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  1. Tales of Aztlan; the romance of a hero of our late Spanish-American war; incidents of interest from the life of a western pioneer, and other tales by George b. 1852 Hartmann, 2010-08-08
  2. Wooed by a sphinx of Aztlan: the romance of a hero of our late Spanish-American war and incidents of interest from the life of a western pioneer by George, 1852- Hartmann, 2009-10-26

41. The Complete California History Bookstore
Indian Series) by Adam Fortunate Eagle, Ilka Hartmann (Photographer), Eagle of theReservation System in California, 18491852 by George Harwood Phillips.

42. Book People: Additions To The IPL Online Texts Collection 01-14-02
asp?isbn=05951921491 Dewey Subjects 813.08766 American and Canadian FantasyFiction LC Subjects Fantasy fiction, American Hartmann, George, b. 1852.,3.html
Book People Archive
Additions to the IPL Online Texts Collection 01-14-02
  • From:
  • Subject: Additions to the IPL Online Texts Collection 01-14-02
  • Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 15:55:44 -0500

43. Moeck Music Instrumente Und Verlag
Translate this page Val (1826-1887), Francisco Gonzales-Maestre (*1862), Friedrich Hartmann Graf (1727 (*1852), George Rudall (1781-1871), Wilhelm Saal, Ferdinand Sabathil (*1856
Goldberg, Adolf
Max Abbass (*1844), Egide Aerts (1822-1853), Jules Alary (*1814), , Abelardo Albisi (*1872), Aldebert Allen (*1869), Antoine Noël Alrit (1822-1879), Henry Altès (1826-1899), Christian Joachim Andersen (*1816), Joachim Andersen (*1847), Vigo Andersen (1852-1895), Théophile Anthoni (*1850), Albert Wm. Arlom (*1860), Dietland von Arx (*1849), Heinrich Backofen (1768-1830), Paul Bades (*1873), Louis Balleron (*1869), Paul Balleron (*1871), Wilhelm Barge (*1836), George Barrère (*1876), William Lewis Barrett , Carl Bartuschat (*1882), Urbain Bauduin (*1882), Albin Bauer (*1856), Paul Bauer (*1864), Joseph Baumann (*1799), Curt Baumbach (*1865), August Beck (*1847), Christian Gottfried Belke (1796-1875), Vittorio Beniamino (*1833), Benoit Tranquille Berbiguier (1782-1830), Auguste Charles Bernard (*1837), Giulio Bertone (*1858), Edmond Alexis Bertram (1851-1900), Abraham

44. Index; Descendants Of James Craig
18351912) Francis (1852- ) Francis (1852- ) Francis Goodspede George William (1893-1966)George William (1893 Franklin (1850-1928) John Hartmann John Henry
Descendants of James Craig
Alice E. (1885- )
Barbara ...
Wilmetta Reinita
Anna E.
Anthony Chad
Cyrus ...
Wayne Eugene (1927-1927)
James ...
Annie (1857-1880)
Annie (1857-1880)
Annie (1857-1880)
Mary (1776-1845) ...
Nancy Emiline (1816-1903)
Annie Laurie (1892-1988)
Annie Laurie (1892-1988)
Netter (1860-1947)
Elizabeth Helen
James Dean Vanover
Lloyd G.
Lloyd G.
Merri Lee (1962- )
Merri Lee (1962- ) ...
William T. (1842-1916)
John M.
R. L.
Mabel Irene (1910- )
James L.
Ella Sylvia Pauline (1917-1999)
Ella Sylvia Pauline (1917-1999)
Emily Frances (1852-1926)
Emily Frances (1852-1926) ...
James Monroe
Andrew (1784-1847)
Andrew (1814-1881) ...
William (1848-1922)
John Granville
Sadie Belle (1880-1956)
Sadie Belle (1880-1956)
Warren A. (1899-1949)
Emma (1875-1957)
George ( -1906)
Joseph Richardson (1817-1888) ...
Richardson (1844-1931)
Auzie Elvis (1878-1951)
Auzie Elvis (1878-1951)
Brenda Mae ...
Sylvia Helen (1921-1979)
Eula Mae
Eula Mae
Benjamin Franklin
Aimee Rae
Steven Wade
Elmer Lee (1910-1983)
Elmer Lee (1910-1983)
Jeannine Rae
Jeannine Rae ...
Valda Ruth (1942- )
Alice C.

