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         Lewis Alfred Henry:     more detail
  1. Contemporary Authors: Biography - Lewis, Alfred Henry (1857-1914)
  2. When men grew tall; by Alfred Henry Lewis 1857-1914, 1907-12-31
  3. Richard Croker by Alfred Henry Lewis 1857-1914, 1901-12-31
  4. The Black Lion Inn by Alfred Henry Lewis ; illustrated by Freder by Lewis. Alfred Henry. 1857-1914., 1903-01-01
  5. Sandburrs [short stories] by Alfred Henry Lewis iIllustrated by Lewis. Alfred Henry. 1857-1914., 1900-01-01
  6. The throwback : a romance of the Southwest by Alfred Henry, 1857-1914 Lewis, 2009-10-26
  7. Wolfville. by Lewis. Alfred Henry. 1857-1914., 1897-01-01
  8. Wolfville folks by Alfred Henry, 1857-1914 Lewis, 2009-10-26
  9. Cowboy Humor of Alfred Henry Lewis by Alfred Henry Lewis, 1988-01
  10. Alfred Henry Lewis (Western Writers Series, No. 32) by Abe C. Ravitz, 1977-06

81. Roselawn Memorial Park, Pages 26-30
Sep 27 1882Feb 3 1960 Lewis ..Carl U Sweet ..Charles S. 1891-1951 Vineyard ..Henry d 1894 1925 Famariss ..Baby dau of Alfred Fannie
Roselawn Memorial Park, Pages 26-30
Page RL 26 Page RL 27 ] Goodfield.......Jesus 1858-1913 Svanberg........Elizabeth d Oct 10 1915 Schulze.........Arnold Jan 28 1886-Jan 5 1919 Kernan..........J. 1929 Westfall........Amanda E. 1857-1929 Area H-N (going West) Taylor..........John Taylor..........Rachel Gillham.........Pelos Gillham.........Helen Gillham.........John Meyers..........Lillie R 1880-1963 Short Plot Short...........Lee W. Mar 31 1906-Apr 6 1954 Short...........Ralph W. Apr 2 1902-Mar 26 1952 Page RL 28 Page RL 29 Page RL 30 Previous page Next page Return to Livermore Page Index Return to Livermore Name Index Return to L-AGS home page Last modified: 16sep01.0512

82. Methodist Mnisters S-V
Savery, George, W, 1839, 1885. Savin, Lewis, U, 1887, 1918. Siddle, Jonathan, W, 1828, 1830. Sidnell, Henry WJ, W, 1881, 1898. Silcox, Alfred J. W, 1869, 1916.
S - V An index of Mnisters and Probationers who have died in the work (from commencement of Ministry to year of death). [A] [B] [C] [D] ... [Z] S Saadat-Ullah, Istafan W Sackett, Alfred B. O.B.E. W Sackett, Edward W Sackett, F. Colyer W Sackett, Walter W Sackey, Ebenezer A. W Sadd, Herbert J. P Sadler, John P Sadler, Thomas P Sagbohan, Michel M Sage, Bert P Sagse, Michael N. Q. W Sainty, Francis J. P Sales, S. Reginald W Salgada, Peter W Salisbury, Frank W. R. P Salisbury, John T. W Salisbury, William W Salmon, Albert E. W Salt, Benjamin P Salt, Enoch W Salt, Matthew W Salt, William U Salter, Thomas W Samkange, Thompson D. W Samuel, Abijah W Samuel, A. Wesley W Samuel, D. Abraham B.A. L.T. W Samuel, Jacob W Samuel, Joel W Samuel, Marijose W Samuel, Peter W Samuel, V. Ram W Samuels, Moses F. W Sandbach, Francis B. W Sandercock, Samuel U Sanders, John U Sanders, John H. W Sanders, John L. W Sanders, John W. S. W Sanders, Joseph W Sanders, Samuel P Sanders, William W Sanderson, Arthur O. M.A. W Sanderson, Daniel W Sanderson, Edric

83. Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: From Virginia Through The S
Thomas Eatman 16971770 ELLIS; Rees Ap Lewis born abt Wagner Wedding Portrait 1869 (79 KB) Alfred G. Goforth KB) Joseph Jackson Jordan, son of Henry W. Jordan
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From Virginia Through the Southwest
Updated April 19, 2004
Lynn Mayes

