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         Kingsley Charles:     more books (78)
  1. Westminster sermons. with a preface. by Kingsley. Charles. 1819-1875., 1894-01-01
  2. The Roman and the Teuton. a series of lectures delivered before by Kingsley. Charles. 1819-1875., 1906-01-01
  3. At last: a Christmas in the West Indies. by Kingsley. Charles. 1819-1875., 1889-01-01
  4. Westward ho! or. The voyages and adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh. by Kingsley. Charles. 1819-1875., 1879-01-01
  5. The water babies a fairy tale for a land baby by the Rev. Charle by Kingsley. Charles. 1819-1875., 1885-01-01
  6. Sermons for the times. by Kingsley. Charles. 1819-1875., 1898-01-01
  7. Discipline. and other sermons. by Kingsley. Charles. 1819-1875., 1890-01-01
  8. Poems; containing The Saint 's tragedy. Andromeda. and other poe by Kingsley. Charles. 1819-1875., 1913-01-01
  9. Hypatia; or. New foes with an old face. With eight illustrations by Kingsley. Charles. 1819-1875., 1915-01-01
  10. Novels and poems. by Kingsley. Charles. 1819-1875., 1898-01-01
  11. Three lectures delivered at the Royal institution. on the ancien by Kingsley. Charles. 1819-1875., 1867-01-01
  12. All saints ' day. and other sermons. by Kingsley. Charles. 1819-1875., 1909-01-01
  13. Hypatia; or New foes with an old face. by Kingsley. Charles. 1819-1875., 1906-01-01
  14. Westward ho!. or. The voyages and adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh by Kingsley. Charles. 1819-1875., 1920-01-01

61. Rare And Beautiful : Noyes Collection -- Charles Kingsley
Charles Kingsley (18191875), an eminent nineteenth-century theologian and historian,wrote in a variety of genres but typically always addressed the economic
The Mrs. Evan Noyes Collection of Children's Books
(Gift of Clara Noyes, 1989) Charles Kingsley: The Water-Babies Charles Kingsley (1819-1875), an eminent nineteenth-century theologian and historian, wrote in a variety of genres but typically always addressed the economic and social problems of Victorian England. The Water-Babies is an attempt to connect evolution, sanitation and spiritual growth through the story of little Tom, the chimney sweep who enters the world of the water-babies. First published in 1862, the book proved to be one of Kingsley's most popular titles, the first edition selling out within the year. It has remained in print ever since.
This edition is illustrated by Jessie Willcox Smith (1863-1935), an American artist who was well known for her cover art for Good Housekeeping Magazine. Smith idealized her images of children, placing them in a serene and maternal world. The original drawings which she completed for The Water-Babies were among those which she considered to be her best work and she gave them to the Library of Congress. This was one of her best selling books.

62. English Heritage -
21 Mecklenburgh Square, WC1 Camden 1997 Kingsley, Charles (18191875), Writer,lived here. 56 Old Church Street, Chelsea, SW3 Kensington and Chelsea 1979

63. Poetry Archives @
Shopping. FAQ. About Us. Contact Us. Home » Classic Poets » Charles Kingsley,EMail, Printable View, Charles Kingsley. (1819-1875). Oh! That We Two Were MayingOh!

64. US Gateway To Britain-Literary Britain
KEATS, John (17951821), Poet, 49. Kingsley, Charles (1819-1875), Novelist,70. KIPLING, Rudyard (1865-1936), Novelist and Poet, 57. LAWRENCE
The reference number after their name corresponds with the description about the area in Britain with which they are associated: where to find them Name Description Area of Britain
Ref #
ARCHER, Jeffrey Modern Novelist AUSTEN, Jane (1775-1817) Novelist BARRIE, JM (1860-1937) Novelist and Playwright BENNETT, Arnold (1867-1931) Novelist BENSON, EF (1867-1940) Novelist BLACKMORE, RD (1825-1900) Novelist BOSWELL, James (1740-1795) Chronicler and Biographer BRITTAIN, Vera (1896-1970)

65. Søgeresultat -
BOG. Læg i kurv. Kingsley, Charles, 18191875 The water-babies. editedwith an introduction by Brian Alderson 1995. Forlag Oxford Charles

