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         Hartmann George:     more detail
  1. Tales of Aztlan; the romance of a hero of our late Spanish-American war; incidents of interest from the life of a western pioneer, and other tales by George b. 1852 Hartmann, 2010-08-08
  2. Wooed by a sphinx of Aztlan: the romance of a hero of our late Spanish-American war and incidents of interest from the life of a western pioneer by George, 1852- Hartmann, 2009-10-26

81. Dictionary Of Basilian Biography Book 5
In 1931 Mr. George entered St in Val Fleury, Loire, France, on May 31, 1852, the son Hartmann,Edward Joseph, priest, was born in Brantford, Ontario, on July 12
FOURNIER Sources: Catalogue of the Congregation of thc Priests of St. Basil (Toronto, 1967); Ordo, for the diocese of Viviers, 1864. FRACHON After ordination Father Frachon taught Latin and Greek in Annonay until 1866 when he was appointed to St. Michael's College, Toronto. He arrived at his new residence on May 24th. With the exception of five years (1886-91) spent as assistant at St. Anne's Parish in Detroit, Michigan, he lived in Toronto until his death in 1916. He was buried in the Basilian plot, Mount Hope Cemetery, Toronto. The efforts of Father Frachon to learn English met with only partial success. He mastered the grammar readily enough but never overcame a heavy accent. For this reason his teaching was restricted to classes in philosophy and theology where older students would appreciate his talents and overlook his foreign accent. He became a local authority on moral theology. When the Precious Blood Sisters came to Toronto in 1869, he was named their chaplain. In 1872 he began a life-long association with St. Joseph's Convent, serving as chaplain, 1872-86 and 1891-1916. His wisdom and prudence made him a popular confessor for religious and also for lay people who flocked to his confessional in St. Basil's Church. Father Frachon was a man of medium height, with thinning hair and bushy whiskers, who changed little with the passing years. His confreres had a great affection for him and among themselves called him "Billy". H« served as Master of Novices, 1868-72, and was twice elected to the provincial council, in 1883 and 1898. Three times he visited his native country, going with Father J. J. M. Aboulin. On these trips he always paid a visit to Rome and brought back a number of religious articles blessed by the Holy Father.

82. The Young (Jung) Families Of The Mohawk Valley
Hartmann Windecker and Johann Conrad Weiser were apparently the outstanding leadersof that period among the 1852. George, born July 30, 1831, died May 31, 1832
Fort Klock Historic Restoration
Indian Castle Church
The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley
The Fort Plain Standard, Fort Plain, NY 1947
Donated by Bruce Hargrove. DIEFENDORF FAMILIES As Sally Diefendorf, daughter of Captain George Diefendorf, and the wife of Daniel Young of Freysbush, was the grandmother of the author, this chapter will deal with the history and genealogy of her branch of this unusually large family in this country. Like the Lashers, the Diefendorfs were a prolific lot and the descendants have scattered "to all lands and climes." Different writers who have looked up the available records of this family agree that between 1720 and 1725 Henry, Johannes and George Diefendorf came to this country from Switzerland. It will be noted that this was ten or fifteen years after the great Palatine immigration of 1710. The lists of those Germans on arrival do not contain the name of "Diefendorf", and there is no record of them at the Camps or at Schoharie in those early days. Tradition has it that Johannes and Henry were brothers, and that the third (George) was a cousin. However, it does not appear that the latter settled with the others in the Mohawk Valley. They are no doubt the first settlers in America bearing the name Diefendorf (all spellings included). The family has certainly made an outstanding contribution to its adopted country, as the generations which followed have produced leading agriculturists, ministers, physicians, lawyers, merchants soldiers, etc.

