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         Hubbard Leonidas:     more detail
  1. Challenge the Wilderness: The Legend of George Elson by Clayton Klein, 1988-02
  2. Great Heart: The History of a Labrador Adventure (Kodansha Globe) by James West Davidson, John Rugge, 1996-12-15
  3. Lure of the Labrador Wild (Arctic Adventure) by Dillon Wallace, Lawrence Millman, 2004-11-01

1. - Hubbard Memorial Centennial Expedition
Leonidas Hubbard 18721903. A 650-mile, 50-day canoeing expedition in Labrador and Quebec, Canada, retracing the 1903 route of the Leonidas Hubbard expedition up Susan
2003 Hubbard Memorial
Centennial Expedition Brad Bassi and Jim Niedbalski ascend Susan Brook enroute to the Hubbard Memorial site. * Take a virtual tour of the expedition at the bottom of this page. Welcome back CHE-MUN readers!
Leonidas Hubbard 1872-1903
A 650-mile 50-day canoeing expedition in Labrador and Quebec, Canada, retracing the 1903 route of the Leonidas Hubbard expedition up Susan Brook to Hope Lake and northwest to Lake Michikamau (Smallwood Reservoir), and continuing on the 1905 routes of the rival Mina Hubbard and Dillon Wallace expeditions through Smallwood Reservoir to Cabot Lake and down the George River to the Inuit village of Kangiqsualajjuaq (formerly George River Post). We are the first team in 100 years to retrace Hubbard's 1903 route. We are also the first team since 1905 to travel continuously by canoe through the interior from the town of North West River, Labrador to Kangiqsualujjuaq, Quebec on Ungava Bay. To learn more about the 1903 Leonidas Hubbard expedition click here SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: Emergency Beacon Corporation in New Rochelle, New York for supplying two emergency locator transmitters and the

2. Hubbard, Leonidas (Norwegian Writers' Web)
Hubbard, Leonidas 18721903. E-text Project Gutenberg Text.

3. Hubbard, Leonidas, 1872-1903
Hubbard, Leonidas, 18721903 Hubbard, Mina Benson Mina Benson Hubbard

4. Hubbard, Leonidas (Litteraturnettet)
Oversetterforening. OM VIRUS OG SPAM. Hubbard, Leonidas 18721903. E-tekstProject Gutenberg Tekst. SØK ETTER Hubbard, Leonidas. SØK I

5. Project Gutenberg: Catalog Search
Project Gutenberg Bibliographic Record Language English. Subject Wallace, Dillon, 1863-1939. Subject Hubbard, Leonidas,1872-1903. Subject Labrador (Nfld.) Discovery and exploration., Leonidas, 1872-1

6. - History Of The 1903 Hubbard Expedition
The 1903 Leonidas Hubbard Expedition A Short History. Leonidas Hubbard 18721903. Dillon Wallace 1863-1939
The 1903 Leonidas Hubbard Expedition:
A Short History
Leonidas Hubbard 1872-1903 Dillon Wallace 1863-1939 George Elson In 1903 the interior of Labrador, Canada was one of the last blank spots on the map of North America and Leonidas Hubbard, Jr. , a recently married 31 year old outdoor writer, was looking for a story that hadn't been told before. His outdoor experience was limited, but he managed to secure an assignment from Outing magazine in New York to explore the little-known interior highlands of the Labrador-Ungava peninsula. Hubbard recruited his good friend Dillon Wallace , 42, a fellow outdoorsman and recently widowed attorney, and hired George Elson , a young Scots-Cree guide and woodsman from Hudson Bay. The trio set off from a small beach in front of the Hudson's Bay Company post in North West River on July 15th, 1903 in a single 18-foot canvas canoe with the audacious goal of crossing Labrador's vast interior and reaching George River Post on the southern tip of Ungava Bay, some 600 miles to the north. Almost immediately, the Hubbard expedition made a

7. IPac2.0
Ron), 1911. 119. Hubbard, La Fayette Ronald, 1911-, 0. See Hubbard,L. Ron (La Fayette Ron), 1911-. 119. Hubbard, Leonidas, 1872-1903. 0. L Ro

8. Project Gutenberg - Bibliographic Record
and travel....... Author Alias Hubbard, Leonidas, 18721903. Language English. Subject Hubbard,Leonidas, 1872-1903. Subject Labrador (Nfld.)
H ome P ersonalize
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Bibliographic Record
Help on this page Data Title: Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador Author: Hubbard, Mina Benson Author Alias: Hubbard, Leonidas, 1872-1903 Language: English Subject: Hubbard, Leonidas, 1872-1903 Subject: Labrador (Nfld.) Description and travel LoC Class: United States local history Release Date: Jul 2003 Etext number: Files File Type Download File Size Plain text select mirror P2P network 448 KB Plain text (zipped) select mirror P2P network 165 KB If you are located outside of the U.S. you may want to download from a mirror site located near you to improve performance. Permanently select a Mirror Site If you need a special character set, try our new recode facility (experimental) Edit this entry (Project Gutenberg staff only) Most recently updated: 2004-06-03 07:00:00.

