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         Northwestnet:     more detail
  1. The Internet Passport: Northwestnet's Guide to Our World Online by Jonathan Kochmer, 1992-12
  2. Internet Passport: The Northwestnet's Guide to Our World Online by David F. W. Robison, Jonathan Kochmer, 1995-01
  3. NorthWestNet NUSIRG Internet Guide
  4. NorthWestNet NUSIRG Internet Guide
  5. NorthWestNet user services Internet resource guide (NUSIRG), adapted for use by OARnet / Jonanthan [sic] Kochmer ; adaptations by Alison Brown by Jonathan Kochmer, 1992
  6. Internet Passport: The Northwestnets Guide to Our World Online
  7. NorthWestNet user services Internet resource guide (NUSIRG) by Jonathan Kochmer, 1991

1. NSFNET Transition Update -- NorthWestNet
NorthWestNet NSFNET Transition Update NorthWestNet. SteveCorbato. NorthWestNet. Table of Contents.
NSFNET Transition Update NorthWestNet
Steve Corbato
Table of Contents
Slides from this talk
Status Report on NorthWestNet's National Backbone Transition
Steve Corbato
February 9, 1995
Two ASes:
  • AS73 - University of Washington AS685 - NorthWestNet
Previously, singly connected to the NSFNET backbone
DS3, 10 Mbps, T1, 56 kb dedicated and FR connectivity offerings
90 connected sites in seven states
Home of
CoREN involvement
Coalition of seven NSFNET regional networks
Summer, 1994: Selected MCI as NSP
Joint Technical Committee
  • CoREN Technical Committee and MCI IP Development Group Monitoring MCI backbone deployment Developing CoREN Acceptance Test Plan Coordinating regional transition issues Weekly conference calls and two one-day meetings
Transition Chronology
September 8, 1994
NWNet/MCI contract completed
September 26, 1994
NWNet/MCI IP connectivity established
October 5, 1994

2. NorthWestNet From FOLDOC
NorthWestNet. ( NWNET) Kochmer, J., and NorthWestNet, "The Internet Passport NorthWestNets Guide to Our World Online", NorthWestNet, Bellevue, WA, 1992.

3. Internet Passport: NorthWestNet's Guide To Our World Online
US United States. Title. Internet Passport NorthWestNet's Guide to Our World Online. Author-Name. NorthWestNet. Author-Email. Not Available
Internet Passport: NorthWestNet's Guide to Our World Online
User Guides
US - United States
Internet Passport: NorthWestNet's Guide to Our World Online
Not Available
15400 SE 30th Place, Suite 202 Bellevue, WA 98007
EN - English
Internet; Network services; OPACs, databases; Usenet News; electronic mail, WWW, gopher, ftp, archie, telnet, WAIS, directory services, electronic publications, information provision, security, health care, K-12, supercomputing.
Step-by-step manual, covering the current tools and resources of the Internet with explanations by information professionals and experienced Internet trainers.
Not Available
Not Available
January 1995
US 29.95
printed guide
Prentice Hall
Not Available
Not Available
667 pp.

4. Registrants For The Fall 1997 NANOG Meeting
Dykes, Barry, Genuity. Eastgard, Tom, NorthWestNet. Ellis, Stephen, PacificBell. SPEAKER, Jordt, Dan, NorthWestNet. Junkins, Doug, NorthWestNet, Inc.
Registrants for the Fall 1997 NANOG Meeting
The following people have registered for the Fall '97 NANOG meeting.Looking forward to seeing you! Attendee Organization Registration Fee Abbas, Ahmar UUNET Technologies Adelson, Jay DIGITAL Internet Exchange Aggarwal, Vikas Verio Northeast Agnese, Joe Pacific Bell Internet Ahuja, Abha Merit Network, Inc. SPEAKER Alaettinoglu, Cengiz USC ISI SPEAKER Alger, Shelley Critical Path, Inc. Amante, Shane Icon Amodio, Jorge Verio Northeast Appling, Matthew Concentric Network Arango, Luis Bellcore Arano, Takashi NTT Armitage, Grenville Lucent Technologies Asaba, Toshiya Internet Initiative Japan, Inc. Askins, Joe Arizona State University Avilov, Alexander Teleglobe International Azimi, Shahriar DynCorp Bailey, Brook TCG Cerfnet Bannister, David Cisco Systems Barber, Stan Academ Consulting Services Bardakos, Sue Barone, David Juniper Networks Barrows, Jeff UUNET Technologies Bataller, Erik NTT MCL Bauer, Thomas Arizona State University Bays, Robert Ironlight Digital Beckemeyer, David EarthLink Network, Inc Beeson, Tom New Mexico Technet Bennett, Eric

