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         Gould George M:     more books (26)
  1. Suggestions to medical writers by George M. 1848-1922 Gould, 2010-09-04
  2. Righthandedness and lefthandedness, with chapters treating of the writing posture, the rule of the road, etc. by George M. 1848-1922 Gould, 2010-09-04
  3. A new medical dictionary; including all the words and phrases used in medicine, with their proper pronunciation and definitions. Based on recent medical literature by George M. 1848-1922 Gould, 2010-08-19
  4. Borderland studies: miscellaneous addresses and essays pertaining to medicine and the medicinal profession, and their relations to general science and thought by George M. 1848-1922 Gould, 2010-07-28
  5. A dictionary of new medical terms, including upwards of 38,000 words and many useful tables by George M. 1848-1922 Gould, 2010-09-04
  6. Concerning Lafcadio Hearn by George M. 1848-1922 Gould, Laura Stedman, 2010-09-08
  7. Biographical clinics by George M. 1848-1922 Gould, 2010-09-06
  8. The student's medical dictionary; including all the words and phrases generally used in medicine, with their proper pronunciation and definitions; based on recent medical literature by George M. 1848-1922 Gould, 2010-08-08
  9. An illustrated dictionary of medicine, biology and allied sciences by George M. 1848-1922 Gould, 2010-08-28
  10. The meaning and the method of life; a search for religion in biology by George M. 1848-1922 Gould, 2010-08-14
  11. Life and letters by Edmund Clarence Stedman, Laura Stedman, et all 2010-08-29
  12. Concerning Lafcadio Hearn; with a bibliography by Laura Stedman by George M. 1848-1922 Gould, Laura Stedman, 2010-07-28
  13. An autumn singer by George M. 1848-1922 Gould, 2010-06-24
  14. Biographic clinics by George M. 1848-1922 Gould, 2010-09-09

41. Proyecto Gutenberg: ÍNDICE DE AUTORES
Translate this page Pseudonym Gordon, Irwin Leslie, 1887-, Editor Gorky, Maksim, 1868-1936 Gosse, Edmund,1849-1928 Gould, George M. (George Milbrey), 1848-1922 Gowanlock, Theresa
Colección de los consorcios de la biblioteca de Libros Electronicos del mundo Sobre El Proyecto Gutenberg El proyecto Gutenberg es el más viejo productor del Internet de los libros electrónicos LIBRES que contienen sobre 10.000 (los eBooks o los eTexts). ¿Qué libros encontraré en el proyecto Gutenberg? El proyecto Gutenberg es el brainchild del ciervo de Michael , que en 1971 decidía a que sería una idea realmente buena si las porciones de textos famosos e importantes estaban libremente disponibles para cada uno en el mundo. Desde entonces, a centenares de los voluntarios lo ha ensamblado que comparten su visión.
Ahora, más de treinta años más adelante, el proyecto Gutenberg tiene las figuras siguientes (en fecha 8 de noviembre de 2002): 203 nuevos eBooks lanzaron durante octubre de 2002, 1975 nuevos eBooks producidos en 2002 (eran 1240 de 2001) para un total de 6267 eBooks totales de Gutenberg del proyecto. 119 eBooks han sido fijados hasta ahora por