45. Componisten Overleden Tussen 1900-1950 -
1852-1931 Chadwick, George Whitefield 1854
klassiekemuziekgids net componisten
overleden 1900-1950
Hartmann, Johann Peter Emilius

Herzogenberg, Heinrich von

Nietzsche, Friedrich
... andere jaarreeks

46. George Willis Cooke Biography Of RWE
Studies New and Old, London, 1888, 53–76. Curtis, George William. RepresentativeMen. Eclectic Review, 95, 568–82, May, 1852. 1910. Hartmann, Alma von.
George Willis Cooke biography of RWE New Listing The Complete Works of
Ralph Waldo Emerson

(Centenary Edition)
RWE Comm-Unity
RWE Random Quotes
George Willis Cooke's Bibliography, Boston, 1908
Ralph Waldo Emerson
George Willis Cooke's Bibliography of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Boston, 1908, is an exhaustive record of Emerson's published writings and of biographical and critical material. The present bibliography is necessarily selective, but it is believed that it includes in particular all the publications of importance which have appeared since Mr. Cooke's volume. Unless otherwise noted, all the single essays and poems listed below appear in the Complete Works, 1903–4. Those marked * have been reprinted in Uncollected Writings, New York, [1912]. Those marked ** have not been republished, unless specially noted. A large proportion of the newspaper items listed are unauthorized reports of lectures and addresses. The language of the translations recorded is indicated in each instance by the place of publication.

47. Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: Genealogy Report: Descendants Of Adam Moses
Springs, PA May 16th named in a deed, along with Peter Hartmann, George Emery, Exrs. George Sneider I once visited them in Buckingham in about 1852 or 1853

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Descendants of Adam Moses 05/31/2003
Generation No. 1
Johann Adam 'Adam' Moses was born 1709 in probably Amsterdam, Holland, and died Bef. March 22, 1792 in Pikeland Township, Chester County, PA. He married Maria Catharina Müller December 27, 1739 in Evangelisch, Ilbesheim, Kirchheimbolanden, Pfalz, Bayern, daughter of Johann Müller and Anna Stein. She was born January 26, 1713/14 in Ilbesheim, Kirchheimbolanden, Pfalz, Bayern (Germany), and died Bef. January 28, 1803 in Pikeland Township, Chester County, PA.
Notes for Johann Adam 'Adam' Moses:
1) From the records of the Evangelische Kirche der Pfalz at the Speyer Archives in Germany:
1722 - Johann Adam Moses was confirmed in Ilbesheim b. Kirchheimbolanden
2) From "A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727 to 1776" by I. Daniel Rupp, p. 159:
1743, Sept. 2: Passenger on the ship "Loyal Judith", James Cowie, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes
[If Adam Moses was 33 in September 1743, then his birthday in 1709 must have fallen sometime after September 2nd]

48. Free EBooks - Alphabetical List - GLOBUSZ PUBLISHING
Hartmann, George, 1852 Tales Of Aztlan; The Romance of a Hero of our Late Spanish-AmericanWar, Incidents of Interest from the Life of a western Pioneer and
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... Z Hamilton, Anthony
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[Download] Hawthorne, Julian
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[Download] [Read Online] [Download] ... [Download] Healy, William and Mary [Read Online] [Download] Hecker, Justus Friedrich Carl [Read Online] [Download] Hedge-Cheney, Jacquelyn Marie [Read Online] [Download] Hegermann-Lindencrone, Lillie de [Read Online] [Download] Heine, Heinrich [Read Online] [Download] Hendrick, Burton J. [Read Online] [Download] Hesse, Hermann [Read Online] [Download] [Read Online] [Download] Hitler, Adolf [Read Online] [Download] [Read Online] [Download] Holmes, Thomas [Read Online] [Download] Homer [Read Online] [Download] Honig, Winfried [Read Online] [Download] [Read Online] [Download] Hudson, W. H. [Read Online] [Download] Hugo, Victor [Read Online] [Download] [Read Online] [Download] Free Downloads The titles below are available for free download. Downloaded eBooks will expire after a given number of days or uses and you will need a password to read them. Non-members can purchase one password for $2.99, while our registered members are provided with free passwords for our entire collection. For only $29.95 you can have a growing collection of the best quality eBooks on your computer. We are adding new titles every day.

