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         Long William Joseph:     more detail
  1. Secrets of the woods by William J. Long. by Long. William J. (William Joseph). 1867-1952., 1901-01-01
  2. Ways of wood folk. by William J. Long by Long. William J. (William Joseph). 1867-1952., 1899-01-01
  3. Beasts of the field. by William J. Long; illustrated by Charles by Long. William J. (William Joseph). 1867-1952., 1901-01-01
  4. Wood folk at school by William J. Long. by Long. William J. (William Joseph). 1867-1952., 1903-01-01
  5. Fowls of the air. by William J. Long; illustrated by Charles Cop by Long. William J. (William Joseph). 1867-1952., 1901-01-01
  6. English literature. its history and its significance for the lif by Long. William J. (William Joseph). 1867-1952., 1909
  7. American literature; a study of the men and the books that in th by Long. William J. (William Joseph). 1867-1952., 1913-01-01
  8. Northern trails; some studies of animal life in the far North by William J. (William Joseph), 1867-1952 Long, 2009-10-26
  9. School of the woods; some life studies of animal instincts and a by Long. William J. (William Joseph). 1867-1952., 1902-01-01
  10. Following the deer by William J. (William Joseph), 1867-1952 Long, 2009-10-26
  11. English literature : its history and its significance for the life of the English-speaking world : a text-book for schools by William J. (William Joseph), 1867-1952 Long, 2009-10-26

61. West View Cemetery, Bolivar, Fairfield Township Westmoreland County PA
BURKETT, H. Woodrow, 1913 1976. BURKETT, Mary C., 1867 - 1952, wife of Peter G. Long, WG, 1879 - 1903. Long, William, 1880 - 1922. MARINONE, Joseph, 1883 - 1938.
West View Cemetery
Fairfield Township
Westmoreland County PA
Readable headstones catalogued by Michael S. Caldwell on 3 January 1998. Asterisks (*) indicate unclear words or dates. ADAMS, Agnes, b. 13* Feb 1837 d. 11 Nov 1901, wife of James ADAMS, James, b. 17 Dec 1826 or 25, d. 29* Aug 1898*, G.A.R., very unclear ARMOR, Rebecca M., 1861 - 1926 AYERS, Nannie C., 1875 - 1953 BAER, Arthur L., 1894 - 1973 BAER, Hazel Seaton, 1895 - 1969 (next to Arthur L.'s stone) BAER, Mary Roberta, 1927 - 1929 (next to Arthur L.'s stone) BAIRD, Aaron William, 2 Feb 1945 - 14 Sep 1990 BAIRD, Amelia P., 9 Mar 1897 - 16 Oct 1983 BAIRD, Andrew T., 1871 - 1912 BAIRD, Cecelia D., 12 Nov 1914 - 26 Feb 1992, wife of Harry E., marr. 14 Apr 1936 BAIRD, Charles A., 1849 - 1919 BAIRD, Charles F., 1929 - 1993 BAIRD, Clark W., 5 Apr 1917 - 22 Jan 1986 BAIRD, Doris Mae, 1927 - 1976, wife of Charles F. BAIRD, Edward, 26 Feb 193* - 15 Jan 1936 BAIRD, Georgetta, 4 Apr 1918 - no death date, marr. 20 Jan 1937 BAIRD, Hannah M., 1876 - 1964, wife of Andrew T. BAIRD, Harry E. "Perry," 18 Mar 1906 - 21 Dec 1985

