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  1. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Internet - New Century Edition with DirectLink Technology by Ed Krol, 2010-06-17
  2. The Whole Internet for Windows 95 (Nutshell Handbooks) by Paula Ferguson, Ed Krol, 1995-11-01
  3. The whole Internet user's guide by Ed Krol, 1995
  4. The Whole Internet: The Next Generation by Kiersten Conner-Sax, Ed Krol, 1999-11-15
  5. Whole Internet Calendar: 2000 by Ed Krol, 1999-10-28
  6. Whole Internet: User's Guide and Catalog - Academic Edition (Nutshell Handbook) by O'Reilly, Ed Krol, et all 1995-12-13
  7. Western Canadian Medicinal Chemistry Workshop.(RECOGNITION/RECONNAISSANCE): An article from: Canadian Chemical News by Ed Krol, David Palmer, 2009-02-01
  8. The hitchhikers guide to the Internet by Ed Krol, 1989
  9. The Whole Internet for Windows 95: User's Guide and Catalog by Ed Krol, 1995
  10. Whole Internet Page-A-Day Calendar 2002 by Ed Krol, 2001-08-01
  11. Removable Partial Denture Design 5ed by Arthur J Krol, 1999
  12. tools of the trade.(Review) (book review): An article from: Strategic Finance
  13. The Whole Internet User's Guide and Catalog. (book reviews): An article from: Technical Communication by Eric J. Ray, 1994-02-01

41. Suggested Readings
RecommendEd texts. The Whole Internet User s Guide and Catalog, Krol,Ed, 2nd Edition, O Reilly Assoc.s, ©1992. (RecommendEd for
Course Readings
Course Textbook and CD-ROM
  • In-line/On-line: Fundamentals of the Internet and World Wide Web Raymond Greenlaw and Ellen Hepp, WCB/McGraw-Hill,
  • CD-ROM: Internet A Knowledge Odyssey , Russ Haynal, MindQ, 1997. (Note: the CD is no longer in production. If you cannot buy it with the text, do not worry. The CS 1604 on-line notes and accompanying Web site for the text book contains the information that was on the CD.)
Recommended texts
  • The Whole Internet User's Guide and Catalog (Recommended for UNIX users.) or,
  • The Whole Internet User's Guide, Academic Edition (Recommended for Macintosh users.) or
  • The Whole Internet for Windows 95 (Recommended for Microsoft Windows users.)
Optional Books on the Internet
  • The Internet Book , Comer, Douglas, E., Prentice-Hall Inc.,
  • HTML Plus! , Powell, James, E., Wadsworth Publishing Co,
  • The Internet Navigator
  • The Student's Guide to Doing Research on the Internet
  • The SLIP/PPP Connection
Optional Books on Computer Graphics
Note: these texts are highly technical and require a firm introduction to data structures and matrix algebra.
  • Fundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics
  • Computer Graphics , Hill, F.S. Jr., MacMillian Pub. Co.

42. Cover Page Book Review Krol, Ed. The Whole Internet User S Guide
Cover Page Book Review Krol, Ed. The Whole Internet User s Guide Catalog. By Gregory 1992). References Krol, Ed. (1989). The

43. Biblioteca Mario Rostoni
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46. Overview > Author: Ed Krol
Ed Krol. R. aisEd in the Chicago area, Ed Krol went to theUniversity of Illinois, got a degree in computer science, and never left.
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(Deutschland) Patent-Infos Trademark Searches Handelskammern Grüner Punkt ... Firms Author Overview Ed Krol R aised in the Chicago area, Ed Krol went to the University of Illinois, got a degree in computer science, and never left. In 1989 he opted to leave the fast lane and returned to pastoral life on campus, where he remains to this day assistant director for Network Information Services, Computing and Communications Service Office, University of Illinois, Urbana. PROFESSION RELATED COUNTRY: USA Internet Safe Online Shopping International Internet Online Shopping Basics International TOP

47. LIS 2004 Syllabus
Krol, Ed. The Whole Internet. 2nd Ed. Sebastopol, CA O Reilly, 1994. Krol,Ed. The Whole Internet for Windows 95. Sebastopol, CA O Reilly, 1995.