42. RBML Collections: Stedman, Edmund Clarence, 1833-1908.
Brady, Mathew B., 1823 (ca.)1896.; Cortissoz, Royal, 1869-1948; Field, Kate, 1838-1896.;Gould, George M. (George Milbry), 1848-1922.; Gould, Laura Stedman
Columbia University Rare Books and Manuscript Library - Manuscript and Archival Collections
Creator: Stedman, Edmund Clarence, 1833-1908. Title: Papers,1840-1960. Physical Description: Call Number: Location: Columbia University.Rare Book and Manuscript Library, New York, NY. Subjects:
Biographical Note
American poet, anthologist, stockbroker, Civil War journalist.
Scope and Contents
Personal and professional papers of Stedman, including correspondence, letter books, diaries, poetry manuscripts, scrapbooks, photographs, and genealogical materials for the Stedman and Dodge families. Correspondence and manuscripts of his mother, Elizabeth Clementine Dodge Stedman Kinney (1810-1889), poet and diarist, and of his granddaughter, Laura Stedman Gould (1881-1941), author and editor. Also, editions of Stedman's LIBRARY OF AMERICAN LITERATURE including printed materials relating to the marketing; and an album of Civil War photographs by Mathew Brady, inscribed by the photographer to Laura H.W. Stedman as well as additional loose photographs by Brady. 1991 addition: Manuscript drafts and notecards for Edward M. Williams' "The Constructive Art", a study of Stedman's literary criticism.

43. Trollope, Anthony, 1815-1882
http//, msr,plm,htmeng. Gould, George M. (GeorgeMilbrey), 1848-1922, 1003316. Anomalies And Curiosities Of Medicine.

44. Ca. 2800 Englischsprachige Werke
Translate this page House of Dreams, by Montgomery, LM (Lucy Maud), 1874-1942 Anomalies and Curiositiesof Medicine, by Gould, George M. (George Milbrey), 1848-1922 Another Study
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Der Koran

Titel- und Autorenliste (ENGLISCH)
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45. Swm
Gould, George M. (George Milbry), 18481922. Letters received copiesonly, 1896-1899, nd. (9 items) Mitchell comments on Gould s
Papers, 1788 (1850-1928) 1949
MSS 2/0241-03
Acc. 1990-146
To sections of the S. Weir Mitchell Collection:
Collections are also searchable using the "find" button on your browser
Genealogical Information, 1788-1912
Family Papers, 1806-1949

Correspondence, 1851-1928

Travel Journals and Diaries, 1851-1912
Biographical Project, 1914-1931
S. Weir Mitchell, physician, novelist, and poet, was born in Philadelphia on 15 February 1829. Mitchell was the son of John Kearsley Mitchell (1798-1858), a physician and lecturer at Jefferson Medical College, and Matilda Henry Mitchell (1800-1872). S. Weir Mitchell entered the University of Pennsylvania at the age of fifteen but withdrew during his senior year when he became ill. In 1848, he enrolled in Jefferson Medical College, and by March 1850, at the age of twenty- one, Mitchell had completed his medical degree. In the fall of 1850, S. Weir Mitchell departed for Europe with his sister, Elizabeth. Elizabeth stayed with her younger sister in England, and Mitchell settled in Paris to study medicine. During this influential year, Mitchell dined with Sir James Paget and Edward Jenner, studied with Claude Bernard, and purchased his own microscope. After a year in Paris, he travelled with his sister in Italy and Switzerland. At the request of their ailing father, Mitchell and Elizabeth returned home in the fall of 1851. Upon returning to Philadelphia, Mitchell set up a demanding schedule for himself; he assisted his father during the day and worked in the laboratory in the evenings. It was during this time that Mitchell conducted experiments with snake venom and first became interested in neurology. By 1855, John Kearsley Mitchell had retired, and Mitchell became responsible for the support of his parents and siblings. A few years later, Mitchell started a family of his own. He married Mary Middleton Elwyn in 1858, and the couple had two children, John K. Mitchell (1859-1917) and Langdon Elwyn Mitchell (1862-1935). In 1862, Mitchell's wife died of diphtheria.

