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  1. Passion for the Gospel: Hugh Latimer (1485-1555) Then and Now. A Commemorative Lecture to Mark the 450th Anniversary of His Martyrdom in Oxford by Alister E. McGrath, 2005-10
  2. The works of Hugh Latimer Volume 1 by Hugh, 1485?-1555 Latimer, 2009-10-26
  3. Sermons by Hugh Latimer by Hugh (1485-1555) Latimer, 2010-01-01
  4. Sermons by Hugh, 1485?-1555 Latimer, 2009-10-26

1. Thou Canst Make Me Clean, By Hugh Latimer
by Hugh Latimer (1485?1555) Hugh Latimer is a well known martyr of the English Reformation
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Thou Canst Make Me Clean

by Hugh Latimer
Hugh Latimer is a well known martyr of the English Reformation. He became a court preacher under Edward VI, and was condemned for repudiating Roman Catholic doctrine under Mary Tudor. He was burned at the stake in Oxford along with Nicholas Ridley. The electronic edition of this article was scanned and edited by Shane Rosenthal for Reformation Ink . It is in the public domain and may be freely copied and distributed.
When he was come down from the mountain, great multitudes followed him. And behold, there came a leper and worshipped him, saying, Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean. And Jesus put forth his hand and touched him, saying, I will, be thou clean. And immediately his leprosy was cleansed. This is a notable miracle, and a most comfortable history, which though it were done upon a leper only, yet the doctrine of the same pertaineth to us and to all men, and so shall it do unto the end of the world. For Paul saith, "Whatsoever is written, is written for our instruction"; therefore if we will consider and ponder this story well, we shall find much matter in it to our great comfort and edifying. "When he was come down." He had been upon the mountain preaching a sermon, which is contained in the fifth, sixth and seventh chapters of this evangelist. That sermon is very notable, and containeth the sum of a Christian man's life. The people were greatly astonished, and marveled much at this sermon, whereby you may note the strength and efficacy of the Word of God, bringing a marveling, as it happened unto this people which had received the Word.

2. HUGH LATIMER - A BIOGRAPHY: R. Demaus (Chapter 1: Early Life 1485-1524)
Old Hugh Latimer was his date than 1491; and with due regard to all that is knownof Latimer, his birth may be assigned to the year 1484 or 1485.
Hugh Latimer - A Biography
EARLY LIFE: 1485-1524
OF the birth and parentage of Latimer not much is known for certain beyond what is contained in the oft-quoted passage, which has almost acquired a prescriptive right to stand at the outset of his biography. Preaching before King Edward VI the Reformer thus recounts the circumstances of his early life:- " My father was a yeoman, and had no lands of his own; only he had a farm of three or four pounds by year at the uttermost; and hereupon he tilled so much as kept half-a-dozen men. He had walk for a hundred sheep; and my mother milked thirty kine. He was able, and did find the King a harness, with himself and his horse, while he came to the place that he should receive the King's wages. I can remember that I buckled his harness when he went unto Blackheath Field.1 He kept me to school, or else I had not been able to have preached before the King's majesty now. He married my sisters with five pound or twenty nobles apiece; so that he brought them up in godliness and fear of God. He kept hospitality for his poor neighbours; and some alms he gave to the poor." 2 There is much probability that the Reformer was descended in some way from this once powerful family of Leicestershire Latimers. Some younger son, driven from the home of his ancestors, or self-exiled, may have retired to the pastoral seclusion of Thurcastone, and there founded a family of yeomen Latimers, destined in a few generations to surround the name with a more abiding glory than any of the achievements of heraldry.