83. Classical Net - Composer Data - Statistics & Birthday List
Translate this page Sergei 29, 1792 ROSSINI, Gioachino Antonio 29, 1852 COWEN, Sir John 2, 1813 MACFARREN,Sir George Alexander 2 Sir Arthur Seymour 14, 1805 Hartmann, Johann Peter
Composer Information List #1
(Generated on 4/8/93, Revised 1/27/95)
716 composers on 285 dates represented. Cent # - 11th 2 12th 3 13th 3 14th 4 15th 37 16th 101 17th 147 18th 241 19th 393 20th 109 Month # - January 65 70 - December 52 - X May 52 60 - November 52 - February 51 50 - X X X X X X June 50 # - X March 49 40 - X April 44 - X X September 38 30 - X July 35 - October 34 20 August 29 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Day of Week # - - Monday 70 Tuesday 77 Wednesday 79 Thursday 67 Friday 78 Saturday 101 Sunday 79
Most Often Occuring Birthdays:
Composer Birthdays Sorted by Day of Year:
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84. Yingst Genealogical Database Index
3 Jul 1679 15 Feb 1680); Juengst, Hartmann (about 1572 17 Jun 1804 - 22 Sep 1853);Seibert, George (3 Nov 1772 Est 1747 - ); Slesser, John H. (9 Dec 1852 - 6 Jun
Yingst Genealogical Database
For further information, contact:
Donovan Yingst
1916 N. Buena Vista Ave.
Meridian, Idaho 83642-3351
The Yingst genealogical database can be searched several ways:

85. Sennett
1852. Saint George, Southwark) and his wife Ann Cokeley (died of diphtheria on August6th 1859 at 6 New Court, Saint George, Southwark Married Leslie Hartmann.
Family Tree of John Sennett
of Southwark, Surrey, England
John Sennett and Elizabeth Connor, both of the parish of Saint Saviour, Southwark, married by banns on November 2nd 1777 and had issue:
Christopher John Sennett, baptised August 17th 1783 at the parish of Saint Mary, Newington, Surrey, and buried there the following September 21st. Mary Sennett, buried July 3rd 1783 at the parish of Saint Mary, Newington; probably a daughter of John Sennett and his wife, although this is not stated in the burial register. Christopher Sennett.
Back one generation. Christopher Sennett Born February 22nd 1791 and baptised March 6th following at Saint George's Roman Catholic Chapel, London Road, Southwark, his godmother being Anne Honeyman. Successively a mariner (as described in the baptismal entries of his children Sarah Jane and Joseph in 1814 and 1818) and porter (1821), and subsequently (1822) a furrier living at 114 Snowsfields, St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey. Married Elizabeth Jane Dunford at Saint Saviour's, Southwark, on December 30th 1812, after banns. Died of consumption on August 27th 1844 at 114 Snowsfields, Sainy Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, having had issue:
Sarah Jane Sennett

86. I5234: Wibbo Charles Justinus Eduard HARTMANN (____ - ____)
Translate this page Wibbo Charles Justinus Eduard Hartmann MARRIAGE 18 Apr 1852,Danzig 9578. _Dale George SCHIMMELPFENNIG _+ _Howard Grant SCHIMMELPFENNIG _
Wibbo Charles Justinus Eduard HARTMANN
Family 1 Josephine Bertha ELIAS
  • Eva Christine HARTMANN Wibbo Charles Justinus Eduard HARTMANN INDEX ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5e-WIN95 (Sep 26 1998) on 01/05/01 09:21:51
    Charlotte Adolphine Wilhelmine SCHIMMELPENNINCK VAN DER OYE
    6 Jul 1797 - 20 Feb 1852
    BIRTH : 6 Jul 1797, Duisburg DEATH : 20 Feb 1852, Potsdam Father: Assueer Jacob SCHIMMELPENNINCK VAN DER OYE
    Mother: Henrietta Assuera VAN PALLANDT
    Family 1 Theodor Carl VON BITTENFELD MARRIAGE : 27 Mar 1827, Kleve
    Charlotte Adolphine Wilhelmine SCHIMMELPENNINCK VAN DER OYE
    _Adolf Werner Carel VAN PALLANDT INDEX HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5e-WIN95 (Sep 26 1998) on 01/05/01 09:21:51
    ABT 1714 -
    BIRTH : ABT 1714, Montig, Kreis Rosenberg, Ostpreussen Family 1 Adam DZIOMBOWSKI MARRIAGE : ABT 1735, Montig, Kreis Rosenberg, Ostpreussen
    INDEX International Genealogical Index ( IGI )
    International Genealogical Index ( IGI )
    HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5e-WIN95 (Sep 26 1998) on 01/05/01 09:21:51
    Julianne Florentine SCHIMMELPFENNIG
    Family 1 Wilhelm Gotthilf KAESTNER MARRIAGE : 18 Apr 1852, Danzig
  • 87. Descendants Of Jesse Rowland
    1852 d Unknown ..Hugh Harrison d Mary E. Hartmann mSeptember 28 d Unknown ..5 George Rowland b
    Descendants of Jesse Rowland
    Send comments and corrections to Dave Lossos Be sure to visit my "Genealogy in St. Louis" web site Updated June 2, 2002