46. PROJECT GUTENBERG - Catalog By Author - Index - Gould, George M.
Copyright© 19711998 Project Gutenberg PROMO.NET - All rights reserved.Web Site Designed and Administered by Pietro Di Miceli

47. Index
Gosse, Edmund (18491928) Father and Son A Study of Two TemperamentsGould, George M. (1848-1922) Anomalies and Curiosities of
English Classics 3000 G ( Listed by Author )
    Gaboriau, Emile (1832-1873)
      Baron Trigault's Vengeance
      Caught in the Net
      The Champdoce Mystery
      The Count's Millions
      The Mystery of Orcival
      Other People's Money
      Within an Inch of His Life

    Galdos, B. Perez (1843-1920)
      Dona Perecta

    Galsworthy, John (1867-1933)
    Awakening and To Let
      Beyond A Bit O' Love The Burning Spear The Dark Flower The Eldest Son The First and Last Five Tales The Foundations Four Short Plays Fraternity The Freelands The Fugitive Indian Summer of a Forsyte The Island Pharisees Joy Justice The Little Dream The Little Man Man of Property The Mob The Patrician The Pigeon Saint's Progress The Silver Box The Skin Game Strife Studies and Essays: Censorship and Art Concerning Letters The Inn of Tranquility and Others Quality and Others Villa Rubein and Other Stories
    Galt, John (1779-1839)
      The Annals of the Parish The Ayrshire Legatees The Provost
    Gardner, William (1861- )
      The Life of Stephen A. Douglas
    Garland, Hamlin (1860-1940) Main-Travelled Roads Gaskell, Elizabeth C. (1810-1865)

48. California Genealogy Index
Gordon, Miss M.E. 1922. Organization. 93186. Gordon, Mr. 1848. Personal. 98548 Gould, Gardner. 1914. Obituary. 78387. Gould, George. 1903. Employment. 128484. Gould, George
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49. Community College Of Aurora And Aurora Public Library NetLibrary Ebooks
Craig, Barbara Hinkson; O'Brien, David M. Chatham House, 1993 Adam Bede. Eliot, George, 18191880. Project Gutenberg, Date Not and the Law. Gould, William B. MIT Press, 1993
Community College of Aurora Instructional Resource Center
Title List of Community College of Aurora and Aurora Public Library NetLibrary Ebooks
CCA NetLibrary ebooks are indicated by [CCA] following the date. APL NetLibrary ebooks are indicated by [APL] following the date. To check out CCA ebooks you will need to log on NetLibrary using your CCA NetLibrary account. To check out APL ebooks you will need to log on to NetLibrary using your APL NetLibrary account. All Aurora Public Library NetLibrary ebooks are available to CCA students from CCA campuses or from home after obtaining an APL library card and setting up an APL NetLibrary account or from any APL facility. For more information on CCA and APL ebooks, including how to set up CCA and APL NetLibrary accounts, and for selected lists of ebooks by programs areas and special topics see NetLibrary Ebook Information for CCA Students $30,000 Bequest . Twain, Mark, 1835-1910. Project Gutenberg, [Date Not Given]. [CCA]
1,001 ways to get promoted
. Rye, David E. Career Press, 2000. [CCA]
1,001 ways to save, grow, and invest your money

DANIEL D.Gould 1836 1905 Anna S., wife 1844 - 1922. JAMES KIMBALL 1836 - 1905Louisa M.,(wife) 1836 - 1895 Mosie C George W. died 12-27-1877 39yrs 8mons Co.
ELIZABETH ABIGAIL: 7-8-1887 to 10-12-1899 MARY A.BATCHELDER: died 3-13-1867 21yrs 6mons 13dys
wife of A.B.
Dexter B., son died 3-29-1866 3yrs 8mons HARRY M.BATES: died 1949 61yrs SARAH BENNETT: died 9-17-1885 52yrs
wife of J.R. C. BERNICE: 3-13-1886 to 3-1-1893 CLARENCE BICKFORD: 1894 - 1972 JOHN H.BOODY: died 8-13-1848 73yrs
Patience, wife died 8-15-1851 77yrs David died 8-7-1879 70yrs 8mons 28dys
Lucretia Mudgett, wife died 5-20-1908 94yrs 2mons 25dys
Helen O., dau. died 9-13-1835 9mons John 1844 - 1926
Elnora, wif 1857 - No Date Napoleon Bonapart (1850) - 1931 81yrs Fitz Henry A. 4-27-1832 to 7-8-1811
Hannah J. AMES, wife 12-5-1832 to 12-19-1907
Helen L., dau. died 2-22-1872 13yrs 8mons Mary died 10-29-1876 65yrs 10mons
wife. of Redman Boody Infant died 8-19-1879 13dys DORCAS M. BOOTHBY: died 11-8-1857 20yrs 7mons ELIZABETH E. BROWN: 1851 - 1947 95yrs Elizabeth (dau.) 1881 - 1965 DANIEL CARLTON: died 10-6-1884 80yrs Sarah, wife died 6-29-1856 43yrs

