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         Platt Rutherford Hayes:     more detail
  1. First Book of Adam and Eve by Rutherford Hayes, 1894-1975 Platt, 2010-08-25
  2. A history of Battery F, 323d field artillery by McDonald Howard Riggs -1896 Platt Rutherford Hayes 1894-1975, 1920-12-31

61. Biography
His commanding office, Rutherford B. Hayes, later to become Under President Hayes he was assistant secretary of own affairs, subject only to the Platt Amendment
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William McKinley 25th President of the United States William McKinley was one of the kindiest and most peace-loving of U.S. Presidents. Yet he led the United States at a time when most Americans were determined to go to war. And the life of this gentle and sympathetic man was brought to an end by bullets from an assassin's gun. Few men in public life have been more loved by the American people than McKinley, and few have had more devoted friends. It was not because of his deeds as president or even because of this tragic death by an assissin but simply because he was one of the most gentle, kindly, and considerate of men. He was naturally sociable and jovial, but because of his wife's ill health they led a very quiet life. During the years in the White House, enteraining was limited to state functions. He usually spent his evenings at home, reading poetry aloud while his wife crocheted. He had no hobbies and never, even as a child, engaged in sports, yet he was a delightful companion, full of fun and high spirits. McKinley was a short, stocky man. He carried himself stiffly erect, in an unconscious effort to increase his height. Some of the cartoonists of the day thought he resembled the French emperor Napoleon. He dressed with great care. A red carnation in the buttonhole of his coat and a spotless white linen vest were fresh every day.

he is a Republican, and cast his first vote for Rutherford B. Hayes. Submitted by Shirley Platt From Biographical Sketches, History of Daviess County .
THOMAS RILEY Thomas Riley, an ex-policeman of Washington, Ind., and proprietor of one of the leading retail liquor establishments of that city, was born in Daviess county, February 27, 1845, and is the son of Patrick and Mary (Cassidy) Riley, both natives of Ireland. His father was born in county Cavan, Ireland, in 1804, son of Thomas and Bridget (Bigelow) Riley, the former of county Cavan, the latter of county Monaghan. When Patrick was about twenty years old he came to America and located in Pennsylvania. His first net earnings in this country were applied to procuring the passage of his father across the ocean. He had entered some land in Barr township, Daviess county, Ind., in 1838, and in 1839 was joined by his father (his mother having already died), who died at New Albany in 1854. Patrick Riley married Mary Cassidy, at Cincinnati, Ohio. He died in June, 1850; she in November, 1872. They were the parents of the following children: Mary A.; Julia; Thomas; Margaret; and Mary, of whom Thomas, our subject, alone survives. All were earnest Catholics and progressive farmers, accumulating an estate of 240 acres in Daviess county, which fell to Thomas, the subject of this sketch. Thomas Riley was educated in the common schools of the county, remaining at home until 1874, working on the farm during the summer months and being engaged in railroad work during the winters. In 1874 he sold the farm and engaged in the retail liquor business in Washington, in which business he has continued since, with the exception of two years, 1883-1884 when he served on the Washington police force.

63. Arsenal Vs Tottenham
A), Milne(W), Butler, John, Rutherford(J), Brain 31 Scorers Milton , Logie , Goring Team Platt, Chenhall, Smith(L S), O Leary, Keown, Hayes, Rocastle, Nicholas
HOME info, history, people, ... HELP
Full record of North London derby matches
See also: Arsenal vs Tottenham page for more stats and links etc, and Derbys page for summary stats. Arsenal's score shown first. Home matches played at the Arsenal Stadium, Highbury from season 1913/14 to present, and at the Manor Ground, Plumstead between 1894/95 and 1912/13. Away matches all played at White Hart Lane, Tottenham. ArseWeb reports on recent matches are linked to.
Football League Division 1
04/12/1909 (Home, att: 18,000)
Scorers : Lawrence(W)
Team : McDonald(H), McDonald(D), Shaw(Jo), Ducat, Sands, McEachrane, Greenaway, Stevens, Hoare, Lawrence(W), Neave
16/04/1910 (Away, att: 39,800)
Scorers : McGibbon
Team : McDonald(H), McDonald(D), Shaw(Jo), Ducat, Thomson, McEachrane, Greenaway, Lewis(C), McGibbon, Lawrence(W), Heppinstall
03/12/1910 (Away, att: 16,000)
Scorers : Chalmers
Team : Bateup, Gray, Shaw(Jo), Ducat, Thomson, McEachrane, Lewis(C), Common, Chalmers, Shortt, Neave
08/04/1911 (Home, att: 24,583)