62. Mt Tunnel Cemetery, Elizabethtown, Lancaster County PA
Long, Samuel H, 1912, 1992, H/O Mary E. Long, William B, 1903, 1989, H/o Kathryn D. Myers, Joseph, 88-1873, 5-6-1879, S/O Illegible. Prob. William Hannah?
Mt Tunnel Cemetery
Elizabethtown, Lancaster County PA
Surnames L - N Laird F. K Laird W.A Lambert Donald J Lancaster Blanche M Lancaster Charles E Lancaster Henry T H/O Laura Lancaster Henry Thomas Lancaster James W Lancaster Laura ND 40yrs.2days. W/O Henry T. Lancaster Mary F Lancaster Millard Lancaster Nancy May Lancaster Virgie Landis Alice B. Crichton Landis Alice F Landis Amanda K W/O Frank K. Landis Anna M Landis Annie R ND W/O Omer B. Landis Charles F Landis David L H/O Frances M. Withers Landis Elizabeth M W/O Simon H. Landis Elizabeth R W/O Martin K. Landis Eva May ND W/O Harvey B. Landis Frances M. Withers W/O David L. Landis Frank K H/O Amanda Landis Harvey B H/O Eva May Landis Jacob F Landis Jay Harold Landis Joseph K H/O Mary B. Landis Katie ND Landis Martin K H/O Elizabeth R. Landis Mary B W/O Joseph K. Landis Omer B H/O Annie R. Landis Paris E Landis Paris F Landis Paul E Landis Richard W Landis Richard Warren Landis Simon H H/O Elizabeth M. Landis Walter E Landis William F Landvater Bertha M ND ND W/O Earl A. Landvater Earl A ND ND H/O Bertha M. Landvater Edgar P H/O Mary C. Landvater Emerson D. "Don"

63. Volume 2 Page 108
Michael E. 1852 1934. Marie, 1911 - 1973, Long John William, 6 Aug 1889 - 28 Feb 1972. Hattie, 1865 - 1941, KEISER, Roy Joseph, 16 May 1908 - 8 Apr 1965.
Volume 2 Page 108 RAKER Row 2B continued: Row 4B continued: RAKER. Emma J. HALLER, Barbara A. d/o J.M. RAKER. Arthur HALLER, J.M. DONAHUE, Bessie M. THIERRY, Alfred 23 Sep 1903 Ae 29y-11m-25d DONAHUE, Archie L. THIERRY, Mary N. 20 Apr 1847 - 20 Dec DONAHUE, Anna L. THIERRY, Alfred V. 24 Dec 1893 - 27 Sep 1965 RICHARSON, Cora C. 15 Oct 1863 - 10 Jan 1915 Army Cook WW I RICHARSON. Barry B. 12 Jan 1866 - 28 Sep 1931 GOMBASH, Joe SSgt U.S.,Army WW II DETWILER, Mary C. Loretta A. ne DETWILER, Oliver W. LONG, Jennie N. LEWIS, Elmer C. LONG. Michael E. Marie LONG John William 6 Aug 1889 - 28 Feb 1972 LEWIS, Watson Ohio Sgt U.S. Army WW I Beulah May GILL, Florence TURPENING, Lyle James GILL, Arthur 3 Jan - 13 Feb 1922 Mildred TURPENING, Cecil E. RYCHENER, Aaron H. TURPENING. Elmer C. Anna Mary D. HOUSER, Esther GALLAGHER, Alice Moore RYCHENER, Mary MOORE, Robert GAR 1839 - ne RYCHENER, Daniel Rachel M. Row 5B: Row 3B: BOYER, Arminda J.

