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  1. Anger Management for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Clients: Participant Workbook (DHHS Publication No. (SMA) 02-3662) by Ph.D. Patrick M. Reilly, Ph.D. Michael S. Shopshire, et all 2002
  2. The King's Men: a Tale of To-Morrow by Robert; O'Reilly, John; J. S. of Dale; Wheelwright, John T. Grant, 1884
  3. THE TOLKIEN COMPANION by J.E.A. and edited by Tyler, S.A. and illustrated by Reilly, Kevin Tyler, 1979
  4. Save Stalin by Gregory S. Taylor, 2010-02-13
  5. Sport Psychology: Psychological Considerations in Maximizing Sport Performance by Linka K. Bunker, Robert J. Rotella, 1985-01
  6. Origins of Language Disorders: A Special Issue of developmental Neuropsychology
  7. Ophthalmologic ultrasounds: An entry from Thomson Gale's <i>Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health</i> by Martha S., O.D. Reilly, 2002
  8. The King's Men - A Tale of Tomorrow by John Boyle O'Reilly,J. S. Robert Grant, 2007-01-11
  9. Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition (WA) (Images of America) by Shauna O'Reilly, Brennan O'Reilly, 2009-05-18
  10. M.A. Stoecker's .S.J.Stein's (Exam 70-505(MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-505): Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5-Windows Forms Application Development: Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 Windows Forms Application Development [Hardcover] by M.A. Stoecker.S.J.Stein, 2007
  11. Anger Management for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Clients, Participant Workbook by Patrick M Reilly, Michael S Shopshire, et all 2007
  12. Diary of a Round House Foreman by T.S. Reilly, 1912
  13. When Even falls. Song. Words and music by S. J. Reilly by S. J Reilly, 1900
  14. Medicare claims billing abuse commercial software could save hundreds of millions annually : statement of Frank W. Reilly, Director, Information Resources ... U.S. Senate (SuDoc GA 1.5/2:T-AIMD-95-133) by Frank W. Reilly, 1995

121. Shawnee News-Star: Movies Five Questions With John C. Reilly: Facing Challenges
Interview about the challenges the actor faced making The Perfect Storm.
Shawnee, Oklahoma Tuesday, May 02, 2000 Special Features Shawnee AutoHound Computer Question? Business Services Main Digests Home Tragedy Grips America
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Shawnee Schools
Tri-County Schools Local College State College ... Special Sections Things to Do City Guide TV Listings TV Features and Puzzles Chat Live Online Marketplace Local Web Directory Coupons Shopping Mall Classifieds Five questions with John C. Reilly: Facing challenges of 'The Perfect Storm' NEW YORK (AP) Playing a fisherman in "The Perfect Storm" was no easy task for John C. Reilly. His days were spent working on a boat off the coast of Gloucester, Mass., or in a tank filled with 1.8 million gallons of water on a Los Angeles soundstage. The film, which stars George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Diane Lane, is based on Sebastian Junger's 1997 best seller. It is the true story of a crew of commercial fishermen who battled three colliding storms in the Atlantic Ocean in 1991. Reilly plays Dale Murphy, or "Murph," whose wife leaves him because he spends too much time on the boat. "I wanted Murph to be the biggest guy on the boat. I gained about 30 pounds, and I grew this big old burly beard and my hair was all crazy," said Reilly, who loves stories about the ocean.

122. Bill O'Reilly: FAIR Resources
Critical articles, broadcasts, and links, from the media watch group FAIR.'reilly.html
Email: Name:
Bill O'Reilly
See also FAIR's resources on NewsCorp / Fox
"Reverend, you can go back to Africa if you want to. I mean, you could go and repatriate back to the continent or anywhere. Not any country will take U.S. citizens, but African countries will."
Bill O'Reilly, to slavery reparations advocate Rev. Al Dixon (The O'Reilly Factor, 3/6/01) Extra! articles

123. O'Reilly Bookstores: Central / South America
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Livraria Interciencia Ltda.

