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         Judy J M:     more books (72)
  1. How to Win The Hispanic Gold RushTM: Critical Cultural, Demographic, Marketing, and Motivational Factors by Francisco J. Valle, 2003-10-08
  2. Electron micrograph study atlas by Judy M Strum, 1982
  3. Mammography Exam Review by Deborah Phlipot, Richard R. Carlton, et all 1992-06
  4. Human Resource Management (8th Edition) by R. Wayne Mondy, Robert M. Noe, et all 2001-05-15
  5. Poems by Mama & Daddy by Judy M Wheeler, 1983
  6. Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great by Judy Blume, 1976-04-01
  7. Roots and branches: Some of the McAlpins and Bolicks of North Carolina and Virginia by Judy McAlpin Seymore, 1997
  8. Perry County, Kentucky, census records, 1880 by Judy Murray Cunagin, 1986
  9. Say hello to the Murray family: A family history, 1784-1989 by Judy Murray Cunagin, 1989
  10. 1920 Perry County, Kentucky census record: With head of household index by Judy Murray Cunagin, 1993
  11. 1880 Leslie County, Kentucky census: With head of household index by Judy Murray Cunagin, 1992
  12. 1790 Wilkes County, North Carolina census by Judy Murray Cunagin, 1992
  13. 1900 Letcher County, Kentucky census: With heads of household index by Judy Murray Cunagin, 1991
  14. 1900 Perry County, Kentucky federal census: With heads of household index. Special 1890 census for Perry County Kentucky, enumerating soldiers, sailors/ or widows by Judy Murray Cunagin, 1986

81. Richard L. Hess Web Pages - Judy Collins Main Page
Fan page by Richard L. Hess. Photos, biography, discography, concert dates and links.
Judy Collins Main Page
by Richard L. Hess SITE CONTENTS

82. Faculty Of 1000 | Faculty Member: Judy Callis
D, , Herzog M, Bonneville JM Mol Genet Genomics 2003 Oct 7 abstract on PubMedrelated articles. Selected by Jaideep Mathur / Judy Callis Evaluated 21
Subscription Info Institutional Access Free Trial F1000 walkthrough ...
F1000medicine in 2004

Judy Callis
Section of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of California, Davis, Davis, United States Evaluations selected articles to EndNote Ref. Manager RefWorks Bibtex email Evaluations
Aux/IAA Proteins Contain a Potent Transcriptional Repression Domain.

Tiwari SB, Hagen G, Guilfoyle TJ
Plant Cell 2004 Feb abstract on PubMed
Selected by
The Arabidopsis KAKTUS gene encodes a HECT protein and controls the number of endoreduplication cycles.

El Refy A, Perazza D, ..., Herzog M, Bonneville JM
Mol Genet Genomics 2003 Oct 7 [ abstract on PubMed Selected by Evidence for a physical association of the COP9 signalosome, the proteasome, and specific SCF E3 ligases in vivo. Peng Z, Shen Y, ..., Vierstra RD, Deng XW Curr Biol 2003 Jul 1 abstract on PubMed Selected by LAF1 ubiquitination by COP1 controls photomorphogenesis and is stimulated by SPA1. Seo HS, Yang JY, ..., Ballesteros ML, Chua NH Nature 2003 Jun 26 abstract on PubMed Selected by Arabidopsis AXR6 encodes CUL1 implicating SCF E3 ligases in auxin regulation of embryogenesis.