Smith Hayes, wife of Rutherford Hayes and grandmother of our 19th president, Rutherford B. Hayes. Sarah was the daughter of Platt Crofut and Polly Gardner.
The following genealogy was donated to me by Phyllis Long who is interested in anyone connecting to this line. Her e-mail address is:
First Generation
1. Titus Humiston Sr. Born on 30 Nov 1751 in Litchfield, Conn. Titus died in Colesville, Broome, New York on 27 Sep 1819, he was 67. Buried in Colesville, Broome, New York. Titus built a home in Northfield, Conn., and it has an historical marker name plaque that says "Titus Humiston 1774". The home was still standing and people living there in 1980. He and his family moved to Colesville, N.Y. before 1800. His will, recorded Nov. 11, 1819 mentions wife, Molly, a possible second wife. History of Broome Co. N.Y. says he came to Colesville in 1795 with 15 children. According to birth dates of the children, if he came in 1795, there were most likely 12 children by then. From the Early Land Records of Broome Co. Ny 1806-1820:
Humaston, Titus from Jesse Wilmont May 18, 1808. Colesville history books give a wonderful story about Titus Sr. moving to NY from Connecticut by oxcart in the wintertime. He had a number of children, and the youngest, Titus Jr. apparently fell, still bundled, into the snow, and was not noticed to be missing for some miles. They went back to find him perfectly safe. This story quoted from David Humiston, a direct descendant of Titus Jr. They had the following children:
2 i. Elisha (1776-1851)

65. WebGED: Sanford Families Data Page
following from Tipton Co., TN Family Histories by Sallie Hayes. 1842 d. 1909 father Sanford, Isaac Platt(1811 - 1887 B - m. 19 JUL 1824 in Rutherford co., TN
previous go to surnames Sanford, Frances
Sanford, Barbara Researcher: (Sandie) Source: Father's will spouse: Ethel, ?
child: Ethel, John Sanford, Frances
b. 1647 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI
Sanford, Samuel(1635 - r0861)
mother: Spatchurst, Susanna Sarah LDS Ancestral Files gives name; yob; pob; Sanford, Frances
father: Sanford, Richard(1672 - 1759)
mother: Franklin, Susannah(1676 - ) Researcher: (Sandie) Sources: 1)Father's will spouse: Harrison, ? Sanford, Frances
b. 1751
Sanford, Youell(1732 - r0944) mother: Spence, Elizabeth Pope(1732 - ) Sources: 1)Father's will Sanford, Frances father: Researcher: Westin) Sanford, Frances father: Sanford, Elihu mother: Fisher, Elizabeth DAR Records Vol 45 page 140: lists as child of Elihu and Elizabeth spouse: Pease, William child: Pease, William Elliott Sanford, Frances father: Sanford, Elijah Monroe mother: Coulson, Sarah(1824 - 1908) posted online by (James O Mayor) Sanford, Frances "Fannie"