Hart, Michael Stern, 1947. Harte, Bret, 1836-1902. Hartmann, George, 1852-.Hauff, Wilhelm, 1802-1827. Haviland, Laura S. Hawk, Black. Hawkins, Walter.
Alphabetical List A B C D ... Library

50. Genealogy Data
Hartmann, Lisa Gender Female Hartmann, Kevin Gender Male. Truax, Abner Birth 16Jul 1852 Fulton County Pa. Czap, John Gender Male Czap, George Gender Male
Genealogy Data
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Truax, Lydia Marie
Birth : 31 Aug 1924 McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania
Death : 1 Mar 1995 Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
Gender: Female
Parents: Father: Truax, Howard Wilson
Mother: Keefer, Alice Marie
Family: Marriage: 26 Mar 1949 in Hagerstown, Maryland
Spouse: Carl, Edward William
Birth : 14 Feb 1922 Camp Dix, New Jersey
Death : 26 Mar 1982 Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
Gender: Male Parents: Father: Carl, Edward W. Mother: Stratton, Rosalie Children: Carl, Jane Florence Carl, Julie Marie Family: Marriage: 7 Mar 1986 in Hagerstown, Maryland Spouse: Crider, William Charles Birth : 17 Apr 1924 Death : 31 Oct 1988 Chambersburg, Pennsylvania Gender: Male
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Carl, Jane Florence Birth : living Chambersburg, Pennsylvania Gender: Female Parents: Father: Carl, Edward William Mother: Truax, Lydia Marie Family: Marriage: living in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania Spouse: Fittry, Claxton Garry Gender: Male Family: Marriage: living in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania Spouse: Czap, Joseph Andrew

51. Genealogy Index For Surnames Beginning With H
Hartmann, Karl () Hartmann, Kevin (-) Hartmann, Lisa (-) Harvey E. (living) Hewett,George (-) Hewett, Helen Ada (-) Hill, Adaline (1852-) Hill, Alice (1861
Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with H
Back to Main Page
Hafer, xx
Hall, Alcinda
(24 Feb 1848-9 Jun 1901)
Halverstadt, Caroline Sophia
(10 Dec 1847-)
Hann, Tina
Hanson, Magdaline
(-ABT. 1770)
Harshman, Ella

Hart, Sarah

Hart, William
(11 Mar 1798-17 Jul 1874)
Hartmann, Karl

Hartmann, Kevin

Hartmann, Lisa
Harvey, Rufus ... Heinemann, Hedwig M (-UNKNOWN) Helfrick, Rebecca Jane (living) Hendershot, Samuel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN) Henderson, Greg (living) Henderson, John M. Henderson, Mary Hesler, Rebecca Hess, Abner ... Hess, Blair (living) Hess, George Hess, Jacob (-UNKNOWN) Hess, Jacob (-UNKNOWN) Hess, Jeremiah Hess, John (31 Dec 1765-) Hess, Logue Hess, Lois Romain (living) Hess, Miriam (17 Apr 1832-9 Jan 1921) Hess, Paul Hess, SaM Hess, Silas Hess, Silas ... Hewett, Cam (-1 Dec 1988) Hewett, Carol Hewett, Daniel Boone Hewett, Derrick Conrad Hewett, Edward ... Hewett, Ellis E. (living) Hewett, George Hewett, Helen (-UNKNOWN) Hewett, Hope Blanche Hewett, Jacob Calvin (-9 Oct 1984) Hewett, James Jeffries Hewett, John E. Hewett, Kenneth Cam Hewett, Opal Leona ... Hewett, Ruth Clara (-UNKNOWN) Hewett, Thelma