83. Las Vegas Real Estate, Summerlin Real Estate, Clark County Real Estate - Judy Bo
Real estate in Las Vegas and Clark County.
Judy Boughrum for Las Vegas Real Estate - Clark County Real Estate
Featured Homes - Looking for just the right property? Check here first! Buyer/Seller Tips: Read through helpful tips of information on buying or selling your home! What is your Home's Value? Let me figure out how much your home is worth in today's market! Local Schools: Identify the best school district for your family with our free schools reports. Local Weather: Get up-to-date information on weather in the surrounding communities. Need a map to my office or anywhere else? Search for New Las Vegas Homes
Click Here to View My Newsletter
Las Vegas Real Estate - Use this site to explore Clark County communities and find the neighborhood that fits your likes and priorities. This site has extensive community information, consumer links, school information, free reports, real estate answers, and more. Here you will also find useful information on how to go about selecting a home, making an offer, negotiating, financing, moving, and all the steps in between. Sellers, this site has information for you about preparing your home for sale, selecting the right agent, pricing your home appropriately, marketing it effectively, going through the inspection processes, and getting a timely market evaluation.

84. MercadoLivre Brasil - Venda De A DIETA DE BEVERLY HILLS - JUDY MAZEL - Onde Comp
Translate this page A DIETA DE BEVERLY HILLS - Judy MAZEL. Informe aqui. Descrição. A DIETADE BEVERLY HILLS - Judy MAZEL - EDITORA RECORD - S/DATA - 1OA.

85. Cable One | Page Cannot Be Found
Flavors of the South. Recipes classified by ethnicity and type of cooking, many featuring chili peppers.
Page cannot be found.
For Cable One information click here
For CableONE.Net subscribers:
User web space is located at

86. MercadoLivre Brasil - Venda De Quado Specilized M2 + Susp Judy SL - Onde Comprar
Judy SL ano 97.

87. Denny Jackson's Judy Holliday Page
Fan features an overview of her life and career, and pictures.
Stage, Screen, And MusicJudy Could Do It All!
Judy Holliday was born Judith Tuvim in New York City on June 21, 1921. Her mother was a piano instructor who was attending a play when she went into labor. She made it just in time. Judy was to be her only child. By the time Judy was four years old, her mother had enrolled her in ballet school and this helped her to foster a life long interest in show business. Two years later her parents divorced. By the time she got to high school, Judy had begun to develop an interest in the theater. She excelled in several high school plays along with her studies and after graduation, got a job in the Orson Welles Mercury Theateras a switchboard operator. Slowly, Judy worked her way on the stage. From that point on Judy appeared on stages in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. as well as New York City. In addition to the theaters, Judy toured the nightclub circuit as part of a group called "The Revuers" After being on the stage, Judy went to Hollywood and made her first foray into the film world. It was through the Revuers that Judy had her first shot at the silver screen in a film entitled, GREENWICH VILLAGE in 1944. Unfortunately, most of what they shot ended up on the cutting room floor. Disappointed, but not discouraged, Judy got two more roles in films that year, SOMETHING FOR THE BOYS and WINGED VICTORY. At least in the latter, Judy had a chance to have a few lines of dialogue. True, they were small, but it was a step up over GREENWICH VILLAGE.