124. -- Online Catalog: Programming The Perl DBI
Information about the book by Alligator Descartes and Tim Bunce. Includes the full text of the Programming with the DBI chapter.

O'Reilly Home
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to get email notification of new editions, special offers, and more. Search on Safari Search contents of Programming the Perl DBI Code Fragments only Also see:
Table of Contents

Programming the Perl DBI
Database programming with Perl
By  Alligator Descartes Tim Bunce February 2000 ISBN: 1-56592-699-4 Buy from O'Reilly: Buy Online at: select a store O'Reilly

125. Affiliation - Author
Ifra, the association for newspaper and media technology. Harald Löffler. ILOG SA. O. O Reilly Network. Edd Dumbill. OASIS. Pam Gennusa. OpenMIND Consulting. Dan Riggs.
Affiliation - Author
B C D ... X A Activare Software Ramin Firoozye Adobe Systems, Inc. Jon Ferraiolo ... Anupama Ramanujan Previous Top B Dirk De Bosschere Kenneth Brooks Jaideep Roy ... Dan Rosen Previous Top C Cahners Business Information Jay Rothschild CAP Ventures, Inc. Michael Maziarka ... John Chelsom Previous Top D DataChannel Norbert Mikula Dept. of Media Technoology and Graphic Arts, KTH Dip. Automatica e Informatica - Politecnico di Torino ... Una Kearns Previous Top E EarthLink, Inc. Ranbir Chawla ECommerce Institute, School of Computer Science Robert Thibadeau ... Jean-Jacques Dubray Previous Top F Faculty of Law FTRD/DIH/HDM/DEI Previous Top G Stig Nordqvist Graphic Communications Association Norman Scharpf Paul F. Conn ... William Ray Previous Top H HCRC Language Technology Group Henry S. Thompson Helsinki University of Technology Simo Karttunen ... Frank Boumphrey Previous Top I IBM Almaden Research Center Don Chamberlin IBM Mark Colan ... ITEDO Software Previous Top J jGuru Bruce Martin Brian Lynn Previous Top K Kinecta Corporation Adam Souzis KPMG Consulting, LLP David Vun Kannon ... Yufei Wang Previous Top L L. A. Burman Associates

(Catholic Encyclopedia)
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... O > Hugh O'Reilly A B C D ... Z
Hugh O'Reilly
Wherever the primate's partisans commanded, the Protestant bishops, ministers, and people were safe, and were even protected in the exercise of their own religious worship. Archbishop O'Reilly was, throughout the war and the terrible years that followed it, the soul and guide of the national party; he did his utmost to restrain the violence of the people, who would have wreaked vengeance on their persecutors had they been left to their own instincts at that crisis. He urged Sir Phelim O'Neile and Lord Iveagh to keep the armed multitudes in check and prevent a massacre and pillage of Protestants . Such salutary restraint produced the most happy results, for even the rudest of the northern chieftains respected him too much to violate his lessons of forbearance and charity. When the great chieftain, Owen Roe, was dying, he had himself taken to Ballinacorgy Castle, the residence of his brother-in-law Philip O'Reilly, where he was attended by Archbishop O'Reilly. Local tradition gives the ruined Abbey of the Holy Trinity, on an island a few miles from Ballinagorgy Castle, as his last resting place. In the same locality Archbishop O'Reilly was buried. The primate's signature is still to be seen in most of the manifestoes of the Confederation of Kilkenny as "Hugo Armacanus". D'Alton, History of Ireland, III (Dublin, 1910); Gilbert, Hist. of the Irish Confederation and the War in Ireland, 1640-41 (7 vols., Dublin, 1882-91).