    88. Grouprement Des Familles 407 (Pages Des Familles)
    Translate this page Enfants HARTENBERGER, Jean George HARTENBERGER, Anton n. 7 JAN Hartmann, Pierre n.29 JUN 1781 Bernolsheim,67170 Alsace,FRANCE, d. 7 NOV 1852 Bernolsheim,67170
    Grouprement des Familles 407 (Pages des familles)
    Les individus marqués d'un point rouge , sont les ancêtres directs de Didier OTTcousin
    Pour des raisons de vie privée, les dates de naissance et de mariage des personnes censées être encore en vie ne sont pas affichées..
    Retour vers la page principale
    HART, John F.
    n. 1854 Allegheny City,,Allegheny Co.,Pa,USA,Allegheny City
    d. 20 JUN 1899 Allegheny City,,Allegheny Co.,Pa,USA,Allegheny City
    Sexe: Homme
    Parents: Père: HÖRTH (HART), Jaques
    Mère: SPANN, Crescentia
    Famille: Mariage: ABT 1890
    Conjoint: UNKNOWN, Caroline
    n. 1862
    d. 1952 Pa.,,,,USA,Pittsburgh Sexe: Femme Enfants:
      HART, Antoinette n. 1893 Pa.,,,,USA,Allegheny d. 10 FEB 1959 Pa.,,,,USA,Pittsburgh Sexe: Femme HART, Clair K. n. 1891 Pa.,,,,USA,Allegheny d. 23 APR 1986 Pa.,,,,USA,Pittsburgh Sexe: Femme HART, Ruth
    Retour vers la page principale
    ROSE, Henrietta Wilhelmina n. 9 SEP 1884 Prussia,,,,ALLEMAGNE,near Koenigsberg d. 25 FEB 1978 Pa.,,,,USA,Pittsburgh Sexe: Femme Famille: Mariage: 24 APR 1907 Pa.,,,,USA,Pittsburgh Conjoint: HART, Arthur Jacob

    89. Topper Tree: Index Of Names: H
    Hartmann, John A. (private) Hartmann, Mary Grace 1803 1871) Hemler, Elizabeth (1852- ) Hemler, Estella Donald (private) Hemler, Francis George (1877 - 1937
    @import url(/css/topper_style.css); web standards , but its content is accessible to any browser or Internet device.
    Index of Names: A
    Index of Names: B Index of Names: C Index of Names: D ... Index of Names: Z
    Index of Names: H
    A B C D ... G H I J K L ... G H I J K L ... LINKS

    90. Benjamin Han: Composers Whose Names Start With H
    Translate this page 01/17/1920-01/08/1997, HANDY, George, American, ? 12/24/1726-10/21/1793, Hartmann,Johann Ernst, Danish, ? 01/27/1830-11/12/1852, HELLMESBERGER, Georg, Austrian, ?
    A B C D ... Z
    Composers whose names start with H
    HAACK, Karl HAAPALAINEN, V¤in¶ Ilmari Finnish HAARKLOU, Johanness Norwegian HABA, Alois Czech HABENECK, Fran§ois-Antoine French HABERBIER, Ernst Russian HABERHAUER, Maurus HADLEY, Arthur Sheldon Patrick English HADLEY, Henry Kimball American HAESER, August Ferdinand German HAGEN, Francis F. HAHN, Reynaldo Venezuelan-French HAIEFF, Alexei Russian-American HAINDL, Franz Sebastian German HAJIBEYOV, Uzeir Abdul Huseyn HAKANSON, Knut Algot HALEVY, Jacques-Francois French HALFFTER, Ernesto Spanish HALFFTER, Rodolfo Spanish-Mexican HALFFTER, Crist³bal Spanish D HALL, Sir Ernest English D HALL, Pauline Norwegian HALL, Frederick Douglass American HALLER, Hans Peter D HALLMAN, Paul HALL‰, Sir Charles German-English HALM, August Otto German HALVORSEN, Johan Norwegian HAMAL, Jean-Noel Belgian HAMBR†US, Bengt Canadian HAMERIK, Asger Danish HAMMERSCHLAG, Janos HAMPTON, Calvin American HANDEL, George Frideric German HANDY, George American HANDY, William Christopher American HANLON, Kevin American D HANNAH, Ron Canadian D HANNIKAINEN, Vaino Finnish HANNIKAINEN, Toivo Ilmari