51. WebGED: Bissett Cook Family Data Page
(1847 1912) spouse Shepherd, Mabel (*1886 - ) - m. in Saint female b. 1882 fatherParks, George W. (1860 Parks, Franklin Gould (1890 - 1913) - male b. 11
previous go to surnames Parks, Colleen - female
Parks, Paul (1913 - ) Parks, Cora Marion - female
b. 6 MAR 1909
d. 30 JAN 1992 in New Brunwsick, Canada
Parks, George Beverley (1874 - 1937)
mother: Lemon, Henrietta Blanchard (1880 - 1957)
spouse: Bryden, Percy (1906 - 1991)
child: Bryden, Dona (1931 - ) Parks, Cora May - female
b. 11 MAY 1892 in Union Settlement, New Brunswick, Canada
d. 31 JAN 1948 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Parks, Samuel Joseph (1849 - 1935) mother: Wort, Araminta Pentrieth (1857 - 1926) spouse: Galbraith, Charles (*1889 - ) - m. 7 DEC 1914 in Saint John, NB, Canada Parks, Daniel - male b. 18 NOV 1952 father: Parks, Vaughn Stetson (1922 - ) mother: Valley, Naida (1922 - ) spouse: Anderson, Debra (1956 - ) - m. 19 JUN 1974 child: Parks, Benjamin (*1987 - ) child: Parks, Matthew (*1987 - ) Parks, Daniel - male father: Parks, Daylan (1951 - ) mother: Hatch, Debbie (1953 - ) Parks, Daniel D. - male b. 1818 in Springfield, Kings Co., New Brunswick, CA d. in Union Settlement, New Brunswick, CA father: mother: Ellis, Phoebe (1769 - )

52. Free EBooks - Alphabetical List - GLOBUSZ PUBLISHING
Gough, George W. Yeoman Adventurer, The. Gould, George M. (George Milbrey), 18481922Anomalies And Curiosities Of Medicine. Gowanlock, Theresa Two Months In The
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... Z Galdós, Benito Pérez
[Buy Printed] Galsworthy, John
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[Download] Gautier, Theophile
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  • Gaboriau, Emile, 1832-1873

Gould,. Delcia M., wife of Lauriston L. Gould, 1885. George Owen, 1902-1919.Mabel H., wife of George A. TWOMBLY, 1876-1947. LANE,. Alice M., 1909-1951.
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MOUNT PLEASANT AND GREENWOOD CEMETERIES Bolt Hill Road, Eliot, ME ROGERS, Clarence, 1886-1968 Florence M. SHAPLEIGH, wife of Wilbur ROGERS, 1891-1957 Mary Cousens [Mother], 1864-1943 Phyllis L., dau. of Wilbur and Florence M. SHAPLEIGH ROGERS, 1915-1925 Wilbur, 1888-1963 LEAVITT, Abbie M., wife of Frank H. LEAVITT, 1882-1951 Frank H., 1875-1943 Hollis Charles, 1918-1925 AIGUIER, Ethel T., 1908-1965 FERNALD, Andrew P., 1825-1918 Arthur, 1917-1918 Arthur L., 1918-1919 Mary O., 1869-1941 William P., 1869-1964 SPINNEY, Augustus, d. 6 Oct 1892, aged 65 yrs. 1 mo. 29 das. Hermon, son of Augustus and Sarah SPINNEY, d. 24 Feb 1867, aged 6 mos. 24 das. Sarah, dau. of Augustus and Sarah SPINNEY, d. 10 Jun 1868, aged 17 yrs. 1 mo. HILL, Isabelle H. [Wife], 1879-1946 John H., 1878-1909 ROWE SHEPHERD ANDREWS, Marion RAITT, 1888-1915 HURD, Cora, 1883-1961 Earle, 1892-1957 RAITT, Arthur G., 1881-1957 Blanche A., wife of Norman J. RAITT, 1896-1947

