolds
John N. Reynolds eBooks
Selected Titles by John N. Reynolds The Twin Hells The Twin Hells About eBooks eBooks are books that are available in digital format. eBooks have many advantages over paper books. eBooks are portable, convenient, and save trees. Some eBooks even contain pictures, criticisms, quotes, portraits, and a brief biography of the life of the author. eBooks set you free to study and search texts with powerful software features. Buy an eBook and learn how this new technology is changing the world of literature.
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33. Maine Trout, Striper Bass Fishing-Ducks, Geese, Bird Hunting - Meadowbrook Guide
Offers striped bass, freshwater fishing, and waterfowl hunting guided by professional Maine Guide John Reynolds.
Captain John Reynolds
126 Freeman Road
Weeks Mills, ME 04358

Professional Maine Guide Home Striper Fishing Bass Fishing Waterfowl Hunting Prices
Hunting and fishing in Maine for
ducks, geese, stripers, trout, salmon, and bass,
with professional Maine Guide John Reynolds.
John with a 4 1/2 pound Brookie taken on a muddler.
Meadowbrook Guide Service is owned and operated by John Reynolds, a Maine native who grew up fishing for brook trout and hunting rabbits, waterfowl, and deer. Following his love for the outdoors, John attended Unity College, earning a degree in fisheries. He is on the water almost every day, either guiding or doing fisheries work for the State of Maine. John's free time is spent chasing big fish on light tackle or flies and working with his Labrador retrievers preparing for duck and goose hunting. Meadowbrook Guide Service specializes in spin and fly fishing for stripers, trout, salmon, and bass.
Late June Kennebec Striper
Home Striper Fishing Bass Fishing Waterfowl Hunting Prices Visit our friends at Whispering Wings Guide Service
Updated March 3, 2003

34. The Twin Hells - John N. Reynolds - EBooks
The Twin Hells John N. Reynolds - Discover New Software Technology! Study and search texts with advanced features. eBooks set you free! Learn more

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Titles Authors John N. Reynolds ... The Twin Hells
The Twin Hells
by John N. Reynolds
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35. The Ag Dealer
Allied, Degelman, John Deere, Macdon and Shelbourne Reynolds farm equipment dealer in Brandon, Manitoba
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36. Search Results Books: John N Reynolds
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    The Twin Hells
    ~John N. Reynolds Hardcover - October 15, 2002 Usually dispatched within 4 to 6 weeks Our Price: The Twin Hells ~John N. Reynolds Print on Demand (Paperback) - October 16, 2002 Usually dispatched within 7 to 8 days Our Price: Listmania! Add your list recent orders Your Account Delivery and Returns delivery rates and policies return Returns Policy Need Help?

    37. No Fox Boom After Ban: Year-long Suspension Of Hunting Had No Effect On Fox Numb
    John Whitfield. Overview of Stephen Harris's research claiming that fox numbers regulate themselves by causes such as starvation, making hunting unnecessary. Opposing views on the research are provided by Jonathan Reynolds. Link to full research article.
    updated at midnight GMT search nature science update advanced search
    No fox boom after ban
    Year-long suspension of hunting had no effect on fox numbers.
    05 September 2002 JOHN WHITFIELD Hunting with hounds kills around 25,000 foxes each year in the UK. Fox numbers in the United Kingdom did not change after hunting was suspended last year, say researchers . This suggests that a permanent ban would not lead to an explosion in the fox population, as some pro-hunting campaigners claim. Fox numbers regulate themselves, believes zoologist Stephen Harris of the University of Bristol. When hunting drops, more foxes die from causes such as starvation, he says. "There are a set number of territories, " says Harris. Homeless foxes stand little chance of survival. "One way or another things sort themselves out over the winter." By counting faeces, Harris and his colleagues estimated fox numbers in 160 sites, each a square kilometre in size, across Britain in 1999, 2000 and 2002. There are about 200 registered packs of foxhounds in Britain. They are estimated to kill around 25,000 foxes each year in autumn and winter. About five times this number are thought to be killed by snaring, shooting and other means.

    38. Project Gutenberg - Author Index: R
    Slavery Ordained of God. Reynolds, John N. Twin Hells; a thrilling narrative of life in the Kansas and Missouri penitentiaries, The. Reynolds, Joshua, Sir.
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    39. Author: John N. Reynolds
    John N. Reynolds. Notify me when new books by John N. Reynolds are released. John N. Reynolds at The Twin Hells. Copyright
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    John N. Reynolds Notify me when new books by John N. Reynolds are released. John N. Reynolds at The Twin Hells

    40. Ch. 11, Twin Hells By John N. Reynolds
    This is to certify That John N. Reynolds, while an inmate of the Kansas penitentiary, made the race for State Senator of Atchison county, Kansas, and that the
    page 216 warded to President Cleveland for my pardon. Had I secured my liberty it was my intention to make the race for State senator in my district for vindication. Mr. Cleveland interfered with my plan by refusing my pardon. CANDIDATE FOR STATE SENATE.
    page 217 I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I will frankly confess that when the thought, suppose I should not get more than a dozen votes, would rush into my mind, I would feel as if I had better not be so fresh while in limbo. Several times during the afternoon and evening I took up the piece of paper, on which was written my announcement, to tear it into shreds, and as often I would lay it down. I viewed the subject from almost every conceivable standpoint. I reasoned as follows: Prior to this I had decided to write a book on my penitentiary career, as well as to deliver a lecture at various points in the State on the same subject. To be successful in these enterprises I must be advertised. And I knew that should I announce myself as a candidate for such an important office while in the penitentiary I would get a good ventilation. In this I was not mistaken. When the announcement appeared in the Leavenwoth Times it was quickly copied and commented upon by the newspapers all over the country. Some of these newspapers in their comments stated that I had more "cheek" than should be allotted to ordinary mortals. Some said "he is a nervy cuss." Others said "his back isn't broken," Now and then one

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