3. Sermons On The Card By Latimer, Hugh, 1485?-1555
Free download of the Project Gutenberg eBook Sermons On The Card by Latimer, Hugh, 1485?1555

4. Detailed Record
• By Hugh Latimer ; Allan G English • Document Type Book • Subject Sermons,English., Great Britain, Sources., History, Tudors, 14851603, Church of
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Hugh Latimer Allan G Chester
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Project Gutenberg Authors L Latimer, Hugh, 1485?1555. Sermons On The Card Author Latimer, Hugh, 1485?-1555. KeywordsAuthors L Latimer, Hugh, 1485?-1555; Titles S ; Subject

6. Detailed Record
Early modern, 15001700., Great Britain, Sources., History, Tudors, 1485-1603, England examinationand martyrdom of Nicholas Ridley and Hugh Latimer, from Actes
About WorldCat Help For Librarians Tudor prose, 1513-1570; edited with an introduction, notes, and variants.
Edmund Creeth
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7. Sermons On The Card
Sermons On The Card Latimer, Hugh, 1485?1555 Hugh, 1485?-1555 Latimer

8. List Of Knights And Ladies Of The Garter - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
William Latimer, 4th Baron Latimer, c. 13291381, 1361, Hugh Stafford, 1st Baron Stafford,d. 1420, 1418, John de Foix, Captal de Buch, d. 1485, 1446, Resigned c. 1462.
List of Knights and Ladies of the Garter
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
The Most Noble Order of the Garter was founded by King Edward III of England in 1348. Dates shown are of election or installation. Founders
14th Century
15th Century 16th Century ... 21st Century Name Life Date Notes edit
Knights Founders
Edward, Prince of Wales Henry of Grosmont, 1st Earl of Derby c. Later Duke of Lancaster Thomas de Beauchamp, 11th Earl of Warwick d. Jean de Grailly, Captal de Buch Ralph de Stafford, 2nd Baron Stafford Later Earl of Stafford William Montacute, 1st Earl of Salisbury Roger Mortimer, 2nd Earl of March John de Lisle, 1st Baron Lisle Bartholemew Burghesh d. Later Baron Burghesh John de Beauchamp d. Later Baron Beauchamp John de Mohun, 2nd Baron Mohun c. Hugh Courtenay d. Thomas Holland d. Later Earl of Kent John de Grey c. Richard Fitz-Simon Miles Stapleton d. Thomas Wale d. Hugh Wrottesley d. Nele Loring d. John Chandos d. James Audley d. Otho Holand d. Henry Eam Sanchet D'Abrichecourt Walter Pavely d. edit
Fourteenth Century
William Fitzwaryne d. c.

9. Latimer, Hugh
Latimer, Hugh , 1485?1555, English bishop and Protestant martyr. Latimer was educated at Cambridge, entered the
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10. HASTINGS Of Hastings
Mother Joan De CANTELUPE. Married Thomas Latimer (b. 1271 d. 1334). 1. WilliamEURE (1° B. Eure of Witton). 2. Hugh EURE (b. 1487). 3. John EURE (b. 1485).
HASTINGS FAMILY I. HASTINGS LINE Robert D'EU (Count of Eu) Died: ABT 8 Sep 1090 Buried: Le Tréport Abbey Notes: The Complete Peerage vol.V,pp.152-3. CP does not show Mathilde who is shown in Stammtafeln. CP says William is the second son ES shows him as the first. Father: William HIESMES (1° Count of Eu) Mother: Lesceline D'HARCOURT De Neufmarche Married 1: Beatrice FULBERT Children: Son D´EU William HASTINGS (Count of Eu) Raoul D´EU Robert D´EU Armand D´EU Eremburge D´EU Married 2: Matilde De HAUTEVILLE Children: Condor D´EU Armand D´EU Father: Robert D'EU (Count of Eu) Mother: Beatrice FULBERT Married: Beatrice De HAUTEVILLE Children: Robert Di MONTESCAGLIOSO William HASTINGS (Count of Eu) Buried: Free Chapel, Hastings Castle Notes: Lord of Hastings. The Complete Peerage vol.V,pp.153-154. Father: Robert D'EU (Count of Eu) Mother: Beatrice FULBERT Married 1: Beatrice De BUILLY Children: Henry HASTINGS (Count of Eu) Robert HASTINGS William HASTINGS of Eu Married 2: Helisende D'AVRANCHES Henry HASTINGS (Count of Eu) Died: 12 Jul 1140 Buried: Foucarmont Abbey Notes: The Complete Peerage vol.V.,pp.155-156. Lord of Hastings.