9. Project Gutenberg: Catalog Search History of the 1903 Hubbard ExpeditionThe 1903 Leonidas Hubbard Expedition A Short History, Leonidas Hubbard1872-1903, Dillon Wallace 1863-1939, George Elson. In 1903 the, Leonidas, 1872-1

10. Project Gutenberg
Ellen, 18571903 AKA Lyall, Edna 1872- Hubbard, Elbert, 1856-1915. Hubbard, Leonidas, 1872-1903 AKA Hubbard, Mina Benson. Hubbard, Mina Benson AKA Hubbard, Leonidas, 1872-1903
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Project Gutenberg Part 1 Authors Use Control-f to find keywords This is Project Gutenberg. This list has been downloaded from: "The Official and Original Project Gutenberg Web Site and Home Page" ( PROJECT GUTENBERG ETEXTS AUTHORS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER Last Updated: Saturday 30 March 2002 by Pietro Di Miceli ( The following etext have been released by Project Gutenberg. This list serves as reference only. For downloading books, please use our catalogs or search at: Or check our FTP archive at: and etext subdirectories. For problems with the FTP archives (ONLY) email, be sure to include a description of what happened AND which mirror site you were using. THANKS for visiting Project Gutenberg. * (No Author Attributed) A Young Girl Abbott, David Phelps, 1863-1934 Abbott, Edwin Abbott, 1838-1926 AKA: Square, A Abbott, John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot), 1805-1877

11. Index
Translate this page Howes, Ethel Dench Puffer, 1872- Gutenberg Hubbard, Elbert, 1856-1915 Gutenberg Hubbard,Leonidas, 1872-1903 AKA Hubbard, Mina Benson Gutenberg Hubbard, Mina
VYH¼ADÁVAÈ E-KNÍH - ANGLICKÉ TITULY - AUTOR - pís. H Haaren, John H. (John Henry), 1855-1916 Gutenberg
Habberton, John, 1842-1921 Gutenberg
Hackers, the Gutenberg
Hadden, J. Cuthbert (James Cuthbert), 1861-1914 Gutenberg
Haggard, H. Rider (Henry Rider), 1856-1925 Gutenberg
Haies, Edward, fl. 1580. Gutenberg
Hakluyt, Richard, 1552?-1616 Gutenberg
Haldeman-Julius, E. (Emanuel), 1889-1951 Gutenberg
Hale, Edward Everett, 1822-1909 Gutenberg
Hale, Lucretia P. (Lucretia Peabody), 1820-1900 Gutenberg
Halevy, Ludovic, 1834-1908 AKA: Halévy, Ludovic, 1834-1908 Gutenberg Halévy, Ludovic, 1834-1908 AKA: Halevy, Ludovic, 1834-1908 Gutenberg Hamilton, Alexander, 1757-1804 Gutenberg Hamilton, Clive, 1898-1963 AKA: Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963 Gutenberg Hamilton, Cosmo, 1879-1942 Gutenberg Hamilton, Frederick Spencer, Lord, 1856-1928 Gutenberg Hamilton, Gail, 1833-1896 AKA: Dodge, Mary Abigail, 1833-1896 Gutenberg Hamilton, James, 1814-1867 Gutenberg Harben, William Nathaniel, 1858-1919 Gutenberg Hardy, Thomas, 1840-1928 Gutenberg Hargrave, John, 1894-

12. James West Davidson
Labrador (NL) Discovery and exploration Hubbard, Leonidas, 18721903 Travel History - General History History Canada .
James West Davidson
Nation of Nations Vol. II w/ Interactive E-Source CD; MP
James West Davidson
Christine Leigh Heyrman Michael B Stoff ... Canoeing

13. Great Heart: The History Of A Labrador Adventure (Kodansha Globe) - Cheap Shop 4
Subjects Hubbard, Leonidas,; 18721903; Travel; Newfoundland and Labrador; Labrador;Nature / Field Guide Books; Nature; Canada - General; Canada. Customer reviews
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James West Davidson - Great Heart: The History of a Labrador Adventure (Kodansha Globe)
Buy cheap > Great Heart: The History of a Labrador Adventure (Kodansha Globe) Manufacturer: Kodansha International
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Release date: May, 1997
Media: Paperback Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours Product description: In 1903 Leonidas Hubbard set out to cross the Ungava-Labrador Peninsula, and to forge a name for himself as an adventure writer. He took a friend, a guide, a canoe, a ton of equipment, and scads of naive hope. Months later, the friend and guide staggered out of the snow, and Hubbard starved to death in his tent, too weak to attempt the 30-mile trek to safety. And that's just Part I. James West Davidson and John Rugge narrate with simple dignity, making vividly tangible the wretchedness of mosquitoes, the panic of no food, and the rocky tangle of the Labrador wilderness. Authors:
  • James West Davidson John Rugge Philip Turner
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14. Book People: Additions To The IPL Online Texts Collection 01-08-02
num=4266 Dewey Subjects 917.18 Geography of Newfoundland and Labrador, SaintPierreand Miquelon LC Subjects Hubbard, Leonidas, 1872-1903 Labrador (Nfld,1.html
Book People Archive
Additions to the IPL Online Texts Collection 01-08-02
  • From:
  • Subject: Additions to the IPL Online Texts Collection 01-08-02
  • Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 11:52:02 -0500