    91. Scioto County Marriage Records: 1800-1900
    Brown, Jane, Medley, James, Dec 4, 1852. Brugger, Maria, Hartmann,Friedrich, Oct 1, 1857. Brumlee, Nancy, Mitchell, George, Sep 13,1842.
    S CIOTO C OUNTY M ARRIAGES ~ Bo ~ Boanum, Mary Miler, James Nov 15, 1842 Boardinghouse, Josiah Young, Elizabeth Oct 10, 1838 Bobst, Johann Freidenmacher, Harriet Mar 19, 1859 Bochner, Phillipean Reutzhauzen, Christian Dec 26, 1843 Bode, John H. Slaver, Ann M. Apr 27, 1848 Bodmer, Jakob Troxler, Catharena Nov 11, 1854 Boen, Mary Burt, William Jul 15, 1810 Boetsch, Joseph Luther, Margarita Jan 6, 1848 Bogert, George Cottrell, Jane Aug 31, 1823 Boggs, Annesly W. Chaffin, Cornelia Feb 3, 1847 Boggs, Anthony P. McNamer, Sobina Nov 25, 1849 Boggs, James W. Arthur, Nancy Jun 18, 1840 Boggs, John Taylor, Martha Sep 25, 1856 Boggs, Milton Lauderback, Mary Apr 24, 1840 Boggs, Nancy Allison, James Mar 16, 1845 Boggs, Samuel Woods, Juliann Jan 5, 1845 Bohm, Casper Andress, Lena Aug 4, 1859 Boidston, Joshua ?, Winney Apr 10, 1806 Boil, Clssy Marford, James Sep 5, 1857 Bolan, Thomas Dusing, Susannah Maria Nov 9, 1845 Boldman, Ann Eliza Rudmon, Frank Jun 27, 1856 Boldman, Catharine Holt, Henry Dec 5, 1844 Boldman, Catharine Rose, Eli Jul 10, 1856 Boldman, Elijah Holt, Ellendor Mar 15, 1849

    92. Marriage Index - Grooms - "S" Milwaukee County Genealogical Society, Inc.
    Translate this page Schaefer, Gaspar, Hartmann, Theresia, 1869, 1032385, 399, 403. Schildt, Adolph,Knittel, Friedrica, 1852, 1032382, 593, 60. Schille, John George, Neuberg, AnnaSophia, 1869,
    Milwaukee County Genealogical Society, Inc.
    Grooms ~ "S"
    Groom's Last Name Groom's First Name Bride's Last Name Bride's First Name Year Film Tif Image Saaler Andreas Louys Barbara Sabel Fridrick Dihn Mrs. Christina Sabel Fridrick Triachim Christina Sabich Joseph Kirschke Mary Sabin Ebin H. Corss Harriet C. Sabin Eben H. Corss Harriet C. Sabine Frank A. Hall Rosie M. Sacia William Rouse Delia Ann Sacia William Rouse Delia Ann Sack Martin Friedr.Wilhelm Thiede Johanne Sophie Augusta Sack Ferdinand Schwartzensteiner Mrs. Maria Sack Ferdinand Wurm Maria Sadd James G. Chard A. Jane Sadler Friedrich Brauer Sophie Sadler Jr Frederick W. Cegner Mary Saefke Heinrich Schultz Mary Saenger Richard Eggeling Pauline Saettler Friederich Seifert Anna Saevke Heinrich Scheier Rosine Saevke Heinrich Scheier Rosine Saf Joseph Mikowa Mrs. Barbara Saf Joseph Augustin Barbara Safeham Edward Putnam Sibyll C. Sage Alonzo Armenias Robinson Fannie Melissa Sagee John Franklin Cook Alice Sagemuller Johann Anton Kossenhasschen Mrs. Albertine Dorothea Agnese