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Reading List Ackerman, Ernest. Learning to Use the World Wide Web . Wilsonville, OR: Franklin, Beedle, 1997. Alexander, Janet E. and Marsha A. Tate. Web Wisdom: How to Evaluate and Create Information Quality on the Web . Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum, 1999. Altschiller, Donald, ed. The Information Revolution . New York: Wilson, 1995. Bodi, Sonia. "Scholarship or Propaganda: How Can Librarians Help Undergraduates Tell the Difference?" Journal of Academic Librarianship Braun, Eric. The Internet Directory . New York: Faucett, 1994. Brook, James and Iain A. Boal, eds. Resisting the Virtual Life: The Culture and Politics of Information. SanFrancisco: City Lights, 1995. Brown, Mark R. . Indianapolis: Que, 1995. Carton, Sean. The Internet Power Toolkit . Chapel Hill: Ventana, 1996. Cronin, Mary J. Doing Business on the Internet: How the Electronic Highway is Transforming American Companies . New York: Van Nostrand, 1994. Crump, Eric. English Online: A Student's Guide to the Internet and World Wide Web . Boston: Houghton Miflin, 1997.

48. Internetliteratuur
Krol, Ed Line Up Tekstprodukties, Groningen Internet compleet gebruikersgids catalogus / Ed Krol ; vert. uit het Engels LINE UP tekstprodukties.
Literatuurlijst Internet TIP:
Inleiding op Internet

NB M-J Klaver heeft ook een rubriek in NRC Handelsblad zie ook:
Hieronder een kleine selectie uit de literatuur.:
Tijdschriften Handboeken online Algemene Informatie online ... Cursussen online boeken: [in de openbare bibliotheek onder SISO-code Internet= 668.7] Arts, Stefan
Publiceren op Internet / Stefan Arts. Soest: Sybex, 1998. 246 p. Boeke, Henk
Internet voor iedereen / Henk Boeke. - 3e geheel herz. dr. - Schoonhoven: Academic Service Informatica, 1997. - 243p: ill; 22 cm Brunner, Laurel Jevtic
Internet voor beginners / [tekst:] Laurel Brunner ; en [ill.:] Zoran Jevtic ; onder red. van Richard Appignanesi ; [vert. uit het Engels: Studio Imago]. - Rijswijk : Elmar, 1998. - 175 p.: ill. ; 21 cm Dessel, E. van
Internet voor verpleegkundigen / Dessel, E. van. - 1e dr. - Bohn Stafleu van Loghum, 1998. + diskette - ISBN 9031325619 Doorn, Peter
Gradias, Michael
Snelgids Frontpage 2000 / Michael Gradias. - Brussel: Easy Computing N.V., 1999. - ISBN 90 5167 308 6. Kampherbeek, Jan

Ver_Completo, 3, 1252829, Krol, Ed, The whole Internet user s guide catalog,c1992. Ver_Completo, 9, 1264465, Krol, Ed, The whole Internet user s guide, 1994.
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OS/2 Warp companion s.d Novak, Jeannie 1966- Creating Internet entertainment Krol, Ed Comer, Douglas Internetworking with TCP/IP Masucci, Alfonso L'atto amministrativo informatico
LAN Cheswick, William R. Firewalls and Internet security Comer, Douglas E. Internetworking with TCP/IP Krol, Ed The whole Internet user's guide
Internet world

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    The Whole Internet for Windows 95

    ~Ed Krol, Paula Ferguson
    O'Reilly UK Paperback - December 1995 Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 working days from ~Ed Krol, Bruce C. Klopfenstein Wadsworth Paperback - December 13, 1995 Avg. Customer Review: Usually dispatched within 24 hours Our Price: from The Whole Internet: The Next Generation ~Ed Krol, Kiersten Conner-Sax O'Reilly UK Paperback - October 1999 Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 working days from The Whole Internet User's Guide and Catalogue (Nutshell Handbook) ~Ed Krol, Paula M Ferguson Longman Higher Education Paperback - October 1992 Avg. Customer Review:

    51. Sapfo-lista Viestintäympäristönä Lähteet
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    52. WIN Online Training Bibliography
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    53. Urls: Suggest Meaning For URN
    Suggest meaning for URN. Ed Krol (eKrol@uiuc.Edu)Fri, 4 Jun 1993 083751 -0500
    Suggest meaning for URN
    Ed Krol (
    Fri, 4 Jun 1993 08:37:51 -0500
    Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1993 08:37:51 -0500
    From: (Ed Krol)
    Subject: Suggest meaning for URN
    After reading alot of comments about what should be encoded in
    URN's and bickering about metainformation, character sets...