52. Descendants Of Adam Glattfelder
George was born circa 1843. George died. Jesse 10 Clodfelter Gladfelter and Mary?Anna Hartmann ? Lewis was born say 1852. Lewis died 13 Apr., 1938. vi.
Journal Report
Generation Ten

Saloma Hilderbrand Joseph Casper? Barbara Glattfelder ... Adam Saloma was born on 4 Apr 1841. She married Lewis Bupp , Jr. on 15 Jan 1860. Saloma died on 11 Jul 1869 at age 28. Her body was interred in Jul 1869 in Jacobus, York County, PA Salem Union Cemetery.
Lewis Bupp , Jr. Lewis was born on 31 Aug 1834 in York County, PA. He married an unknown person. Lewis died on 1 Dec 1922 in Jacobus, York County, PA, at age 88. His body was interred on 4 Dec 1922 in Jacobus, York County, PA Salem Union Cemetery.
Children of Saloma Hilderbrand and Lewis Bupp , Jr. were as follows:
  • i. William Bupp. William was born on 16 Aug 1858. He was christened on 17 Oct 1861. William died. His body was interred.
    ii. Lovina Elizabeth Bupp , born 1861; married Emanuel Alfred Keener.
    iii. Daniel Franklin Bupp. Daniel was born on 4 Jul 1862. He was christened on 24 May 1864. Daniel died. His body was interred.
    iv. Martha E. Bupp. Martha was born in 1866. She married Michael B. Seitz on 16 Dec 1886 in New Freedom, PA, by Rev. Douty. Martha died. Her body was interred.

Translate this page Hartmann, 2 Nov 1882, Jacob Hartmann, born 24 June 1801. HOFFMAN, 14 Jan 1882, JohnHoffman born 28 December 1852. 19 Mar 1890, George Frank Jerger, son of Heinrich
SURNAME DATE PASTOR’S INFORMATION PAGE ALT 25 Jan 1874 Stephan Alt, born October 1817 in Vogelsburg, Hesse Darmstadt ALTENSEE 17 May 1879 Heinrich Altensee born in Wohenfeld, Hessen Darmstadt APPEL 2 Oct 1889 Margaretha Appel, born 9 August 1854. BAUERLE 1 July 1882 Johan Bauerle, born 13 February 1839. BAUERMEISTER 24 Sep 1884 Elisabeth Barbara Bauermeister, born 25 August 1884, daughter of William Bauermeister.. BECKER 27 Feb 1885 Heinrich Becker, Sr., born 27 Sep 1830, died 25 Feb 1885, 54 years 5 months 27 days. BIRKENSTOCK 22 Apr 1869 Johannes Birkenstock, born 4 Jan 1801. BIRKENSTOCK 27 Apr 1876 Elisabethe wife of Philipp Birkenbstock born 29 March 1810 in Wohmfeld, Hessen Darmstadt BIRKENSTOCK 2 Apr 1878 Elisabeth Birkenstock, widow, born in Hesse Darmstadt 1800. DACHER 19 Apr 1872 Johannes Bernhard Dacher, son of Wilhelm Dacher and Catharina Dacher, born 20 Nov 1869 in Township Salem, Carroll County, Illinois DAGERT 3 Dec 1866 Anna Elisabetha nee Schriner wife of Adam Dagert, born 19 August 1819 in Herchenhaim, Hessen Darmstadt. DAGGERT 5 Mar 1879 Margaretha Daggert nee Friedrich wife of Adam Daggert, 57 years old