    93. Genealogischer Index Für Nachnamen, Die Beginnen Mit H
    Translate this page November 1885 - um 1955) HARDER, Arnold George (um 1915 1876) HARMAN, Emily J. (um1852 - 6 November um 1831 Helmsgrun, Greitz - um 1900) Hartmann, Alfred Arno
    B C D ... W X Y Z (Andere)
    HAAKE, Johanna Caroline Wilhelmine
    (um 1819 Malta - um 1890)
    HAAKE, Michael
    (um 1800 - um 1870)
    HADAMCOWA, Marianna
    (um 1690 _ Kr. Oppeln (Opole) - um 1755 _ Kr. Oppeln (Opole)
    (ca 1760/1765 Ochotz (Ochodze), Kr. Oppeln (Opole) - ca 1830/1840 _ Kr. Oppeln (Opole)
    HADASH, Albert
    (20 April 1877 Alt Budkowitz (Stare Budkowice), Kr. Oppeln (Opole) - 7 April 1934 Browerville, Todd, Minnesota (USA)
    HADASH, Babe Euphrosina Pauline
    (10 Januar 1917 Browerville, Todd, Minnesota (USA) - 30 Juli 1990 Detroit, Michigan (USA)
    HADASH, Charles
    (um 1874 Alt Budkowitz (Stare Budkowice), Kr. Oppeln (Opole) - 4 Januar 1952 Windsor, Ontario (Canada)
    HADASH, Edna Joan
    ( lebt noch - )
    HADASH, Edward Joseph
    ( lebt noch - )
    HADASH, Evelyn Agnes
    (10 April 1911 Browerville, Todd, Minnesota (USA) - um 1990)
    HADASH, Frank Joseph
    Browerville, Todd, Minnesota (USA) - ca 1985/1990) HADASH, Frank Joseph (11 August 1836 Jellowa (Jelowa), Kr. Oppeln (Opole) - 29 September 1922 Browerville, Todd, Minnesota (USA) HADASH, George Gregory

    94. Tarnutzer And Darnutzer Immigrants
    Translate this page Mother, Margreth Hartmann (~1797-1864). Marriage, abt 1847, Iowa 102. ChildrenRosannah (1848-). George (1850-). Margaret (1852-). Notes for Catharina (Spouse1).
    Person Sheet
    Name George Helbrig Death abt 1854 Spouses: Catharina Tarnutzer Birth Christen Confirmation Immigration ca 1846, New Orleans, Louisiana Religion Reformiert Father Jann Tarnutzer (~1796-1846) Mother Margreth Hartmann (~1797-1864) Marriage abt 1847, Iowa Children: Rosannah (1848-) George (1850-) Margaret (1852-) Notes for Catharina (Spouse 1) Research
    Last Modified 16 Aug 2000 Created 24 Mar 2002 by EasyTree for Windows Contents Index Surnames Contact

    95. I303: Laura Luberta ALEXANDER (7 Mar 1855 - ____)
    1799 1876) m 1829 _Susanna BUNCE + (1775 - 1847) m 1793 GeorgeWashington BARNER (1852 - 1919) _Jacob KERN Christina Hartmann.
    Laura Luberta ALEXANDER
    7 Mar 1855 -
    • BIRTH : 7 Mar 1855, Salladasburg, Lycoming Co, PA
    Father: Robert J. ALEXANDER
    Mother: Rebecca MCKINLEY
    _Thomas ALEXANDER
    Laura Luberta ALEXANDER _Rebecca MCKINLEY ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 07/20/2001 02:13:38 PM Eastern Standard Time
    Warren Edward ALEXANDER
    29 Nov 1875 - 17 Mar 1932
    • BIRTH : 29 Nov 1875, Woodward Twp, Lycoming Co, PA
    • DEATH : 17 Mar 1932
    • BURIAL : Woodward Township Cem, Lycoming Co, PA
    Father: Thomas Winfield ALEXANDER
    Mother: Margarett Marshall A. OLEN
    _Robert J. ALEXANDER
    _Thomas Winfield ALEXANDER Warren Edward ALEXANDER + (1834 - 1870) m 1850 INDEX HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 07/20/2001 02:13:38 PM Eastern Standard Time
    George Washington BARNER
    23 Dec 1852 - 25 Nov 1919
    • BIRTH : 23 Dec 1852, Carroll, Greene Twp, Clinton Co, PA
    • DEATH : 25 Nov 1919
    • BURIAL : Cedar Hill Cem, PA
    Father: Henry BARNER
    Mother: Catherine KERN
    _John Henry BARNER
    _Susanna BUNCE George Washington BARNER ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000)