66. Author Browse For Nietz Collection
2 items Kingsley, Charles, 18191875. 2 items Kingsley, Charles, 1819-1875. cn 2 items Kingsley, JS (John Sterling), 1854-1929.
Nietz Collection
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Kames, Henry Home, Lord, 1696-1782.
2 items
Kames, Henry Home, Lord, 1696-1782. 1n
2 items
Kames, Henry Home, Lord, 1696-1782. cn
8 items
Kandel, I. L. (Isaac Leon), 1881-1965
2 items
Kane, Robert, 1809-1890.
2 items
Kantner, Washington C.
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Kastner, V. (Victor)
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Kauffmann, Friedrich, 1863-
2 items Kautz, August V. (August Valentine), 1828-1895. 2 items Kavana, Rose M. (Rose Mary,) 1867- 2 items Keam, Peter. 2 items Keeler, Harriet L. (Harriet Louise), 1846- 2 items Keene, Charles H. (Charles Herbert), 1875- 2 items Keetels, Jean Gustave 2 items Keetels, Jean Gustave. 12 items Keightley, Thomas, 1789-1872. 4 items Keister, D. A. (Davis Armel). 2 items Keith, Thomas, 1759-1824. 14 items Keller, Charles H.

67. Nietz Collection
Blue Plaques in the Royal Borough Writers W8. Joyce, James (18821941) Author 28 Campden Grove, W8. Kingsley,Charles (1819-1875) Writer 56 Old Church Street, SW3. Lang, Andrew

68. Literary Links: Beyond The MLA Biography
Kerouac, Jack, 19221969. King, Stephen, 1947-. Kingsley, Charles, 1819-1875. Langland,William, fl.1360-87. Lawrence, David Herbert, 1885-1930. Lear, Edward, 1812-1888.
Department of English
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  • 69. Hunting Poets
    Charles Kingsley (18191875). Better known as an author than a hunter Kingsley nonethelesswrote some stirling verse about the sport he loved so well. The Find.
    Old Norris' Fox Hunting Page
    This country is going to the dogs, when it should be following hounds Charles Kingsley Better known as an author than a hunter Kingsley nonetheless wrote some stirling verse about the sport he loved so well. The Find The Find Yon sound's neither sheep-bell nor bark,
    They're running - they're running. Go hark
    The sport maybe lost by a moment's delay;
    So whip up the puppies and scurry away,
    Dash down through the cover by dingle and dell,
    There's a gate at the bottom - I know it full well;
    And they're running - they're running, Go hark! They're running - they're running. Go hark.
    One fence and we're out of the park;
    Sit down in your saddles and race at the brook,
    Then smash at the bullfinch; no time for a look; Leave cravens and skirters to dangle behind; He's away for the moors in the teeth of the wind, And they're running theyre running, Go hark! They're running - they're running. Go hark! Let them run on and run till it's dark'. Well with them we are, and well with them we'll be, While there's wind in our horses and daylight to see: Then shog along homeward, chat over the fight

    70. KINGSLEY, Charles Autographs, Letters, Documents, Manuscripts
    Kingsley, Charles (18191875). Author. Autograph Letter Signed toMiss Williams, 1 page 8vo, Bideford, 3 November 1854. Complying
    KINGSLEY, Charles (1819-1875). Author.
    Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Williams, 1 page 8vo, Bideford, 3 November 1854. Complying with a circumlocutous request for his autograph 'wondering at the les vigarrures de l'esprit humain'.
    [No: 7677]
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    Tel: +44(0)1242 580344 Fax: +44(0)1242 580355

    71. KINGSLEY, Charles, Autographs, Letters, Documents, Manuscripts
    Kingsley, Charles (18191875). Author. Autograph Note Signed to an unnamedcorrespondent ( Madam ), ½-page 8vo, Chester, 29 July 1870.
    KINGSLEY, Charles (1819-1875). Author.
    [No: 0915]
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    John Wilson Manuscripts Limited, Painswick Lawn, 7 Painswick Road, CHELTENHAM GL50 2EZ, UK

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    72. Q.E.D.
    Translate this page Zunächst ein paar Worte zum Autor Charles Kingsley (1819-1875) wareine der bekanntesten Persönlichkeiten seiner Zeit. Er war
    Literatur The Water Babies - Die Wasserbabies von Charles Kingsley
    Thomas Gerold
    Weitere Artikel: Neues Literatur Startseite

    73. DayPoems: Charles Kingsley Index
    D a y P o e m s. Poetry of Charles Kingsley. 18191875. Airly BeaconThe Sands of Dee Back to top. Comment on DayPoems? If you are like
    DayPoems: A Seven-Century Poetry Slam * 92,640 lines of verse * * Timothy Bovee , editor
    Poetry indexes by poet by poem poetry places * Webmasters: Feel free to link directly to individual poems.
    A Seven-Century Poetry Slam
    Timothy Bovee
    , editor

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    Editor's poems Poetry Places Poetry Places Rhythm and Pain Soulwebs: A Collection of Poems BBC Nature Poetry Collection Saqi Farooqi ... Sestina: Altaforte Nodes powered by Open Directory Project at Project Gutenberg , a huge collection of books as text, produced as a volunteer enterprise starting in 1990. This is the source of the first poetry placed on DayPoems. Tina Blue's Beginner's Guide to Prosody , exactly what the title says, and well worth reading. , miniature, minimalist-inspired sculptures created from industrial cereamics, an art project at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon.