66. Jack Kelsey Fan Club Full Listing
61. Martin Hayes 198190. 83. David Platt - David Andrew Platt 1995-98. 57. Jock Rutherford - John Rutherford 1913-26 or John James 1925-26? Contents.htm
The Jack Kelsey Fan Club The Unofficial 'Who Was Who' pages of Arsenal Football Club Full listing of Players and Mangers to appear. George Allison (Manager) 1934-47 Viv Anderson - Vivian Alexander Anderson 1984-87 Nicolas Anelka 1996-99 George Armstrong - George Armstrong 1961-77 Jimmy Ashcroft - James Ashcroft 1900-08 Alf Baker - Alfred Baker 1919-31 Joe Baker - Joseph Henry Baker 1962-66 Alan Ball - Alan James Ball 1971-77 Wally Barnes 1946-56 John Barnwell 1956-64 Cliff Bastin - Clifford Sydney Bastin 1929-47 Fred Beardsley 1886-1891 Albert Beasley - Albert Edward Beasley 1931-37 Rob Benson - Robert William Benson 1913-15 Jimmy Bloomfield - James Henry Bloomfield 1954-61 Billy Blyth - William Naismith Blyth 1914-29 Stevie Bould - Stephen Andrew Bould 1988-99 Ray Bowden - Edwin Raymond Bowden 1932-38 Dave Bowen - David Lloyd Bowen 1950-59 Frank Bradshaw 1914-23 Liam Brady - William Liam Brady 1973-80 Jimmy Brain - James Brain 1924-31 Charlie Buchan - Charles Murray Buchan 1925-28 Jack Butler - John Dennis Butler 1919-30 Kevin Campbell - Kevin Joseph Campbell 1987-95 Herbert Chapman - Herbert Chapman 1925-34 (Manager) Danny Clapton - Daniel Robert Clapton 1954-62 Ernest Tim Coleman - Ernest Coleman 1931-34 J G Tim Coleman - John George Coleman 1902-08 Alf Common - Alfred Common 1910-13 Denis Compton - Denis Charles Scott Compton 1936-50

67. Rutherford County, NC Marriages
This is marriages of Rutherford Co., NC from the mid JF Padgett, Byrd Feb 28, 1920 Q58 Hayes, Albert Padgett DP Poice, Julia R. Dec 3, 1888 N38 Platt, George H
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68. Rutherford County, NC Marriages
WB Woody, Mary Lou Oct 19, 1879 M65 Platt, George H Eliza Aug 1857 L63 Right, William Hayes, Minnie E JD Davis, Sarah Dec 28, 1865 L110 Rutherford, William Carson
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69. Waukegan Public Library /All Locations
Platt Randall Beth 1948 1997 1 Platt Richard 19 Platt Richard 1953 See Platt Richard 1 Platt Rutherford 1894 See Platt Rutherford Hayes 1894 1 Platt,10,340,925/search/aPlatt, Rutherford Hay
WORD AUTHOR TITLE SUBJECT Children's Collection Bookmobile Collection Audio/Visual Collection Spanish Collection View Entire Collection Nearby AUTHORS are: Prev Next Mark Year Entries Platt P Phyllis Platt Phyllis See Platt P Phyllis
Platt Randall Beth 1948
Platt Richard
Platt Richard 1953 See Platt Richard
Platt Rutherford 1894 See Platt Rutherford Hayes 1894
Platt Rutherford Hayes 1894

Platt Suzy

Platt Walter
... Platters Musical Group
Plattner Mark 1945 See Plattner Marc F 1945
Platyna 1421 1481 See Platina 1421 1481

70. Marmot Library Network /Marmot
1891 1943 1 Platt Rodney c1998 1 Platt Rosemary 2 Platt Rutherford 2 Platt Rutherford H 2 Platt Rutherford Hayes 1963 1 Platt Rutherford Hayes 1894 25 Platt,1901/search/aPlatt, Rosemary./apla
WORD AUTHOR TITLE SUBJECT Adams State College Aspen School District Basalt Regional Library District Colorado Mountain College Durango Public Library Durango Public Library Juvenile Eagle Valley Library District Eagle Valley Library Juvenile Garfield County Public Library Garfield County Public Library Juvenile Gunnison County Public Library Gunnison Public Library, Juvenile Collection Mesa County Public Library Mesa County Public Library, Juvenile Collection Mesa Valley School District 51 Mesa Valley School District 51 Elementary Schools Mesa State College Pitkin County Library Pitkin County Library, Juvenile Collection Plateau Valley School Plateau Valley School, Elementary Southwest Library Services Steamboat Springs Community Libraries Steamboat Springs Juvenile Collection Summit County Public Library Summit County Library, Juvenile Collection Wilkinson Public Library Wilkinson Public Library, Juvenile Vail Library Western State College Basalt Regional Library, Juvenile Collection ASD Elementary School ASD Middle School Lib.