    96. Requiemsurvey
    Polyphonia POL 63007 (LP) Joseph Drechsler 1782 1852 ? 1963 1957 mass Karl AmadeusHartmann 1905 - 1963 1936 1987; 1992; 1994 fragments George Henschel 1850
    Alphabetical survey of Requiem composers
    - missa pro defunctis - mass for the dead - messe des morts - missa de requiem - missa defunctorum - messa da requiem - phankhida - messa de morti - totenmesse - missa pro mortuis - messe per i defunti - dodenmis - messa di requiem - messa da morto - messa funebre - misa pro defunctis - requiem mass - missa pro defunti - misa de difuntos - panikhida - requiem - misa de réquiem - memorie da requiem -
    B C D ... Z
    This alphabetical survey contains only classical, vocal Requiems including fragments and unfinished ones in the original Latin text
    as well as in other languages (e.g. German Requiems), Requiem-songs, Motets and profane Requiems. Instrumental ones are not included.
    Compiled by: Kees van der Vloed , Rotterdam, The Netherlands, July 2002. Please mail me your remarks and improvements, etc:
    I wish to thank: Maurice Blouin, Charles Cave, Steven Chang-Lin Yu, Tassos Dimitriadis, Arye Kendi, Bert-Jan Massop, Ole Nielsen and Herman Ram.
    This site is a member of WebRing.

    97. Jpc - Music à La Carte - Cowen, Frederic Hymen (1852-1935): Symphonie Nr. 3 "Sk
    Kontakt Versand Impressum my jpc ... Warenkorb Sprache: über jpc Gutschein FAQ Geschenkservice ... Hifi Symphonische Musik Schnellsuche Begriff: Rubrik: Alle Jazz Pop/Rock Classic Filme Spiele Medium: Alle CD DVD Video DVD Audio DVD Single DVD plus Super Audio CD MiniDisc LP MC Noten VHS Video Suchen erweiterte Suche

    DDD, 89
    Veröffentlichung geplant
    zum 21.5.1991
    Bestell-Nr.: 5844366 Kritik Empfehlung Cowen, Frederic Hymen (1852-1935) Symphonie Nr. 3 "Skandinavian" +The Butterfly's Ball;Indian Rhapsody
    Kosice PO, A. Walter CD EUR Artikel am Lager Kundenbewertung
    wurde noch nicht bewertet Bewerten Sie Empfehlen Sie Jetzt bestellen: Menge: Alle Preise inklusive Mehrwertsteuer
    und zuzüglich Versandkosten. Merken Bestellungen, in denen mindestens ein Buch enthalten ist und
    Bestellungen über 50,- EUR sind innerhalb Deutschlands portofrei. Kritik: Gramophone 2 / 91: "Leapers Darbietungen sind überzeugend. Höchst professionelle Kompositionen mit äußerst geschickter Orchestration und angenehmer melodischer Leichtigkeit und immer wieder überraschenden und effektvollen Tonartwechseln. Es ist verständlich, warum die 'Times' damals meinte, dies sei "die wichtigste englische Symphonie seit Jahren". siehe auch: German, Edward (1862-1936)