64. Family Generations
She lived a very Long and fruitful life. 1923) Nona Anita (19061906) Ruth (1912-1912) Emery William (1896-?) Beatrice (1894-?) Joseph Lawrence (1895
Family Generations From the misty green highland hills of Glenshee, Scotland the family name originated as McComy in the sixteenth century. Three hundred years later the McComie's left Liverpool May 11, 1860 on the clippership William Tapscott arriving in New York June 15.
(1) 1 Peter McOMIE
Birth: abt 1711, Cargill, Perth, Scotland
Spouse: Isabel McARA
Birth: abt 1715, Cargill, Perth, Scotland
Children: Peter (~1737-?)
(2) 1.1 Peter McOMIE
Birth: abt 1737, Cargill, Perth, Scotland
Birth Memo: Married: 15 Aug 1762
Death: ?
Spouse: Agnes SIM Birth: 18 May 1738, Cullross, Perth, Scotland Birth Memo: Married: 15 Aug 1762 Death: ? Father: Alexander SIM (1712-) Mother: Janet DOWNIE (1716-) Children: Peter (~1759-?) Alexander (1784-?) Elizabeth (Betty) (1782-) (3) 1.1.1 Peter McOMIE OR (McOMISH) Birth: abt 1759, Crieff, Perth, Scotland Birth Memo: Married: 21-Nov 1784 Death: ? Spouse: Janet REACH Birth: abt 1763, Kincardine, Crieff, Perth, Scotland Birth Memo: Married: 21-Nov 1784 Death: ?

65. C-names
FISH,Marinda. CARSON,Joseph, STOFER,Emma. CARSON,Polly, MILLER,George. CLARK,John Tyler, *CLARK,John Curtis. CLARK,John William(18941974), Long,Esther.
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SURNAME *=Father, or Spouse CAHILL,Ernest Roy(1895) PITTIS,Mabel Rose CAHILL,Mary BIRNEY,Timothy O. CALDWELL, Anita Celeste PIERCE,Deronda C CALDWELL,Bert(1875-1951) HANSON,Georgia CALDWELL,Carey Stirling KREJCIK,Patricia Ann CALDWELL,Georgia Isobel DALE,John Therrien DUBOSE,Robert William CALDWELL,Helen MASSEY,Carman Edward CALDWELL,Henry Hanson(1911-1997) *CALDWELL,Bert W CALDWELL,Kevin Frederick *CALDWELL,Henry Hanson CALDWELL,Richard *CALDWELL,Henry Hanson CALDWELL,Stacy Lee ROBINSON,Larry D. CALDWELL,Wallace W. FINNEY,Mabel Marie CALHOUN,Bernice Edward(1898) *CALHOUN,Harry CALHOUN,Harry Otis BAKER,Zelda A CALHOUN,Hettie(1877-1955) BIRNEY,Otto CALHOUN,Oliver(1909) *CALHOUN,Harry CALHOUN,Raymond Baker(1899) WHITE,Council L CALHOUN,Sadie Hester(1905) BLISS,Harry CALKINS,Minerva(1801-1894) LOOP,Henry CALLOWAY,Jennie B FISH,Albert T CAMERON,Alfred BIRNEY,Minerva CAMERON,Keith KINGSLEY,Beth CAMPBELL,Amanda Jane *CAMPBELL,Brian

Berkhimer, Joseph C. October 16, 1914, May 11, 1983, Blazy, Margaret E. Long, 1910, 2000, None Given. Cunningham, William Paul, December 27, 1918, September 25, 1984,
A - G
Recorded June 2002
Recorded BY: Steve McAnarney
NAME BIRTH DEATH INFORMATION ?, Frank Shot ?, Major Killed Allison, Anna L. None Given Allison, Curtis E. None Given Allison, Curtis M. November 25, 1955 August 26, 1979 L Cpl U.S. Marine Corps Amos, Doris L. April 14, 1927 None Given Amos, Wayne E. December 18, 1926 March 6, 1994 None Given Anderson, Charles Edward None Given Anderson, Mary Edith None Given Ankrom, A_ c_st_s October 10, 1851 Ankrom, Charles Bertram October 24, 1900 April 21, 1967 WV S1 USNR WW II Ankrom, Charles G. None Given Ankrom, Edwin None Given Ankrom, Ella Nora None Given Ankrom, Emily M. March 23, 1863 March 9, 1896 w/o J.P. Ankrom, Eva Lena February 15, 1880 Ankrom, George September 10, 1851 Ankrom, Guy None Given Ankrom, Infant Ankrom, James B. July 7,1881 July 9, 1897 None Given Ankrom, Jesse P. April 25, 1870 Ankrom, Jessie Groves June 4, 1899 August 25, 1971 None Given Ankrom, John P. November 22, 1858

