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         Lucan:     more books (100)
  1. Fernand pouillon, architecte. montrouge, pantin, meudon, boulogne by Jacques Lucan, 2003-01-01
  2. Pharsalia (Latin Edition) by Lucan, 1971-12
  3. M. Annaei Lucani Pharsaliae: Liber Primus (Romanian Edition) by William Emerton Heitland, Lucan, et all 2010-02-13
  4. M. Annæi Lucani Pharsalia: Sive De Bello Civili Cæsaris Et Pompeii Libri X. (Latin Edition) by Hugo Grotius, Thomas Farnaby, et all 2010-02-11
  5. De Bello Civili. Cnm H. Grotii, Farnabii Notis Integris Ivariorum Selectiss[Imis]. Accurante Corn: Schrevelio by Lucan Lucan, 2010-04-20
  6. M. Annæi Lvcani Pharsalia, Sive, De Bello Civili Cæsaris Et Pompeii Lib. X (Italian Edition) by Hugo Grotius, Lucan, 2010-03-31
  7. Marci Annaei Lucani Pharsalia: Eiusdem Ad Calpurnium Pisonem Poemation (Latin Edition) by Lucan, Societas Bipontina, 2010-02-26
  8. Francia, architettura 1965-1988 (Tendenze dell'architettura contemporanea) (Italian Edition) by Jacques Lucan, 1989
  9. Lucani opera (Scriptores graeci et latini) (Latin Edition) by Lucan, 1992
  10. M. Annaei Lvcani De Bello Civili Liber Vii: With Introduction, Notes and Critical Appendix (Latin Edition) by Lucan, 2010-04-03
  11. La Pharsale De Lucain, Ou, Les Guerres Civiles De Cesar Et De Pompée (French Edition) by Lucan, Georges De Brébeuf, 2010-03-29
  12. M. Ann. Lucani Pharsalia: Pharsalia, I-Viii (Latin Edition) by Lucan, 2010-05-12
  13. M Annaeus Lucanus de Bello Civili: Cum Hug. Grotii, Farnabii, Notis Integris, et Variorum Selectissimis. (Latin Edition) by Lucan, 2009-04-27
  14. Basis of Morality According to William Ockham by Lucan Freppert, 1988-06

121. Dennis Lucan DFM - Blackshirt Airman
Dennis Lucan DFM Blackshirt Airman. Dennis Lucan enlisted into the RAF in the first year of the war when 16. Did he fool his recruiting officers ?
Home BUF Union Movement Policies ...
Sir J.A. Chamier

Dennis Lucan DFM
F.J.P. Veale

J.F.C. Fuller.

Lord Errol

Lucillia Reeve
... Candidates Dennis Lucan DFM - Blackshirt Airman Dennis Lucan DFM - another of Mosley's young men, who nearly fifty years ago, was killed in action in the war which he, as a Blackshirt, had fought just as courageously to prevent. Dennis Lucan enlisted into the RAF in the first year of the war when 16. Did he "fool" his recruiting officers ? we do not know but we do know that his baptism of fire in shot and hail came, not in the RAF, but when as a 13 year old Blackshirt Cadet at the bloody Leeds "Holbeck Moor" Mosley meeting on September 17th 1936.
At 21, 'dambuster' DENNIS LUCAN, Distinguished Flying Medal, who joined North East Leeds Branch of British Union when still at school as a Blackshirt Cadet, was blown to pieces above the Rhine.
We do not have details of his early RAF service, or of his citation for his DFM, our story starting with his posting from 17 OTU to 617 Squadron nine months before his death on the 7th October 1944. 'The 'Dambusters', or 'the suicide squadron', as named in the RAF, had been formed in 1943 for one special job - to smash the Moehne and Eder Dams, the exploit, with Barnes Wallis's 'bouncing bombs' for which Wing Commander Guy Gibson was awarded the Victoria Cross. The Squadron continued on as a 'special duties squadron', all its crewmen being volunteers who could leave it anytime they wished.

122. Slide #205 Monograph
Slide 205. TITLE Etymologiarum sive Originum libri XX DATE 1472 (7th century AD) AUTHOR St. Isidore of Seville, 600 636 AD

Slide #205
Etymologiarum sive Originum libri XX
1472 (7th century A.D.)
St. Isidore of Seville, 600 - 636 A.D.
This work was initially compiled in manuscript form on vellum, with drawings in red and black. Measuring about 25.4 X 15.2 cm, the Etymologiarum consists of 20 Books on 175 leaves, including a mappamundi , and was meant to be an encyclopedia that summed up the knowledge accumulated by early 7th century Europe. So significant was its impact that during the following centuries it served as a model of style and composition, as well as a primary source for many medieval writers. While the original manuscript has not survived, many copies of it have, reaching back to the 8th century. The title of Etymologiae , or simply Origines as it is also known, refers to the fact that the author always gives the etymology of everything that he describes or defines. Indeed, the Xth Book contains only the etymological definition of words alphabetically arranged. Of specific interest, however, are the XIIIth and XIVth Books which deal with geographical topics and where Isidore attempts a survey of the world in a brief, definitive and educational manner. The Xlllth Book discusses the earth as a whole - the oceans, the seas, both open and enclosed, the tides, rivers and winds - in other words, physical geography. In the XlVth Book Isidore enumerates and briefly describes the political divisions of the world.
The author, a 7th century Bishop of Seville (Spain), leaned heavily himself on classical writers, as well as the teachings of the Church Fathers. For the Xlllth and XlVth Books specifically, Isidore's sources were primarily the Spanish presbyter Orosius and, secondarily, Solinus, who is quoted some 200 times, and Pomponius Mela. However, this is not to imply that

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