Glassman, Sidney F . Flora of Ponape m; Glattstein, Judy
  • Gent, Lucy
    Great planting... [m]
  • Gentil, L.
  • Gentil, Louis
  • Gentry, A.H.
    Flora de Veracruz. Fasciculo 24 : Bignoniaceae... [m]
  • Gentry, Alwyn H.
    Field guide to the families and genera of woody plants of Northwest South Americ... [m]
  • Gentry, Howard Scott
    Agave family in Sonora... [m]
  • Agaves of Baja California... [m]
  • Agaves of Continental North America... [m]
  • [m]
  • Rio Mayo plants: A study of the flora and vegetation of the valley of the Rio Ma... [m]
  • Geobot. Inst. ETH
    Distribution pattern of the family Lemnaceae in North Carolina... [m]
  • Geoffrion, R.
  • Geoffroy, Emmanuel
  • Geoffroy, Manon
  • Geological and Natural History Survey of Canada
    Catalogue of canadian plants: part VI (musci) par John Macoun and N.C, Kindberg ... [m]
  • Geological and Natural History Survey of Minnesota
    Metaspermae of the Minnesota Valley... [m]
  • Geological Survey of Canada
    Catalogue of canadian plants: part VI (musci) par John Macoun and N.C, Kindberg ... [m]
  • Geological Survey of New Jersey
    Final report of the State Geologist, vol.II: Mineralogy, botany, zoology... [m]
  • Geoscope...
  • 89. FolkLib Index For Judy Henske
    Profile and links.
    FolkLib Index for Judy Henske
    (last updated .08-31-2003) - This Site's FAQ Home Page Site Maps Links ... Wisconsin Music Site Map b. 12-20-19, Chippewa Falls, WI
    former member: Rosebud
    m. Jerry Yester (div. early 1970's)
    m. Craig Doerge (early 1970's) Home Page Articles on-line Bibliography Biography ... FolkLib Index
    (articles about Judy Henske published in books) This information was extracted from my Birthdays page. Complete bibliographic details for each book can be found in my Bibliography before an article can be reproduced on-line.
  • Biography: Keith Hanlon
  • Discography: CDDB ... top bottom of page Known links to this page: (Home Page - Link Page).
  • 90. Dr Judy Ford: Research Interests
    Dr Judy Ford research interests. Waveletbase preconditioner design. Computer-simulationof grain-boundary diffusion creep, JM Ford, J. Wheeler and AB Movchan;
    Dr Judy Ford: research interests
    Wavelet-base preconditioner design
    I completed my PhD in June 2001, supervised by Dr K. Chen in the Applied Mathematics Division of the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Liverpool University. My thesis, Wavelet-based preconditioning of dense linear systems is concerned with preconditioning techniques for non-sparse matrices that arise in certain industrial applications (in particular in Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication problems). I have given talks on my work at the 16th IMACS World Congress in Lausanne in August 2000 and at an LMS-sponsored colloquium at Liverpool in March 2000. Some of my publications in this area are available here:

    91. Houston Press | | Music | Judy's Lore,Fans Still Pine For Houst
    Article discussing the history and fans of the Judy's.
    2004 VOLKSWAGEN R32
    Judy's Lore Fans still pine for Houston's dork-pop heroes BY ROBERT WILONSKY

    From the Week of Thursday, August 27, 1998

    Generation Exceptional

    Pianist Orli Shaham rides the crest of classical's new wave Reznor's Rabble
    Even now, after all these years, David Bean still gets letters and phone calls from fans who wonder where he is, what he's up to, why he disappeared. Perhaps they've heard the stories about how he became a recluse after he left the stage, which isn't really true at all. More likely, they just want to discover for themselves what happened to the boy from Pearland who became for a brief, spectacular moment a rock star without ever having to leave the state. Those who go to the trouble to track down Bean are fans from way back, adults whose childhood rock-and-roll memories dance to the sparse, quirky-jerky pop-and-roll beat of songs Bean and his old band mates in the Judy's wrote when they were barely out of high school themselves. Said followers still hum the off-key melodies, still know all the words to "All the Pretty Girls" ("... in high school make me sick!"), still hope for a reunion that may or, more likely, may never take place. Truth be told, the phone calls and the notes aren't all that creepy to David Bean. He rather likes them, and is flattered by the attention paid to a band that died a handful of times throughout the 1980s before finally running out of breath in 1991 somewhere along the road between Pearland and Houston.