71. Untitled Document
Stewart, Robert, William Stewart, Mary Jane Hayes, NG, Bohillion, 29, 1916/07/16, Hamilton, Andrew Rutherford, Robert Hamilton, 03/08, 1951/06/17, Platt, Isobel Margaretta,
Births by Date of Baptism 1877 onward ID Date of Birth Date of Baptism Surname Child Father Mother Father's Occupation Address Minister Reference Wright Margaret John Margaret Jane Wright NG Creeve Scott Frances Robert Ch. El. Ferris NG Legnaduff Hannah Joseph Samuel Mary Mc Clean NG Castruse Fisher Smiley Mary Robert Rachel Glen NG Cloon Irwin George George Sarah May Roulston NG Garshooey Brown Ellen Robert Mary Mc Clintock NG Cloon Steel Mary John Margaret Payne NG Garshooey Morrison Marg. Moorehead Thomas Jane Hall NG Kildrum 1877/NG/NG Campbell William Andrew Mary Thompson NG Drumbarnet Mc Kee Margaret William Margaret Mc Nutt NG Ballyarrell Mackey James Edward James Mary Jane Wilson NG Monellan Mc Gowan Catherine Thomas Isabella Colhoun NG Leitrim Mc Clintock Sarah Catherine William Isabella Wray NG Drumbarnet Hamilton Margaret Anne James Margaret Glass NG Garshooey Gallagher David George James Jane Mary Mc Kinley NG Roosky Irwin Cath. Georgina Hugh Irwin Sarah Crockett Reverend Crossroads Manse Colhoun Rebecca Robert Rebecca Mc Ilhenney NG Kildrum Walker Adam William Eliza Jane Finlay NG Drumlougher Smiley Ann Margaret Robert Rachel Glen NG Cloon Smyth Samuel William Margaret Anne Allen NG Tirroddy Wright Ellen John Margaret Wright NG Drumlougher Miller Matilda John Rebeckah Edminston NG Dunmore Scott William John Robert Charlotte E. Ferris

72. Links/Resources
Rutherford B. Hayes. Lemonade Lucy. BlandAllison Act. James A. Garfield. Platt Amendment. Open Door Policy. Boxer Rebellion. McKinley Assassination. Panama Canal.
AP Course Info. Class Syllabus Study Guides Textbook Companion Site ... BHS Social Studies Home Page
AP U.S. History
Mr. Parks
Course Description: Survey of United States History 1492 - Present 1 credit hour / Full Year Course Class Fee $50 (subject to change) - Student Textbook Space is limited and enrollment will be competitive This course is designed to provide a learning experience comparable to that of a college course. It is also intended to assist in preparation for the AP U.S. History Test administered in May. Over 240,000 students from across the nation take the test every year and on average, 52% earn a score of 3 or higher. Many universities will issue credits for students scoring a 3, 4 or 5. The test will focus primarily on domestic events from the years 1787 - 1975 and contains no military history . It consists of 80 multiple-choice questions, two free response essays, and a document based essay. Each section has a time limit and no outside sources may be used. This class is structured to meet the recommended guidelines of the College Board. Please refer to their web site for more information. http://

73. Tuscaloosa Public Library /All Locations
11 Platt Randall Beth 1948 2 Platt Richard 9 Platt Richard 1946 1998 1 Platt Richard 1953 2000 1 Platt Rutherford 1894 See Platt Rutherford Hayes 1894 1.,947,389/search/aPlatt, Oliver./
WORD AUTHOR TITLE SUBJECT Children's Local History Large Print Homebound View Entire Collection Nearby AUTHORS are: Prev Next Mark Year Entries Platt Dorothy Falcon Platt Harvey J Platt Kin Platt Larry ... Next

