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         Krol Ed:     more detail
  1. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Internet - New Century Edition with DirectLink Technology by Ed Krol, 2010-06-17
  2. The Whole Internet for Windows 95 (Nutshell Handbooks) by Paula Ferguson, Ed Krol, 1995-11-01
  3. The whole Internet user's guide by Ed Krol, 1995
  4. The Whole Internet: The Next Generation by Kiersten Conner-Sax, Ed Krol, 1999-11-15
  5. Whole Internet Calendar: 2000 by Ed Krol, 1999-10-28
  6. Whole Internet: User's Guide and Catalog - Academic Edition (Nutshell Handbook) by O'Reilly, Ed Krol, et all 1995-12-13
  7. Western Canadian Medicinal Chemistry Workshop.(RECOGNITION/RECONNAISSANCE): An article from: Canadian Chemical News by Ed Krol, David Palmer, 2009-02-01
  8. The hitchhikers guide to the Internet by Ed Krol, 1989
  9. The Whole Internet for Windows 95: User's Guide and Catalog by Ed Krol, 1995
  10. Whole Internet Page-A-Day Calendar 2002 by Ed Krol, 2001-08-01
  11. Removable Partial Denture Design 5ed by Arthur J Krol, 1999
  12. tools of the trade.(Review) (book review): An article from: Strategic Finance
  13. The Whole Internet User's Guide and Catalog. (book reviews): An article from: Technical Communication by Eric J. Ray, 1994-02-01

61. BookCrossing - Search - FREE YOUR BOOKS!
First Syllabus (1993) Introduction, pp. 126. Krol, Ed. 1992. _The Whole Internet User sGuide Catalog_. Sepastopol, CA O Reilly Associates. Various. Krol

62. Internet Resources: CIS/LBT 160
HTML 3.2 Quick Reference. 2nd Ed., QUE, 1997. Krol, Ed. The Whole Internet User sGuide and Catalog. 2nd Ed. O Reilly Associates, 1994. Hahn, Harley.
Internet Resources: CIS/LBT 160
Hartnell College, Spring 1998
Jennifer Lagier
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Noon - 2:15 p.m.
Top of Page Helpful Resources Supplementary Reading Course Outline
Course Objectives
This class will introduce students to:
  • Various Internet resources including email, the World Wide Web, search engines, FTP, mailing lists, Telnet.
  • Hands-on experience planning and conducting searches to solve information needs, evaluating search results.
  • Ethical issues arising from Internet connectivity, such as censorship, pornography, creation of information haves and have-nots. Discussion and research through Internet resources.
  • Basic html, creation of simple homepage containing links, graphics, scanned images and original creations.
Suggested Texts
Navigating the Internet. 3rd ed. Publishing, 1995. HTML 3.2 Quick Reference. 2nd ed., QUE, 1997. Krol, Ed. The Whole Internet User's Guide and Catalog. Hahn, Harley. The Internet Complete Reference. 2nd ed. Osborne McGraw-Hill, 1996. Hahn, Harley. The Internet Yellow Pages. 3rd ed. Osborne McGraw-Hill, 1996.

63. Comm 280: Critical Thinking About Communication
(but probably about $35); Krol, Ed. (1994). The Whole Internet User s Guideand Catalog. Krol, Ed. The Whole Internet User s Guide Catalog.
Cornell University
Spring 1996
Comm 280: Critical Thinking About Communication
Bruce Lewenstein
321 Kennedy Hall
Phone: 255-8310
Fax: 255-7905
Office hours: W, 1:00-3:00, or by appointment
Meeting time and location
T, Th 2:30-3:45
BF 101
3 credits
What this course is about
In this course, we will tackle "cyberspace"a topic that everyone is talking about but very few really understand. We will apply systematic knowledge of communication to make sense of cyberspace. Along the way, we will learn to distinguish hype, hot air, and hyperbole from data, analysis, and inference. We will evaluate research methods, do some of our own investigations, and present our findings. In short, we will learn to use the tools of the intellectual, academic discipline of communication to analyze a hot topic.
Assignments and Grades
Assignments in this course will vary from 1-page descriptive papers, to 3-5 page "compare and contrast" papers, to movie and book reviews, to group projects, to presentations, to a final project. In addition, everyone is expected to participate actively in class discussions. Approximately 70% of the grade will depend on formal assignments and presentations; about 30% will depend on class participation. I won't determine the exact weight for any one assignment until the end of the semester, but common sense will apply: briefer assignments that don't require lots of effort will be worth less than larger assignments requiring more independent work.