    74. Guide To Special Collections -- Princeton Univ Library -- Alphabetical List Of T
    COLLECTION See ANGLING; KIERKEGAARD, SOREN (18131855); Kingsley, Charles(1819-1875); KIPLING, RUDYARD (1865-1936). L. LAMB, Charles (1775
    Guide to Special Collections Princeton Univ Library Alphabetical list of Topics
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    75. [minstrels] A Farewell -- Charles Kingsley
    Charles Kingsley. (1819-1875) A prime example of what I call Good Advice to theYounger Generation - what raises this one above the common herd, I think, is
    [1191] A Farewell
    Title : A Farewell Poet : Charles Kingsley Date : 7 Mar 2003 I Length : Text-only version Prev Index Next Your comments on this poem to attach to the end [ microfaq A Farewell I My fairest child, I have no song to give you; No lark could pipe to skies so dull and grey: Yet, ere we part, one lesson I can leave you For every day. II Be good, sweet maid, and let who will be clever; Do noble things, not dream them, all day long: And so make life, death, and that vast for-ever One grand, sweet song. Charles Kingsley (1819-1875) A prime example of what I call Good Advice to the Younger Generation - what raises this one above the common herd, I think, is the supreme quotability of the line "Be good, sweet maid, and let who will be clever" - Kingsley gets it absolutely right, though ironically the line itself is nothing if not clever. Whether one good line is enough to make a poem noteworthy is debatable - personally, I believe it is, especially in so short a piece. It possibly helps that I liked the quote long before I knew there was a poem attached to it. I also belong to the school of poetry criticism that looks for a poem's good points first, and speaks only later, if at all, of its flaws - this is, after all, about the enjoyment of poetry far more than it is about its dissection. (Which is not to say that I don't enjoy tearing into a particularly bad poem every now and then :)). martin Links: Biography of Kingsley:

    76. The C. Warren Irvin, Jr., Collection Of Charles Darwin And Darwiniana: Marine Bi
    The Victorian interest in marine science Charles Kingsley, 18191875, Glaucus,or the wonders of the shore. Second ed. Cambridge Macmillan, 1855.
    The C. Warren Irvin, Jr., Collection
    of Charles Darwin and Darwiniana
    Marine Biology Darwin in the 1850s Eight years of minute research
    Charles Darwin,
    A monograph on the fossil Lepadidae, or, Pedunculated Cirripedes of Great Britain, bound with A monograph on the fossil Balanidae and Verrucidae of Great Britain.
    London: Printed for the Palaeontographical Society, 1851-1854. By 1846, as he completed his three-volume geological series, Darwin had only one specimen left unreported from the Beagle expedition, a tiny barnacle he had found in Chile in 1835 and expected to dissect and describe in a single short paper. The barnacle turned out to be very odd indeed, and barnacles themselves had just been newly recognized as crustaceans, rather than mollusks. Darwin found himself deferring his grand theory on natural selection and embarking instead on an eight-year project to describe all species of the barnacle family, fossil and living. He became especially fascinated by what barnacles ( cirripedia ) suggested about the process of sexual differentiation in the tiny creatures. Since this exhibit was first prepared, the two parallel

    77. KISS Grammar -- 'Young And Old' From 'The Water Babies' By Charles Kingsley (Not
    Notes for YOUNG AND OLD from The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley18191875. book by the Rev. Charles Kingsley (1819-1875).
    The KISS Grammar Workbooks Back to April Menu Notes for
    from "The Water Babies" by Charles Kingsley [1819-1875] Exercise AK L2 AK L3+ I'm not sure that this poem will be appreciated by fourth graders, but, as I understand it, "The Water Babies" was written for children. For students who have been learning to identify S/V/C pattern throughout fourth grade, this should be an interesting exercise. On the one side, there are many S/V/C patterns that they should be able to identify easily. But there is also that challenging bit of confusion several of the verbs are ellipsed, and, in one case, two subjects and their verbs are ellipsed. In addition to that, the poem has an interesting prepositional phrase in which the preposition follows its object ("The spent and maimed among"). You won't find that discussed in any grammar text that I am familiar with.
    If you do use this poem for the study of clauses, I'm curious about two things. Are the ellipsed verbs in the first stanza suggestive of the haste of youth? And is the triple embedding of subordinate clauses in the last stanza suggestive of the more complex view of the adult? This background is based on an illustration by Jessie Willcox Smith (1863–1935)
    for The Water-Babies , (1916) a children's book by the Rev. Charles Kingsley (1819-1875).