127. Index
Reilly, NP, Dwight, SA, Godfrey, KJ, Davis, PA, Lynch, RS (1994). Career commitment buffers the stress of new nurses. Dwight, SA, Reilly, NP (1995, May).
THE HOMEPAGE OF Nora P. Reilly, Ph.D. Home Classes I Teach Links Pets Research Research Dr. Reilly's research interests involve the behavioral expression of commitment, mood and emotion in organizations, and issues related to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Refereed publications: Journal of College Student Retention Teaching evaluations of persons with disabilities differ according to the nature of the disability. Journal of Rehabilitation, 64(1) Career commitment buffers the stress of new nurses. Applied H.R.M.Research Reilly, N. P. Exploring a paradox: Commitment as a moderator of the stressor-burnout relationship. Journal of Applied Social Psychology A career stage analysis of career and organizational commitment in nursing. Journal of Vocational Behavior Self-consciousness, role-discrepancy, and depressive affect. In R. Schwarzer and R. A. Wicklund (Eds.) Anxiety and self-focused attention (pp. 27-40). New York: Harwood Academic Publishers. Factors impacting the perception of and satisfaction with veterinary services. Health Marketing Quarterly, 6(4)

128. O'Reilly Network: [2004 04, June]
Questions on XML and its use with lengthy answers. O'Reilly
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129. Irish American Post
O’Reilly’sa terrible man for the ducks. He glanced back at the clock and his head made an almost indiscernible twitch towards the rotund arm of the law.
FEB/MAR 04 / VOL. 4 ISSUE 5 It’s Just a Matter of Time By Patrick Taylor There is a difference between broken and bent. If you don’t believe me, I’ll explain. As with anything vaguely related to Dr. Fingal Flahertie O’Reilly, you may find the explanation convoluted. When I worked for Dr. O’Reilly, Ireland had returned to daylight savings time. But during the second great numbered unpleasantness we had had a peculiar system of "double summer time" when the clocks were advanced not one but two hours. This, it was widely believed, had been introduced to foil the Luftwaffe’s night bombing raids. How, the denizens of Ballybucklebo reasoned, could the German airforce indulge themselves in a touch of nocturnal bombing when there was no longer such a thing as night and the sun, literally, shone at midnight? (It was this kind of reasoning that allowed the Irish to plan a manned mission to the Sun. They’d avoid the heat by going after dark.) The Germans short-circuited the defensive ploy by resorting to, what was, according to the new clock settings, very early morning bombing raids. This upset that sense of fairness so dear to the hearts of the average Ulsterman. The Germans were regarded as no longer playing by the rules. Dr. Fingal Flahertie O’Reilly would never have failed to play by the rules. Never. He was, or at least as far as Her Majesty’s Royal Navy had been concerned, he had been an officer and a gentleman. I can categorically assure you I never saw him break a single rule during all the time I spent with him.

130. Secure Internet Servers/Firewalls With OpenBSD: Table Of Content
Outline notes for the halfday tutorial presented at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference in Monterey, California on July 17, 2000.
Secure Internet Servers/Firewalls with OpenBSD: Table of Content
These note are the outline for the half-day tutorial on Secure Internet Servers/Firewalls with OpenBSD: Table of Content presented at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference in Monterey, California on July 17, 2000.
  • Secure Internet Servers/Firewalls with OpenBSD What you will learn today: Who should be here today: What you will not learn today ... The End
  • 131. EMBOJ -- Abstracts: O'Reilly Et Al. 15 (24): 6979
    Home page J. WilsonAnnan, LA O Reilly, SA Crawford, G. Hausmann, JG Beaumont, LP Parma, L. Chen, M. Lackmann, T. Lithgow, MG Hinds, CL Day, JM Adams, and D
    Year: Vol: Page:
    Similar articles found in:
    EMBO Journal Online

    PubMed Citation This Article has been cited by: other online articles Search PubMed for articles by:
    O'Reilly, L. A.
    Strasser, A. Alert me when:
    new articles cite this article

