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         Judy J M:     more books (72)
  1. Questionable Amusements and Worthy Substitutes by J. M. Judy, 2010-07-06
  2. The New Eastern Europe: Western Responses (Chatham House Papers) by J. M. C. Rollo, Judy Batt, et all 1990-09
  3. Childhood Programs and Practices in the First Decade of Life: A Human Capital Integration
  4. Questionable Amusements and Worthy Substitutes
  5. Questionable Amusements and Worthy Substitutes by M. J. Judy, 2008-06-12
  6. Season of Dreams by Stewart H. Bae, William M. Bartlett, et all 2004-11-22
  7. A Season for Poetry by Stewart H. Bae, William M. Bartlett, et all 2004-11-22
  8. The Survival Kit for the Elementary School Principal (text only) by J. (Judy) E. Powers, M. L. Pullen A. B. (Barry) Bergman by J. (Judy) E. Powers, M. L. Pullen A. B. (Barry) Bergman, 2010
  9. Lent and Easter Wisdom from Henri J. M. Nouwen by Judy Bauer, 2005-01-03
  10. The Birds of Korea by M. E. J. Gore, Won Pyong-Oh, 1971
  11. Van Gogh, Face to Face: The Portraits by Joseph J. Rishel, Katherine Sachs, et all 2000-04
  12. Elvis International Forum (First Quarter 1992) Graceland; Jimmy Velvet Interview; Elvis Redecorates the Las Vegas Hilton Showroom; Surprise Appearance By Carl Perkins; Ed Enoch Interview; D.j. Fontana Remembers; Robin Rosaaen; Collecting the Gold (Vol. 5, No. 1) by Joe Esposito, Carole Drexler, et all 1992
  13. Ethnography in Unstable Places: Everyday Lives in Contexts of Dramatic Political Change


One day we will wake up from this nightmare.
Long after we rip out the infected pierced stud in our tongues and wash off all our tats and forget we ever witnessed three-and-a-half-hours of something called The Eighteenth Annual MTV Video Music Awards... we'll possibly be able to look at ourselves in the mirror again.
President of the MTV Group Judy McGrath, 48, is wanted for the murder of music.
Thursday night in New York City, McGrath, who has been there from the beginning, unleashed her latest remix of pop culture at the Metropolitan Opera; still determined to call her product Music Television, although any music is a side order in the Taco Bell-sponsored shopper's guide. "THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO THOUGHT WE WOULD MAKE GOOD WHORES."

122. Judy Ellis - Prudential Americana
Real estate services in Las Vegas.

123. Dr Judy Ford: Research Interests
by CTH Baker, GA Bocharov, JM Ford, P. Lumb, S. Norton, P. Krebs, T. Junt, B. Ludewigand CAH Paul is currently in preparation. return to Judy Ford s home page.
Dr Judy Ford: research interests
Wavelet-base preconditioner design
I completed my PhD in June 2001, supervised by Dr K. Chen in the Applied Mathematics Division of the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Liverpool University. My thesis, Wavelet-based preconditioning of dense linear systems is concerned with preconditioning techniques for non-sparse matrices that arise in certain industrial applications (in particular in Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication problems). I have given talks on my PhD work at the 16th IMACS World Congress in Lausanne in August 2000 at an LMS-sponsored colloquium at Liverpool in March 2000 and at A4A4 in Huddersfield in 2001. I am currently employed as an EPSRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow working on finding ways of applying wavelet techniques to the saddle-point problems that arise from using finite element methods to solve problems in fluid mechanics and magnetostatics. As part of this project, in November 2002 I hosted a visit by Professor Eugene Tyrtyshnikov to UMIST for collaborative work on combining wavelet compression with Kronecker product approximation. A return visit to Moscow in September 2003 enabled this collaboration to continue and we are currently working with Ivan Oseledets on the use of non-standard wavelets to enable our methods to by applied to matrices associated with functions defined on irregular grids.