54. Index Of Names Mentioned In St. Matthew S Cemetery And The
Gould, William 5117. Gould, William Thomas 1800-1801 51-17. Sands, Sarah M.-1942 31-27a. Sanford, George Ritchie c1893-1950 37-29. Saunders, CC 36-5b.
Index of names mentioned in "St. Matthew's Cemetery and the Eastern Burial Ground" by The Public Records Office 1976 Nassau, Bahamas Compiled by Ronald P. Russell at
(note: * indicates married surname)
Adderley, Adelaide Victoria 1841-1841 13-21 *Adderley, Catherine Jane c1851-1923 11-9a,13-19 *Adderley, Eliza Ferguson c1821-1888 13-19 *Adderley, Eugenie Beatrice c1884-1918 15-38b Adderley, George c1806-1862 13-19 Adderley, George Butler 11-9a,13-19 Adderley, George Harold 1879-1922 15-38b,43-42 Adderley, Henry 13-21 Adderley, Henry William 1832-1833 13-21 Adderley, James c1860-1912 38-40 Adderley, Lillian Maud c1885-1936 13-19 *Adderley, Mary Ann 13-21 *Adderley, Sophia 38-40 Albury, E. E. 44-50 Albury, Isabell 1923-1925 42-37 *Albury, Mary Elizabeth 1902-1933 44-50

55. Prospect Hill Cemetery, Gloversville, Fulton County, New York
GILLESPIE, Margery, wife of Joel Griffis. George, 18331908, GILLETT, Abbie,wife of Chas. Fox. Newton. Gould, Patrick M. 1851-1900, GORTON, Albert W. 1825-1905,
Prospect Hill Cemetery
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DAVID George George W. bur. with Howlands Henry D. DAVIS Horace Co. L 117th N. Y. Vol. Amanda wife of Horace Lucretia Nellis wife of Wm. Gibbs Joseph Sarah Corey wife of Joseph Samuel Samuel R. 7th N. Y. Vol. Nancy A. "Mother" DAWLEY Desire wife of John Haggart DAY John B., M. D. date supp. Phila dau. of Dr. Hannah Fidelas Parks Henry C. Jennie Haddock 1st wife of Henry Maggie Culbert 2nd wife of Henry Randolph W. Harriet Jackson 1st wife of Randolph Emma A. 2nd wife of Randolph Jennette A. wife of Jonas Jackson Aaron A. Nancy Gulick Fosmire see Fosmire Miriam (Wood) wife of Curtis Mills DECOMEAU Malvina E. wife of V. DEGOLIA/DEGLYLER Joseph Hannah wife of Joseph Calvin Sarah wife of Calvin Frances E. Ambrose David Lee DEMEREST Charles Idealla A. Lake wife of Charles DEMMING Hiram Sarah E. Smith wife of Hiram DeMOTT Charles Sarah wife of Charles Clara Edward DEMPSTER David S. Sarah wife of David (aftw. wife of Wm. C. Mills) DENNIS M. L.