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"In the beginning, All America was Virginia." William Byrd
Welcome to my Home Page! This page includes all lines in my family whom I’ve traced from Virginia and beyond through to the Southwestern United States. By 1900 all branches of my family tree converged in Texas and Indian Territory.
DESCENDANCY REPORTS for the following 29 family lines listed in the *BOOK* link. All persons listed in the reports are INDEXED and are LINKED to each descendant report in which they're included:
BRANTLEY; Unknown Brantley abt 1780-1840
BRITT; Elisha D. Britt 1798-1860
CANTRELL; Henry Cantrell born 1616
CATLEDGE; John Cartledge bef. 1550 Allied family of Pruitt line. Research by Daymon Catlege and Ashley Killian.
DAVIS; Jared D. Davis 1817-1864 EATMON; Thomas Eatman 1697-1770 ELLIS; Rees Ap Lewis born abt 1599 FARRAR; Henry Ferror born bef 1470

84. History And Folklore Of West Prince - Communities
Named by Samuel Holland 1765 for Henry Fox (17051774) 1st Lewis Town See Alberton South. adjacent landowners are David, Horation, Jacob and Alfred McWilliams
B C D ...
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... W - X - Y
Back To Introduction

West Prince is comprised of many communities, each having its own unique history. Many of these communities work together and share infrastructure on a daily basis, allowing businesses and other organizations to be supported by the people of their own community as well as others.
Many of the following are names that no longer appear on any maps, nor are even used by the local population today. It should be noted that communities changed names e.g. Alberton was known as Cascumpec between the years 1839 and 1868, and was also known locally as Stumptown. And some names refer to school districts, as well as communities.
On the left is an alphabetical list that will bring you to a description of community or place names. Below are abbreviations found in some of those descriptions.
approximately E: East JHA: Journal of the House of Assembly of Prince Edward Island mi: mile, miles

85. Food For Thought: Biographies
Namier, Sir Lewis Bernstein (Polishborn British Niehaus, Charles Henry (American sculptor), 1855-1935. Nobel, Alfred Bernhard (Swedish manufacturer, inventor
Nabighah, an- (an-Nabighah adh-Dhubyani) (Arab poet) fl. c.600 Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich (Russian-born American writer) Nabuco de Araujo, Joaquim Aurelio Baretto (Braz. polit., dipl.) Naburimanni (aka Naburianos) (Babylonian astronomer) fl. c.491 BC Nachtigal, Gustav (German explorer) Nadel, Siegfried Frederick (Austrian anthropologist) Nadelman, Elie (Polish-born American sculptor) Nader, Ralph (American lawyer, consumer advocate) b.1934 Naevius, Gnaeus (Roman poet, playwright) c.270-c.199 BC Nagai Sokichi (pseud. Nagai Kafu) (Japanese novelist) Nagano Osami (Japanese admiral; planned Pearl Harbor attack) Nagarjuna (Indian religious) fl. c.150-250 Nageli, Karl Wilhelm von (Swiss botanist) Nagle, Nano Honoria (Irish religious) c.1718-1784 Nahienaena (Hawaiian princess; daughter of Kamehameha I) Nahl, Johann August (German sculptor, decorator) Nahum (Hebrew prophet) 7th cent. BC Naidu, Sarojini Chattopadhyay (Indian poet, reformer) Naima, Mustafa (Turkish historian) Nairne, Carolina Oliphant (Scottish songwriter) Naismith, James A. (Canadian-born American physical educator)