54. Descendants Of Conrad Wetz
1852. ADOLPHINE ROSSING, b. April 07, 1859, Comal County, Texas; m. ALBERT Hartmann. EMMAROSSING, b. August 24, 1871, Comal County, Texas; m. George LANG, 1893
Descendants of Conrad Wetz
Generation No. 1
C ONRAD W ETZ was born Abt. 1788 in Offenbach, Germany, and died October 14, 1846 in New Braunfels, Comal Co, TX.
Notes for C ONRAD W ETZ The following was taken from page 1486 of the Bremer Book on Conrad Wetz.
Conrad Wetz circa 1788 Offenbach d. /10/14/1846 New Braunfels of epidemic arrived 1845 on the Herschel apparently a widower accompanied by son Johann George. The other children followed later.
His children were: Johann Jost, Anton, Katherina, Johann George and Anna Elizabeth. *****Note - Research, however may prove that some were nieces and nephews, the younger strongest candidate for that being Johann Jost i the authors opinion, who might also even be a younger brother to Conrad. At any rate, all the Wetz are from the same family. Children of C ONRAD W ETZ are: 2. i. J OHANN J OST W ETZ , b. Abt. 1806, Offenbach, Amt Herborn, Nassau Germany; d. May 25, 1862, Texas. 3. ii. A NTON W ETZ , b. April 28, 1811, Offenbach, Amt Herborn, Nassau, Germany. 4. iii. K ATHERINA W ETZ , b. Abt. 1816, Offernbach, Amt Herborn, Nassau, Germany.

55. Names Index Page
Translate this page 1803-) HEYROTH, Friedericke Laura (25 JUL 1852-25 JAN 1673-22 NOV 1761) RANSCHT, GeorgeRANSCHT, Johann 1952) SCHWEERS, Theodor SELLE, Anton Hartmann (ABT 1735
Übersicht über die vorkommenden Personen
Es sind 242 Einzelpersonen in 130 Familien aufgeführt
BÖHME, Maria Elisabeth
(ABT 00 1724-26 APR 1758)
BÖRNER, Johann Friedrich

BÖRNER, Johann Friedrich sen.

BÖRNER, Maria Elisabeth
(05 JUL 1757-16 AUG 1817)
BÖRNER, Maria Elisabeth
(22 AUG 1757-04 MAR 1842)
BÖRNER, Maria Rosina
(25 AUG 1762-18 SEP 1826)
BÖRSCHEL, Johann George

BÖRSCHEL, Marie Sophie
(31 MAY 1780-03 OCT 1816)
BÖSEL, Antonius

BÖSEL, Christine Magdalena
(06 AUG 1726-28 DEC 1800) BÖSEL, Johannes (00 MAY 1685-28 MAR 1754) BÖSELL, Paulus (00 DEC 1646-00 SEP 1693) BÖSELL, Tobias (00 OCT 1614-00 OCT 1685) BÖSSEL, Catharina Sophia (00 SEP 1712-) Böhme, Hans oder Johannes Böhme, Johannes oder Hans (16 MAR 1661-) Börner (Berner), Hans (-12 JAN 1707) Börner (Berner), Matthes oder Matz Börner, Adam Börner, Anna (-25 MAY 1764) BECKER, Jan BECKER, Johanna Hendrina (ABT 1862-) BECKER, Willem BEUTNER, Maria Sophia BEUTNER, Martin (1637-19 JAN 1702) BIERLING, Eva (ABT 1580-25 DEC 1630) BIERLING, Jacob (ABT 1550-29 JAN 1601) Bulmacher (Pullmacher), Martha

56. The House Of Truax Sect. 3A
Truex (m.=1= Sophia Mellott, child Jacob Hartmann Truax TTH Allen) Woodworthb.1819 d.1896 T976/ George Frederick Truax b.1850 d.1852 T977/ Charles
Descendants of Philippe du Trieux
Section 3-A: Generations 6 through 8
Descendants of T64/11-1/ Abraham Caleb Truax b.1683 d.1770 and Chrystyntje de la Grange b.1693 d.1773
A. Descendants of T221/11-1-3/ Isaac Truax b.1715 m.1742 and Engeltie Beck b.1715 d.1758
B. Descendants of T225/11-1-7/ Philip Truax b.1720 m.1747 and Engeltie Fairly/Farley b.1726
C. Descendants of T227/11-1-9/ Christiaan Truax b.1724 m.abt.1770 and Catrien Bel
Last update: March 1998
See for description and information.
A. Descendants of T221/11-1-3/ Isaac Truax b.1715 m.1742
and Engeltie Beck b.1715 d.1758
1. Descendants of T268/ Abraham I. Truax b.1742 d.1833 m.1770 and Sarah Vedder b.1751

a. Descendants (11) of T417/ Benjamin Truax b.1772 m.1794 and Ezediah (Diar) Palmer b.1780 d.1884 (age abt.104)
(TTH note: Was not T417 who married Ezediah Palmer but Txxx/Benjamin Truax Jr. of Bedford Co. PA, son of T253/Benjamin Truax Sr and Bethenia (Parthenia) -)
(Descendants shown here for numerical tracking - MJT)
T665/ John Truax b.1795