124. Callis Lab Homepage
Laplaza, JM, Bostick, M., Scholes, DT, Curcio, MJ, and Callis, J. Saccharomyces JasonA. Ramos, Nathan Zenser, Ottoline Leyser, and Judy Callis Rapid
Welcome to the CALLIS LAB Web Page
Dark-grown 4-day-old Arabidopsis thaliana seedling expressing
under the control of the constitutive CaMV 35S promoter
Research Goals
Recent Publications Links Lab Members ... University of California, Davis
Research Goals Back to Top A long-term objective of the research in my lab is to determine when and how selective proteolysis serves as a regulatory mechanism. In recent years, many labs have elucidated that in the organisms investigated, selective proteolysis functions to regulate a myriad of processes, including, but not limited to, cell-cell communication, intracellular signaling, development, and molecular responses to abiotic and biotic changes in the extracellular environment. Our interest is to determine the molecular mechanisms by which the exquisite selectivity of proteolysis is achieved, and the role that specific proteolytic events play in context of a physiological process in the life of an organism. My lab currently has two approaches. One is to focus on understanding the degradation of a family of rapidly degraded nuclear-localized proteins in plants, the Aux/IAA proteins (see Worley et al 2000, and Ramos et al 2001). The second goal is to focus on understanding the ubiquitin pathway and related pathways (see Worley et al 1998, Chandler et al, and Sun and Callis, 1998). The ubiquitin pathway is responsible for the degradation of the majority of nuclear and cytosolic proteins. During the past 7 years, we have made substantial progress in both areas and both approaches have revealed novel aspects that are the subject of current studies in the lab.

125. Judy Hallman's Favorite Recipes
A large assortment of recipes chosen by a retired mathematician and computer scientist, with the emphasis on Mexican and slightly unusual dishes.
Judy Hallman's Favorite Recipes
Soups Vegetables Fish, seafood, poultry, meat

126. OCRA Helps Secure Eligibility, Reunite Family
Judy Weintraub, JM’s social worker with the Department of Children and FamilyServices, called the Office of Clients’ Rights Advocacy (OCRA).
OCRA helps secure eligibility, reunite family When JM lost his parents, an aunt stepped in to raise him. Now 16, JM has been with his aunt for 12 years. He has also been in and out of psychiatric facilities, group homes and juvenile hall. Tammy Dolen, JM’s dependency court attorney, applied for regional center services on his behalf. That regional center (RC1) found him eligible. Not eligible at second regional center Then the court said he could go back to his aunt, who lived in another regional center area. When RC1 transferred JM’s file, the second regional center (RC2) reevaluated him and said he was not eligible. "I was shocked" "I was shocked when I got that letter," said Dolen. "I had known him for three years and he clearly had mental retardation. I filed an appeal and asked for a hearing." OCRA helps with appeal process Judy Weintraub, JM’s social worker with the Department of Children and Family Services, called the Office of Clients’ Rights Advocacy (OCRA). Each OCRA office has a clients’ Rights advocate (CRA) and an assistant clients’ Rights advocate (ACRA). ACRAs can be skilled advocates Patricia Carlos, the CRA, agreed to help with technical assistance. The ACRA, Christine Armand, became very involved in JM’s case. Armand explained the appeals process to Dolen and Weintraub, and the kinds of evidence JM would need at his hearing. She prepared a time line spread sheet showing how RC1 had followed proper procedures, but RC2 had not.

127. Gerry Mulligan By Craig Hanley - Judy Holliday
Liner notes from the albums she recorded in the early 1960s.
J udy H olliday
G erry M ulligan
Holliday With Mulligan A Cabaret Christmas Bells Are Ringing Trouble is a Man

Holliday With Mulligan
  • What's The Rush
  • Loving You
  • It Must Be Christmas - Cabaret Christmas
  • The Party's Over
  • It's Bad For Me
  • Supper Time
  • Pass That Peace Pipe
  • I've Got A Right To Sing The Blues
  • Summer's Over
  • Blue Prelude Gene Allen, Don Asworth, Bobby Brookmeyer, Earl Chapin, Bill Crow, Al de Risi, Don Ferrera, Fred Klein, Al Klink, Bernie Leighton, Walter Levinsky, Mel Lewis, Al Raph, Gunther Schuller, Nick Travis April 10-17, 1961 LINER NOTES Judy Holliday gained renown as an actress, not as a singer; yet she had a sweet, true, musical singing voice, an extension of her speaking one, as this newly-discovered recording, made late in her relatively short career, so poignantly reveals. Of course, her singing had been heard earlier, both in the stage and screen versions of the musical comedy Bells Are Ringing , but it seemed secondary to her persona as an actress, that of an endearingly dizzy blonde who, when pressd hard enough, showed her mettle. And, as a matter of fact, her role as an actress, once she achieved stardom on Broadway in Garson Kanin's Born Yesterday (she replaced the unpredictable Jean Arthur as Billie Dawn on short notice), continued to be that of a comedienne. Hollywood immediately claimed her. Taking leave of
  • 128. Personal Publications, Marine Botany, Centre For Marine Studies
    Judy O Neil ARC postdoctoral associate part time Lecturer Project Marine, Refereed publications O Neil, JM (1999
    World Class: Be Part of It Search: All UQ for:
    Research for Healthy Waterways Ecosystem Health Assessment Research Findings Tropical Marine Ecosystems Moreton Bay Biota General About Marine Botany People Current Marbots
    Marbot Alumni
    ... Related websites Contact details
    Marine Botany
    Centre for Marine Studies
    Level 3, Gehrmann Building
    The University of Queensland
    Brisbane QLD 4072 Australia
    Ph. +61 7 3365 2073
    Fax +61 7 3365 7321
    CMS Home Marine Botany Home People Judy O'Neil Judy O'Neil ARC postdoctoral associate part time Lecturer Project: Marine Cyanobacteria Refereed publications O'Neil, J.M. (1999) Grazer interactions with nitrogen-fixing marine cyanobacteria: adaptation for N-acquisition?