74. FC M-Z
b.9/17/1969, d.2/27/1972, age 2 Platt, Sean, b 50 Rutherford, Jessie, d.4/23/1955, age 86 Rutherford, Almus, d Roy, d.9/9/1948, age 75 Tower, Clara, Hayes, d.1935
Up MacDonald, Leta, b.10/27/1926, d.4/27/1932, age 5
Magee, H, M, b.1849, d.1907, age 58
Magee, Mary, Drake, b.1839, d.1922, age 83
Magee, James, T, b.1826, d.1911, age 85
Magee, Eunice, b.1840, d.1904, age 64
Magnuson, Robert, William, b.12/6/1931, d.5/24/1996, age 64
Magnuson, Thelma, Joanne, b.1/23/1932, d.6/19/1992, age 60
Mahanna, John, d.5/29/1931, age 70
Main, Edwin, L, d.6/4/1960, age 63
Majors, Ezilda, b.1827, d.1913, age 76 Maki, Alice, Belva, b.12/1/1911, d.3/10/1998, age 86 Mapes, Glen, d.2/17/1960, age 66 Mapes, Olive, b.12/30/1894, d.10/23/1965, age 70 Mapes, Dale, Russell, d.1991, age 70 Marsden, Henry (Dr.), W, d.12/6/191956, age 63 Martin, William, m, b.2/27/1967, d.3/3/1967, age Martin, Walter, Sylvester, b.1/23/11, d.1/15/97, age 85 Martin, baby boy, d.1967 Martin, Lola, May, d.1932, age 24 Martindale, Harriett, A, b.5/20/1890, d.5/29/1963, age 73 Martindale, Verna, N, d.1967, age 55 Martindale, George, A, d.1992, age 78 Martindale, Frank, b.9/10/1888, d.9/22/1964, age 76 Martindale, Cora, b.1859, d.1954, age 95

75. Guide To The Fairbanks Mss., 1819-1939
Hay, Eugene Gano; Hay, John Milton; Hayes, Rutherford Birchard; Haynes, Elwood; Hays Platt, Orville Hitchcok; Platt, Thomas Collier; Porter, John Addison; 111894, May.
Lilly Library Finding Aids simple search advanced search browse help ... return to search results
Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
Guide to the Fairbanks mss., 1819-1939
Summary Information
    Repository: Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
    Lilly Library
    Indiana University
    1200 E. Seventh St.
    Bloomington, IN 47405-5500
    Phone: 812-855-2452
    Fax: 812-855-3143
    Creator: Fairbanks, Charles W. (Charles Warren), 1852-1918.
    Title: Fairbanks mss., 1819-1939
    Collection No.: LMC 1386 Extent: 150,006 items Abstract: Consists of letters and papers of Charles Warren Fairbanks, 1852-1918, U.S. senator from Indiana and vice president (1905-1909), and his son, Warren Charles Fairbanks, 1878-1938, newspaper publisher. The Charles Warren Fairbanks material, which comprises the bulk of the collection, consists of correspondence with prominent political figures, businessmen, bankers, friends, relatives and constituents; manuscript and printed speeches of Fairbanks; law office papers; bills and receipts; miscellaneous papers; newspaper clippings; invitations; calling cards; pictures; slides of Fairbanks's trip around the world, 1909-1910; and miscellaneous printed matter. The Warren Charles Fairbanks papers, 1918-1938, relate to the settlement of the estate of his father, Charles Warren Fairbanks; the Indianapolis News; the Fairbanks Blue ridge farms in Piatt County, Illinois; and the Fairbanks Valley farms in Greene County, Illinois.
Administrative Information