64. Literatur - ,,kleine Auswahl Zum Einstieg``
Ed Krol. - Dt. Ausg.,1. Aufl., 2. Nachdr. Februar 1996 Bonn O Reilly, Internat. Thomson, 1996.
Up: Informationsquelle Internet Previous: Orientierung im Web der
Literatur - ,,kleine Auswahl zum Einstieg``
Zum Themenumfeld ,,Internet und World-Wide Web`` sind eine Unzahl von Publikationen erschienen, die in der Regel schnell veralten (,,Liti``) . Vielfach finden sich hinreichend akuelle, lesbare und informative Texte auch online, so daß sich bei entsprechend schnellem Internetzugang durchaus Geld zu sparen ist!
Apitz, Rico:
Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten im World Wide Web : HTML - Style-Guide - Sicherheit / Rico Apitz ; Andreas Guther ; Gero Hoffmann. - 1. Aufl. Bonn [u.a] : Addison-Wesley, 1996. - 287 S. : Ill., graph. Darst. ISBN 3-8273-1075-X brosch. : DM 34.90, S 258.00, sfr 28.00
(UB Siegen: Hölderlinstr. (E-Technik, Informatik) 51TWPO1177)
Einer von vielen mehr oder weniger guten Einstiegen in die Techniken des World Wide Web
Bekavac, Bernard:
Suchverfahren und Suchdienste des World Wide Web, in: NfD 47 (1997) Nr. 4, S. 195 - 213
Sehr gute Zusammenstellung und Typisierung aktueller Suchdienste und Orientierungsstrategien im WWW
Diepold, Peter

65. BCS Computer Bulletin: June 1996 Full Length Feature
Spotlight by Ed Krol. Ed Krol was brought up in Chicago, went to the Universityof Illinois where he studiEd computer science and never left.
THE COMPUTER BULLETIN - June 1996 This Issue's Contents
Full Length Feature
Spotlight by Ed Krol
Hearing that Ed Krol was on a visit to Europe recently, Computer Bulletin asked publications manager Ian Jones to track him down and put a number of questions to him, seeking his views on the Internet past, present and future. What do you say to the many sceptics who still see the Internet as a triumph of hype over quality of service? I think that this is nothing new, it happens with every new technology. If you look at television in the 50s, the quality of service was awful with fuzzy black and white pictures smaller than the size of the typical Web page today. But still there was a lot of hype on how it was going to change society. As the technology matured the service met the hype's expectation. So will the Internet go. If you have a technology which is growing at over 100% per year you can expect ups and downs in the services as structures to support the service get built. Sometimes they are built in time and sometimes they come in a bit late and the community pays the price in the interim. It is human nature to take a new technology and try to see what it can become and come to expect it, rather than view it in the here and now. What do you make of the calls throughout Europe and in particular the UK, for the Internet/WWW to be policed more rigorously. And what lessons can we learn from the USA in this area?

66. Internet Guidelines For The Helsinki City Library / Publications, Magazines And
Krol, Ed Suuri internetkirja. Publisher Pagina, 1995. Krol, Ed Whole internetuser´s guide and catalog. Publisher O´Really and associates, 1994.
10. Publications, magazines and CD-ROMs
The following list has been written by using the catalog database, so these books are available at Helsinki City Library. Updated September 11th, 1995
Published in 1995:
BENSON, Allen C.: The complete Internet companion for librarians
Publisher: Neal-Schuman, 1995 405 p. ISBN: 1555701787
Publisher: Bonnier Datamedia, 1995. 346 p. ISBN: 9164400107
CADY, Glee Harrah: Mastering the Internet
Publisher: Sybex, 1995 1258 p. ISBN: 0782116450
COMER, Douglas E.: The Internet book
Publisher: Prentice Hall, 1995 312 p. ISBN: 0131515659
DECEMBER, John: The world wide web unleashed
Publisher: Sams, 1995 1346 p. ISBN: 0672307375
Every student´s guide to the internet / Keiko Pitter... [et al.]
Publisher: McGraw-Hill comp, 1995. 183 p. ISBN: 0070517738
HAHN, Harley: The Internet golden directory
Publisher: Osborne McGraw-Hill, 1995 812 p. ISBN: 007882107X
HERTZ, J.C.: Surfing on the internet