    129. The Official Judy Henske Fan Site
    Information on all of her 1960s folk/blues records, as well as her recent return to the music industry.
    Judy Henske recorded six records in the 1960s that consisted of murder ballads, blues romps, torch songs, and psychedelic journeys. Tying it all together was Henske's intense vocal performances, as well as her surreal sense of humor. Judy returned to performing in the early 90s and has just released her first record in 28 years. "... forget about breaking genteel crystal wine goblets, Judy could shatter tempered windshields in the parking lot." - Jac Holzman, founder of Elektra Records & author of "Follow the Music"
    Latest Site News
    4/01/04: Judy Henske and Craig Doerge will appear on Montana Public Radio. The performance takes place Saturday, April 3 at 8pm Mountain Time. If you're in Billings, Montana, you can attend the broadcast at the Depot in the Billings Historic District. If you're not in town, just listen to the webcast. More information at the Yellowstone Public Radio website. 2/21/04: Judy's next album will be called "Big Judy" - Do you like the title? Judy wants to know what you think! Go to our Message Board and Vote Registration Required.

    130. The Centre For Marine Studies - Staff And Students, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg
    Home » Staff » St Lucia Staff » Judy O Neil. O Neil, JM (1999) Grazer interactionswith nitrogenfixing marine cyanobacteria adaptation for N-acquisition
    World Class: Be Part of It Search: All UQ for:



    ... St Lucia Staff Judy O'Neil Lecturer
    Name: Judith M. O'Neil
    Undergraduate Degree: BS Boston College, USA
    Postgraduate Degree/s: MS State University of New York, Stony Brook, USA; PhD University of Maryland, USA
    Email: Position: Lecturer Research Interests: Ecology of cyanobacterial blooms Ecophysiological studies on coastal and blue-water blooms of cyanobacteria. Specifically Lyngbya majuscula and Trichodesmium sp. Trophic interaction of zooplankton and cyanobacteria Grazing studies of zooplankton (particularly harpacticoid copepods)associated with potentially toxic cyanobacteria e.g. Macrosetellla gracilis Trichodesmium Metis Holithuridae Lyngbya Microbial and planktonic nutrient dynamics Role of nitrogen-fixation in both pelagic and benthic systems and how "new" nitrogen is introduced to the food web; particularly in coral reef and blue-water systems. Selected Publications O'Neil, J.M. (1999) "Grazer interactions with nitrogen-fixing marine cyanobacteria: adaptation for N-acquisition?"

    Roger and Dominique will then fax Judy Marsh the French and English versions. (JM);Follow up on session on archaeological site inventories at Nairobi meeting.
    Archaeological Sites Working Group
    Minutes of the meeting in:
    Leiden, The Netherlands, March 29-30, 1995
    Participants: Henrik Jarl Hansen, National Museum of Denmark, Denmark
    Roger Leech, Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, England
    Judy Marsh, Department of Canadian Heritage, Canada
    Steve Stead, Consultant, PAVEPRIME, England
    Gillian Quine, IRoyal Commission on Historical Monuments, England
    Veletta Canouts, National Parks Service, USA
    Trevor Reynolds, English Heritage, England
    Andrzej Prinke, Muzeum Archeologiczne, Poland Nigel Clubb, National Monuments Records Centre, England The sixth meeting of the working group took place on Wednesday, March 29 at the University of Leiden. Roger Leech opened the meeting by noting that regrets had been sent from Ingrid Coetzee (South Africa), Janet Deacon (South Africa) and Dr. Karega-Munene (Kenya). The minutes of the last meeting were accepted without correction. A short discussion followed regarding the joint meeting of the Council of Europe and CIDOC working groups to be held on March 30. Several items of correspondence were tabled Matters arising from the previous minutes:
  • Roger Leech circulated the second announcement for the Archaeological Heritage: Inventory and Documentation Standards in Europe conference, which will be held September 20-22, 1995 in Oxford, Great Britain.
  • 132. The Punch And Judy Fellowship
    Constitution, media information, membership application and news.

    133. Team Clydesdale
    Relaxed, enthusiastic, and motivating, Judy discussed the changes in her life broughtabout by exercise, her work with the Chub Club, and JM In January 1996.