11. Hugh Latimer And The Rapture
Hugh Latimer. Christian Martyr born 1485 Burned at the Stake 1555 work in progress) Hugh Latimer was famous as a preacher

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Hugh Latimer
Christian Martyr born 1485 - Burned at the Stake 1555 (work in progress) Hugh Latimer was famous as a preacher. He was Bishop of Worcester (pronounced WOOS-ter) in the time of King Henry, but resigned in protest against the King's refusal to allow the Protestant reforms that Latimer desired. Latimer's sermons speak little of doctrine; he preferred to urge men to upright living and devoutness in prayer. But when Mary came to the throne, he was arrested, tried for heresy, and burned together with his friend Nicholas Ridley. His last words at the stake are well known: "Be of good cheer, Master Ridley, and play the man, for we shall this day light such a candle in England as I trust by God' grace shall never be put out."
These were his words to Ridley. To another prisoner, wavering in the peril of death, he wrote:
If any man perceive his faith not to abide the fire, let such an one with weeping buy his liberty, until he hath obtained more strength, lest the gospel by him sustain an offence of some shameful recantation. Let the dead bury their dead. Let us that be of the lively faith follow the Lamb wheresoever He goeth.

12. PCA Historical Center: Textual Index Of Puritan & Reformed Sermons - The Gospel
1210,13 Spurgeon, CH, The Withered Hand, 1485, MTP 25.409420. 1324-30 Latimer,Hugh, The Parable of the Tares, Select Sermons and Letters of Dr. Hugh
12330 Conway Road St. Louis, MO 63141 Email Home Collections Churches ... What's New? MATTHEW
Alexander, Archibald, "The Name Jesus,"  Practical Sermons , pp. 68-75. Bolton, Samuel, "The Sinfulness of Sin, held forth in a Sermon preached to the Honourable House of Commons, at Margarets, Westminster, upon their late Solemn day of Humiliation, March 25, 1646. Peck, Thomas E., untitled, Works , iii.284-286. Spurgeon, C.H., "Jesus,"  #1434, MTP Whitefield, George, "The Observation of the Birth of Christ, the Duty of All Christians; or, The True Way of Keeping Christmas,"  Sermons on Important Subjects , pp. 208-215.
Spurgeon, C.H., "God With Us,"  #1270, MTP
Spurgeon, C.H., "The Star and the Wise Men,"  #1698, MTP
Spurgeon, C.H., "The Far-Off, Near; the Near, Far Off,"  #2325, MTP
Spurgeon, C.H., "The Sages, the Star, and the Saviour,"  #967, MTP
Adams, Thomas, "Christ's Star," 

13. Hugh Latimer
Subject Classifications Collectibles Hugh Latimer English Martyrs Church of England Times THE LIFE OF Hugh Latimer. The Christian Martyr born 1485. Burned at the Stake 1555. by. THE
Current Specials
Subject Classifications: Collectibles Hugh Latimer English Martyrs Church of England Times of King Henry VIII Biography The Reformation Cambridge University Hugh Latimer was Bishop of Worcester during the reign of Henry VIII. Although divorce was against the doctrine of the Church of England, Latimer supported the practice in an attempt to stop the King from beheading Ann Boleyn so he could marry Jane Seymour. Bishop Latimer was a graduate of Cambridge University and a major figure in The Reformation. Imprisoned in the Tower of London as a heretic, he was burned at the stake in 1555 with Cranmer and Ridley. In Oxford, the famous Martyr's Memorial in the center of town commemorates the 'faithfulness unto death' of the three martyrs. THE LIFE OF HUGH LATIMER The Christian Martyr born 1485.
Burned at the Stake 1555.