67. Ioana's Publications
IL Coman, M. Luo, A. Krol, DH Feiglin, JA Mandel, Ed Lipson, J. BeaumontMultimodality Image Fusion for EnhancEd Breast Cancer Diagnosis.
Ioana Lavinia Coman
Books, Book Chapters
  • P. K. Varshney, I. L. Coman: Issues and Recent Advances in Distributed Multi-Sensor Surveillance
    • Chapter in ``Video-Based Surveillance Systems.Computer Vision and Distributed Processing'', Ed. Paolo Remagnino, Graeme A. Jones, Nikos Paragios, Carlo S. Regazzoni, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, 2001. Proc. of the 2nd European Workshop on Advanced Video-Based Surveillance Systems 2001, Distributed Surveillance, 4 September 2001, Kingston upon Thames, London, UK, pp. 41-52.
    S. Tigan, A. Achimas, I. Coman, T. Drugan, E. Iacob: Multiobjective Decisions . SRIMA, 2001, ISBN 973-99781-3-4 (Romanian Language). S. Tigan, A. Achimas, I. Coman, T. Drugan: Elements of Mathematics with Applications in Medicine . SRIMA, 2000, ISBN 973-99781-9-3 (Romanian Language).
Journal Publications
  • I. K. Sethi, I. Coman: Image Retrieval using Hierarchical Self-Organizing Feature Maps
    • Pattern Recognition Letters, Vol. 20, November 1999, 1337-1345. Proc. of Pattern Recognition in Practice VI, Vlieland, Holland, June 1999.
    I. Coman, S. Tigan, A. Achimas, T. Drugan:

68. HHH204 - Resource List
AUTHOR Krol, Ed. TITLE The whole Internet user s guide catalog / EdKrol ; adaptEd by Bruce C. Klopfenstein. PUBLISHEd Belmont, Calif.
Information Sources in Health Promotion
Resource List
Last revised Friday, August 8, 1997
'Dead-Tree' information on the Internet
This is a small selection of the 253 books dealing with the Internet currently held by Deakin Library: AUTHOR Ebbs, Geoff.
TITLE The Australian Internet book / Geoff Ebbs, Jeremy Horey, Matt Rodgers
EDITION 3rd ed., rev.
PUBLISHED Warriewood, N.S.W. : Woodslane, 1997.
DU BURWOOD 004.678 Ebb/Aib 1997
DU RUSDEN 004.678 Ebb/Aib 1997
(2ND Edition on Reserve at Rusden) AUTHOR Ferguson, Tom.
TITLE Health Online
PUBLISHED Cambridge, Mass. : Addison-Wesley, 1996.
(On Reserve at Burwood and Rusden) AUTHOR Kent, Peter.
TITLE 10 minute guide to the Internet / Peter Kent. PUBLISHED Indianapolis, Ind. : Alpha Books, c1994. DU BURWOOD REF 004.67 Ken/Tmg AUTHOR Kent, Peter. TITLE Complete Idiot's guide to the Internet / Peter Kent. (2ND Edition on Reserve at Rusden) AUTHOR Krol, Ed. PUBLISHED Belmont, Calif. : Integrated Media Group ; Sebastopol, Calif. DU GEELONG 004.68 Kro/Wiu 1996

69. Becker Medical Library Books
T=The {Whole Internet user s guide catalog / Ed Krol. Whole InternetA=Krol, Ed. Whole Internet user s guide and catalog. A=Krol, Ed.
Becker Medical Library Books Titles beginning with:W (page 5)
A=White House Conference on Handicapped Individuals, Washington, D.C., 1977.