    92. SDC Talk! TOC
    Wolf Den 12/5/00 Re I Had a Fight learning from your experiences Judy Bergemann12/6/00 Re I Had a Fight learning from your experiences JM 12/5/00 Re I
    SDC Talk! Archived Messages
    November 1 to December 6, 2000 SDC Talk Archives January 11, 2000 - June 21, 2000
    June 21, 2000 - August 21, 2000

    August 22, 2000 - September 30, 2000
    October 1 - October 31, 2000 ... Search The active discussion page has moved to We'll leave the Reply option active for a few days to allow you to reply to messages. If you have any problems with the update, please e-mail
    Note: you may need to reload this page to see the most recent additions.
    Ground Beef Hearts Jack 12/6/00 calories LMD 12/6/00 To JM re still have snow? John Wood 12/6/00
    Re: To JM re still have snow? JM 12/6/00
    snow? got lot's musherladi 12/6/00
    Re: snow? got lot's LMD 12/6/00
    Re: snow? got lot'swhere in mi. musherladi 12/6/00 Re: snow? got lot'swhere in mi. musherladi 12/6/00
    Re: snow? got lot'swhere in mi. Ann 12/7/00
    Bloody diarhea wetdog 12/6/00
    Re: Bloody diarhea JR 12/7/00 Re: Bloody diarhea JR 12/7/00 Re: Bloody diarhea ca 12/6/00 Re: Bloody diarhea John Wood 12/6/00
    Re: Bloody diarhea LMD 12/6/00 Re: Bloody diarhea DH 12/6/00
    Re: Bloody diarhea John Wood 12/6/00
    Re: Bloody diarhea DH 12/6/00
    Re: Bloody diarhea Kristi 12/7/00
    Re: Bloody diarhea DH 12/7/00
    Re: Bloody diarhea IN 12/6/00

    93. Judy King - Circle Dance Teacher
    Judy King teaches Circle Dance throughout the UK and increasingly all over the world. Her site lists all events she will be leading or organizing.
    Sorry, you don't appear to have frame support. Go here instead - Judy King - Circle Dance Teacher

    94. University Of Ulster Online - Staff Contact Details - Dr Judy Bradley
    Tel 08 700 400 700. Email +44 (0)28 90368812. DrJudy Bradley Lecturer/Practitioner in Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy.
    Staff Contact Details Departmental Index Alphabetical Index Senior Officers
    Tel: Email:
    Dr Judy Bradley
    Lecturer/Practitioner in Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy
    Room 14J02
    School of Rehabilitation Sciences

    University of Ulster
    Jordanstown campus
    Shore Road
    Co. Antrim If you have any comments on these webpages, please send them to: Mission Statement Contact Us

    95. Hopson, Judy
    Offers prints and orginals in various mediums of painting and pottery.
    @import url(/~media/elements/Text/font_styles.css); Judy Hopson's Art Adoption Agency Art Images by Judith
    This is a look into the world that Judith built. I hope you find it nice inside. Write me if you are thinking of owning a Hopson original. I hope you find a few pieces you like and come back often to look at them.
    This artist has found that there are so many people to thank for her knowledge and growth. Many people will never know how they touch or influence others around them. Until then, take most gentle care of ye and yours.
    Meet the Artist




    This page was last updated: August 6, 2003 Art Adoption Agency

    96. Folk Music Performer Index - Whitf To Wilk
    Whittaker, Judy Jane Appearance as principal performer Barbara/Barbry Allen, Ozark Whittemore,JM Appearance as principal performer Irish Song, Folksongs of
    Preceding Alphabetic Section Return to Folk Index Homepage Bottom of File
    Folk Music Performer Index - Whitf to Wilk
      Whitfield, Annette
    • The Rackensack. Volume 2, Driftwood LP 279 Whitfield Girls
    • Babes in the Woods Rackensack. Volume 2 Driftwood LP 279, LP (1972), cut #A.06 Whitfield, Jean
    • The Rackensack. Volume 2, Driftwood LP 279 Whitley, Chris
    • Redbone, Leon / Champagne Charlie, Warner Bros BSK 3165 Whitley, Eddie
    • Rolling Along, An Anthology of Western Swing, Tishomingo TSHO 2229
    • Texas Sand; Anthology of Western Swing, Rambler 101
    • Western Swing. Vol. 2 Historic Recordings, Old-Timey LP 116 Whitley, Jim
    • Joyner, Carl / Hot Tarheel Fiddlin', Old Oblivion 00-4
    • Union Grove, The Hub of the Universe, Union Grove SS-4 Whitley, Keith
    • Goin' to Georgia Bluegrass Guitar Oak , Sof (1974), p 47
    • Redbone, Leon / Champagne Charlie, Warner Bros BSK 3165
    • Christmas Time Back Home, Rebel REB 1600
    • Stanley, Ralph / Let Me Rest on a Peaceful Mountain (Hills of Home), Rebel SLP 1544