86. Index
Translate this page 1912 - ) Walter Dennis (1911 - ) Walter Lewis (1882 - 1947 1886 - 1934) Leslie Victor Henry (1888 - 1917 LEMM Adolph Robert (1840 - 1840) Alfred Berthold (1892
B C D ...
Anna Rosina
Hermann Johann
Adelheit Klara
Adolf Christoph
Adolph ...
Paul Rudolf (1882 - br. 1949)
Selma Emma
Sophie Christiane Amalie
Sophie Elizabeth ...
Wilhelm Henry
Auguste Ernestine Ellen
Frederick Clement
Emma Mathilda
Alfred Julius
Bernhard Frederick
Carl Adolph Ferdinand
Carl Benno ...
Ida Amanda
Friedrich Bernhard
Johann Frederick William
Emilie Anna
Lottie Maude
Pauline Wilhelmine
Charles Leopold
Victor N
Winnifred Mary
Anna Elisabeth
Johann Wilhelm
Anna Dorothea
Christian Clara
Edith May
Maria Louise
Heinrich Friedrich Carl
Carl Adolf Theodor
Margaret Brenda
Ernst Gotthilf
Johann Gottlieb
Johann Gottlieb
Johanna Ernestine ...
Johanne Juliana
Alwine Marie
Friedrich Wilhelm
Johann Dienegott
Maria Elisabeth ...
Ottilie Emma (Tilly)
Marx Vernon
Johann Georg
Johanne Eleanor
Rosalie Ferenandeice Amalie (VON)
Joachim Julius Friederick
Carl Friedrich
Clara (1700 - br. 1766)

87. WebGED: Moen Data Page
Anderson, Lewis spouse Hestetun, Brita Tomasdtr (1849 1879 ) spouse Igelkjøn, Alfred (1914 - ) - m 1928) spouse Helgerson, Henry -child Helgerson
private) ?, Anders
spouse: ?, Gro
child: Andersdtr, Ingeborg (1717 - 1777) ?, Gro
spouse: Åmås, Asbjørn (1940 - )
spouse: ?, Anders
child: Andersdtr, Ingeborg (1717 - 1777) ?, Gro Andrisdtr
d. 1690
Torpe, Dorte Olsdtr (? - 1726) ?, Håvard
d. 1628
spouse: child:
Håvardson, Ola A.J.Bjørnlund, Ivar b. 1915 spouse: Sterri, Sofia Karensdtr (1921 - ) - m. 18 Oct 1947 child: Bjørnlund, Anne Sofia (1948 - ) child: Bjørnlund, Svein (1952 - ) Adriansen, Peter b. 1538 d. 29 Aug 1569 father: Falkener, Adrian Rockertson spouse: Sigurdsdtr, Gunhild - m. 1560 child: Petersdtr, Margretha (1556 - 1622) Adriansen, Rickert b. 1542 father: Falkener, Adrian Rockertson spouse: child: Richartsen, Hans (? - 1635) Ahlness, Alpha father: Ahlness, Hans mother: Vee, Ida(1890 - 1960) Ahlness, Edna father: Ahlness, Hans mother: Vee, Ida(1890 - 1960) Ahlness, Hans spouse: Vee, Ida (1890 - 1960) child: Ahlness, Hazel child: Ahlness, Alpha child: Ahlness, Edna child: Ahlness, Vernon child: Ahlness, Julian child: Ahlness, Myron Ahlness, Hazel spouse: Oren, Adolph (1901 - ) child: Oren, Dale

88. Genealogy Index For Surnames Beginning With W
Viola Mable () Waugh, Unknown (-) Waymire, Alfred (BET Laura (JUN 1895-) Waymire, Lewis (1 JAN Weston, Sarah Evaline (-) Wetherburn, Henry (-) Wheaton, Hannah
Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with W
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W, A
W, A L
W, B

W, C

W, C E
W, C E
W, E D

W, E E
W, E H
W, E P
W, F H
(living) W, G W, G E (living) W, J L (living) W, J M (6 MAR 1935-7 FEB 1977) W, K W, K C (living) W, K E (living) W, M P (living) W, P W, R F (living) W, S W, S D (living) W, T E (living) Waddams, Caleb (1 NOV 1692-23 OCT 1711) Waddams, Daniel (13 SEP 1689-) Waddams, Hannah (25 OCT 1680-) Waddams, Ichabod Waddams, Ichabod (AFT. 1655-) Waddams, John (5 APR 1687-) Waddams, John Jr. (JUN 1655-30 JUN 1718) Waddams, John Sr. (ABT. 1610-16 DEC 1676) Waddams, Martha (22 JAN 1700/01-16 MAY 1715) Waddams, Mary (3 AUG 1698-) Waddams, Noah (BEF. 1655-) Waddams, Noah (10 AUG 1695-1783) Waddams, Sarah (5 APR 1687-1741) Waddams, Susannah (3 JAN 1682/83-) Waddams, Susannah (4 OCT 1678-2 NOV 1678) Wade, Elizabeth (ABT. 1752-) Waggoner, Anna Elizabeth Waggoner, Barbara Waggoner, Elizabeth Waggoner, Emily E. (BET. 1857 - 1858-) Waggoner, George Waggoner, James M. (BET. 1839 - 1840-AFT. 1880) Waggoner, Jefferson