Website of NorthWestNet.

6. NorthWestNet - OneLook Dictionary Search
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7. NorthWestNet Definition Of NorthWestNet In Computing. What Is NorthWestNet? Mean
Computer term of NorthWestNet in the Computing Dictionary and Thesaurus. NorthWestNet encyclopedia.Provides search by definition of NorthWestNet.
Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition NorthWestNet - (NWNET) Kochmer, J., and NorthWestNet, "The Internet Passport: NorthWestNets Guide to Our World Online", NorthWestNet, Bellevue, WA, 1992.
Some words with "NorthWestNet" in the definition: NWNET
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11. NORTHWESTNET - Meaning And Definition Of The Word
Search Dictionary NorthWestNet Dictionary Entry and Meaning. ComputingDictionary. Definition (NWNET) Kochmer, J., and NorthWestNet

12. NorthWestNet NUSIRG Internet Guide By NorthWestNet
Free download of the Project Gutenberg eBook NorthWestNet NUSIRG Internet Guide by NorthWestNet

13. RFC 1855: Netiquette Guidelines
14 Kochmer, J., " Internet Passport NorthWestNet's Guide to our World Online", 4th ed. Bellevue, Wash., NorthWestNet, Northwest Academic Computing Consortium, 1993
RFC 1855
Netiquette Guidelines
Status of This Memo
This memo provides information for the Internet community. This memo does not specify an Internet standard of any kind. Distribution of this memo is unlimited.
This document provides a minimum set of guidelines for Network Etiquette (Netiquette) which organizations may take and adapt for their own use. As such, it is deliberately written in a bulleted format to make adaptation easier and to make any particular item easy (or easier) to find. It also functions as a minimum set of guidelines for individuals, both users and administrators. This memo is the product of the Responsible Use of the Network (RUN) Working Group of the IETF.
Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction
We've organized this material into three sections: One-to-one communication, which includes mail and talk; One-to-many communications, which includes mailing lists and NetNews; and Information Services, which includes ftp, WWW, Wais, Gopher, MUDs and MOOs. Finally, we have a Selected Bibliography, which may be used for reference.
2.0 One-to-One Communication (electronic mail, talk)

14. NWACC :: Sale Of NorthWestNet To Verio, Inc.
· Sale of NorthWestNet to Verio, Inc. ·, NWACC. Verio Inc. acquires NorthWestNet,the Pacific Northwest s first Internet service provider.
Robert Gillespie
Verio Inc. acquires NorthWestNet, the Pacific Northwest's first Internet service provider. Verio Inc., a national Internet service provider, acquires NorthWestNet, Inc. from the Northwest Academic Computing Consortium, Inc. (NWACC). NWACC was formed in 1987 to provide Internet services for research and education throughout the Pacific Northwest. Funds from the sale will allow NWACC to continue its goal of assisting academic research institutions in implementing leading-edge information technology throughout the region. SEATTLE, WA (March 5, 1997) NorthWestNet, Inc., a Bellevue-based Internet service provider (ISP) initially created in 1987 by the Northwest Academic Computing Consortium, Inc. (NWACC), announces that it has been acquired by Denver-based Verio Inc. Verio today launched the nation's newest Internet network, combining the strength of a high-speed, tier-one backbone with the service of prominent local and regional ISPs in major markets across the country. NorthWestNet became a separate corporation in 1996. NWACC, a not-for-profit corporation, was formed in 1987 by a core group of the region's research universities and The Boeing Company as a vehicle for collaborative efforts to improve access to advanced technological resources. Today, NWACC has over 40 members representing colleges, universities, research, industry, and health care in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota.