    • All I Ever Loved Was You
      Second Generation Bluegrass Rebel REB 1504, LP (1971), cut # 6

    97. PUNCH AND JUDY ON THE WEB, The Authentic British Website Linking Punch Professor
    Information, history, FAQs, How to book and where to see Punch and Judy shows, gallery and contact details.
    A tribute to an endearing and enduring rascal. The English Mr.Punch is truly an international character as well as being the British National Puppet. His origins are in Naples, whilst his family is worldwide.
    As Punch he appears in all English speaking parts of the world with dedicated Professors in Canada and the USA, in Australia and in New Zealand. His close relatives Polichinelle and Petrouska hold sway in France and Russia, Casper in Austria, Hans Wurst in Germany. Turkey has Karagoz and there's Jan Klaassen in Holland. There's Bavarian cousin Kasperl, Pulcinella in Italy, Tchantches in Belgium, Karaghiozis in Greece and Guignol in Lyons.
    Click the Croc To Continue

    98. Articles By Judy Myers
    Last update 5/4/00. Comments or questions Judy Myers,
    Articles by Judy E. Myers
    Finding Things and Telling Stories
    A chapter from the book The Cybrarian's Manual II
    Making Decisions for Going Beyond HTML
    A paper for the program "Beyond HTML," sponsored by the LITA Internet Resources Interest Group at the ALA National Conference June 27, 1998. Outlines and discusses the organizational context of a Web programming project.
    Cataloging the Internet: Issues and Viewpoints
    From the book The Cybrarian's Manual
    Reference Services on the Internet
    From the book The Cybrarian's Manual
    Reference Services in the Virtual Library
    A paper for the 9th Texas Conference on Library Automation. A shortened and edited version of this paper was published in American Libraries, Vol. 25 No. 7, July/August 1994, p. 634-638. Again, the paper and the bibliography are each of some length and are in separate files.
    Reference Expert: Developing a Computer Expert System for Library Reference Service
    A paper for Advances in Information Technology Applied to Libraries, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, October 8, 1992. An overview of several projects at the University of Houston, including The Information Machine, Index Expert, and Reference Expert. The conclusion includes thoughts about how to make development projects successful. It's a long paper , and the (also large) bibliography is in a separate file.

    99.  An Education In Home Buying
    Includes contact, buyer, and seller information, listings, investors, and glossary.
    e JudyMartin com associated with presents... An Education in Home Buying
    My Mission:
    My approach to Real Estate has little to do with sales. My job is to educate you as we go through the process of these transactions and employ my expertise, contacts, and information technology at each and every step to accomplish that end. Whether you're a first time home buyer or a seasoned mover, I'm confident the application of my services will benefit you greatly.
    Contact Information: Judy Martin, Realtor
    Voice-Direct Voice-Toll Free Electronic mail
    FAX Office address (click here for map)
    RE/MAX Creative Realty, 2808 Palumbo Dr, Lexington, KY. 40509
    Privacy Statement: I (or anyone behind me in my organization) will never rent, sell, give away, or otherwise disperse your private information for any reason. Period (no fine print). Any information obtained through the administration processes of my organization will be used solely for the benefit of our relationship in the pursuit of your best interests.

    100. Publications: Judy Myers
    You may reach me via email at or by regular mail at Judy E. Myers Assistantto the Dean of Libraries University of Houston Libraries Houston, TX

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