N=HD 7256 .U5 W584w 1977 (BACS#487904)

A=Smith, David Barton. Kaluzny, Arnold D.

N=W 76 S645w 1975 (BACS#497401)
N=WZ 129 F126w 1954 (BACS#596912)

70. EFF S (Extended) Guide To The Internet - Hard Softcovers
(Contact ). Krol, Ed (1992) The Whole InternetCatalog User s Guide O Reilly Associates, Sebastopol, CA.
Go to the previous next section.
Bamford, James The Puzzle Palace: a report on NSA, America's most secret agency Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Barnouw, Erik A Tower in Babel Oxford: Oxford University Press. Barnouw, Erik The Golden Web Oxford: Oxford University Press. Brand, Stewart Two Cybernetic Frontiers Random House, New York, NY. Brand, Stewart The Media Lab: Inventing the Future at MIT New York, NY: Penguin. Brunner, John The Shockwave Rider Intermedia: Interpersonal Communication in a Media World (2nd ed) New York, NY: Oxford University Press. Cerf, Vincent G. Requiem for the ARPANET Poem, reprinted in LaQuey (1990), 202-204. Comer, Douglas E. Internetworking With TCP/IP, 2nd ed., 2v Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Davidson, John An Introduction to TCP/IP Springer-Verlag, Berlin. Frey, Donnalyn, and Adams, Rick !@%:: A Directory of Electronic Mail Addressing and Networks Garfinkel, Simson and Spafford, Gene Practical UNIX Security Gibson, William Neuromancer Ace, New York, NY. Gibson, William Count Zero Ace, New York, NY. Gibson, William

71. Internet Workshop Bibliography
ISBN 0252-06532-8. (940 KRO). Krol, Ed. The Whole Internet User’s Guide andCatalog. Sebastopol O’Reilly Associates, Inc., 1992. ISBN 1-56592-025-2.
Internet Workshop Bibliography
BOOKS Bailey, James. After Thought: The Computer Challenge to Human Intelligence . Basic Books, 1996. Barrett, Daniel. NetResearch: Finding Information Online . Songline Studios, Inc., 1997. Benjamin, Walter. "Unpacking My Library," in Reflections: Essays, Aphorism, Autobiographical Writings . Schocken Books. Birkerts, Sven. The Gutenberg Elegie s. New York: Fawcett Books, 1995. Bolter, J. David. Wrigint Space: The Computer, Hypertext, and the History of Writing . Lawrence Erlbaum Association, 1991. Browne, Ray B., and Ambrosetti, Ronald J. (ed.). Popular Culture and Curricula . Bowling Green: Bowling Green State University Popular Press, 1972. (375 POP) Buhle, Paul (ed.). Popular Culture in America . Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1987. ISBN 0-8166-1409-1. (973.9 POP) Dent, Gina (ed.). Black Popular Culture . Seattle: Bay Press, 1992. ISBN 0-941920-23-2. (305.896 BLA) Drucker, Peter.

72. Title Of Invention: DNA, Constructs, Cells And Plan Ts Derived Therefrom
Van der Krol, Ed., The Flavonoid Metabolic Pathway in Plants; Modulation of FlavonoidExpression by Antisense and Sense Technologies, University of Amsterdam
PATN Patent Bibliographic Information WKU Patent Number: 05296376 SRC Series Code: 7 APN Application Number: 6217141 APT Application Type: 1 ART Art Unit: 184 APD Application Filing Date: 19901205 TTL Title of Invention: DNA, constructs, cells and plan ts derived therefrom ISD Issue Date: 19940322 NCL Number of Claims: 1 ECL Exemplary Claim Number: 1 EXP Primary Examiner: Chereskin; Che S. NDR Number of Drawings Sheets: 2 NFG Number of Figures: 2 INVT Inventor Information NAM Inventor Name: Bridges; Ian G. CTY Inventor City: Slater STA Inventor State: IA INVT Inventor Information NAM Inventor Name: Grierson; Donald CTY Inventor City: Loughbrough CNT Inventor Country: GB2