    Download to Citation Manager
    The cell death inhibitor Bcl-2 and its homologues influence control of cell cycle entry
    LA O'Reilly, DC Huang and A Strasser
    The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, PO Royal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria, Australia. The effect of the cell death inhibitor Bcl-2 and its homologues on cell cycle regulation was explored in lymphocytes and cell lines. Expression of a bcl-2 transgene reduced proliferation of thymocytes and delayed cell cycle entry of mitogen-stimulated B and T lymphocytes. Overexpression of Bcl-2, Bcl-xL or adenovirus E1B19kD substantially delayed serum stimulation-induced S phase entry of quiescent NIH 3T3 fibroblasts. Bcl-2-mediated cell survival and growth inhibition are both antagonized by Bax. Bcl-2, Bcl-xL and E1B19kD, but not Bcl-2 mutants that are defective in

    132. NewsFactor Network - - What Can Ruby Do For The Enterprise?
    By Joe Zonker Brockmeier. Not only is Ruby advancing, but other languages are taking cues from it. O'Reilly Network technical editor chromatic says Ruby influences Perl 6 design. Short text, a few links. NewsFactor
    NewsFactor Enterprise I.T. Sites: Top Tech News CIO Wireless Security ... CRM
    June 4, 2004 Updated Daily
    Home/Top News


    Top Tech News
    CRM Alert
    Wireless Industry Alert Top CIO News Enterprise Security Report Data Storage Report BPM Industry Alert Contact Center Industry Alert
    document.write(''); NewsFactor Top Tech News What Can Ruby Do for the Enterprise? By Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier NewsFactor Network February 27, 2003 4:00AM Not only is Ruby moving ahead, but other languages are taking cues from it. For example, O'Reilly Network technical editor chromatic said Ruby is having some influence on the design of Perl 6. From small businesses to global enterprises, Intel gives you the tools and resources to help your organization succeed. Browse our library of business strategies and solutions, and get the information you need to stay on top of the latest technologies. document.write(''); Earlier this month, NewsFactor explored how enterprises might reap business benefits by using an object-oriented programming language called Python. We also compared Perl and PHP as candidates for use in IT projects. To round out our coverage of scripting languages, we wanted to take a look at a promising up-and-comer called Ruby.

    133. Life Of Reilly: Leaf Life
    the thoughts of ignatius Reilly, Life of Reilly, » More about me. Favorite Blogs •, CarmenSupra. RSS feed. Calendar «, May 2004, ». Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su. . . . . .
    Homepage - Click to enter the World of Weblogging Start your very own Weblog in less than two minutes
    the thoughts of ignatius reilly
    Life of Reilly
    Favorite Blogs
    RSS feed
    June 2004 Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Search this Weblog
    Entries "Leaf Life":
    the sounds of flowing water
    Friday, 13 February 2004
    Fisherman's Daughter The Waifs (from the Up All Night album, 2003) First heard this in Italy, last summer. I’d put some radio progs. on the jukebox and had forgotten about them. Lazing around in the sun listening to music, I came across them and there was some highlights from the Cambridge Folk Festival and on this was The Waifs performing Fisherman’s Daughter. I liked the country folk feel working with the so obvious Australian voices – and the harmonica! I love the way Vikki Simpson plays that harmonica – with soul and ever so slightly bluesy. The Waifs sound like they want you to know they come from down under. They’re a trio of two sisters, Vikki and Donna Simpson and Josh Cunningham. They play a mixture of country, folk and blues, which gets labelled as alt. country…or maybe new folk…I don’t know. They sound good, especially when you’ve got some mundane task to do at work. Or just lazing in the sun. According to the radio, they're also Bob Dylan's favourite band of the moment - they had previously supported him on tour. You couldn't hope for a better recommendation than that.