67. The Descendants Of Captain William Creed.
decently as Long as he live and when he dies MARGARET ANN CREED (JAMES BENJAMIN, Joseph BENNETT, CAPTAIN. William) was born 1873, and died February 19, 1957 in
The Descendants of Capt. William Creed IRE/RI/PEI
Robert P. Murray, Esq. -
Please direct Queries to Robert at the email link above!
Biographical Study - Of the life of Capt. Creed also by Robert P. Murray, Esq.! Descendants of Captain William Creed Generation No. 1 1. CAPTAIN WILLIAM CREED was born Abt. 1739 in Limerick, Ireland of English parents, and died April 11, 1809 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.). He married (1) MARY SPENCER. He married (2) ELIZABETH PRINCE 1783 in Providence, RI or Boston, MA, daughter of CAPTAIN PRINCE and ELIZABETH ALLEN. Notes for CAPTAIN WILLIAM CREED: Captain Creed and Mary Spencer were never actually married; they lived together "as husband and wife" for more than 17 years. She died in Providence, RI in 1821. He is buried at the Old Elm Street (now University Avenue) Cemetery, Charlottetown, P.E.I. Elizabeth Prince was the daughter of Captain Job Prince and Elizabeth Allen. She had been previously married to David Higgins who died April, 1783, and by him had four sons. Elizabeth's ancestry can be traced back directly to

68. IAGenWeb - Pottawattamie Co, Iowa - St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery
1975 GOOS, Vinson E 1910 1966 GRONSTAL, Joseph M 17 Jun 1883 23 Sep 1968 WAHLE, Rodney William Henry 1929 used by noncommercial researchers, as Long as this
Cemeteries Home St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery
Honey Creek Township
St Paul's Lutheran Cemetery is located on the south side of Iowa State Hwy 92 approximately 1 1/2 miles west of Treynor, IA. If known the maiden name of females is included in parenthesis. Last updated April 2001.
View or Post Gravestone Photos for this Cemetery! Gravestone Photo Project
Name Birth Date Death Date
not-for-profit individuals or organizations.
Cemetery Burials taken from posted Obituaries
Name Born Died Buried Age Oswald F. “Ozzie” Schmidt 12 Jan 1929 15 Jan 2003 18 Jan 2003 74 yrs Mildred M. Sperry 8 Mar 1910 19 Jan 2003 23 Jan 2003 92 yrs Edna Hedegaard 2 Nov 1929 24 May 2002 28 May 2002 81 yrs Contributed by Constance Diamond.
IAGENWEB-POTTAWATTAMIE CO., IOWA: In keeping with our policy of providing free information on the internet, data may be used by non-commercial researchers, as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format for profit, nor for presentation in any form by any other organization or individual. Persons or organizations desiring to use this material for purposes other than as stated above, must obtain express written permission from the author, or the submitter and from the listed Pottawattamie Co. Coordinator.

69. Burnsland Cemetery Index, Calgary, Alberta, 1994
TENNANT, HARRY F, 1963. TENNANT, Joseph B, -1960. ter Beek, Nicholas, 1887-1937. THOMAS, William, -1965. THOMAS, William, 1876-1953. Thompson, Christina Long, 1853-1941.
Canada BC Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Quebec Newfoundland New Brunswick Nova Scotia PEI YK NT
Birth Marriage Census Death Other
Contact Us:

18 Jul 2002
Burnsland Cemetery Index, Calgary, Alberta, 1994
These data were compiled by AFHS volunteers in 1994, based on both monument and burial information. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, but human errors are always possible. Confirming the information with personal observation or other sources is always advisable. Basic information has been provided on this website. Burial records obtained from the City of Calgary, show a burial date in the format 23061999 (d/m/yr) When this is the only date available for an individual, it is the one used in the index. Additional information (e.g., monument inscriptions and burial information that may include exact birth and death dates, parents, spouse, etc.) may be available in some cases and can be obtained from the Projects Coordinator, Judie Riddell at safemail("projects","","Projects Chair")