73. COMPUTER RESERVES Music Library Reserve Books And Scores
Krol, Ed. The whole Internet user s guide catalog / Ed Krol ; Editor,Mike Loukides . 2nd Ed., minor corrections, Nov. 1994.
William and Gayle Cook Music Library
Reserve Books and Scores
Anderson, Bart.
UNIX communications / Bart Anderson, Bryan Costales, Harry Henderson ; the Waite Group. 2nd ed. Carmel, Ind., USA : H.W. Sams, c1991.
Dawe, M. S. (Martin Simon), 1975-
Ed. 12. [Canterbury, Kent, U.K.] : Neuratron, 2002. 53 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.
December, John.
The World Wide Web unleashed / John December, Neil Randall. 1st ed. Indianapolis, IN : Sams Pub., c1994. TK 105.888 .D43 1994
Ehn, Hope.
On-line resources for classical and academic musicians : a guide through the wilds of the Internet / by Hope Ehn. Newton Centre, Mass. : H. Ehn, c1994.
Finale : the art of music notation. 3.0 for Macintosh.
Eden Prairie, MN : Coda Music Software, 1992. 3 volumes and reference card
Finale : the art of music notation. 3.0 for Macintosh.
Eden Prairie, MN : Coda Music Software, 1992.
Finale 2003 : the art of music notation : installation and tutorials for Windows and Macintosh / [project manager, Mark Maronde ; tutorial documentation, Mark johnson, Carla Hennes].
Eden Prairie, Minn. : Makemusic!, Coda Music Technologies, c2002.

74. COMPUTER RESERVES Music Library Open Reserves
MT6.H574 M37. Krol, Ed. The whole Internet user s guide catalog / Ed Krol; Editor, Mike Loukides . 2nd Ed., minor corrections, Nov. 1994.
Music Library Open Reserves
Acerson, Karen L.
WordPerfect 5.1 : the complete reference / Karen L. Acerson. Berkeley,
Calif. : Osborne McGraw-Hill, c1990.
Anderson, Bart.
UNIX communications / Bart Anderson, Bryan Costales, Harry Henderson ; the
Waite Group. 2nd ed. Carmel, Ind., USA : H.W. Sams, c1991.
Cowart, Robert.
Mastering Windows 95 / Robert Cowart. San Francisco : Sybex, c1995.
Berkeley : Osborne McGraw-Hill, c1989.
December, John.
The World Wide Web unleashed / John December, Neil Randall. 1st ed.
Indianapolis, IN : Sams Pub., c1994.
TK 105.888 .D43 1994
Dougherty, Dale.
1st ed. Sebastopol, CA : O'Reilly, c1994.
Ehn, Hope.
On-line resources for classical and academic musicians : a guide through the
wilds of the Internet / by Hope Ehn. Newton Centre, Mass. : H. Ehn, c1994.
Finale : the art of music notation. 3.0 for Macintosh. Eden Prairie, MN :
Coda Music Software, 1992.
MT56 .F56 1992 3 volumes and reference card
Finale : the art of music notation. 3.0 for Macintosh. Eden Prairie, MN :
Coda Music Software, 1992.

75. Neuerwerbungslisten 10/2003 / Institut Für Theoretische
PYTA 3.3. Krol, Ed ¬The¬ whole internet user s guide catalog / Ed Krol.- 1. Ed. - Sebastopol, Calif. O Reilly, 1992. - XXIV, 376 S. graph. Darst.
Neuerwerbungen im Oktober 2003
Universität Heidelberg
Stand: 03.11.2003, 08:00 Zahl der Neuerwerbungen: 17 Accuracy of element abundances from stellar atmospheres : proceedings of 2 sessions allocated at the IAU General Assembly in Baltimore, USA, August 1988 / R. Wehrse (ed.). - Berlin ; Heidelberg [u.a.] : Springer, 1990. - 109 S. : graph. Darst. - (Lecture notes in physics ; 356)
ISBN 3-540-52365-0 - ISBN 0-387-52365-0
ISBN 92-9092-025-4 Bethge, Klaus:
ISBN 3-527-26933-9 Cram, Lawrence E.:
FGK stars and T Tauri stars / Lawrence E. Cram ; Leonrad V. Kuhi. - Paris : Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique [u.a.], 1989. - LXII, 297 S. : Ill., graph. Darst. - (NASA-SP / United States / National Aeronautics and Space Administration ; 502) (Monograph series on nonthermal phenomena in stellar atmospheres)
Report-Nr. NASA SP 502 Fimmel, Richard O.:
Pioneer : first to Jupiter, Saturn, and beyond / Richard O. Fimmel ; James van Allen ; Eric Burgess. - Washington, D.C. : Sientific and Technical Information Office, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1980. - X, 285 S. : Ill., graph. Darst. - (NASA-SP / United States / National Aeronautics and Space Administration ; 446) Fundamental astronomy / ed.: H. Karttunen ... - Berlin ; Heidelberg [u.a.] : Springer, 1987. - XI, 478 S. : zahlr. Ill. u. graph. Darst.