    98. Bormann Family Genealogy
    George Holton ..7 Donald Holton 2 TheodoreHartmann b July 07, 1771 in Ettelbruck d January 15, 1852 in Welscheid
    Bormann Family Genealogy
    Welcome to the Bormann family Genealogy
    The Bormann Family house in Oberfeulen, Luxembourg. The part on the right has been converted to a Gasthouse. Tourists are welcome .
    Following is an outline of the family history from Jean Bormann born in Getingen Luxembourg in 1745 to our family including David Bormann presently living in London England and Kathy Bormann presently living in Minneapolis area in Minnesota. This outline also includes all other documented decendands of Jean Bormann. 1 Jean Bormann b: 1745 . +Catherine Berschied m: 1775 in Gentingen Luxembourg Peter Bormann b: December 04, 1773 in Gentingen d: December 06, 1850 in Lipperscheid ....... +Catherine Zenner b: May 01, 1772 in Lipperscheid m: Jan 12, 1801 in Bourscheid
    d: Mar 29, 1850 in Lipp.
    Bormann House in Lipperscheid
    to Zenner Family
    3 Jean Bormann b: January 10, 1802 in Lipperscheid d: June 13, 1884 in Lipperscheid .............. +Maria Hartmann b: July 07, 1806 Welscheid m: May 17, 1831 Bourscheid
    d: Aug 18, 1870 in Lipp.

    99. Thomson's Mercantile And Professional Directory - Maryland - 1851-1852
    Thomson s Mercantile and Professional Directory. Maryland 1851-1852. GeorgeJames B., 58 Centre Market Space. Hartmann John, 656 w. Baltimore.
    Sponsored by
    Thomson's Mercantile and Professional Directory
    Maryland - 1851-1852
    Baltimore City
    Allegany County
    Anne Arundel County Howard District ... Worcester County
    Agents Pratt Jabez D., (mercantile,) 239 w. Baltimore.
    Thomson Wm., Newspaper and Advertising; 6 Carroll Hall.
    Agricultural Chemists.
    Chappell P. S., 158 w. Lombard.
    Agricultural Implement Manufacturers.
    Drury C. H., Hollingsworth cor. Pratt, and Howard near Henrietta.
    Eastman J. S., 180 w. Pratt.
    Hussey Obed, 2 Swan.
    Page Goo., w. Baltimore near Schroeder.
    Whitman Ezra, 55 Light. White Robt., 65 n. Paca. Artificial Limb and Truss Maker. Bruce Robert, 157 w. Lombard. Architects. Balbirnie Thos., 4 Front. Caldwell William Q., 10 (under Barnum's,) Fayette. Dixon Thos., cor. Balt. and South, 3d story. Harris Samuel, 127 w. Fayette. Wright Wm., cor. Balt. and South, 3d story. Auction and Commission. Bool H. W., 84 w. Baltimore. Charles. Cook Columbus E., cor. Balt. and Frederick Gover Samuel H., 9 South. Hamilton William, 177 w. Pratt.

    100. Decendants Of Anna Margareth JUST
    Jacob BOESCH b. 5 Feb 1827, m. 23 Mar 1852, Elisabeth KRATTLI, b. 1835. 1. GeorgeREHMERT b. 29 Sep 1889, d. 7 May 1970. m. Matilda Hartmann, b. 1897, d. 1979.
    Decendants of Anna Margareth JUST
    Anna Margareth JUST b. 1796. I. Andreas BOESCH b. 1818, m. Christiana FLUETCH, b. 1824. A. Jacob BOESCH b. 2 Dec 1846, Maienfeld, Graubuenden Kt. Switzerland Gasconade Co Gasconade Co. MO. m. Frieda BRAUTIGRAM, b. 11 Jul 1906, d. 20 Jan 1992. a. Lorene BOESCH m. William DISBAL, b. 9 Oct 1917, d. 7 Mar 1985. b. Irene BOESCH m. Walter EGGERT. c. Evelyn BOESCH m. Clarence EGGERT. d. Marilyn BOESCH m. Russell SCHERMANN. 3. Selma BOESCH b. 3 Aug 1909, m. Leonard BRADY. Selma died 2 Jun 1942. a. Esther BRADY b. 8 Jan 1938. b. Elijah BRADY b. 23 Nov 1940. 4. Arnold BOESCH III. Catharina BOESCH b. 25 Jul 1829 d. 11 May 1914. m. 11 May 1849, Jacob PHILIPP , b. 16 Apr 1823 d. 21 May 1898. (son of Johann George PHILIPP and Margaritha KRATTLI) IV. Anna Margreth BOESCH b. 1832, m. Mr. SCHROEDER. V. Maria BOESCH b. 1836. VI. Ursula BOESCH b. 1838. For more information Email to

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