57. PHOTOTHÈQUE HOMÉOPATHIQUE Présentée Par Homéopathe International
HARTLAUB (18021836) Dr Franz Hartmann (1796-1853 HUMPHREYS (1816-1900) Dr JamesGeorge HUNT (1822 1869-1936) Dr John Charles HUXLEY (1852-c1920) Dr
présentée par Homéopathe International
Pour tout échange prière de s'adresser Sylvain Cazalet Liste
B C D ... Bâtiments Réalisée à partir de la
In mémoriam : Dr Richard HAEHL (1873-1932) de Stuttgart, grand historien de l'homéopathie.
A Dr Alexandre de ABREU FIALHO
Dr Karl Julius AEGIDI
Dr Sayeed AHMAD
Dr Burhanuddin AL-HELMY
Dr Carlos ALCALÁ HERNÁNDEZ Dr Henry Clay ALLEN Pr John Henry ALLEN Dr Timothy Field ALLEN Dr René ALLENDY Dr Salvio ALMATO RIBERA Dr Garfield de ALMEIDA Dr Estevan José de ALMEIDA PRADO Dr Victor Eduardo ALVAREZ A. Dr Ángel ÁLVAREZ de ARAÚJO y CUÉLLAR Dr Wilhelm AMEKE Duc Ferdinand d’ ANHALT-KÖTHEN Dr Walfrido dos ANJOS Dr Edward Pollock ANSHUTZ Dr Juan ANTIGA ESCOBAR Dr James Z. APPEL Dr Wilbur Price ARMSTRONG Dr Johann Wilhelm ARNOLD Dr Juan N. ARRIAGA Dr John ARSCHAGOUNI Dr Erich ASSMANN Dr Affonso AZEVEDO B Dr Matta BACELAR Dr Edward BACH Dr Robert BACHELERIE Dr Henry BAETHIG Dr Charles BAILEY Dr Tivadar József BAKODY Dr Michel BALARI COSTA Dr ARTHUR F.

58. Genealogischer Index Für Nachnamen, Beginnend Mit H
Translate this page Hartmann, Margarethe ( - ) Hartmann, Marie ( - ) Hartmann, Richard (10 10 April 1893- ) Hartz, George Brindle (29 Barbara ( - 20 Oktober 1852 Sulzach ) Hauck
Geben Sie hier den gesuchten Namen ein ( im Format "Nachname, Vorname" ). Nach einem Treffer kann mit "Enter" der nächste Begriff gefunden werden.
A B C D ...
Haackh, Friedrich Karl Theodor Dr.phil.
(14 August 1899 Brackenheim
Haackh, Gertrud Erika
(27 Juli 1901 Reutlingen - 31 Juli 1920 Bayreuth
Haackh, Hildegard
(30 Juli 1898 Brackenheim - 6 Dezember 1900 Reutlingen
Haackh, Ingrid
(11 Mai 1934 - )
Haackh, Irmingard Erda
(10 Juli 1936 Weimar
Haag, Ida