76. RFC1462: FYI On "What Is The Internet?". E. Krol, E. Hoffman. May 1993.... Krol, Ed. (1992) The this memo. Authors Addresses Ed KrolComputing and Communications Service Office Univ. of Illinois rfc-index text only rfc-index text only ] Network Working Group E. Krol Request for Comments: 1462 University of Illinois FYI: 20 E. Hoffman Merit Network, Inc. May 1993 FYI on "What is the Internet?" Status of this Memo This memo provides information for the Internet community. It does not specify an Internet standard. Distribution of this memo is unlimited. Abstract This FYI RFC answers the question, "What is the Internet?" and is produced by the User Services Working Group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Containing a modified chapter from Ed Krol's 1992 book, "The Whole Internet User's Guide and Catalog," the paper covers the Internet's definition, history, administration, protocols, financing, and current issues such as growth, commercialization, and privatization. Introduction A commonly asked question is "What is the Internet?" The reason such a question gets asked so often is because there's no agreed upon answer that neatly sums up the Internet. The Internet can be thought about in relation to its common protocols, as a physical collection of routers and circuits, as a set of shared resources, or even as an attitude about interconnecting and intercommunication. Some common definitions given in the past include: * a network of networks based on the TCP/IP protocols, * a community of people who use and develop those networks, * a collection of resources that can be reached from those networks. Today's Internet is a global resource connecting millions of users that began as an experiment over 20 years ago by the U.S. Department of Defense. While the networks that make up the Internet are based on a standard set of protocols (a mutually agreed upon method of communication between parties), the Internet also has gateways to networks and services that are based on other protocols. rfc-index text only

77. Referencia Especializada
Translate this page London C. Bingley, 1990. Krol, Ed. Conéctate al mundo de Internet guíay catálogo. – Trad. HE García. – Madrid etc. Mc-Graw-Hill, 1995.
Cátedra: REFERENCIA ESPECIALIZADA Año 1999 Profesor: Amelia Aguado Ayudante: Cecilia Rozemblum Objetivos generales
  • Impartir conocimientos sobre las características de la información especializada y sus modalidades de acceso. Caracterizar a los usuarios de la información especializada de acuerdo con su formación disciplinar. Promover el uso de los recursos tecnológicos para localizar y obtener información especializada.
Objetivos específicos
  • Lograr familiaridad con estrategias de búsqueda en repertorios impresos y bases de datos referentes a humanidades, ciencias sociales, ciencia y tecnología. Determinar criterios de evaluación de las fuentes de información especializada. Fijar pautas para los servicios de referencia en unidades de información especializada. Fomentar actitudes de cooperación y participación en redes y sistemas de información.
Unidades Unidad 1. El usuario de la información especializada. Análisis de las necesidades de información. Metodología de los estudios de usuarios. La conducta informativa de los usuarios de información especializada según su formación disciplinar. Los perfiles de usuario. Formación de usuarios. Unidad 2.