    134. Life Of Reilly: In The Days Before Rock And Roll
    the thoughts of ignatius Reilly, Life of Reilly, » More about me. Calendar «, May 2004, ». Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su. . . . . . 1, 2. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.
    Homepage - Click to enter the World of Weblogging Start your very own Weblog in less than two minutes
    the thoughts of ignatius reilly
    Life of Reilly
    June 2004 Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Search this Weblog
    11 February 2004 at 13:23 In The Days Before Rock and Roll Van Morrison (from the Enlightenment album, 1990) I found it difficult to choose. I like the spirituality conveyed in So Quiet In Here , the depth in See Me Through , the optimism of Youth of a 1000 Summers I finally picked In The Days Before Rock and Roll , not only because it’s a good song, but it was the first song that brought me to Van Morrison. That’s late considering his output over the previous twenty years. But like now, when I say I can’t get enthusiastic about heavy metal and stuff, twenty years before Enlightenment, heavy guitar music was all I required. I actually saw Van Morrison in 1974 – at Knebworth. It’s strange to think that now. I can only remember being impatient for the next act to come on. I can’t recall any of the songs he performed. I think that’s a shame. Especially as I do remember The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – they were amusing and quite good but they were really a bit of a novelty rock act – I should have paid the same attention to Morrison. Still, it was a great day and I managed to get sunburnt down just one half of my face – it being a north to south orientated venue. I was the original two-tone boy for a week afterwards. In The Days Before Rock and Roll – I wonder what experiences the goldfish had and how they compare to mine. Did we meet somewhere along the stream? I bet. Lester Piggott, 10/1.

    135. - Magnolia
    Interview with the actor about his role in For Love of the Game.

    Buy Your PDL Poster!!

    PTA Picks
    When I watched it, it was the first time I realized that you could be really punk rock in a movie. You could do just anything: it didn't necessarily have to make sense. - PTA (8/98)
    Order from
    John C. Reilly - AOL Chat Transcript

    Tvgchat: Welcome, John, thanks for joining us tonight. John C. Reilly: Hello to everyone! Question: Of the two movies Boogie Nights and Never Been Kissed, which movie did you like the most? John C. Reilly: I like Boogie Nights the most. More the sort of movie that I would go see. Question: Do you think of yourself as a star? Or a star to be? John C. Reilly: I think of myself as an actor. All that other stuff is just an unfortunate reality of the business. Question: If you were to be in any past movie, what would that movie be? Question: If you were to be in any future movie, what would it be about? John C. Reilly: It would be a musical. It would be about everything. Question: I plan on going to see your movie! How did you like acting with the Yankees and Kevin Costner? John C. Reilly: I thoroughly enjoyed acting with the Yankees. I got to know Kevin. Baseball has been very painful to me. :)

    136. O'Reilly
    else, though, there’sa series of manuals that may make Brett obsolete. Well, not literally – Brett is too good. But the O’Reilly Annoyances series come
    BOOKS TILTING AT THE SOFTWARE WINDMILL The ANNOYANCES Books And How They Grew THE ANNOYANCES SERIES. T he motto around here is, We are not the first, I’m sure, to note that if cars required the same kind of skill and concern to run them as do computers, we’d all still be riding horses. The computer, today, still demands a measure of technical skill and concern that precludes turning the bloody things on and watching them run like our watches do. Of course, we forget the early days of the automobile, when the most popular song was, " Get out and get under your automobile ." The early days of the automobile, it seems required the same kind of skill and attention by non-mechanics as does the computer today. And in fact, one of my best friends – literally – is a guy I’ve never met in person, but he’s someone I talk to more than anybody I know. He’s a techie at Microsoft, without whom I couldn’t say three intelligent things on this web site. Brett is more valuable to me – and the others he serves – than my doctor or my lawyer. Annoyances series come darn close. And even Brett confesses that he likes them.