15. Book People: Additions To The IPL Online Texts Collection 10-30-01 Dewey Subjects 910.971 Discovery and Explorationin Canada LC Subjects Hubbard, Leonidas, 18721903 Labrador (Nfld$4.html
Book People Archive
Additions to the IPL Online Texts Collection 10-30-01
  • From:
  • Subject: Additions to the IPL Online Texts Collection 10-30-01
  • Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 17:07:12 -0500

16. Forthcoming Books, March 1997, 900 GEOGRAPHY AND TRAVEL, HISTORY AND AUXILIARY D
2. Hubbard, Leonidas, 18721903 Journeys Newfoundland Labrador.3. Wallace, Dillon, 1863-1939 Journeys Newfoundland Labrador.
Forthcoming Books
March 1997
900 GEOGRAPHY AND TRAVEL, HISTORY AND AUXILIARY DISCIPLINES (GENERAL) 917.1 Geography and travel (Canada) 929 Genealogy 971 History (Canada) Top of File
Bercuson, David Jay, 1945-
The deadly seas : the story of the St. Croix, U-305 and the Battle of the Atlantic / David J. Bercuson, Holger H. Herwig. Toronto : Random House of Canada, 1997.
ISBN 0-679-30854-7 : $32.00
1. World War, 1939-1945 Campaigns Atlantic Ocean. 2. St. Croix (Destroyer) 3. U-305 (Submarine) 4. World War, 1939-1945 Naval operations, Canadian. 5. World War, 1939-1945 Naval operations Submarine. 6. World War, 1939-1945 Naval operations, German.
I. Herwig, Holger H. II. Title.
ISBN 2-89249-726-4
Cottingham, Peter Layton, 1921-
Once upon a wartime / Peter Layton Cottingham. Rev. ed. Neepawa, Man. : P.L. Cottingham, c1996.
ISBN 0-9680969-1-3
1. Cottingham, Peter Layton, 1921- 2. First Special Service Force Biography. 3. World War, 1939-1945 Personal narratives, Canadian.

17. Browse Top Level > Texts > Project Gutenberg > Authors > H > Hubbard, Mina Benso
Hubbard, Leonidas, 18721903, 2003. There is no description availablefor this text. Author Hubbard, Mina Benson Keywords Authors

18. Records For Hubbard, Leonidas, 1872-1903 Travel Newfoundland
Hubbard, Leonidas, 18721903 Travel Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador. Not found or no more entries match key. Data on ECOLOGY OHIO CLEVELAND/7070d000900

19. Memorial University Libraries
1.03 Starved to death in Labrador newspaper clipping (January23, 1904) announcing the death of Leonidas Hubbard (18721903).


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Randle Fynes Wilson Holme
COLL-022 Centre for Newfoundland Studies, Memorial University of Newfoundland July 1994 Biography Provenance Restrictions Extent
Randle Fynes Wilson Holme was born July 4, 1864 in Beckenham, Kent, England, the son of Caroline Fynes Clinton and James Wilson Holme. He received his early education at home from a governess, and at two private schools. In 1878 he was enrolled in Sherborne public school in Dorset, graduating in 1883. He then went to Corpus Christi College, Oxford University, where he received a first-class honours law degree in 1887. Holme's involvement with Newfoundland took place shortly after his graduation from Oxford. Already having explored the interior of Brazil with his brother, Clinton, in 1885, Holme was ready for another adventure before settling down to a career in his father's law office. He chose Labrador as the object of his exploration, specifically travelling up the Grand (Churchill) River as far as the Grand (Churchill) Falls. He left England on July 5, 1887 on the S.S. Nova Scotia , accompanied by H. Duff, a law tutor friend from Oxford, and arrived in St. John's on July 13. They left St. John's for Labrador aboard the

20. Dillon Wallace Papers
In 1900, shortly after his wife s death, Wallace met Leonidas Hubbard,Jr. (18721903) and they quickly became fast friends. Hubbard


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Dillon Wallace
COLL - 244 Centre for Newfoundland Studies Archives, Memorial University of Newfoundland December 1997 Introduction Provenance Restrictions Extent ... Biography
In an attempt to determine custodial history and provenance, Bert Riggs, archivist at the Centre for Newfoundland Studies, contacted Ann Wallace McKendry, Wallace's daughter, asking for information she or her brother, also named Dillon, might be able to provide on the history of the papers. The response is reprinted in full below because it not only provides an excellent history of the creation and collection of the papers, but also acts as a valuable supplement to the biography included in this finding aid. My brother, Dillon, and I have been asked to provide some background relating to our father's manuscripts and other papers: where and when he wrote, and how the papers happened to have been saved until the 1990's. During our childhood we lived at 101 Union Street in Beacon, New York, in the Hudson River Valley. Our father had his den in an upstairs room of the big old house.

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