78. Magna Grecia - Provincia Di Crotone
Ed ingloriosa fine di Policrate, DemocEde fu ridotto in schiavitù.
ALCMEONE I primi del mondo "I medici di Crotone sono i primi del mondo, secondi quelli di Cirene": così scriveva lo storico greco Erodoto nel terzo libro delle "Storie", al capitolo 131. La notizia, fornita da uno degli storici più intelligenti e più onesti del mondo antico, attesta il primato della scuola medica crotoniate nel VI e V sec. a.C.. In essa si formarono medici del calibro di Democede; in essa giganteggiò Alcmeone, l'esponente più noto e prestigioso. Il mercenario della salute Un medico democratico Di ben diversa levatura morale ed intellettuale fu Alcmeone, nato a Crotone verso la fine del VI ed autore di un'opera SULLA NATURA, della quale possediamo l'incipit ed una messe di citazioni, sufficienti per darci un'idea delle sue dottrine medico-scientifiche. Contrariamente a quanto afferma Diogene Laerzio che lo vuole discepolo di Pitagora, Alcmeone aveva in comune con l'uomo di Samo soltanto una viva curiosità intellettuale ed un amore profondo per la conoscenza. Dall'aristocratico e mistico Pitagora lo separavano tante cose: una diversa concezione dell'essere umano, inteso dal protomaterialista Alcmeone come inscindibile sintesi di mente e corpo; la pratica alcmeoniana della dissezione dei cadaveri a scopo sperimentale, del tutto incompatibile con la teoria pitagorica della trasmigrazione dell'anima umana da un corpo all'altro; una genuina ed autentica fede democratica, come sembra dimostrare un noto frammento, in cui il geniale medico applicò consapevolmente, seppure in senso metaforico, al campo dell'osservazione scientifica il concetto politico squisitamente democratico di ISONOMIA, con cui i rivoluzionari del mondo greco intendevano la totale uguaglianza di tutti i cittadini davanti alla legge.

79. Pitagora
Translate this page che poteva nuocere non poco ai fini organizzaiori Ed elettivi della Internet Providerdella Provincia di Crotone Webmaster Aggiornato il 12
PlTAGORA E L’ETERNO " FEMMININO-REGALE " donne eroine " che, con linguaggio moderno, chiameremo " decus Italiae virgines "— e che non solo si dedicarono agli studi severi della filosofia e delle lettere, non solo diventarono zelanti propagatrici del Verbo del Maestro: ma che, come a volere fissare nel tempo e nello spazio l'orma sicula di una loro precise e spiccata personalità, vi apparirono le " umili regalità del santuario della famiglia ", onde, dopo tanto lasso di tempo, siamo costretti a dire di esse che illuminarono di loro opera il firmamento del nostro superbo cielo femminile ". I nomi; Sono tanti: Cressa, Frinti, Filli, Esara, Chilonissa, Filiasia, Lastenia, Abrotelia, Callistone, Bindace, Talange, I;iltate Arignote, Nistodusa, Aristoclea, Tirsene, Damo, Nicotrata, Vitalia, Vestalia, Eubola, gemme preziose di una più preziosa collana, che splendono di luce geniale e diramano, da per tutto, la loro pOI tentosa coscienza e concscenza. Fatto più importante: le principali eroine di questa eletta schiera le troviamo nella stessa famisglia del grande Maestro: Teano

80. NETSYS.COM - The Intelligent Hacker's Choice! IETF Mailing List Archives
IETF 1994 Archives Re Cryptographic usenet news verification and rejection.Ed Krol (eKrol@uiuc.Edu) Tue, 31 May 1994 085119 -0500.
The Intelligent Hacker's Choice.. Systems, Networks, Administration.. since 1977 Resources
IETF Mailing List Archives

Internet Engineering Task Force

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Latest News TZ=utc List All News FreeBSD local DOS vulnerability
cvs(1) vulnerable

Checkpoint ISAKMP VPN-1 vulnerable
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IETF 1994 Archives
Re: Cryptographic usenet news verification and rejection
Ed Krol Tue, 31 May 1994 08:51:19 -0500 Actually this sounds like another subscription service on the net - an inverse clipping service. This doesn't deal with the bulk of the postings, but might limit them because they become useless: One contracts with a firm which manages your kill file for you. You tell them your likes and dislikes and when you fire up your newsreader it automatically fetches a fresh kill file addendum from the service provider. This kill file addendum can have

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