    137. Bill O'Reilly  Bill
    An archive of critical news articles and reports about O'Reilly.
    Bill O'Reilly Takes a Spin!
    Bill O'Reilly!
    The No Spin Zone
    The Factor
    O'Reilly Gear for sale!
    Bill O'Reilly has become a true phenomenon indeed. Bill O'Reilly and his No-Spin Zone show "The Factor" are top-rated on the Fox News cable channel. Even TV Guide ran a glowing piece about O'Reilly. But let's go beyond the hype:
    Bill O'Reilly Falsely Claims to Speak for Workers
    O'Reilly's false claim
    Two fans of Bill O'Reilly prove they've been duped!
    Bill O'Reilly Can't Even Tell the Truth About Himself
    If a talk show pundit brags about running a No-Spin Zone, how can you believe him when he misrepresents his own background? O'Reilly claims to have a "working class" upbringing. He seems to feel that gives him some insight into how to look out for "the little guy," one of his self-appointed roles. Problem is, O'Reilly's childhood was not "working class" at all. See Bill O'Reilly #1
    Bill O'Reilly Advocates Mass Murder!

    138. WorkingForChange-BuzzFlash Interview: Peter Hart
    BUZZFLASH Let’s look at the biography of O Reilly. Here’sa man who was essentially a tabloid journalist while hosting Inside Edition for several years.

    139. O'Reilly Open Source Software Convention 2002 -- Perl Conference
    Participants in this conference focus on the hereand-now (Perl 5, new modules, XML and web services) as well as the future (Perl 6 and Parrot).
    All of Books Conferences
    Registration Speakers Keynotes ... Mail List
    From the Frontiers of Research to the Heart of the Enterprise
    O'Reilly Open Source Convention
    Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina
    July 22-26, 2002 San Diego, CA

    Larry Wall speaking at the 2001 Perl Conference.
    The Perl Conference 6
    Perl legends Larry Wall and Damian Conway present the current state of Perl 6, the latest edition of the leading general purpose scripting language. Participants in this conference focus on the here-and-now (Perl 5, new modules, XML and web services) as well as the future (Perl 6 and Parrot).
    Return to Open Source Convention Home Home ...

    140. Wing TV - Connect The Dots
    scene. Which brings us back to Bill O’Reilly – here’sa guy with more clout than any other broadcaster in the business. He’sa
    Connecting the Dots
    Bill O'Reilly: Revolutionary? Nah.

    by Victor Thorn
    Bill O’Reilly, on the other hand, isn’t afraid to step on a few toes or take a swing. The biggest problem with him, though, is that he’s not telling us the truth about 9-11, government drug trafficking and money laundering, the Clinton’s propensity for killing their enemies in cold blood, or how the Globalists are deliberately debilitating this nation. In fact, I’ll even go so far as to say that the supposed “no-spin” pundit is precisely part of the world’s problems because he won’t expose these glaring injustices, or offer some viable solutions.
    Sure, O’Reilly is constantly “embattled” and criticized by the likes of The New York Times , Al Franken, and the liberal NPR crowd, but what is taking place is nothing more than another Hegelian divide-and-conquer plot where the stage actors are all playing their parts (oftentimes knowingly, but at others inadvertently). The saddest part is; the majority of people think this spiel is real. They’ll laugh at those who don’t know that professional wrestling is fake, yet they’re the same one’s who are sucked into this contrived Wizard of Oz drama scene.
    Which brings us back to Bill O’Reilly – here’s a guy with more clout than any other broadcaster in the business. He’s a chart-topping author, he’s rich, and it’s safe to say that he’s pissed off at what’s taking place in this country. What if this guy with power, influence, and a balls-to-the-wall attitude finally got fed-up enough with those who are selling America’s soul down the creek and did something about it? Rather than simply scratch the surface during his commentaries, he actually stated exposing the devil transgressors in a real, meaningful way. And I don’t mean simply alluding to the folks who, for example, put explosive charges in Oklahoma City’s Murrah Federal Building and brought it to the ground; but blasted them out of the water with the glaring light of exposure.

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