Haan, Andreas

Haas, Christel
(29 September 1946 Ulm,Donau
Haas, Daniel
(24 März 1989 Illertissen
Haas, Günter
(25 September 1944 Langenlebarn,Tulln, Österreich Haas, Horst (29 April 1939 - 2 Mai 1939 Magdeburg Haas, Isabell (24 November 1972 - ) Haas, Kathrin (16 März 1969 Leinfelden Haas, Klaus Dieter (22 November 1940 Langenlebarn,Tulln, Österreich Haas, Otto ( 8 Dezember 1913 Ulm - 2 Juli 1991 Neu-Ulm Haas, Sabine (18 Februar 1968 Neu-Ulm Haas, Susanne Elisabeth (31 Juli 1958 Landau Haas, Ursula (17 Juli 1985 Illertissen Haas, Wilfried Eugen (31 Dezember 1931 Mannheim Haas, Wolfgang (22 Januar 1942 Langenlebarn - 19 März 1964 Kempten Haase, Emma Augusta

59. Immaculate Conception Cemetery Catholic Section
BOLAND, George J. , 1899, , 1939, *. Hartmann, William J. May 3,1864, November 02, 1947, *. HURST, Henry, Jan 5, 1852, March 06, 1917,*.

Immaculate Conception Cemetery
Kaskaskia Island, Randolph County Illinois This is the Catholic Section Listing of burials.
The church also maintained a Protestant Section.
Many THANKS Emily. ADAIR, Cecelia Sept 5, 1858 July 11, 1949 ADAIR, Cecelia Sept 5, 1858 July 11, 1949 ADAIR, Jesse February 08, 1905 ALLEN, Clem S. "Jack" April 09, 1902 July 21, 1962 ALLEN, George Nov 2, 185_ July 13, 1940 ALLEN, Oneida L. December 17, 1913 November 12, 1973 ALLEN, Otis April 23, 1901 March 11, 1940 ANDERSON, A. Bernice March 10, 1910 no date ANDERSON, Roy L. September 26, 1902 no date BARNHILL, Mary E. Aug 1, 1880 December 05, 1957 BAUMAN, Hazel BAUMAN, James C. January 31, 1935 March 20, 1935 BAUMAN, Joan E. May 04, 1933 September 17, 1944 BAUMAN, Louis W. September 30, 1901 September 23, 1981 BAUMAN, Veronica G. September 28, 1909 February 08, 1982 BEIS, Charles Aug 10, 1868 January 25, 1905 BEIS, Edward Sept 16, 1864 December 22, 1919 BEIS, Hazel M. December 29, 1901 December 22, 1918 BEIS, Isabelle Sept 8, 1870 November 30, 1916 w/o Charles BEIS, Lee J. October 12, 1905

60. IGS First Immigrant Ancestor List - Surnames X - Z
Translate this page 1850 ZELLER, Joh Hartmann .. GER, BAD WUE Oberacker 1860 .. ..GER, BAVARIA 1852 1863 ZINK, Johann George .. GER, BADEN
First Immigrant List INDEX IGS HomePage
Ethnic, Religious, National Index
Map Room ... Website Index
IGS First Immigrant Ancestor List
- Surnames X through Z -
As of 03 June 1997
(Sorted by Surname)
Latest Update: 11 December 2002
First Immigrant List Background and INDEX

Abbreviations Used

How to Get More Information?

No Surnames starting with the letter X
YAGER, John 11 ... ... GER, Palatinate area ... 1709 ... 1756 ...
YANKNER, Anna A ... 1 ... GER, POS Steton ... 1904 ...
YENTES updated, Charles ... 1 ... PRU, ErzweilerPru now RHF ... ... YLVISAKER, Katrina ... ... NOR, Sogn ... 1867 ... 1902 YLVISAKER, Ingeborg J ... ... NOR, Sogn ... 1858 ... 1868 YOCKEY / JACKY, Lawrence / Lorentz ... 1 ... ... 1835 ... YORK, Wilhelm ... ... GER, Friednau ... ... ... YOUNGEN, Abraham ... 1 ... SWT, Frutigen ... 1835 ... 1881 YOUNGEN, Elizabeth ... 1 ... SWT, Frutigen ... 1835 ... 1891 YOUNGEN, Christian ... 6 ... SWT, Frutigen ... 1835 ... 1855 ZAHN, Peter ... ... ... ... ... ZEHLEHR, Wilhelm ... ... GER, HES Seligenstadt ... 1857 ... ZEILE, Wilhelm Robert ... ... GER, WUE Sindelfingen ... 1936 ...

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