56. Danbury
18791941 Gotchall, Minnie B 1881-1940 Gould, Clyde L 1901 1916 Plumb, Evie Ellen1903-1904 Plumb, George Thomas 1861 Wallace B 1905-1966 Puelz, Anna M 1872-1954
Danbury-Lebanon Precinct: Danbury-Marion Cemetery
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Allen, Claude W 1904-1921
Allen, Helen C 1900-1920
Almeron, Howard 1888-1970
Almeron, Kathleen F 1918-1923
Ambler, John 1859-1940
Anderson, Bessie -1913
Andrews, Mother -1901
Andrus, Boy 1901-1901
Andrus, Boy 1901-1901 Andrus, Jennie 1869-1901 Annis, Delilah 1841-1918 Annis, William M 1837-1893 Ashton, Barnett E 1845-1916 Ashton, Jesse C 1847-1932 Ashton, Lydia A 1859-1925 Ashton, Mary E 1824-1883 Ashton, Sarah M 1863-1943 Ashton, Willard 1887-1887 Axtell, Dau Axtell, Clarence 1881-1949 Axtell, Maieta j -1930 Axtell, Newman 1846-1926 Axtell, Rose A 1882-1949 B Bacon, Infant -1910 Bacon, Bertha E 1888-1965 Bacon, Ruben E 1886-1950 Bagby, Ada 1876-1955 Bagby, Andrew B 1857-1928 Baird, Charles R 1903-1921 Barnes, Warren Bastian, Florence A 1867-1957 Bastian, Hannah S 1853-1937 Bastian, Lovetta C 1896-1896 Bastian, Samuel G 1855-1925 Bates, Aaron 1861-1940 Bates, Caroline 1832-1909 Bates, S G Beal, Sam 1881-1951 Beck, Eva G 1900-1923 Bennett, Flora 1894-1940 Bennett, Rose M 1934-1934 Belden, Louisa T 1815-1885

57. Angeles Rosedale Cemetery Burials - Section J, Los Angeles GenWeb Project
Bird, Elizabeth C, J, 1879, 1967, Bird, George Henry, J, 1877, 1939, Brinson, TheodoreM. Jr. J, 1908, 1981, Brockway, Jeannia A. Gould, J, 9/1/1885, aged 29/W. of F.Brockway.
Abascal Lucius Clark J Clark plot Abascal Marguerite J Clark plot Acuna Joaquina J Acuna Jose M. J Adams Alice W. J Adams Allie W. J Adamson Ellen I. J Adamson J. Q. J Adrain Bruce A. J Agnew Martha Krutz J Krutz plot Agniel Lucien A. J Glover plot Alexander Anna J Alexander George J Alexander Lydia E. J Alexander M. Agnes J Alfaro Erik Ivan J Allan Constance Cline J Cline Plot Allen Arthur Wright J Wilson plot Allen Eliza Parker J Allen/Parker plot Allen Geneva J Allen Gerald E. J ssa IOA Allen Henry Wilson J Wilson plot Allen Inez O. J ssa GEA Allen James R. J ssa HA Brotherton Allen Robert M. J Wilson plot Allen S. Wilson J Wilson plot/W. of WHA Allen W. H. J Wilson plot Allen William Jerome J Wilson plot Allen William S. J Allen/Parker plot Allen Willie Parker J Allison Cyntia Ann J W. of J. H. Bryant Allison Frank C. J Allison Irene R. J ssa FCA Altpeter August C J Alvarrado Oscar Alfredo J Amamoto Kenzo J Amamoto Utako J Anderson Augusta A. J Anderson Celia Becky J Anderson Lorena H. J Anderson Page T. J Anjer Jerome B. J Aockerblum Alexander J Aockerblum Carl J Aockerblum Fr. W. J Aockerblum Meta Adolph J Araki Masao J Araki Moichi J Araki Oichi J Arend Amelia Berke J Arend William Frank J Armstrong Arthur B. J.