15. KCGL1 Help Networks NorthWestNet
Copyright Digital Equipment Corp. All rights reserved. NorthWestNet NorthWestNet. NorthWestNet is an NSF sponsored regional network that consists of University of Oregon and Boeing Computer
Digital Equipment Corp.
NorthWestNet is an NSF sponsored regional network that consists of University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Oregon Graduate Center, University of Washington, Washington State University, the Alaska university system, University of Idaho, Montana State University, the North Dakota university system, and Boeing Computer Services. NorthWestNet supports the TCP/IP protocol and is part of the Internet. Information about NorthWest facilities and services can be obtained by typing: $ help networks tcpip

16. NorthWestNet
NorthWestNet. (NWNET) Kochmer, J., and NorthWestNet, The Internet PassportNorthWestNets Guide to Our World Online , NorthWestNet, Bellevue, WA, 1992.
The Free Online Dictionary of Computing ( Previous: northbridge Next: NOS
(NWNET) Kochmer, J., and NorthWestNet, "The Internet Passport: NorthWestNets Guide to Our World Online", NorthWestNet, Bellevue, WA, 1992.

17. Detailed Record
Internet passport NorthWestNet s guide to our world online • ByJonathan Kochmer ; Jonathan Kochmer • Publisher Bellevue, Wash.
About WorldCat Help For Librarians Internet passport : NorthWestNet's guide to our world online
Jonathan Kochmer Jonathan Kochmer
Find libraries with the item Enter a postal code, state, province or country
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18. NorthWestNet Technical Services: An Overview
NorthWestNet Technical Services An Overview. Dan Jordt Director of TechnicalServices NorthWestNet NorthWestNet. Figure (GIF 91090 bytes).
NorthWestNet Technical Services: An Overview
Dan Jordt
Director of Technical Services
29th IETF
Network Status Reports
Seattle, Washington Wednesday, March 30, 1994
Figure (GIF - 91090 bytes)
NorthWestNet - Planned Topology Implementation
Figure (GIF - 69786 bytes)
NorthWestNet - Planned Topology Evolution
Figure (GIF - 55972 bytes)
NorthWestNet HUB Design
Figure (GIF - 38013 bytes)
NorthWestNet Technical Services
  • Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Domain Name Service
  • Network News Feeds
  • Gopher, FTP, HTTP Servers
  • MBONE Routing at HUBs
  • UNIX Host Services
  • Technical Training and Documentation
NorthWestNet Network Operations Center (NOC) Services
  • 24 x 7 Network Monitoring, Diagnosis, Repair
  • Trouble Ticketing System and Escalation Procedures
  • Circuit Commissioning
  • Equipment Configuration and Installation
  • Equipment Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Diagnostic Tools Repository
  • SNMP Data Collection, Archival, Analysis and Reporting
  • Agency Interaction (NSF, CA*Net, CIX, other mid-levels)
  • Network Engineering

19. The Internet Passport: NorthWestNet's Guide To Our World Online (5th Ed.)
The Internet Passport NorthWestNet s Guide to Our World Online (5thed.). Author NorthWestNet Publisher Prentice Hall Price $29.95
The Internet Passport: NorthWestNet's Guide to Our World Online (5th ed.)
Author: NorthWestNet
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0-13-194200-X
For more information:
Notes: Now in its Fifth edition, The Internet Passport is the most comprehensive guide to the Internet available. Written by experts from the service provider NorthWestNet, the book features expert coverage of the tools and resources of the Internet e-mail, file transfer, newsgroups, the WWW and information retrieval tools such as archie, Gopher, WAIS adn directory services. Features new information covering security, health care, K-12 education and supercomputing. Return to:
Subject Index
Main List

20. Browse Top Level > Texts > Project Gutenberg > Authors > N > NorthWestNet
NorthWestNet NUSIRG Internet Guide, 1992. Author NorthWestNet KeywordsAuthors N NorthWestNet; Titles N ; Subject Mathematics.

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