70. Human Family Project July 12, 2001
Husband Peter Joseph Born2364 Husband William Bosbile-54985 Bush Born 1641-1678 at Dutch Reformed Church, Flatbush, Brooklyn, Kings County, Long Island, New

Human Family Project July 12, 2001
Husband Living (details have been suppressed)
Born: at: Christened: at: Died: at: Buried: at:
Father: William Lorraine Booze-[161164] (1900-1966) Mother: Living
Married: Place: Other Spouse: Living Date:
Wife Living (details have been suppressed)
Born: at: Christened: at: Died: at: Buried: at:
Husband Goree Langston Boozer-[72871]
Born: 1884 at: , , Texas, USA Christened: at: Died: 1977 at: , , Texas, USA Buried: at: Married: 1908-1939 Place: , , Texas, USA
Wife Minnie Mae Phillips-[72870] Born: 1896 at: , , Texas, USA Christened: at: Died: at: Buried: at: Father: Benjamin Martin Phillips-[72866] (1859-1917) Mother: Eliza Backues Or Juliana Backues-[72867] (1849- ) Children 1 M Martin Hugh Boozer-[72872] Born: 1918 at: , , Texas, USA Christened: at: Died: 1977 at: , , Texas, USA Buried: at:

71. HMC | NRA | Persons Beginning LA
1900) Schoolboy, Long Eaton (1) Long Eaton, Derbyshire Lane Naturalist (1) Laycock, Sir Joseph Frederick (1867 15851641) Antiquary (2) Layman, William (1768-1826

LE LH LI ... LY List of persons with surname beginning LA
Laban, Rudolf (1879-1958) Dancer

Labelye, Charles (1705-? 1781) Architect and Engineer

Labilliere, Paul Fulcrand Delacour De (1879-1946) Dean of Westminster

Labouchere, Henry (1798-1869) 1st Baron Taunton, statesman
Lacey, Horace Jim (1890-1976) Landscape Gardener, West Bridgford

West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire
Lacey, Thomas Alexander (1853-1931) Canon of Worcester Ecclesiologist and Controversialist

Lack, David Lambert (1910-1973), ornithologist

Lack, Sir Henry Reader (1832-1908) Knight Board of Trade Official
Lack, Thomas (fl 1786-1836) Assistant Secretary Board of Trade ... Ladd, Eric (fl 1940-1955) Clockmaker, Derby Derby, Derbyshire Ladds, John (1835-1926) architect Ladds, Sidney Inskip (1867-1948), architect, local historian Longley, Dorothy Sussex Laffan, Robert (d 1833) Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cashel Lafitte, Francois (b 1913) Sociologist Laforey, Sir John (1729-1796) Knight Admiral Lagard, Bertram (d2000) Chief Petty Officer, R N ... Laing, John William (fl 1873-1875) India Egypt Laing, Malcolm (1762-1818) Historian

72. Williamsport OnLine - North Central Pennsylvania Information Network
admitted to the Williamsport Hospital for a Long period of daybreak on June 12, 1975, Officer Joseph D. Wise 4, 1989, in the 200 block of William Street, after
Mail this Page To A Friend Shootings, Stabbings and Close Encounters 1866-2002
More Police Information
Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Researched and Compiled by
Capt. James G. Carn (Ret.)
2002 Edition August 15, 1867
On the morning of August 15, 1867, between 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m., Chief Michael Heisley, Officers George W. Wilkinson, Samuel B. Coder and Appollos W. Grafius responded to Meitzer's Saloon, West Fourth and Market Streets, which was full of noisy, drunken men. They attempted to quell the disturbance and ordered the establishment closed.
William Taper unsuccessfully attacked Officer Grafius with a knife, then Officer Wilkinson who warded him off with several blows from a cane. Taper then turned on Chief Heisley and stabbed him in the upper arm above the elbow.
Taper was subdued and taken into custody along with other rowdies. He was arraigned before Justice Hepburn on charges of assaulting an officer with intent to kill and was committed to jail in default of $1,000 bail.
Later that month in the Court of Quarter Sessions, Judge Alexander Jordan presiding, Taper was found guilty of "an assault, not knowing them to be officers." He was fined $5 and costs.