    78. Auteursregister [K] Op De Boekenplank
    1905); Kingsley, Charles (18191875); King-Smith, Dick; Kipling, Rudyard(1865-1936); Kirberger, WH; Kiroul, Paul (1873-1937); Kishon, Ephraim (geb.
    Homepage Naslag Auteursregister A ... Z Kies uit: Het spannende boek in het Nederlands Zie ook Auteurs


    Auteursregister K
  • Kahn, James (geb. 1947) Kane, Andrea Kapp, Colin (geb. 1929) Katz, Shelley Kay, Guy Gavriel (geb. 1954) Kayaert, Ingrid Kaye, Marvin (geb. 1938) Kellerman, Faye (geb. 1952) Kellerman, Jonathan (geb. 1949) Kemming, Hans (geb. 1908) Kerkwijk, Henk van (geb. 1940) Kern, Gregory (geb. 1948) Kerr, Katharine (geb. 1944) Kerr, Philip (geb. 1956) Kersh, Gerald Keyes, Daniel (geb. 1927) Keyes, J. Gregory (geb. 1963) Kidd, Virginia Kilduff, Paul King, Charles King, Harold ... King, Stephen (geb. 1947) King, Vincent Kingsbury, Donald (geb. 1929) Kirk, Russell (geb. 1918) Kirst, Hans Hellmut Kleier, Glenn Klein, T.E.D. Klingemann, Ernst August Friedrich ... Kneifel, Hans (geb. 1936) Knerr, Michael Knight, Damon F. Kocher, Paul H. Koekoek, Hans L. (geb. 1935) Komans, Kris Konsalik, Heinz G. (geb. 1921) Koontz, Dean R. (geb. 1945) Kornbluth, Cyril M. Kotzwinkle, William (geb. 1943) Kramer, Kathryn Kroef, Guido van der (geb. 1960) Kube-McDowell, Michael P.
  • 79. "Westward Ho!" By Charles Kingsley
    In the reign of her most Glorious Majesty Queen Elizabeth, by Charles Kingsley(18191875). With color illustrations by NC Wyeth. Westward Ho!
    online. catalogue "Westward Ho!" by Charles Kingsley
    (Item: C-56-0199) "Westward Ho!" or, "the Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight, of Burrough, in the County of Devon. In the reign of her most Glorious Majesty Queen Elizabeth,"
    by Charles Kingsley (1819-1875). With color illustrations by N.C. Wyeth. Westward Ho! was published in 1855 and was his second historical novel (after Hypatia in 1853).
    New York Charles Scribner's Sons MCMXXIV. Condition Notes: This book is inscribed on the inside. Overall the book is in good condition. The spine edges and corners are worn. With original black cloth cover with applied paper title in color (worn with a small loss in the center)-see photo. Spine is slightly sun faded.
    W 7.25" D 2.5" H 9.5"
    413 pages. Price: $72.00 Go to the HOME PAGE of Eron Johnson Antiques, Ltd..
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    Conditions of Sale ... Foreign Currency Calculator

    80. Kinsley
    Kingsley (Rev. Charles, 18191875, poet, novelist and writer) AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED,extolling the benefits of fishing ( No one can sympathize better than
    FISHER OF FISH KINGSLEY ( Rev . CHARLES, 1819-1875, poet, novelist and writer 3 pages, octavo, Eversley, 21 April 1858 Kingsley was a devoted fisherman and found no conflict in combining it with his religious duties in ?1851 he wrote to his friend and fellow fisherman Thomas Hughes 'Up at five to see a dying man...was from 5.30 to 6.30 with the most dreadful case of agony insensible to me, but not to his pain. Came home, got a wash and pipe, and away to him at eight...Prayed the commendatory prayers over him, and started for the river with West. Fished all morning in a roaring N.E. gale, with the dreadful agonized face between me and the river, pondering on the mystery. Killed eight on "March brown"...Came off the water at 3.30...Found my man alive, and thank God quiet...the very incongruity keeps one beany and jolly...' (M.F. Thorp, Charles Kingsley , 1937 and Letters and Memories , edited by his wife, 2 volumes, 1877). The portrait of Kingley by Lowes Dickinson dated 1862 in the National Portrait Gallery shows Kingsley's fishing rod leaning in a window at Eversley. Water ('the mother of all things'), rivers and water sports were major sources of inspiration for Kingsley, including specifically 'Fishing Song.'

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