76. Aug 11 - Author Anniversaries
ps Hugh MacDIARMID) 1894 Freda (Irma) (nee)Samuels KEHM, 1Mrs KRAMER 1894 Marie (Henriette) GOOSSENS, Mrs LAURENCE 1894 Rutherford Hayes Platt, Jr 1895
Author Anniversaries for Aug 11
If you find a person's date of birth or death on this page and want to find that person's date of death or birth, or other information, try looking them up in the New General Catalog of Old Books and Authors pages. Born: nee )Bryan PIATT 1836: Sir, Hugh GILZEAN-REID 1841: George Cameron RANKIN 1848: William ANDREWS 1857: Stanton COIT 1862: Carrie ( nee )Jacobs BOND 1862: Malcolm Weethie SPARROW (ps: Max MOINEAU) 1862: Sir, David HENDERSON 1865: Gifford PINCHOT 1872: Hugh CABOT 1873: May Wilson PRESTON 1878: Oliver William Foster LODGE (ps: William FOSTER) 1878: Roland McMillan HARPER 1879: Anna Beatrice DOERSCHUK 1880: Theodore Leslie SHEAR 1881: Thomas Alwyn (Jones) LLOYD 1882: Bernard FALK 1882: Charles Christopher JENKINS 1882: Frederick Felix POTTER 1882: Horace Meyer KALLEN 1889: Arturo MARTINI 1889: Edward Harry William MEYERSTEIN 1889: Prof, Alexander Killen MACBETH 1891: Alfred Louis BACHARACH 1892: Bernard LICHTENBERG 1892: Christopher Murray GRIEVE (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) 1894: Freda (Irma) ( nee nee nee Died: nee nee nee nee MITFORD, 1:Mrs GUINNESS 2003: Laura (Golde) (

77. Pl - New General Catalog Of Old Books & Authors
n ? James Platt (M 1861 1910) John Platt (M c1953 - 2001 May 7) Norman Platt (M 1920 Aug 29 - 2004 Jan 4) Rutherford Hayes Platt, Jr (M 1894 Aug 11
New General Catalog of Old Books and Authors
Author names starting with Pl
Follow these links for explanations of the of this catalog, its condition of use , the dates , the general abbreviations , the language abbreviations , the nationality abbreviations electronic library codes used, and for advice on buying or borrowing selling or valuing old books. If you have any corrections, additions or other suggestions, please send them to Sol(=Solomon Tshekisho) PLAATJE (M: 1876 (or 1877) Oct 9 - 1932 Jun 19) R BU RFORD) Kate PLAKE (F: 1838 - ?) T H nee R ,QW The Republic [AG-BC?] (tr Benjamin JOWETT) [1871] P The Republic [AG-BC?] (tr Paul SHOREY) [?] Apology [AG-BC?] (tr Benjamin JOWETT) [1871] P Phaedo [AG-BC?] (tr Harold N FOWLER) [?] Phaedo [AG-BC?] (tr Benjamin JOWETT) [1871] W Crito [AG-BC?] (tr Benjamin JOWETT) [1871] P Crito [AG-BC?] (tr Harold N FOWLER) [?] Crito [AG-BC?] (tr Benjamin JOWETT) [1871] P Theaetetus [AG-BC?] (tr Harold N FOWLER) [?] Theaetetus [AG-BC?] (tr Benjamin JOWETT) [1871] P Protagoras [AG-BC?] (tr Walter R M LAMB) [?]

78. The Internet Antiques Guide - A Comprehensive Directory Of Antiques On The Inter
by George Cruikshank, 1817; Cape Ann Willows by Charles Platt, 1887; Le Bronze Life Size Memorial Bust of President Rutherford B. Hayes; Bronze- Bust of

79. Findians Paradise - Books About Cricket Volume 1
46 of the best cricketers for Gloucestershire by Dean Hayes. the northwest, 1943-1963 by William Henry Walker Platt. a way to make a living by Ken Rutherford.
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Book Numbers: 1 - 100 A history of cricket in Hampshire
by Norman Gannaway. (Copy Title or Author from here and enter in the special Alibris SEARCH BOX in the Introduction.)

80. Ca. 2800 Englischsprachige Werke
Translate this page The, by Balzac, Honore de, 1799-1850 First 100,000 Prime Numbers, The, by Unknown First Book of Adam and Eve, by Platt, Rutherford Hayes, 1894- First Men In
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Der Koran

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