18901976) Coope Kunkle Long (1899-1972) Henry H Long Donald McEwen William Albert McEwen McGuire (1883- ) Hazel Elizabeth McGuire (1918-1999) Joseph McGuire
Back to previous index. Ruth Howard
Sarah Clarissa Howard

Rev William Howard
Absolom Howell
Ann Howell

David Howell

David Howell
Willie Howell
Ebenzer Howerton
Elbert Howerton

Ella Dora Howerton

Florinda Howerton
Sophia Howerton
Fred W Howery Mary Alice Howery Mary Polly Howery Michael Howery
Arthur W Howrey Chlora Howrey Doris Howrey Edward Howrey ... Warren Howrey
Charity Hubbard Walter Hubbard
Jacob Huber
John Hudson Judisth Hudson Lucy Adelia Hudson Walter Hudson
Elga Huff Fannie M Huff Mary Huff Samuel Huff
Hughes Florence Hughes
Burton Wilbert H Hull Laura Bell Hull
Crockett Hungate Elizabeth Hungate John Hungate Sarah Ellen Hungate
Anna Pennsylvania Hunt Elizabeth Ann Hunt Elmer Ellsworth Hunt Emma Hunt ... William Edward Hunt
Murray Lee Hunter
Bessie Hurd Owen Hurd Simon Solomon Hurd
Franklin Hurst Garland M Hurst George Cabel Hurst Jesse C Hurst ... William L Hurst
Hurt Aaron R Hurt Alfred Burman Hurt Bartholamew Hurt ... unknown Hurt
Robert Lynn JR Hutchens
Debbie Hutchins
Ben Hutchison David Hutchison
Donald Allen Hutson
Lydia Hutton
Abram Hylton Alvertie Charlotte Hylton Amanda Hylton Annie Hylton ... Wyatte J Hylton
Alice Doulah Iddings Henry B Iddings
Beal Smith Iiams Theodora Iiams
Elizabeth Sarah Ikenberry
Jeff Ingram Laura Ingram
Mary Irwin
Donna Ischeme
Katherine Isner Thomas JR Isner
Garner Jackson J L Jackson Jemima Elizabeth Jackson Margaret Jane Jackson ... Mary Jackson
George James