89. Combined Cemeteries, All The Cranberry Isles
Spurling then Lewis E. Ladd. StanleyGilley, Evelyn, Leighton, 1897, 7-7-1948, 51, of Henry P. Sandbeach, Alfred, Quittner, 6-21-1901, 11-22-1974, 73, friend of Sula Benet.
Combined Cemeteries
All the Cranberry Isles, Maine
Only the Stanley, Spurling Shore, and Fish Point Cemeteries (all on Great Cranberry Island) are omitted, because I have not recorded them yet.
Also see Leslie Victor Stanley's Cemeteries of Great Cranberry Island , which includes the ones I have omitted.
You can also download the combined table as a database file and massage it yourself. I use Microsoft Excel, but practically any database program will do.
the combined database as a comma-separated text file
file name: combined_all.csv
file size: about 40 kb
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GIVEN FAMILY BORN DIED AGE NOTES Spurling Cemetery database last updated 10 April 1999 Preble Cemetery database last updated 25 Jan 2001 Harding Point Cemetery database last updated 15 July 1999 Bunker Cemetery database last updated 11 April 1999 George Bunker Cemetery database last updated 2 Feb 2000 Baker Island Cemetery database last updated 26 Jan 2001 Sutton Island Cemetery database last updated 25 Jan 2001 Sawtelle Cemetery database last updated 20 July 1999 Stanley/Hadlock Cemetery database last updated 18 July 1999 Stanley/Gilley Cemetery database last updated 12 July 1999 Sandbeach Cemetery database last updated 20 June 1999 Catholic Cemetery database last updated 20 July 1999 Preble Andrew E.

90. Pleasant View Cemetery, Gage County, Nebraska
Lenger, Charlotta L. 1839, 1900. Lenger, Henry (Baby). 1886, 1887. Lewis, Sarah. 1850, 1904. Lewis, (Baby). Lisk, Goldie M. Mccown,. Mccown, Alfred. Mccown, Annasarah.
Gage County, NE
Submitted by Lori Laird and Lois Bowers Note: Pleasant View Cemetery is located on the northeast corner of section 2 of Midland Township. The cemetery is located 1/2 miles east and 2 miles south of Pickrell, on the south side of the road. Adams, Alta Frances Adams, Yates G. Allen, Otis Applebee, Cora Applebee, Elmer J. Applebee, Hazel R. Applebee, Ida M. Applebee, Iva Irene Applebee, John Applebee, Myrtle L. Applebee, Sarah J. Applebee, Walter Armstrong, Armstrong, Sinia Arnst, Barbara F. Arnst, Florence E. Arnst, Ivan R. (Red) Arntt, Beverly A. Arterburn, Frances "Frank" Arterburn, Geneva J. Arterburn, George Arterburn, Kenneth H. Arterburn, May Vietta Bailey, Dennis J. Baker, Dean I. Baker, Frank C. Baker, Hiram Ray Baker, Mary Josephine Baker, Shirley Ann Balderson, Benjamin H. Balderson, Dean M. Balderson, Doris I. (Baby) Balderson, George W. Balderson, Ida M. Balderson, Marjorie L. Balderson, Martha Balderson, Pearle Barnard, Elizabeth Barnard, George Barnard, George A. Barnard, Harland (Baby) Barnard, Ida Bell

91. List Of 1999 Works By Title
and Janet Floyd (both of King Alfred s College, Winchester and Experienced Readers Summerfield, Henry (University of a new understanding of Lewis Carroll Leach