58. Books From 1926 With US Copyright Not Renewed
In The Golden Age Of Music a {26E}1926 John Gould FLETCHER {US 3 1950 May 10 Breakers And Granite {26E}1926 George Henry FOX {US} M 1846 - 1937
you must verify any information in it before relying on it . See here The books are divided into 3 categories:
  • Probably
  • Likely
  • Possibly in the US Public Domain - books by authors I believe to be non-US citizens (though may include some US citizens I have not yet identified as such) - if any of these were published in the US, the rules on works by non-US authors (see here ) will apply.
Explanation of abbreviations:
  • here
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  • The ( ) parentheses in a book line contain the date of publication in a periodical
  • A link at the left of a book line indicates it is already online
I'd welcome ( ) any more information of relevance, eg clarification of authors' US nationality, country of first publication, whether simultaneously published in US and abroad, etc.
nee nee nee nee nee A nee nee nee
These are books by authors I believe to be non-US citizens (though may include some US citizens I have not yet identified as such) - if any of these were published in the US, the rules on works by non-US authors (see here ) will apply.

59. Dictionary Of British Economists - Entries
Goschen, George Joachim 18211907. Gould, Robert died1709. Ludlow, John MalcolmForbes 1821-1911. M’Farlan, John 1780s. Mackenzie, George 1636-91.
Dictionary of British Economists
List of Entries
Acland, John c1698-1795 Acworth, William Mitchell 1850-1925 Allen, George Cyril 1900-82 Allen, Roy George Douglas 1906-83 Anderson, Adam c1692-1725 Anderson, James 1739-1808 Andrews, Philip Walter Sawford 1914-71 Angell, Norman 1872-1967 Anstey, Vera 1889-1976 Armstrong, Clement c1530 Asgill, John 1659-1738 Ashby, Arthur Wilfred 1886-1953 Ashley, William James 1860-1927 Ashton, Thomas Southcliffe 1889-1968 Attwood, Thomas 1783-1856 Aves, Ernest 1857-1917 Babbage, Charles1791-1871 Bacharach, Michael Bacon, Francis 1561-1626 Bagehot, Walter 1826-77 Bailey, Samuel 1791-1870 Bailey, William 1758 Baines, Edward 1800-90 Balogh, Thomas 1905-85 Banfield, Thomas Collins 1800-82 Banks, Joseph 1743-1820 Barbon, Nicholas 1637-98 Baring, Alexander 1774-1848 Baring, Francis Barnard, John 1685-1764 Barrington, Shute 1734-1826 Barrow, Isaac 1630-77 Bartley, George Christopher Trout 1842-1910 Barton, John 1790-1852 Bastable, Charles Francis 1855-1945 Bauer, Peter Bayes, Thomas 1702-61 Bazley, Thomas 1797-1885 Beales, Lance 1889-1988

60. Dictionary Of Twentieth-Century British Philosophers
M Frederick James Gould (18551938) 19th Cent. M William Ernest JOHNSON (1858-1931)Logic S George Alexander JOHNSTON (1888-1983) MOD S Emily Elizabeth
Dictionary of Twentieth-Century British Philosophers
General Editor: Professor Stuart Brown (Open University, UK)
Main Page Sample Entry - Robert Latta Unassigned Entries
14 May, 2002
Richard Ithamar AARON (1901-1987) MOD S
*Lascelles ABERCROMBIE (1881-1938) Aesth. S
John Lloyd ACKRILL (1921- ) ANCIENT M
Harold Burrows ACTON (1908-1974) Eth/Pol M
James ADAM (1860-1907) Ancient
*Russell Foster ALDWINCKLE (fl. 1930s-80s) Rel. S
Archibald Browning Drysdale ALEXANDER (1855-1931) [19th Cent. Dict.] HIST.PHIL.
Hubert Griggs ALEXANDER (1909- ) SCIENCE M
Ian Welsh ALEXANDER (1911- ) Cont. (Bergson) S
Peter ALEXANDER (1917- ) SCIENCE/MOD M Samuel ALEXANDER (1859-1938) Met. Edgar Leonard ALLEN (1893-1961) Cont. (Existentialism)/REL. S John ANDERSON (1893-1962) Met. L

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