74. Smyrna Cemetery - Montague County, Texas
Sandstone marker crumbling cracked - unreadable Long, Dave not 1940 Wife of JH Taylor Taylor, Joseph H. 4 Sep 1914 17 Feb 1968 Worthem, William Henry 1869
Copied by Thelma Ann Rickard
22 May - 1 June 1988
This is a perpetual care cemetery - a fee is charges for each plot. Located 2 1/2 miles North and 1/2 mile West of Sunset, TX on Hwy. 1749 NAME D. OF BIRTH D. OF DEATH OTHER INFO End Smyrna Cemetery
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75. The Political Graveyard: Sedgwick County, Kan.
Chester Isaiah Long (18601934) also known as Chester I. Long of Medicine Lodge, Barber County, Kan William Augustus Ayres (1867-1952) also known
Questions? Return to The Political Graveyard main page
Sedgwick County
Sedgwick County information: Neighboring areas: The Political Graveyard: Important Notes: Please Read!
  • This web site is about U.S. political history and cemeteries. For convenient presentation of this material, the site includes a page for each of the more than 3,000 counties in the U.S., as well as for various U.S. and foreign territories and countries. The Political Graveyard has no official connection with any of those areas or governments. For more information about this project, please see the Main Page
  • The list of cemeteries here is not comprehensive, nor is it intended to be. This site only lists about 5,000 cemeteries
  • 76. Douglas County Cemetery Inscriptions (Colyer / Fairview), KSGenWeb Digital Libra
    23, 1889, Oct. 30, 1909, Wife of Joseph H. Flora. GIPSON, William S. 1877, 1929, Father. ARNOLD, Jacob, 1851, 1922, 20, 1882, By death they were not Long divided.
    Douglas County, Kansas
    Cemetery Inscriptions
    (Union Cemetery)
    These pages of valuable Douglas County Cemetery Transcriptions has been graciously provided to the KSGenWeb Digital Library for use by Irma Ward Name Birth Death Age Notes/Inscription South Section JOHNSON, Robert 'Bob' Jan. 30, 1885 Apr. 12, 1949 SNOW, John F.O.E. Eagles SNOW, Bessie L. SOWERS, Jacob Nov. 9, 1893 aged 30y, 3m, 11d STOWE, Florence A. Nov. 20, 1904 Oct. 26, 1962 Followers of those who through faith and patience inherit the promises. STOWE, Louis H. May 12, 1900 Dec. 27, 1962 SOWERS, Ellet L. Sep. 6, 1883 aged 1y, 2m, 17d SOWERS, Jacob M. SOWERS, Martha Ann His wife WARD, Loreta E. Nov. 3, 1904 aged 41y, 8m, 11d Gone But Not Forgotten
    Wife of J.S. Ward LAWSON, Emily J. LAWSON, Carrie V. Nov. 25, 1910 aged 18y, 3m, 22d Gone But Not Forgotten
    LAWSON, Verna J. May 6, 1889 Apr. 7, 1954 LAWSON, Joseph T. LAWSON, Mary E. LAWSON, Charles W. Dec. 10, 1900 May 12, 1901 LAWSON, Ida S. Dec. 12, 1900 aged 27y, 10m, 25d RINEHART, Mary J. Wife of J.H. Rinehart. The Angels Called Her

    77. Stull Cemetery Listing, Douglas County, KSGenWeb Digital Library
    free information on the Internet, this data may be used by noncommercial entities, as Long as this NICHOLSON, William E. Bill , Sep. BOWEN, Ryan Joseph, Sep.
    Douglas County, Kansas
    Cemetery Inscriptions
    (Stull Cemetery)
    These pages of valuable Douglas County Cemetery Transcriptions has been graciously provided to the KSGenWeb Digital Library for use by Irma Ward Name Birth Death Age Comments HILDENBRAND, Frances O. Nov. 21, 1905 Mar. 1975 HILDENBRAND, Russell C. HILDENBRAND, Doris May (Hollander) Jan. 1, 1934 Oct. 15, 1988 Married Jan. 2, 1955 HILDENBRAND, Howard Wayne HILDENBRAND, Wilbur M. Nov. 8, 1907 Mar. 2, 1990 HILDENBRAND, Helen J. Feb. 19, 1914 Married Nov. 8, 1933 HILDENBRAND, Alice N. HILDENBRAND, August WITTICH, Baby MOSS, Donald Ray HILDENBRAND, Jacob J. HILDENBRAND, Dorathy Wife of Jacob Hildenbrand HILDENBRAND, George L. HILDENBRAND, John C. HILDENBRAND, George HILDENBRAND, Minnie HILDENBRAND, Elmer WULFKUHLE, Lydia A. (Hildenbrand) Mar. 23, 1895 WULFKUHLE, William C. Feb. 25, 1890 Mar. 14, 1980 SCHWEMMER, Paul E. Dec. 25, 1916 Mar. 20, 2000 SCHWEMMER, Wilma L. (Wulfkuhle) Oct. 27, 1922 married Oct. 27, 1922 SCHWEMMER, Cynda Kay Mar. 24, 1853 Aug. 20, 1982 HILDENBRAND, Rosa Liberty (Roller)