    54. Urls: Re: Internet Draft On URNs
    Re Internet Draft on URNs. Ed Krol (eKrol@uiuc.Edu)Mon, 17 May 1993 083815 -0500
    Re: Internet Draft on URNs
    Ed Krol (
    Mon, 17 May 1993 08:38:15 -0500
    Date: Mon, 17 May 1993 08:38:15 -0500
    To: (Michael Mealling), (Ed Krol)
    From: (Ed Krol)
    Subject: Re: Internet Draft on URNs
    At 10:13 PM 5/16/93 -0400, Michael Mealling wrote:
    But everyone in the world carries around that metainformation and it is
    useful and will remain used. If I say the Weider/Deutsch URN paper
    I am counting on our metainformation being enough alike to make an ambiguous
    reference. The metainformation won't change and if the URN is a unique
    key string, then lets push for the arbitrary opaque-string to be useful so that someone can use the document without having the full faith and credit of the Internet to support it.

    55. The Whole Internet User's Guide And Catalog
    Source, Pages 376. Year of Publication 1992. ISBN156592-025-2. Author,Ed Krol, Publisher, O Reilly Associates, Inc. Sebastopol, CA, USA.

    56. Index -- Netiquette, By Virginia Shea
    file; knockknock jokes; Krol, Ed; Krol, Ed; LaQuey, Tracey; legal disclaimers;legal disclaimers; Levy, Steven; Lichty, Tom; LISTSERV; looking
    for Netiquette by Virginia Shea
    published by Albion Books

    57. The Internet
    BAD. The Whole Internet User s Guide and Catalog, Krol, Ed, 004.6 KRO. KOV.The Whole Internet User s Guide and Catalog, Krol, Ed, 004.6 KRO.
    Hickory Public Library a department of the City of Hickory, North Carolina
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    The Internet Materials Available in Hickory Public Library's
    Career Enhancement Center by Title
    by Author

    by Call Number
    by Title Title Author Call Number 10 Minute Guide to Business Research on the Net Pack, Thomas 658.4 PAC 101 Successful Businesses You Can Start on the Internet Janal, Daniel S. 025.04 JAN ABC's of the Internet 004.6 ABC CGI Programming on the World Wide Web Gundavaram, Shishir 004.6 GUN The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Internet Kent, Peter 004.67 KEN Digital Money: The New Era of Internet Commerce Lynch, Daniel 332.4 LYN Discovering the Internet: A Step-by-Step Video Tutorial 004.6 DIS Doing Business on the Internet 658 DOI Getting On-Line: The Answer to All Your Questions about the Internet 004.6 GET Growing Your Business On-Line: Small-Business Strategies for Working the World Wide Web Hise, Phaedra

    58. Homepage Server
    Ed Brinksma, Elim de Brock, Timo Brockhus, Willem Broekema. Jeroen Dral, Druidproject account, Digitale techniek ontwikkeling Krol hofstEde smit molenkam
    University of Twente
    Department of Computer Science
    Personal Home Pages
    Last Updated: 2004-06-04 06:00:01 [Practicum Account] [Practicum account] [Practicum account] [Practicum account] ... Bauke van Zwol Number of pages: 1062

    59. Global Networking:Internet
    Krol, Ed. The Hitchhiker s Guide the to Internet. Krol, Ed. The Whole Internet User sGuide Catalog, Sebastopol, CA O Reilly Associates, 1992. Krol, Ed.
    GIobal Networking: Internet ALVIN F. TORO BAHAMONDE
    Thesis Statement:
    Although it is a massive resource of information, people from the university community who could profit from its tremendous data bank fail to take advantage of it.
    I. Preface
    II. History of the Internet
    III. Understanding how it works
    A. Packets and Addresses B. Usability C. Domain Name System
    IV. Navigating Around
    V. Finale
    Global Networking: Internet
    In the middle of the information age, our lives depend each day more and more on communication. The way we communicate has evolved through the years changing the methods in which information is produced and distributed. This has made a notable influence on the way we receive and perceive information. Information plays a vital role in the way we stay competent and therefore in this ever demanding world, the need for exceedingly large amounts of information is essential to our progress. This great need for information has led to technological advances which have brought the world closer, making long distances shorter, allowing us to travel to remote places faster and virtually putting the whole world at our fingertips. One of these technological advances has been the development of computer networking. Networking is the method of connecting computers together in a way in which they can work with each other and share information. The Internet is an example of such a network and although it is a massive resource of information, people from the university community who could profit from its tremendous data bank fail to take advantage of it.

    60. Krol, Ed
    The summary for this Russian page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
    Comp.Humor Krol, Ed
  • The Hitchhikers Guide to the Internet
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