Search engine
New Books in Nineteenth-Century British Studies home page
Works listed alphabetically by title
for year 1999
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92. Harvard Cemetery,Town Of Hancock, Delaware County NY
23, 1905 July 5, 1908 Lewis L., Aug W. 1897 Emily R. 1900 wife SHOEMAKER, Charles Henry 1882 - 1949 BODURTHA, Charles W. 1869 - 1960 WATERMAN, Alfred E. 1857
Delaware County, NY Genealogy and History Site Thank you to Mrs. Etsyl Davis of the Hancock N.Y. Historical Society and to submitter Mary Cable, Town Historian of Deposit, June 28, 1998 , for this Harvard Cemetery compilation. HARVARD CEMETERY
Taken May 16, 1969 CABLE, Vernon W. 1880-1961 Minnie I., 1876-1891 Mother, Ella J., his wife, 1856-1902 Father, John A., 1844-1918 HOUCK, Grant 1869-1952 Harry R., 1893-1951 Abbie Cable 1874-1927 Bessie VonAry, wife of Harry, 1893-1967 FINGADO, Theodore A. 1863-1934 Velma Chase 1868-1954 Theodore Z. Davis, grandson, b. Sept. 30, 1912, d. Jan. 6, 1913 VICKERS, John 1849 Almira, his wife, 1855-1927 Father SHEABLE, Guy W., N.Y. Pvt. CML Warfare SVC WWI. Aug. 27, 1895 - Nov. 16, 1963 Flossie Valentine, wife BRANNEN, Ernest W. 1948-1948 MALLOCH, Charles B., 1860-1929 Father Bessie M. Thomas, his wife, 1863-1943 Mother Thomas L., 1894-1913 Thomas Hannah May, 1905 -

93. Name Index --L
Alice Lietzke, Albert William Lietzke, Arthur Lewis (1888 1963 Reuben Spencer (1830 - 1904) Light, Rubie Alfred (1874 - ) Light, Samuel Henry (1834 - 1914
Generated: 2004-05-29
B C D ... K L M N O P ... W ][X][ Y Z
* = my direct ancestor
Lacer, Katie (1879 - )

Lackey, Harriet I (1883 - )

Lacy, Curtis Monroe (1875 - 1934)

Lacy, Ruth Elizabeth (1902 - )
Lyttleton, Thomas (c1421 - 1505)

Hinds Site: Genealogy of Ken Hinds Surname Index Home Page

94. Eureka Township
Henry C. Arneson (?) 18801914. Henry C. Arneson (?) 2 October 1880 - 24 June 1914. Alfred Fredrickson 1887-1951. Lewis Gilbertson 1857-1915.
Highview Christiana Cemetery - ELCA Eureka township, Dakota county, Minnesota: T113N - R20W, section 28 Christiana Lutheran Church web site: : I claim and reserve any and all rights to the works that I have compiled and created. These pages may be viewed much like a library book, but I do not approve of any type of reproduction in any format. Persons or organizations desiring to use the information contained within in my web pages MUST obtain my written consent. All information is for Non-Profit use only. This rural cemetery is located about five miles south of Lakeville, Minnesota Along Highview Avenue / Dakota County Road 17 and the intersecting Dakota County Road 84. The cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. The church at this location is Highview Christiania - ELCA. The church is still in use. The East Christiana Lutheran Cemetery is located across the road from this church and cemetery. The burial stones show indications of patronymic naming patterns. The Dakota county cemetery records compilation lists this cemetery as: Christiania Free Church (Highview) Cemetery, established 1865. 2 acres. Section 28, SW 1/4. Highway 84.

95. Business History Review: Archives
by Cooke, Jacob E.• 293; Chandler, Alfred D. Jr Assessments and the Political Community Under Henry II and Lewis, Colin M., British Railways in Argentina 1857
  • Foster, Mark S. "Giant of the West: Henry J. Kaiser and Regional Industrialization, 1930-1950"
  • Baum , Hans-Peter " Annuities in Late Medieval Hanse Towns "
  • Davies, Alun C. " Rural Clockmaking in Eighteenth-Century Wales: Samuel Roberts of Llanfair, Caereinion 1755-1774"
  • Jones, Geoffrey " The Gramophone Company: An Anglo-American Multinational 1898-1931"
  • Rosenberg, Emily S. " Foundations of United States International Financial Power: Gold Standard Diplomacy, 1900-1905"
  • McKenna , J.A. Rodger, Richard G. " Control by Coercion: Employers' Associations and the Establishment of Industrial Order in the Building Industry of England and Wales, 1860-1914"
  • Locke, Robert R. "Business Education in Germany: Past Systems and Current Practice "
  • Stokes, Raymond G. "The Oil Industry in Nazi Germany, 1936-1945"
  • Kornblith, Gary J. "The Craftsman as Industrialist: Jonas Chickering and the Transformation of American Piano Making "
  • Seftel, Howard D. "Government Regulation and the Rise of the California Fruit Industry: The Entrepreneurial Attack on Fruit Pests, 1880-1920"