    134.! Lexington Kentucky Real Estate And Homes For Sale - Fayette Coun
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  • 135. J-M Staff List
    Speech. F255A. 2907. Email. KORAB Judy. BS, Accounting, San Diego State University,Accounting Supervisor Business Services, E-mail. KORNEITCHOUK, Igor.

    Return to the top
    Jacobo, Rudolfo
    B.A., M.A. in History E-mail
    JACOBSON, Adela
    B.S., M.S., San Diego State University EOPS Officer E-mail
    JANSEN , Jill
    B.S. Communication Disorders Northwestern University
    M.A. Education, U.S.I.U. E-mail
    JEFFCOAT, Kendra
    B.A. Speech, U.C.L.A.
    M.A. Speech, U.C;L.A.
    M.A. Psychology, Connecticut College,
    New London Connecticut
    Ph D. Organizational Psychology,
    California School of Professional Psychology DEAN, SOCIAL/BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES
    JEFFERIES, Shadrick
    Business/Real Estate
    B.S., Southwest Texas State University
    J.D., University of Texas Business/Real Estate E-mail
    JERDE, Charles W. Retired Spring 2002
    Biology B.A., Augustana College M.S., University of Wisconsin M.S., University of California, San Diego
    JOHNSON, Leroy
    B.A., M.A. Chaminade University, Honolulu Counselor E-mail
    JOHNSON, Wayman H.L. Retired Spring 2002
    B.A., M.B.A., San Diego State University Ph.D., United States International University Computer Information Sciences E-mail
    JOHNSTON, Catherine

    136. Steve Pardoe's Home/Default/Index Page
    Mountainnering trip reports and pictures, including Mount Blanc, France; Mount Whitney, California; and Cotopaxi, Ecuador. Information on cragging in England. Photos from uk.rec.climbing meetings.
    This is our Home/Default/Index Page. Please go to our Pinboard Page for the latest site news,
    and don't forget to visit our secondary server at for more of our rock climbing and holiday pictures
    Climbing and
    climbing links Quick
    Links Pinboard NoPylon Campaign Site directory
    and e-mail

    137. Clee's Of Tubac: Judy Mohr
    Judy Mohr. Chip and Dip by Judy Mohr. Code CADBJM Price $125.00 Quantityin Basket none. Chip and Dip by Judy Mohr. Code CADBJM1

    138. JGarland Nude Celebs
    Scrapbook of her life and career, from 19221950. Includes a biography, classic newspaper articles, films, photos, and special features.
    Vital Statistics: Hair: red-brown; Height: 5'3"; Weight: 110 lbs; Bust: 33¼; Waist: 22½; Hips: 34 Judy was about 4 feet 11 inches tall ("...just a smidgen under five feet," as Mickey Rooney says). Her weight varied from around 85 pounds to about 155 pounds, but she was "officially" 4'11" and 98 pounds, according to various sources I've seen. How many times was Judy married? Five. In order, her husbands were David Rose (1910-1990), Vincente Minnelli (1903-1986), Sid Luft (1916 - ), Mark Herron (1928 - 1997) and Mickey Deans (? - ). Of the five, only Sid Luft and Mickey Deans are still living as of August 2001.Did Judy have any children? Yes, she had three children: Liza Minnelli (by Vincente Minnelli, her second husband) and Lorna and Joey Luft (by her third husband, Sid Luft). Liza was born in 1946, Lorna in 1952 and Joey in 1955. Liza is, of course, a legendary actress and concert singer. Lorna is an actress and concert singer, though she is not as well known to the general public as Liza. Joe is currently working as a freelance photographer Frances Ethel Gumm was born on June 10, 1922 in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Early MGM publicity material indicated she was born in Murfeesboro, Tennessee and that she was a year younger than she actually was. Why this misinformation was distributed by MGM is not clear. Frances Ethel was named after her father (Francis "Frank" Gumm) and mother (Ethel Milne), former vaudeville performers who bought a theater and settled in Grand Rapids. She was the third of three girls: Mary Jane (nicknamed Susie, variously spelled "Suzy") was born in 1915, and Dorothy Virginia (nicknamed Jimmie) was born in 1917. Frances was nicknamed "Baby", and was known as Baby Gumm until 1934 when she changed her name to Judy.

    139. Clee's Of Tubac: Bowls By Judy Mohr.
    Bowls by Judy Mohr. Quantity in Basket none Code BBJM Price $195.00Shipping Weight 3.00 pounds. Quantity Bowl. Incised design.

    140. Judge Judy
    Official site of the Judge Judy television show. Currently includes biography of the Judge, a case submission form for those who want to be on the show, sound clips, and a form to comment on the site.

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