14. I24766 Ezer ( - )
1485 !1 Chronicles 721 Joan le Latimer 1 Jan1924; ENDOWMENT 30 Jan 1924; AFN 84ZV50; REFERENCE 1585. Father Hugh de VERE

15. Latimer, Hugh
Latimer, Hugh , 1485?1555, English bishop and Protestant martyr. Latimer was educated at Cambridge, entered the
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16. Richard III - Bosworth
attainted by Henry VII as the Duke of Gloucester, in bill of attainder dated 21 August,1485. Hugh Eardswick. Sir Nicholas Latimer of Buckland in Duntish, Dorset.
Battle of Bosworth August 22, 1485 The unofficial heir to Lancaster was now Henry Tudor. Tudor was descended on his mother's side from John of Gaunt's illegitimate Beaufort children, and on his father's side from an unauthorized liaison between Henry V's widowed French queen, Katherine of Valois and Owen Tudor, a Welsh esquire. With the backing of the French king and an army gathered from the jails and mercenaries of France and the remnants of the Lancastrian army, they prepared to invade England in the summer of 1485. By May, Richard left London for the last time and journeyed to Windsor. His Knights and Esquires of his Household accompanied him. Francis, Viscount Lovel, was sent to Southampton to lead the forces in case Tudor landed in the southern counties. John, Duke of Norfolk, was stationed in Essex. Sir Robert Brackenbury, the Constable of the Tower, was defending the capital. Richard left Windsor and departed for Kenilworth. By the middle of June, he was at the centre of his realm at Nottingham Castle. He sent his niece, Elizabeth of York, along with her sisters, his nephews and his illegitimate son, John of Gloucester, to Sheriff Hutton. From Nottingham, he sent instructions to the commissioners of array in all the shires alerting them to the invasion. On the 11of August, a messenger brought news to Richard, who had been at Beskwood Lodge, that Henry Tudor had landed at Milford Haven in South Wales on Sunday, the 7th of August.

17. Latimer, Hugh
Latimer, Hugh lat'umur Pronunciation Key. Latimer, Hugh , 1485?1555, English bishop and Protestant martyr. Latimer was educated at Cambridge, entered the church, and came under the influence of the Reformation.


Latimer, Hugh u m u r] Pronunciation Key Latimer, Hugh Ridley was burned at the stake as a martyr. See A. G. Chester, Hugh Latimer, Apostle to the English The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia,
Lathrop, Rose Hawthorne
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18. Articles Published In Historical Research: Sixteenth Century 1485 - 1600
1995) PK O Brien and PA Hunt The rise of a fiscal state in England, 14851815. lxvi.129-76. (June 1993). Rosemary O Day Hugh Latimer prophet of the kingdom.
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War in the Ordnance Office: the Essex connection and Sir John Davis. lxvii. 337-45. (Oct. 1994) K. Barnes
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A religious disturbance in Canterbury, June 1561: John Bale's unpublished account. lxv. 340-8. (Oct. 1992)

19. Genealogy Data Page 173 (Descendancy Pages)
b. 1225 Altyre, Morayshire, Scotland Latimer, Joan Le. Courtenay, Hugh. Male b.1427 Basenthorpe, Cornwall 1513 Tournay, Cornwall, England Marriage ABT 1485
Genealogy Data Page 173 (Descendancy Pages)

20. Genealogy Data Page Extended 2 (Descendancy Pages)
d. 1305 Scotland Married to Latimer, Joan Le Courtenay, Hugh. Male b. 1427 Basenthorpe,Cornwall, England 1513 Tournay, Cornwall, England Marriage ABT 1485
Genealogy Data Page Extended 2 (Descendancy Pages)

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