96. Names Index Page
28 MAR 1917 MAY 1986) NICKELL, Alfred C (28 AUG 1854- 5 MAR 1926) NICKELL, Henry Stelson (10 1965-) NICKELL, Lewis Wallace (1932-) NICKELL, Lewis Wallace Lew
Unplaced NICKELL famlies.
Mar 2, 2004 1618 hrs
Family Tree Names
, "Leny" (ABT 1790-)
, Adeline
( JAN 1881-)
, Barbara

, Beulah

, Dollie

, Dolores
, Eunace Colleen
(26 NOV 1925-15 JAN 1997)
, Hallie

, Harriett

, Julia
, Katy ... , Mary (ABT 1835-) , Mary , Mildred J (28 JUN 1923-17 NOV 2002) , Nancy , Nancy , Norma , Peggy ... , Phebe (ABT 1815-) , Polly , Rella ( 3 FEB 1917-) , Sarah , Sarah , Sarah , Unknown ... ALLEN, Cecil Pearl (31 DEC 1920- 4 SEP 1985) ALLEN, Clem (10 MAY 1899-13 OCT 1908) ALLEN, Eliza Mae ( 7 AUG 1924-19 SEP 1995) ALLEN, Mary Ruth (18 MAY 1930-29 JAN 2002) ALLEN, Pearl R ALLEN, Pearline Ellen (16 JUN 1934-19 APR 1997) ALLEY, Nancy Neal ALLRED, Gina LaDonna ALLRED, Walter LaVon ANDERSON, "Cuzzie" ... AYERS, Maria Catherine "Kate" (17 NOV 1863-) AZZOPARDI, Anne K (29 AUG 1922- 7 OCT 2000) BARNARD, Carol Ann BARNETT, BARNETT, BARNETT, Bernard ( 2 OCT 1922-22 DEC 1989) BARNETT, Bernard "Barney" BARNETT, Linda Ann BARNETT, William (22 JUL 1844-) BAUMAN, Lauren Louise BEAVERS, Annie May (20 JUL 1917-20 JUN 1969) BELL, James White

97. Tennessee Death Records : Putnam County Pt. 2 [G-L]
Named) 1919 1919 Putnam 496 Jones Alfred 1877 1925 Catherine 1925 1925 Putnam 339 Layne Henry Bethel 1851 1921 1922 Putnam 172 Leftwich Lewis Temple 1855
Tennessee State Library and Archives
Historical and Genealogical Information
Putnam County Index : Part 2
H I J ... L
Ingham Joe 1901 1923 Putnam #338 Ingram Robert J. 1920 1922 Putnam #175 Inman Willard 1912 1914 Putnam #194 Isom Wamon Clark 1880 1915 Putnam #210
Part 1 : A-F Part 3 : M-R Part 4 : S-Z
Ordering Tennessee Death Records by Mail
... Return to TSLA Historical and Genealogical Information
Questions? Contact us by e-mail at

98. Human Intelligence: Redirect
The biographical profile of Alfred Binet, focusing on his/her contributions to the development of intelligence theory and testing. Alfred Binet. ( July 8, 1857 October 18, 1911) in the ensuing years. In 1914 William Stern came up with See related introduction and commentary by Henry L. Minton
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99. ARC Museum :: Contents :: Page 3 Of 18
1, Brouillet, Pierre Andre, 1857 1914, France. 1, Burrington, Arthur Alfred, 1856 - 1925, 3, Caro-Delvaille, Henry, 1876 - 1926, France. 1, Carolus, Jean,

100. Bohnemeier Cemetery
J. HOFSTETTER 1849 1933 Bange Rosina 1857 - 1914 Gustav 1854 14,1959 Edwin BANGE 1902 - 1975 Henry HARRIS 1879 Vera M. Feb 4,1919 - HOFSTETTER Alfred F. Sept
Transcribed and Donated by Richard and Sharon Newton Burnes
2 April 2000
To view a photograph of the cemetery, click HERE
Zion Bohnemeir Cemetery Return To The Main Page

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