    78. Iowa Authors List
    entrusted to one of its Longtime librarians 1894-1918 Chapman, Mike Chapple, Joseph Mitchell, 1867 1901 Childs, Chandler C. *Childs, Marquis William, 1903-1990

    IOWA CITY, IOWA 52242-1420
    TELEPHONE: 319/335-5921 . FAX: 319/335-5900
    The Iowa Authors Collection "In 1945 the University of Iowa Library entrusted to one of its long-time librarians, Grace Wormer, the task of forming a special collection of books written by Iowa authors," wrote Frank Paluka in Iowa Authors: A Bio-bibliography of Sixty Native Writers (Iowa City: Friends of the University of Iowa Libraries, 1967). "An Iowa author, for the purpose of this collection, was considered to be any writer born in the state or definitely associated with Iowa who had written at least one published book. For non-native writers, a definite association with the state was usually interpreted to mean a residence in Iowa of twenty years or more." By 1967, the collection included the work of more than 800 writers. A 1993 article in by Robert McCown in Books at Iowa gives more details on the history of the collection.

    79. Famous Scientists
    developed while working with Sir Joseph John Thomson William Francis Giauque (18951982) - American physical chemist 1938 he began a life-Long association with
    Famous Scientists
    Thales of Miletus (638-548 B.C.) - Greek philosopher; developed theory of matter based upon water. Heraclitus (c.540-475 B.C.) - Greek philosopher; first of the Greeks to develop a theory of the human soul; he praised its creative resources and spoke of the importance of self-exploration; he spoke of the logos that is common to all and said that the universe is ruled by logos; he always urged that close attention be given to the polarites and concealed structures emodied in language. His famous claim that an idividual can and cannot step into the same river twice reveals an interest in criteria of unity and identity; even though all material constituents have undergone change, it is still, in a sence, the same river. Preoccupied with change, he declared that fire is the central element of the universe, and he postulated a world with no beginning and no end Pythagoras (581-497 B.C.) - Greek philosopher and mathematician; held that numbers were basic to matter; the Pythagorean Theorem is named for his geometric formulation; developed atomic theory; students of his philosophy emphasized geometrical form as a basic property of atoms; developed mathematical relationships which led to musical harmony. Empedocles c.490

    80. LA-1Lagrange Cemetery, Lorain County, Ohio
    1965, 99y WILSON Lester, 19091926 GOTT Joseph D., 1824 M., 1858-1899 Alfarata L., 1868- Long Warren W 1883-1959 Kenneth, d 1904 HASTINGS William, 1868-1953 Edna
    LA-1, Lagrange Cemetery, Lagrange Twp, Lorain Co., Ohio Copied from Lorain County's out-of-print publication,
    Cemetery Inscriptions of Lorain County, Ohio 1980, pps 323-339 Any additions and corrections to the book are noted in red. Burial records for LA-1, Lagrange Cemetery: Contact George at the Lagrange Township Garage, 440-355-5141 or write to George Klocek, PO Box 362 Lagrange OH 44050 Located on the north side of SR 303 just west of SR 301, this was the first cemetery
    laid out in the township. The first burial was of a child of Lewis Rounds, but the oldest
    burial recorded is that of Samuel Cross in 1818 at age 16, In 1890 an addition was made
    when William B. and Mary Elliott sold to the township and to the village of LaGrange,
    for cemetery purposes, part of Lot #45 located in the village for $636.00 for three acres.
    One half of that was reserved for a monument for soldiers. p. 323

    Horace S., July 22, 1829-Jan 20, 1885
    Althera R., wife, Mar 11, 1836Mar 27, 1912
    PE LTON I. P., 1800-1883 Sabrina, 1806-1886

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